Breathtaking starry sky can be seen Hawaii Mauna Kea Observatory on the Milky Way and the full night sky

The mountain of Mauna Kea in Hawaii has an environment suitable for the observation of the night sky and the universe so that an observatory set by various countries around the summit is placed. The movie which photographed the time lapse of the movement of the starry sky seen in such a place has become a beautiful finish so that a breath is drawn.

POLI'AHU on Vimeo

The observatory of Mauna · Care is installed in a very high place, at an altitude of 4000 m or more.

If it is an ordinary cloud, it is high enough to make a sea of ​​clouds under the eyes.

When the sun sets and the night comes, the starry sky is spread out, because there is not much obstruction of the star's light.

The Milky Way, which is not easy to see in Japan, is so clear

Processing the image and drawing the trajectory of the star will be like this.

Because its beauty can not be transmitted by words, please play "movie" with the highest image quality and large screen and try "experience".

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