25 castles in the world that stimulate imagination from a beautiful castle to a decayed castle ruins

Castles that appear in fictional works such as Dragon Quest, Lupine the Third Cagliostro Castle, Disney Movie, etc. are often modeled on castles that exist in many countries around the world, but it seems that castles that are likely to appear in such fantasy movies Traveled a number of travel site reviewstrip advisorIt is summarized. From the castle ruins where only the soil base and castle walls are left to decay, to the ones currently used in active service, 25 kinds of castles of various types are from the following.

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◆ 01:Neuschwanstein Castle

BySunshiney 2006

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is one of the models of the sleeping beauty castle in Disneyland, showing different aspects depending on the season.


When entering the premises it is like this.


When snow make-up is given, it is like a world of fantasy.

ByP2 bg

ByWaveCult (luis.m.justino)

◆ 02:Himeji castle


It is a famous Japanese castle in which the Tenso and Turret etc built in the early Edo period with an alias of Shirasagi Castle exists.


It is famous as a cherry blossom spot.

ByCyber ​​0515

◆ 03:Forbidden City

ByAndy * Enero

Forbidden City is the royal palace of the Ming Dynasty in Beijing City. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

ByOl.v! Er [H2vPk]

Landscape at dusk. It is currently being used as a museum.

◆ 04:Taj Mahal

ByBetta design

Inside is like this.

ByStuck in Customs

Mughal Empire The 5th Emperor is a mausoleum in India built for Queen Mumutaz Mahal.

ByBetta design

◆ 05:Danoot Castle


The 13th century castle ruins in the northern part of ScotlandMerida and the Morning ForestIt is said to be a model of.

ByVisualist Images

It is now ruined.

◆ 06:San Leo


San Leo with a castleLupine the Third Castle of CagliostroA city that also became a model of.

Looking at it like this.


◆ 07:Chambord Castle


Chambord Castle, located in the middle of France, on the banks of the Loire river, is believed to be involved in the design by Leonardo da Vinci.


The double spiral staircase is also famous.


◆ 08:Irene Donan Castle

Donnan Castle is located in Scotland, Highland District, "the world's most photographed castle"

ByEusebius @ Commons

I will head to the castle using a stone bridge.

ByJesus Belzunce

Inside is like this.

ByBruce MacRae

◆ 09:Bran Castle


The 14th century castle in the Transylvania region of southern Romania is a novelDraculaAlthough it is regarded as a model of Dracula, Vlado III who became a model of Dracula did not live at all.

The courtyard is in the middle of the orange roof.

◆ 10:Castel del Monte

ByFrengo 2.0

The castle composed of an octagon in the province of Puglia in the southern part of Italy, which is also the back side of a 1 Eurocent coin, symbolically embraced the octagon using the golden ratio, which Friedrich II, who was well versed in mathematics, thing.


◆ 11:Prague Castle

BySam and Ian

Prague castle which is built on the hill along the Burttawa River in Prague is also registered as a "Guinness Book of the World's Oldest and Greatest Castle".

ByTrent Strohm

The situation in the daytime is as follows.

ByContext Travel

12:Kronborg Castle

ByArcher 10 (Dennis)

It is located on the coastline facing the Baltic Sea in the eastern part of Denmark and is also known as the "Elsinore Castle" on the stage of "Hamlet".


By the way, "Bo" means "castle" in Denmark, it seems that it is simply called "Kurumbumo" in the field.

ByHåkan Dahlström

◆ 13:Spissky Castle


Spissky Castle is one of the largest castles in Central Europe, in eastern Slovakia.

ByRonnie Macdonald

It is now ruined.

◆ 14:Malbork


The largest castle of medieval Europe in Malbork in northern Poland.

It is characterized by a solid appearance consolidated with red bricks.

BySimon Grubb

◆ 15:Hohensalzburg Castle

ByTjflex 2

Hohensalzburg Castle in Salzburg, Austria is registered as World Cultural Heritage.

The city is spread under the hill where the castle is built.


◆ 16:Chenonceau Castle


Castle in Chenonceau in the Loire valley of France. It is one of the most visited castles in France.

BySamantha Decker

From another angle, you can see the castle through the Diane's garden where beautiful flowers are in full bloom.

ByGuillaume Capron

◆ 17:Crack de Chevalier


This is the representative castle of the Crusader era built in Syria.

ByA travers

The name of the castle means "the fort of the knight".


◆ 18:Leeds Castle


Leeds Castle, which is also called "The Lady's Hall" because of the lives of the successive kings of the king is said to be one of the most beautiful castles in the UK.

ByGuy Frankland

Looking from above it is like this.


◆ 19:Alcázar Castle

ByRoger 4336

The old castle near Madrid in Spain is said to be a model of the Snow White castle of the Disney movie "Snow White".

ByDmitry Shakin

◆ 20:Olavi Castle


It is said that Oravi Castle floating in Saimer Lake of Savonlinna in southern Finland became a model of Dragon Quest's castle.

ByPiedad Bartolomé

It will be like this in the winter.

ByAken kuvia

◆ 21:Yusse Castle


In the original stage of "Sleeping Beauty", the old castle in the Loire region, France, which is also said to be a model of Cinderella Castle in Disneyland.


State of the courtyard.


◆ 22:Potala Palace

It is the Palace of Dalai Lama, settled in Lhasa City, Tibet, at an elevation of 3,700 m. This is the inside of the premises.

◆ 23:Acropolis of Lindos

ByAlessandra Kocman

It is one of the most sacred places in ancient Greece in the city of Rhodes, Greece, in the city of Lindos, the surrounding walls seem to be medieval.

ByThomas Favre-Bulle

◆ 24:Historic fortified city Carcassonne

ByJavier Medina M.

The old city of the fortified city in the southwestern part of France is surrounded by Mie's thick walled wall, and the circumference of its outer wall extends to 1 km. In France, it is the largest tourist attraction boasting the number of visitors year after Mont Saint-Michel.

◆ 25:Uchisar Castle


The residence "Goreme" made by digging a rocky mountain is formed in the surrounding area.

ByCarmen Alonso Suarez

The hole in the rock is a pigeon's nest.


A giant monolithic castle "Uchisaru" meaning "sharp fortress" in the strange rocky city, Turkey, Cappadocia is the center of Göreme.

ByMax Nathan

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