Fifteen unique fountains with scales and designs that are not ordinary

A fountain with a total length of 275 m, a colorfully lighted fountain, a fountain designed based on Feng Shui, even fountains that must be thought of as "Why did you draw water from here ...?" Fifteen unique fountains with slightly unusual designs, travel sitestrip advisorIt is open to the public.

Fountain of the world wants to go by dying 15 [Bucket List]

◆ 01: Bellagio Fountain (Las Vegas)

ByVisualist Images

Bellagio HotelWater in the lake "Lake Como" in front of the BGM will soar from more than 1000 high-tech injectors.

ByW4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines)

You can enjoy the fountain show every 30 minutes in the daytime and every 15 minutes in the evening.


The way the show actually takes place is as follows.

Fountain of Bellagio "Time To Say Goodbye" - YouTube

◆ 02: The Trevi Fountain (Rome)
Baroque style of 25.9 meters high and 19.8 meters wideTrevi Fountain.

ByChristopher Chan

There is a legend that throwing a coin into the fountain in the backwards has the legend that the wish will come true, you can come to Rome again when you throw a piece of coin, you can be together forever with two important people, She said that she could break up with her lover, husband and wife.

ByM Car

◆ 03: Dubai · Fountain (Dubai)

Made in 2009, it is the world's largest fountain with a total length of 275 m.


The movie in which the fountain is blowing with BGM is from the following.

The Dubai Fountain - Baba Yetu - YouTube

◆ 04: Kings Fountain (Jeddah)
This is the world's highest fountain in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. We use the jet engine, the height of the water column to blow up is 260 m.

ByМιšš. Đ {♥} ~ 

◆ 05: Swarovski · Crystal World (Tirol)

ByLars Tinner

It is in AustriaSwarovski Crystal WorldIt is the fountain that we greet you at the fountain in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Swarovski. It is said that genuine crystals are used in the eyes.

ByW i l l a r d

◆ 06: Crown · Fountain (Chicago)

ByDavid Paul Ohmer

Barcelona sculptorJaume PlensaWork designed by Ms. A variety of images are displayed on two paired huge cubes.

ByOut of Chicago

Children playing under the fountain.


◆ 07: Magic · Fountain (Barcelona)

BySamyra Serin

MunjuikA fountain show that can be enjoyed against the background of the hill is done at night.

ByAdriano Aurelio Araujo

The colorfully lighted up fountain show is from the following movie.

Barcelona - the magic Montjuic fountain show - YouTube

◆ 08: Peter the Great's Summer Palace (St. Petersburg)

ByBBM Explorer

The palace registered also as a World Heritage site has about 150 fountains. Instead of pumping, water is skipping using natural inclination.


◆ 09: Este House Villa (Tivoli)


Italy, Tivoliworld HeritageEsthetics villa registered in. More than 500 fountains, such as "Hundred Fountains", are colored in the vast garden of 4.5 hectares.

ByJordi Chueca

◆ 10: Big Wild Goose Tohoku Square (Xian)

Mikura was set up to preserve the teachings he brought back from TenpakuLarge goose tower. You can enjoy the largest fountain show in Asia in the north side square.

◆ 11: Fountain of Wealth (Singapore)


Designed based on Feng ShuifountainIt is said that your wish will come true when you touch the water and make 3 laps while casting a wish.


It is like this in the daytime. It does not blow up from the bottom, but water falls inside.

ByArcreyes [-ratamahatta-]

◆ 12: Palace of Versailles (Versailles)
The Palace of VersaillesFountain gardenWas done by introducing more than 36,000 people than the palace construction.


◆ 13: Buckingham Fountain (Chicago)

ByOut of Chicago

Buckingham Fountain, which is said to be one of the most beautiful in the United States, has connected 3755 km from Chicago to Santa MonicaRoute 66Also known as the starting point.

ByOut of Chicago

◆ 14: Merlion (Singapore)


Three major disappointments in the worldIt is also called a sightseeing spot, but the night view is spreading on the other side, surprisinglyNot disappointedThere is also an opinion.

BySingapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

◆ 15: Netuno · Fountain (Bologna)

ByStefano Liboni

At first glance it looks like a sculpture that does not seem to be anything, but when you look closely it is draining water from an amazing place.


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