Fifteen locations in the world that will be a great view when looking down from the sky with a looking bird

Works noticed that charm for the first time by watching from the skyYaThe sceneryThere istrip advisorHowever, I summarize 15 superb views from such skies in various parts of the world. From the viewpoint of helicopter, balloon, paraglider and so on, it is slightly different from the ground, sightseeing spots from above are from the following.

I want to see it before I die, a magnificent view from the sky 15 [Bucket List]

◆ 01: Enjoy with a balloonCappadociaThe rocks of
In Turkey and Cappadocia there are a series of strange rocks shaped like mushrooms called "fairy chimneys"

ByPurplicious *

Rock that was once used as a residence. It is popular that the tour of ballooning the strange rocks such as Goreme National Park and Love Valley.

ByMarco Di Fabio


The state that the balloon is flying is a fantastic atmosphere coupled with the ruins


◆ 02:Heart shaped reef enjoying in Cessna
On the island of Hamilton, Australia there is a heart-shaped coral reef "Heart Reef".

ByDylan Toh

Besides Cessna's flight schedule, a helicopter tour is also held.

◆ 03: Wild animals of Masai Mara to enjoy with a balloon
Wild Kenya spread across the border with TanzaniaMasai Mara National Reserve. You can observe many animals throughout the year.

Wild animals livingYou can see from the balloon.

Safari tour with balloon is early in the morning so you can see the sunrise


◆ 04: Active volcano of Hawaii Island enjoying with helicopter
Island of Hawaii is the largest island in the Hawaiian islands.


We have two volcanoes in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Reserve.



◆ 05: Enjoy with a helicopter 12 Apostrophe
It is in Great Ocean Road, Australia12 Apostros (12 Apostles)It was named because of 12 rocks rising on the coast.

moviesCrimson pigIt is Italy, but the location model is said to be this Great Ocean Road.


It looks like this from a helicopter.

◆ 06: Nazca's landmarks to enjoy with Cessna
It is in PeruLandscape of NazcaGeometric figures and animals are drawn on the surface of a dry basin plateau.


ByArcher 10 (Dennis)

When observing the ground picture while riding in Cessna, attention is necessary because when you are crazy photographing and you are getting intoxicated with the finder.

◆ 07: Enjoying with a balloon Desert landscape in the outskirts of Dubai
High-rise buildings stand forest in the centerDubaiHowever, in the suburbs there is a golden desert spreading and it is possible to enjoy it with a balloon tour.

ByTom Olliver

Sometimes I can see a group of camels walking in the desert.

ByTom Olliver

It also appears above the town.

BySarah Ackerman

◆ 08: Napa Valley's vineyards to enjoy with a balloon
America, California StateNapaIt is famous for wine.


A peaceful tour is undertaken to overlook Napa Valley which vineyard spreads from balloon.



ByBoltty Studio

◆ 09: New York skyscraper enjoying with helicopter
In the USA, New YorkSkyscraperAlso a tour from the helicopter.

New York from a helicopter looks like this.

◆ 10: Enjoy with Cessna Mountains of Tongariro National Park
New Zealand'sMount TongariroYou can see Emerald Lake from above Cessna.


Different scenery depending on the season.


By the way, Lake Emerald is like this.

ByBen Beiske


◆ 11: Enjoy coral reefs with Parasailing and Managaha Island
Floating off the coast of SaipanManagaha IslandActivity Island is a good activity that you can dive or see from above as well.

By using parasailing you can see the beautiful ocean with bird's eyes.


◆ 12: Excellent view of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu enjoying with skydive
In New Zealand's Fiordland, which is also registered as a World Heritage Site, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery with skydiving.

Lake WakatipuIt is possible to see the varied nature such as lakes, rivers, waterfalls, etc.


I am hustling.

◆ 13: Table-mountain enjoying with paragliding
Towering to protect the cityTable MountainI am loved as a landmark in Cape Town.


People who enjoy paragliding.


The view which looks down is like this.



◆ 14: Swiss lake and mountains to enjoy with paragliding
In SwitzerlandInterlakenIs a sightseeing base of Bern Highlands.

You can enjoy various Swiss depending on the season.


ByEric Magnuson

◆ 15: Las Vegas to enjoy at the rooftop by sliding and turning around
Las Vegas, a casino town built in the desert, also has a way to enjoy from the skywild. Here is an attraction "X-Stream" in Teppen of the STRATOSPHERE hotel which is also the symbol tower of Vegas

ByOld Shoe Woman

BySarah Ackerman

The movie that shows the coaster rushing out from the tower is as follows.

Las Vegas Stratosphere X Scream Ride - YouTube

It looked like this at night.

ByStratosphere Hotel & amp; Casino

It seems that there is no room to relax and see the night view.

Las Vegas Scream Machine · X Scream - YouTube

Scream machine "Insanity" that the seat turns and turns round and round. At first it is closed like this ... ...

The seat slowly turns and the seat looks downwards, you can see the city.

ByOregon ducatisti

The actual situation is from the following movie.

Las Vegas Stratosphere Insanity Ride - YouTube

Light up will be done in the evening

You can see the movie from the following.

Insanity (Stratosphere Tower) LasVegas - YouTube

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