45 fantastic and beautiful pictures taken with long exposure

A long timeexposureIs a shooting technique that lengthens the camera's shutter open time so that you can see the movement of objects and light trajectories that can not normally be captured by film or sensors. I will introduce magical photos using this shooting technique.

Details are as below.
Noupe: 45 Astonishing Examples of Long Exposure Photography

Giant Ferris WheelLondon Eye"

By raindog

Flame and water beneath

By Michael Bosanko


By ~ Stormie-Heather

Chinese Driveway

By fjny

Those burned steel wool on the bridge taken under the bridge

By DanDeChiaro

Niagara Falls at night

By Insight Imaging: John A Ryan Photography

In LondonTower Bridge

By MSH *

Amusement park rides

By John Adkins II

It is in California built in 1871Pigeon Point Lighthouse

By Mumbley Joe

The 1967 Expo Commemoration Amusement Park in Montreal, Canada "La Ronde"

By = particle-fountain

In the darkOptical fiberA picture taken by swinging around

By Lucas Janin

Astrobot Photography

By bullitnuts

Submarine cave in Oregon

By Marc Adamus

"La RondeAnother one from

By = particle-fountain

Fireworks tournament held in the fog

By Sutanto

FinnishPorkkalaDawn at

By Rob Orthen

BritishNew BrightonFlowing the Mersey River

By Corica

One piece from the billiard table placed on the rotating table

By jasontheaker


By andreas n

Florida'sWalt Disney World Resort

By Express Monorail

At Walt Disney World Resort "Magic KingdomAttraction in "Tomorrowland Transit Authority"

By Express Monorail

San Francisco in the morning seen from Hawkhill

By Mumbley Joe

Dubai seen from the car

By craigwright 76

Night scenery for 22 minutes

By * onesadlittleboy

Lake in Lac de Sanguinet in France

By Xavier Rey

SpanishState of NavarraIt is in"Monasterio de Piedra"

By Martin Zalba Ibanez

Located in Chiyoda Ward, TokyoWadakura Fountain ParkPhoto of

By hashier 28

A skyscraper in Taipei City "Taipei 101"

By * dans

California StateSanta BarbaraIt is in"Knapp's CastleI am using LEDs


In LondonTrafalgar Square

By Philipp Klinger:.

Using LED on the coast


California Goleta


Pictures taken of a bunch of fired trees wielding

By ~ Triple 7

A piece of light painting


The beach at Oregon Coast

By Marc Adamus

In WashingtonOlympic National ParkThe scenery of the twilight

By Marc Adamus

Another piece from the beachfront of the Oregon coast

By Marc Adamus


By Donncha @ InPhotos.org

Is it the roof of a theater somewhere

By Jeff 7c

In LondonTower BridgeAnother piece

By MSH *


By Chris Isherwood

Night River

By paalia

Something seems to have passed through at a very high speed, but actually it is sunrise

By * discurrere

California Disney Land Tea Cup

By www.ericcastro.biz

Times Square in Manhattan

By josh.liba

De Haan of Belgium

By DavidHR

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