A beautiful picture of the impressive light shot by long exposure

By slowing down the shutter speed, it is possible to take a picture of a landscape or light without moving objects for a long time. We introduce strange landscape photographs that human eyes can not usually see.

Details are as below.
Long Exposure Photography: 15 Stunning Examples

Tower bridge taken at exposure time of 15 seconds.

Photo by MSH *

Golden gate bridge taken at exposure time 31.9 seconds. It seems that the floating in the sky is not the sun but the moon.

Photo by MumbleyJoe

A lighthouse photographed at an exposure time of 114 seconds.

Photo by MumbleyJoe

Mountain path taken at exposure time 117.4 seconds. The light of the car is like a snake.

Photo by Matthew Fang

Snowy landscape of forest taken at exposure time of 124 seconds.

Photo by Paulo Brandao

Cottage shot at exposure time of 4 minutes.

Photo by Dave Smith

The trajectory of the star shot at the exposure time of 60 minutes.

Photo by c @ rljones

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