A picture of a beautiful octagonal castle "Castel del Monte" which is also a world heritage

The world heritage "Castel del Monte" in the southern part of Italy is a castle incorporating octagons in various places, the whole is octagonal, the towers at each corner are octagonal, the central courtyard is also eight It has a square shape. It is also designed on the back side of Italian 1 cent euro (1 / 100th of 1 euro) coin.

Pictures and movies of the castle are from the following.
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I want a castle from afar. It stands out on the hill and stands out well.

By cnadiaCreative Commons

It seems that though it is far from the image of a general "castle", it was apparently used to hire a villa or guest rather than what was used for military purposes. Then convinced.

It looks like this from the sky.

An octagonal tower stands at eight corners.

Making the inner wall simple.

The high windows are also decorated.

Atmosphere like church.

High ceiling, open ventilation openings.

I leave the courtyard.

The sky cut into an octagon.

By dantes 102Creative Commons

Castel del Monte type bread.

Looking at the movie it looks like this.
YouTube - Castel del Monte 2

Other photos can also be seen on the following links.

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