Half of the year is a fantastic underwater photograph taken in a park in the Alps that sinks in the lake

It is a picture that seems to be associated with a sad story such as a visitor's diver visited a village that sank in the bottom of the dam ... Actually this is a picture taken at a park in the Austrian Alps near 800 m above sea level. Half of the year is the place where most of the park sinks into the alpine 's clear melting water, the mysterious underwater scene is a popular tourist destination for divers.

Pictures are from the following.Austria's Green Lake: The park that is a lake for the summer | Mail Online

PhotoState of Steyrmar·TragoessIt was taken at Green Lake of the lake.

From autumn to winter, the depth of the lake is only 1 to 2 meters, making hikers a place to rest their feet.

When the cold snow melting water of the Alps flows in spring every year, the water level begins to rise and it seems that divers come from all over the world seeking a unique scene in June when the water depth is about 10 m, which is maximum.

The park's bench is also completely submerged.

The vegetation is also submerged as it is on the ground.

The highly transparent water and the green lake surface by submerged plants are also attractive.

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