100 life hacks to improve productivity by using time, energy and attention

ByBrian J. Matis

Efficient actions, body adjustment and strengthening are essential for improving productivity, but blogs who have conducted productivity improvement experiments from May 1, 2013 to May 1, 2014 "A Year of Productivity"As Chris Bailey who is a compilation for one year"100 life hacks on energy and attention to improve productivityWe are posting.

100 time, energy, and attention hacks to become more productive

Time management

In order to improve productivity it is important to properly manage three elements of "time", "energy" and "attention". First of all, the life hack that can be done on a daily basis is described to properly manage the time.

· Life hack to get time

ByAdam Foster

1: Schedule as few tasks as possible for important tasks
It looks contrary to intuition, but by limiting the time allocated to important tasks, you can save time by allowing you to act quickly.

2: Escape from TV
The average time to watch TV in his lifetime is 13 years and 6 months. Time to watch TV should be allocated to a more important schedule.

3: Attach a time diary
If you record exactly how you are spending time, it will lead to better usage of wasted time.

4: say "NO" as a promise to hinder time, energy and attention
It is best to not introduce unproductive activities to get a lot of time.

Five:VoltaireRemember the statement of the phrase "perfection is an enemy of good"
It is impossible to keep the house 100% clean, so it is normal to keep dirty parts, so it is important to know when to stop activities that are invisible and ineffective.

6: Establish "Maintenance Day"
Please set up the task of "maintenance system" such as laundry · shopping · cleaning · water planting of foliage plants once a week at once.

7: Labor is up to 35 hours per week
Working for a long time may increase productivity in the short term, but research results have shown that productivity and creative will be demonstrated most by showing labor within 35 hours a week.

8: Mail should be within 5 sentences
Most people do not mind if they get to the point even if the mail is short.

9: If you are a Gmail user "The Email GameUse

The Email Game is a free web app that you can expect 30% efficiency by processing Gmail as a game.

10: Gmail · Yahoo · Outlook usersUnroll.meRegister to
Unroll.me is a web app that collects e-mails of websites that are registered as members.

11: Stop e-mail folder division
From finely dividing foldersIt is faster to search for an excellent mail clientI know that.

12:Touch typingTo master
The average typing speed is about 40WPM(Number of words per minute), speed gain of 50 to 100% can be expected by learning touch typing.

13:RescueTimeUnderstand the time you spend on your PC at
By using RescueTime available on OS X, Windows, Android, and Linux, you might be surprised at how much time you were wasting on your PC.

14: Saving spending accounting for a high percentage of income
By saving early in life, you can shorten your working life by decades.

· Life hack to have the right time

ByPhilip Chapman-Bell

15: Determine the most effective activities in your daily life
If you create a task list with responsibility and if you can choose only three in a day from among them, you can choose the activities to invest most of the day.

16: Reduce the time it takes to do something
In the time spent on our customs of daily life, I will reduce the time to an acceptable range. If it is too long to meditate for 15 minutes everyday, we will shrink until we feel no resistance, 10 minutes, 5 minutes.

17: Do one important task, except urgent, on a daily basis
It is said that I can get the feeling that I am working towards my goal every day without panic.

18: "Pomodoro techniqueUtilize
Bailey says Bailey got an incredible effect with a technique that takes five minutes when you take action for 25 minutes.

19: Make "Later to do it later"
If you postpone what you have to do later, you can spare margin and improve productivity. Techniques to forget processing even if you postpone it by making an important task list that can be done later.

20: Living in "2-minute rule"
David Allen's "Getting Things DoneOne of the techniques of "to do the work which takes less than two minutes to do now".

21: Schedule a free time
Some people want to work hard, but incorporating free time on schedule raises happiness and motivationresearch resultIs out.

22: Determine the time, energy and task to use for each place
Be aware of where you can best accomplish tasks in the workplace, home, villa, and other four places.

23: Be careful on how you spend your time
Please keep in mind always keep track of how you are spending the day and reflect it on the next day. Bailey often reminds me of his movements by setting the cell phone alarm to ring every hour.

24: Make time to completely leave work
By making time to completely shut off work you can use it as time to think about other things.

25: Take more time to plan
I can not do a good job if I concentrate only on doing what I have done. You can work more efficiently by using more time to plan.

26: Know when you say "when you do not have time"
You will be helpful for you by grasping how to do other tasks.

27: I will breathe when I send important mail messages
Combining ideas With a little bit of mind clearance, the content of the email is more perfect, value goes up and it is sophisticated with creative content.

◆ Energy management

Energy sufficient for ending things is indispensable, but in the field of energy management, energy management law that can be done every day from both physical and mental is stated.

· Life hack of the body

ByMarcelo César Augusto Romeo

28: Exercise
Exercise is said to be the best way to make physical fitness for Mr. Bailey. Besides becoming a disease-resistant body, you can expect to have a bright atmosphere and sleep well.

29: Watch out for food
Diet has a major impact on energy. The coarse meal reduces physical strength and slows down the work speed.

30: Stop taking habitual caffeine
If caffeine is ingested habitually, its effect will be diminished, but taking it only when you want to concentrate or work hard is very effective.

31: ingest caffeine "intellectually"
Consume not only energy drink like sugar but water at the same time, do not drink on an empty stomach, the second cup of tea and coffee digested the first cup in the stomach.

32: I stop caffeine ingestion 4 to 6 hours before sleeping
American Food and Drug AdministrationAccording to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), although the effect peaks in about 1 hour after ingesting caffeine, it is said that he will stay in the blood for 4 to 6 hours.

33: Drink plenty of water
Water boosts energy to boost metabolism, suppresses appetite, toxins in the body, prevents many diseases and improves the condition of the skin can be expected, as well as saving money.

34: 16 ounces (about 500 ml) of water immediately after getting up
After sleeping for 8 hours without taking any moisture, it is close to dehydration, so it is also important to have a habit of drinking water after getting up every morning.

35: Append meal diary
People wearing diary diaries tend not to eat too much.

36: I take enough sleep even though I overslept
Sleep boosts concentration, attention, decision-making skills, creativity, social skills, health, calms down, reduces stress, anger and impulsivity.

37: Say "NO" to drinking
Alcohol before sleeping lowers the quality of sleep and makes it impossible to completely recover your physical strength the next day.

38: Maintain the office room temperature to 21 to 22 degrees
It is the temperature which can be most productive.

39: Maintain room temperature at 18.5 degrees overnight at home
Many studies show that 18.5 degrees is the most suitable for sleeping.

40: Sleeping down
When having a nap habit or feeling tired, improve your creativity by restoring your memory by taking a few naps.

41: Always act with consideration of remaining energy
Let's check how much break is needed when you are tired, how much work you can do when you are in good shape, and always be able to allocate work capacity according to your own energy quantity.

42: Chart the behavior of one week and figure out "the best time in the day" in the day
You can grasp the most productive time in one day by chart of one week.

43: Smile!
Smile enhances immunity, reduces stress and creates a happy feeling. Therefore it will also make it easier to gain trust from the surroundings.

44: Draw the correct color in the office
Scientifically, the effect of painting the room with pain is recognized, and it is said that blue is heart, yellow is emotion, red is body, green is stimulating balance sense.

45: Limiting the blue light before entering the bed
Using a PC, smartphone, tablet that emits a blue light before sleeping will adversely affect the quality of sleep.

46: I take a lot of natural light
Natural light has the effect of improving the quality of sleep, reducing stress, increasing energy level, increasing concentration.

F.lux is software that can adjust the color of the PC screen to the color that imaged the sun.

· Mind Life Hack

ByNova 031

48: Allow automatic change according to custom
Many of us are not deciding actions on our own will, but we are moving our bodies with "customs". It is possible to acquire action by causing new behavior as "habit" automatically, that is, unconsciously. About the method of making new habits, the author of "The Power of Habit"Interview with Charles DuhiggIt is spoken in.

49: Invest in stress relief
Exercise · reading · listening to music · time with friends and family · walks · hobbies etc.

50: Take a lot of breaks
Work breaks down when you take a break, but productivity gains by taking a lot of breaks.

51: Start with small things
Bailey says it is a key to increasing productivity by overlapping small changes.

52: Be careful not to hurt yourself unnecessarily
According to David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, 80% of questioning oneself is negative. Thinking about fun and consciousness leads to productivity.

53: Make many friends at the office
Friendship with work colleagues raises work satisfaction by 50% on average, the aggressiveness to work increases seven times and the probability of promotion rise by 40%.

54: Customs reminds of those who saw the calendar and met in the last few months
By looking back on memories you can gain energy, motivation and happiness, so you should have the opportunity to meet more people.

55: Do not expect too much
It is an unusual advice, but by not doing too much expectation, I can overcome the power of my shoulders and work on my work, and I will not have to make unnecessary prospects.

56: I realize that no one is paying attention to myself
If most people can notice that they are not very interested in others' success, money, clothes, houses, cars, etc., they will be able to act freely.

57: Mindful eating
It is one of the psychology diet which means "a careful meal" and it makes me feel full and full of brain, and I will waste energy to prevent overeating.

58: Improve productivity with visualization of imagination
Mr. Bailey often thinks "What can I do before I leave if I have to leave the city for a month from just now?" Whatever answers you have, it is important to study about that task.

59: Find contradiction
It is more productive if you have moderate contradictions and stress that is not too much and not too much, rather than purging things you do not understand somewhere.

60: "CoffitivityDownload
Environment sound application available on the web, Android, iOS. It is possible to boost productivity and creativity by the environmental sound of the coffee shop.

61: Think three things everyday that I appreciate
A way to train the brain by remembering positive things.

62: I remember what I liked best yesterday once a day
It is possible to obtain happiness and energy by pursuing positive experience in the past 24 hours.

63: I breathe by sucking in air
Because nobody is a robot, we do not try to pursue productivity too much, but we will try to change our mood slowly by sucking outside air.

◆ attention management

The direction of paying attention is greatly related to productivity. In this part, life hack is written that raises your attention and what kind of things you actually pay attention to.

64: Meditation
Meditation can enhance attention, it can also reach flow condition. Ms. Bailey'sA blog that wrote a meditation methodYou can read the details from.

65: Cancel multitasking
Multitask scatters the focus and distributes attention.

66: Capture everything that came into my mind
You can give a lot of mental space to the brain by exporting all what you need to do, what you are dealing with, ideas and so on.

67: Create a "wait list" so that you do not miss the schedule
Reduce stress by listing all the waiting schedules so that they do not overlook.

68: Start the "ritual of thinking capture"
Prepare a pen and paper, set the timer in 15 minutes, write out what comes to mind, you can remove the confusion of the mind.

69: Food that increases concentration
Bailey 's recommendation is 9 kinds of blueberry · green tea · avocado · vegetables of leaf objects · fish with a lot of fat · water · dark chocolate · flux seed · nuts.

70: Fixed orientation
When I cook, I will clean the kitchen and say that returning to the original state so that the next action is not hindered at the end of one activity.

71: Reduce the speed
Productivity is improved by carefully seeing things by switching hearts to autopilot and slowly going to the next goal.

72: Disconnect the internet to end errands
Since the Internet is wasting considerable time, let's pull out the PC's outlet when there is a job to hurry.

73: Rehearse how to move on time
It is important to do a rehearsal to overcome a small temptation such as "Do not stop by McDonald on your way home."

74: Decrease smartphone usage rate
Smartphones reduce attention and make human relationships thinner. Mr. Bailey is trying to use only one hour a day.

Set smartphone to airplane mode from 75: 20 o'clock to 8 o'clock
You can improve the quality of sleep and devote to what you should do.

76: "Flow stateReaching
By tackling activities that are equivalent to your own abilities, you will help you reach a state where you are fully mentally deeply focused and focused.

77: Act little by little
By paying attention to less activity, you can eventually get more accomplishments.

78: See pictures of animal babies
Pictures of cute animal babies have an effect of improving cognitive and motor skills.

· Life hack to focus on correct things

ByMichael Dales

79: Define three "results you want to achieve" at the beginning of each day
Think about three things you want to achieve in a day, not a to-do list, prioritize.

80: Focus on "right things", not "more tasks"
It is not about doing many tasks, but focusing on finding tasks related to what is worrisome.

81: "Growth thinkingDeveloping
Whether you think that your ability is fixed is to separate successful and failing people.

82: I will touch on my future
Another person in the future who is totally differentWithout considering it, you can write messages to yourself in the future or imagine that you will not lose track of the way to go.

83: Make "Monotone Work List"
Monotonous tasks such as cleaning, washing and the like are listed, and when doing all of them, audio books andTEDWe listened to active items such as speech and carried out.

84: Ask for yourself for advice
You should pay attention to your thoughts before receiving advice from others.

85: Set your goal cleverly
Even if you want to set higher goals, think firmly as to whether the goal is reachable distance, realistic, and there is time.

86: Do not track the progress to the target
He said that he will lose sight of his final goal if he checks his progress every time.

87: Establish "process goal" instead of normal goal
Set a gradual success for a bigger goal, as boxing champions envision the defense of all title matches.

88: Stop searching for surfing without separation
The net is an attention suction device. Please intentionally apply the time of the net to break.

89: Shut off unnecessary mail alerts
Alert sounds whenever mail arrives hijacks attention.

90: Declaration of "Mail · Holiday"
When it is necessary to cut off on important projects on 1st and 2nd, we do not reply to e-mails, and it is good to set up the phone as an answering machine and concentrate on it.

91: Mail reply is divided into several times
Let 's schedule several reply times a day instead of replying each time an e - mail comes.

92:Shut down the phone completely when you meet someone
The best way to show that you are an important person to yourself.

93: I realize the habit which becomes the main point
We define the habit which is the key point in our life, and change and combine other customs accordingly. For example, deepening relationships by cooking with partners.

94: I decide the financial penalty for bad habits as someone
Fines are more effective than rewards to break bad habits.

95: Reward yourself
It is difficult to introduce new habits, but it is said that it will be adopted if you prepare a reward when you succeed.

96: I anticipate obstacles to making new habits
When you incorporate new customs into your life, it helps to form new habits by thinking about what kind of obstacles can occur.

97: Drive amusement items to unreachable positions
The distance that takes 20 seconds to get it is appropriate.

98: Practice to listen intensively
By carefully talking about what others say, you can avoid misunderstandings and create more meaningless conversations.

99: I consider life to be a series of "hot spots"
In life we ​​act to sever energy, attention and time in seven hot spots: spirit, body, emotion, career, fiscal, human relations and enjoyment.

100: Always act with a specific purpose
By constantly asking yourself about the purpose, you can be aware that the current action is a meaningful action.

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