Site summary taking advantage of April Fool's Day 2014 edition

By mera

Various official sites on the Internet once a year, will publish a special material that has been fully prepared for today's day for 24 hours from 0 o'clock to 24 o'clock on April 1st, April Fool 's Day, where you can't really understand what lies and what is true, has finally begun with great momentum!

So, GIGAZINE will take advantage of April Fool's Day to keep up-to-date with the latest updates in real time for 24 hours. So when you update an article, the site is added to the end of the article one after another, and it is a mechanism that the article gets longer and longer. Also, every time we update to some extent, the update notification will be sent to GIGAZINE's Twitter account and Facebook account , so if you follow them, you will be able to do various things.

It should be noted, and when it is discovered that that 'here are also doing April Fool's Day!' On the site that are not listed 'out also doing April Fool's Day!' Contact of the self-appointed because tipster e-mail form of the story be transmitted from OK is. Even if I go to the site, I can not judge because of 'April fool's topic ...' or 'It seems that something has changed from before but I can not understand the state of the original site, so how different it is Because there are many cases where I do not understand clearly ... every year, when I comment on the topic, 'Because this site on this site is different from before, it has become April Fools Neta!' Explanation · Point to see · Where I feel interesting! Thank you for your cooperation as we can update the article in a good feeling to be easy to post, because it will be very easy to understand if you can write check points in conjunction with the contact of URL and address.

So, by the end of April Fool's Day, if it will be in time for updates, or if you can see all the sites in the first place?

◆ Tabbed Browser Sleipnir for MS-DOS-16-bit high speed command input type tabbed browser
'Sleipnir for MS-DOS' has been launched

◆ Kurataya-Japanese sweets are more new-
Kurataya created Japanese sweets in the new product 'iroha fit (vibrator for women)' to be released from TENGA.

◆ Space-resident type project for free engineers | Leverages Inc.
'Development project resident in space' finally appeared

◆ Real treasure search 【Taka rush! 】-Treasure hunting event information full load! Top page
'A real treasure hunt is held in space!'

◆ Muscle Collection-Muscle Collection-
As a result of respecting popular browser games in all senses, nothing is completed

◆ goo 'Extreme'
The portal site goo will start recruiting 'extreme employees' only on April 1 because it thinks that 'extreme (extreme) employees need extreme skills (business)', and that is why Japan Extreme Association of Japan And confirmed that.

It is possible to come to work like this.

◆ Monex Securities
'Vegetable history! Cubs trading stocks! Monex, Inc., Vegetal Trader' Kabuko 'released! Leave the stock to the cub! 'The story was created by the entertaining corporation Kayak.

◆ Lucent Heart
The new Cupid goddess 'Wenus' and the man god 'Eros' have been implemented in Lucent Heart's own lover system. What's wrong.

◆ Yahoo! JAPAN
Yahoo! 'S app 'talks about' introduces topics in Twitter with rankings and images, and delivers information on topics such as naan and curry on the app.

The screen of the app looks like this.

In addition, Yahoo! Wi-Fi seems to start 'pager' service from April 1 .

It is also possible to practice the pager quick strike with the pager simulator.

Furthermore, if you open Yahoo! Map in your smartphone browser, you can eat Cookie Japan Map and scatter it.

Yahoo! Map

Yahoo! Film plans to open up next-generation cinemas, such as flying cinemas and underwater cinemas, in collaboration with TOHO Cinemas.

Yahoo! Movies and TOHO Cinemas Jointly Open Next Generation Cinemas One After Another !?-Yahoo! Movies

◆ The 274th Funabashi Citizens' Film Festival (unapproved)
The 274th Funabashi Citizens' Film Festival is unofficially held, and screenings such as 'Eternal 274', 'Zero Funabiti' and 'Riko 3D' appear. What made 'movie. Com' is strangely high in quality.

◆ Let's assemble a smartphone over 10 years! au × Deagostini 'Creating a weekly smartphone' launched! | Au
A super-sized piece that spends 10 years to complete with the overwhelming volume of all 520 issues, the first issue comes with a home button!

◆ Osamu Otome! Official Site | Mobile Factory
The full voice love simulation app 'Otsukae Otome!' Is jacked by a toen of the eyebrows, and the president is going to challenge the voice actor for the first time

◆ eggplant alarm clock. Eggplant
The official site for the app ' Let me have it wake up. Kanon. ' A new costume based on this April Fool neta is also scheduled to be delivered.

◆ 'Roote'-transfer guidance, periodical search of station Spato
It is possible to enjoy the old-fashioned graphic RPG by performing transfer guidance.

◆ Nico Nico Channel
The Yankee Platform 'Niko Nico Champ Road' is born

◆ Cutting Board Encyclopedia Top Page-Cutting Board Encyclopedia
You should have originally accessed Nico Nico Encyclopedia, but it is a site where you can read, edit, and comment on articles about all cutting boards operated by Future Search Brazil.

◆ Purification by one touch? New features to 'make beautiful' Nico Nico Douga / live broadcast released | Nico Nico News
A new feature to 'clean up' Nico Nico Douga and live broadcasting with one touch is being published in interview format by Yuta Shiga of Dwango Co., Ltd. Video comments are supposed to be great.

When you look at the video playback page, 'nicobot' is written on the right, and if you press 'CLEAN', you will know how to clean the video.

◆ I tried that a mom descended to Nico Nico Douga! -Nico Nico Shizuka
That mom who talked about the character that I drew in Shinken seminar came down to Nico Nico Shizuka. Also written by Shinichiro Shinie .

◆ 050 plus special site 'SLIM Matsuko'-I became slim, and I made a model debut! To
Matsuko Deluxe made a model debut as a cover girl 'Slim Matsuko'.

Exclusive interviews with Slim Matsuko and “ 7Days adherence ” have been released, saying, “Everyone is told,“ You're beautiful! ”.

◆ Erase button [delete all data on smartphone]-button to save your pinch ...
As a new widget of Clean Master which deletes cache, task and history, 'Erase button' to delete all data of smartphone once is appeared. There is also a movie of use cases where you want to press down to destroy evidence when cheating is likely to occur. As it is king software, the point which has not become so sharp is wonderful.

◆ Press Release 2014 | Thermal runaway, noise can not sleep tonight! Announcing a Extremely Radical Tongue Server 'Heavy Metal Server' | IDC Frontier
IDC Frontier Co., Ltd. is the first in the world to offer 'Heavy Metal Server', which prevents engineers' sleep by heat and noise, from April 1st.

◆ Official Smile Party! Akasaka's watch made by Mac Akasaka
'The Smile Party intends to develop an announcement activity based on this application and intend to lead to the expansion of support to young people', and the Smile Party Mac Akasaka Governor-certified app 'Mac Akasaka's serious watch watch smile edition' is every moment And ticking

◆ Is Sakura Panda moving to Milan? Is Parcoara going to New York?
The transfer to 'Milan' and 'New York' where the character 'Sakura Panda' of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Co., Ltd. and the character 'Palcoara' of Parco Co., Ltd. are two major fashion cities, respectively, has been decided.

◆ nentmiru official site | Extreme exploitation simulator 'soccer idol group ni mitsuo' official site
'Soccer Idol Group Ni Mitsugou', an extreme exploitation simulator that has adopted the 'Kotogo System', 'All items to be paid for!'

◆ Declaration by Yoshihara Ishihara to stop the weather forecast! ? Skaper April Fool's Day Project
It seems that she has been angry before that the weather forecast has been missed before long. From now on, I will concentrate on baseball forecasting.

◆ Red Bull
Immersive Red Bull 'Red Bullo (Red Buro) Energy Ofuro' and 'Red Bullo (Red Buro) Mutoofuro' appeared, energy charging is also possible from outside the body.

◆ HOME'S (homes) apartment, apartment, housing rental for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad currently being distributed on iTunes App Store, used & new construction real estate housing information. Property images, floor plans, and rent market information are also packed. The definitive edition of the room search & home search app!
When I installed the HOME'S app, it was completely in close contact with the people of the day.

It looks like it works.

◆ THE UNIVERSAL MUSEUM / The Universal Museum
The next-generation action fantasy '47 ROJIN', which 47 elderly people develop as a spin-off of '47 RONIN', will be released in the spring of 2015.

◆ “Ano” candidate for national idol group general election! ? GKM 48 mm!
The Pest Control Meister, which provides an estimate service for Pest Control, has closed each site and has been reborn as an ultra-short group 'GKM 48 mm' with an actual length of 48 mm.

◆ Finally completed! If you eat a bite it's fun! Helium gas pizza | Domino pizza for home delivery pizza
If you eat a bite it's fun! Launched 'helium gas pizza'. There is also a movie that shows how it ate.

◆ 【Sakuraba love の ラ ジ! Live broadcast on Ustream from 21:00 on 4/1 night! | Sakura Internet
From April 21st at 21:00, a Ustream live broadcast program 'Sakuraba Ai no Saku Raji!' Will begin with Sakuraba Ai, a member of Sakura Internet 2D employees. In addition, notice video of live broadcasting is released from 0 o'clock to 21 o'clock.

◆ April 1, 2014 finally come into effect! Information on 'Single Tax'-Gurunavi Wedding
Consumption tax should be increased from April 1, 2014, but 'the single tax' to collect triple tax from a single nobleman is explained in detail

◆ DOPPELGANGER® [Doppel GANGER] Bicycle brand A hot feeling for the “Chikuwa” that the DOPPELGANGER was involved in. Soft texture with an emphasis on grip comfort Chikuwa grip
The Chikuwa Grip CKW440-BR has appeared as a tool to realize momentary riding, which makes the most of the beauty of the 'Namamono'. It is characterized by a moist and moist texture that could not be realized with conventional rubber and silicone products.

◆ Waki sweat mushroom
An Android application created based on the voice of male employees that 'I want to stop the separation of mushrooms by young people' and the project started from the heart of it and 'I want to eat the mushrooms made with waki sweat of female employees'.

◆ The active volcanic activity continues Nishinoshima It can not be in an impossible shape-MapFan
It is Nishinoshima where active volcanic activity continues, but the true figure that the shape has changed further is clear on the map of MapFan.

◆ 【Breaking news】 MAPLUS life-size car navigation doll 'Lati' released for exclusive use on the passenger seat.
EDIA Co., Ltd. has created the world's first life-size car navidor with super real human touch and Tsundere artificial intelligence (TI), which will guide you while sitting in the passenger seat.

◆ You can not afford to get annual income of 10 million yen. The annual income of the four of us is over 8000 trillion yen. Nijiorime (PC site)
A parody of the challenging new graduate recruiting site published by Sakaisha, combined with the beautiful girl social game platform 'Nijiorime'.

◆ Puchikon 3
Secret information of Nintendo 3DS version DSiware ' Puchikon 3 (provisional name) ' is clear ....

NTT DoCoMo's network has finally jumped out of the earth to complete its lunar base, and it uses 38.44 million times more powerful and faster MLE (abbreviation of Moon Light Evolution) communication than LTE.

◆ dtabel 4.1 | NTT DOCOMO
Announcing the Most Powerful 'Eating' Tablet in NTT DOCOMO History

The specifications are as follows. The built-in memory is 41TB (つ ぶ) and OS is equipped with uSO800, and supports Whitetooth.

◆ 【April Fools】 Ani-town Con “Tsubaki 20%” service started
Ani Town Con in Akihabara, a town con event for otaku, supports the reintegration of patients with 厨 2 disease and former patients. For patients with 厨 2 disease, the participation fee for Animachi Con is 100% OFF, but as the application condition, 'Evil King ○ Eyemaster', 'Dark Foot ○ Immaster', 'Myol Nirha ○ Marner', 'Seirei Otome Mo ○ Summer' Should be one of the.

◆ We collect BB bullets from mysterious plants Hyper fun
Launch of 'Piment Hit,' a vegetable bio BB bomb that enables mass cultivation of high precision BB bombs

◆ GREETING bacon
Yumemi Co., Ltd. discovered that radio signals are sent from bacon, and developed a hospitality app using bacon.

◆ Gorimon days | 'Train type station building' is born one after another Electric railway companies in Kansai
It turned out that the railway companies in Kansai had been building a train type building for some time

◆ Moeka plan of coastal bus begins | Coastal Bus Co., Ltd.
The IC card 'Moeka' that a coastal bus roars has begun. One of the local magical girls, 'Magical ☆ Cherry' runs the sky today with a magical nishin stick in hand to take care of the Northern Sea of Japan, Oronirone of the Japan Sea.

In addition , the Giant Panda Bus has appeared in the Limited Express Hagaro .

◆ New Movie version Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica (provisional)
New theater version Puella Magi Madoka Magica (tentative) unofficial announcement site is open! If you look closely, the domain is 'rnagica' instead of 'magica'.

◆ Sanuki Udon no Hanamaru Udon | A wonderful surprise for everyone.
From the Hanamaru Udon 'magma Ankake Udon' appears as a new product. When you move the cursor to the thumbnail, you can see the magma ankake covering the udon with a bowl. There is also a making movie that is filmed under the magma that really flows to the active volcano in Hawaii.

◆ iroha (Iroha) brand official site
Kurataya's Japanese-style confectionery 'powdered sugar', which looks just like 'iroha fit', also appears on the TENGA site. If you look at it, it looks like exactly. In addition, there are two types of refined sweetness, coconut flavor and rhamne flavor.

◆ Otome game is released from Sanho! Cheap accessories mail order sun jewelry
Accessories mail order Sun jewelry is somehow released a maiden game. You can experience part of the game in demo play, and you should be able to become sloppy in many ways in your character settings.

◆ <story> series 'the lie tale-Akira Kaiki-'
A special lie story site has been opened to commemorate the release of 'Final story (bottom)' and '<story> series heroine book Hitagi Senjogahara'.

The final story (below) is over 100,000 pages of surprise.

Unable to return 'Happiness to go with Makoto Hajimeji' 89,000 yen.

Furthermore, the Senjogahara stationery set that can be put in a skirt and carried will be released.

◆ 1 million Nobunaga's ambition
'Ambition of Nobunaga of 1 million people' will be renewed soon as a love game '1 million military commander boyfriend'. You can not actually play, but with a gift that you can get anyone of Nobunaga, Shinshin, and Shingen if you play 'Ambition of Nobunaga in 1 million people' on April 1st.

◆ Map-Android Apps on Google Play

As Google Map application taps the search field, a button 'Start game' will appear, so try tapping.

Then, Pokemon appeared around Roppongi.

When you tap the clock and then press 'Get' ...

I caught a turtle.

◆ Google Japan Blog: New suggestions from the Google Japanese Input Team
While touch-panel-equipped devices are becoming standard, the 'Google Japanese Input Magic Hand Version' has been developed that allows you to operate the lever to perform touch, slide, and flick. It is also compatible with being able to switch to the hands of cats and grandchildren and keyboard input via USB cable connection.

Google Japanese Input Magic Hand Version-YouTube

◆ Web Koihime 夢 想 | Chinese Body Collection
Han body training simulation to start raising a super strong Han body type woman = Han Musume (Kansu) from the beginning and getting more attractive Han Musume.

◆ Speaking of April 1 ... April Fools | Tokimeki Fantasy La Tale
A completely new Prilin training simulation, 'Puririn Collection-Cloth-This-' has appeared. However, the server is full and can not take a new job.

◆ Mobius Online starts to tune Paperman!
Collaboration with 'Mebius Online' and Paperman who ended the service on February 28, 2013.

◆ Next generation fighting golf game 'Panya Fight-Overdrive-' | Suka and Golf Panya
Suka and Golf Panya has evolved into the next generation fighting golf game 'Panya Fight-Overdrive-'.

Although it is impossible to play, it is a force that voices are prepared for each character.

◆ Its delicious legendary grade! Sealed chocolate cookies Odrokiman official site
You should have visited the official site of Uta no Prince-sama ♪, but with a sealed chocolate cookie 'Don't stop!'

'The super-popular idol will take part in Odorokiman one after another ☆'

◆ New features 'Surprising Songrium' and 'Sabi Without Songle' are being released for a limited time!
AIST is releasing 'Singing Songrium' where sound constellations move along with the sound as a limited-time new function of Songrium and Songle, and 'Sabi-free Songle' in which the chorus section can not be reproduced automatically.

◆ love communication 'pocha komi' special installation
A love communication 'Pocha Komi' is released on November 29, 2106. The love communication 'Pocha Komi' manages the weight by having love with the newly released gravure idol 'Super Pochako'.

◆ [Notice] Congratulations! 'Groove Coaster (Home Edition)' released! |
Taito's first home video game console 'Groove Coaster (Home version)' is released!

If there is space to put 4 cars, it is also possible to play up to 4 people at home. The price is 999,800 yen (excluding tax).

◆ Let's meet the unseen world “PS Travel Station” | PlayStation® Official Site
A lot of travel and tour information! If it is travel, it is 'PS Travel Station', and a unique travel plan such as 'the refreshing Seattle tour that goes with psychic (conduit) Delshin' goes on and on.

The 'Military Paradise Tour' operates with a light fast navigation method to Vekta City at 1 million Vecta dollars per person.

The schedule is as follows, and you can spend one week to experience two civilizations on one planet.

◆ 【Theatrical release! ? 】 Edelweiss No. I thought-Valkyria of the Battlefield DUEL-Hangame
A special site opens anthropomorphizing the tank Edelweiss of ' Valkyuria Duel of the Battlefield '.

◆ Ii Terror her “Apple-chan” | Visual Arts Market for Android
'I was a little hungry in the middle of the night, but I just can not eat because I am fat ... It is an Android-only (stomach) alarm app sent to you like that.'

◆ Shishupan Toi Jamupan ♪ Official Site
When you access 'Mixed martial arts in Japan', you will be redirected to 'Ishuppanoki and Tomi Jampan ♪'. You can see the amazing jam bread recipe.

◆ Fergus on Mabitter
Online game 'Mabinogi' official site changes to Twitter style of Fergus. The tweets are updated in real time.

When I tried to follow, I was over the expected limit of Mabitter.

◆ Vagoo! News
'Card Fight !! Vanguard' opens 'Vagoo! News' which looks like Yahoo! News.

◆ Town BBS
Machi BBS wrote today on March 32nd.

◆ 'Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Great Fire Hen / The Last Hen of the Legend' official site
Rurouni Kenshin collaborates with Kumamon. Contrary to the words, 'The enemy of the madness, appear.'

◆ 'Slaughterer Angel Gibril' anime official site
The anime 'No Game No Life' is on the official site of 'The Killer Angel Gibril'. You can also see trial readings and PVs of novels.

◆ TV anime 'Kill la Kill' official site
On the Killa Kill official page, we announced “Life fiber konjac” that incorporates life fiber and has applications not only as a food but also with voice calls and touch panel interfaces.

◆ Shonen Jump is reborn! Jump to fashionable boy manga magazine. 'Weekly Shonen Jump Teen' Official Site
Shonen Jump's official site is 'Swealty boys dropped! Spring hospitality dessert BOOK' 'Make it into a fashionable fashion with a pair of fashionable girls!' Fashion comic magazine 'Weekly Shonen Jump Teen' official website Change.

◆ 'SPECIUM; BOYS' official site-The science adventure series fifth edition start!
'SPECIUM; BOYS' announced as the fifth science adventure series. Below the title is a small English word saying 'April fools, but I do not believe or believe it is up to you ...'.

◆ Bing
The opera bird appears on the top page of Microsoft's search service Bing. If you move the cursor to a square button on the screen, you will see a lie trivia, and you can click on the link to see the video like that.

◆ ImoMoe Shimbun | April Fools | I am sorry if I can not get it now
An apology meeting was held because it turned out that it had been falsely displayed as a 'married girl' with illustrations, manga and goods etc., while saying 'a girl who is not ready now ' three years ago.

Impossible Daughter Meeting April 1, 2014 'Impersonable Impersonation'-YouTube

◆ Ameba pig | Play for free! Let's have fun with your own characters!
Amoeba Pigg is an Amoeba Robo specification that the character has turned into a robot.

◆ [MelonBooks] We have started a new business 【-Farm-Melon Farm-】 since 2014.4.1
As a new business, the coterie shop Melon Books has launched Melon Farm, which produces and sells Yubari Meron and muskmelon. Farm experience tour also ant.

◆ ONEPIECE official goods shop largest in history ONEPIECE straw store
The ONEPIECE official goods shop, which is hijacked by someone every year, is hijacked in Usopp this year.

◆ 【ELLE】 Latest information on fashion, beauty and overseas celebrities | EL Online (ELLE ONLINE)
Fashion magazine 'ELLE' is a cat specification in everything from logos to special features.

◆ Monthly girl romance | SQUARE ENIX
I am transformed into a girl manga magazine 'Monthly Girl Romance' appearing in 'Monthly Girl Nozaki-kun' when I get to Gungan Online.

◆ Movic Portal TOP-A comprehensive entertainment company of anime game characters
Movic's website, which plans, produces and sells character products, has been jacked by Shotoku.

We sell goods such as 'Kotoko no Shiori' owned by Shotoku Taiko and crown 12th floor color collection.

◆ Interlink Co., Ltd. for universal cell activation, potential development, EEG activity, and psychic development.
Just rub the tablet app and your legs will be better, it will be beautiful, it will be muki muki, and you will release a versatile cell activation app that improves your head.

Start selling mail-order for universal app 'Courcle Tile'-YouTube

◆ Rakuten Blog-Let's enjoy a blog easily for free from PC · Mobile
Rakuten's 'Rakuten Blog', which is officially translated into English, is finally English.

◆ About hand determination of credit | Aikuma Rascal official site
It is announced that the Rashal official site will set the handwashing unit as Rashal. '5 Rasukaru hand up' in the wind, 1 Rasukaru 'time to scrub and dissolve the lump sugar' that is the basis.

◆ Mamaguma! -E-mail magazine (E-mail magazine) 30,000 magazines!
The 2014 version of April Fool's Day 'Mamaguma!'

◆ TV animation 'World Conquest-Zvezda of Prophecy' official site
We are recruiting fighters, operators and part-time workers of cocks as recruitment of secret society Zvizuda third members. Employment insurance and social insurance complete, shift is self-reporting system.

◆ Lie Character Club: This year's lie will begin!
Ugo Chara Club opened 'Little Chara Club' last year. It is filled with a lie from what from the diary.

◆ ELSWORD El Sword-Hangame
The light novelization of the character of El Sword is decided in April, 4014.

You can also try reading only a few pages.

◆ Nisshin Foods Group
When you open the top page, a 3-minute countdown will start in English, French, Hindu, and other languages around the world.

◆ Project D ~ 3D Printer Truth
'The truth of 3D printer' used in is being published in manga

What a plasterer ... from 3D printer .... Reading to the end also doubles as a job offer.

◆ “The Doraemon Movie: The Great Magic of New Giant Peko and the Giant Expedition” official site
Finally, Gian gets the leading role.

◆ TV anime 'Ping Pong' official site
Ping pong is a dragon ball specification for 'Oss! Ora, Obaba !!!'.

You can see the movie of Dragon Ball × Ping Pong from the following.

Oss! Ola, Obaba !!! (TV anime 'Ping Pong' CM)-YouTube

◆ Han's Strongest Fashion Bible! Panda knuckle first issue!
The strongest fashion bible 'Panda knuckle' of charisma panda 'Panda Ichiro' from Shimono Zoo launched

A carefully selected public presentation of Mr. Panda who has been sculpted in royal road style.

◆ Cybozu's Japanese confectionary manufacturing cloud service 'Kuri kintone'
Cybozu releases chestnut chestnut kintone 'Kuri kintone'.

◆ Interesting corporation kayak | Eatable site
As 'a site to be able to eat,' rice cake moves when we click and rice decreases

There are several types of links available at the bottom of the boxed lunch.

◆ Nagoya limited! Pokka Sapporo, whose head office is in Nagoya, develops a new kind of lemon (miso flavor)! Pokka sapporo
Pokka sapporo who is familiar with 'Pokka lemon 100' has developed a new kind of lemon 'slightly red miso flavor'.

◆ Rakuten curry portal site operated by Rakuten: Infoseek
Rakuten opens Katsukaru portal site 'Infoseek Katsukaru'. Is curry a drink? There is also a video that has been verified.

◆ Today's cat
The summary site of the Gravure self-portrait club has been instructed by the great people of various fields and finished, and it has been changed to a summary site without portrait rights.

World's First Integrated Electronic Book Terminal | Kodansha
Kodansha will launch the world's first integrated electronic book terminal 'Kebo arm' based on the concept of 'intelligence for body hair! A new use!'.

◆ Daily Portal Z: @ nifty

Daily portal Z is full of false stories of April Fool's Day.

'If you plant bananas as they are on the soil, you still don't know that the leaves will grow out. '

' Power adapter becomes Cairo '

At the end of the lie article, 'This article is an article made for April Fool's Day planning' is written.

There is no mention of 'a lie article' in the article 'I've started the cave coworking space ' like neta, so it's true. A real lie article and such a real article are crap.

◆ The window company (Yashiro)
Isopres Watch Co., Ltd. has updated its website 'Mado Shino', a website that creates various things, mainly online software. In addition to the Internet connection environment, you need a good sense of humor and a generous mind.

McClosoft, XP after extended support end wallpaper 'Prairie' to 'burned field'-Yasha (窓)

'Hot hot hot key' to compensate for the heating function which is being lost from the PC with a series of hot keys-Windows Co., Ltd.

◆ Magical Girl Mobami Nexteral-Mobage
Is it decided to deliver the anime channel as 'Magical Girl Mobami Nextarul', an animation girl Mobami-chan who protects the world with ramen power? !

◆ Sylvesta Stallone starring 'broken heart chocolatier' April Fool 2014 special feature
'Crazy Chocolatier' will be filmed with Sylvesta Stallone, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and other gorgeous performers.

◆ TV anime 'Are you ordering a rabbit?' Official site
The character changes to a real rabbit when you visit the official site of the TV anime 'Are you a rabbit?'

This is as you look at the character page.

◆ world's first! Translation to find the disease of the disease in the middle and middle reaches disease [light and dark]
The world's first middle-class disease language translation app, which sends adolescent children the trouble of talking about 'middle-class disease language' to parents who have problems.

◆ LaBit Soft Official Web Site
Eroge site 'LaBit.soft' uploads information of Eroge who put a rabbit on the heroine.

◆ Dragons Prophet [DRAGON'S PROPHET]
A notice appears that a super coalescent Dragon Robo can be created in the online game 'Dragons Prophet' of medieval style graphics

◆ New style online channel finally open! ECO TV | Heartful Online RPG Emil Chronicle Online
Heartful Online RPG Emil Chronicle Online character launches 'ECO TV' on April 1st. Click on the program you want to watch and you can actually watch the broadcast with Nico Nico Douga.

◆ Takasago Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. | Product Information | TAKASAGO PR Division!
Three Androids will be released from Takasago Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., which develops and manufactures pachislot machines.

When you visit the official site of Rika Katagiri, you will see 'The Legend of the Super Great Nhamona-Manager's Trinhas' and a parody of that game.

Hero Nyanku and Princess Zernha.

Plan to sell for 285 million yen.

◆ Divine ・ Grimoire ~ Completely detailed magical book battle! Fantasy RPG ~: Vector Game
The browser game 'Divine Grimoire' official site is like .

◆ Basic free online game 'RED STONE'
Brun's history of RS love adventure 'RED Infinity' will be released on April 1, 5000. You can listen to the voices of the characters on the site.

When logging in to GREE, the display of the text suddenly changes to the Kansai dialect.

Of course it is April Fool's Neta, but if there are many Kansai-style users, it may be ....

◆ Rental Server Just-Size.Networks-Initial Setup Fee Free Campaign!
Perhaps because I worked too hard last year, the word on the top page says, 'I will do my best this year because I worked hard last year.'

◆ Mystery of the deep sea [Ryugu-no-tsukai curry] | All Products |
Ryugu-no-tsukai curry is on sale from the local retort curry specialty store 'local curry house'. 'It's just a shame to be launched on the beach.' So, a valuable seafood curry made of three-and-a-half simmering Ryugu Notsukai over 4 meters in length is completed.

It is said that Ryugu Notsukai is in its entirety.

◆ Otomate Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store
Otomate, a brand of romance games for women, has opened otomate department store Ikebukuro Main Store.

At the food floor on the 1st floor of the department store B, handsome men were fighting for food tasting.

◆ Metz: sukueni & gadget news
At Mezetsu, April Fool's Neta is mixed in today's update. For example, the following article is the lie news for April Fool's Day.

Shinra Company aims to open a casino 'Gold Saucer' in Odaiba

Softbank aims to be easy to hold No. 1 Shoplifting measures rush

'Yakuso' is raised to 10 Gold by consumption tax increase. Adventurer screams and gets stuck in the church

◆ --- Rejet game production company for women Rejet
Rejet's site is jacked by a light blue cute bear.

It is also a 'bear' that is being recruited on the Recruit page.

We have a greeting from 'Kuma D', the Managing Director.

◆ 【Breaking news】 Success in two-dimensional materialization! ? -YouTube

La'Cryma (Lacrima) has been informed in the news that it has finally succeeded in realizing two-dimensional.

A magic is applied to a two-dimensional character, and a part of the body is materializing.

The 3D era is over. Next-generation JavaScript library 'jFour' that realizes 4D (4 dimensional)
The official page of the JavaScript library 'jThree' that publishes MMD models on the web at 3DCG and allows viewers to move the angle 'The 3D era is over. As a next-generation JavaScript library that realizes 4D (4D) CG' , JFour has been reborn.

However, because the PC you are using does not meet the compatible specifications, it has been displayed as 'Your PC is an older generation machine with no specifications to display 4DCG, so please bear with 3DCG.'

◆ TM channel-Nico Nico channel: Variety
This year's TYPE-MOON is planning 5 live broadcasts on the Nico Nico Live TV TM channel. The part where the broadcast has already ended is also being published on Nico Nico Douga.

◆ Featured article summary during one lap?
The gadget-based news site 'Sumahon !!' has been making big scoops in a row. The president Masayoshi Son acquired 'Ye! Mobile' announced last week, and 'I! Mobile' will appear.

SQNY officially announces the world's first 'Ben diagram' style camera 'QP10'.

Ama2on announces 'Tsundle Fire' a smart watch that warns of 'read books' purchased but not read in e-books.

Get the legendary ' Magical Lovely Pad ', which is said to have been acquired by the legendary warrior Pretty Cure to overcome the fierce trials on a secluded island, on Amazon, and post a detailed review.

◆ Butterflies cafe
'Ufotable' has opened a coffee shop called 'Buttering Cafe with a Neckline' where both ceremonies of 'Sky Boundary' serve as a store manager.

On the menu of the necked bunny cafe, there is a mysterious dish called Chapter ((1200 yen) as well as a necked bunny special salad (800 yen), azaka and shizune handmade lunch plate (1000 yen) and others.

In addition, ufotable is to give a limited post card to people who eat at ufotable cafe (Tokyo / Tokushima) and DINING between April 1st and 8th of April as an April Fool only event. Is this not an April Fool's Day?

◆ 【Japanese】 maimai has been hijacked | blog of maimai development team
On the site of the rhythm action game 'maimai', it was revealed that maimai was attacked by a mystery gang and was in a state of immobility for a while.

And it turns out that the 'mystery gang' was 'Srikin' thing THE WORLD of THREE KINGDOMS .

In addition, it is also clear that Happi-chan took over one song.

◆ Thin site of thin book 'Susumu'
Virtual Net Idol The 12-year-old official site of Chiyu has suddenly been reborn as a thin book special site 'ussu'. A lot of impressions of more than 50 coterie magazines of manager's favorite on the site .......

◆ Sound Horizon
Music unit by Sound creator Revo Sound Horizon is looking for ghostwriters to produce music in place of Revo in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of major debut.

By the way, Revo stands out with long hair + sunglasses. If you want to make a ghostwriter, you should wear glasses.

◆ Smartphone sale that incorporated new universal cell 'IKA cell'! !
The aomori-themed SNS @ ami'z (Amize) is reporting the launch of the amidroid 8, an 8-inch squid display smartphone loaded with a new universal cell 'IKA cell'.

At the bottom of the page is the 'BUY NOW' button, which allows you to immediately purchase the comments of Dr. Hijikata Chiwa, who discovered IKA cells, and amidroid 8.

◆ The world's first in Yuru character alone! Chin Tiger sets Guinness record !!: Rental Property Site 'CHINTAI'
The mascot character 'Ching Tiger' of the rental property site 'CHINTAI' challenges Guinness record updating with Yuru Chara history for the first time in a single body.

In the 'sleeping corolling' where you touch the line and compete for the time to come back to the start point, the conventional record is updated by 0.81 seconds ...

In the competition, 'How many sticky notes can you put on your body in 5 minutes?', You repaint the Guinness record of 'big! Tensai TV-kun' (NHK E-Tele) without leaving ...

At the presentation ceremony of the Guinness record setting, I am getting 'Ginness beer' wonderfully.

◆ CLIP ☆ CRAFT April Fools
It seems that the 'newspaper' has arrived on the CLIP ☆ CRAFT site that handles the beautiful girl game.


'It's not! This is it!'

The site will be updated timely, and the contents of the fear newspaper will be revealed.

◆ 8th Anniversary-OVERDRIVE
The PC game brand OVERDRIVE is publishing files full of 'chipped images' to celebrate the 8th anniversary of its establishment on April 1. If you are imagining a muffy image, you will be at a loss.

◆ From Card Lab, FPS game that shop clerk can experience comes up!
Card Game Shop Card Lab has released an online-enabled customer service FPS 'DUEL SPACE'.

Players will use customer handlers and bar code readers to manage customer service.

◆ high tension free
From the flea service 'Tohri' specialized for figures and cameras, the flea service 'High-tension tori' has been released that only deals with products that are high-tensioned.

In addition, it seems that most of the products being handled in High Tense Tofuri have been deleted under the guidance of a person from the police station.

◆ Itioru Co., Ltd. changed its name to Aiei Ururu (Aiure Ururu), and it is difficult to get rid of the night dew! Now acclaimed members are being recruited. President Yusuke Kashima
Aitall Co., Ltd., which provides IT-related system solutions and media businesses, has been renamed and reluctant to change to 'Aiteuiuru'.

The greetings of the president-general in front of the banner of “Taiman Superior !!” are also very difficult to read.

It is said that 'Business phone is not good anymore!' In the glassan, regent, finger sack and texture.

◆ D064 Affiliates Market
Affiliate service provider 's cyber wholesaler is looking for stamp affiliate for one day only. The top page is designed to remind famous instant messengers .

◆ A man earning 100 million in a second speed-Tsubaki Yozawa-[RPG starting with a kiss] Angel Master official page
On the official page of the beauty card game RPG 'Angel Master', you can play for free. Yozawa Tsubasa, who earns 100 million dollars in a second, says 'Two-dimensional is a Utopia never betrayed.'

It's supposed to be amazing from end to end of the page.

◆ Sociany (Soshani) | Joint company TeamSanta

Web production company team Santa released SNS 'Sociany' , a dream SNS that makes everyone happy.

While various SNSs are flooded, the problem of 'SNS fatigue' occurs.

However, Sociany solves all the troubles of existing SNS.

There is no need to worry about searching for news stories, since Socieny makes ghostwriters post all posts.

Anyone can be friends if you apply. 'There is no reason for my friend 0'.

Abolish the 'Reading' function, there is no concern for fear of reading. The ghostwriter will send you a reply automatically.

In Socieny, all your friends push 100% 'I'Nee!'

In SNS games, it is a system that everyone can be ranked first. I can not take the first place and I have no regrets.

◆ Anyway, amazing app-do puzzles, read more news and increase friends. Can not do nothing app information | iPhone / Android apps-Appliv
The app review site Appliv has released a one million yen super high performance app.

The released app has more than 1,500 functions, and it can do almost anything, such as ToDo, love games, shopping, muscle training, and dating.

When I tried to buy the app from the purchase page immediately, I was told that 'I am very sorry. It is a lie such as an application with 1500 functions.'

◆ Ike's homepage
The anime international company (AIC) has changed its route from anime production to a cult group. Former source material is with the large dog that is a lion and fake .

◆ We changed the official language of the company to 'Hebrew' and changed the company name to 'Hebrews' |
In order to strengthen the relationship with Israel, GAPRIS Inc. has designated its official language as Hebrew from April 1, 2014, and changed its name to 'Hebrews'.

All customer support will be in Hebrew, but it is safe to remember even the following Hebrew.

◆ Spring BAN Festival! -Kankore widget
The Kankore Widget, which helps the Kankore Life a little, got caught up in the pan-like Spring BAN Festival.

It seems that 69 kinds of contents of retweet are prepared.

◆ Cafe ★ Acacias Dormitory Academy 【Acasius Boarding School】
A strict dormitory theme cafe 'Acacias dormitory school' has been reopened in the RPG maid cafe 'Acacias'.

The theme of Akashius is an RPG ' Hainal Hunter (Hailal Hunter) ' that I heard somewhere, and for those who like to drink, ' Drunken Contest Quest (Drunken Contest Quest) ', which is also somewhere There is an event with a name that you have heard of.

◆ Ultek perfect reproduction woman who makes it crazy, Neruko Product information
From Doujinshi 'Megami Soft', the sale of prohibited original goods is decided. I can eat it, so I said, 'Let's eat and hide when it's almost like a parent.'

You can see the birth story of this new product from the following movie.

Birth Secret Story-A Woman Who Makes a Director Squid Absolutely-Neruko-YouTube

◆ Toenai Sangokushi-Android Apps on Google Play
The app 'Ai no Touri Sangokushi' is an April Fools Limited edition, and a campaign is underway to reduce 'Akichi' used on the battle screen by 8%. ※It's true

The iOS version app is here. The campaign period is from 18:00 on March 31 to 11:00 on April 2 .

◆ “Aunt” 篇 30 seconds | 【BFB】 Bar Code Foot Borer-YouTube

The smartphone game 'Barcode Footballer' is releasing a commercial movie featuring Chiyako Asami, a well-known talented aunt of TV program 'Gaki no Tame Yara Hende !!'.

This is Mr. Asami who is exactly the same person who reproduced in 3D. It is unclear if Asami-san really likes soccer.

◆ Movie 'Goal of the Dead' official site 5.3 released
On the official page of the movie 'Goal of the Dead', which is a unique collaboration of zombies and football, 'Z Japan Official Goods' is sold.

Goods on sale are 'Z Japan uniform replica unisex' 'Z Japan number towel 42' 'ball of the dead'.

However, if you try to buy them, you will get infected.

◆ Next Super Back Information Representative Public Recruitment: Handling Information: Super Back Information
In the back-to-back information that provides information on front and back and 'helps the crime prevention, defense and vulnerable people', it is recruiting personnel who will be representative of the next.

Contents of open call for participants

Exceptional conditions are presented.

The truth is understood by reading this part.

◆ Planning Project Realization Project | ArcheAge
On the official page of MMORPG · ArcheAge (Archiage), a farm planning realization project has started. In this project, it is said that the master of one of the limited affluent homes will be transformed into a long-cherished my farm.

◆ Ayer's room
The online game 'BOUNDRA' has decided to mascot the idol character Ayer that appears in the game.

This is mascotized red Ayer and yellow Ayer. I can not say the whole body tights appearance.

◆ sozaingo wwwwww of yaku materials
The free material site 'Sozaing' has launched 'Sosaingo' like the phrase '○ ○ Ngo' that is commonly used in 2ch thread ' Everything J live J (What J)' and started offering baseball related materials.

In addition, it was also possible to actually download photos from the page.

◆ Horse couples
Love hotels and couples offering dating information are turning into 'Ba Couple's and will guide you on how to get your horse into the hotel.

◆ Derat Hagel NEO
The official page of the local production center-type original hero 'Super God Naiger' from Akita has become a publicity page of the perfect herbicide 'Derat Hagel NEO' which is a perfect herbicide with chitin and withering marks until the end of the 7th generation. Of course, the image character is a super god nager, which will relieve you from the hassle of mowing, and even eliminate the pain of the joints and shoulder pain.

◆ April 1st, April Fools Limited plan. Succeeded in developing an ice cream maker!
On social shopping site '', a campaign to get coupons by making original ice cream is being implemented on April 1st.

Click 'Make Ice Now!' At the top of the site.

At first we choose two kinds of taste of base.

Next select the topping ...

Finally, when you click on 'make ice' ...

You can get coupon code. In addition, if you share the ice coupon you made with your friends via SNS, you can create ice again.

◆ Really Amazing Apps-Android Apps on Google Play
Nullsoft, which is developing apps for smartphones, has released an app titled 'A really great app.' 'Really great app' is too great, so unless you clear the various steps you have prepared, you will not know the identity of the app.

After actually installing and checking the app, step 1 was started. It seems that it is necessary to have 1000 users register the application within one week to complete Step 1. The app that was really awesome had a seemingly impossible game from Step 1 too much.

◆ Movie 'Seikun!'
Say you are playing a game, a game producer, an event staff, etc. is determined to be a movie.

◆ naisen (Nisen) Extension telephone revolution. There is no need for business phones and main equipment.
The words 'I'm fine anywhere' on the internet are, in fact, commercials of a business phone ... with Aori Sekiguchi who appeared in the interview, who was actually interviewed. By the way, Mr. Sekiguchi is currently a talent.

◆ seeking, alien! ! Do you not work with ... dream perspective? ~ | Women's fashion mail order dream prospects
Women's fashion mail order 'dream dream' is urgently recruiting alien staff. He said he wanted to respond to the wave of globalization by actively recruiting aliens.

You can check the message from the personnel representative in the following movie.

Complete alien version-YouTube

◆ Development of cabbage type home control gadget that can interact-rti giken update
Rti Giken develops voice control home control gadget and future home controller, and has developed a cabbage-type interactive home control gadget. By interacting with green cabbage instead of the traditional inorganic home control gadget, it is possible to operate home appliances throughout the house.

The gadget is equipped with a quick change function, and when you buy vegetables and fruits at the supermarket, you can replace it with cabbage and use it.

It is the first electronic gadget to use, as it uses edible materials, it is also useful in emergencies.

◆ ExoNetwork
GNEX Co., Ltd. releases new service ExoNetwork. The news is that a secure Internet connection with a communication speed of 1 Gbps can be used free of charge.

◆ CLUB Honey Bunny 4.1 Grand Open
The movie 'Sanbunnoichi' has a grand opening of the club Honey Bunny to commemorate the film release.

The hostess is like this and everyone is unique.

◆ Finally completed! Selling advertisement delivery platform | Ureru Ad NENRIKI
Internet advertising consulting company 'selling Internet advertising company' has announced a new advertising distribution platform 'UreruAd NENRIKI'. UreruAd NENRIKI is a new service that delivers advertisements in people's dreams.

UreruAd NENRIKI is the industry's first attempt to target from the brain's subconscious mind including not only the action history but also the unconscious area, and sends advertisements directly to the brain with intelligent power while the consumer sleeps.

◆ Tangerine Official Web Site | Top Page
In Tangerine, the first benefit bonus item 'Disease Manahi Sister Ha Unhi' has been released, and we are recruiting sickness friends, 'Spring is sickly active! In addition, since it is a site of 18 prohibited game makers, it is useless to see under 18 years old.

Japan Foundation is looking for someone who will play a leading role in Hollywood movies. According to the site, Steven Spielberg is recommended for coaches, Miranda Kerr for heroines, and Denzel Washington for the president who recommended loincloth, and so on casts, among them one leading lode starring I'm in the middle of searching for someone to help me. There is no need to have any experience, and the qualifications for the application are limited to the end.

◆ Mesocare Plus Parent and child free present campaign
Mesocare +, which develops and sells scalp care shampoos for scalp and cosmetic lotions for scalp, has a slogan 'Let's go against fate' and carry out a 'parent-child free campaign' in which the first 100 people receive a scalp care shampoo It is inside.

In addition, 'Moon Konga', which stimulates the hair roots by riding the rhythm of Konga, has also been released, but unfortunately the sales have ended.

◆ A cat has joined Color Me Shop | Useful Information for EC? Online Shop Opening Shopping Cart Service [Color Me Shop]
A cat named 'Omochisan' has joined as a new employee at 'Color Me Shop', an online creation service managed by GMO Pepavo Corporation. The state of the newcomer training of the mochi is distributed on the official page.

At 10:30, she went to work.

At 12 o'clock, documents are being prepared.

After this 13 o'clock lunch, practicing business card exchange at 15 o'clock, desk work at 17 o'clock, the appearance when leaving the office at 19 o'clock will be disclosed.

◆ Gathered! Eggplant love! Eggplant specialized site [planted eggplant]
An information site for nurses and nursing students, 'Nurses Senka' has opened a special page 'Nass Senka'.

In the page full of eggplant information, it is clear that eggplant works on “痔”.

◆ Namikibashi High School (Namikibashi Hi-School)
The members of 'Namagibashi High School' of the girls unit with a name like a preparatory school have passed to Todai.

Namikibashi members to Todai pass students ...-YouTube

◆ 【April fools 2014】 SNS big hit for children! ! -Internal SNS nanoty BP staff blog
In-house SNS 'nanotyBP' has launched a service for children's SNS 'Children SNS'. It is accessible at any time from places that children love, such as kindergartens, nursery schools, schools, playground equipment and sand places.

According to children who are users, even if they have been absent from school for a long time, they can be connected to their classmates through children's SNS, so it is safe. In the children's society as well, human relations seem to be attracting attention recently as a matter of importance.

◆ Top | Urgent web design
PS Insurance, which handles pet insurance, is looking for 'web designer', not just a web designer. As a result of considering usability to the maximum, it has led to the novel result that it is better to ask cats for site design.

◆ Kuma pong animation conversion decision! Become a hero and save the world!
A special page appears that reports the animation character of the original character Kumapon of the coupon site 'Kumapon'. The anime 'KUMAPONS' is broadcasted on the Internet anime channel and BSS Kuma Pong.

It seems that the next announcement of KUMAPONS has already been made.

KUMAPONS-Next Notice Episode 1--YouTube

KUMAPONS-Next Notice Episode 2--YouTube

KUMAPONS-Next Notice Episode 3--YouTube

◆ Audi News extra 2014.4.1 | Audi enters into the sushi business
Audi Japan, which provides its own full-time 4WD system 'quattro', has newly entered into the sushi business and will introduce a new menu 'Quatro'.

Audi's character is inherited everywhere.

◆ Amazon !! Okinawa's fairy 'Bunagaya' is real! Finally, success in capture! ? Dee Challenge the mystery and wonder of Okinawa
Okinawa B-class portal 'DEEokinawa (De-O-kinawa)' has launched the SUPER MYSTERY MAGAZINE 'Dee' to challenge Okinawa's mystery and wonder and has posted the capture report of Okinawa's fairy 'Bunagaya' (also called Kidzimna) You

Looking for a difficult beech Even members who die untimely on the way ....

What is the true character of Bunagaya finally captured ...! ?

◆ I started buying vegetables
A coterie shop 'Lashinban', which sells and buys coterie magazines and anime goods, has started a vegetable and fruit buying service.

Vegetables fortified by purchase include carrots (390G), shiitake mushrooms (150G) and cucumbers (350G).

As for the purchase of rare species, we carry out quite expensive purchase with plumber mushrooms (402.40 million G), none (2741 G), potatoes (16,855 G), etc.

◆ Brand fashion communication: Red wing boots are made for the Attack on Titan
In the brand fashion communication, it is reported that the boots dedicated to the super large giants that appear in the attacking giants were made by the US-based boot maker RED WING.

◆ Love Q
News site 'Raba Q' which conveys interesting news of the world is transformed into high quality pure domestic beef information specialty magazine 'Raba cow' this year.

◆ From the latest MINI to the old Classic Mini! A limited car that transforms with a single button appears-Autoblog Japan
Autoblog Japan version of the car information site announced that a limited car will transform from the latest MINI to the old classic Mini with one button from BMW.

'There are two points to note. One is that the driver will be discharged out of the car for safe deformation,' noted A. Prillfool, chief engineer of BMW in Germany. I want one, it's the date of this release. '

◆ Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeros / Cardboard Box 1/6 Scale 100% Recycled Paper Action Statue / Game System / Gecco-Figure mail order:
The product page of 'Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeros / Cardboard Box 1/6 Scale Recycled Paper 100% Action Statue', which is a figure converted from the familiar cardboard box in the Metal Gear series, appears at 'Mameyu Tome Main Store' in the Figure Store. . Kodawari point is 'material' and as a result of pursuing a sense of realism and presence, it is said that 'the same material as the real thing is used'.

◆ 【Impact】 You can peek around the life of a beautiful employee for 24 hours and have a date! Gourmet application such as unconventional men function added April 1 | App school
The gourmet information app 'Telemogu' has a new feature that seems to have nothing to do with the gourmet app, allowing you to peek around the life of a beautiful employee 24 hours a day to gain male users.

With the new feature, you can have a 24-hour peek at the life of a beauty employee who lives alone. If you turn a special 3,000 yen at a time, you can take a peek at the life of a beautiful female employee in rare class.

If the intimacy with female employees increases, they can use two-shot conversations for ¥ 1,000 per minute, and depending on the conversation, they can actually date with female employees.

◆ It is April Fool's Day today. Maybe Hanajima Fugetsu
Sanin organization 'beauties of nature' that has held the dōjinshi convention in rural areas is now that would be renamed to 'Fugetsu flower island' from which is often too mistaken for the advantage of the fact.

◆ The next generation of manufacturing idol unit 'Fab Girls' that can go to meet makes a shocking debut! ! | 2014 | News | Loftwork Co., Ltd.
Loftwork Co., Ltd., which operates a cafe 'FabCafe' that can use a 3D printer, is said to produce the next generation manufacturing idle unit 'Fab Girls' that can be visited.

This is the promotion movie of the idle unit 'Fab Girls' that controls the laser cutter, 3D printer and espresso machine freely.

Fab Girls Debut!-YouTube

◆ ROCK / POP / CUTE Harajuku character design brand 'HYPER CORE'
Harajuku's POP & ROCK brand 'HYPER CORE' has been hijacked by a fake zombie movie 'Boys be zombie chasse' where the staff appear.

The usual site was like this.

◆ Girl? Friend (provisional) | Coretec Corporation
At the web production company Coretec, you can enjoy a girl-friend (provisional) browser game where you can enjoy girls and school life.

The screen you're playing now looks like this.

◆ Q & A site for conscious high-school infants: TECHBABY (Tech Baby)
Taking advantage of April Fool's Day, we have opened the 'TECHBABY (Tech Baby)' Q & A site for conscious infants. On the site, various babies have posted sensational questions such as 'If I can't stop it if I can't stop it' or 'I can't stop giving a pacifier,' senior babies respond to these 'adult' answers I am posting.

◆ 'Gizm Mode' enters 'Ikeda Mode': Gizm Mode Japan
Problogger Ikeda Hayato is appointed as the new editor-in-chief of Gizmodo, and its name has been changed to Ikeda mode, and the wall is lined with Ikeda-san.

The source of Gizmodo Japan's top page also drew Ikeda's ASCII art as if celebrating the new editor-in-chief.

◆ New features from pecoli! coming soon! ? 'PecoPlus'-Pecori Community connected by handmade food by Ameba-
Cooking post site 'Pecori' will release hardware 'PecoPlus' that enables posting appealing to the five senses soon.

When you attach PecoPlus to your smartphone, a 'Record aroma' button will appear, and you will be able to record the aroma of the food.

PecoPlus also has a temperature sensor. We will reproduce the temperature of the food by putting a load on the smartphone.

The newly developed sensor is capable of decomposing taste elements in molecular units and recording tastes.

Thinning material is used for the exterior and consideration is given to the environment. It is a specification that is lacking in one sense for the five senses.

◆ Mister iD 2014 Support Project! Result announcement! ? The selection committee also got rid of! This year's Mister iDs are these candidates! | [Kodansha] Project Amaterasu
The candidate of 'boy's section' Mr. iD 'of the woman idol audition' Miss iD (Miss idol) 'of the catch phrase' I will talk about the idol of tomorrow 'was announced ......?

◆ Latest Information-Notice-Dragon Nest Members Site-Hangame
The operating team of the popular game 'Dragon Nest' in the free online game site 'Han Game' sues the development company.

In the situation where news programs are also reported.

Management team of popular game 'Dragon Nest' sues development company-YouTube

◆ Kyobashi TV will change its name from 4/1, and it will be Hirakata TV.
The program 'Keibashi TV', which conveys the charm of Osaka and Kyobashi, has changed its name to 'Hikata TV' as of April 1, 2014. The reason for the name change is that program broadcaster Ikeda-san was not too loved by Kyobashi.

The USTREAM channel name that was being distributed has also been changed to 'Tuesday 9 o'clock, Hirakata TV!'.

◆ Ei Poli zu theater
Techno-pop band APRIL'S forms the Hiroshima star Gotochi character 'Eipoli Ruzu'. Something is 'Nasshie' ... ....

You can check the mixer juice pusher CM in this movie.

ポ リ る T TVCM / バ ケ ツ ポ リ は じ め は じ め 篇 full version-YouTube

The official page 'SYSKEN ONLINE' of the Tsuyama Kosen system research department embeds the MARQUEE tag in every place of the site as an April fool neta, and all the elements of the page move from side to side.

◆ iPhone | Wallpaper of all iPhone models is over 40,000 (^^)
'iPhone', which distributes wallpapers for the iPhone, has started distributing wallpapers for the iPhone 6, which has not been released yet.

The details of the iPhone 6 have not been announced yet, but the wallpaper is quite high quality.

◆ You are also a pharmacist from today
The site 'Pharmacist Club', which supports pharmacists nationwide, has released a free app that allows anyone to become a pharmacist right away.

iOS version and Android version have been released, it seems that you can enjoy the feeling of the pharmacist in the game.

In addition, content for people who really want to be a pharmacist or for pharmacists are already available.

◆ Will the person who controls the “Chomoranma” win the game? -[Emergency feature] Girorian approaches the authenticity of the athlete's theory-| | STANDS! By ALL SPORTS community
(Stands!) Advocates the 'Girorian-athlete' theory that loves ramen Jiro, and for the first time an athlete of Girorian by eating Jiro's ramen while challenging Jomoranma's 'mountain of bean sprouts' I have an experience report.

◆ Fishing Tower University succeeds in total synthesis of iRUT cells | Fishing Tower University
The artificial cell “iRUT cell” created by Fishing Tower University created an artificial protein mixed with hyaluronic acid etc. after acting on the nucleus of α-Tsuedil T cell, which is a type of immune cell, with an electromagnetic wave of specific frequency. I have succeeded in total synthesis. However, in addition to the Faculty of Medicine, the School of Fishing Towers, the Faculty of Social Media Studies, the Faculty of Near-future Sports, and the Military Faculty are different.

◆ Embassy of the Embassy of the Embassy of Japan in Okinawa
The top page of Cuubi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. is, for some reason, the official site of the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Japan in the Foxesian Republic of Japan.

In addition, the chairman of the Kokugo Conference on Salvation is Moe Character.

◆ Hotly more new ・ Makunouchi lunch box: Really, it is SE
Inazumani has devised and built a new lunch box with a lot of new ones.

What I made is 'Boiled rice (390 yen)' in a new bento box.

As the name suggests, the new lunch box 'Ichi' is a new style curtain lunch with only white rice, and the side dishes are umeboshi and pickles that have a bonus on the side of the box.

Mr. Inazumani was eating while saying 'rice' in the new lunch box of his own work 'Rice'.

◆ Former people Nagahama shop To those who visit Fukuoka: Hakata Daisho-Fukuoka Ramen Blog
Inazuma Johnny @ Ramen Rider, who eats ramen in Fukuoka, will give you the 'Nagaso Nagahama Ramen' ordering style for tourists who came to Fukuoka to eat ramen.

Choose the firmness of the noodles, the amount of fat, and the onions of a leek. I see, i see.

You can also choose the amount of vegetables ...? Mashishi ...?

'It has been grown to eat such ramen since ancient times.' This is Nagahama ramen ...!

◆ jacket buying app iPhone | Looking for jacket buying sense application by icon
Search for the app you want with the icon that can not be bought 'Jake buy app iPhone', the sales tax 5% retention coupon is displayed. I want it by all means ....

◆ Kalmia 8 TOP
On the official site of Otome game brand Kalmia8, it is decided that “Magical! Kanako Saemon” will be made as a sequel to “Torisu's Mariage”, a short story that includes the April Fools by Aoriha Miori in charge of scenario. Is to be enjoyed. Furthermore, the sequel to Torisu Mariage seems to be released on April 25, 2014.

◆ My Nomadic Life 'Yukiko Fukumoto official site ('_ ゝ`)?
Actress Yukiko Fukumoto is making an announcement on the official site 'I've decided on the AKB next center.'

When you click '18 or older?' ...

The official site is psychedelic in design .... In addition, since it is with comical music, caution is required for playback in a quiet place.

By the way, usual Fukumoto's page looks like this.

In addition, you can see a part of Mr. Fukumoto's other side by clicking on “Under 18?”. There are many reasons why AKB is ....

◆ I have never seen such a millionaire! A man who made the sea at home 'Usuda House' [Fukushima]: 100 Japanese Scenic Spots
“100 Japanese Scenic Spots”, introducing rare spots in Japan, covers Utsuda House, a proud mansion of Mr. Usuda who built a huge diving aquarium at his home.

Mr. Usuda, the founder of 'USUDA INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.' In Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, is a self-directed daily owner who owns a TSE listed company, with a capital of 20.3 billion yen and a 3045 employee company. about. Being devoted to diving, one of his hobbies, Mr. Usuda has created a huge diving pool at home.

This looks normal at first sight in the diving pool, but when you dive

There are coral reefs, fish are swimming, and the actual sea is reproduced to such an extent. The diving pool is 10 meters deep and 5,000 tons water, and the wall thickness is 1 meter.

I was swimming up to Manta in the diving pool.

◆ ● April 1, 2014 April Fool's Day Articles
Mohri's Home Page is full of Studio Ghibli related April Fools. What is published is 'Miyazaki Hayao gets challenge for pilot license acquisition! Aim at maneuvering against zero battle!' 'Former Ghibli Sato Yoshiharu and Miyazaki Hayashi participate in the anime' Kankore '?' Ghibli And so on, with the new album 'Moon of Memories' being played by Funashi!

In the article, it seems that the image that seems like that is mixed in, and misleads the user.

If there is, I definitely want it, but this is also April Fools.

◆ I love it! Camex (We Love! Blastoise)
It is 'Hi-Hi-Whoopee' which usually gathers many followers as a blog to collect music information from all over the world, but for some reason, only today, it appears in the Pokemon, 'Camex' is full of ' Daisuki! Camex (We Love! Blastoise) '

Twitter is also full of love for Camex.

◆ Shimanto Production
The project 'Shiman to residents production (four professional)' to deliver the value of Shimanto to the world is site-jacked. Jack 'Mick-kun, Mitsuda Shibata' is a local super celebrity. In the end, I wonder where they are.

◆ Service Information-VPS of Kyoto University Microcomputer Club
'KMC VPS service' has started at Kyoto University Microcomputer Club. A 4GB plan is available for 2000 yen per month, and with the Unlimited plan, you can use the VPS service which allows unlimited use of memory and HDD. The security of the server room is perfect, and security guards with metal bats are stationed there, and the amulets of the Horan-den-den-den-gu shrine are safe and secure.

◆ Starred being a star
In Hatena Bookmark, the person who wants to lie and the person who wants to be comfortable are matched, the service is being deceived and the star is started.

Commentary is done in the post of ' April fool's special subject' lie ' ' on Hatena blog, but the lie posted during the period is posted on the page 'endless star' and the usual 'star star' It is designed to be attached with a 'fake star' different from that.

◆ Wantedly Makes 'work' interesting
Wantedley Co., Ltd., which offers apps and tools to make 'work' fun and to improve work, has announced that it will advance into the publishing business.

Wanted Lee Co., Ltd. launched “Weekly Wanted Lee” as the first stage of its publishing business, and 10 companies have launched a series of comics that startups are changing around the world, centering on companies listed on (Please note that the image below is a link to a PDF file)

◆ The safest car “Drowsing sleeper” – Born from the breaking of sleepy safety that deceives God! ~-YouTube

Sleepy effect when sleepy 'sleepy break' is developed the ultimate safety car 'sleepy drive'. I am surrounded by the ghosts of the hairy men's gorigori band ...

If you feel tired, call Okan.

Dangerous goods are splashed with a spring

It was 'pico pico hammer' that works for sleepiness.

◆ GNN | Granzella News Network
Game company Gran Zera re-enters the news business, which was withdrawn in 2013. The news site 'Granzella News Network (GNN)' has been launched.

This is news site GNN.

For some reason, the news is only related to 'dinosaurs' ....

◆ The face behind the beauty producer of crazy wedding is really crazy and chaos | crazy wedding (crazy wedding)
On the crazywedding official site of custom-made weddings, the back of the beauty producer is exposed barely.

A beauty producer pulls a tire and goes to work.

The beauty producer is an air chair.

The beauty producer is a solid system.

A beauty producer squeezes an apple with bare hands.

The beauty producer has a rough man. We are looking for a strong man.

◆ City Nokoto @ 2014/4/1 Special-You can search for event information from all over the country! It is found! Local event information, 'town nokoto'.

At the foot of Mt. Fuji, the light up event at 'Aokigahara Jukai' is too scary ......

Standard names such as ' ISO ' are generically attached to the international standards.

◆ Buddy complex animation official site
On the official page of the anime 'Buddy Complex', a day-old chapapin and mook appear.

Two people (?) Board the VARINAS and get up to the coupling.

Gachapin Challenge 'Vari Answer'-YouTube

Gachapin and Mook came to board VARIANS at the Gachapin Challenge.

Gachapin is also a versatile vehicle that allows you to ride VARIANS.

While the shooting is in progress, the first airborne division of the Zokiria Army appears, attacking Lachion, on which Capapin is riding.

Mook rushes on Bradyon in the pinch of Gacha Pin.

And two people are coupling. The two people's emperor waveform is perfect!

We will fight off the Zokilia army safely with two people's activities.

At the end of the movie, there is a special edition OP in which chachapin and mook appear everywhere.

◆ Dare mate
A four-frame cartoon called 'Derueru Mate' based on a daily life with a trading card game is showing an animated movement. The story is that the school students who face the crisis of consolidation will become idle to protect the school.

◆ JPNAP Galaxy Service | Internet Multifeed Co., Ltd.
Internet Multifeed Co., Ltd., which provides Internet interconnection services, newly launched the 'JPNAP Galaxy Service', an interplanetary communication interconnection service. In the future, it is planned to expand the area of the Unagiza area, the Koninza area and the Orion area.

◆ About the end of service-About the handling of information-Idle information share site-'idol scheduler (idle scheduler)'
We announced that the 'idle scheduler' at the idle information sharing site will stop service.

When you click on 'look at the details,' you can see the truth of the matter.

◆ There seems to be a lot of Bravely that I do not know yet in the world ... w
April Fool's Neta game for Nintendo 3DS 'Bravely Default' also appeared on Twitter.

◆ It is released a bicycle of pain ☆ Lucky!
'' is a few hundred yen for production cost? Nostalgic ☆ It was released bicycle pain.

◆ The representative of F code Co., Ltd. will be replaced by the license leader
The license ban supervisor takes office as a representative, and the work of the bancho is published every hour.

At 11:00, 'Hi-tech, fast-paced drafts!'

Next is 'Hi-tech, light speed design !!' and so on. You can worship the brave figure of the license Bancho who uses the PC in reverse every few hours.

◆ Shimekiri (bidaisei50_bot) uses Twitter
The 50 words of BOT that drop the university student are 'Wake up! It is as it is ... because it is not in time for tomorrow's comment! Drink this and get well!' .

◆ We started plane rental! | Expedia
Expedia, which offers great deals on hotels and travel tours, has launched a new 'Aircraft Rental' service. When entering the arrival and departure location, round trip date, number of passengers ...

You will see a recommended plane that matches your wishes.

Then, you can check the saveable time and the content of the concierge service, etc. When you click on 'Request for quotation' while excited ....

◆ “Paranormal ・ activity / mark of the curse” that big character celebrity was cursed!

A tooth-like mark appears on the protagonist arm ...

The curse begins in the body.

The text 'The mark appears at the age of 18' is displayed.

Then '18 years old' suddenly changed to '58 years old'.

Tooth shaped on the arm.

The back view reflected in the mirror is ......?

◆ 【April Fools】 Introduction of Times Car Fully Automatic Driving Car! ? | Car sharing Times Car Plus
The car sharing Times Car Plus announces the introduction of a fully-automated car equipped with AI that automatically recognizes signals and signs and handles conversations. In addition, if you click on “Next page will reveal the whole story!” You will find details of a fully automated car and a chance to get a one day rental of a fully automated car by lottery.

◆ I will remove the eye mask ~! Rental server Hetemuru
At Hetemuru of the rental server, along with a call to 'remove eye mask ...' ...

The development of the mystery of removing the server's eye mask.

If you think something, it seems to be celebrating the server's second birthday.

Although the invited IT journalist can not keep up with it, it still looks like it ...

A chaos situation where all the employees treat the server like a human being and prepare a surprise movie so as not to be caught by the server.

I wonder, 'Do you hear the server's voice?' But there is also a button that you can click to hear your voice. What will happen to a journalist at this party ......

◆ Anime 'Tsubaki no Chaika' official site
In the anime 'Tsukihime no Chaika' official site, notice of live action decision. With the aim of 'Hey, Hollywood,' we are also taking pictures of the Twitter account icon .

◆ DNA Co., Ltd. [DeNA]
Former track and field marathon player Tokohiko Seko, who belongs to the DeNA Running Club, returns to work for the future of the men's marathon.

You can see the press conference from the following movie.

DeNA Running Club Toshihiko Seko · Returning Press Conference Movie-YouTube

◆ Wikipedia: Deleted Prank and Nonsense / 2014 April Fools-Wikipedia
Also April Fool's Neta in Wikipedia.

' May I laugh at the broadcast on April 1st, 2014! ' Is a TV station, as the host, Tamori, ended the program as usual on March 31, 2014, saying 'Can I see again tomorrow?' A program that has been rushed with requests from viewers and broadcasted in a hurry. Experts say that this phenomenon is analyzed as the beginning of Tamorus.

Tokyo ” is an area located to the east of Kyoto in the Kyoto ward section of the Kyoto capital where the capital of the book is located.

A movie work ' New Fantastic Four ' based on the American Comics 'Fantastic Four', scheduled to be released in 2D and 3D worldwide from April 1st, 2017.

◆ [Rakuten Ichiba] finest olive oil Quinta do Bispado Reserve Quinta do Bispado Reservo 500ml [music for tomorrow] [Luxury premium in the review! 10 times the points! _ Giff easy packing _ Giff easy _ し サ ン: Sanwa Shopping
Sanwa Shopping, which sells high-quality olive oil overseas, has succeeded in developing 'magic olive oil' that enables a virtual experience just by drinking.

We are also releasing anxious manufacturing methods.

There are many experience flavors such as adventure, travel and celebrity, and good combinations and bad combinations are also shown when combining two types.

◆ Twitter / glico_PR: Pocky was the handiwork of a day-to-day craftsman!
In Glico Public Relations Twitter, news items are being dropped for two consecutive days.

◆ Today, the new release from Putchin pudding!

◆ Super Robot War Official Site [SRW]
When you visit the Super Robot War official site, an emergency notice video suddenly appears.

The 3rd Super Robot Wars Z: When Prison Break Urgent Notice Video-YouTube

The contents are, somehow, after all, Hello Kitty is robotized and participates in Super Robo Match.

◆ 2014 April Fool [mail order monotarou]
Monotaro handles the tools, parts, etc. necessary for the manufacturing industry, engineering business, and the field of automobile maintenance, and mass-produces the mascot character Monotarou.

I clicked to buy it, but it was too much to fit in the basket.

◆ MUV-LUV ALTERNATIVE INTEGRAL WORKS of the dead [April fools 2014]
'INTEGRAL WORKS', published in 2009 as a set of materials for the youth love adventure game ' MUVLUV ' series, is described as 'crazy' because of the dense content of almost zero pages of characters and skin color components even though it is suspicious of sanity However, the complete book 'INTEGRAL WORKS of the dead', which has inherited the philosophy, will be released. The skin color ratio has also been significantly improved, and the paper tends to be hard, giving it a color similar to that of Kosaka.

◆ CAP'STONE | Napcon Mound Team Official Web Site

Capcom Sound Team Official WEB has succeeded in developing cat language, and can convert pages to cat language. Click on “Tang ★ Tan” to view a Capcom game video compatible with Cat language dubbing.

[CAP'STONE] Capcom game supports cats! ? -YouTube

Nice! (Dam!)

Meow (my name is Dante)

Meow! Nagoya (It's full of treasures!)

◆ It is April from today! As it is the turning point of the fiscal year, our major brand 'Tabekko Dohbutsu' has a new plan included ☆ Please see the following materials for details! #April Fool's Day #ginbis #Gimnish |
Alpaca is a member of Tabekko Dobutsu.

Furthermore, a QR code is printed on the back of the biscuit, and it is possible to fly to the explanation page of each animal.

◆ The limited sale only for 3D beautiful girl game dedicated hardware 'VIRTUAL GIRL' & dedicated software 'Super Real She' April 1st!
Joint development of ILLUSION × PG Production decides the release of the world's first sensational adult game machine 'Virtual Girl' and the exclusive software 'Real she VR'! There is also a movie that shows how you are actually messing around.

◆ I finally tried to play with “1/1 Real Scale Bathing Girl Girl Swimsuit Ver.”! Work for figure maker and Good Smile Company 'Kahotan Blog'
'1/1 Real Scale Bathing Girl Girl Swimsuit Ver.' Appeared with perfection. It is made of Styrofoam, but reproduces a realistic texture.

It's movable up to one hair, so try it in the bath.

It moves quite violently.

◆ Hammumu software 2014 latest work!
The character is 80 years of age or older, and the conversation success rate is the only one with up to 8% of the threat.

A well-conversed conversation is streamed and the conversation time is the longest in ADV history. As a result of sublimating eroticism to the maximum, I realized that it was the most exciting to sip tea together ....

◆ Rolled sushi restaurant Subu-ku-Japang Opening commemoration-e-book is eBookJapan
eBookJapan has opened a “Russional Sushi Restaurant Su-buki Japang” where cartoon-filled tablets flow with sushi. The general's recommendation is that 'Personally, Kohada,' Mezon Ikkoku ', Akakai, Hamachi,' Island Cultivation 'series is recommended'.

◆ Discover the principle of erasing and initializing introverted memories | Overseas travel guidebook-Walking directions of the earth Editorial department · coverage & diary
Overseas travel book The article of April Fool's Day in the editorial department, coverage & diary of 'How to walk on Earth'. The following explains 'the discovery of the principle of erasing and initializing the memory of introversion', and explains the occurrence of the traveling humanity.

Furthermore, the article 'From the day of the elephant tax ' mentions the self-imaging car tax, elephant duty tax, special case tax, etc. that are introduced from April 1.

◆ 'Momoiro Monster' official site
'Memoiro Monster' who can catch the character of the online girl Mahjong game 'Momoiro Taisen Paron'

'Capture' can capture a total of 168 girls (momomons) from the gameboy style ...

You can hear the cry from the pictorial book of the girl who got it.

◆ Toei official site
Toei official site that was site jacked by a secret society shocker.

◆ G-Tune official original character 'Magical Girl Qun chan' Official Web | G-Tune-high-end game PC brand-
G-Tune official original character 'G-Tune chan' web page is the official site of 'Magical Girl Qun-chan'.

The magical girl Qun has little knowledge about the PC, but with the support of the fairy PC (?) G, she transforms into a magical girl and struggles to collect Qun.

◆ Toshiba Microcontroller Toshiba Microcomputer | Facebook
Toshiba Microcomputer announces 'the world's largest microcomputer' which can be used as a cushion on Facebook.

◆ Nichirei Foods-Photo of timeline
A press conference of 'Itame-kun' who took office as Nichirei Foods' 'executive director'. '1. From now on, all salaries to employees will be paid by' full-scale fried rice! ' '2. Install one microwave at each person's desk!'

If you think so, it is also a 'purine fairy' Itame-kun.

◆ Pants' Ojisama
The 'Prince of Uniforms' official site has been renewed as 'Pant's Ojisama'.

We have also decided to release 'Hugged pillows with pants', which will release matching pants with 'Ojisama'. In addition to this, a tie with pants and a rice ball with pants will appear. In addition, it is about half a year to one year to arrive at hand as 'Osamu with pillow' is delivered directly one by one by Ojisama.

◆ We have become masculine bonds. Soken 塾-Online Shop Soken
Net shop Soken was born as '魁 !! Soken', which speaks 'Japan, this is an internet shop!'

◆ ♂ Bo ~ is! ! ~ Handsome guy ☆ paradise ~-Nitopurasu Kiraru
Nitroplus Chiral is a boy's love game of boys of the unfortunate constitution that 'If you walk the road, you get rid of your falling beats and then ... and something like that in the presence of the public!' Released on April 1st.

◆ I pre!
The character of the BL game ' I 'm Pre!' Is transformed into the girl character of the Lily game 'I'm Pre!'.

◆ I am muki!
The character of ' I Pre × Cross! ' Is for the muscular muscular macho men who are 'I am Muki!'.

◆ Kingdom newspaper-I am sorry to eat it-│ Wizardry Online
Wizardry Online is a fictional newspaper-like news site specification that publishes articles such as 'The bill is guilty of killing blacksmiths' and 'Prophecy at the entrance to the world of Azusa Y.'

◆ Si-Nis-Kanto-Shinishikanto-| School Shinishikanto
The BL game ' Si-Nis-Kanto-Shinicishant ' becomes a school thing and becomes comic.

You can get a limited distribution Twitter icon as a small gift if you read to the end.

◆ TV anime 'Noragami' official site
Noragami's official site was the 'Nora cat' official page with many cute cat photos posted on that 'cat, homeless job, self-proclaimed' cat ''.

◆ TV anime 'BROTHERS CONFLICT (Brothers conflict)' official site
BROTHERS CONFLICT which develops TV animation etc. becomes a fighting game somehow.

◆ TV anime 'Hamatra' official site
When you visit the official site of the TV anime Hamatra, voice actors are displayed in the form of a character cosplay.

◆ April Fools-GUINNESS-THE PUB-[Guinness Official Page]
Nishikokubunji University Faculty of Arts Edo Cultural Research Center director, Professor Yoshitsugu Suzuki announced that Guinness appeared in the book published in 1791 (Kansei 3 years).

◆ Hachibitz Fanatics / WARNING
The retro game style joke image site 'Hachibitz Fanatics' produces a real retro game.

How to play the game named ' Sasuke VS Terminator ' and the play screen are as follows.

The game is compatible with Windows XP or later. It is possible to download and play with DirectX.

In addition, the actual play video is also published.

Sasuke vs Terminator Stage 1 (8-bits fanatics)-YouTube

◆ Open a commercial facility 'T Point Park' next to Tokyo Metropolitan Government. New T card becomes common currency |
A commercial facility 'T Point Park' where clothing, food and housing are completed with T points only opens next to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Wearable type T cards such as pants, nails, sunglasses, and rings are also available.

◆ 【4/1 announcement! 'Pupyo! Quest Arcade' achieved 24 trillion users! ? 'Puyo Puyo !! Quest Arcade' Official Site | SEGA
On April 1st, in commemoration that the number of users of 'Puyo Puyo !! Quest Arcade' will reach 24 trillion people, special quests and new cards and contents were announced. First of all, 'Period for a limited time,' Come on! Fire tomato '!

A card with the collaboration of THE WORLD of THREE KINGDOMS and maimai has appeared, such as ' Oso ' and ' Sonken '.

In addition, a new function 'card soko' implementation has been decided for My Data Service.

'SG · Hikaru' following the other character 'MG' of the main character is implemented. The blog says the secret story of the birth was written in a sloppy Japanese language, saying, 'I was reborn by anger and sadness I couldn't buy the limited edition (figure?) I wanted.'

◆ We are looking for a challenger! 【Language designation】 Complete your girlfriend! by CodeIQ Management Office Girl Friend (CodeIQ) | CodeIQ
“Girlfriend (CodeIQ)” that girls confess by solving programming problems is released.

Every girl has different areas of expertise, and it's up to your program knowledge to decide which girl's heart to shoot!

◆ 'President and General Supervisor Akihabara' OFFICIAL SITE
The movie Blu-ray & DVD is released with the main character being Akihabara, who is the subordinate of Yabube Shinzo, a television drama 'Trick'.

The price is 100 million yen per set.

A message of blessing has also arrived.

◆ The 'latest' device unveils .... 'ME ☆ GA ☆ NE' birth! Electronic book store-BOOK ☆ WALKER
New device 'ME ☆ GA ☆ NE' that the fairy of glasses will be visible when wearing it comes up.

When reading a book, the fairy expands to make it easy to read, whispers at the ear, and becomes a talker.

There are a total of 7 glasses of fairy and are available for sale at 1000 book points.

◆ IRroid-Integration service of subculture and corporate information-
QUICK Ltd., a financial information vendor, has newly developed 'IRroid' in which idled characters transmit corporate information. The teaser site will be launched on April 1 and this service will be launched in July.

◆ Coast by Opera—Introducing Cats by Opera Your cat deserves a ...
Opera plans to introduce Cats browser 'Cats by Opera' for cats. According to Head of the Coast by Opera team, 'We are full of cat related things on the net, but cats themselves were not able to experience them. Cats by Opera is a cat's meat ball. I optimized it to slide and touch, and tried to be the perfect browser for cats with a tailored interface. '

Introducing cats by Opera. Your cat deserves a browser.-YouTube

◆ WOWOW succeeds in removing space debris with the latest air gun BS view is comfortable after 100 years | W style
It is said that WOWOW's research on removing the unnecessary artificial object 'space debris' on the earth's orbit has entered the final stage toward practical use. The purpose of this is to prevent satellite obstacles caused by space debris, and WOWOW is using this technology to ensure that the current comfortable television viewing will continue even after 100 years.

◆ Bushiroad Nin-type Evangelion development success?
It seems that Bushiroad Co., Ltd. has succeeded in developing a new Japan-style Evangelion. We are defeating the apostles one after another.

◆ Madosoft
The game called 'Yakimochi Stream' of 18 Prohibition Girl Game Maker Madofuto has changed to 'Yakinik Stream'. The fire pig of the fight to become the top 'Yakinicist' of the barbecued meat world that is said to be able to get everything in this world is cut off.

A movie called 'Yakiniku Stream' is also released, which seems to be a parody of the Killla Kill Final Trailer .

Yakiniku Stream-YouTube

◆ Cat Cat Software Official HomePage
“Cats flexible (cat cat soft)” in the founding year 1972 is publishing a website that looks back on the history so far to commemorate the 150th anniversary.

It seems that the debut work “Hohagitoto” of 1864 (Mojishoji 年) was originally a moe-game with the title “I love you ☆ elder brother”-in the midst of the secluded country, but the management judgment is about 100 years earlier That became an orthodox classic schoolpiece by It was well received by the great friends of the original year and people who didn't like it.

In 1864 (Keio 4), the “silver-colored Meriken ver. Mode” was manufactured so as not to touch the eyes of the government army, and it was secretly intended to be exported to Merikenk and Egeres.

1869 (Meiji 2) 'Mizuzuro' is a lineup of all the characters from the heroine to other characters. My sister says, 'You get up in the morning, and it's already morning,' but I can't play the sound of the civilization if I hit the bang in the corner.

◆ Tetra Style
Tetra Style has become a love game and is now available. Delivery of the app will start in the middle of April.

The fan's long-awaited anthropomorphic voice is a real cat.

◆ GMO Gamepot Inc.
An app for fear and despair 'The Spirit of Shashinda' appears.

The ' Physical Shashinda ' app has over 200 kinds of ultra-beautiful pics. You can combine psychic photographs with each other to create a photo of the fear. In addition, if you browse the source by right-clicking on the following page, you may find something unexpected.

◆ Rune Factory Online Come on Seeks Empire
'Rune Factory Online' has a view of the world as if it were a live-action film, and it has released a forest-like 'Odey Seeks Empire'.

Real life events such as field work, fishing etc ...

Special events are also being held. In addition, although there is no new work because it has nothing to do with the official, those who really want to play have recommended the play of 'Muna of contraindications'.

◆ Nifrin while moving! 【@Nifty】
@nifty has released a browser game where Cookie Clicker looks like clicking to help move Nifrin.

◆ Movable Type Sun-Photovoltaic, ultra-compact appliance server
Movable Type has developed an ultra-small appliance server with Movable Type pre-installed that works with sunlight (Sun) beyond the cloud.

The development landscape is also open to the public.

You can see how the Daiji Hirata CTO talks about Movable Type Sun from the following.

Movable Type Sun-YouTube

◆ Gyazo-Gyazo Future
' Gyazo ' of the image moment sharing service has finally been added to enable sharing of future images. Now that you have access to the images you plan to upload, you will be able to understand the future and embed the images into your future blog.

◆ Lose official website
At the first glance, the official official website of Rose, which operates 'Monomono', does not change ...

Product information in response to a niche demand called 'Spike angle Dakimakura' is posted at the information scrolled down.

◆ SEGA APRIL Fool 2014 'MEGAne Drive'-Togetter summary
SEGA is putting together about 'next-generation wearable hardware' MEGAne Drive 'which was an April Fool project.

◆ 【Puzzle & Pharmacist】 Emergency sales decided in the spring of 2014! !
In 'Pharmacist Maki's Dispensing Days', 'Puzzle & Pharmacist' has been released as the last fight against the threat of horrible hay fever.

Screenshots on the browser ... If you think, it is really possible to play.

◆ Security Warrior Mamoru! -BIGLOBE security
The security hero Mamoru-kun, the dark hero who defeats the virus, says 'You're too security hole too loose,' and the security page Mamoru-kun is destroyed by the virus. , I have a declaration to return to the office of Futo.

◆ Just put on a wig and live everyday life
The mysterious power of the mystery that can not be elucidated in modern science is included, and the smart wig 'G-WIG' that points go up if you go to bed early, get up early, go to photosynthesis, help people, smiles, etc. with wearing is released. It is unclear what the accumulated points can be used for.

◆ KABA. Chan's Gachi boyfriend Recruitment large! Eye rap will help you seriously!
'I'm sorry. This year's April Fools don't lie like usual!', And I am limited to 72 hours from 0 o'clock on April 1 (Tuesday) by KABA. Great recruitment at.

◆ Sora Nova novelization decision! : Online game portal site 'VectorGame' that you can play for free
It is decided that the browser game 'Solanova' will be a light novel, containing 'A bit of courage and a misunderstanding with a single mistake, starting with the adventure of love'. One volume to be commemorated will be released on April 1, 2999 at 590 Lupí.

◆ 人事 ー っ た た ー V2 | | の Follow ・ リ ム ー ド を 記録 し 記録 す る
The 'Human Resources ----' that records the information that followers follow in and out on Twitter is the 'human-born-' version in which the personnel managers were taken hostage.

◆ eAMUSEMENT | jubeat saucer
The new song 'Mow Mow VENUS' of 'VENUS meats great song' is on site jack on jubeat saucer's website. In addition, there is a notification of the price change of 'Momo', but this is really implemented.

◆ 'Shadow Hunter' 4.19 ROADSHOW
In the driveways of Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Akihabara, 'Angel Power', the most powerful of the Runic characters, is witnessed. A press release has arrived, with a large number of tweets being posted with photos on Twitter, and a slight noise such as 'Our road is being hunted by someone!'

◆ ZipperSoft 2014 New Project “Radio Noise” Coming Soon Forever ... -ZipperSoft April Fool-
When you access to the image compilation site 'Do it with zip (^ ω ^)', you will be redirected to the notification-like site of the game that has been raining. It is written as 'Coming Soon Forever ...' (it will be released soon forever ...) and it will be released forever.

◆ Newsman's morning is early-Gunosy Tech Blog
The news app Gunosy reports the morning of the news recommendation craftsman who manually selects the news in a wind of ' Notge crush morning '.

◆ 'Soba ale of buckwheat noodles side of Shibushi city office Shibushi office side of Shibushi-shi Shibushi-cho Shibushi-shi branch office' released | Latest information |
On April 1 (Tue) 2014, St. Gallen's new product 'Soba Soba Ale (Shibushi Shifushi Town Shibushi Town Shibushi Shifushi City Office Shibushi Shi Branch Office Soba Soba Ale' Ale) was released. The rare sake made with buckwheat was actually sold for 2200 yen, but all sold out.

◆ Twink reservation-OZmall
' OZmall ', which supports Tokyo girls' love and beauty, introduces the 'Ikemen reservation system' where you can make reservations while looking at the pictures and hobbies of the good looking men . When I actually make a reservation ...?

The online game 'RF ONLINE Z' has undergone a large-scale specification change, turned into a science fiction love adventure game and made it a pretty site design.

◆ Alteil.Net
It is announced that the online card game 'ALTAIRNET' is developing 'St. Raven College-5 seconds before falling in love forbidden-' that combines the world view of Alteil.Net and a maiden game. At the bottom of the screen, click 'More Information' to reveal the whole story.

◆ Programming live broadcasting
The IT / Development community “Programming Live Broadcasting” should regularly hold IT study sessions, but it has been reborn as a non-life-friendly Sanuki Udon shop.

◆ April fools, so waste of technology: Nantoka in the third year. 'Spring Ghost Production Festival' (1/5)-MONOist
MONOist will hold the Spring Fool Crafting Festival. In 2012, I modeled Object X with 'Corresponding to Object X' and 2013 with a chocolate 3D printer.

In 2014, it was an object X of type Bunk. Besides this, we are making various products using technology.

If you click “!!?” In the “ Psychic Hearts ” website, the page of the school love game page where the NPC became a heroine will be displayed.

◆ Notice of Change in Subsidiary Name (Hijigen Securities Co., Ltd.) ≪Information | News |
Jigen Co., Ltd. changed its subsidiary company name to Yojigen Securities Co., Ltd.

In addition, 'the person who overtime work is good! ' , And the company introduced the overtime search laser. In particular, venture companies have an image that often overtime work, but the latest overtime search laser recognizes and identifies physical information of registered employees, and forcibly suppresses overtime work. Dispel various negative images surrounding venture companies.

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