Site summary 2010 version piggybacking on April Fool's Day

Every year on the Internet, various companies, organizations, and individuals make all-out efforts to explode the material prepared in advance for this day of April Fool's Day from 0:00 to 24:00 on April 1st for a limited time of 24 hours. It's a kind of festival where you don't know what's lying and what's true. That's why I've summarized the sites that are piggybacking on April Fool's Day. For the time being, it will be updated in real time 24 hours a day.

In addition, when you discover that 'I'm doing April Fool's Day here too!' On a site that is not posted, or if you want to send a self-recommended message saying 'I'm doing April Fool 's Day!' I would like. Even if you go to the site, you can not judge by 'Which is the story of April Fool's Day ...?', Or 'I wonder if something has changed but I do not know the state of the original site ...' There are many, so as much as possible, the details of 'This is April Fool's Day!', The points to see, this is interesting! Because it is easy to post if you can write it together with the contact of the address.

The summary list is from the following.
■ Unlimited Hearts
Not only has it become a GIGAZINE-style design, but the site has a very detailed and very detailed atmosphere. The contents are clearly at a level that makes you want to say 'escape from the hospital', such as 'The official is sick! A limited number of 1,000 people will receive a mouse pad with Himeria boobs that gives you a high expectation.'

■ Yaruo seems to challenge SEO of corporate site
A mysterious page appears in 'IREP New Graduate Recruitment Special | New Graduate Recruitment Special Feature Proposals for Left Brain School'.

■ Lie Twitter
A 'lie generator' that takes tweets from the user's Twitter timeline, mixes them appropriately (the analysis inside seems to be done seriously), and generates a lie that the user is likely to tell.

■ How to get motivated to draw a feature-length manga --- Only Genkitama can answer Mr. Tori ○ Akira's worries !? April Fool's Day 2010 | Genkitama | Idea sales. From 100 yen
It seems that a famous manga artist requested 'a way to increase motivation for drawing feature-length manga.'

■ Maiden's Posren
Posren for Fujoshi. Special features such as DVDs for boys love and maidens.

■ It seems that Yaruo has started home delivery DVD rental [POSREN]

■ Portal site 'goo' opposes April Fool's Day
Goo took an opposition to the recent rise in April Fool's Day projects at other companies, saying, 'I'm against April Fool's Day! Three NO!', 'No to lie!', 'No to waste!' As a result of canceling the April Fool's Day project, goo will effectively utilize this wasteful energy for customers, and the following three services have appeared.

■ goo3D
Taking advantage of the recent 3D boom, goo is also shifting from flat to 3D. Prepare a 3D image, and something pops out there.

■ I want to teach! goo
Maron (pseudonym), who answers all the questions asked by goo's popular content 'Tell me! Goo' by himself, sends out various 'I want to teach' in the e-mail newsletter. Looking at the sample email ...

■ Fish tackle
For men's knuckle style.

■ [Rokospo] That buried treasure has come out! It may be discovered by the word-of-mouth information of the members!
Finally found the buried treasure from the member's word of mouth! So, the buried treasure is hidden somewhere on the site, and the viewers who find it will be presented with a share of the buried treasure. It seems that the discoverer has a 'certain gift'.

■ MMO Battle Shooting 'Cosmic Break!'
Anthropomorphic company & a truly playable Gaiden.

■ Cheap Tokyo Tour Using Airplane Search / Comparison of Power Spots / Popular / Handsome Related --Travel JP
Airlines, classes, tickets and tour content that do not actually exist.

■ Minna --Creative portal community site for lyrics, poems, light novels, etc. (also here and here )
It became optimistic, and 100,000 straps with the caretaker character Gonta were sold out on the same day.

Entertainment productions that send entertainment from Hokkaido with Takayuki Suzui, Yo Oizumi, Ken Yasuda, Hiroyuki Morisaki, Shigeyuki Totsugi, Takuma Otoo, etc. also participate in April Fool's Day. As a personnel announcement, the talents Oklahoma Fujio and Kono are appointed president and vice president. Report on personnel change plays in various forms. The scope of influence is TOP flash, this month's company motto, content president's office, vice president's blog, staff notes, Twitter official account, etc.

■ Tokyo Cotton Boys --TOKYO COTTON BOYZ
From Tokyo Nylon Girls to Tokyo Cotton Boys.

■ HOME'S for iPhone
When you start the app, the home screen becomes 3D.

■ HOME'S-kun (HOMES_kun) on Twitter
If you tweet the place names that appear in manga and anime to @HOMES_kun ...

■ Rent rental condominiums, rental apartments, and rental single-family homes nationwide | HOME'S Rental (Homes) for room search
HOME'S rental is in space.

■ Petaro (heyapeta) on Twitter
Twitter account of room posting content 'Hayapeta', Petaro icon is changed to ○○○

■ Gizmodo Japan
Left and right flipped and rushed into the world in the mirror.

2010/04/01 0:26
Wait a minute, everyone! A lot of emails are coming and it looks like a flat tire! I'll update it one by one, so stop hitting the F5 and go to bed right now! !!

■ Six apartment rooms
Distribute the 'Super Homepage Theme 1.0' theme that allows you to instantly piggyback on the April Fool's Festival. With the theme of Movable Type 5 that reproduces the nostalgic design and movement of the 1990s and allows you to quickly build a 'homepage' style blog, with a design that feels nostalgic like the last century, such as navigation buttons like Word Art. Despite the existence, the movement of characters to the left and right and the movement of an icon attached to the mouse cursor are implemented with 'jQuery' and are also compliant with XHTML. Download the theme here .

■ Chance It-Namedango Page
Mascot character changes from Chancy to Namedango.

■ Forefront of nose hair business. A man who succeeded in transplanting nose hair. Moreover, Mr. Mao. | Non-Mote Times
His name is Moezawa Ue, who is a leader in the hair growth business using nose hair. Self-proclaimed 138 years old.

■ Recruitment of space-time transcendental time travelers (2010 April Fool's Day project) --Caramel
The time machine is completed, and you can apply from Twitter etc.

■ Everyone's page []
The new earth-friendly power generation method that converts the pleasure and excitement of solving puzzles into energy has finally succeeded in developing 'Enezzle'.

■ Gorimon days | A duck appears in front of Osaka station!
Twitter is capable of up to 200 characters, and there is a shocking photo of the duck that appeared in front of Osaka station.

■ i2i Free WEB Parts-Access analysis, counter, access ranking
Normally, we provide free WEB parts such as access analysis and access ranking, but we have released new parts that become 3D just by entering the site.

■ RagnaROCK FESTIVAL 2010 | Ragnarok Online
Take off the temporary figure 'GungHo Employee' who is enduring the world, and participate in 'Ragna ROCK FESTIVAL 2010' as a special guest for one night only! Listen to that way of life on the login screen and Moloch! It's like rock.

■ Maid
Baidu, one of the largest search services in Asia, is now available every time.

■ Sea otter launches WAF operation management service 'WAF24 + LOVE' equipped with LOVE function-Make operation managers happy and reduce corporate security risk- | LAC
A mysterious service that uses the new benign program '24+' (hereinafter referred to as 'Nyontas') that comes flying from space, which was detected in the extraterrestrial intelligence exploration project conducted by LAC, a security company with a solid image. Start release.

■ Earn with free games & high return rate point site / dollar box
Part of the site is K-ON! !! It has become.

■ Beretta Px4 Storm Tokyo Nurui Gas Gun April 1, 2010
'I've definitely made a story that only Gammania can understand. I can't understand what ordinary people are saying, this. I've done it.'

■ [Uho] Hiroshima's Gachimuchi Maid Cafe / Meiproten Official Site [Good Maid]
Hiroshima's maid cafe 'Meipuriti' closed last year, but April Fool's Day continues this year. In addition, the virtual Gachimuchi Hiroshima dialect maid 'Puriko' can be partnered with the dialect exposed on Twitter, and it seems that something will come to the Hiroshima otaku map.

■ You, to honor Opa-i
The page that recommends the world's fastest browser Opera, 'Kimi, Opera Tsukaimahe' is now on your boobs.

■ For Kawakami City Citizens Top Page -Kawakami City
The page of the beautiful girl game software maker 'Minato Soft' has been transformed into the website of Kawakami City, which is the setting for the company's 'Seriously fall in love with me!'

■ If you are a provider, GMO Tokutoku BB | Popular by word of mouth!
Thoroughly changed from top to bottom to muscle macho muscle specifications, it is really hot just by looking at it.

■ Crayon Shin-chan I recommend you to make a fool of yourself! Cascabe Ninja Corps!
Masao uses the technique of alter ego to jack the site. The original image newly written by Shin-Ei Animation is used, and the wallpaper limited to April 1 is also being distributed.

■ [@ami'z] --A chatting community space where Aomori lovers gather!
Aomori's regional SNS Ames decided on the train name 'Ami' for the Tohoku Shinkansen. The design has also been redesigned! !! 'A detonator for regional revitalization! We plan to send a 300% discount coupon' Mega Coupon '! 'Finally, the diary has become 3D! The function that interferes with brain waves and makes the diary look 3D' has appeared.

■ Haniwak Sakagami (April Fool's version)
Direct vehicle 'New 2000 series' to Ise / Shima area, Sakagami Electric Railway supports JAR, 'Haniwaku Sakagami' site is infected with virus, Sakagami Stadium opens, etc.

■ Movie [email protected] movie
We are sending out movie information that we do not understand, such as 'Silence Osaka'.

■ DK's VF5 communication-From the Nirvana ceremony, oh yeah! ~
A screenshot is posted by saying 'VF5FS latest video !?', and a mysterious movie file appears when you download and unzip by saying 'Virtua Fighter5 Final Showdown latest video !?' from this page. , When you play it, you'll see a series of strange fighting game tricks that you've seen somewhere in the astonishment of a beeping sound like a banned broadcast term!

■ [Melon Books] Melon Books Ho-Mupe-Ji << Today is April Fool's Day !! >>
Melon Books, which opened its 20th store in February this year, entered the 'Melon Books Osaka Nihonbashi Store' as a huge monument. 0/1 scale Melon-chan was erected on the roof of the building, and a new attraction 'Mecha Melon' with an average speed of 500km / h and a maximum speed of 1000km / h 'The Ride' is also available.

2010/04/01 1:51
It's a desperate battle with nearly 200 unread emails from Tarekomi.

■ [Nyantaro Kingdom] is a mail order site for cats, by cats, and for cats.
The general recycle shop 'Momotaro Kingdom', which reserves, sells, and purchases new games, DVDs, PCs, trading cards, and comics, has entered the 'Nukkonuko ni Yanyo!' Mode.

■ Nico Nico Douga (9)
It seems that it finally became profitable because ' Nico Nico Douga went into the black just today'. Congratulations. Also, if you press the button next to it, all the comments will be in red.

■ Welcome to Doraemon Channel!
This year, instead of Suneo's channel, it's on the Toraemon channel.

■ For movies,
For 3D glasses. Also, the normal 2D version is here, and when I go through the door everywhere, it's Pandora! 'Nobiter' and 'Ring' are remade in 3D Full of movie information such as the fear that Sadako really pops out. The advertisement is also elaborate in every corner, such as 'Warm Kindle, Ondol Appearance'.

■ Goupe-Easy homepage creation service for restaurants starting from 1,050 yen per month
Started 'Bouncer dispatch service ' where bouncers protect the shop from complaints, violence, drunk people, etc.

■ Panyazaki Spring Panya Festival 2010
The online golf game 'Sukatto Golf Panya ' that you can enjoy for free is actually a bakery, so it seems that you have decided to hold a spring bread festival.

■ Illustration communication service [pixiv]
The logo is now 'pix v'.

■ 'Later' is newly launched on April 1st!
Online game 'Laterre' announces the launch of the manga magazine 'Later'.

■ Paradise TV
News such as 'Dutch wife is pregnant' is being distributed with video on the world's first adult variety broadcasting station 'Paradise TV' which is being distributed simultaneously on SKY PerfecTV and the Internet.

2010/04/01 2:25
'The number of unread emails from Tarekomi has exceeded 200.' 'What ... what ...?'

■ Hadena Star
Hatena Star becomes flashy and becomes 'Hatena Star'.

■ Lie memo Hatena-Post a 'lie' from DSi! New sense communication starting from lies
Released 'Lie Memo Hatena ', a new service that allows you to write a lie from the Nintendo DSi's Flipnote Studio and publish it to the world.

■ Director shocks confession! What is the top secret development service 'Moving Notepad' --Hatena Bookmark News
It was discovered that a new service, 'Moving Notepad,' which was used for company luck, was being developed in secret.

■ Top Page --Caramel Box Official Home Page
'The virgin is in love with her sister' made into a live-action movie, and the announcement of the second phase of the animation. By the way, I saw the first season of anime, and such a cute girl can't be a girl!

■ Welcome to 2channel bulletin board
A search link for April Fool's Day has appeared secretly. Or rather, if you use a dedicated browser, you won't go to the top page, so you can feel fresh.

■ Hachibits Fanatics
'The long-standing seal is broken, and the contraindications are finally revealed !? Another' challenge 'that has been erased in the darkness! A terrifying whole picture that goes beyond that principle is unveiled! So, I thought that it was an introduction to the NES game called 'Kiyoshi's Challenge', the actual play movie was posted on YouTube, and the free software that can be really played is available for download, which is amazing. Something is wrong, but it's amazing.

■ Join the electric shock! : Momo sister, PRESS armband is not included. : So-net blog
'Today, I have decided to join Momo's younger sister Pinkfighters!'

■ Sakura Rental Server | A Certain Scientific Railgun [Railgun] | Sakura Internet
The catchphrases such as 'safe for power outages, perfect power supply environment', 'safe for obstacles, quick support for space movement', and changeable logos are insanely elaborate. Kuroko is cute, Kuroko.

2010/04/01 3:01
I'm hungry so I want to eat something. Ahaha.

■ Notice of production of the movie version of Kizumonogatari
'All the staff are working hard so that everyone can enjoy it.'

■ XNEWS-Japan's largest Xbox & marriage information site-
'The male-female ratio of Xbox 360 is extreme at 9: 1,' so it was reborn as 'Japan's largest Xbox & marriage activity information site' from the Xbox information site.

■ Kamei, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, to 'Undertaking Postal Savings of Government Bonds' --Nobuo Ikeda blog
If you read it carefully, it is in the 'joke' category, but the content is extremely advanced, so there is a victim immediately in the comment section.

■ AR (Augmented Reality) Big Breast Clinic
The augmented reality marker is distributed as a PDF file, so if you print it and put the mark on your chest in front of the webcam, 3D big breasts will appear.

■ Angel Beats! Official Website
AngelEats! As the first project SSS bento, we will deliver a convenience store bento containing steak, saury, and miso katsu by tasting all Jun Maeda products.

■ Scoop !! Exclusive acquisition of Aplle's large screen tablet 'iPadL'!
Weekly ASCII posted a review of the actual device of the huge tablet 'iPad L' equipped with a 16-inch LCD and a resolution of 1600 x 1200 dots. It's like a shitajiki.

■ Footra β version
It is said that the daily magazine 'Futora', which enjoys individuals, has been hijacked.

■ CONCERTO GATE FORTE THE MOVIE --2010 Concerto Gate FORTE live-action movie!
Square Enix and Gamepot's free online RPG ' Concerto Gate Forte ' official website goes crazy, and synthetic movies that are uselessly lost in spirit are played.

■ SmileBoom Records
The software development company 'Smile Boom' has changed from the unhealthy business of software development to the business of music publishing that seems to be popular, and the viewing files that can be accessed from the 'DISCOGRAPHY' page are the music staff and the president (main MC). It's a terrifyingly cheap work, and all the artists in the picture are representative directors ... (distant eyes)

■ New sensation fighting game, Ballmer Berserth Jobs-The Operating System Heroes
Originally, it was supposed to be 'ISW -Design & Wallpaper- ', a design and wallpaper site, but it was swallowed by the tsunami.

■ 'Theatrical version Gintama new translation Benisakura Hen' official website
Gintoki Sakata left Gintama, leaving behind the words, 'The TV series ended on March 25th, isn't it okay? No, I'm going down.' Therefore, 'Theatrical Version Gintama New Translation Red Cherry Blossom Edition' has become 'Theatrical Version Shinpachi New Translation Red Cherry Blossom Edition' with Shinpachi Shimura as the main character.

■ Vector Corporate Site: April Fool's Day 2010
Until the software creator announces the software on Vector, a 'candy allowance' of 50 yen per person per day will be provided, and while leaving the download sales method, the 'delivery service' will be handed over by employees as a new service, and the smartphone 'vPhone (vPhone) We have packed a lot of information such as the development of 'buoy phone' and a new employee recruitment form that you can enter if you have a Twitter account.

■ Information exchange only for April 1st [Ryer Mama] Please access this site only if you participate. .. .. .. ..
Information exchange open space for housewives 'Wire Mama' changes like a liar game.

2010/04/01 4:02
If this is left as it is, the bladder will rupture, so please at least go to the bathroom. Please.

2010/04/01 4:08
I'm recovering my physical strength by making a delicious 'fluffy kinboru ' in the microwave without becoming hard even when it gets cold, and making 'ginger soup with shijimi wakame seaweed ' from Omoriya in the meantime.

The full volume of the WEB magazine Gangan ONLINE is reproduced without leaking, and the unprecedented 8162 pages, the special appendix is a special dolly, and it seems that it will snap if you do not read it carefully.

■ INTERNET-April Fool's Day--Macrosoft, 'My boyfriend's IE was 6 ... I want to break up ...' campaign
If the effect of this campaign is recognized, 'My boyfriend's Windous was Me ... I want to break up ...' or 'My boyfriend's USB was 1.1 ... I want to Unplug ...' 'My boyfriend's Internet protocol was IPv4 ... I want to disconnect ...' We would like to aggressively develop campaigns to create enemies one by one, and change generations of legacy OSs and standards. Refer to this area for the AA of the original material of the image.

■ Window Company-[REVIEW] Media player 'Dorar DVD' equipped with 4D video playback function
When I actually watched '4D video' in the editorial department, it was said that the editorial staff who usually work on the top of the Buddha could not suppress the excitement because of the force. By the way, the original material of the image is so-called foreigner 4 frames .

■ Window Company-[REVIEW] Next-generation paint software 'Defrag Painter' that uses the defragmenter screen
Software that allows you to freely draw a picture using the graph screen of the fragmentation status as a canvas, and actually fragment the HDD as it is.

■ Impress Peach Headline
We are posting a lot of false news sent by Impress every year.

■ In-house romance promotion groupware Cybozu Office 0 (love)
Providing communication tools that have the effect of giving awareness to the essence of romance to single men and women (including × and × schedules) (= business persons) who earn money from the Japanese people, increase encounters between men and women, and reduce farewells. Groupware ' Cybozu Office 0 (Love) ' is now available. The actual screen looks like this , and there are some case studies.

■ @nifty: Daily Portal Z
Daily Portal Z has been handed over by several staff members led by webmasters from today, and some of the site functions have been moved to Delhi, so the trick to turn cheap beef into marbling, from turtle scrubbing brush to palm tree If you don't change the hot water of the hot water bottle all the time, it will turn red.

■ 3D version Yahoo! JAPAN
Yahoo is three-dimensionalized using Microsoft's Silverlight. Some can actually be clicked.

■ Google Japanese Input Keyboard Drum Set Version
You can read more about it in the Google Japan Blog: New Suggestions from the Google Japanese Input Team , and Picasa has a ton of photos.

■ [Rakuten Politics] Let's go to the LOVE JAPAN election-Political donations online
Hamada gives a whisper to Japan and forms a new party!

'Semi-finalist Fantasia' business As an announcement of the sale destination, a product related to the game software 'Semi-finalist Fantasia-The Legend of the Dark Queen's Lie Crying-', which has been developed since 1999, will be made into a movie until 2345. 'Exclusive rights', 'Rights to broadcast animations throughout the galaxy', etc. are all sold to a third party. ..

■ Tsuburaya Tatter (Tsubutter)
A new service like Twitter that is unique to Tsuburaya Productions, which makes it possible to browse the popular mini-blog service of Hikari no Kuni from the earth. Tsuburaya Station staff is translating the tweets of ultra heroes such as 'Schwatch!' And 'Foo Foo Foo' while thinking 'K in Japanese', and in fact there are many accounts on Twitter. It is interesting that it is updated little by little.

■ Kanegon's 78 Channel Summary Blog Z
2ch summary blog style that summarizes 2channel threads. 'I'm Ultraman again, but have any questions?' 'Please tell me the food that you can enjoy the twin tails deliciously.'

■ Ultraman Nice room
It seems to be a very popular corner in the swashwa video. Also, in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Ultraman 80, it seems that 'Ultraman Nice Room' will be broadcast live on Nico Nico Live from 12:30 pm on April 1st from Tsuburaya Productions on Earth.

■ Super-dreadnought update! │ Metal Saga New Frontier
About a special update of the mixi app of the latest work of the simulation RPG 'Metal Saga New Frontier' that makes full use of tanks.

■ Cafe Mai: lish Web
Maid cafe 'Mailish' in Akihabara becomes 'Space cafe Mai: lish'.

■ ◆ Metsuo --Intermezzo
'Shin-Ra Company Airlines announces boarding at Ibaraki Airport' 'Monthly 290 yen for children under 12 years old! Announcement of new rate plan' Shonen Gangan '' 'Gugule builds cloud-compatible data center in the sky' etc.

■ Maybe the world's first 'Pants-type glasses wipe with stains' released 980 yen --Akihabara Blog
Further improved '(1st generation) pants type glasses wipe' which was an appendix of Bishojo Game magazine.

2010/04/01 5:36
Somehow the outside started to glow white ... Chun ... Chun ...

■ Min Mansion | Top Page | Nesme Construction
I don't understand the official website of Rekka Katakiri, a singer-songwriter who often sings the subjectivity of bishoujo games and doujin games.

■ TV animation 'Durarara !!'
The top page has been changed to the movie 'Silence of Butlers (starring: Yuhei Hajima)'. Also, clicking 'Hashima Yuhei Profile' will take you to the detailed article page of Hashima Yuhei of 'Bunka Yohime' (Wikipedia-like site in the play).

■ Google Animal Voice Search
The only animals supported this time are dogs, cats, and pigeons, but we plan to expand to horses, cows, hamsters, frogs, etc. in the future. The YouTube movie is smiling.

■ It's a hero's habit: 3D
Introducing a handheld game machine dedicated to 'Brave's habit: 3D' equipped with a brave instant kill button, with a bonus at the end.

■ Paper shooting! Paperman
To the site flavor of a certain MS company. 'Shoot and shoot! Paperman FLASH ' released in March 2008 has also been revived and can be played.

■ Kotori Shirakawa 4 big announcements! !! !!
Four announcements from the beautiful girl game maker 'Circus'.

■ Welcome to the TYPE-MOON official homepage!
It seems that Saber of 'Fate / stay night' and others have started Tmitter (something like Twitter). In fact, there is an account on Twitter as well.

■ Operating as usual | Moekko Ticket Coastal Bus
'Moekko Free Ticket' has been further enhanced to ' Otokonoko Free Ticket ' (Otokonoko is a beautiful boy dressed as a woman with a coined word in fiction or a boy who looks like a beautiful girl even if he is untouched) Is on sale.

■ 'Moeru Transfer Information' will be provided on April 1st!
Jordan, who uses the 'Transfer Information ' for every business trip in the GIGAZINE editorial department, is planning to start providing 'Moeru Transfer Information'.

■ It became 3D compatible. [Net price]
Since there is a PDF file on the upper right of the official website, you can make your own 3D glasses, and the real 3D glasses ' 3D Anaglass Optical Galactic ' commercialized for this time are on sale for 50 yen.

■ Today is April 1st | teacup. Blog “AutoPage”
The blog service teacup. “AutoPage” is strangely compatible with something like the iPhone.

■ Chiharu Sasano / Chiharoom
According to the blog of Chiharu Sasano, a four-frame manga artist, 'I 'm sorry I'll be working this year ^^; ', and it seems that the state of work is being broadcast live on a live camera.

■ Google Shiritori β
If you search for 'America' on Google, there will be a balloon at the bottom, and the shiritori will start automatically. According to ' Google Japan Blog: Today, we added a shiritori function to Google search! ', It seems that it uses the reading estimation algorithm cultivated by Google Japanese input and the large number of vocabulary recorded in the dictionary.

■ Rewrite | Key Official Home Page
The beautiful girl game 'Rewrite' by the beautiful girl game maker 'Key', whose project progresses little by little every year when it becomes April Fool's Day, is banned from 18.

■ Google Maps-Map Search
A button has been added to the Street View display that enables 3D stereoscopic display.

■ Imichael Jackson THIS IS TWIT
Aprils Online goes into Michael mode and sings WE ARE THE WORLD enthusiastically.

■ Emiko's Room | NC Network
The portal site for the manufacturing industry 'NC Network' has been renamed to ' Moenushi Net Work ', and it seems that the exclusive virtual concierge 'Virtual Factory Search Idol * Emiko' will be assigned to 'Emidas Factory Search'.

■ Worked at Good Smile Company, a figure maker 'Takechan Blog -2 hours walk to Ariake-'
'I want to do se-kirara, so please look forward to it!', So the people inside changed from the Mikatan blog, which introduces the products, to the slightly disgusting Take-chan blog. You can understand the reason by reading.

2010/04/01 7:14
The outside is getting brighter. By the way, the person who has been updating by himself since midnight is the editor-in-chief of GIGAZINE, yeah. When someone came somewhere the other day, he said, 'How many people are doing that article on April Fool's Day in the middle of the night?' 'The editor-in-chief is updating by himself in the middle of the night. What?' I don't feel like I've become. The coffee I was drinking when I thought I was sleepy was decaffeinated. Also, the ending ' The Real Folk Blues ' of Cowboy Bebop is infinitely looping in my brain.

■ OP POSITE SIDES ~ Two people back to back ~
It seems that a spin-off mobile novel featuring 'Detective Hetarezeme' and 'Detective Sasoiuke' from the popular movie 'Nendoroid Detective' will be made into a Flash animation and will start broadcasting.

■ Fuji TV
When you access the top page of Fuji TV, it looks like Google.

■ Bing
'Bing has become a cow search engine from today', so when you move the mouse cursor over the cow, a strange message appears, and when you click it, it jumps to the search result.

■ Community for flute players and flute enthusiasts Flute Club | Voice actor / narrator / chattering community Koe Club
The 'Koebu', which is usually called 'a community of voice actors, narrators, and chatters,' is now on the flute specialty site 'Fuebe.' The logo has changed, and all the recommended themes and rankings have been replaced with whistle-related ones. Also, if you enter 'Koebu' in the live chat system 'Koebu LIVE!', 'Fuebe' and 'Voice' will be output as 'Whistle'.

■ Affiliate ASP cyber wholesale is compatible with iPhone
Affiliate ASP cyber wholesale is compatible with iPhone, or iPhone itself. Each button can be pressed properly, and we recommend 'iPod', 'phone', 'shogi', 'amazon', and 'self-destruct switch'.

■ ef-Angel's Fairytale Top Page
The production of the TV drama 'ef --a real fairy tale. Tenshi no Otogibanashi' was decided, and the production was stopped immediately.

■ JSN rental server I want to eat Umaibo! Special.
The page that JSN rental server has nothing to do, but it's April Fool's Day, and I hurriedly launched something. A plan where the president eats Umaibo as much as the number of followers and the number of followers.

■ April All
' ITIOL Co., Ltd. will be absorbed by Aprilol as of April 2010, ' he said. The new president is Yu Shiodome, the hijacking mastermind is Nekomata, and the shout is 'I did it.' The illustrator is Koyori Sorahana, who works on railway daughters and bus daughters.

■ Start of 'Shisa Farm'
' Notice from Seesaa: Entering Shisa Co., Ltd. Social Game (?) ?!' Shisa Farm 'will begin! So, 'Shisa Farm-Let's grow vegetables together-' will start at noon on April 1st.

■ Love Riel Plus
If you go to the top page of the beautiful girl game maker 'Front Wing', you will be forcibly transferred to the physical language communication game 'Labriel Plus'. You can actually play the demo via an iPhone-like interface.

■ Himitsu Sentai Gorenger Official Website
Cyborg 009 Official Website 009ing is now the official website of Himitsu Sentai Gorenger. You can also try reading the first episode properly.

■ Manga communication service [Manga]
Transformed into a horrifying SNS that is full of 'non-existent youth,' 'regulated,' and 'censored,' and cannot be read properly.

■ Shueisha novel new issue WEB literary arts RENZABURO
All the cute characters are for uncle squid eggs.

2010/04/01 8:31
My consciousness was really stunned. No, my eyes are out of focus.

■ Good Smile Company
He's back in a city swirling with desires and udon ... 'Nendoroid Detective 2'.

■ Lucent Heart | Lucent Heart
Purimasu and shooting stars who have been active in 'Lucent Heart' have decided to make their major debut ...? And GM Yaichi was dissatisfied with not being invited to the event these days and was arrested because he was wandering around the city with one pair of pants.

■ Great Merchant | Akindo Onrain
We are looking for new titles from users as they will be renewed to new titles. Of course, the most popular is 'Big Breasts Den'.

■ 2ch copy and paste preservation dojo
It seems that it was bought by an alpha blogger-like site called Alfalfa Kozaiku.

■ Whisper of the Heart-
Ghibli has invested in the debris cleaning business, and the Blu-ray version of 'Spirited Away' has been released.

■ Main Hiiragi (SNOOPYbot) on Twitter
'Cooking Idol Ai! My! Mai!' Has started Twitter .... This is not because Snoopy is wearing Mai-chan's skin. What a hell!

■ Mobile breaking news +
Mobile breaking news that was hijacked by someone +, what happened and when I clicked 'The site was hijacked. Please do not browse the article', it collapsed.

■ Right-eye kitchen detective 11EYEs ◆ New project started!
Bishoujo game maker 'Lass' is planning a sequel to the anime '11eyes', which is scheduled to be broadcast in the winter of 2011, and the title is 'Right Eyes Kitchen Two Detective 11EYEs'. 'Is there a future that can be saved by the eyes that reflect the future?', And it is hoped that the production will be done as soon as possible.

'Chu x Chu IDOL' will be animated from the beautiful girl game maker 'Unison Shift' and will be broadcast overseas on April 28th. The character design looks like a certain cartoon work, and it seems to be popular. All the messages are written in Roman letters, but some of them say, 'I hope it will be animated in Japan too!'.

■ ALcot Official web site
The game of the beautiful girl game maker 'Alcot' ・ My childhood friend is the president's fan disk 'The disappearance of Yukino Sakurahama'. A title that you've heard somewhere, and a composition that you've seen somewhere. It will be released on December 21, 2012, so it will be exciting for about two and a half years.

■ Dengeki Bunko 'My sister can't be this cute' beta version official website
From the light novel 'My sister can't be this cute', the long-awaited animation of ' Hoshikuzu ☆ Witch Meruru' will start broadcasting in the fall of 20100 with the hot cheers of a big man. I feel that 'Oreimo' itself has been animated in the course of 18000 years.

■ Fujimi Shobo | AiON in Aion
'Magical Girl Magical Hoshino' is being prepared as a spin-off work of Yuna Kagesaki's school bizarre fantasy manga 'AiON of Aoumi'. It seems that he is currently writing with the aim of developing it at the same time as the main story in the summer of 20010. I can't wait for 20010.

■ TV Animation Magical Girl Miracle ∞ Hinacle Official Site
'Magical Girl Miracle ∞ Hinacle' starts at 8:30 am on Sunday. Wallpapers and ending movies are available for ' Fun'. According to the broadcast schedule, it seems that the broadcast had already started on March 28, I missed it !!

■ [NS] Get a prototype of Nintendo 3DS! Introducing compatible software
I got the Nintendo 3DS that was just announced the other day and reported it. I didn't think autostereoscopic 3D was this much.

■ --2channel trip summary site
'Sokouyohe un.enim.hc2priT' and the trip summary site, which is a deception prevention function of 2channel, are arranged from the right. It's really hard to read.

■ 'Danderaion'
Last year, 'Super Limited Yuki Mugen Finity', which was decided to be animated, has been released this year, including character settings and world views. Also, the hot theme song ' Our courage is infinite! ' Is being distributed.

■ Eri Eri's sister's love diary
It seems that Elle will return to her parents' planet for bride training and breast maintenance, and will return around 4500 AD, so during that time it will be 'Erieri's sister's love diary'.

Exum's 'Arcana Heart' participates in 'BLAZBLUE' of Arc System Works? So, you can play a little mini game.

■ Exam Co., Ltd.
In conjunction with Arc System Works, the Exam site has also been changed to 'BLAZBLUE' vs. 'Arcana Heart' specifications . On the ' Arcana Heart 3 ' site, you can see a surprising heart and Angelica in the news of this participation.

■ I love my ass!
'Virtual Net Idol Chiyu 12 years old' has been renewed and has become 'Oshiri Daisuki!' Images, texts, and everything else conveys my feelings for the hips, but it's a little hard to see at work or school.

■ Correct 'Liar is the beginning of a thief' Statistically proved: bogusnews
The survey found that '90.2 percent of people who have been thieves have lied,' which turned out to be ridiculous.

■ The storybook of the person who makes the homepage has joined Gigazine * --GIGAZINEta
Mr. Yamada of 'The storybook of the person who makes the homepage' joined something like GIGAZINE, and the interview is posted.

■ Domino's Pizza for home delivery pizza
The ultimate seafood pizza 'TSUKIJI' is available only for online orders, and it looks like a pizza heaping like sashimi.

2010/4/1 12:21
I'm hungry ...

■ Arica homepage
It must have been a game maker, but for some reason it became a top like a rice ball shop. I am particular about items and wallpapers.

■ Mutsumi Windowside (windows7_nanami) on Twitter
Nanami Madobe, who is unofficially tweeting Windows 7 information from Microsoft, is an examinee, so her sister Mutsumi appears as a substitute. Instead of Windows 7 information, they are tweeting Windows Vista information.

■ Browser game 'Heroes of Gaia' official website
I thought it was 'Castle of Hero' and 'Castle of Hideo'. The elf on the left side of the title is also a transvestite elf ...

■ Trunos's Truth | Tornos Overseas Air Tickets / Overseas Hotel Travel Search / Reservation Site
The feature of the overseas travel reservation site 'Tornos' was a mess! So, the truth is revealed, such as 'the ticketing fee is not free but the discovery fee is free' and 'the ticket is not a cheap ticket but a ticket for Kakuyasu (Kakusan and Yasusan's ticket)'.

■ Queensland
'Queen's Blade' is an amusement park with popular characters.

■ BaseSon official homepage
'BaseSon' announces 'Magical Girl Chemical Koihime THE MOVIE 1st' while banning viewing under the age of 18.

■ Is 'Hayabusa' intelligent? Tweet 'Samui' and 'Nau'
The asteroid explorer returning to Earth seems to have begun to mutter 'nau'. In addition, AstroArts has astronauts' successive wake-up calls on a 3-CD compilation, and the unique name of the α star in Acrux is 'Aka'? Also the news.

Magical Girl Pretty Bell
It should have been the official website of Comic Blade, but it has become the website of a bodybuilder who got a job at a magical girl. It's a nightmare.

2010/04/01 13:10
It was raining when I went outside to buy lunch. Well, it's raining today ...

2010/04/01 13:40
Lunch is complete. The number of unread items has increased further.

■ Breaking news site of Asahi Shimbun
It looks like it's delivering regular news, but if you look closely, the photo news is all about dogs. The Asahi Shimbun seems to have liked dogs.

'Raba Q' became 'Raba Poverty', and when I thought that I could eat it on my blog, I confessed my poor life.

■ Connected matchmaking | Price comparison site [] Connected
From the price comparison site to the kitten matchmaking site. It is compatible with 3D glasses and is equipped with a 'coneco meow! W engine' that allows you to find the cat you are looking for.

■ YouTube Japan Blog: Help reduce YouTube data transfer volume and communication costs with TEXTp
The YouTube Japan Blog has a TEXTp mode that displays all videos by replacing them with characters in order to reduce communication costs, so I appealed that you would like to use it. TEXTp mode can be used for videos actually uploaded to YouTube, so please take a look at various videos.

■ Milky Holmes, a dream collaboration with a long-established candy maker, sold at Yokohama and Akihabara !? --Milky Holmes Project
'Detective Opera Milky Holmes ', which is being developed on PSP games, radio, and anime (in preparation), produced 'Milky' in collaboration with the famous Fuji family of Pero-chan.

■ Bikini liquor store / TOP page
When I interviewed before, there were only cute female clerk, but for some reason the members were replaced and all the clerk was like Ega-chan. There is a special movie limited to today , but I'm likely to be overwhelmed by the shock.

■ Bouquet of your tears and morning glory Official website -ZipperSoft-
The 2ch summary site 'Zip de Yaruo (^ ω ^)' has been transformed into the official site of the game 'Kimi no Tears and Morning Glory Bouquet'. In addition to having super-luxury staff, only the main character has a wonderful specification of full voice.

Game company Nitroplus established Nitroplus Film as an affiliated subsidiary and distributed 9 works including 'SONICOMI' starring mascot girl Super Sonico.

■ 《Theatrical Version》 Flag Heshi Folding Man-Folding Heartbeat is Space-Official Site
Expected movie produced by 'Hamham-soft', 'Theatrical version Flag Heshi Folding Man-Folding Heartbeat is the Universe-'. The logo is like 00 and the subtitle is like Zeta.

■ Next-generation data center that uses 'Kaisei Rei', reducing electricity bills by up to 40% --Slashdot Japan
Aim for power consumption by ghost spirits using 'carelessly horrifying spirits'.

■ The 27th World Masterpiece Theater 'Little House on the Prairie-On the Bank of Plum Creek-'
Animated the sequel to 'Little House on the Prairie' ... I wish I could. A gorgeous and nice cast is set.

■ The order I saw.
A word to April Fool's Day with its own '□ 囗 font'.

■ The characters that are very popular at @games are finally animated !? 'Selfy Town Story -Crail in the Dark-'
The official website has opened and wallpapers are being distributed because popular characters will be animated at @games.

■ Excite Excite
Konjac appears next to the logo, pretending that only ordinary news is posted. This is an 'excite English translation konnyaku ' that has the same function as that secret tool.

■ War Rock, an FPS war game
I thought it was WarRock4, but it was the 4th generation of Uo. Who are you?

2010/04/01 15:07
It's time for a snack, but the number of unread tales is increasing, so I'll do my best. By the way, it's because I feel that the number of sites has increased significantly from last year ...?

■ Daddy: Toys
It seems that the person in the web applause is selling something. How was the original price set, not to mention the 21% discount?

■ Goods that can be used even in zero gravity jointly developed by NASA and Sakamoto (Sakamoto Blog Co., Ltd.)
It is said that the stationery that can be used even without weight is made in a block shape that can be joined with a pencil cap, a pencil case, a ruler, an accessory case, and an eraser.

■ Press Release April 1, 2010 [Report on acquisition of 'Beer' brand for the time being]
Probably the best beer brand in Japan, 'Beer for the time being' was acquired by Sankt Gallen, a local beer company in Kanagawa Prefecture. It's really on sale for 24 hours on April 1st .

■ Solar system 4th from the closest to the sun-Town information on Mars: Rental property site 'CHINTAI'
CHINTAI 's service 'Living Town Search' can now fly out of the earth and look up housing information on Mars.

■ Alfa ・ MARS PROJECT Former Alfa System materials
It seems that he had already made a prototype of a humanoid tank around 1940 by excavating the materials of the predecessor company of the game company Alpha System.

■ This is Kamihime Development Today's morning edition | Busou Shinki SPECIAL
It seems that the development of Konami's Busou Shinki series has reached the end, and a newspaper article 'Life-size Busou Shinki development is in full swing' was published in the Advanced Industry Newspaper dated April 1, 2040. According to the article, the appearance of the life-size god princess is likely to give momentum to the revision of the robot handling law.

■ Eden of the East -Future Call- SPECIAL SITE
'Eden of the East', which was thought to have been completed in the movie version of the duology, will be made into a live-action movie and will be made into a movie next spring. As expected, Juiz responds brilliantly to the demand for 'stylish'.

The limited edition 'MINI FOREVER YOUNG EDITION' is now available on April 1st. It seems that it is an edition made because it has a rejuvenating effect when riding a MINI.

■ Battlefield Karma-Hangame
Soldiers who can be seen on the battlefield, but the battlefield was all-you-can-eat yakiniku ... There seems to be an episode like 'Battlefield ribs'. The smoke that burns the meat doesn't stop my tears.

■ Special Force-Hangame
Since there is ribs (grilled beef), it's okay to have pork, so 'special pork'. The menu on the right has also been changed in detail.

■ Browser game 'GYOKUJI-Time of launch-' official website | Enter Cruise
There are cows and pigs, so it wouldn't be strange to have chickens. 'When fried' looks really delicious, so I'm kind of happy.

■ Shinki Nippon Railroad Museum Can-Updated news information that is a must-see for Kintetsu fans and railroad fans in a curling manner-
The Kintetsu Railway (Kintetsu) website has been transformed into a reinforced iron website. We are delivering news that Shintetsu will build a department store and a hotel in front of Niseki Seiyama Station, and that a 'deer car' will be introduced at the 1300,000th anniversary of the transfer of capital.

■ 2nd-bus ~ April Fool's Day ~
Looking at the domain, it looks like a railroad site, but the contents are a bus photo site. Articulated buses are wonderful, aren't they?

■ ETOILES | Etoiles April Fool's Day Planning Elle: PrieR ~ Searching for a piece of happiness ~ Spin-off work 'Konomi-chan' Close Call '
Mine Somehow a bomb hunting game is now available on ViiWare. If you clear it and register it in the online ranking, you can see a muffled image, so I want to do my best.

■ Mobile Moe Kisekae Moechen
I don't know if it's a PC, but when I look at it on a mobile phone, the character looks like graffiti as shown below.

■ DLsite: Doujinshi Doujin Game Doujin Software Download Shop-Top Page, which sells games for download, is affected by the recession, and it seems that the in-house staff will draw the image character. For a character with a delicate taste that cannot be called a pixel art or an illustration ...

■ [Limited] 100 million yen software | Internet / Others | Greva! Software
Software download site Greva! A whopping 100 million yen software has appeared in. It's worth 100 million yen, so it's recommended for users with rich hearts and pockets.

■ Hitotsubashi Newspaper On-Line --- 'Politics and Money' Opened
At Hitotsubashi University, a class called 'Politics and Money' will be held, in which leading politicians and presidents of construction-related companies are in charge of lectures. It seems that you need to purchase a party ticket of 100 million yen to take it,

■ Studio Rikka
Rikuo's older sister Naoko will play the leading role in the second period of Time of Eve. 'Of course it was a lie !!!' was immediately denied, but I would like to see your sister's success.

2010/04/01 17:15
It was Kusanagi Motoko who said, 'The sea of the net is vast,' but it's really vast ...

■ b-boy WEB
Open call for the protagonist of the 3D feature-length spectacle ugly movie 'He's Big Favorite', the ugly Yoshida. At the same time, we are also looking for 1000 female extras to play with Yoshida. Just imagining it makes me tremble with the misery of the recording site.

■ Lunascape 7α WAVE
Release of 'Lunascape 7 α wave', a web browser that can be operated with brain waves. It seems that 'the fulfillment of mind and body by hidden talent and constant training is indispensable', and even if it does not work well, it is a ridiculous specification that it is a problem on the user side. Is it the same as no one can ride on Eva?

■ Indiana Jones: INDY JONES.JP
Indiana Jones seems to be a big success over South Park's treasures.

■ Breaking news of tears @ 2ch bulletin board Tsushima garrison
The red and blue letters are displayed overlapping so that all the thread writing pops out in 3D.

■ Haru has become a great thing
In contrast to 'Anjo Dete Haru', which is a collection of cool design sites, 'Great Koto Nataharu', which is a collection of sites with a popping handmade feel and WEB 1.0 flavor, has opened.

■ High-rise condominium 'The Tower of AION' is now available for sale!
Even breathing is dangerous when you go out to the veranda, and an apartment with a height far exceeding the Tokyo Sky Tree is being sold.

■ Ami Shibata Official Website [Kagero's Tomb]
As soon as you access the site, you can eat it with Pomeragion.

goo movie
It seems that the goo movie was occupied by aliens. A specification that checks whether it is an alien or a human at the entrance and jumps to the site where the language that suits each person is used.

■ TOHO Examination Guidance Academy-University exams, preparatory schools, mock exams, general educational institutions
It's so clever that at first glance it looks like a normal cram school site. Touhou University, the headquarter of the university, focuses on music, but I wonder what kind of curriculum it is at Touhou Science University.

■ livedoor Taraba Bulletin Board: What is Taraba Message Board (β)?
Bulletin boards installed on the country side, the moon, Stonehenge, etc., and a rifle with a Duke Togo-bari specialist staff are assigned to prevent vandalism.

■ Wanted! ≪Event Theme ≪ JUGEM | Free Blog JUGEM
Staff are wanted for various minor offenses.

■ Easy, gentle, heartful. Welcome to the world of dreams that you can play for free | Heartful Online RPG Emil Chronicle Online Official Website
ECO cars that you heard somewhere are on sale, but ECO is an abbreviation for 'E = um', 'C = this is really', and 'O = interesting?'

■ Rental server 'heteml' --heteml web seminar
A seminar on how to do something with a gorgeous instructor named Saba, mainly at the request of God, is held.

2010/04/01 19:53
Now I was moving or being driven to a corner because of the move and remodeling of the office. The window tribe.

■ tv asahi | TV Asahi
There is a typing game in which ridiculous phrases such as 'decision to cancel terrestrial digital broadcasting' pop out when you click on the sloppy creature in the lower left or the 'in game' sign.

■ Popular ★ New arrival in the family series! | Cheap accessories mail order Sun Jewel
Sun Jewels, which girls may be crazy about once, finally sell the men. The price is boyfriend] brother] I feel something deep in the place where I am a younger brother.

■ -Theatrical version-Charging squadron solar ranger
It seems that Red is a home guard, Purple is a squadron thing with Miss Age and men who have no dreams.

■ Let's go by train B Official site
It's really ... Simushi ● i ...

■ Search result 1st place display tool | Free SEO tool
A tool that displays any URL in the first place with any keyword. When I tried to put in some words, it was displayed first regardless of whether it was 'animation' or 'Frisk'.

2010/04/01 21:00
I'm tired of Seven-Eleven chocolate chip stick bread. I want to eat regular rice.

■ Yui Hirasawa Hakubutsuen
All of Susumu Hirasawa's personal sites are K-ON!

■ Various pages
Karino Takatsu's official website of WORKING! Kyaraben-style udon is sitting at the top.

■ STUDIO Hamachigumi Toho Sweets
Eastern sweets such as cakes with radiation marks and ice cream with barrage of strawberry pulp are on sale, but it seems that mail order has been virtually canceled due to being devoured by Yuyuko.

■ ★ Niko Sake / Niko Sake Web Sales Office ★
A realistic announcement that makes me think that if I've done so far, I should sell it. Moe sake is already sold in various places, so it has a lot of truth.

■ Akiba Research Institute-'Memory for weirdos' is on sale! Adopting a weirdo chip- [Akihabara General Information Site]
It seems that the criteria for what makes a weirdo are unknown. The arrival shop says 'Products for Junichiro Koizumi fans' and a little old commentary is very tasty.

■ Paper shooting! Paperman
The online shooting 'Paperman' site looks like a certain portal site. It looks quite similar, but there is also a drastic omission that 'I can not log in or do anything'.

The software commentary site has become a religious site. 'The descendants of humankind who have acquired the technology to go back in time in the future are the' gods 'in other religions, so I understand that Mikuru Asahina is a god.

■ softhouse-seal & Re: verse & GRANDEE
On the top page that made the content of the company's game masochistically like a newspaper article. The newspaper advertisement part is very elaborate.

For site design that seems to provide business-like solutions even for eroge makers. The management policy that begins with 'Responsive, my daughter-in-law.' Is excellent.

■ Fly to the world! Free rental costume → April Fool's Day | Overseas travel review site --Tavii []
As cosplay = Japanese culture, a free costume rental service has started at Narita Airport. However, it seems that the passport will be confiscated in exchange for the costume.

■ Acher
It seems that he tried to make GPS devices and PDAs, which are getting smaller and smaller, with the idea of reversal. Its name is 'Acher'

■ 893 cafe
A cafe where you can enjoy Yukie Nakama, a friend of 'Gokusen', has opened in Hiroshima. There is only a web shop that handles fujoshi content, so the art is detailed, and if you really do, you will want to go.

2010/04/01 22:59
The light of the firefly was flowing in my brain.

■ 801 Error --busy with Net Surfing
The author of my neighbor 801 seems to be very busy to see April Fool's Day.

■ [Smell recipe] Mapo tofu: Tweet recipe
Rubbing a delicious Marvo photo with a mouse seems to smell strange. The reporter thought, 'Is it difficult to reproduce without a high-spec PC?' And gave up after about 15 times.

■ Queensland
A theme park where you can experience the world of Queen's Blade. There are plenty of explanations such as 'I recommend it because it's expensive to eat!' With a style with many hiragana characters and a scent of gold.

■ Exelica-chan
Special supplement of 'properly the film archive clams beneath disk (aka, hemp-chan disk)' is worrisome.

■ 'Hyakka Ryouran' official website
This is an anime released in 20100, in which muscular maidens play an active role with a pattern that basically feels like the abdominal muscles are split into six.

■ ★ Glasses girl cafe Kottonraifu ★
Will the glasses cleaning solution be drunk when ordered? It's a little scary.

■ Moon rental studio 'HACOSTUDIO LUNA'
The cosplay rental studio has finally entered the moon. There seems to be demand for layers around Gundam.

■ TINAMI administrator update diary ≫ [Important] Regarding website alteration damage caused by new virus
It seems that the thumbnail images of all the works are flipped horizontally and displayed because of a new virus called 'Hijitsuzaiseishonen' (Japanese name: non-existent youth).

■ Chichimeka --- Digital Cute
Although it is a spectacular game of nurturing a kid and turning debt into a chara, the design is soft. There is also a trick to make only the little girl bigger.

■ 8 ways to conquer the school * Character
What a novel setting that you become a woman when you wear water ...!

■ Famitsu Wave DVD
Due to the fact that the publication will be suspended, the characters dancing on the cover are broken.
■ Lollipop! The movie 4
The cheeks of Uncle Lollipop are used to create the youthfulness that is typical of recent Japanese movies.

2010/04/02 00:17
You can finish it already. I mean, I'm going to finish. I decided. ……good night.

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