The site summary 2010 edition which has a piggyback on April Fool's Day

Every year on the Internet, various companies, groups, and individuals make a concerted effort to expand news materials pre-loaded for this day of April Fool for 24 hours, from 0 o'clock to 24 o'clock on April 1st. It is a kind of festival state that does not know what is true and what is true. That's why I briefly summarized the sites taking advantage of April Fool's Day. For now, we plan to update in real time 24 hours.

In addition, when you discover that 'This is also April Fools Day!' On a site that is not listed, or a self-recommendation message saying 'I do April Fools Day!' Is sent from the email form for the story post here. please. Even if you go to the site, you can not judge because of 'April fool's topic ...' or 'Case that something is changed but you do not know the state of the original site ...' There are also many, so as much as possible, 'Here is this April Fools Neta!' Details, points to see, here is interesting! It is easy to post if you write along with the contact of the address.

Summary list from the following.
■ Unlimited Hearts
Not only the design of GIGAZINE but also the atmosphere of the site is very small and detailed. The contents are also 'the official is sick! Highly anticipated Himelia tits mouse pad is presented to a limited 1,000 people', etc., clearly to the level that you want to say 'hospital escape'.

■ The husband seems to challenge SEO of the company site
A page of mystery appears in the “ Ailep new graduate hiring feature | New graduate hiring feature special proposal to the left brain school ”.

■ lie · twitter
A 'lie generator' that gets tweets from the user's Twitter timeline, mixes them appropriately (the analysis in it seems serious), and generates the user's likely lies.

■ How to increase your motivation for drawing feature films-Only the spirit ball can answer the troubles of Mr. Bird ○ Akira !? April Fool 2010 | Spirit ball | Idea sales. From 100 yen
It seems that there was a request from a famous manga artist, 'How to increase the motivation for drawing a feature cartoon'.

■ Maiden's Possence
Posuren for rotten girls. Featuring DVDs for Boys Love and Maidens.

■ The husband seems to have started a home delivery DVD rental [Possen]

■ Portal site 'goo' opposes April Fool's Day
In response to the upsurge of recent April Fool's Day projects, goo has taken an opposite stance, saying, 'April Fool's Day! Three NO!' 'Late to NO!' 'Muda NO!' 'Nata NO!' As a result, as a result of stopping the April Fool's Day project, goo will effectively use this wasteful energy for its customers, and the following three services have appeared.

■ goo3D
Taking advantage of the recent 3D boom, goo is also transitioning from flat to 3D. Prepare a 3D image where something rushes out.

■ I want to teach! goo
One person who is answering all the questions sent to goo's popular content 'Teach me! goo', Mr. Maron (a pseudonym) sends a variety of 'Teach you want' in the mail magazine. Looking at the sample email ....

■ Sakanakple
In the men's knuckle style.

■ 【Locospo】 That buried money has come out! It is revealed by word-of-mouth information of member member
Finally found the buried money from the word of mouth of the member! So, the reserve is hidden somewhere on the site, and the viewers who find it will be given a share of the reserve. It seems that 'presence present' is prepared for discoverer.

■ MMO battle shooting 'Cosmic break!'
Anthropomorphizing & truly playable Gaiden.

■ Cheap Tokyo tours using airplanes Searching and comparing power spots · moteru · handsomes-Travel · JP
Airlines, classes, tickets, and tour content that do not actually exist.

■ Everybody's .jp-Creative portal community site such as lyrics, poems, light novels of your own work (others here and here )
It becomes Rakuten style, and 100,000 pieces of straps with gon thick of the manager character are sold out on the same day.

■ CREATIVE OFFICE CUE [official site]
An entertainment production that also sends entertainment from Hokkaido with April Takayuki Suzui, Hiroshi Oizumi, Akira Yasuda, Hiroyuki Morizaki, Toshige Shigeyuki, Oto Oshina etc. also participates in April Fools. As a personnel announcement, affiliated talent Oklahoma Fujio and Kono became presidents and vice presidents. Report on personnel shifts in various ways. The influence range is TOP flash, company memorial of this month, contents president room, vice president blog, staff note, Twitter official account and so on.

■ Tokyo Cotton Boys-TOKYO COTTON BOYZ
From Tokyo Nylon Girls to Tokyo Cotton Boys.

■ HOME'S for iPhone
Start the app and the home screen is in 3D.

■ HOME'S (HOMES_kun) on Twitter
If you tweet the place names that appear in manga and anime to @HOMES_kun ...

■ Rental rental apartments, rental apartments, rental single-family homes nationwide | Home search for rooms with HOME'S
HOME'S rental is in space.

■ Petaro (heyapeta) on Twitter
Room post content 'Hayapeta' Twitter account, Petaro icon ○ ○ ○

■ Gizm Mode Japan
The right and left are reversed and it rushes into the world in the mirror.

2010/04/01 0:26
Wait a minute everyone! A mountain of mail is coming and it seems to be punk! I'll go ahead and go back to bed now, because I'll be updating one after another! !

■ Skuss · Apartment room
Distribute the 'Super Home Page Theme 1.0' theme that allows you to take advantage of the April Fool Festival instantly. It reproduces the nostalgic design and movement of the 1990s, and with the theme of Movable Type 5 that can quickly build a 'homepage' style blog, the design that feels the nostalgia of the last century like navigation buttons such as Word Art Even though there is an action that characters move to the left and right or an action such as an icon attached to the mouse cursor is implemented by 'jQuery', it conforms to XHTML. Download the theme here .

■ Chance It-Namedango Page
Mascot characters from Chancy to Namedango.

■ Nose Hair Business Forefront. A man who succeeded in flocking his nose hair. And hair. Non-Mote Times
His name is Maozawa, who is the leader in hair gaining business using nose hair. Self-proclaimed 138 years old.

■ Time-Space Transcendent Time Traveler Recruitment (2010 April Fool's Day)-Caramel
Time machine is completed, it is possible to apply from Twitter etc.

■ Everybody's Page []
A new earth-friendly power generation system that converts pleasures and excitement when solving puzzles into energy has succeeded in developing 'Enezzle' at last.

■ Gorimon days | Duck appeared in front of Osaka Station!
There is a picture of the shock which has taken a picture of the duck that Twitter has made up to 200 characters, and has appeared in front of Osaka Station.

■ i2i Free Web Parts-Access Analysis, Counter, Access Ranking
We usually provide free web parts such as access analysis and access ranking, but release new parts that will be 3D only on the site.

■ RagnaROCK FESTIVAL 2010 | Ragnarok Online
Take off the temporary figure 'Gun-ho employee' who is in the dark and take part in the 'RagnaRock FESTIVAL 2010' as a one-night special guest! Listen to the life on the login screen and Morok! It feels like to rock.

■ Maido (Maido)
Asia's largest search service Baidu (Baidu) every time (Mydou).

■ Sea Sea Launches WAF Operation Management Service “WAF24 + LOVE” with LOVE Function-Makes Operation Manager Happy and Reduces Corporate Security Risk-| LAC
A service of mystery using the new benign program “24+ (Nyontus, hereinafter Nyontas)”, which is usually detected from the extraterrestrial intelligence life exploration project that security company LAC of rigid image has been conducted to the top secret. Start release.

■ Earn free games & high reduction rate points site / dollar box
A part of the site is K-ON! ! It is

■ Beretta Px4 Storm Tokyo Nurui Gas Gun April 1, 2010
'I made a material that I know only for Gammania. I can not understand what people are saying to normal people, this is it.

■ [U-Hoh] Gachi-Muchi-made cafe / meepuroten official site of Hiroshima [A good maid]
Although April's maid cafe 'Meipurite' and the store were closed last year, April Fool's Day continues this year. In addition, Virtual Gachimuchi Hiroshima Valve Maid 'Puriko' is available on Twitter to dial out the dialect, it seems to be something to Hiroshima otaku map .

■ To honor you, Opa-i
A page that recommends the world's fastest browser, Opera, 'To you, I've got Opera,' has tits.

■ Top page for Kawakami City citizens-Kawakami City
The page of the girl game software maker 'Minato Soft' has been transformed into the website of Kawakami City, which is on the stage of the company's release, 'Sciently, let me fall in love!'.

■ If it is a provider GMO Tokutoku BB | Popular by word of mouth!
I changed to muscle macho muscle specification thoroughly from the top to the bottom, it is really hot just looking.

■ Crayon Shin-chan Your stupid Daishin Den Recommended! Kaskabe Ninja Team!
Masao-kun jacks the site using his technique. We are using the original image of Shinei animation new writing on purpose and also distributing the wallpaper for April 1 limited.

■ 【@ ami'z (Ames)】-A chattering community space where love lovers gather!
From the local SNS Ames in Aomori, 'Tokai Shinkansen train name nicknamed' Ami 'decided. The design is also renewed! ! 'The activation of regional revitalization! Plan to send 300% discount coupon' Mega coupon '! News such as 'Finally, the diary is also 3D! The function that interferes with EEG and the diary looks in 3D' appears.

■ Haniwaka Sakagami (April Fools Version)
Direct vehicles to the Ise / Shima area 'New 2000 series' appeared, Sakashin Electric Railway is JAR support, 'Hanikaku Sakagami' site is infected with virus, Sakagami stadium is open etc.

■ Movie [email protected] movie
We are sending out movie information that we do not know, such as 'Osaka in silence'.

■ Die's VF5 communication-From the ceremony to Oye! To
Screenshots will be posted on 'VF5FS Latest Video !?', and if you download and unzip from this page on 'Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Latest Video !?', a mysterious movie file will appear If you play it, you will find a series of fighting techniques like those you've seen somewhere in the startle that's full of buzzing sounds like buzzing words, and it's all over the place!

■ [[MelonBooks] Merubukkusunoho-mu pe-ぢ 'April fool today!'
Melon Books, which opened its 20th store in February this year, built a 0/1 scale Meron-chan on the roof of the “Merlon Books Osaka Nihonbashi Store” as a huge monument, and added a new attraction “Mechano Meron” with an average speed of 500 km / h and a maximum speed of 1000 km / h. The Ride also appeared.

2010/04/01 1:51
It is a hopeless battle that has reached 200 unread emails from the news.

■ 【Nyantaro Kingdom】 is a goods mail order site for cats, cats, and cats.
'Momotaro Kingdom', an integrated recycling shop that offers new game reservations, DVDs, PCs, trading cards, comics reservations, sales, and purchases, enters a mode of 'Nunuko Nuko ni Yonyo!'.

■ Nico Nico Douga (9)
It seems that the company has finally turned black because 'The Nico Nico video has turned black just recently. ' congratulations. Also, if you press the button next to it, all comments will be in red.

■ Welcome to Doraemon Channel!
This year, it is not the Suneoh channel but the Traemon channel.

■ If it is a movie
For 3D glasses compatible. Also, the usual 2D version is also present here, and it was Pandora when I got out of the door everywhere! 'Nobiter', 'Ring' is a 3D remake in 3D A lot of movie information such as the fear that Yuko really jumps out. The advertisement is also 'warm warm, with the appearance of ondol' and so on.

■ Goupe-Simple website creation service for restaurants starting with ¥ 1,050 a month
Launched ' Bun Dispatch Service ', where a bouncer protects the shop from the cramer, violence, and drunken people.

■ Punazaki Spring Pana Festival 2010
The free online golf game ' Suka and Golf Panya ' is actually a bakery, so it seems to be holding a spring bread festival.

■ Illustration communication service [pixiv (pixiv)]
The logo is 'pix v'.

■ 'Lateru' April 1st New Launch!
The online game 'LaTerle' announces the launch of the comic book 'Rateru'.

■ Paradise TV
We are delivering news such as 'Dutch Wife Pregnancy' with video on Paradise TV, the world's first adult variety specialist broadcasting station, which is being distributed simultaneously on SKY PerfecTV and the Internet.

2010/04/01 2:25
'There are over 200 unread e-mail messages in the news report.' 'What is it ...?'

■ Hatena Star
Ending star is flashy and becomes 'Hana star'.

■ Lie Notes-Post 'Lits' from DSi! New sense communication starting from a lie
A new service ' Lither Memo Hatena ' is released that allows you to write a lie from Nintendo DSi's memo pad and release it to the whole world.

■ The director confesses an impact! Top Secret Development Service 'Go! Not Notepad'-Hatena Bookmark News
It is discovered that the company is developing a secret service, a new service called 'Fuyaku Notepad', which is highly confidential.

■ Home page-Caramel BOX Official Home Page
'My virgin is in love with my sister' A live-action film and announcement of the second phase of the anime. By the way, I saw the first animation phase, such a cute girl can not be a girl!

■ Welcome to the 2nd channel bulletin board
A search link for April Fool's Day appears secretly. If you use a dedicated browser, you won't go to the top page, so you can feel fresh.

■ Hachibitz Fanatics
'The seal that has passed for a long time is removed, and the contraindication is finally revealed! Another' challenge letter 'that was erased by the blazing darkness! We are proud to offer a forgiving allegiance beyond that rule! 'I think that the introduction of the NES game of' Kiyoshi's Challenge ', and the actual play movie is up on YouTube, and what a truly playable free software is available for download, it is amazing Something is wrong but it's amazing.

■ Burning team! : Momo sister, PRESS armband does not fit. : So-net blog
'Today, I have decided that Momo's sister will join Pinkfighters!'

■ Sakura rental server | A company's super electromagnetic gun [railgun] | Sakura Internet
The tagline such as “safe even in blackout, complete power supply environment”, “safe even in trouble, quick support in space movement”, and a changeable logo, etc. are intricate. Kuroko, you're cute, Kuroko.

2010/04/01 3:01
I am hungry and want to eat something. Ahaha.

■ Notice of theatrical version wound story production
'All the staff, we are working hard to make you enjoy it.'

■ XNEWS-Japan's largest Xbox & activity information site-
With the fact that the male-female ratio of the Xbox 360 is as extreme as 9: 1, it has been reborn from the Xbox information site as the 'Japan's largest Xbox & activity information site.'

■ Kamei Post Office in charge of post-purchasing government bonds for postal savings-Ikeda Nobuo blog
If you read carefully, it is in the 'Joke' category but the content is extremely advanced, so there are victims immediately in the comment section.

■ AR (Augmented Reality) Big Tits Clinic
Since the augmented reality marker is distributed as a PDF file, print it and put a mark on the chest in front of the webcam and it seems that 3D big tits appear.

■ Angel Beats! Official Site
AngelEats! As for the first plan SSS lunch box, we deliver convenience store lunch box with steak, autumn sword fish and miso cutlet by tasting all items in Asa.

■ Scoop !! Get big size tablet 'iPadL' of Aplle exclusive!
Weekly ASCII publishes a real machine review of a huge tablet “iPadL (Iapple)” with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 dots equipped with a 16 inch LCD. It's like underlaying.

■ Footra β version
It is said that the daily magazine 'Futorra', which enjoys individuals, has been taken over.

■ CONCERTO GATE FORTE THE MOVIE-2010 Concerto Gate Forte photo film!
The free online RPG ' Concertogate Forte ' official site of Skueni and Gamepot will be mad, and a composite movie etc. with a misunderstanding can be played.

■ SmileBoom Records
Software development company 'Smile Boom' is transformed from a health-impairing business of software development to a somewhat motivating business of music publishing, and the viewing files that can be accessed from the 'DISCOGRAPHY' page are music personnel and the president (main MC) The result is that it is a very cheap work on top of it, and all the artists in the photo are representative directors ... (far eye)

■ New sense fighting game, Balmar Bertha Jobs-The Operating System Heroes
Originally ' ISW-Design & Wallpaper- ' of the design and wallpaper site is supposed to be swallowed by the tsunami.

■ 'Theatrical version Gintama New Translation Beni Sakurai' official site
'The TV series ended on March 25th, isn't it alright? I got off, I'm getting off. ' Therefore, 'Theatrical Edition Gintama Shinzoku Kotobuki' has been replaced by Shimura Shinpachi as the main character, and it has become 'Theatrical Edition Shinpachi Shingoi Hongzou'.

■ Vector Corporate Site: April Fools 2010
Until the software creator announces the software in vector, they will pay 50 yen per person 'sweets allowance' per day, and leave the download sales method and start the delivery method 'delivery service' by employees as a new provided service, smartphone 'vPhone ( We have packed a lot of things, such as the development of 'Viephone', and a new employee recruiting form that you can enter if you have a Twitter account.

■ Information exchange open space only for April 1 【Ryah mama】 Please access this site only when participating. . . . .
Information exchange for housewives 'Wire mom' changes like a liar game.

2010/04/01 4:02
At this point, let's go to the bathroom at least because the bladder will burst. Please.

2010/04/01 4:08
Even if it's cold, I'm in the process of cooking delicious ' fluffy kitchen ' in a range, and in the meantime, I'm in the process of restoring strength with Omoriya's 'Grilled ginger soup '.

The full volume of the WEB magazine Gungan ONLINE has been reproduced without leakage, and it has been unheard of 8162 pages.

■ INTERNET-April Fool's Day Project-Macklosoft, 'The boyfriend's IE was 6 ... I want to say goodbye ...' campaign
If the effect of this campaign is recognized, 'Your Boyd's Windous is Me ... I want to say goodbye ...' or 'My boyfriend's USB was 1.1 ... I want to Unplug ...' 'The boyfriend's Internet protocol was IPv4 ... I want to disconnect ... 'We are actively developing campaigns to create rivals, etc., and want to change generations of legacy operating systems and standards. Refer to this area for the original source AA of the image.

■ The company of Windows-[REVIEW] Media player 'DorarDVD' equipped with playback function of 4D video
When I actually watched '4D animation' in the editorial department, it was said that the editorial staff who usually worked on the top of the Buddha face too much could not suppress the excitement. By the way, the original material of the image is so-called 4 foreigners .

■ The company of windows-【REVIEW】 Next-generation paint software 'De-frag' using defragmentation screen
Software that can draw pictures freely as a graph screen of the fragmentation status as a canvas, and can actually fragment the HDD as it is.

■ Impress Peach Headline
Every year, there are a lot of false news that Impress sends.

■ Internal love promotion groupware Cybozu Office 0 (love)
Providing a communication tool with the effect of raising awareness of the essence of love for single men and women (including × and × plans) (= business people) who earn Japanese citizens, increase encounters between men and women, and reduce partings Groupware ' Cybozu Office 0 (Love) ' has appeared. The actual screen looks like this , and there are also introduction cases .

■ @ nifty: Daily portal Z
The Daily Portal Z has been handed over by several webmaster-led staff members since the start of the day, and part of the site function has been transferred to Delhi. And will be red if you don't change the hot water of the hot water bottle all the time.

■ 3D version Yahoo! JAPAN
Yahoo! has been three-dimensional three-dimensional using Microsoft Silverlight . Some can actually click.

■ Google Japanese Input Keyboard Drum Set Version
You can read more about this in the ' Google Japan Blog: A New Suggestion from the Google Japanese Input Team ', and there are lots of photos in Picasa .

■ 【Rakuten politics】 Let's go to the LOVE JAPAN election-Political contributions on the net
Hamako puts a bribe in Japan and a new party is formed!

'Semi-finalist Phantasia' business sale announcement, the product related to the game software 'Semi-finalist Phantasia-The Dark Queen's Lie Cry Legend-' which has been developed since 1999, 'Filmization up to 2345' Selling exclusive rights, animation rights in the whole of the galaxy, etc. all to a third party ...... and so elaborate game sites and movies appear again, so it is fun to click here and there. .

■ Tsuburuya Tsurubutter
A new Twitter-like new service unique to Tsuburaya Productions, which allows the popular mini-blog service of the country of light to be viewed from the earth. Tsuburaya station staff translates the tweets of ultra heroes and monsters and aliens such as 'Swatch!' And 'Fopfoff' while thinking 'K in Japanese', and there are actually many accounts on Twitter. It is interesting to be updated little by little.

■ Kanegon's 78 channel summary blog Z
The 2ch summary blog style which has summarized the thread of 2 channel. There is a thread summary, such as 'I am Ultraman again, but I have any questions?' 'Please tell me the dish that you can enjoy the twin-tails deliciously.'

■ Ultraman nice room
The corner seems to be very popular in the Schwashwa video. In addition, in commemoration of Ultraman 80's 30th anniversary, it seems to be broadcast live on Nico Nico live broadcasting from 12:30 noon on April 1 from Tsuburaya pro of the earth 'room of ultra man nice'.

■ Super-class update! │ Metal Saga New Frontier
About special update of mixi application of simulation RPG 'Metal Saga New Frontier' latest work that made full use of tanks.

■ Cafe Mai: lish Web
Maid cafe 'Meirish' in Akihabara is 'Space cafe Mai: lish'.

■ ◆ Mettsu-Intermezzo
'Shinra Company Airlines announces entering Ibaraki Airport' '12 years old for 12 years old and younger is 290 yen a month! New rate plan' boys gangan announced '' Gugule, construction of cloud-enabled data center over the sky 'etc.

■ Probably the world's first 'stained pants type glasses wipe' sale 980 yen-Akiba Blog
We further improved '(first generation) pants type glasses wipe' which was an appendix of the girl game magazine.

2010/04/01 5:36
Something has started to glow outside ... chu ... chu chu ... ...

■ Min Apartment | Top Page |
Singers and songwriters often sing the main role of the girl game and coterie games In the fact that the official site of Rika Katagiri is unknown.

■ TV animation 'Durarara !!'
Changed the top page to 'The Silence of Butlers (Leader: Yuhei Hashima)' in the movie. Also, if you click on 'Hajima Yuhei Profile', you will move to the detailed article page of Hajima Yuhei of 'Bunka Youkai' (the Wikipedia site in the play).

■ Google Animal Voice Search
The animals that are supported this time are only dogs, cats and pigeons, but in the future we plan to extend them to horses, cows, hamsters, rabbits, etc. Youtube movie is happy.

■ It is familiar to a brave hero: 3D
Mobile game machine for exclusive use of 'Brave's luxurious imitation: 3D' equipped with a hero's blink button is on the end, with a bonus.

■ Paper technique shooting! Paperman
To the site flavor of Sakai MS. ' Shoot and shoot! Paperman FLASH ' released in March 2008 can be revived and played.

■ Shirakawa Kotori Four big announcements! ! !
Four announcements from the beautiful girl game maker 'Circus'.

■ Welcome to the TYPE-MOON official website!
It seems that Saber etc. of 'Fate / stay night' started Tmitter (something like Twitter). The account actually exists on Twitter .

■ Normal service is underway | Koekko kid's coastal bus
'萌 萌 フ リ ー フ リ ー き っ き っ き っ 更 に 更 に パ ワ ー パ ワ ー パ ワ ー オ オ オ娘 娘 娘 娘 娘 フ リ ー 娘 娘 娘 娘 娘オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ オ child boy Launched.

■ We offer 'Moe transfer guide' on April 1!
GIGAZINE editorial department also plans to start providing 'Transforming Guide ', which is also used by ' Transforming Guide ' which is used every time a business trip.

■ It became 3D correspondence. 【Net Price】
Since there is a PDF file in the upper right of the official site, it is possible to create 3D glasses by yourself, and you are selling genuine 3D glasses ' 3D Anaglass Optical Galactic ', which has been commercialized for this time, for 50 yen.

■ It is April 1 today | teacup. Blog “AutoPage”
The funny thing is that the blog service teacup. 'AutoPage' is compatible with something like an iPhone.

■ Chino Chino
According to the blog of Chino Sugano who is a four-frame manga artist, 'I 'm sorry I will work this year ^^; ' and it seems that the live camera is broadcasting the situation of work.

■ Google Shiritori β
When Google searches for 'America' etc., there is a speech bubble below, and shiritori starts automatically. According to ' Google Japan Blog: Today we added a feature to Google search! ', It seems to use the reading estimation algorithm cultivated by Google Japanese input and a large number of vocabulary words included in the dictionary.

■ Rewrite | Key Official HomePage
The beautiful girl game 'Rewrite' where a project advances little by little every year every April Fool's Day game maker 'Key' is prohibited.

■ Google Map-Map Search
A button that enables 3D stereoscopic display has been added to Street View display.

■ I Michael Jackson THIS IS TWIT
Aprils Online turns into Michael mode and sings for WE ARE THE WORLD .

■ Room of Emiko | NC Network
The portal site 'NC network' for the manufacturing industry is renamed 'Seinen Network' and a virtual concierge 'Virtual Factory Search Idol * Emiko' dedicated to ' Emidas Factory Search ' seems to be distributed .

■ Work as a figure maker and Good Smile Company 'Takechan Blog-2 hours on foot to Ariake-'
In the 'se · I want to do Kirara, thank you!', People in the substitute, from Mikatan blog to introduce the product some Kimoi Take-chan blog. You can understand the reason if you read it.

2010/04/01 7:14
It's getting pretty bright outside. By the way, who is updating from 0 o'clock by myself is the editor-in-chief of GIGAZINE, yes. When someone somewhere came to the conversation 'April fool's articles do you work in the middle of the night?' 'The editor-in-chief is updating alone in the middle of the night, but something?' I do not feel like I did. The coffee I drank for a while was sleepy. Also, in the brain, the cowboy bebop ending ' The Real Folk Blues ' loops endlessly.

■ OPPOSITE SIDES-Two people back to back-
A spin-off cell-phone novel, whose main characters are 'Hetare Semei Detective' and 'Sassoy Uke Detective' of that popular movie 'Nendoroid detective', is said to be launched as a Flash animation.

■ Fuji TV
Google-like when you visit the top page of Fuji TV.

■ Bing
'Because Bing has become a cow search engine from today,' a strange message appears when you move the mouse cursor on the cow, and when it is clicked, it will fly to the search results.

■ A community for 笛 performers and 笛 freaks | A voice actor / narrator / community-like community moe club
The “Koe Club”, which is usually described as “a voice actor, a narrator, and a talkative community,” is the Hagi Club's specialized website “Hoe Club”. The logo has changed, and all the titles and rankings have been replaced with related ones. In addition, when 'Koe part' is input in the live chat system 'Koe part LIVE!', 'Fue part' and 'voice' are output as 'Kai'.

■ Aeronautical wholesale of affiliate ASP corresponds to iPhone
The affiliate ASP's cyber wholesale is compatible with the iPhone, or in the iPhone itself. Each button can be pressed properly, and recommendations are 'iPod', 'phone', 'shogi', 'amazon' and 'self-destruction switch'.

■ ef-no angel fairy top page
Production decision of TV drama 'ef-a real fairy tale. Without angel fairy' production decision, immediately discontinued.

■ JSN Rental Server I want to eat delicious bars! Special.
JSN Rental Server has nothing to do, but it is April Fool's Day, and it is a page that has suddenly been launched if something has to be done. The plan that the president eats a good stick only for the number of followers discount and the number of followers.

■ April All
' It's expected that April 2010 will be absorbed by Aprilall '. The new president is Shiodome Yu, a hijacker is a cat and a knight, and a scream 'does'. The illustrator is Ms. Korouka who works on railways and busses.

■ 'Siesar farm' start
' Notice from Seesaa: Sieser Inc. Social Game (?) Entry ?!' Sieser Farm 'begins! 'Siesar Farm-Let's all grow vegetables ...' seems to start from noon on April 1st.

■ Lavriel Plus
If you go to the front page of the girl maker 'Front Wing', it will be forcibly transferred to the physical language communication game 'Lavriel Plus'. In fact, demo play is possible via an iPhone-like interface.

■ Secret squadron Goranger official site
Cyborg 009 Official Site 009ing is the secret squadron Goranger's official site. Trial reading of Episode 1 is also possible properly.

■ manga communication service
It turns into an unreadable terror regulation SNS that is full of 'non-existent adolescents', 'regulations' and 'censored'.

■ Shueisha Novels New issue WEB literary art RENZABURO Renzaburo
All cute characters are irresistible to uncle egg.

2010/04/01 8:31
I was really thinking and thinking. I'm sorry, my eyes are out of focus.

■ Good Smile Company
The guy is back in the city where desires and noodles swirl ... 'Nendoroid 2'.

■ Lucent Heart | Lucent Heart
It has been decided to make a major debut .... And GM Yuichi was dissatisfied with the fact that he wasn't called for an event recently, and was arrested because he was wandering the city with a pair of pants.

■ 巨大 商 | Akidoonrin
We are looking for a title proposal from the user to renew the new title. No. 1 popular, of course, 'Big Tits Den.'

■ 2ch copy and save Dojo
It seems that it has been bought by an alpha blogger-like site called alfalfa kozique.

■ If you listen -Whisper of the Heart-
Ghibli has invested in the debris cleaning business, and the 'Spirit of Chihiro Chihiro' Blu-ray version has been released.

■ 柊 (SNOOPYbot) on Twitter
'Kuckin Idol I! My! My!' Has not started Twitter ...... not Kore, but Snoopy is wearing Min-chan's skin. What a mess!

■ Mobile bulletin +
Mobile bulletin + that had been taken by someone, what happened to the site has been hijacked if you click on 'Please do not read the article.'

■ Right Eyes Eyes Detective 11 EYEs ◆ New Project Launched!
The beautiful girl game maker 'Lass' is planning the sequel to the animation '11eyes', and scheduled to be broadcast in winter 2011 with the title 'Yuji Right Eye Detective 11 EYEs'. It seems that 'there is a future that can be saved by the pupil that reflects the future <screen>', so it is desirable to have an early production as soon as possible.

The girl game maker 'Unison Shift' is decided to animate 'Chu x Chu IDOL' and it will be broadcast overseas on April 28th. The character design is very cartoon-like, and seems to be popular. The messages are all written in Roman characters, but some of them also say, 'I want to be animated in Japan'.

■ ALcot Official web site
The game and childhood friend of the girl game maker 'Alcot' is the president's fan disk 'The disappearance of Yukino Sakuragi.' The title has been heard somewhere, composition that has been seen somewhere. It will be released on December 21, 2012, so it will be exciting for about two and a half years.

■ Dengeki Bunko 'My sister is so cute there is no reason' beta version official site
From the light novel 'my sister can not be so cute', it is said that 'stardust uitchchi merru' will be broadcasted in the autumn of 20100 with the acclaim of 'stardust uitchchi merle ' with the cheering of a big odyssey. I think that 'I sister' itself is being animated in 18000 years.

■ Fujimi Shobo | AiON of Bohai Sea
We are preparing 'Magical Girl Magical Astrology' as a spin-off of Yuna Kagezaki's Gakuen Densetsu fantasy manga 'Aion of Aikai'. With the aim of developing simultaneously with the main story in the summer of 20010, it is said that he is currently writing hard. The year 200010 has been awaited.

■ TV Animation Devil Girl Miracle ヒ Hinakuru Official Site
'Evil Girl Miracle 魔 Hinakuru' starts at 8:30 am on Sunday. Wallpaper and ending movies are available for ' Fun '. According to the broadcast schedule, it seems that the broadcast had already started from March 28th, I missed it !!

■ [NS] Get a prototype of the Second Tendo 3DS! Introducing compatible software
What a Nintendo 3DS just released recently and get a report. I did not think that naked eye 3D was such a thing.

■ channel trip summary site
The line of letters on the site of “That there is un.enim.hc2priT” and the summary site of the trip prevention function, which is 2 channels, has been from the right. It is very difficult to read.

■ 'Don't drink'
Last year's animation was decided 'super limited mugenfiniti', character settings and world views etc are exhibited this year. In addition, the hot theme song ' Our courage is infinite! ' Is being distributed.

■ A diary of love of Ellily older sister
It seems that it will be around 4500 AD when Elle returns to the home planet for bride training and tits maintenance, so during that time it will be the 'Diary of Erieri Sister's Love'.

Is Arcan 'Arkana Heart' participating in 'BLAZBLUE' of Arc System Works? So, you can play a little mini game .

■ Exam Corporation
In conjunction with ARC SYSTEM WORKS, EXUM's site is also in 'BLAZBLUE' vs. 'Arcana Heart' specification . At the ' Arcana Heart 3 ' site, you can see the amazing heart and Angelica saying 'Majide ?!'

■ I love it!
'Virtual net idol Chiyu 12-year-old' is said to have been renewed and thoroughly pursued ass 'Bush as favorite!' Images, sentences, and feelings from the bottom to the bottom are transmitted, but it is a bit hard to see in a company or school.

■ 'A liar is the beginning of a thief' proved statistically: bogusnews
The survey found that '90.2 percent of those who have had a thief act had lied,' and this turned out to be ridiculous.

■ The Netbook of the person who makes the homepage has joined Gigazine *-GIGAZINEta
Mr. Yamada of 'A neta book of the person who makes a homepage' joined GIGAZINE-like something, the interview is published.

■ Domino Pizza for Delivery Pizza
The ultimate seafood pizza 'TSUKIJI' has appeared with limited order online.

2010/4/1 12:21
I am hungry ...

■ Arika website
I was supposed to be a game maker, but somehow I was on top like a rice ball shop. Where is your order or wallpaper?

■ Mutsumi Windows (windows7_nanami) on Twitter
As Microsoft Windows unofficially tweet information on Windows 7 and Nanami Nanabe is an examinee student, Mutsumi's sister appears as a substitute. Instead of Windows 7 information, I am muttering Windows Vista information.

■ Browser game 'The Castle of Heroes' Official Site
I thought 'Castle of Hero' or 'Castle of Hideo'. The elves on the left side of the title also become crossdressed elves ....

■ The truth of Tornosu | Tornos overseas flight ticket · travel search and reservation site for foreign hotels
The feature of the overseas travel reservation site 'Tornos' was torn off! In that case, it uncovers the truth such as 'free ticketing fee and not for free discovery fee' and 'It is not a cheap ticket but a flight ticket (Kazusan and Yasu's ticket)'.

■ Queensland
'Queen's Blade' is an amusement park with a crowd of popular characters.

■ BaseSon official homepage
While banned under 18 years old, 'BaseSon' announces 'Magical Girl Chemical Koihime The Movie 1st'.

■ 'Hayabusa' intelligence? 'Samui' 'Mau' and say
The asteroid explorer returning to earth seems to have started muttering with 'nau'. In addition to AstroArts, the astronauts' wakeup calls of each generation are in a 3-disc CD compilation, and the proper name of Minami-Fujiri Alpha α is 'red'? Also the news that.

Magical Girl Pretty ★ Bell
It was supposed to be the official site of Comic Blade, but it has become a site of a bodybuilder who got a job with a magical girl. It is a nightmare.

2010/04/01 13:10
It was raining when I went outside to buy lunch. Well, today is rainy ....

2010/04/01 13:40
Lunch is completed. The unread number has further increased.

■ Asahi Shimbun's flash news site
It looks like you're delivering regular news, but if you look closely, the photo news is just a dog. The Asahi Shimbun seemed to like dogs.

If 'Raba Q' became 'Raba 窮' and I thought that I could eat it on the blog, I would not have such a thing, and I overwhelmed the poor life.

■ Konko marriage | Price comparison site [] Koneko net
From the price comparison site to the kitten marriage site. It is equipped with 'coneco meow! W engine' which can find the target neko in 3D glasses correspondence.

■ YouTube Japan Blog: Help TEXTp reduce YouTube data transfer and communication costs
The YouTube Japan Blog is equipped with TEXTp mode that converts and displays all videos to characters to reduce communication costs, so it is appealing that you want it to be used. You can use TEXTp mode for videos actually uploaded to YouTube, so please take a look at various videos.

■ Milky Holmes, long-established candy maker and dream collaboration, sold in Yokohama and Akihabara !?-Milky Holmes Project
' Detective Opera Milky Holmes ' developed in PSP games, radio, and animation (in preparation) produced 'Milky' in collaboration with the famous Sanoh family.

■ Bikini Hotel / TOP page
When I interviewed before, there were only pretty female sales clerks, but for some reason there was a replacement of members and I was only a sales clerk like Ega . There is a special movie limited to today , but it seems to be overwhelmed by too much shock.

■ Your tears and morning glory bouquet Official site -ZipperSoft-
2ch summary site 'do with zip (^ ω ^)' is transformed into the game 'Your tears and morning glory bouquet' official site. In addition to super luxurious staff, it is a wonderful specification that only the main character is full voice.

The game company Nitroplus establishes Nitroplus Film as a related subsidiary, and distributes 9 works including ' SONICOMI ' in which Mascot Girl and Super Sonico appear.

■ 'Theatrical Edition' Flag Heshiri Otoko-Breaking Heart is the Universe-Official Site
The movie expected by 'Hamham soft', 'Theatrical version of the flag-a man who can break-is a universe-'. The logo looks like 00 and the subtitle looks like Zeta.

■ Next-generation data center using “Sakai's Inspiring”, reducing electricity costs by up to nearly 40%-Slashdot Japan
Aim for power consumption with naive instincts using ghosts' 'carelessly irritating spirits'.

■ World Masterpiece Theater 27th 'Small House on the Great Prairie ~ On the banks of Plum Creek ~'
Animating the sequel to 'The Little House on the Prairies' ... I wish I could. A cast that looks gorgeous and nice is set.

■ The order I saw.
A word to April Fool in its own '□ 囗 font'.

■ The popular characters at At Games are finally animated! “SelfyTown Story -Crail in the Dark-”
The official site is open and wallpapers are being distributed that popular characters are animated in @games.

■ Excite
It appears that there is only ordinary news, and konjac appears next to the logo. Kore is an ' excited English translation konnyaku ' with the same function as that secret tool.

■ FPS war game WarRock (Warlock)
If it was WarRock 4, it was the sixth generation of fish. Who are you?

2010/04/01 15:07
It's a snack time, but I'll do my best as unread stories will increase. By the way, it feels like the number of sites has increased so much since last year ...

■ Bandai: Toys
It seems that people in the Web applause are selling something. 21% discount also, how was the original price put ... ....

■ Goods that can be used even by weightlessness jointly developed by NASA and Sakamoto (Sakamoto Blog)
It is said that the pencil cap, the brush case, the ruler, the accessory case, and the eraser are made into a block shape that can be jointed, so that the stationery which can be used without weight can be said.

■ Press Release April 1, 2010 【Reporting the acquisition of the “Beer Beer” brand and acquisition ”
The local beer company Sankt Gallen acquired Kanagawa Prefecture, which is probably the best beer brand in Japan. It is really sold for 24 hours on April 1st .

■ The solar system The fourth from the one close to the sun-Town information on Mars: Rental Property Site 'CHINTAI'
Let CHINTAI 's service 'Daily City Search' fly out of the earth and check Mars's housing information.

■ Alfa · MARS PROJECT Former alpha system materials
It seems that they have already made a prototype of a humanoid tank around 1940 by discovering materials of the predecessor company of the game company Alpha System.

■ This is Shinki Development Today's morning edition | Armed Shinki SPECIAL
The development of Konami's Armed Shinki series seems to have come to an end, and a newspaper article 'Life-sized Armed Shinki Development is coming up' is published in the Advanced Industrial Newspapers on April 1, 2040. According to the article, it appears that the revision of the robot handling method is likely to give impetus by the appearance of life-size divine princess.

■ Eden of the East -Future Call- SPECIAL SITE
'East Eden', which was thought to have been completed in the movie bisection, will be a live-action film, and it will be a film for the next spring. Truly Juice, 'Stylish' is also excellent response to the request.

What's April 1 limited model 'MINI FOREVER YOUNG EDITION' comes up. It is said that it is an edition made with the effect of rejuvenation when riding on the MINI.

■ Battlefield Karma-Hangame
'Baby of the battlefield' which seems to have an episode like a soldier who can match up on the battlefield, but that battlefield was an all-you-can-eat barbecue. The tears do not stop with the smoke that burns the meat.

Special Force-Hangame
Because there is a carbi (beef grilled meat), it may be a pig, 'special poke'. The menu on the right has also been finely changed.

■ Browser game 'GYOKUJI-At the time of launch-' official site | Enter Cruise
Because there are cows and pigs, it is not strange to have chickens. The 'fried chicken' is so delicious that I am really happy.

■ Shingoes Japan Railroad Museum Can-Curly updated news information about Kintetsu fans and rail fans-
The Kinki Nippon Railway (Kintetsu) specialized site has changed to a muscle iron specialized site. We are delivering news that muscle steel will build a department store and a hotel in front of the two dead blue anima station, and that it will introduce a 'deer exclusive car' at the 130000 Festival of Normal Transition.

■ 2nd-bus ~ April idiot ~
The site looks like a railway site, but the content is a bus photo site. The connected bus is wonderful, isn't it?

■ ETOILES | Etoiles April Fool's Day Elle: PrieR Looking for a piece of happiness Spin-off work 'Konmi-chan' Crisis'
A bomb search game like mine is coming to ViiWare. If you clear it and register it in the online ranking, you can see a muffy image so I want to do my best.

■ Cellphone セ セ え っ
I do not know that it is a PC, but it looks like the character looks like graffiti when viewed on a mobile phone as follows.

■ DLsite: Doujinshi Doujin Game Doujin Software Download shop-Top page
At, which downloads and sells games etc., it seems that the in-house staff has drawn the image character in response to the downturn. It is a character of subtle taste that can not be called a dot picture or an illustration.

■ [Limited] 100 million yen software | Internet / Other | Greva! Software
Software download site Greva! The software of 100 million yen how appeared in. It is worth 100 million yen, and it is recommended for users who are rich in their minds and pockets.

■ Hitotsubashi Shimbun On-Line-'Politics and Money'
At Hitotsubashi University, classes will be offered called 'Politics and Money' in which leading politicians and presidents of construction companies are in charge of lectures. It seems that you need to buy a ¥ 100 million party ticket to take the course.

■ Studio Rikka
Rikuo's sister, Naoko, will be the leading role in the second phase of Eve's time . It is denied immediately, 'Of course it is a lie !!!', but I would like to see the activity of my sister, too.

2010/04/01 17:15
It is Kusanagi element that 'the sea of the net is huge', but it is really wide ......

■ b-boyWEB
Call for a protagonist and a busy Yoshida role in the 3D feature movie Spectacular Flaky Movie 'Aizu's Big Choice'. At the same time, it is also recruiting 1,000 female extras to treat Yoshida. I just shudder to the misery of the recording site just to imagine.

■ Lunascape7α WAVE
Released WEB browser 'Lunascape7 α wave' that can be operated by brain waves. 'It is essential to fulfill the mind and body by the hidden talent and continuous training', and it is an unreasonable specification that it is a problem on the user side even if it does not work well. Is it the same as nobody can get on Eva?

■ Indiana Jones: INDY JONES.JP
Indiana Jones seems to be playing an active role over the secrets of South Park .

■ Near watering news bulletin @ 2ch bulletin board Tsushima garrison
The red and blue characters are displayed overlapping so that all the writing of the thread pops out in 3D.

■ It was a great deal
In contrast to 'Reinvent yourself,' which has cool design sites, 'Feel it!' Which is a collection of sites that have a sense of handmade or WEB 1.0 flavor is open.

■ Sale of super high-rise apartment 'The Tower of AION' begins to sell!
If you go out to the veranda, even breathing is dangerous, and an apartment tall enough to surpass Tokyo Sky Tree is on sale.

■ Ami Shinoda official site [Kagerou's Tomb]
As soon as you access it, you can eat the Pomeraion with a glance at the site.

goo movie
The goo movie seems to have been occupied by aliens. It is a specification that an alien or a human being is checked at the entrance and a jump is made to a site where the language used for each person is used.

■ TOHO Examination Guidance Academy-University Examination, Preparatory School, Imitation, General Education Institution
It is too clever and looks like a normal school entrance site in a glance. Tohodai, Sohoyama's main subject is music, but Toho University of Science thinks what kind of curriculum it is.

■ livedoor's bulletin board: What's the message board (β)?
Bulletin boards installed on countryside, the moon, Stonehenge, etc., specialist staff of Duke Togo, with rifles in one hand, are placed for anti-corruption measures.

■ Wanted! «Event Theme« JUGEM | Free Blog JUGEM
The staff is wanted for various minor crimes.

■ Easy, easy, heart full. Welcome to the world of dreams you can play for free | Heartful Online RPG Emil Chronicle Online Official Site
The ECO car that I heard somewhere is on sale, but ECO is an abbreviation of 'E = er', 'C = this is really', 'O = is it interesting?'.

■ rental server 'heteml'-heteml web seminar
A class of lavish instructors named after the acupuncture and moxibustion mainly offer seminars on how to do anything with God's request.

2010/04/01 19:53
Now I was moved or cornered to move and change the office. It's a window.

■ tv asahi | TV Asahi
If you click on the lower left 'Blood creature' or the 'in-game' stand, a typing game will pop out such as 'terrestrial digital stop decision' and other ridiculous phrases.

■ Very popular ★ new arrival to family series! Cheap accessories mail order sun jewelry
A girl may become addicted at one time, and a sun jewelry may finally sell guys. I feel something deep in the place where the price is [boyfriend] brother] brother.

■-Movie version-Charging squadron Solar Ranger
It seems that Red will be a home guard and Purple will be a film of a squadron that has an age and a pretty dreamless element.

■ Let's go by train B Official site
It's really ... it's Simshi ......

■ Search result first place display tool | Free SEO tool
A tool that displays any URL in any keyword. I tried to put in words appropriately, but it would be 'Anime' but 'Frisk' but it was displayed first.

2010/04/01 21:00
Seven-Eleven chocolate chip stick pan got tired. I would like to eat regular rice.

■ Yui Hirasawa is a student
Hirasawa Susumu's personal site is all K-on!

■ The page
Mr. Takatsu Carino's official site 'Uronna page' of WORKING! Is udonized. Chara-ben style udon is set at the top.

■ STUDIO is a town group Toho sweets
Toho sweets such as cakes with radiation marks and ice with a barrage of strawberry flesh are on sale, but they seem to have been virtually abandoned by mail because they are eaten up by Yuyuko.

■ ★ Nico 酎 · Nico raw liquor 酒 b sales office ★
A realistic notice that you should sell if you've done this far. Moe sake is already sold in various places, so it has a true taste.

■ Akiba Research Institute-'Emercial Memory' released! Hilarious chip adopted-[Akihabara general information site]
The criteria for what to do with strangers seems unclear. In stock shop Iwaku 'Koizumi Junichiro products for fans' and a little old commentary is tasteful.

■ Paper technique shooting! Paperman
The site of online shooting 'Paperman' is like a portal site. The appearance is quite similar, but the omission 'I can not do anything for login' is also ambitious.

Commentary site of software becomes religious site. 'The descendants of human beings who have acquired the technology to trace the time in the future are the' gods 'as we say in other religions, so you can understand that Michiru Asahina is a god.

■ softhouse-seal & Re: verse & GRANDEE
On the top page, the company's game content has become a newspaper article. The part of the newspaper advertisement is fancy.

For site design that is likely to offer a solution like a business like for Eroge Maker. The management policy that begins with 'Responsive, my wife.' Is excellent.

■ Fly to the world! Free rental costumes → April Fool | Overseas travel review site-tabi []
As for cosplay = Japanese culture, a service to lend clothes for free at Narita Airport has started. However, it seems that the passport will be seized in exchange for the costume.

■ Acher (Acher)
It seems that I tried to make GPS devices and PDAs, which are ever smaller, with the idea of reversing. The name is also 'Acher (Acher)'

■ 893 cafe
A cafe where you can taste Yukie's friend Yukie's feeling is open at home and Hiroshima at Tsuji and Tsurumaru. There is only a web shop that deals with rotten women's content, so the skill is fine, and I really want to go if there is really.

2010/04/01 22:59
The light of the firefly has flowed in the brain.

■ 801 Error-busy with Net Surfing
It is said that the author of 801 next door is very busy to see April Fool neta.

■ [Scented recipe] Makoto tofu: Tweet recipe
If you rub a photo of a delicious merbo with a mouse, it seems that it smells strange. The reporter thought that 'it would be difficult to reproduce unless it was a high spec PC' and gave up in about 15 times.

■ Queensland
A theme park where you can experience the world of Queens Blade. A variety of hiragana-style stylized captions such as “Statto Monokkei is recommended as it is recommended!”.

■ Exerica
Special supplement of 'properly the film archive clams beneath disk (aka, hemp-chan disk)' is worrisome.

■ 'Hundred Flowers Rebellion' official site
Basically, it is a 20100-year-old animation in which a plump female maiden plays an active part with a pattern that abs is divided into six.

■ ★ glasses daughter café
If I order glasses cleaning liquid will it be drunk? It is a little fear.

■ Monthly rental studio “HACOSTUDIO LUNA”
The cosplay lending studio has finally advanced to the moon. It seems that there is a demand for the Layers per Gundam.

■ TINAMI manager's update diary 【[Important] about the website tampering damage caused by the new virus
The thumbnail images of all the works have been flipped to the left and right, apparently because of a new virus called 'Higittsu Seisei Shonen' (Japanese name: adolescents in Japan).

■ Chichimeka-Digital Cute
Although the game is a daunting game of fostering a dog and making debt in a chara pattern. Even a trick to make only the little girl leave the little girl.

■ 8 ways to conquer a school * Characters
What a novel setting that you become a woman when you pour water ...!

■ Famitsu Wave DVD
A runaway by the letter of stopping the book, the characters dancing on the cover are about to break.
■ Lollipop! The movie 4
A youthful nature often found in recent Japanese films is produced by the uncle lollipop in a good condition.

2010/04/02 00:17
You can finish the goal already. In a word, I make a goal. I decided. ……good night.

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