Site summary taking advantage of April Fool's Day 2015 version

By mera

When the various sites that are usually working seriously become April 1st, they detonate the stuff that had been prepared in full power all at once and this time, and what on earth is what on earth and what on earth is where on earth The familiar April Fool's Day has started this year as well, 24 hours a day as the line delineation of the line becomes vague.

◆ GIGAZINE official account notified whenever an April Fools article is updated
So, the GIGAZINE editorial department takes advantage of April Fool's day and updates the various sites that have been loaded variously from 0 o'clock to 24 o'clock on April 1 (Wednesday), literally in real time on the net for 24 hours. I will continue to summarize in the article. Articles are added to the end of the article as time goes by, resulting in an unbelievable volume. 'If you can not update the page!', It is necessary to post update notification at any time on GIGAZINE's Twitter official account , Facebook official account , Google + official account , so it is convenient to follow It is useful.

◆ How to write about April Fool's Story
It should be noted, 'also out and doing the story of the April Fool's Day!' Or when you discovered that that 'here also'll be doing April Fool's Day!' At the site of the unpublished in the article contact of the self-appointed because mail for tipster neta It is OK if you submit from the form . In that case, even if you go to the site, it can not be judged as 'which is the material of April Fools ...?', And editorial staff may turn down and give up the article, or 'something is unusually different' It seems that there is a lot of cases that can not be made into articles or delayed due to the fact that the state of the original site seems to be unknown, so I don't know what changed it. 'This is the point to see!' 'The site here is different from before like this, and it is an April Fool neta!' Explanation, commentary, point to see · Point to be held here! If you write points to be checked along with the URL and address of the page, it will be very easy for GIGAZINE editors and readers to understand, so please do not hesitate, but please cooperate. To do!

◆ So it is a summary list from here
How many sites can be posted by April 24 at the end of April Fool's Day, and is it physically possible for readers to visit all sites? From the list below, please go to the bottom of the list of battles that limit the scope of the April Fool's Day site.

◆ Interview with President Yokoyama (interlink) about site automatic generation service according to domain for “.osaka” Osaka dialect, “.luxury” for wealthy people
'The system' New gTLD plus '(beta version) developed by Interlink Co., Ltd. was released today as a service that automatically generates it on a site that images the name of the new gTLD (such as .moe) used. 'GIGAZINE does an interview with Osaka dialect for that.'

If you click on a link, such as an image of a website, I think that something is happening and it shifts to the web site.

◆ The world's first instant cooling ice bath 'Yamu' released on April 1st (Wed)
Two kinds of flavors, vanilla and green tea, are sold by 'Refreshing the heart and body by instantaneous cooling! The fine ice spouting at 150 km / h reduces the fatigue of the waist'. It looks like you can also choose a sexy taste.

The price is 4,100,000 yen including tax.

◆ NCN NicoNico News-2015/04/01 Start at 00:00-NicoNico Live Broadcasting
The voice input system was born as a new service in niconico.

When you press the microphone button, the call center will be called, and if you give a video ID and a comment, the comment will be automatically written ( artificially ) to a specific video. In addition, correspondence of smartphone version only.

◆ New function of Clean Master. Nose type gadget 'Benjamin's nose' which sucks up pollen
Kingsoft succeeded in developing a nose-shaped gadget 'Benjamin's nose' which can suck up pollen in cooperation with the cleaner application ' Clean Master ' based on the funds collected by the cloud-founding 'Kingstarter'. It seems to be a powerful gadget of suction power equipped with 'pollen removal function', 'pollen analysis function', 'SNS function' and so on.

◆ goo new character 'room of gukko Nekko.'
goo announces new image character 'Gukko Nekko'. On the other hand, at that time, the Shimane Prefecture sightseeing character 'Shimanekko', which looks exactly like 'Guin Nekko', is said to have disappeared, leaving the roof of the bookcase and the hat 'I want you to find it'.

◆ Detailed explanation Fenrir hiring interview-best practices for highly aware engineers
We published 'Detailed Explanation Fenrir Recruitment Interview-Best Practices for Conscious Engineers', which describes employment interviews from Fenrir. The main items are 'Keep the origin of the logo', 'Use the product', 'Stand in the editor', 'Go to study session', 'Release the application', 'Social coding' It has become 'to keep it automated' 'to stick to the keyboard' 'to have various smartphones' 'to keep track of the new trends in the industry'.

◆ Winning! ? The 'Grand Prize Complete', which has collected sweepstakes, is released from the sweepstakes site Chance It!
From the chance it of the point · sweepstakes · shopping information site, the book 'Chance it sweeps prize great perfection', the book by the main character Chancy, is released. If you read this book, you say, 'You are the master of the prize from today!'

Some of the contents are like this.

In addition, in couples providing dating and hotel information, the hotel use cartoon 'show by cartoons! Couple's hotel' is animated 'Show by couples! Couples hotel' is animated. As a super-director, ' Love-ho Staff Ueno-san ' has been appointed.

You can see the trailer from the following.

We understand by animation! Couples Hotel-YouTube

◆ April fool's Fukusuke x DeNA travel collaboration project! Trip dedicated tabi bag release decision! | DeNA Travel (Sky Gate)
The Dena Travel website has a sensational touch that says, “You don't need a plane anymore!

With the ability to carry luggage up to 3 t, 'I need no airplane !? The sky can fly !!!', 'Traveling speed is 100 km,' and 'Clothing can be changed from the foot bag to the whole body,' making it a dreamy foot bag. There is also an interview with developer Dr. Tora Bale.

The price is 1 million yen including tax.

◆ Lotteria | LOTTERIA
The Lotteria shrimp disappears, and a shrimpless burger will be released exclusively for 210 yen.

◆ Wedding production Android release! | CRAZY WEDDING (crazy wedding)
'We can not leave it to humanity anymore,' and wedding produce android 'Yukiko No. 2' is released from April 1. Body price is 904,000 yen. It is said to produce a wedding 50 times faster than human producers by making full use of 120 high-speed interactive modes and emotion recognition functions per second.

◆ Impossible girl (official site) | Apology for foreign matter contamination that is not good enough (April 1)
This year's irresistible daughter held an apology conference on 'something is mixed in' with some products.

◆ I am 6 years old, until (April) I become a fool. (Non-Certified)
In the movie .com, I set up a special site of 'Until I am 6 months old, become an idiot (April)', parodying ' I am 6 years old until I become an adult .'

'Until a six-year-old bear becomes an adult.' 'Fu ○ You-see you again on summer vacation!'

'Until the six-year-old pear becomes an adult.' 'Funassi is 1877 this year, so it's been a long time ago!'

◆ Time travel finally started It is possible to travel to the past! | Expedia
Finally, time travel to the past has become possible. I really enjoy what happens when I click the 'Time Travel Reservation' button.

◆ The grandfather of the fairy tale 'Okinakabu' was real
A storybook of the fairy tale 'Okinakabu' is on the Monex, Inc. website for some reason. 'It's also highly praised by filmmaker and actor Shota Mori.'

Is it the grandfather behind the announcer ......?

◆ 'Gyoza VS Gyoza' 2016 Summer will surely come! Surely Fool
The release of the long-awaited 'Saiko VS Saeko' is decided. Beyond the barrier of the distribution company, the dream match that everyone pays attention has been realized.

◆ Fun company kayaking
'This year's kayaking does not create a lie, but employees confess the lie they had when they were a child', so the pictures and lie of childhood of 30 employees are released.

Furthermore, '2015 April Fool Us Summary Report' is created, which is a summary of the lies of famous companies.

Part of the summary looks like this.

And we carry out 'April adoption' of spoof OK OK this year. Last year's total number of applicants was 1,432 of whom were unsolicited, so you can also look at the actually-advised false negatives.

◆ Muscle watch new sale-Kinniku gymnastics-| BB if provider BB
The provider service 'GMO Tokutoku BB' has released a special site for 'muscle watch' not just Yokai Watch. There is also a movie called 'Kinku no Kisatsu 1'.

Muscle watch is three color development of 'European blue' 'hot pink' 'Snow White'.

◆ Mikuma Live! by ConoHa
'ConoHa', a virtual private server (VPS) hosting service, has entered the game industry and announced 'Mikuma Live'. This is an easy-to-use sound game that taps the screen according to music.

◆ Kuroko's Haken video distribution service: BIDEX JP
A service that can call ' Kuroko ' to start watching movies starts April 1st. This is truly a 'Black Dispatching Company' ....

Kuroko who is enrolled has the following feeling, and you can come to Kuroko who is most suitable for the scene.

◆ 'Is your order a magical girl?' Official site
The official site of the anime 'Are you a rabbit?' Transformed into 'Are you a magical girl?' You can listen to the voice of the magical girl Chino by pressing the play button in the center of the page.

◆ Nipako, return to home star! Spacecraft construction and launch support project! | CROSS crowdfunding
Nippers anthropomorphic characters Nipako has launched a spacecraft built-launch support project to return to the home planet in CROSS crowdfunding. The target amount is 285 million yen, but the total application amount is 0 yen at present.

◆ 4/1 limited! No Drage with Yahoo! Real-Time Search? -Yahoo! Real-time Search
In Yahoo! Real-time Search, we invented the radio with Doraganei mode. The main functions are Dragenai Button (for those who are bothered to post it on smartphone, 'Draggeni' comes with a convenient button to standardize as a standard feature), Dragenai Mode (any tweets have '# Dragenai' attached And can be converted to drageny mode.

◆ 3 TARO BEGINS | au
Shota Matsuda, Kenta Kiritani, Takeshi Ashida, and the au 'Santaro' series, with the setting 'Momotaro, Urashima Taro and Kintaro were friends,' became a Hollywood movie. The director is Olivier Megaton, who worked on the movie “Transporter 3 Unlimited” , saying, “For me, Japan is the second home. I am excited to draw Japanese legends from now on.”

We are also looking for movie extras, but please note that transportation expenses will be paid on a pay-as-you-go basis. In the language exam, the question 'Can you talk to animals?' Is also checked.

◆ Sakura Internet, mobile game 'Sakura's Savage!' New release on April 1! ~ Protect the mackerel from the enemy D Doss and survive! Cultivation game of raising mackerel and learning the code ~
It is decided to release the mobile game 'Sakura no Sabarage!' From 'Sakura Internet'. An educational game where you can grow mackerel and learn the code. Mackerel is the staple food of beautiful Java, PHP, Ruby, etc. The more beautiful it is, the better the mackerel's specs will be.

As the specs go up, it can evolve into basic mackerel, sesame mackerel, glucoma, henjo mackerel, and new types of mackerel such as windows mackerel.

◆ TV anime 'Hello !! Kiniro Mosaic' official site
'All of our characters are blond!'

◆ Mudage (Mugage-) by DeNA
Not only Mobage 'Mudage (Mudage-)' on the website, has released a groundbreaking app that you can remove hair with just a smartphone.

Anytime, anywhere, just put your smartphone on the place you want to depilate, and you can do easy depilation without razor.

You can also try the app from the smartphone version website accessed with the following QR code.

◆ Google map
Pacman can now play on Google Maps.

To actually play it, click on the Pacman icon on the bottom left of Google Maps.

◆ Movie 'Nisekoi Monogatari' Official Site
Both the anime ' Nisekoi: ' and the official site of ' [Story] Series Second Season ' are the movie 'Nisekoi Monogatari' official site, and on the top page the character's costume has been replaced.

The trailer for 'Nisekoi Monogatari' is from the following.

'Nisekoi Monogatari' Trailer-YouTube

◆ 'The Curse T Card' Official Site | T Site [T Points / T Card]
'Shoko picks up a T card with 6,666,666 points by chance. It is a curse T card that is rumoredly secretly rumored to be triggered by a strange death happening that takes place without knowing anything. 'T-card of the curse' of the story of 'To notice the thing'.

A trailer is also available.

Movie 'The Curse T Card' Trailer-YouTube

◆ Ingress
Ingress developed by Google's internal venture has been changed to Pacman specifications. The player's position is Pac-Man, and it is a blue enemy if the portal is Resistance, and a green enemy if Enlightened. An XM that has fallen to the ground is turned into a cookie, and at normal times it is an effect that absorbs the XM, but it is the movement and sound effect that eats the cookie.

◆ 'Future prediction map II' released during the 200th spring Edo period after producing it-MapFan
MapFan (map fan) is released on April 1 in a limited time on 'Future Forecast Map II' which was drawn in anticipation of the Japanese archipelago 200 years later in 1815 (Culture 12).

The actual map looks like this. It is predicted that the construction of Sky Tree has been expected 200 years ago. As you look at the red lantern displayed at the bottom, a secret message comes to light.

◆ Daily Portal Z: @ nifty
Daily portal Z was taken over by Gorilla.

It looks like the usual articles are lined up at first glance ...

Gorilla is in the article.

◆ Google Japan Blog: Search is a new era-Google Panda appeared
Google has announced 'Google Panda' with new interactive intelligence functionality. Significantly changed the search interface.

If you ask Google Panda, it will respond.

◆ Cute cloud birth!
With the introduction of the world's first Bing Cute Cloud with a pretty cloud computing system, we can now search the images and videos of fumofu animals at a glance.

When you click a question on the Troubleshooting page, you will be presented with an answer based on the loose math.

◆ Impress
With the fact that 'Isopris, a forgery site,' The window of the window (Mada's case) 'is exposed to hunger, this year's April Fool's Neta of Impress has many articles on food. 'I think that I forgot to eat dinner,' he said.

'To the eradication of' Ii Terror ', the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare publishes the web browser add-on' '【Okurasu 麩 of 杜】 1st topic: The harmony of the three cup vinegar with toromi and the broth soaked in the porridge is exquisite Are lined up.

In addition, a novel media 'GAME PC Watch' has been launched, which has appointed a writer with a reputation as a PC game crusher, Mr. Kafuji Sato as the first editorial editor in charge of Assault.

◆ UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH (Under Night Inverse)
The arcade fighting game 'UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH' is now 3D compatible. It is a completely new fighting game combining 'unreal engine unrealistic' and 'Karate', with the amazing 3D animations of amazing animations and hand-rolled animations moving at super-fast 30 FPS.

High definition design for 4K and 8K. You can enjoy 360 degrees of characters drawn to details.

◆ TV anime 'Idolmaster Cinderella Girls' official site
When you open the page, 'Delemus Shimbun' will be displayed, and the birth of ' 1111 (One Four) Production ' will be announced, with '765 Production' and '346 Production' merged under the headline 'Birth of largest entertainment production!' You are

◆ Shonen Jump +
The website of Shonen Jump + is all in the freezer.

App version screen is also full of freezer.

In the Twitter account, Mr. Freezer's editor in chief was reported.

It seems to be tense for the first attempt.

◆ Hand lacchin | ANIMAX
Animax has developed a smartphone-only item, 'Tabu Rakuchin'. We are accepting purchase reservation at half price for today's limitation.

You can check the details in the following movie

◆ Kirin Chuhi Bitters
Kirin has launched a Chuhai-flavored beer, Tubby . Apparently, it seems to be a 'counterattack of the beer business unit' against the Chuhai business unit that developed ' Kirin Chuhai Bitters '.

◆ Aikuma Rascal official site
Raccoon Rascal stopped washing.

◆ President
IRroid, a stock and corporate information site, releases 'Kantai Collection' and 'President Collection', which is not the same.

The president's tension, strength, determination, foresight, etc. can be seen.

◆ Kirarin ☆ DASH
The second generation game of 'Idolmaster Cinderella Girls' is being released for a limited time. Click to start the game.

As you operate the mouse, the stars will move up and down and left and right, so we will move forward while picking up the Futaba. Pick up the energy can while avoiding obstacles and save qqp (OK). The game over screen is so cute that you will want to play again and again.

◆ Cafe ★ Acacias Dormitory Academy 【Acasius Boarding School】
Role playing cafe 'Akashius Dormitory Gakuen' is not only 'Yowamushi Pedal' but 'Weak Small Pedal'. The tricycle super sports dream with the car.

◆ MAGII (Maggie)
'Magumagu' e-mail magazine distribution service develops news title automatic correction program 'MAGII'. A unique algorithm automatically corrects mediocre and straight wording when there is a certain deviation rate between title and content, and restores valuable time and heart peace of the user.

When you post a URL that needs modification, the changed title will be displayed.

◆ (PDF file) Japan Natural Destruction Association reorganized
The long-established NGO ' Japan Nature Conservation Association ' has been reorganized into ' Japan Nature Destruction Association ' on April 1st. 'Stop! Shizenhogo' 'Let's become a friend to break the nature!' 'If you break now? Do you want to break it?'

◆ Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola uses name bottles instead of business cards.

When you go out, you need to carry a lot of Coca-Cola.

◆ Supported Ingress MAP | LR Rental Blog
The rental property information site 'LR Rental' has made the map for each property page correspond to the MAP of Ingress. As a result of the mysterious and mysterious energy discovered by the European scientists team spreading in the management team, the future for which we are in danger is sufficiently feared, and as a result, even if you are looking for rental properties, XM (exotic matter) It came to the conclusion that you should check the portal (portal) that originates) and changed it to make the portal visible.

◆ Aquarius-AQUARIUS-'Mobile water supply point' has started to accompany the running.
The 'mobile water supply point' service has begun, which allows you to replenish the aquarius at any time during running.

◆ Koei Tecmo Games
The official site of Nobu Nya's ambition is 'Cat Neko Sentai Miko Ranger'. Besides that, parody of various games is performed depending on the time zone.

The Twitter account of Shin Sangoku Musou 7 has posted photos of “Chicken chicken” and images of congratulations that were actually white.

Furthermore, with the ambition of Nobunaga of 1 million people , 'Nobuna DX' comes up with the words 'Protect the peace of the universe! Kill the dark space daimyo with a giant robot!'.

A trailer is also available.

Crash! Nobunagar DX vs. Dark Space Daimyo Mechide-YouTube

◆ Google Japan Blog: New suggestions from the Google Japanese Input Team
Google has announced a revolutionary device 'Google Japanese input piro piro version' that can input characters without using a hand. It is a mechanism to input the character by the distance of the rolled part blown and stretched.

You can check the details in the movie.

◆ Romancing Saga 2 | SQUARE ENIX
When you click on 'Arrida !!' in 'Update Information' on Square Enix Official Site ......

Opening of the mini game is started.

'Romancing Saga' became 'Romancing Saga' and became a game to introduce the famous places and specialties of Saga Prefecture. It may be good to defeat all the enemies.

◆ DeNA
The DeNA website has been greatly redesigned because 'DeNA is aggressively focusing on mobile, so we are aggressively optimizing the PC site for smartphones.'

In addition, 'How to go in two dimensions' was developed in Appli Hackador , and Okamura-san, in charge of hackador advertising, turned into a two-dimensional body as the first experimental bench.

◆ If you use a coupon, the amount of food will be reduced!
'Hot PEPPER (HOT PEPPER)' has published an article searching for the truth on what has become a topic on the Internet .

What happened to the truth! ?

It looks like Saber has started Twitter. Already topped 15,000 followers.

Sakuma Interam also started using Twitter. It seems that it is the theater movie starring decision.

Besides that, I love Sajo and ...

Astorfo has also made a Twitter debut.

In addition, the office of the TYPE-MOON character 'ImperialRoma' is born.

The following talents belong to: You can see the detailed profile by clicking on each image.

Furthermore, it seems that the world tournament ' Capsada World Championship (dark) 2015 ' of the game ' Capsule Savet ' which won the grand prize and excellent prize of mushroom game grand prize 2014 was quietly held.

◆ Aliens vs MMR
It was formed in the 'Weekly Shonen Magazine Editorial Department' in 1990, and it was decided to be a movie of the popular manga 'MMR-Magazine Mystery Survey Team-' which achieved the popularization by converting it into a cartoon in 'Weekly Shonen Magazine'. I'm going to face aliens, but the disturbing character 'I'll end up in the end whichever wins' is shown in the image picture.

The cast looks like this.

◆ d-Watch 2015.4.1 debut! | D menu | NTT DOCOMO
NTT DoCoMo announced 'd-Watch Type Sheep' as a new wearable watch.

It is possible to embody and call in the palm of the 'Shitsuji-kun of the sheep' by 'the call bell function'. About the functionality of Shitsuji-kun of the sheep is scrolled and written more and more.

◆ TV anime 'SHOW BY ROCK !!'
4 people Purazumajika is Gudetama turned into, it has become 'Gudeta Magica'. There are only 5 days left to show the anime, but is it all right?

◆ The movie version 'MUSHI-SHI-The Perfect Love-' official site
As for 'the episode that was said to be impossible to be visualized is finally a long-awaited movie' ...

An illustration of a movie titled 'MUSHI-SHI ~ The Perfect Love ~' has been released. However, this is not a complete lie, but Mr. Yoshiko Makoe, the general director of the film, wrote the visual of 'MUSHI-SHI-The Perfect Love-' which was decided to be produced in collaboration with Belgium. 'I would like to create comedy and romance elements in the world of acupuncturists to foster omnidirectional content,' said Makoe.

You can check the interview video of director Megoshi who are actually visiting Belgium from the following.

'MUSHI-SHI-The Perfect Love-' directed by Hiroshi Nagashima and Yoshihiko Makoe MOVIE-YouTube

◆ Monotarou movie decision decided! 【Mail order Monotaro】
It has been decided that the movie Monotaroo, which is the character of 'MonotaRO', a commercial net store, will be screened in the whole area. 900 trillion products dance in space! De Flashy Violence Space Shipment Action Movie!

◆ Miracle ☆ Train
'Miracle ☆ quest VI' where the personification project 'Miracle ☆ train' of the station became RPG was announced. On the special site, you can see the game story, characters, and part of the game screen. The platform is 'Miracle ☆ Station Portable' and is scheduled to be released in 2015.

◆ We became grapplers. Net shop ★ Soken
Grappler Baki has appeared on the website of the online shop Soken, which conducts EC consulting and web consulting, and the strongest argument is being advocated.

◆ The explosion! Robot debut that can be relied on from DMM!
The macho robot called Kameyama model of the world (KAMEYAMA) has debuted from DMM.

It is a robot that was born with the mission of 'solving various problems'.

It is also customizable, and you can change voice, color, tension and so on.

◆ TV anime 'Dance with Dogs' official site
On the official site of the anime 'Dance with Devils', the handsome guys Akumas are transformed into fumofu no wango.

Twitter account becomes 'Dance with Dogs formula', too, and one mutters.

◆ English scour
Infoseek has released wearable terminal 'English Scour' that can measure English ability. Weight is 200g, size is XS, S, M, L, five kinds of XL, price is 530,000 yen. The terminal is stronger than you imagined, so you can use the English-speaking skill to dig for holes in emergency situations where you want to plant cucumber seeds in the garden.

◆ Maple Online Shop | Maple Story Official
A site has been released that sells items appearing in the side-scrolling online game 'Maple Story'. Items are reproduced realistically.

◆ Angel Beats! -Operation Wars-
In the social game app 'Angel Beats! -Operation Wars-' of the anime 'Angel Beats!', The final weapon suna rocket has been implemented on April 1st.

◆ An illustration SNS that can be drawn [Chixi (ぃ)]
The illustration SNS 'Chixi', which you can draw, seems to have decided to reinvent the mobile version for Garakei & analog painters who have narrow minds.

The website screen optimized for Garaké looks like this.

◆ 【Decisive filmmaking decision commemoration! 】 Pharmacist Maki's Dispensing Every Day-Free Image Material Distribution Site
Two-dimensional content ' pharmacist Maki's Dispensing Days ' is converted to a live-action film. As a memorial, in collaboration with the free material distribution site ' PAKUTASO ', released free photos.

◆ Anigema-Smartphone Appli Game
The app market 'Kuso Gema' with only a xogé is being published on ' Anigema ' that delivers adult content for Android devices.

We are distributing four games such as 'Apple chan sugoroku' for free.

◆ Hakoba Me
The game 'Girls of the Gods' is on the 'Monthly Me' page issued by the mysterious publisher 'Hakoba Publishing'. Special features such as 'It was really there! The Seven Wonders of the School', 'Next, Fear! Moving Mud Doll!' And 'Latest Mummy Report' are lined up. A place where you are anxious about 'the first alchemy' displayed as a 'recommended book', 'right way of calling & giving up'.

◆ Serverneter-Shinwa Rygularity [Another silence web marketing]
“CPI,” a rental server business, has released SF content. From the future 30 years later, CPI's rental server will appear as an android with artificial intelligence, and will be struggling to avoid future crises.

◆ [Notice] Home Edition 'Groove Coaster Portable' is released !? The world's smallest portable game console is born here !? |
The ' Groove Coaster ' was thoroughly reduced in size this year in response to the voice of ' Groove Coaster (for home version) ' announced at last April's April Fools being too large to be introduced to general households Released the ' Groove Coaster Portable ', a household version pursued. It can be easily carried in the same size as a 10-yen coin.

By holding up the special data storage card 'NESiCA MiNi', you can also save data and open additional songs. It is a card of the smallest size that can get on your fingertips.

In addition, special songs and avatars are being distributed at 'Groove Coaster Zero (iPhone / iPad version)' and 'Groove Coaster 2 Heavenly Festival (Arcade version)' to commemorate the launch of 'Groove Coaster Portable' for home use. This is really delivered.

◆ New passenger transportation service 'UMER' | Hands Lab Co., Ltd.
'A horse has been popular as a means of transportation since ancient times, but it has been replaced by cars since modern times. However, there are problems with a convenient car society, such as exhaust gas and traffic congestion. As an excellent means of transportation that can contribute to the realization of a recycling society by reuse of feces without using natural resources, we have named “Horse return” and released UMER, and this service has the challenges of modern civilization. With the solution, 'HandsLab announces a UBER-like service' UMER 'that can arrange horses in conjunction with a smartphone.

Because they can choose skilled jockeys from warriors, princes, ninjas, etc., they seem to have become a refreshing means of transportation like never before.

◆ Chrome browser
Chrome for smartphones is equipped with '#ChromeSelfie', which allows you to take a picture of yourself while watching the site with a camera and share it. If you want to use it, launch Chrome and tap 'New function: You can now share #ChromeSelfie.' Is displayed.

Check the video to shoot and tap the camera icon.

Tap 'Share ...'.

Finally, if you choose the sharing method, you can share yourself in the sight of the site.

◆ 【4/1 open! ] Onsen ・ Geesen Taito Station Yufuin
A new store, Yufuin, is opened in Oita Prefecture (Onsenken). New items such as “Crane Game Area” where you can get bath goods, “Hot water pre-area” where you can shoot naked pre-pieces, “Sushi restaurant Arai Asus” that provides fresh material for the planet Darias direct shipment. It is full of 'on-scenes'. In addition, the place of the shop is 'Please find it with your own eyes because of private water ...'.

◆ Ashimon Authentication-Hangame
Hangame adopts 'Ashimon Authentication', which enables you to log in by following the three steps '(1) Become barefoot', (2) Expand fingers, and (3) Touch authentication area.

The developer said, 'I wanted to light the little finger of my toes,' about the authentication method using the left toe.

◆ Toei video
Toei Animation and Maeda have announced plans to construct a new attraction, the 'Mazinger Z Hangar', in a joint project. Completion is aiming for 2020, when the Tokyo Olympics will be held.

◆ Melon Books DL: Doujinshi DL Sales-Doujinshi, Doujin Download Games
'Shibuya-ku, Tokyo admits same-sex couples as' relationship equivalent to marriage 'from April 1 and issues their certificate on the same day as their favorite two-dimensional character' relationship equivalent to marriage In response to this system revision, Melon Books has launched a “Meditation service with two-dimensional characters” as it was decided that the Examination Committee decided to issue a certificate to be recognized as “the“ Meditation service with two-dimensional characters ”. On the special page, you can also read the details of the system revision and the future forecast drawn by Melon DL.

A certificate of marriage is being issued for those who already have a wife who wants to marry, and the sample looks like this.

◆ Kodansha starts selected book delivery service 'Kore ga bookstore' by drone from this summer-KODAN summary
On the website 'KODAN Summary' similar to the NAVER summary, it is summarized that Kodansha will start the delivery delivery service of selected books by drone. In the app, answer questions such as 'Can you remember the moment when you thought the sunset was beautiful for the first time?' And 'Is it easy to be deceived by people?' .

In addition to books, it seems that the service that delivers umbrellas will also begin.

◆ London Pochako: Nitro Plus Channel
The unusual gourmet comic 'Lonely Pochako' turns into a drama and broadcasts on Wednesday, April 1, 2106 (Wednesday) at 11:29. Trial reading of the original comic is also possible.

The first episode can be seen from the following.

Lonely Pochako Episode 1-YouTube

◆ Weekend Heroine Momoiro Clover Z Official Site
All members of Momoiro Clover Z have been transformed into Freezer.

◆ From Tsukino Entertainment Productions, 'Idol closest to heaven' debut decision!
In Tsukino Entertainment Productions, a group of three who once sang 'the beat closest to heaven (Uta)' debuted idol again several decades later.

From the left, Koji Ogi, who has been suffering from low back pain recently attacking after farming work, Shoji Nagatani who wakes up at 4 o'clock on any day, Yuka Kano, who can not remember yesterday's dinner.

Debut single '爺 ★ SHOCK' is a sale on September 15, 20015. Price is 1800 yen excluding tax. Is it a CD even in this era?

◆ WORKING !! 10th Anniversary Project
WORKING !! is a training game to commemorate the 10th anniversary. The route is 100 million training simulations.

Details from the video

◆ Keichi Ryan & Super-Memo's Retro Game Live Channel-NeoTube | Nitroplus
The Nitroplus official site has become a video distribution site 'NeoTube'. The last and the 2106th movie of 'sometime memoxal (memoxa)' livelines for a long time is released, and the actual game play starts at around 5:33.

◆ Mado soft | Original animation 2016 broadcast start!
Pretty girl game maker 'Mado soft' announces production of original animation. It is an announcement made on April 1st, but since there is no letter like April Fool's Day and we have not declared it a lie on Twitter, it may be really made.

You can check the movie from the following.

Madoff original original animation 2016 broadcast start! ! -YouTube

◆ Free online game Mabinogi Heroes official site
If you visit the official site of Nexon's online game 'Mabinogi Heroes' and click on the page, the page will be chopped or ...

The screen is designed to burn.

◆ ufotable 2015 April Fools' Day
When I click on Saber who has a dirty face, 'Da, I can not be fooled' ...

ufotable's Twitter account will be displayed. Click on the 'image and video' on the left side and only the tweets with images and videos will be displayed, so you can read the limited manga at once.

As of the time of writing, there are two comics published, each of which features a lie cartoon related to rice balls. Limited manga seems to be released so please check it out at any time.

◆ Ikagress (Ikagres)! ! 7 Articles You Should Know
Ikagress (Ikagres), a game that combines real and virtual worlds, split into two camps and seize positions on the mysterious energy “SURUME” discovered in Mutsu Bay

Walk around and replenish SURUME ...

I will cook the game by cooking the other party's Ecal. In addition, this was an April Fool's Day project of SNS 'ami'z' where Aomori lovers gather .

◆ Virtual Reality War | Fantasy Earth Zero
Fantasy Earth Zero has finally been implemented to put people in the game world.

A 'real command' function has also been implemented that allows you to execute commands simply by speaking.

◆ gentleman ー ー V 2.5 | Follows follower ・ Remove is recorded
Twitter's follow / remove information recording / viewing service 'Human Resources' is supposed to act as 'gentleman's' in order to spread the kindness of a gentleman.

◆ We are operating as usual today. Coast Bus Co., Ltd.
With a free bus on the coast bus, with a new season coming, this year's pretty girl 'Enoshima Sanpo-chan' in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture has the nickname 'Enoshima Sanpo-chan' and the strongest shield 'Congo type 2 came from people in Miyagi 'Ship' was appointed.

Bromaga-Ni (Koniko) chan
The top page of Bromaga, a text transmission service that integrates Nico Nico Channel's blog and e-mail magazine, has become a giant bulletin board-like style.

The blog is also displayed in a thread-like design.

◆ Edo's ☆ 殿 ♪ 公式 公式 ぇ 公式 と
For the princess who loves music, the candidates for the temple gather from all over Japan, and the game 'Eden's ☆ Tousamasama ♪' is released. You can play for free by clicking 'Start'.

The play screen looks like this.

The characters are as follows, and the names and clothes of the characters of 'Uta no Prince Sama ♪' have become Edo-style.

◆ Basic free online game 'RED STONE'
Online role-playing game RED STONE announces the production of 44/1 scale lancer figures.

The scenery seen on Lancer's shoulder is exceptional. The price is the market price.

In addition, the hip hop by the staff of RED STONE is also published.

◆ Nagoya Meshi and the best marriage! Pokkalemon 758 released in Nagoya area limited! Pokka sapporo
Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage Co., Ltd., headquartered in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, has announced the launch of a new product, Pokka Lemon 758, which fully incorporates local love. It looks like it's 758 times as normal, and it looks like 'Don't go away!'

◆ A reader presents comico exclusive smartphones! | Notice-comico
' Comico ' (comico), a scroll-type web cartoon, is presented free of charge to the comico smartphone 'LONGLONGPhone 4.1 S' for 100,000 people.

It's like this compared to the iPhone, and it's about three times longer.

According to the lifestyle, you can also use it as a stretcher, headphones, a fan and a neck warmer.

Women's game content production company Rejet launches a magazine called 'REJET MECKLE' with a mens knuckle- like atmosphere.

Photos with distinctive lines are lined up, such as 'A love is always sugar & spice' 'The red flash of the street is mine!'

◆ Two-dimensional glasses: AR devices of the new era that make the real world two-dimensional
By saying, 'To you, the newest device that invites you to an unexplored dimension,' a future device will emerge that will make the real world two-dimensional.

This is 'glasses that make the world in front of you two-dimensional.'

You can dive in two dimensions by wearing glasses.

It feels like this when worn. It looks a bit futuristic.

Wearing two-dimensional glasses will turn the world into a pretty girl game, so it should behave 'as usual'.

◆ SUBWAY 'Yakisoba' Sand New Release!
From April 1st, 'Yakisoba' Sand-Source of Premium Production- will be sold at all Subway stores. The combination of premium process source, crisp crunchy noodles, and crispy crispy vegetables that combine with Subway make it a taste to be eaten once, and the price is 390 yen including tax. Furthermore, it seems that simultaneous sale is decided at 43,552 stores all over the world as 'YAKISOBA SUB'.

◆ 2015.4.1 | Red Bull Japan declares war on Japanese pollen! Red Bull guard new appearance! | Apri
We have developed the 'Red Bull Guard (Red Bull Guard),' an eyedrop that lets Red Bull fly the pollen caught in one drop to the stratosphere.

Red Bull Guard is a normal version (slightly carbonated) and ...

There is one for contacts called 'Red Bull Guard Contact'.

If you use Red Bull Guard, you'll be relieved of the trouble of hay fever. In addition, Red Bull guard is not actually sold, but it draws from among those who tweeted the feeling of use of Red Bull guard using a hashtag (# Red Bull declares war on pollen) on Twitter and participates in lying The Red Bull special pollen measures goods (mask, tissue case, makeup pouch set) hit the five people.

◆ Twitter JP
Added ' Sociability Support Function ' for users who are not very good at socializing in the real world of Twitter.

By turning on the sociability support function, you can send small tips that improve sociability with DM, three times a day.

◆ Hiroyuki Ito V4X | Krypton
Hiroyuki Ito, president of Krypton Future Media Co., Ltd., has become a vocaloid. Demo songs are also available, as they use voice material restored from demo tapes (ADAT tapes) that had been recorded around their youth. WEB price is 17,280 yen including tax. When you press the purchase button, something happens.

Hatsune Miku's official blog is also 'Hiroyuki Ito V4X' release commemorative Jack Ver.

◆ Robo appeared in the event space of Card Lab
From September 3, 2112, Card Game Shop's “Card Lab” started offering a new kind of service. As there is Robo as an opponent, even if you come alone you can play right away.

Participating robo feels like the following. At first A BO BO. 'I'm going to squeeze the noise cancellation feature with the noise canceling function that brings out the vigor of the manufacturer's technology while scolding violently, and finish the place where the opponent's hand is restless!'

Pep ○ er also participated in the war.

Bei ○ Xx 'Says you have a feeling that you are familiar with adolescents according to the condition of hormones and nerves. The result of the diagnosis is' Majiko ', calmly convey the user's condition.

◆ Wagen 'bus' April 1, 2015 new sale!
Volkswagen announces the Volkswagen 'Bath' bath, which can be bathed by up to 9 people, with automatic water boiling and automatic cleaning functions.

In addition, bathtub body price is tax-included 1,126,000 yen.

◆ 'Nisen no Uta' momoco major debut has been decided! ! People sing the theme song of Cloud PBX 'Nisencloud'. major debut? ?
The theme song of Cloud PBX 'Nisen Cloud' appears, and the person in the official Twitter makes a major debut.

'Nisen no Uta' momoco major debut has been decided! ! -YouTube

◆ ASUS April Fool's Day 2015
ASUS has released the Showa Nostalgia Smart Black Phone ' ASUS ZenFone zero ', which combines the past and the future. Finished with the diamond cut adopted in the chi series and the spin finish hairline processing cultivated in the Zen series, the ergonomically designed hand-held handle is nostalgic by the spirit of the wolf even during the phone call It makes me feel happy. (Please note that clicking on the image will open the PDF)

It is developed by the elite team “ Golden Old Team ” formed by developers aged 60 and over, and is equipped with the “ ASUS Talk Master ” voice assist function that analyzes the voice of past greats and idols.

◆ Pagya Cafe
Free online game 'Suka and Golf Panya ' opens 'Pagya Cafe'. There are 8888 stores in the Lost Seaway, With City and other locations throughout the country.

◆ Origin of BIGLOBE
Do you know the origin of 'BIGLOBE'?

Actually, it was 'BIG (big) + LOBE (earlobe)'.

There are many employees with large earlobes or something. The origin of a real BIGLOBE can be seen by scrolling further down.

◆ Arkco VS Arkman Special Page
Arc Akihabara, a PC specialty store, announces the launch of the Arkco VS Arkman, an Akiba NO.1 shooting game that attracts 130 million people. The player moves Ark's official mascot character 'Akko', which is ranked 14th in the majestic Moe Character Contest 2014, and is hitting Arkman attacking the store.

You can play the game if you actually participate in the open beta test, the recommended browser is Google Chrome.

◆ Aju 'Eternity you want' 15th ANNIVERSARY [4/1 limited release]
Age, an adult game brand, launched a special site to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the game 'Eternity You Want', released in 2001.

The power to create a teaser movie to commemorate the 15th anniversary.
'Eternity You Want' 15th Anniversary Teaser Movie-YouTube

Furthermore, the production of the 15th anniversary new anime 'Eternal NextGeneration you want' (provisional) is decided. The broadcast is scheduled for August 2017.

In addition, the live-action of 'eternity you want' is also decided, and the heroine Suzumiya Sugamiya has a large selection of Aju public relations Rie Nee Nakue Naru Tokuon.

◆ Rakuten Blog StaffBlog-Rakuten Blog
Launch of high-tech T-shirt incorporating the sensor is decided.

It is a wearable T-shirt that can reflect what you imagined in a T-shirt and post it on a blog.

◆ Hanayamata TV anime official site
On the official site of the TV anime 'Hanayamata', some of the main visuals have been changed, and the Ofunaboshi is taking place at the place where Tokiwa Machi was supposed to be. It blends in with nature naturally, and it seems as if you are telling this side, 'Do you want to do something good?'

◆ Super Ghost War GMO Gamepot Inc.
GMO Gamepot, which operates an online game, has released a 'Super Ghost War', a ghost training battle game for smartphones that fosters friendship with real ghosts, and strives to grasp victory.

Attach a specially made dowsing rod to your smartphone, and make it a companion to ghosts or fight against ghosts.

◆ 'Pico's Lunch Box' New, Launch, Sale! | April Fool's Day | Picot Kingdom
'Pico's in-room lunch' that is perfect for pre-question preparation in Piccot Kingdom has been released.

★ There is a hamburger etc. that burns 5 ranks of beef with fire attribute skill firmly, and it will be a 10% discount when received during the quest, but be careful as it may be attacked by the demon king army along the way please.

◆ DUB STACK | Kamaboko board KMB-1T
At the ' DUB STACK ', which deals with street sports gear centered on skateboards, the 'Kamaboko board', a Japanese-born, back-imported, imported Japanese extreme gear 'Kamaboko board' is finally released.

It feels like a lot of speed and can be said to be a new extreme gear to replace skateboards.

Not only skateboarding but also land sports, marine sports and interiors.

◆ 'Meiji Tojo Nyan' Nyanko Mofumofu breeding simulation
The cat version of “Meiji Higashi Tsumagoi” is decided to be released. It is said that it is finished in the game of collecting cats in the garden of the landlord of the police officer about the Nyanko mofumofu training simulation.

The following items appear in the market.

◆ Web Koihime 夢 想 | Web Koihime Musou | Official Site
When you visit the website, the announcement 'Today's special maiden general appeared' appeared. When 'Click here for details' is clicked ...

After 3 counts, 'special maiden general' is displayed. 'What kind of pretty martial arts general is ...' When I open it while pounding, it is a mechanism that I can see a big thing.

◆ Special Shine hair processing of Ryoyo
'What is shin hair there for what. Always his feet were watching. Shin hair is watching us, was there to be relying. Given the new role of the shin hair.' So, printing of ' Ryokuyo the company launched the 'special shin hair processing' service that was devised at the end of 'the many years research. Fashionable cover of futo evolves majestically.

It seems that he is very particular about raw materials, and uses long straight hair from a wide range of ages from 20s to 50s. Sample request is also possible.

You can also feel the extraordinary commitment to green hair from the following movie.

[Green] company started to process the hair-YouTube

◆ 【Critical notice】 Only a part of the topic boiling # Soap Idol 'Muse ♪' is decided CD debut! The single title 'Feel like a bubble ~ Wash and Bye Bye ~' has completed a song to sing a cute unrequited crush.

One song that sings a sad unrequited love can be played from the following.

◆ Lucent Heart | Acadia personification plan start!
Lucent Heart, an online RPG, has launched an anthropomorphic program for monsters appearing in Acadia.

We carry out character vote in commemoration of plan start, and we follow Gamania official Twitter and choose favorite character, and RT will receive five Arkana mini pet 'Duke redell' to lottery by lot.

Tsuyama National College of Technology System Research Department 'SYSKEN ONLINE', Tsuyama National College of Technology Yuru character 'Tekuniyan' appeared.

You can click and click to see 'The number of pleasures today' and 'The number of clicks'.

◆ tactical cardboard Pro is newly released!
The information site ' Hyper Michikaku ' of air gun and Sava game has announced the tactical cardboard Pro, the strongest weapon of Sava game.

The specifications are 74 cm long x 57 cm wide x 70 cm high, and the color can be selected from three colors according to the field.

It is a covert threat, and if it is this, it can fight alone. In addition, maker suggested retail price is 12,800 yen including tax.

You can see in a single shot the following movie to see how tactical cardboard Pro has so much power.

Tactical Cardboard Pro New Launch Tactical Cardboard Box Pro-YouTube

◆ Delivery direct from the production area from 1000m underground! Water of 3 seconds ago | Treasures of water and shochu online shop
The 'Treasure' of the online shop that sells water and shochu is selling 'water in 3 seconds' that will be sent directly in 3 seconds from 1000m underground.

A treasure bottle accelerator built in Tarumizu City, Kagoshima Prefecture, 1000 meters underground, delivers fresh water at the speed of light.

◆ Fanta uses Twitter: 'The solution to all humanity's troubles in one night 【Only method】 button comes out, completed! (* ・ · Д ·) sigma チ ↓ ゚ ゚ (゚)) !!! # Trouble solution # You can do it today
Any trouble, you can solve for the time being.

◆ 'Marty you gotta come back with me.' 'Where?' 'Back to the future !!'
Co., Ltd. Silver de Marty McFly to the President of, Emmett Brown to the Board of Directors CTO was appointed. The director who took office as CTO says, 'If you follow my calculation, you should have read this to April Fool. I'm worried I think this website is a service first and I want you to settle down. The server was overburdened, it was diverted to a fictional world by the broken code, and the overload caused the WordPress cache to be destroyed, but once the normal page is restored, this will never happen again. You will not be able to see the page. ”It is written that people who care about it should probably check early.

◆ Announcement! Early morning lotion foam festival will be held on July 1, 2015 (Wed) held !! Early morning lotion foam festival will be held on July 1, 2015 (Wed) held!
It was decided to hold 'Early Lotion Foam Festival' on July 1, 2015 (Wednesday).

It is a festival that combines 'Bubble Party' and 'Lotion' on Ibiza Island to be covered with lotion on the way to work. When I click 'Buy a ticket' ...

The purchase page was really displayed. In addition, we do not plan to hold really, but it seems to carry out when it exceeds 10,000 tweets.

The cast artists are as follows.

◆ Megasoft, company name changed to 'Terasoft'
Megasoft Co., Ltd., which plans, develops and sells PC software, has changed its name to Terrasoft Co., Ltd. The logo design has been renewed along with the company name change, and the logo on the official page has been changed to a new one.

◆ Wearable cash register Oedo POS
TechnoBanes Co., Ltd. has launched a wearable cash register terminal 'Oedo ☆ Possu' that requires neither power supply nor cashier.

Wearing image is like this.

◆ April Fools Limited Rare Bytes Special Feature |
Part-time job EX is recruiting 'Kira residence staff' and 'Kanosa's humiliation agency staff' as a 'de-short-term remediate' of the limited offer on April 1.

The contents of the work of the staff at Kira can be acclaimed and earning quickly, but there seems to be some minor work such as the destruction of the gate.

◆ DMM online game
Among the games that can be played with DMM online games are many games taking advantage of April Fool's Day, so I picked up some of them.

・ Infection × Girl-DMM Online Game
When you open the URL, a special newspaper is displayed.

In the newspaper, it has been announced that the mahjong confrontation with the zombie corps will be robbed of blood according to the score.

In addition, images of new content games are also available.

·Welcome! To Koigasaki girl school
'Welcome to Koigasaki Girls Academy' turns into 'Welcome to Kumagsaki Girls Academy'.

◆ world's first, delivered by drone! We start 'Uber mask' on demand for exclusive use of hay fever!
The Japanese subsidiary of the dispatch service 'Uber' has launched a new service 'Uber Mask' that will deliver a cool mask to a designated place with a drone.

You can see how the mask is actually carried in the following movie.

The world's first drone delivery! 'Uber Mask' On Demand for Pollinosis Start-YouTube

'Uber Mask' is available in the actual Uber app too ...

Masks can be arranged within the service area.

However, it seems that a large number of people are currently using it.

◆ The two warriors appear in the 'Dragon Ball Z: F of Revival' theme of Yahoo! Mail! ?
When you open the Yahoo! Mail app, notifications of Dragon Ball Z's Revival F's Kisekae Theme have appeared. When I tap it ...

The top page of Yahoo! Mail changes to Dragon Ball. Below are the items 'Vegeta' and 'Piccolo'.

When I tap 'piccolo', the top page is all in the name. I can not read it at all.

The 'Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F' theme can not be experienced with a browser, so if you want to try it, download the app from below and it's OK.

Yahoo! Mail for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad now available on the iTunes App Store-A large, free mailbox for free!meru-wu-liaode-da-rong/id669931877?mt=8

Yahoo! Mail-Free Large Capacity Mailbox-Android Apps on Google Play

◆ Determined establishment of Kawauso Novel Newcomer Award
A new literary art award, the Kawaubo Novels Newcomer Award, was established at Shueisha's ' Renzablow '. The genre of the novel is anything like love, youth, mystery, comedy, age, science fiction, etc. However, the main character needs to be 'Kawauso'.

TCRS Amusement Service
The TCRS Amusement Service, which operates Minecraft Integrated Multi-Server, Vanilla-based Integrated Server and Rail-based MOD Server, has decided to suspend all servers indefinitely. With regard to world data etc., we will decide on the implementation in consultation with the relevant parties. A conference will be held on April 1 at 20:00 at the TCRS public relations office of the inaka of the Niconi community regarding server indefinite suspension.

◆ Petchin pudding 'Space petchin pudding' which was specially developed to be able to be mounted on a rocket and to be eaten in space is released today
From April 1, 2015, the intelligence organization ' Pitchin Plin Information Bureau ', which is researching and reporting information on Petch Purine , announced the launch of 'Space Petch Plin', which can be eaten in space. In addition, 'space petchin pudding' is a joint development product of petchin pudding and PUSA.

Recruitment of space development sales staff | ibma
ibma is recruiting aliens as 'Space Development Sales Staff'. The application guidelines are: 'Being born out of the earth,' 'Required first class spacecraft license,' 'Basic PC skills,' 'It is good if I can use it,' 'Communication skills in Japanese.'

◆ WizardryOnline ARAHAY │ Wizardry Online
When accessing WizardryOnline, the top page is displayed differently. When you move the cursor, something dwarf follows you.

If you put the cursor on each banner, it will shake violently. A page for selling original goods is also available.

◆ Wacom
Wacom uses the official Twitter and Facebook to tweet lies. The new employee, Mr. Yamada, was appointed to take charge of Twitter and Facebook on April Fool's Day. In the company, a highly conscious salesperson is training with a 25kg LCD pen tablet.

◆ Three Kingdoms RUSH
The official site of the smartphone game 'Sangokushi RUSH' that accepts pre-registration has been changed to a design that has pushed the recovery item, Banto-kun, to the front.

The image of the battle scene under development has also become Maine.

◆ 'Roote'-transfer guidance, periodical search of station Spato
When you access the station 'Roote', a screen like Dorakue appears. Click on 'Get started'.

Then, through the prologue, a normal route search screen was displayed.

When I search the route as usual, clickable icons appear here and there. When I click the dungeon-like icon next to Tokyo ...

The expedition of 'Tokyo' has started. The game will proceed automatically, so there is nothing special to do, but clearing will allow you to get items.

◆ Harmonia-Harmonia-
The teaser site for Key 15th Anniversary work 'Harmonia' has been opened. Harmonia is a kinetic novel based on the theme of 'Emotion', and shows production staff such as Planning: Samurai, Character Design, Original Art: Satoshi Hogami, Music: Shinji Orido. It is released in 2015 in the last of the official PV, but because it was released to April Fool's Day, you can believe the information to what extent ....

'Harmonia-Harmonia-' PV-YouTube

By the way, Key has launched a special site called 'Rewrite' production decision on April 1st, 2008, and has really been released in 2011.

◆ Speaking of April 1 ... April Fools | Tokimeki Fantasy La Tale
MMORPG 'Tokimeki Fantasy Laterel' smartphone version has appeared in the app store that I have heard that it is LTunes store.

The screenshots of the game look like this, resembling a game that thumps a mouse character.

◆ 50% OFF 【401 yen】 Rice and ingredients are all green! Groupon enters the food service industry with unprecedented bowl dishes «Gurui» ※ Opening memory-[Groupon-GROUPON]
Groupon entered the food service industry, and decided to release “Gurue”, a bowl of all-green rice and ingredients. The first store is scheduled to be a Shibuya store, and you can get the Groupon gift code 500 yen by clicking 'Purchase!'.

◆ Okuda Sundao Kokeshi release decision! ! !
Okuda Michio's Mokoshi will be released, which will be featured in the ' ChhuShinGura 46 + 1 Samurai Beat ' sold by the game maker ' Inle '.

◆ Top Page | The 88th May Festival of Tokyo University
The University of Tokyo 'May Festival', the 88th anniversary of the University of Tokyo in 2015, will be held in June by the introduction of the new academic calendar, and the name will be changed to 'June Festival', and the mascot character 'Mei' Was fired, and the new mascot character 'Jun' was announced.

◆ Apology service by humanoid robot 'V-Sido x SORRY' started to be provided | Asla Tech Co., Ltd.
Asura Tech Co., Ltd. has started offering 'V-Sido x SORRY (Busidor-Sorry)', an apology service using humanoid robots as a joint operation with the career change support site 'e-Career'.

A humanoid robot can be assigned an apology pattern according to the change of the external atmosphere, and the robot can be apologized in various cases. It is possible to realize the 'extreme apology' that is difficult for humans, such as a sitting down seat, a sitting down seat, a handstand, and a continuous apology.

◆ Tennaku Mutan Garden
Tenryu-Kazu Tirno Gear, the fourth edition of the reader-participative RPG 'PBW (Play by Web)' run by Lexi, has become 'Tenaku Tribes Mutan Garden'. Also in the notice column of the official site, “The revolt of Leicester Herzog (behind K) hijacked the Tenryu-gu and suddenly changed the title. Thank you for your patronage for a long time. Please be aware that from now on, please enjoy the new PBW Tennakusan Mutan Garden. '

◆ Reach rates dramatically improve by changing the reader such as high school girls and anime characters !!! OK Wave Ondoku beta version released on April 1 !!
OKWave will be added to the past Q & A, and will be posted in the future, based on users' opinions such as the separation of young characters and 'If the smartphone is small, the characters are small and the scroll does not end with 4,000 characters.' We started the service 'OK Wave Ondoku beta version' that reads the whole Q & A with voice on April 1, 2015.

◆ We start 'the over-the-top hardship family system' which incorporates waterfall row, air chair, beggar in work
In order to accelerate the growth of business and organization, Jigen Co., Ltd. announced the launch of the 'Suffering Family System', which incorporates sufferings such as waterfalls, air chairs, and glutinous foods such as chopsticks into work.

The concrete schedule is as follows. The director himself is working hard on the waterfall and the road to the poor family seems to be steep.

◆ akippa Corporation changed its name to CocoPPa Corporation!
Akippa Co., Ltd., which operates the parking lot service 'akippa', changed its company name to CocoPPa Co., Ltd. because its name is similar to the app 'CocoPPa' that cutely customizes the home screen of the smartphone.

Upgraded services along with company name change. It is possible to change the parking lot cutely.

The parking lot changing technology seems to utilize the resources of CocoPPa.

◆ Office relocation to the sky of Mita. e-learning process.
of e-learning Puroshizu it has relocated its office to the sky of Mita Tokyo. In addition, as for the reason of office relocation, we have three points of 'connect to the net', 'excellent in earthquake resistance' and 'we turn to the cloud' about the reason for office relocation, and when you visit the office, make a rope from the sky if you call It seems that you can get rid of it.

◆ Popular | ShortNote
There is a function to send 'Heart' to the post on 'ShortNote', which is a post site less than blog and less than blog, but as of April 1, 'Dove' can be sent instead of Heart. The noise changes depending on the number of pigeons sent.

◆ Notice of official character design change | Lancers
The mascot characters of 'Lansers' and 'Cloud', one of the largest crowdsourcing operators in Japan, will be replaced on a one-day basis.

It is said that Liac-kun, who is a Cloud character, gives away clothes from Lancers-kun.

◆ The world's first cat delivery service for cats
Rakuten Books launched the world's first cat delivery service for cats, 'Nekoraku'. The order supports the cat language, and it is an attractive service to deliver in a package that is easy to open even in cats and cardboard delivery that is ideal for a cat type house.

It seems that multiple cats have already experienced 'cat comfort' as a monitor, so I don't know for sure, but it seems to be a perfect service for cats. In addition, if you want to apply as a monitor, it is OK if you add a photo and a hashtag of '# cat comfort' and tweet, as it says 'Use is limited to cats.'

◆ Kyoto University Microcomputer Club
When you visit the official page of the Kyoto University Microcomputer Club, it is designed to remind you of the old Internet. Those who got the Kiri's number are strictly prohibited from taking steps.

However, when I right-clicked I was furiously angry ......

◆ MOMODEBU (momodebu) official site | Diet only to read mail. Personal training email
Pink bear 'Postpet' carrying mail starts service 'momodebub' which can be thin only by reading mail.

As a result, I felt that '99% of people read mail and do nothing!'

The process to lose weight is not 'one comes with mail', 'reads mail' and 'gets light', and the feeling of throwing is not unique. There is also an application button, but unfortunately the server was too busy to connect.

◆ Let's make the news. Mr. Digi × Okayama advertising hot spring
It is a great April Fools Day, but Sanyo Shimbun digital has published '(?)' Movie with a sense of 'April 1st but no lie.' In the movie, 17-year-old girl model Sakurai Hinako challenges the quiz to distinguish peach and ass.

【Ask a pink appraiser】 Test your sensibility. Is it peach or ○○? (Mr. Digi-Video 2)-YouTube

The April Fools Day Special Site is open until midnight on April 2nd.

◆ 'Simeji' is the industry's first! ? We develop [LOVE POTION] to support love! ? Baidu Co., Ltd. Press Release
A tool 'LOVE POTION (love potion)' that supports user's love has been added to Shimeji, a Japanese input keyboard application. You can check what kind of tools LOVE POTION is complete from the following movie.

Simeji Develop 'LOVE POTION' function to convey love! ? on Vimeo

LOVE POTION is to support users who are timid about love using acupuncture drugs. In fact, it will be possible to spout medicine from the smartphone.

◆ Special Vehicle Division 2 Maintenance Worker Training Course Opened
It became clear that the training course for the 'Special Vehicle Division 2 Maintenance Worker Training Course' could be acquired, which could be the maintenance worker of the Special Vehicle Division 2 with the maintenance skills of special vehicle (patrol labor). This is a one-month short run with the cooperation of the 'Kyoto Prefectural Auto Maintenance Promotion Association', which is a two-type auto mechanic training facility, for the development of 'preliminaries' who will be convened temporarily when an emergency occurs. It is a course for acquiring special vehicle maintenance skills among the two. As it seems that we can also maintain the 98 type AV ingram that plays an active part in the special vehicle class 2, 'I really want to touch the raver!' 'I want to maintain my raver with my own hands!' It looks good though.

In addition, a message is also sent from Mr. Shiba who is the chief of Special Vehicle Division 2 Maintenance Team.

◆ Special pre-release game screen of 'Science-SENTAMA-! Residents of castle town are eagerly nurturing a bar!
A battle country simulation RPG ' Sentitama -SENTAMA- ' is collaborating with Imuraya Confectionery's azure bar, and it is invaded by a bar with various parts of the game screen.

◆ Universe of Apiros HP
Apiros, which sells the Japanese brand 'Crystal Armor' for tempered glass LCD protective film, launched the 'Universe' for tempered glass LCD protective film for LCD TVs up to 70 inches in space from April 1.

Universe not only has the largest size in the universe, but also has the highest level of protective performance in the universe. The price is 1 million yen excluding tax.

◆ Voice actor idol visits your nerd? ! Moe Moe cockroach extermination service start!
' Top Meister ', a portal site that gathers professional craftsmen and traders of each industry TOP class, has implemented a pest anthropomorphic campaign ' Top Moe Star ', and among them the black feathers that anthropomorphize popular roaches Shot live and started cockroach extermination service.

◆ Total lunar eclipse won! ? Dr. Black Star is Unprecedented Moon Projection
Astronomical news site AstroArts , who know the people in the red full moon on April 4, do not know people do not know that ' Black Star Doctor ' is projected on the moon projection mapping project 明 Right City Astronomical Science Museum · KAGUYA I told you that Studio Astro Assy was planning.

Below is a picture of Dr. Black's image projected on the moon that is already eaten. It is said that Dr. Black Star can be seen from anywhere in the region where a total lunar eclipse can be seen such as the US West Coast, Hawaii, East Asia including Japan, and Australia.

◆ We tried to review the 'content' of the industry's first 'Samurai-naked Ver.-'! (((゚ д))))
The adult product-only native that 'I do not do only H things! I am not interested in other things!' Finally finally 1/1 scale '鮭 -naked Ver.-' as the first series 'naked series' We announced that it is scheduled to be released in April 2016.

'It's not only naked, it's amazing! We succeeded in completely reproducing the contents! 'The contents are faithfully reproduced to what.

◆ Notice of Merger with Senshukai Co., Ltd. | Japan Professional Baseball Players Association Official Website
It has been revealed that the Japan Professional Baseball Players Association, a general incorporated association, will merge with the female mail order major Senshukai.

About this merger, it has been revealed that there have been many troubles that confuse 'players' association' and 'Senshukai' in the telephone communication etc. so far in order to avoid many years of troubles The merger seems to have been promoted.

◆ world's first! 'Nagata lens' new release that can be a white eye!
New Japan pro wrestling will release the world's first 'Nagata Lens' that can be seen in the world.

You can check the Nagata Lens New Product Launch Meeting from the following movie.

2015.4.1 Yuji Nagata PRESS CONFERENCE.-YouTube

Nagata Lens is a contact lens inspired by Nagata Farming, which is known as Sparta Farming, and is described in the center of the lens as 'Zeah !!'.

The features of Nagata Lens are 'Nagata Lock' to prevent slippage, 'Naga Tast' formulated with Nagata's sweat that has been declared to have anti-aging effect as a moisturizing ingredient, and 'Nagata White' that anyone can become a white eye just wearing it Three of 'eye'.

Nagata Lens was developed by Dr. Nagata, who explains, 'There is a desire to backdrop against the trend of big and cute black eyes,' explaining the reason for development.

◆ 10,000 servings hot pot meat (Ichiman Shokuhikou) | Chinese cuisine | Recipes | Yuuki Foods (YOUKI)
Yuuki Foods has released a new recipe, 'One Thousand Cooks Hot Pot Meat'. Necessary ingredients are: 58 pieces of pork, 625 beads of cabbage, 5000 pieces of green pepper, 2500 leeks of green onion, 100 kg of ginger, 17.5 kg of garlic grate, 30 kg of Sichuan bean paste bowl, 120 kg of salmon noodle bowl, 45 kg of soy sauce .

If you look at the preparation procedure, heating the cabbage 625 balls in a 4 tatami mat microwave oven, raising a pig, etc., it has become an unprecedented scale of cooking.

◆ Koichi Tanaka, a manga artist going out of business this year! Exclusive coverage of the truth and his successor!
A site run by BookLive, ' Bukumaru ', a site for posting material related to 'books' such as manga and novels, is a parody manga artist Ryoichi Tanaka who is a parody manga artist who imitates the touch of various manga artists including Osamu Tezuka. I am telling you to go out of business. In the article, there are plenty of talks about the reasons for going out of business by Prof. Tanaka and the future, and the story extends to the problem of the successor to the day after day, making it a content that can not hide surprises in the day-to-day series.

◆ Maze general integrated blog of world tree 'Maze Series blog of world tree'
Atlas has announced an emergency scoop on the Nintendo 3DS software 'World Tree and Mystery Dungeon'. The news is that they found a mural of Paladin at the 9th floor under the ground floor of Asuraga ruins.

The mural shows women knights who are likely to eat bread.

◆ Signboard girl collection | LIAR EXIT
LIAR EXIT implements 'Signboard Girl Collection' which has nothing to do with 'Zukankore'.

A game that creates a 100 million PV website a day while fostering and strengthening the game. The screen under development is shown and you can check what kind of view you have.

◆ Kurakuso, craft beer 'Baran ale' limited to the Japanese material following the cherry blossoms only sale released | Latest information | Ancestor beer shop [Sankt Gallen]
Former birthplace beer shop 'Sankugaren' has been selling craft beer 'Balan ale', which extracts antibacterial wasabi ingredients mixed in balun of lunch box, for 24 hours.

In addition, Sankt Garen releases an April Fool's Limited beer every year, and it is a joke that the part extracted from the balun is a joke, but this 'baran ale' can be purchased really. The taste of wasabi really seems to be, the price is 2200 yen with three bottles. Furthermore, we are planning to exhibit Tarusei Baran beer at Outdoor Day Japan, which will be held from April 4 (Sat) to April 5 (Sun).

◆ Audi News extra 2015.4.1 | Audi equips the best grade saloon Audi A8 with a rice cooker
Audi has announced the ' Audi A8 5.5 ' with a rice cooker in the rear seat console box. It is a flagship saloon unique to Japan that responds to the feelings of many Japanese owners.

It is possible to make small cooking adjustments and make reservations from the touch menu panel.

If you ask Audi A8 5.5 at an authorized Audi dealer on April 1st, instead of checking the actual vehicle, you can get 'Audi special made rice scoop' on a first-come-first-served basis.

◆! ! Scoop special report! ! Ghibli new work 'Satin robe'! ! Produced abroad! !
Ghibli Communication Plaza, which picks up Ghibli-related news, has published four Ghibli-related scoops.

The highlight of the scoop is that Ghibli's latest work is the adventure fantasy 'Satin Robe', and it is produced with 'Sahara Ghibli', which Ghibli launched in the new Sahara Desert. The image below is an image sketch. Hiromasa Yonebayashi, who directed 'The Borrower's Arrietty' and 'The Memories of Marnies,' transferred to Sahara Ghibli and is giving techniques to local staff.

In addition, scoops such as 'I have Takahata coach planning next project in 20-year plan!' And 'Ghibli embark on nursery school management!' Have also jumped out, and even the popular puzzle game 'Q' and Ghibli collaboration contents It is revealed.

◆ Girl's Cloud | IDC Frontier's Sweet Cloud
IDC Frontier, which develops IaaS type cloud services and data center business, has released a new service 'Girl's Cloud'. Girl's Cloud is a women-only cloud service aimed at developing the women's infrastructure market. If you have a campaign on April 1st, and you've caught or got a cloud, Girl's Cloud will be available for free for a lifetime.

◆ LovePlan ~ love story of adults ~
On the official page of the love game 'LovePlan-love story of adults-', what is originally arranged in the place of the hus where the handsome is lined ....

◆ licking rascal
I am publishing the image which Tame Rascal collaborated with each official Twitter. The following is a nameko from which Rascal's tail has grown.

Kore is an image posted by Rascal and has a nameko from her head.

◆ 【April 1st limited】 Hitomibabushi
The women's fashion online shop

Cross Plus is selling a hit helmet on April 1st. Hitsushibushi is widely advertised on the top page of the online shop.

On the product page, you can check various information such as raw materials, part numbers, product descriptions, and how to eat, but the helmet sold for 3196 yen has already been sold out whether it was popular. Sorry.

◆ When you come to the earth, for the time being hands. -Tokyu Hands
Tokyu Hands has renewed the official site for aliens. Unbreakable characters are lined up.

Commercials for aliens have also been created and can be viewed from the following movie.

Tokyu Hands for aliens CM-YouTube

World champion Umehara, retirement declaration! ? Daisuke Umehara challenges the accountant.
A fully-automatic cloud accounting software 'freee' collaborated with professional gamer Daisuke Umehara. Mr. Umehara seems to quit pro gamers and challenge the accountant.

The accounting software software freee has been changed to the Umehara model, enabling command input.

◆ Slide into the absolute domain! Knee high, skirt, plump thighs. Absolute area slip-in pillow APR-01 -BIBILAB (Bibilabo)-
BIBI LAB, which sells “Twin-tailed pillows” and others, has launched the “Absolute Area Slip-in Pillows”. It is also good to have a face curled in a skirt, and it is finished in a pillow that is perfect to take care of it in the absolute area.

◆ Metz: sukueni & gadget news
There are several April Fool's stories published in Metz, which distributes Square Enix related news.

The first is that the 'Shinra Company', which will appear in FF7, voluntarily recovers 120,000 target potions because there is a possibility that goblins have been mixed in with potions of restoration medicine in the manufacturing process.

The other is the news that the relationship between the Moai image found at the Shivyan Seabed and 'Omega's kunsho' has emerged, and according to the analysis team, when 'Omega's kunsho' is brought closer to the inside of the moai You can get into it.

And finally, the news is that the self-driving car being developed by Google is being left behind in the Metropolitan Expressway Central Loop Line.

◆ The movie “The False Evidence of Solomon” Official Site [Foreword, Case] March 7, 2015 (Saturday), [Seal, Trial] April 11, 2015 (Saturday)
The official site of the movie 'The Solomon's False Evidence' has been renewed, and the challenging wording 'Do you see this lie?' Is displayed.

In addition, the official site before renewal is the following. It is up to you to see the big lie.

◆ Sasaki Animation Gakuin TOP-Sasaki Animation Gakuin
Former major leaguer Motohiro Sasaki has been appointed director of Yoyogi Animation Academy, and the name has been changed to 'Sasaki Animation Academy'. With the new director of the new school, baseball related subjects such as 'High School Koshien Course', 'Stadiums Audio Course' and 'Baseball Coach Course' have been established.

◆ 2015 summer TV anime list images
In Uzura Info, a summer 2015 animation list image is released, and you can see a broadcast lineup in which the author's aspirations are mixed. For example, in the case of manga original works, sequels to animes broadcasted in the past, such as 'Keshiro 2030', 'Flame your pen', 'Balzer in military shoes', and 'a city that only I do not have' Ambitions of 'Sakura Trick' 'Accel World' 'My home's Inari-sama.' 'WHITE ALBUM' 'Monthly Girl Nozaki-kun' are listed. Recently, 'Zoid Build Fighters' with the familiar word 'Build Fighters' and a fictional anime 'Ekusou Susu!' Appeared in the anime SHIROBAKO will also be broadcasted.

◆ TV anime 'Non Non Biyori' official site
On the official site of the anime 'Nonnon Biyori', the filmization of the special-effects hero 'Great Man' broadcasted in the anime is reported, and the top of the official site has changed to the Great Man specification.

◆ Today's announcement 'Adobe Photoshop REAL (Adobe Photoshop Real)'
In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Photoshop, Adobe announced 'Adobe Photoshop REAL (Adobe Photoshop Real)' based on the concept of the 'next-generation offline tool' that can be carried and carried in a bag.

The contents are 'Real Nawa Tools', 'Real Eyedropper Tools', 'Real Creative Cloud', 'Real Spot Repair Tools', 'Real Zoom Tools', 'Real Eraser Tools' and 'Real Layer x 2'.

In addition, if you read Daily Portal Z, you may know how it was born.

@ nifty: Daily Portal Z: 'Face like TV' adopted by Photoshop

If you wrote ...... etc, something has arrived by courier from Adobe how. No way ...

When I opened it, after all it was the actual thing of 'Adobe Photoshop REAL'!

Inside was a Photoshop icon on a scale full of reality.

I used it right away. Originally, it is a place where you have to enlarge the image on the Photoshop side, but if you use the 'Real Zoom Tool', you do not have to spend such time. However, the 'Real Eraser Tool' did not work if it had a problem.

I asked Uma who was nearby to see if there is a new version of such a capable Photoshop, but unfortunately it does not appear.

◆ Movie thief (that camera man)
A camera man appointed as a PR character for the movie Tweet Day campaign has received head hunting from Twitter and will be mid-term adopted by the company.

However, when I tried to shoot even the confidential information of Twitter at the joining ceremony, it was secured by Patrap man who had come to surveillance secretly, and mid-career recruitment was canceled.

◆ Unity Web Player |
The completely new game 'Punk Buster' for smartphone game 'Koryu no Fuka' has appeared. Browser version and Android version are available, and you need to install Unity Web Player to play browser version. The rule of the game is to compete for the score within 30 seconds by simply clicking on and removing a mass of falling objects.

◆ OUT of JAZZ | A web magazine that feels familiar with JAZZ
Japan's only jazz web magazine 'OUT of JAZZ' has been reborn as noise music's comprehensive web magazine 'OUT of NOISE'. It is made well to the article of the noise system.

◆ Live-action movie 'selector infected WIXOSS' teaser image
TAKARA TOMY's first animated interlocking girl card game 'WIXOSS' is decided to become a live-action film. The teaser movie has been published on YouTube, and it is clearly understood that it will be a live-action film with shock quality.

Live-action movie 'selector infected WIXOSS' teaser video-YouTube

The main characters look like this.

The figure of Ruko, Yuzuki, and a three-man uniform.

I think 'Tama is a little bit fat' ...

I was an uncle.

Green child

One coat

Yuzuki and Hanayo


~ Piruruku ~


Uris, and so on the way, each Lurig is a mysterious performance by an uncle.

Tama is more powerful than at the opening of the anime.

The action scene seems to be a lot of content, so the expectations for that quality are rising.

◆ Ikumen Training Groupware Cybozu Office 192
Cybozu, Inc. has released 'Cybozus Office 192.1,' a groupware that trains working fathers into men who are active in raising children.

If you stay in the office after 18:00 even though you have not registered your schedule, your voice and photos of the child will continue to be told 'Don't return yet?' There is a lot of functions that can be good Ikumen, such as “Dog approval function” that requires the approval of, and “Dubt function” that determines whether the registered schedule is actually a overtime work, not a overtime work, from Big Data of Cybozu.

◆ 'Card Fight !! Vanguard' Official Portal Site
The collaboration plan with 'Token Ranbu -ONLINE-' was announced on the official site of 'Card Fight !! Vanguard'.

'Mikazuki Munechika' which is one of Tenken Goken from 'Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-' is introduced as 'today's card'.

◆ Extreme Selka Bar | Hamee Strap Ya Honten (April Fools)
Hamee Strap Ya Honten has launched the ultimate selfie stick 'Extreme Selka Stick', which enables selfie with a large number of smartphones at one time.

The lineup includes 4 types: 'KANNON' for 2 people, 'GANESHA' for 4 people, 'ASHURA' for 6 people, and 'SENJU-KANNON' for 20 people. You can shoot in three different shooting modes: YUIGA-DOKUSON mode, SHOGYO-MUJO mode, and RINNE-TENSHO mode.

◆ Temple tail | Torture and answer site for engineers who are not satisfied
At the teratail Q & A site, which specializes in programming, we have launched a new service 'Odera tail' for troubled engineers. The top of the site is a deep word 'Hello paradise'.

Q & A site teratail keeps working for the engineer who is always troubled with various factors such as impending delivery date, unexplained bug, irregular specification change, server alert which breaks midnight meditation, etc. It seems that they have realized that what the engineer needs is not a technical solution, but a mental salvation, that is, 'a torture'.

It's a site where you can see the deep darkness of engineers, but if you are saying 'I'm not smiling. I'm looking for the heart's salvation now!', I can easily register from each SNS account, so I'm relieved.

◆ 'Walking in the Earth' Shimada released | Overseas travel guidebook-Walking in the Earth \ Editorial department · coverage & diary
'Walking in the Earth' will release a five-finger sock 'Shimaido', following the guidebook 'Island Trip Series' which takes up attractive islands in Japan.

In addition, the cover design of how to walk on the earth has been partially changed.

The left is the old design and the right is the new design. You can see that the logo under 'Bali' has changed to a drone.

◆ Free ・ Easy ・ Browser game Woopie Game
When you access Woopie Game, the game of virtual currency character a coin will start on April 1st. Note that you can not play again if you turn off this window.

The game is a side-scrolling game where you move with the arrow keys on the keyboard and jump with the space key. I will avoid, step on enemies coming in the middle, collect coins and aim ahead.

The score is displayed when you die. When you close the window, 16 types of endings are prepared, so if you want to play again, tweet it on Twitter. Does a strong man who sees all endings appear?

◆ Donut shop in the government area
It has become clear that Pony Canyon, a video / music software maker, will challenge the food and beverage industry from 2015. Pony Canyon has succeeded in developing 'Ponikyan Donuts' by combining the analog sense cultivated in 'Donuts' released in 1949 with the intuition of many years, so 7 It is planned to sell donuts that can enjoy one flavor.

◆ ULTRA-ACT Ultraman Real Size (Actual Size) Ver. | Premium Bandai |
The sale of Ultraman's real-size movable figures has been launched on the BANDAI official mail order site. The height is 40m and will be delivered directly to your home.

The price is 78 million yen. The size of the image can be seen from the image of the child sitting on the foot.

Because it is a movable figure, you can pose freely. If you use a crane ...

You can attach the cesium beam and say 'Juwatsu'.

In the early reservation campaign, it seems that 'M78 Nebula Tour 78 nights 10000 days' will reach 5 people by lottery.

◆ A home security professional school opened this spring. A motivating teacher is waiting for you!
A home security professional school has opened. Professional security guards will do their best to support the feeling that they do not want to work.

The voice of the alumni has been posted for some reason even though it has just started.

The admission fee is now being discounted to half of the ¥ 1 million.

◆ Magic ★ Magica
When you visit the site, what a sexy sister appeared. Click to find out what it is.

◆ Giftear | Sales start | SAI
It has been announced that the high-performance Android 'Giftia' appearing on the TV anime ' Plastic Memories ' will be released. The lifetime of the giftier is 80,1920 hours, and it seems that the terminal service department of SAI will come to the recovery of the giftier when the operation deadline approaches.

◆ Caricature Official Website
The official website announced on April 1 (Tuesday), 2081 that 'SG (Super Grade) Boaring Tits Fir SPACE CUP' will be held in space.

Shiroganes Spirits installed on the moon! It is an event that you can see Masaki's G-cup tits signboard, and when you hate tits, you will receive a 'sensitive tits feeling badge' for the first 200 people. It is necessary to wear a space suit because it takes place on the lunar space station.

◆ Star Trek-USS Kyushu-[Star Trek Series General Site]
The Star Trek series general site 'Star Trek -USS Kyushu' announces that the villain of the new movie has been identified.

The real character is '侍'. It is a taste different from conventional villains.

◆ Nissen and Nissan
The catalog mail order ' Nissen ' and the car maker ' Nissan ' are updating the site, replacing the names of both companies. As a result, Nissen's logo changes to 'nissan'.

Also, Nissan has changed from the logo to 'NISSEN'.

◆ Crane game Treba
A special page has appeared on 'Crane Game Treva', and theatrical release of the love and hope science fiction super large 'TOREBA-Treva' has been announced.

◆ Godzilla | Bandai Namco Games Official Site
The official site of the game 'Godzilla GODZILLA' for PlayStation 3 is under construction and is being built as Mechagodzilla. The construction was done using a part of the BANDAI Namco Future Research Laboratory, and a polite apology message from the Black Hole Third Planetary was displayed.

◆ New opening at 0 o'clock on April 1st! Ramen 'Sara-a-men' service at 401 yen!
Sarah of the Gaiden episode 'The Traces of Heroes' where characters of the original comic 'RAGNAROK INTO THE ABYSS' appeared on Ragnarok Online is stripped off and a ramen shop 'La Gazunaken' is opened, and a specially made ramen 'Sara amen' It became clear to sell for 401 yen. In addition, it is said that 'call-in' in Prontera guides you to 'Lau-Gunaken' in Amatsu.

In addition, 'Sara amen' of ryogunaken will be released in the real world from April 1 with a limited 100 meals, and it is only for the first purchase, within 5 minutes of freshly made hot noodles You can also get an extreme delivery.

How to make 'Sara-a-men' is also shown in the following movie.

How to make 'Sara amen' of 具 YouTube-YouTube

◆ An illustration and novel posting SNS for those who like moai
As a sister site for BL specialized type SNS 'pictBLand' dedicated to rotten women, the illustration SNS 'pictMoai' dedicated to Moai has opened.

Recommended work is 'Moai and Moai coupling work (dressing etc. is also possible)' · · Other works of idol characters from moei couplings, etc. Main works of illustrations and stories such as Moai work 'Kemo and Robo, 'Moai works dealing with non-human and inorganic things such as anthropomorphism' etc. How much is there demand?

◆ Welcome to Silicon House: The industry's smallest chip resistor is in stock!
A chip resistor of such an unbelievable size has arrived that the electronic parts specialty store 'Silicon House' in Osaka Nihonbashi is unbelievable. It is a level that I do not know where I am.

◆ Kimella Official Web Site
If you open the official site of the TV anime ' Charlotte ' to be broadcast from July 2015, the band page 'KIMELLA' will be displayed for some reason.

In fact, Mr. Asaeda, who works on the script for Charlotte, and Mr. Nakagawa, who is a close friend, reorganized the band that had been forming in the past. On the official page, you can listen to the songs included in the album 'Kimella' that will be released on May 1, 2015.

◆ peace of mind! Serious experience of love and marriage for free-Yahoo! Partner
With Yahoo! partners, 'Across diverse types of encounters here. A new coupling era begins,' and it is possible to search for male animals other than human, only on April 1st.

◆ Yahoo! Oku! Museum-Yahoo!
Yahoo! Yahoo! OK to display products that were once in vogue! We announced the construction of the museum. The construction of the museum is April Fools, but items popular in the past can be viewed on the page.

◆ Besidence BL web magazine JINGUY first issue
There were a lot of people who misunderstood that 'JINGUY' of the BL Web Magazine, which collected the BL outside the public, was considered to be the real thing, so it was said that the text '※ April Fool' was put in the image of the top page.

You can actually read novels and manga on the website.

◆ Tamayura graduation photo
'Tamayura Graduation photo ~' Part 1 Bud-Kizashi-April 4th screening start 'Muya' launched.

As a total power special feature, we are seeking whether the character 'Momoneko' appeared in the play exists.

◆ 2015 April Fool's Day Plan | Stupid Special Site | Kuriyama Rice Inc.
The 25th anniversary of its release, 'Bakaka-ke,' has changed its name to 'wwwww' because it wants to be a rice cracker loved in the age of the Internet.

◆ Challenge to a new game! ECO GAME SHOW | Heartful Online RPG Emil ・ Chronicle Online
The online game 'Emil Chronicle Online' is sponsored by the self-proclaimed game of the year Tiny and is an exhibition event for the Akronian game, including computer games based on the Akronian world 'ECO GAME SHOW'. Conducted.

Lie games line up in the new arrival game information.

For example, “a really scary test” is a horror game in which a number of fugitive phenomena encountered by a verifier attack players. The release date is April 1, 20015 and the price is 42G.

◆ CAPCOM: The world's first, fruit-type 'sound' reproduction machine 'BUDOU' April 1, 2015 Order starts!
We started accepting orders for BUDOU, a fruit-type onomatopoeic playback machine from CAPCOM.

Hold the hand to image the sound and the result is displayed. Select the sound you want to hear, and you can enjoy 'speech' from the headphones

Movie is here

◆ CAPCOM: Dog Reversal Trial-The Prosecution of Ryuhosuke Ryoho
'The Great Reversal Trial- Seihodo Ryunosuke's Blasphemy- ' has become 'The Dog Reversal Trial-Hihoido Ryunosuke's Prosecution- '.

The characters are all ones. The protagonist, Ryohodo Ryonosuke, is aiming to be a legal dog and will leave the dog-english empire as a study abroad dog.

The latest promotion video is from below.

Dog Reversal Trial-Prosecution of Ryuhosuke Ryoho--YouTube

◆ 'Abolition' room appearance in self-play space! ! Internet Cafe Manga Cafe Free Space
A ruined room appears in the 'self-playing space' of the Internet cafe. 'It is also recommended for those who want to be alone and those who want to be alone.'

Under the supervision of Mr. Se Rotten, familiar with the ruins production, the devastated environment was realistically reproduced.

Note that it may not be possible to escape due to the characteristics of the room.

◆ Rockman Unity Loch's Blog: 'Spring Roll Festival'
The Spring Roll Chan Festival was held on April 1st at Rockman Unity. Roll related items will be obtained if you purchase related items and collect points.

The target product is 4 points: clear file, roll spring roll, smartphone cover and ceramic titanium strap.

◆ Really? Is the Chlorella Club movie completed?
It is revealed that the movie 'Chlorella and Club and Chlorella' is in progress as the Chlorella Club's third anniversary project at the 'Chlorella Club Blog' of San Chlorella Co., Ltd., which manufactures health food.

Movie trailers from below.

Movie Trailers: chlorella and club and chlorella-YouTube

◆ Mobile Residence Magic Mirror No. --- | Designers Renovation R-STORE
A long - awaited trailer house appears at R-STORE , where you can search for designer renovations in Tokyo.

The room is very bright and blue.

There is no bathtub but there is a shower room.

I am using a magic mirror, so I can not see inside from outside.

The interior of the Magic Mirror can be checked from the following movie.

Exploration of high rock buildings FILE No. 003 Mobile dwelling-Magic mirror--YouTube

◆ 'champion arm' April 1
A fictional robot arm 'champion arm' that can be won in the puzzle early resolution event is completed.

Kakuro dedicated numeric keypad can be attached!

Instantly calculate the optimal fastest motion, transfer instantly to muscle fibers one by one!

◆ Do you notice the super emergency scoop 'Gundam'! ? Delivered the press conference from noon today! ! GUNDAM.INFO | Official Gundam Information Portal Site
A scoop has been announced that the battle scene in the 'Mobile Suit Gundam' movie was a 'Yellow' by 'RX-78-2 Gundam'.

The press conference is available on YouTube.

【Breaking news】 Alarm suspicion Gundam emergency press conference-YouTube

He says, 'There is no intention to insult you at all.'

◆ The ancestral life of the former Nagahama store Hakata: Tomorrow Hakata-Fukuoka Ramen Blog
In 'Hakata Daisho-Fukuoka Ramen Blog', I went to the ancestral Nagahama store ...

I ordered 'replacement gras (100 yen)' and 'replacement cavies (100 yen)' of ramen. 'Replacement Gra' stands for 'Replacement Gras' and 'Replacement Cavi' stands for 'Replacement Caviar'.

Enjoy crunchy ramen noodles with plenty of seafood. 'Hakata is the world's leading producer of caviar in front of spicy Japanese radish, so you can eat it cheaply and deliciously.'

◆ Book “Jonathan Ive” which understands the design of iPhone Official Hiroshima valve video appearance Nikkei trendy net
A book 'Jonathan Ive' official Hiroshima dialect video that understands the design of iPhpne of genius designer Jonathan Ive who has created the Apple Watch for iPhone, iPad, and new products has appeared.

Here is the dubbing movie of Hiroshima dialect

◆ Chemco shooting portal
The adventure portal site of Chemco published 'shooting portal site'. We are developing the shooting games 'Sinshinshinshinji' and 'DMLC!'.

◆ 'I was caught by a pretty girl and became an engineer, but I was not so sweet.' Official Site-TOP
Voice actors such as 'This is a crazy fucking code,' 'Aren't you cool if you insert something like this?' And other voice actors such as Yoko Hiiro and Ryo Shinozaki have been taunting in IT industry terms as co-workers, It is 'Leverage's' which develops the job change service of the engineer.

You can see the movie from the following.

April 2015 delivery start! 'I was caught by a pretty girl and became an engineer, but I was not so sweet. --YouTube

There is also a manga in which the recording voice of Mr. Hijiri-san or Mr. Shinozaki says a line.

◆ Plan just before April Fool's Day! Japan's No. 1 software past title voting campaign
Japan's No. 1 software from game software companies that are producing such as Disgaea and so on. Among the titles released from Japan's No. 1 software, the popular vote is made, and the title with the largest number of votes is distributed by PS archives. There was no wrong in voting

He also interviews Sohei Shinkawa, the president of Japan's No. 1 software, to talk about the backstory of the software decided to be distributed and the history of the company.

◆ Welcome to BOOK ☆ WALKER!
Electronic book store BOOK ☆ WALKER's site is a 90's style design.

◆ Cthulhu watch
We sell Cthuloff watch at Miracle Positive , which operates an online game business.

The usage image is like this.

Made of brass and copper, the 'DX Cthulf Watch' is designed as follows.

◆ Your photos become noodles! New appearance 'NOODLE' | Photoback Official Blog
'NOODLE', where the photos taken are noodles, was released from Photoback. The taste is three kinds of salt, soy sauce and pork. Noodles use 100% domestic wheat.

Easy to carry cup noodle size. Achieve a matte finish with a special thick noodles.

We are distributing coupons as an apology for April Fool's Day.

◆ Star Flyer (SFJ)-[We are looking for multi talents that can be clearly identified in black and white! ]
At Airline Star Flyer, we are looking for multi talented people who can be the next presidential candidate.

Applicant qualifications / recruitment conditions for the next presidential candidate (full-time, some employees) are 'one who holds all of the following qualifications', and not only qualifications for aircraft, but also familiarity with coffee, hunting, and the reality of Fukuoka You are asked to

Gungan Online announces the launch of a new web magazine, 'Gag King'.

Actually, it was possible to read the manga 'Gag King' on which 'Haregu extra edition' and the like were published. It is all 42 pages.

◆ For rental and real estate, find a room at the window for rent
When the renovation of a large-scale share house is complete, the rental building has issued a bulletin. It is with a property of the best that spent 5 years of construction period.

The rent is negotiated, and the year of birth is 1346 (Saiwa 2 years).

Appearance and floor plan.

We recommend that the security of recommended points be overwhelmingly confident.

◆ free call · mail application LINE (line)
When you open the talk screen, the petals of the cherry blossoms fall from the upper right corner. As with the snow effect implemented on last year's Christmas Eve, it can be viewed on iOS devices only this time.

◆ Do you not stay at popular No. 1 Grand Budapest hotel in Republic of Zbrovka? | Tripadvisor Gallery
On TripAdvisor's TripAdvisor site, a review page for a fictitious hotel “ Grand Budapest Hotel” appeared in a movie.

'The perfect location in the center of Zbrovka. Here you can enjoy the pleasure of traveling and feel as if you were at home. During your stay you can dine at the table at Zero Mustafa. “I have stayed at this hotel for 4 times so far, but the magnificent radiance of the past has already disappeared. There are a lot of comments from 'Mush Gustav H' to 'The Passover of the Hotel to Zero Mustafa' after the Zbrovka War.

◆ manga warehouse (official HP): If expensive purchase & treasure discovery! Recycle shop 'manga warehouse'!
Began purchasing rare creatures at the Manga Warehouse. All purchased creatures will be returned to nature.

The purchase price is 50 million yen to 150 billion yen for Blue Dragon, and 100 million yen to 300 billion yen for White Dragon.

It is decided that live-action film-making, comic-making, animation-making, game-making, and drama-making of official character sea otters No. 1, 2 and 3.

The Black History Product Contest has also been decided.

For some reason, I am also trying a new diet called fighting diet.

◆ Schipan WEB planning
The site of the new game 'Steampunk of hot water smoke ~ What a beautiful on sen ~' where the successive characters of the game ' Steampunk Series ' developed by Liarsoft will appear on April 1, 1909, Web novels and events Showing the visuals. You can get Twitter icon and graphic from 'Download'.

◆ Nyaagle
TeamSanta unveils a search engine for cats, Nyaagle. When you access the URL, 'This content is for cats used by cats. It has nothing to do with real cats and groups.' Click the upper right x.

KDDI's cloud platform service has announced plans to expand into space. Considering the travel plans to the space that are currently being promoted all over the world, it is said that it is the mission of the career to connect travelers and migrants with the Earth, and has announced plans. It will be opened on Mars region in 2033 and Saturn region in 2046.

Currently, KDDI COSMOS CLOUD CREW [common name: KC3] members are under strict surveillance, 5000 squats, survival training in the desert, weightlessness training in water, ○ ○ ○ DVD of the younger brother's DVD 24 hours to watch it, etc. It seems that we are training for every day. Application acceptance of service is from April 1, 2018, and 'local tour tour option' is offered free of charge (up to 2 people per company) to the 10 first-committee companies. Usage fee (planned) is as follows: Value server includes closing network connection fee starting from 80 million yen per month, and Premium is available for 27 billion yen per month.

◆ Love Live! School Idol Festival-Skufesu
lovelive! In the app of Skufesu, Alpaca appears on the home screen where the character is supposed to be. He talks, 'It's a fine day today,' 'It's a good time to spend spring'.

◆ Toshiba Microcontroller Toshiba Microcomputer | Facebook
Launched industry's first microcomputer with seeds from Toshiba microcontrollers. It is an environment-friendly microcomputer that blooms when the used microcomputer is filled in the soil.

◆ SPECIAL | Hanasaki Work Spring
Flash games are available on the site of Saga Planets' PC game 'Hanazaki Work Spring!'. When I click a place where a girl seems to be hiding ...

Picokko appeared. If you find all the girls who are hiding, you will get wallpaper of the beauties beauty as a prize.

◆ Ameba pig | Play for free! Let's have fun with your own characters!
'Amoeba Pig' is renamed 'Amoeba Pixy' and the pig is displayed as a fairy.

◆ To you who used Vivaldi
It is usually a site called 'Have you got Opera,' but it has been changed to the recommended page of browser Vivaldi, which is newly launched by Opera CEO.

◆ fortissimo lily // Curazy Psycho Les
PC game maker ' La'cryma ' has released a new Lily game ' Fortissimo Lily // Curazy Psycho Les (Fortesimo Lily Crazy Psycholes ) ', in which characters of ' fortissimo ' appear. The wallpaper and the Twitter icon are actually downloadable.

◆ “More, let's see it.” Cute Fette Cat Type Mobile Phone (NE22KO) Released today! Y! Mobile (Y Mobile)
Y Mobile released 'Futeneko-type mobile phone NE22KO'. It weighs only 22 matatabi, and it has features that are unbearable for cat lovers, such as 'tail antenna,' navel microphone and speakers, 'you may get rid of rags when stroking your chin,' and 'the nose is slightly damp.' A lot of people. Now, 'Koto-No-Sushi Mobile Battery' is included, and the online store price is 22 (Nyannyan) 10,000 yen.

◆ This summer release DARK BEGINS
A special trial version of 'DARK BEGINS' scheduled to be released this summer can be downloaded at 3DCG Beautiful Girl Gamemaker 'ILLUSION'. The download starts when you press the 'Download' button.

After extracting the downloaded file, click 'DARK_BEGINS.exe' in the folder.

When the software starts, click 'Play!'

Click 'Start the game'.

When the game starts, the enemies coming in ...

We will beat down with the keyboard operation and move forward.

◆ TofuFont
The font 'TofuFont' created to reproduce Tofu in major browser and OS environments has been released. No matter what web page content, you can use TofuFont to easily reproduce the Tofu state. Of the 'garbled characters' in which characters appear as intended by the speaker and become difficult to read on a PC screen including a Web browser, all non-normal character displays appear as square boxes (alternate characters are displayed) The name of the phenomenon (displayed) is 'Tofu'.

If you do not use TofuFont, it will be displayed like this.

◆ Made in pure gold (24 gold) GOLDEN Pepper released!
The pure gold GOLDEN Pepper will start accepting reservations from April 1 (Wednesday). The price is 1.98 billion yen, and the gold retail price is a reference price calculated at 5000 yen / g.

The top page of Facebook 's Pepper is also all golden specifications.

The cover photo looks like this.

◆ MINI Japan Latest information April 1, 2015
The world's first pixel body MINI was born. Today's limited edition sold at MINI regular dealers nationwide.

Express retro-emotional with 8-bit model. Transform your body into a free body as you like.

◆ King Jim is using Twitter: '[Breaking news] Tepra Watch, today's birth.'
The smallest size wearable device 'Tepra Watch' that can be worn anytime and anywhere comes up.

◆ Nendoroid Where 褌 Special Site-GOOD SMILE COMPANY
Forbidden Corde who finally raises all the boys' nendoroid masculinity appears in 'Nendoroid Where'.

Among the chopsticks, the particularly popular 'Rokushakure' and 'Echinaka Tei' are lined up. Designed to fit all men's Nendoroid, 'Nendoroid Where-With Precious Gold Corde' will also be sold in the exclusive online shop.

The back view looks like this. The two sculptural patterns are divided properly and made.

The photo below shows how I was actually dressed. “Nendoroid Lead Aichi” became “Mysterious White Corde”

'Nendoroid Toshiki' has a 'Matador Red Corde' specification.

It is such a feeling when trying to attach 'Nendoroid-Where Precious Gold Corde' to girgamesh.

◆ Neat Corporation | NEET Corporation
At the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of NEET Corporation, it was announced on April 1 that all directors resigned.

The reason for the resignation is that everyone indicated their intention to resign at the general meeting of shareholders, and all shareholders approved it.

◆ Takeshi Nozume Takezou NOGAME is using Twitter: 'The third girl flying squad has been determined to be animated. Musashino Animation, the director is Kinoshita.'
The animation of '3rd Girl Squadron' being produced in the play of the anime ' SHIROBAKO ' seems to have been decided, and Takeshi Nogami who drew the original manga ... Noun Kameji Musashi's key visual image of Aria Tweeting

◆ The page
Mr. Takatsu Karino, a manga artist's website, “Urious Page” is a page that considers fathers' child-raising, “Otona Page”.

A manga is also published.

◆ weblio fake letter
The dictionary with the most unreliable meaning in the world, 'weblio misrepresentation powered by fictional newspaper,' opened on April 1.

The meaning of rear charge at the site is the dangerous condition where a large amount of luggage is loaded at the rear of the truck. Rear overload.

The meaning of Choberlig is an abbreviation of 'super-berry goo'. A hand that beats all of Goo Choki Par in Janken. However, they lose to Choberiba. (Synonymous) batch goo.

◆ Twink Sengoku
The new work “ Beautiful Fish Fresh Fish 9 (Senkyo) Open Ocean Love ” released by Cyberd's Otome Game “Ikemen Sengoku” series has been announced.

There are nine fresh fish, including fish, tuna, bonito and kampachi. It is a game where you can put sweet words saying, 'Are you going to be a woman of fresh fish?'

◆ Real adjustment
Schedule adjustment tool ' adjuster ' used for drinking parties etc. released 'real adjustr'. Whether it's an arbitration, a meeting that can not be collected, or an office you're unfamiliar with, Real Adjustments will solve the problem.

◆ Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more
Access to Amazon in the United States has changed the site design to a long time ago. Click the page to return to the normal design.

◆ Tsuru Miku
Late-night show- style material is being introduced about 'the matter which seriously considered about the influence that the Osaka city plan gives to our brand'. Click on the image to proceed.

According to the Osaka Metropolitan Planning, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka will be reorganized into Higashi-ku, and the existence of the 'Tsurumiku' brand will be lost.

So, 'Tsurumiku' seems to have decided to move to Tsurumi Ward in Yokohama City. If you want to know more about moving, click it to read it and you may know something.

◆ Internet Multifeed Co., Ltd.
Internet Multifeed Co., Ltd. launched the world's first space-time communication interconnection service 'JPNAP Future Service'. It is possible to connect different times.

◆ HISHawaii Shinjuku 3-chome OPEN event | Event information | HIS Hawaii-A place where you can feel the wind of Hawaii. (HIS specialty store in Hawaii)
HIS has expanded its store network from global to space and has begun construction of a space branch in preparation for the 2020 opening. The 'Strateosphere Tour' was well received at the 2015 First Dream Fair, so it decided to build a space branch. In addition, appropriate examination (writing) of the branch manager and staff of the Space Branch is conducted today.

◆ Hot! ... my anal is also developed
The adult game brand 'Clock Up' announces a simulation game 'Homoge!' In which a main character who works for a game company on the verge of bankruptcy will create a homme with staff who have one or two. The media is expected to be released on October 31, 114514, and the media is a wonderful floppy disk 889,464 sheets, the corresponding OS is 'Windows 893', the price is 36,364 yen excluding tax.

◆ Super back information (GEKIURA) was introduced in Indonesian media: Handling information: Super back information
On the website 'Super Back Information' under the motto 'Curiosity Pursuit', there was an announcement 'It was introduced in Indonesian media'.

In the media, it was said that 'VnO with momentum in Indonesia has finally made inroads into Japan! Major actors are Japanese ninjas?'

You can understand the truth by reading vertically.

◆ Movie “The Detective Conan: Sunflower of Goon (Goukan's Sunflower)”
Detective Conan's movie site top has been changed from 'Detective Conan Sunlight Sunflower' to 'Detective Conan Fake Sunflower', and a quiz has been issued.

◆ Ma ~ Rarely Official Website
PC game ' Koiiro Mariage ' Morikawa Mihono 'Magical ★ Mihonon', Akiyoshi Neko here is transformed into 'Magical ★ Nekon' to fight for the rabbit's direct ... Magical Girl Anime 'magic 'Magical Girl Mihonon' starts broadcasting on TV in 3015.

◆ Miri princess war [game play]-If it is game Yahoo! mobage
In 'Mili Princess Wars' of Yahoo! Mobage, the maid 'Lilly' supposed to be a support role originally entered the war as Miri Princess.

In addition to formation, it is also possible to dispatch to the battlefield in addition to formation while being a non-armored unit with high evasive power.

Manga is also available on Twitter.

◆ Girl's Cloud | IDC Frontier's Sweet Cloud
IDC Frontier, which provides IT infrastructure services, has started offering Girl's Cloud, a women-only cloud service.

For those who have caught a cloud or have been in a cloud, the campaign to offer Girl's Cloud for free for life is limited to today.

Characteristically, if you register an account, matching with a male user of another service is performed, and there is a unique service such as telepathy authentication.

◆ Hoshiri secret treasure building official site
The site of 'Nitroplus Chiral' has become the official site of 'Hoshii Hidden Treasure Museum Hentai Museum', a destination for adults. Since the Flash game 'break blocks' is prepared, those who are over 18 years old should try to open the forbidden door at their own risk.

◆ Mysterious Somera animation
Animators now Zaki Itsuki -san 'on Twitter Magical Somera-chan announced the animation of'.

You can see the preview movie from the following.

April 朔 Special Report-YouTube

◆ Lie character club
'Uso Chara Club' has officially opened in the Ugo Chara Club of the original character 'Ugo Chara' created by Sky (id: Sukai). As content, 'Little character animation', 'Little character ranger', 'Little character control', etc. are prepared. The lie character is a trio of 'Usomar', 'Usorin' and 'Usobon'.

◆ Deneb's Pedometer-Deneb Pau-
PC game maker One-up has released the smartphone app 'Deneb's Pedometer -Denneb Pau-', a smartphone app of ' Starry sky Babylon '. You can download it from Aqq Store and GoogIe Play.

The operation screen of the app looks like the following, and it seems that you can work to shape up with Deneb. It looks like the app is actually working on the page.

◆ Granblue fantasy
The female character debuts as an idol in the game 'Granblue Fantasy'.

You can watch the PV of the song 'You and My Mirai' in Nico Nico Douga .

◆ Let's lean to the moon.
The game maker Navel is releasing videos of 'Let's go to the moon and the Maiden's style 1.1' on YouTube one after another. A total of 8 videos will be posted by the end of April Fool's Day.

The first video can be seen from the following.

'Let's go to the moon, the lady's method 1.1 00:00'-YouTube

◆ Yamayoshi Seika Co., Ltd. (Waga beef) uses Twitter
Yamaho Seika Co., Ltd. will release a 'all out beef beef' newly. Wasabi, beef and potatoes are also removed, and the weight of the bag is only about 7.5 grams, achieving a lightness like air.

◆ New feature 'Sakura comment' to Songrium Extension-Songrium
The music viewing support service 'Songrium' has added a 'Sakura comment' function that makes the screen look gorgeous by displaying compliments, that is, comments of 'Sakura' in the video of the Nico Nico Douga.

This is a picture of the state without 'Sakura comment'.

When 'Sakura comment' is added, it looks like it is extremely exciting.

◆ Master of Epic | for Smartphone
The smartphone version of the app is released in the online game 'Master of Epic' developed by Hudson and managed by Willow Entertainment.

◆ Animate Tsukumen shop | Animate if it is an animation!
Animate Lunar Store opened the ground for 'The next branch in 47 prefectures is the opening in space!'

Part-time staff are being recruited urgently, and in addition to customer service, monthly surveys etc. are included in the work content. As for the treatment example, “transportation expenses (upper limit 20,000 yen)” “there is a chance of raising money every six months!” (※ according to company regulations) “With staff discount system” “With staff appointment system” “With a monthly recreation facility 'And. Also, people who can maneuver the space shuttle will be given preferential treatment at the time of application.

It is grand opening on April 1, 2015, but store is still under construction, and access, map is as follows.

◆ Beerable Mug by Ichiban Shibori | Kirin Beer
Kirin has developed the world's first future beer mug device.

Not only beer management system performs beer temperature management and beer life log management, it also has alert for hangover prevention.

In addition, re-bubble function reproduces freshly placed bubbles.

◆ Yuru character explosion! ! Town BBS Tokyo 23 wards bulletin board
Official Yuru Chara was born on the Tokyo 23 ward bulletin board of 'Machi BBS', which is a regional information system electronic bulletin board. I'm looking for a name.

In addition, not only the Tokyo 23 wards bulletin board, the date and time written in the whole country is the display of 2015/03/32.

◆ Takara Tomy (@ takaratomytoys) | Twitter
TAKARA TOMY is showing off 24 neta by the end of April Fool on Twitter. I picked up some excellent things.

◆ Venus Blood-Love-
The game 'VenusBlood-love-' is released from the nine tails in the game 'Venus Blood is the main character 'love' to be tested !! 'and the main character of low consciousness delivers' love 'to the SD units. The

There is a musical with 'Ann ~ as it is ~ Show ~ ~ ♪' ...

There is also a game of pride.

Survival game and ...

There is also a gourmet.

The trial version of the game is actually available for download.

◆ English Spirit Collection-English This-Online
The service of 'British Spirit Collection' has been launched, which has made the character of Fate the character of British spirit like 'Kantai Collection'.

◆ Pine Ame's 【Pine Corporation】 (Official) (@pain_ame) | Twitter
The fact is revealed of the impact that it was in fact 'Paisoame' rather than Pain'ame, but what is written on the bag of individual packaging ...... such as 'Pain'ame'?

I have returned to normal mode without waiting for April Fool's Day, but the icons and headers seem like this.

◆ Gathered, samurai generation! New Campaign, Start ?! | NTT DOCOMO
NTT DoCoMo publishes a page with a mystery code written on it.

Type '##' in the text box at the end of the code and press the 'Convert' button to solve the mystery.

◆ We think about Neat chan @ Neat corps
NEET Co., Ltd. 'Neat Thinking Team' PR and Neat's persona 'Neat CHAN' decided to be animated.

The original draft of the anime is released.

◆ Fate on your smartphone! Fate / Grand Order Official Site
Sakura Saber and Nob of Fate / Grand Order Official Support Manga ' Fate / Guda Gudada Order ' win the turn and appear on the top page.

◆ Successfully succeeded in capturing 800 animals!
Eight hundred yadon escaped from the Kagawa Prefecture Yadon Research Center, and a secret project, which had been bred and studied on a desert island 52 years ago, came to light.

The discovery report of Yadon is carried out everywhere on Twitter.

It also seems to have been discovered at Maruyama Zoo.

◆ PURAMAI WARS official site | Pramai Wars Official Site
In the adult game 'Puramai Wars', heroine Yoshiko Sekiko has become busty. Also, when you click anywhere on the image, the voice also flows.

◆ elgoo G
Google published 'com. Google', and all the letters, logos and icons appear in the mirror.

The search results are as well.

'Google always looks forward, but sometimes it is important to look back. Let's change the perspective with' com. Google '', 'com. Google' service is announced in Google's official Twitter account .

◆ 伏 @ ツ イ ー ト @ 字 ツ イ ー ト ふ ふ ふ Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter '【【【】 速 報 速 報 ・ ふ ふ ふ ふ ふ っ た っ た っ た っ た わ わ 伏 伏 に な る become LINE stamps!
It seems that Wanko ' Busheta ' of the service ' fusetter (Fushitta) ' can be part of a tweet, and will be delivered as a LINE stamp.

◆ 'Small Girl's Dance (Contance Dance)' official website
In commemoration of the 1999, 1999, 1999, 99998000th anniversary of the love adventure game ' Little Girl's Little Night Song' by Feng, the fighting game ' Little Girl's Dance (Contance Dance) ' is scheduled to be released.

The actual play screen looks like this. The release date is scheduled for October 25, 200000000013, and the price is 8,800 yen after tax.

◆ Super God Naiger
'April Fool's Day is not present. Likes?' And Shinobuya words I have been admonished by.

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