Site summary 2015 version piggybacking on April Fool's Day

By mera

On April 1st, various sites that usually work seriously explode the material that was prepared in advance with full throttle, what is true, what is lie, and how much is the material. The familiar April Fool's Day has begun again this year for a terrifying 24 hours when the line of lie becomes ambiguous, Pampakapan!

◆ GIGAZINE official account notified every time an April Fool's article is updated
That's why the GIGAZINE editorial department is taking advantage of April Fool's Day and updating each site that is preparing various things in real time from 0:00 to 24:00 on April 1 (Wednesday), literally 24 hours a day. I will continue to summarize in the article. Articles are added to the end of articles over time, and the volume becomes incredible. If you say 'I can't update the page one by one!', It is convenient to follow it as it is supposed to post update notifications to GIGAZINE's Twitter official account , Facebook official account , Google+ official account at any time. It is useful in.

◆ How to get the story of April Fool's Day
In addition, when you discover 'I'm doing April Fool's Day here too!' On a site not published in the article, or when I recommend myself saying 'I'm also doing April Fool 's Day material!' It's OK if you submit it from the form. In that case, even if I went to see the site, I could not judge 'Which is the story of April Fool's Day ...?' It seems that there are, but I do not know what the state of the original site was, so I do not know at all what has changed ... 'There are a lot of cases every year that I can not make an article or it is delayed, so be sure to make a comment 'This is the point to see!' 'This is different from before, it's April Fool's Day!' Explanation, commentary, points to see, points to hold down! If you write the points to check together with the URL and address of the page, it will be very easy for the editorial staff and readers of GIGAZINE to understand, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your cooperation. To do!

◆ That's why the summary list from here
How many sites can be posted by 24:00 on April 1st, when April Fool's Day ends, and is it physically possible for readers to access and see all the sites? Please see below for a summary list of the battles that will be held at the limit of the limit, as to whether it is possible to comprehensively summarize the April Fool's site!

◆ Interview with President Yokoyama (Interlink) about 'New gTLD Plus' (β version), a site automatic generation service tailored to the domain, for '.osaka' for Osaka dialect and for '.luxury' for wealthy people.
'The new gTLD plus (β version) system developed by Interlink Co., Ltd. was released today as a service that automatically generates the name of the new gTLD (.moe, etc.) that you are using. That's why GIGAZINE conducted an interview at Osaka dialect.

If you think that you are doing it, or click a link such as a website image, something will happen and you will be taken to the news site.

◆ The world's first instant cooling ice bath 'Yusou' will be released on April 1st (Wednesday).
Two flavors, vanilla and matcha, will be sold, saying, 'Instant cooling refreshes your mind and body! Fine ice that spouts at 150km / h reduces back fatigue.' It seems that you can also choose a sexy taste.

The price is 4.1 million yen including tax.

◆ NCN Nico Nico News --2015/04/01 00:00 Start --Nico Nico Live Broadcast
A voice input system was born as a new service on niconico.

When you press the microphone button, the call center will be called, and if you give the video ID and comment, the comment will be automatically ( artificially ) written to the specific video. Only the smartphone version is supported.

◆ New features of Clean Master. Nose-shaped gadget that absorbs pollen << Benjamin's nose >>
Kingsoft has succeeded in developing a nose-shaped gadget 'Benjamin's Nose' that can absorb pollen in cooperation with the cleaner application 'Clean Master ' based on the funds collected by the crowdfunding 'Kingstarter'. It is said that it is a gadget with strong suction power equipped with 'pollen removal function', 'pollen analysis function', 'SNS function' and so on.

◆ goo new character 'Guneko's room.'
goo announces a new image character 'Guneko'. On the other hand, at that time, Shimane Prefecture's tourist character 'Shimanekko', which looks exactly like 'Guneko', disappeared, leaving behind a note saying 'I want you to look for it' and the roof of the hat.

◆ Detailed explanation Fenrir recruitment interview-Best practice of highly conscious engineers
Fenrir has published 'Detailed Explanation of Fenrir Recruitment Interviews-Best Practices for Highly Aware Engineers', which explains the recruitment interviews. The main items are 'Keep the origin of the logo', 'Use the product', 'Stick on the editor', 'Go to the study session', 'Release the app', 'Social coding' 'Keep it', 'Keep it automated', 'Keep it sticking to the keyboard', 'Keep various smartphones', and 'Keep track of new trends in the industry'.

◆ Surely winning! ?? 'The Complete Sweepstakes', a collection of sweepstakes, is now on sale from the Sweepstakes Site ChanceIt!
ChanceIt, a point / sweepstakes / shopping information site, has released the book 'Chanceit Sweepstakes Taizen' by Chansey, the main character. If you read this book, you will say, 'From today, you are also a master of sweepstakes!'

A part of the contents looks like this.

In addition, Couples, which provides date and hotel information, has released 'Understanding with Anime! Couples Hotel,' which is an animated version of the hotel usage instruction manga 'Understanding with Manga! Couples Hotel.' 'Love hotel staff Ueno-san ' has been appointed as the super director.

You can see the trailer below.

You can see it in the anime! Couples Hotel-YouTube

◆ April Fool's Fukusuke x DeNA Travel Collaboration Project! Travel-only socks will be released! | DeNA Travel (Skygate)
The website of DeNA Travel has a sensational touch that 'I don't need an airplane anymore !? Tabi for travel is on sale'.

'You can carry luggage up to 3 tons' 'You don't need an airplane !? You can fly in the sky !!!' 'Running speed is 100km' 'You can change clothes from your socks to your whole body', making it a dream-like socks. , There is also an interview with the developer Dr. Tora Bale.

The price is 1 million yen including tax.

◆ Lotteria | LOTTERIA
Lotteria shrimp disappears, and a shrimp-free burger will be on sale for 210 yen for a limited time.

◆ Wedding-produced android released! | CRAZY WEDDING
The wedding-produced android 'Yukiko No. 2' will be on sale from April 1st, saying 'I can't leave it to humankind anymore.' The main unit price is 904,000 yen. It is said that it will produce a wedding ceremony 50 times faster than a human producer by making full use of the 'high-speed Aizuchi mode' and 'emotion recognition function' 120 times per second.

◆ Not so good girl (official site) | Not so good girl Apology for foreign matter contamination (April 1st)
This year's unsatisfactory daughter held an apology press conference saying that some products had 'moe mixed in'.

◆ Until I, 6 years old, became a fool (April). (Non-Certified)
On, a special site 'Until I'm 6 years old becomes a fool (April)' is opened with a parody of ' Until I'm 6 years old until I grow up.'

'Until the 6-year-old bear grows up.' 'Let's meet again during the summer vacation!'

'Until the 6-year-old pear grows up.' 'Funassyi is 1877 this year, so it's a long time ago!'

◆ Time Travel Finally Starts Traveling to the past is possible! | Expedia
Finally, time travel to the past is possible. Look forward to what happens when you actually click the 'Time Travel Booking' button.

◆ The grandfather of the fairy tale 'Big Turnip' actually existed
For some reason, there is a picture book of the fairy tale 'Big Turnip' on the Monex Securities website. 'Videographer and actor Shota Mori is also acclaimed.'

Is that grandfather behind the announcer ...?

◆ 'Sadako vs. Kayako' Summer 2016 I'm sure it will come! I'm sure it's fool
The long-awaited 'Sadako VS Kayako' will be released. Beyond the barriers of distribution companies, a dream match that everyone is paying attention to has been realized.

◆ Interesting corporation kayak
'This year's kayak does not lie, but employees confess the lies they had when they were children,' so 30 employees' childhood photos and lies were released.

Furthermore, the '2015 April Fool's Day Lie Summary Bulletin' that summarizes the lies of famous companies has been made.

A part of the summary looks like this.

And this year as well, we will carry out 'April adoption' that is OK for career fraud. Last year, one of the 1432 applicants was unofficially decided, and you can also see the lie resume that was actually hired.

◆ New release of muscle watch-Kinniku gymnastics- | Provider Tokutoku BB
The provider service 'GMO Tokutoku BB' has released a special site for 'Muscle Watch', which is not a Yo-Kai Watch. A movie called 'Kinniku Gymnastics No. 1' has also been released.

The muscle watch is available in three colors: 'European Blue', 'Hot Pink', and 'Snow White'.

◆ Mikumo Live! by ConoHa
'ConoHa', a VPS (virtual private server) hosting service, has entered the game industry and announced 'Mikumo Live'. Sumire Uesaka and Maaya Uchida are appointed as CVs for easy-to-operate sound games that tap the screen in time with music.

◆ Kuroko's Haken Video Distribution Service: Video on Demand JP
A service that can call 'Kuroko ' who will liven up watching movies will start on April 1st. This is a true 'black dispatch company' ....

Kuroko who is enrolled has the following feeling, and you can come to the most suitable Kuroko according to the scene.

◆ 'Is the Order a Rabbit Girl?' Official Website
The official website of the anime 'Is the Order a Rabbit?' Transformed into 'Is the Order a Rabbit?' You can hear the voice of the magical girl Chino by pressing the play button in the center of the page.

◆ Nipako returns to her mother star! Spacecraft construction and launch support project! | CROSS Crowdfunding
Nippers anthropomorphic characters Nipako has launched a spacecraft built-launch support project to return to the home planet in CROSS crowdfunding. The target amount is 285 million yen, but the total application amount is currently 0 yen.

◆ Limited to 4/1! Isn't it dragged by Yahoo! Real-time search? --Yahoo! Real-time search
Yahoo! Real-time Search invented a transceiver with Dragenai mode. The main functions are the Dragenai button (for those of you who find it difficult to tweet on your smartphone, a convenient button that allows you to tweet 'Dragenai' is standard equipment), and the Dragenai mode (any tweet has '#Dragenai'. Can be converted to Dragenai mode) and so on.

The au 'Santaro' series starring Shota Matsuda, Kenta Kiritani, and Gaku Hamada with the setting 'Momotaro, Urashima Taro, and Kintaro were tomodachi' has been made into a Hollywood movie. The director is Olivier Megaton, who worked on the movie 'Transporter 3 Unlimited,' and said, 'Japan is my second home. I'm excited to be able to draw Japanese legends.'

We are also looking for movie extras, but please note that transportation expenses will be paid by kibi dango. In the language test, the question 'Can you talk to animals?' Is also checked.

◆ Sakura Internet, mobile game 'Sakura no Sabage!' Will be released on April 1st! -Protect the mackerel from the nemesis D Dos and survive! A training game to grow mackerel and learn codes ~
It has been decided to release the mobile game 'Sakura no Sabage!' From 'Sakura Internet'. This is an educational game where you can grow mackerel and learn codes. The staple food of mackerel is beautiful Java, PHP, Ruby, etc. The more beautiful it is, the higher the specifications of mackerel.

As the specs go up, you can evolve into basic mackerel such as chub mackerel, blue mackerel, glucoma, and double-lined mackerel, and new types of mackerel such as Windows mackerel.

◆ TV anime 'Hello !! Kiniro Mosaic' official website
'Our daily life shines blonde!', So all the characters became blonde.

◆ Mudage by DeNA
On the website of 'Mudage', which is not Mobage, we are releasing an epoch-making app that allows you to remove hair with just a smartphone.

You can easily remove hair anytime, anywhere by simply applying your smartphone to the place you want to remove hair without razor.

You can actually try the app from the smartphone version of the website accessed with the QR code below.

◆ Google Map
You can now play Pac-Man on Google Maps.

To actually play, just click on the Pac-Man icon at the bottom left of Google Maps.

◆ Movie 'Nisekoi Monogatari' Official Site
Both the official websites of the anime ' Nisekoi: ' and ' [Bakemonogatari] Series Second Season ' are the official websites of the movie 'Nisekoi Monogatari', and the costumes of the characters have been changed on the top page.

The trailer for 'Nisekoi Monogatari' is from the following.

'Nisekoi Monogatari' Trailer-YouTube

◆ Movie 'Curse T Card' Official Site | T Site [T Point / T Card]
'Shoko picks up a T card with 6,666,666 points by chance. It's a cursed T card that is secretly rumored in the streets because of a strange death incident that occurs around me while using the points without knowing anything. The movie 'Curse T Card' with the story 'I notice that'.

The trailer is also available.

Movie 'Curse T Card' Trailer-YouTube

◆ Ingress
Ingress developed by Google's in-house venture has been changed to Pac-Man specifications. The player's position is Pac-Man, and if the portal is Resistance, it is a blue enemy, and if it is Enlightened, it is a green enemy. XM that falls on the ground turns into a cookie, which is an effect that normally absorbs XM, but for the movement and sound effect of eating cookies.

◆ The 200th spring since it was produced 'Future Prediction Map II' produced in the Edo period was released --MapFan
MapFan has released 'Future Prediction Map II', which was drawn in 1815 AD in 1815 (Culture 12) in anticipation of the Japanese archipelago 200 years from now, on April 1st only.

The actual map looks like this. It was expected that the Sky Tree would be built 200 years ago ... Looking at the red lantern displayed at the bottom, a secret message emerges.

◆ Daily Portal Z: @nifty
Daily Portal Z hijacked by a gorilla.

At first glance, it looks like the usual articles are lined up ...

The gorilla is in the article.

◆ Google Japan Blog: Search is entering a new era-Google Panda is here
Google has announced a new 'Google Panda' with interactive Kansei intelligence capabilities. Significantly changed the search interface.

Ask Google Panda and they will reply.

◆ Cute cloud is born!
With 'The world's first Bing Cute Cloud with a cute cloud computing system!', You can now search for images and videos of Mofumofu animals.

Click the question on the troubleshooting page to see the answer based on the loose calculation.

◆ Impress
Impress's April Fool's Day this year has a lot of articles on food, saying that 'Isopress, the fabrication site' Mado Yashiro 'is open to the public while enduring hunger.' 'I think I missed the supper,' he said.

'To eradicate' rice terrorism ', the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has released a web browser add-on.' '[Mori no Okurasu Fu] Part 1: The harmony between the thickened sanbaizu and the soup stock soaked in the fu is exquisite.' Are lined up.

In addition, the novel medium 'GAME PC Watch' has been launched, in which Mr. Kafuji Sato, a writer who has a good reputation as a PC game abandoned person, has been appointed as the first honorary editor-in-chief of the assault.

The arcade fighting game 'UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH' is now compatible with 3D. It is said that a marvelous 3D animation that can be mistaken for a handwritten animation moves at ultra-high speed 30 FPS, and it has become a completely new fighting game that combines 'unreal engine' and 'karate'.

High-definition design with an eye on 8K beyond 4K. You can enjoy the characters drawn in detail 360 degrees.

◆ TV anime 'THE IDOLM @ STER CINDERELLA GIRLS' official site
When you open the page, 'Delemas Newspaper' is displayed suddenly, and the birth of ' 1111 (One Four) Production ', which is a merger of '765 Production' and '346 Production', is announced under the headline 'The biggest entertainment production is born!' I am.

◆ Shonen Jump +
The website of Shonen Jump + is all about Frieza.

The screen of the application version is also full of freezer.

Freeza's inauguration as editor-in-chief was reported on her Twitter account.

I seem to be nervous about my first attempt.

◆ Hand-held Rakı | ANIMAX
Animax has developed a smartphone-only item, 'Teburakuchin'. We are accepting purchase reservations at half price for today only.

Details can be confirmed in the following movie

◆ Kirin Chuhai Bitters
Kirin releases the Chu-Hi flavored beer 'Chu-B'. Apparently, it seems to be a 'counterattack of the beer division' against the Chuhai division that developed 'Kirin Chuhai Bitters'.

◆ Rascal the Raccoon Official Website
Rascal the Raccoon stopped washing.

◆ President Collection
IRroid, a stock price and company information site, has released 'President Collection' instead of 'Kantai Collection'.

You can see the president's tension, physical strength, determination, and foresight.

◆ Kirarin ☆ DASH
The secondary creation game of 'THE IDOLM @ STER CINDERELLA GIRLS' is on sale for a limited time. Click to start the game.

When you operate the mouse, Kirari Moroboshi moves up, down, left and right, so you can proceed while picking up Anzu Futaba. It's OK if you pick up the energy can while avoiding obstacles and save qqp (Kyun Kyun Power). The game over screen is so cute that you will want to play it again and again.

◆ Cafe ★ Akashius Boarding School [Acasius Boarding School]
The role-playing cafe 'Akasius Dormitory Academy' is now a 'weak pedal' instead of a 'weak pedal'. The tricycle supermarket dreams of participating in the race with the Hayate issue.

The e-mail newsletter distribution service 'Magmag' has developed an automatic news title correction program 'MAGII'. A unique algorithm automatically corrects the wording to be mediocre and straight when there is a certain deviation rate between the title and the content, and restores the user's precious time and peace of mind.

If you post a URL that needs to be corrected, the changed title will be displayed.

◆ (PDF file) Reorganization of Japan Nature Destruction Association
The long-established NGO 'The Nature Conservation Society of Japan ' has been reorganized into the 'Japan Nature Conservation Society' on April 1st. There are solicitations such as 'STOP! Shizenhogo', 'Become a friend who destroys nature!', 'If you destroy it now, doko?', But there is also an exit link for those who are kind to the heart.

◆ Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola uses a name bottle instead of a business card.

When you go out, you need to carry a large amount of Coca-Cola on your back.

◆ Supports Ingress MAP | LR Rental Blog
The rental property information site 'LR Rental' has made the map for each property page compatible with Ingress's MAP. In the management team, XM (Exotic Matter) is also available for those who are looking for a rental property as a result of the mysterious and mysterious energy discovered by the European team of scientists spreading and worrying enough about the endangered future. ) Was issued, and it was concluded that the portal should be confirmed, and the portal was changed so that it could be visually recognized.

◆ AQUARIUS --We have started 'Mobile Water Supply Point' to accompany your running.
The 'Mobile Water Supply Point' service, which allows you to replenish Aquarius at any time while running, has begun.

◆ Koei Tecmo Games
The official website of Nobunyaga's Ambition is 'Cat Shrine Maiden Squadron Miko Ranger'. In addition, various game parodies will be held depending on the time of day.

In the Twitter account of Shin Sangoku Musou 7 , photos of 'Chicken Ribs Chicken' and images of congratulations that were actually whitening are posted.

Furthermore , in Nobunaga's ambition of 1 million people, 'Nobunaga DX' appeared by saying 'Protect the peace of the universe! Defeat the dark space daimyo with a huge robot !!'.

The trailer is also available.

Clash! Nobunaga DX vs. Dark Space Daimyo Mitsuhide-YouTube

◆ Google Japan Blog: New suggestions from the Google Japanese Input Team
Google has announced the epoch-making device 'Google Japanese Input Piro Piro Version' that allows you to input characters without using your hands. It is a mechanism to input characters by the distance of the roll part that was blown and stretched.

You can check the details in the movie.

◆ Romancing SaGa 2 | SQUARE ENIX
If you click 'Ali Da !!' in 'Update Information' on the Square Enix official website ...

The opening of the mini game has started.

'Romancing SaGa' became 'Romancing Saga', and it was a game that introduced famous places and specialties of Saga prefecture. It may be good to defeat all the enemies.

◆ DeNA
'DeNA is focusing on mobile, so we took the plunge to optimize the PC site for smartphones,' and the DeNA website has undergone a major renewal.

Also, in the app Hacka Doll , 'a way to go to two dimensions' was developed, and Mr. Okamura, who is in charge of Hacka Doll promotion, turned into a woman and went to two dimensions as the first experimental table.

◆ Use coupons to reduce the amount of food !? Find out the truth about that burning news!
'HOT PEPPER' publishes an article that explores the truth based on what has become a hot topic on the net.

What was the truth? ??

It seems that Saber started Twitter. It has already exceeded 15,000 followers.

Sakura Magiri also started using Twitter. It seems that it is decided to star in a theatrical movie.

Besides that, with Sajo Aika ...

Astolfo is also making his Twitter debut.

In addition, an office for TYPE-MOON characters called 'Imperial Roma' has been created.

The following 8 groups of talents belong to the group. You can see the detailed profile by clicking each image.

Furthermore, it seems that the world championship ' Capsaba World Championship (Dark) 2015 ' of the game 'Capsule Sabanto ', which won the grand prize and excellence award of the Mushroom Game Awards 2014, was quietly held.

◆ Alien VS MMR
It was decided to make a movie of the popular manga 'MMR-Magazine Mystery Reportage-', which was formed in the 'Weekly Shonen Magazine Editorial Department' in 1990 and made the results into a manga in 'Weekly Shonen Magazine'. I'm going to confront the aliens, but in the image photo, there is a disturbing character that says, 'Whichever wins, it will eventually be destroyed.'

The cast looks like this.

◆ d-Watch 2015.4.1 debut! | dMenu | NTT DoCoMo
NTT DoCoMo announced 'd-Watch Type Sheep' as a new wearable watch.

The 'doorbell function' allows you to embody 'Hitsuji no Shitsuji-kun' and call it in the palm of your hand. You can scroll more about the functionality of Hitsuji no Shitsuji-kun.

◆ TV anime 'SHOW BY ROCK !!'
4 people Purazumajika is Gudetama turned into, it has become 'Gudeta Magica'. There are only 5 days left until the anime airs, but is that okay?

◆ Theatrical version 'MUSHI-SHI ~ The Perfect Love ~' official website
'That episode, which was said to be impossible to visualize, is finally made into a long-awaited movie' ...

An illustration of a movie titled 'MUSHI-SHI ~ The Perfect Love ~' has been released. However, this is not a complete lie, and the visual of 'MUSHI-SHI ~ The Perfect Love ~', which was decided to be produced in collaboration with Belgium, was written by the animation director Yoshihiko Umakoshi. 'I want to add comedy and love romance elements to the world of Mushishi to nurture omnidirectional content,' said Magoshi.

You can check the interview video of Director Magoshi and others who are actually visiting Belgium from the following.

'MUSHI-SHI ~ The Perfect Love ~' Interview with Hiroshi Nagahama and Yoshihiko Umakoshi MOVIE --YouTube

◆ Monotaro movie decision! [Mail order Monotaro]
It has been decided that the movie of Samurai Monotaro, the character of 'MonotaRO', an internet store for traders, will be screened in Amagasaki. 900 trillion products fly into space! De flashy violence space shipping action movie!

◆ Miracle Train
'Miracle Quest VI', which is an RPG of the station anthropomorphic project 'Miracle Train', has been announced. On the special site, you can see the game story, characters, and parts of the game screen. The platform is 'Miracle Station Portable' and is scheduled to be released in 2015.

◆ We are now grapplers. Online shop ★ Soken
Grappler Baki has appeared on the website of Soken, an online shop that provides EC consulting and WEB consulting, and the strongest theory is advocated.

◆ Bakutan! Robot debut that you can rely on from DMM!
A macho robot called KAMEYAMA from DMM has debuted.

It is a robot born with the mission of 'solving various problems'.

Customization is also possible, and you can change the voice, color, tension, etc.

◆ TV anime 'Dance with Dogs' official website
On the official website of the anime 'Dance with Devils', handsome demons are transformed into mofumofu dogs.

The Twitter account has also become 'Dance with Dogs Official', and I'm tweeting one by one.

◆ English Scout
Infoseek has released 'English Scoutan', a wearable device that can measure English proficiency. It weighs 200g and comes in five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL, and the price is 530,000 yen. The device is stronger than you can imagine, so even in an emergency when you want to plant cucumber seeds in the garden, you can use English Scoutan to dig a crunchy hole.

◆ Maple Online Shop | MapleStory Official
A site that sells items that appear in the side-scrolling online game 'MapleStory' has been released. The item is realistically reproduced.

◆ Angel Beats! -Operation Wars-
The final weapon Hinata Rocket was implemented in the social game app 'Angel Beats! -Operation Wars-' of the anime 'Angel Beats!' For April 1st only.

◆ Illustration SNS that you can draw [Chixi]
It seems that the illustration SNS 'Chixi' that can be drawn has decided to reborn the mobile version for the feature phones and analog painters who have narrow shoulders.

The website screen optimized for feature phones looks like this.

◆ [Commemorating the decision to make a live-action movie! ] Pharmacist Maki's Dispensing Days-Free Image Material Distribution Site
The two-dimensional content ' Pharmacist Maki's Dispensing Days ' will be made into a live-action movie. In commemoration, we released free photo materials in collaboration with the free material distribution site ' PAKUTASO'.

◆ Anigema --Smartphone Appli Game
At 'Anigema ', which distributes adult content for Android devices, the app market 'Kusogema', which has only kusoge, has been released.

Four games such as 'Apri-chan Sugoroku' are being distributed for free.

◆ Hakoba Me
The game 'Kamigami no Asobi' is on the page of 'Monthly Me' published by the mysterious publisher 'Hakoba Publishing'. Special features such as 'It really happened! The Seven Wonders of the Academy', 'Continued / Fear! Moving Mud Dolls!', And 'Latest Mummy Report' are lined up. I'm also worried about 'first alchemy' and 'correct scolding & compliment' displayed as 'recommended books'.

◆ Server Nator-Singularity of Silver Wings [Another Silence Web Marketing]
'CPI', which operates a rental server business, has released SF contents. From the future 30 years later, a CPI rental server will appear as an android with artificial intelligence, and it will be struggling to avoid the crisis of the future.

◆ [Notice] Home version 'Groove Coaster Portable' released !? The world's smallest portable game machine is born here !? |
The ' Groove Coaster ' was announced at April Fool's Day last year, and the ' Groove Coaster (household version) ' was so large that it would be difficult to introduce it to ordinary households. Announced the pursued home version ' Groove Coaster Portable'. It is about the same size as a 10-yen coin and can be easily carried.

By holding the dedicated data storage card 'NESiCA MiNi', you can save data and unlock additional songs. It is a very small card that fits on your fingertips.

Also, to commemorate the release of 'Groove Coaster Portable' for home use, special songs and special avatars are being distributed at 'Groove Coaster Zero (iPhone / iPad version)' and 'Groove Coaster 2 Heavenly Festival (arcade version)'. This is really delivered.

◆ New passenger transportation service 'UMER' | Hands Lab Co., Ltd.
'Horse has been popular as a means of transportation since ancient times, but since modern times it has been replaced by automobiles. However, while it is convenient, such as exhaust gas and traffic jams, there are problems in the automobile society. As an excellent means of transportation that can contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society by reusing manure without using natural resources, we have released UMER under the banner of 'rehabilitation of horses', and this service will raise the challenges of modern civilization. 'It will be solved', so Hands Lab announced 'UMER', a UBER-like service that can arrange horses in cooperation with smartphones.

Since you can choose a skilled jockey from warriors, public houses, ninjas, etc., it seems to be an unprecedented means of transportation.

◆ Chrome browser
Chrome for smartphones is equipped with '#ChromeSelfie' that allows you to take a picture of yourself viewing the site with a camera and share it. If you want to use it, when you start Chrome, 'New feature: #ChromeSelfie can now be shared.' Is displayed below, so tap it.

Check the image to be shot and tap the camera icon.

Tap 'Share ...'.

Finally, if you choose a sharing method, you can share yourself as you are viewing the site.

◆ [Open on 4/1! ] Onsen / Gesen Taito Station Yufuin
A new Taito Station store, Yufuin store, opens in Oita prefecture. 'Crane game area' where you can get bath goods, 'Hot spring pre-area' where you can shoot pres naked, 'Sushi restaurant Darius' which provides fresh material directly from the planet Darius, etc. It is a full-blown 'onsen / game'. In addition, the location of the shop is 'Please find the secret hot spring with your own eyes ...'.

◆ Ashimon Authentication-Hangame
Hangame has adopted 'Ashimon Authentication,' which allows you to log in by taking three steps: '(1) barefoot,' '(2) expand your finger space,' and '(3) touch the authentication area.'

Regarding the authentication method using the little finger of the left foot, the developer says, 'I wanted to shed light on the little finger of the foot.'

◆ Toei Video
Toei Animation Maeda Corporation has announced plans to build a new attraction 'Mazinger Z Hangar' in Toshimaen as a joint project. Completion is aimed at 2020, when the Tokyo Olympics will be held.

◆ Melon Books DL: Doujin DL sale-Download Doujinshi and Doujin games
'Since April 1st, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo recognizes same-sex couples as' a relationship equivalent to marriage 'and issues a certificate, and on the same day, on the same day, the same day,' a relationship equivalent to marriage ' It was decided that the review committee would issue a certificate that would be recognized as '', and Melon Books started 'marriage activity service with 2D characters' in response to this system revision. On the special page, you can also read the history of the system revision and the future forecast map drawn by Melon DL.

Marriage certificates are issued for those who already have a bride who wants to get married, and the sample looks like this.

◆ Kodansha launches 'Ikaga Bookstore', a book selection delivery service by drone, from this summer --KODAN Summary
The website 'KODAN Summary', which looks exactly like NAVER Matome, summarizes that Kodansha will start a drone-based book selection home delivery service. Answer questions such as 'Can you remember the moment when you thought the sunset was beautiful for the first time?' 'Is it easy for people to deceive you?' And select some books you like to complete the order. ..

Also, it seems that not only books but also services that deliver umbrellas will start.

◆ Lonely Pochako: Nitroplus Channel
The unique gourmet comic 'Lonely Pochaco' has been made into a drama, and will start broadcasting at 11:29 pm on April 1, 2106 (Wednesday). You can also try reading the original comic.

The first episode of the drama can be seen from the following.

Lonely Pochako Episode 1-YouTube

◆ Weekend Heroine Momoiro Clover Z Official Site
All members of Momoiro Clover Z have been transformed into Frieza.

◆ The debut of 'the idol closest to heaven' has been decided from Tsukino Performing Arts Production!
At Tsukino Performing Arts Production, the trio who once sang 'The Heartbeat Closest to Heaven' made their idol debut again decades later.

From the left, Keiji Ogi, who is suffering from lower back pain after farming, Shoji Nagatani, who wakes up at 4 am on any day, and Yuji Kano, who can't remember yesterday's supper.

The debut single 'Grandfather SHOCK' was released on September 15, 20015. The price is 1800 yen excluding tax. Is it a CD even in this era?

◆ WORKING !! 10th Anniversary Project Wagunari Antachaburu !!
In commemoration of the 10th anniversary, WORKING !! has become a training game. There are 100 million routes in the training simulation.

Details from the video

◆ Keichi Ryan & Supermuko's retrogaming live channel --NeoTube | Nitroplus
The Nitroplus official website has become the video distribution site 'NeoTube'. The final and 2106 videos of the long-running 'Occasionally Memosal' live are being released, and the actual gameplay will start around 5:33.

◆ Madosoft | Original animation broadcast in 2016!
Bishoujo game maker 'Madosoft' announces the production of an original animation. It was announced on April 1st, but I can't find any characters that look like April Fool's Day, and I haven't declared it a lie on Twitter , so it may really be made.

You can check the movie from the following.

Madosofuto original animation broadcast in 2016! !! --YouTube

◆ Free online game Mabinogi Heroes Official Website
When you access the official website of Nexon's online game 'Mabinogi Heroes' and click the page, the page is chopped ...

The specifications are such that the screen burns.

◆ ufotable 2015 April Fools' Day
When I click on Mr. Saber, who has a sloppy face saying, 'Don't be fooled.'

The ufotable Twitter account is displayed. If you click 'Images and videos' on the left side, only tweets with images and videos will be displayed, so you can read limited manga at once.

At the time of writing the article, there are two manga published, and lie manga related to rice balls are drawn for each character. It seems that the limited manga will be released more, so if you are interested, please check it from time to time.

◆ Ikagress! !! 7 things to know
'Ikagress' is a game that fuses the real and virtual worlds, where the mysterious energy 'SURUME' discovered in Mutsu Bay is divided into two camps and scrambles for camps.

Walk around and replenish SURUME ...

We will proceed with the game by cooking the opponent's ecal. In addition, this was an April Fool's Day project of SNS 'ami'z' where Aomori lovers gather.

◆ Virtual Reality War | Fantasy Earth Zero
With Fantasy Earth Zero, it was finally implemented to actually get people into the game world.

It also has a 'real command' function that allows you to execute commands just by saying something.

◆ Gentleman V2.5 | Record follower remove
It seems that 'Human Resources', a service for recording and browsing information on Twitter's follow / remove, has decided to act as 'Gentleman' in order to spread the grace of gentlemen.

◆ It is operating as usual today. | Engan Bus Co., Ltd.
The Moekko Free Ticket for the coastal bus has entered a new season, and this year, the local beautiful girl character 'Enoshima Sanpo-chan' in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and 'Kongou-class destroyer No. 2 from Miyagi', who has the nickname of the strongest shield. 'Ship' was appointed.

Bromaga-Ni (Koniko) Channel
The top page of 'Bromaga ', a text transmission service that integrates Niconico Channel's blog and e-mail newsletter, looks like a huge bulletin board.

The blog is also displayed with a thread-like design.

◆ Edo ☆ Odensama ♪ Official Web Saito
For the princess who loves music, lord candidates gather from all over Japan and weave the melody of the encounter with the princess ... The game 'Edo no Odensama ♪' has been released. You can play for free by clicking 'Start'.

The play screen looks like this.

The characters are as follows, and the names and clothes of the characters of 'Uta no Prince-sama' are in the style of the Edo period.

◆ Basic free online game 'RED STONE'
Online role-playing game RED STONE announces the production of a 44/1 scale Lancer figure.

The scenery you see on Lancer's shoulders is exceptional. The price is the market price.

In addition, hip-hop by the staff of RED STONE is also open to the public.

◆ Nagoya rice and the best mariage! Pokka Lemon 758 is on sale only in the Nagoya area! | Pokka Sapporo
Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage Co., Ltd., headquartered in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, has announced the release of a new product, 'Pokka Lemon 758,' which incorporates abundant local love. It seems that it is 758 times as sour as usual, and it seems to be 'Doerya sour!'

◆ Comico smartphones will be given to readers as gifts! | Notice --comico
'Comico, ' which publishes scroll-type web comics, presents a smartphone 'LONGLONG Phone 4.1S' exclusively for comico to 100,000 people for free.

Compared to the iPhone, it looks like this, and it's about three times as long.

It seems that it can also be used as stretch equipment, headphones, uchiwa, and neck warmer according to your lifestyle.

Rejet, a game content production company for women, launched a magazine called 'REJET MECKLE' that has a men's knuckle-like atmosphere.

Pictures with unique lines such as 'Love is always sugar & spice' and 'The red flash of the street is me !!' are lined up.

◆ Two-dimensional glasses: A new era of AR devices that make the real world two-dimensional
By saying, 'To you, the newest device that invites you to an unexplored dimension.', A future device that makes the real world two-dimensional appears.

These are 'glasses that make the world in front of you two-dimensional.'

You can dive in two dimensions by wearing glasses.

It looks like this when attached. It's a little futuristic.

Wearing 2D glasses will change the world like a beautiful girl game, so you should behave 'as usual'.

◆ SUBWAY 'Yakisoba' sandwich is now on sale!
From April 1st, 'Yakisoba Sandwich-Premium Manufacturing Sauce- ' will be on sale at all Subway stores. The price is 390 yen including tax because it is a combination of premium sauce, crispy and chewy noodles, and vegetables with a crispy texture unique to Subway. Furthermore, it is said that 'YAKI SOB A SUB' will be released all at once at 43,552 stores worldwide.

◆ 2015.4.1 | Red Bull Japan declares war on Japanese pollen! Introducing Red Bull Guard! | April
Developed 'Red Bull Guard', an eye drop that allows Red Bull to fly the pollen that is noticed by a single drop to the other side of the stratosphere.

Red Bull Guard is the regular version (slightly carbonated) and ...

There is a contact called 'Red Bull Guard Contact'.

With Red Bull Guard, you can say goodbye to the worries of hay fever. The Red Bull Guard will not actually be sold, but a lottery will be drawn from those who tweeted the usability of the Red Bull Guard using a hashtag (#Red Bull declares war on pollen) on Twitter and helped the lie. It is said that 5 people will win Red Bull's special anti-pollen goods (mask, tissue case, makeup pouch set).

◆ TwitterJP
For users who are not very good at socializing in the real world on Twitter, we have added a 'social support function '.

By turning on the sociability support function, DM will gently send you small tips to improve sociability three times a day.

◆ Hiroyuki Ito V4X | Krypton
Hiroyuki Ito, president of Crypton Future Media Co., Ltd., has become a vocaloid. A demo song is also available because it uses voice material restored from the demo tape (ADAT tape) that was recorded when you were young. The WEB price is 17,280 yen including tax. When you press the buy button, something happens.

Hatsune Miku official blog is also a Jack Ver. To commemorate the release of 'Hiroyuki Ito V4X'.

◆ Robo appears in the event space of Card Lab
The card game shop 'Card Lab' started offering a new service that is kind to me from September 3, 2112. There is Robo as an opponent, so even if you come alone, you can play immediately.

The participating robot looks like the following. First of all, A ○ BO. 'While barking violently, we will eliminate the rattling noise with noise canceling function that brings together the best of the manufacturer's technology, and we will stop the place where the opponent's hand is restless!'

Pep ○ er also participated.

Baix calmly conveys the user's condition, saying, 'According to the hormonal and nerve conditions, you have the emotional upset that is common to young people. The result of the diagnosis is'majioko'.'

◆ Wagen “Bus” will be released on April 1, 2015!
Volkswagen has announced the 'Volkswagen' Bath ', a no-handle bath that can be used by up to 9 people with an automatic water heater and automatic cleaning function.

The price of the bathtub is 1,126,000 yen including tax.

◆ 'Naisen no Uta' momoco major debut has been decided! !! The person inside sings the theme song of the cloud PBX 'Naisen Cloud'. major debut? ??
The theme song of the cloud PBX 'Naisen Cloud' will appear, and the people on Twitter will make their major debut.

'Naisen no Uta' momoco major debut has been decided! !! --YouTube

◆ ASUS April Fool's Day 2015
ASUS has released the Showa nostalgia smart black phone ' ASUS ZenFone zero ' that fuses the past and the future. Finished with the diamond cut adopted in the chi series and the hairline processing of the spin finish cultivated in the Zen series, the ergonomically designed handle is nostalgic with the spirit of Zen even during a phone call. It makes me feel happy. (Note that clicking the image will open the PDF)

The elite team 'Golden Old Team ' formed by developers over 60 years old is working on the development, and it is equipped with the voice assist function 'ASUS Talk Master ' that analyzes the voices of past great people and idols.

◆ Pagya Cafe
Free online game 'Sukatto Golf Panya ' opens 'Pagya Cafe'. There are 8888 stores nationwide, including Lost Seaway and With City.

◆ Origin of BIGLOBE
Do you know the origin of 'BIGLOBE'?

Actually, it was 'BIG (big) + LOBE (earlobe)'.

There are many employees with big ear lobes. The true origin of BIGLOBE can be seen by scrolling further down.

◆ Arkco VS Arkman special page
Ark Akihabara, a PC specialty store, announces the release of Akiba's No. 1 shooting game 'Arkco VS Arkman', which attracts 130 million people (?). The player moves Ark's official mascot character 'Akuko', who is said to have ranked 14th in the 'Moe Character Contest 2014 I saw in Akiba', and hits Arkman who attacks the store.

If you actually participate in the open beta test, you can also play the game, and the recommended browser is Google Chrome.

◆ Aju 'Kimi ga Nozomu Eien' 15th ANNIVERSARY [4/1 limited release]
Adult game brand Aju has set up a special website to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the game 'Kimi ga Nozomu Eien' released in 2001.

Plenty of power to create a teaser movie to commemorate the 15th anniversary.
'Rumbling Hearts' 15th Anniversary Teaser Movie-YouTube

Furthermore, the production of the 15th anniversary new animation 'Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Next Generation (tentative)' has been decided. Broadcast is scheduled for August 2017.

In addition, also determines the live-action of 'Kimi ga Nozomu Eien', of Aju public relations is to heroine Haruhi遙役Riene Kuon Ayaon's that none has been greatly selected.

◆ Rakuten Blog StaffBlog --Rakuten Blog
High-tech T-shirts with sensors will be released.

It is a wearable T-shirt that you can post on your blog by reflecting the content you envisioned on the T-shirt.

◆ Hanayamata TV Anime Official Website
On the official website of the TV anime 'Hanayamata', a part of the main visual has been changed, and Ofuna Masaru is in the place where Machi Tokiwa should have been. It blends in quite naturally, as if it were talking to this side, 'Why don't you do it?'

◆ Super Ghost War GMO Gamepot Co., Ltd.
GMO Gamepot, which operates an online game, has released 'Super Ghost War', a ghost training battle game for smartphones that fosters friendship with real ghosts and works hard to win.

A special dowsing rod is attached to the smartphone to make ghosts friends and fight ghosts.

◆ 'Pico's Inner Bento' New, Launched, Sold !? | April Fool's Day | Picotte Kingdom
At Picotte Kingdom, 'Pico's Inner Bento' has been released, which is perfect for preparing your stomach before the quest.

★ There is a hamburger steak with 5 ranks of beef roasted with fire skill, and if you receive it during the quest, you will get a 10% discount, but be careful as it may be attacked by the Demon King's army on the way. please.

◆ DUB STACK | Kamaboko board KMB-1T
At 'DUB STACK ', which handles street sports gear centered on skateboards, the extreme gear 'Kamaboko board', which was born in Japan and raised in LA, is finally on sale.

With a great sense of speed, it can be said to be a new extreme gear that will replace skateboarding.

It can be used not only for skateboarding tricks, but also for athletics, marine sports, and interiors.

◆ 'Meiji Tokyo Nyan 伽' Nyanko Mofumofu training simulation
The cat version of 'Meiji Tokyo Renka' 'Meiji Tokyo Renka' will be released. It is said that it is a real game of collecting cats in the garden of the landlord of the police officer because it is a simulation of Nyanko Mofumofu training.

The cats that appear are as follows.

◆ Web Koihime Musou | Web Koihime Musou | Official Website
When you access the website, a notice appears that 'a special maiden warrior only for today appears'. Click 'Click here for details' ...

A mechanism in which a 'special maiden warlord' is displayed after 3 counts. When you open it with excitement, 'What kind of pretty warrior is ...', you can see something difficult.

◆ Ryokuyosha's special shin hair processing
'What is shin hair there for what. Always his feet were watching. Shin hair is watching us, was there to be relying. Given the new role of the shin hair.' So, printing of ' Ryokuyo Started the 'special shin hair processing' service that ' Sha' devised after many years of research. The fashionable cover of Futu evolves heroically.

It seems that he is very particular about the raw materials, and he uses fresh shin hair from a wide range of age groups from 20s to 50s. You can also request a sample.

You can feel the extraordinary commitment to shin hair that Ryokuyosha has from the following movie.

[Ryokuyosha] Started shin hair processing-YouTube

◆ [Critical Announcement] #Soap idol 'Muse ♪', which is a hot topic in a small part, has decided to make a CD debut! The single title is 'Love like bubbles-Wash and Bye Bye-' A song that sings a sad unrequited love cutely has been completed.

A song that sings a sad unrequited love cutely can be played from the following.

◆ Lucent Heart | Acadia Anthropomorphic Plan Starts!
Lucent Heart, an online RPG, has launched an anthropomorphic project for the monsters that appear in Acadia.

In commemoration of the start of the plan, a character vote is being held, and if you follow Gamania Official Twitter , select your favorite character and RT, 5 people will be given an Arcana mini pet 'Duke Liddell' by lottery.

Tsuyama National College of Technology's Yuru-chara 'Tekunyan' has appeared in the Tsuyama National College of Technology System Research Department 'SYSKEN ONLINE'.

You can make people happy by clicking on Tekunyan, and you can see 'the number of times you were pleased today' and 'the number of times you were clicked'.

◆ Tactical Cardboard Pro is now on sale!
Information site ' Hyper Douraku ' of airsoft and Sabage announced the strongest weapon 'Tactical Cardboard Pro' of Sabage.

The specifications are 74 cm in length x 57 cm in width x 70 cm in height, and the color can be selected from 3 colors according to the field.

With the covertness of the threat, it seems that even one person can fight with this. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 12,800 yen excluding tax.

You can see how powerful 'Tactical Cardboard Pro' is by watching the following movie.

New release of Tactical Cardboard Box Pro --YouTube

◆ Directly from the production area from 1000m underground! Water 3 seconds ago | Water and shochu treasure online shop
'Treasure', an online shop that sells water and shochu, is selling '3 seconds ago water' that will be sent directly from 1000m underground in 3 seconds.

A treasure bottle accelerator constructed 1000m underground in Tarumizu City, Kagoshima Prefecture, which delivers freshly-picked water at the speed of light.

◆ Fanta uses Twitter: 'The button that shows the [only way] to solve all human problems overnight has been completed! (* ´ ・ д ・) σ Pochi ↓ ↓ ↓ (゚) ∀ ゜) !!! #Troubleshooting #Can be done from today
Any worries can be solved for the time being.

◆ 'Marty you gotta come back with me.' 'Where?' 'Back to the future !!'
Marty McFly has been appointed as President of Silvered Co., Ltd. , and Emmet Brown has been appointed as CTO of the Board. In addition, Doc, who became the CTO of the board of directors, said, 'If you follow my calculation, you should be reading this on April Fool's Day. I'm worried, but since this homepage is a service, please calm down first. The server was overloaded and messed up code that took me to a fictional world. This overload destroyed the WordPress cache, but once the normal page was restored, it would never happen again. You won't be able to see the page. ', So if you are interested, you should check it early.

◆ Announcement! Early Morning Lotion Bubble Festival will be held on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 !! Early Morning Lotion Bubble Festival will be held on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 !!
'Early Morning Lotion Bubble Festival' will be held on July 1, 2015 (Wednesday).

It is a festival that combines 'foam party' and 'lotion' on Ibiza Island, where you can get covered with lotion on your way to work. When I click 'Buy a ticket' ...

The purchase page was really displayed. In addition, although it is not really planned to be held, it seems that it will be held if it exceeds 10,000 tweets.

The performing artists are as follows.

◆ Megasoft changes company name to 'Terasoft'
'Megasoft Co., Ltd. ', which plans, develops, and sells computer software, has changed its name to 'Terasoft Co., Ltd.' With the change of company name, the logo design has also been redesigned, and the logo on the official page has also been changed to a new one.

◆ Wearable cash register Oedo POS
Techno Baines Co., Ltd. has released 'Oedo ☆ Pos', a wearable cash register terminal that eliminates the need for a power supply and cash register counter.

The wearing image looks like this.

◆ April Fool's Day Limited Rare Byte Special | Part-time Job EX
Part-time job EX is recruiting 'Kira residence staff' and 'Canossa's humiliation agency staff' as 'de short-term rare part-time job' limited to April 1st.

The work content of the Kira Residence Remains staff can be quickly defeated and earned quickly, but it seems that there are also minor tasks such as destroying the gate.

◆ DMM online game
There are many games that can be played on DMM online games that are piggybacking on April Fool's Day, so I picked up some of them.

・ Infection x Girl-DMM online game
When the infected x girl opens the URL, a special newspaper will be displayed.

The newspaper has announced that a Mahjong confrontation will be held with the zombie army to compete for blood according to the score.

In addition, images of the new content game are also available.

·Welcome! To Koigasaki Jogakuen
'Welcome! To Koigasaki Jogakuen' is transformed into 'Welcome! To Kumagasaki Jogakuen'.

◆ Delivered by drone for the first time in the world! We will start on-demand 'Uber mask' for pollinosis!
The Japanese subsidiary of the vehicle dispatch service 'Uber' has launched a new service 'Uber Mask' that delivers masks to designated locations with a drone.

You can see how the mask is actually carried by watching the following movie.

Delivered by drone for the first time in the world! 'Uber Mask' for hay fever started on demand-YouTube

'Uber mask' can be used in the actual Uber app ...

Masks can be arranged within the service area.

However, it seems that quite a lot of people are currently using it.

◆ Two warriors have appeared in the theme of 'Dragon Ball Z' Resurrection F '' of Yahoo! Mail! ??
When you open the Yahoo! Mail app, you will see the announcement of the Kisekae theme of Dragon Ball Z 'Resurrection F'. When I tap it ...

The top page of Yahoo! Mail has changed to Dragon Ball. Below are the items 'Vegeta' and 'Piccolo'.

When you tap 'Piccolo', the top page is all in Namek. I can't read it at all.

The 'Dragon Ball Z' Resurrection F '' theme cannot be experienced with a browser, so if you want to try it, you can download the app from the following.

Yahoo! Mail for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Now Available on iTunes App Store-Free Massive Mailbox!meru-wu-liaode-da-rong/id669931877?mt=8

Yahoo! Mail-Free high-capacity mailbox-Android app on Google Play

◆ Otter novel rookie award established
Shueisha's ' Renza Blow ' has established a new literary award, the 'Otter Novel New Face Award'. The genre of the novel can be romance, youth, mystery, comedy, era, science fiction, etc., but the main character must be 'otter'.

TCRS Amusement Service
TCRS Amusement Service, which operates Minecraft integrated multi-server, vanilla integrated server, and railroad MOD server, has decided to suspend all servers indefinitely. Regarding world data etc., it is said that the implementation decision will be made in consultation with the parties concerned. At Niconico Community's inaka TCRS Public Relations Office , a press conference will be held from 20:00 on April 1st regarding the indefinite suspension of servers.

◆ Putchin pudding 'Space Putchin pudding' that can be mounted on a rocket and specially developed so that it can be eaten in space is released today
The intelligence agency 'Putchin Pudding Information Bureau ', which investigates and reports information on Putin Pudding , announced the release of 'Space Putin Pudding', which can be eaten in space from April 1, 2015. 'Space Putchin Pudding' is a product jointly developed by Putchin Pudding and PUSA.

◆ Recruitment of space development sales staff | ibma
ibma is looking for aliens as 'Space Pioneer Sales Staff'. The application requirements are 'being born outside the earth', 'class 1 spacecraft license required', 'basic PC skills', 'it is even better if you can use Illustrator', and 'communication skills in Japanese'.

◆ Wizardry Online Arahui │ Wizardry Online
When you access Wizardry Online, you will see a different top page than usual. When you move the cursor, something like a dwarf will track you.

When you place the cursor on each banner, it will tremble violently. There is also a sales page for original goods.

◆ Wacom
Wacom uses official Twitter and Facebook to tweet lies. In addition, Mr. Yamada, a new employee, was in charge of Twitter and Facebook of April Fool's Day. Inside the company, a highly conscious salesperson is training with a 25 kg LCD pen tablet.

◆ Sangokushi RUSH
The official website of the smartphone game 'Sangokushi RUSH', which accepts pre-registration, has been changed to a design that pushes the recovery item Manju-kun to the front.

The image of the battle scene under development is also the main one of Manju-kun.

◆ 'Roote' after Ekispert-Transfer information / commuter pass search
When you access 'Roote' after Ekispert, a screen like Dragon Quest appears. Click 'Start Boken'.

Then, the normal route search screen was displayed via the prologue.

When I searched for the route as usual, clickable icons appeared here and there. Click on the dungeon-like icon next to Tokyo ...

The exploration of 'Tokyo' has begun. The game progresses automatically, so there is nothing special to do, but if you clear it, you can get items.

◆ Harmonia
The teaser site for Key 15th Anniversary work 'Harmonia' has opened. Harmonia is a kinetic novel with the theme of 'emotion', and the production staff such as planning: Kaoru, character design / original picture: Itaru Hinoue, music: Shinji Orito are revealed. It was released in 2015 at the end of the official PV, but since it was released on April Fool's Day, how much information can be believed ...

'Harmonia' PV --YouTube

By the way, Key opened a special site called 'Rewrite' production decision on April 1, 2008, and it was really released in 2011.

◆ Speaking of April 1st ... April Fool's Day | Tokimeki Fantasy La Tale
The smartphone version of the MMORPG 'Tokimeki Fantasy Lateral' is now available on the L Tunes store, an app store I've heard of.

The screenshot of the game looks like this, much like a game of tsum tsum a mouse character.

◆ 50% OFF [401 yen] Rice and ingredients are all green! Groupon enters the restaurant industry with unprecedented donburi dishes << Glue Bowl >> * Opening commemoration-[Groupon-GROUPON]
Groupon has entered the restaurant industry and has decided to release 'Glue Bowl', a bowl of rice and ingredients that is all green. The first store is scheduled to be the Shibuya store, and you can get a Groupon gift code of 500 yen by clicking 'Purchase!'.

◆ Okuda Son Tayu Kokeshi doll will be released! !! !!
Okuda Sontayu 's Kokeshi doll, which appears in 'ChuSingura46 + 1 Samurai's Heartbeat ' sold by the game maker ' Inle ', will be on sale.

◆ Top Page | The University of Tokyo 88th May Festival
The University of Tokyo's school festival 'May Festival', which will celebrate its 88th anniversary in 2015, will be held in June due to the introduction of the new academic calendar, the name has been changed to 'June Festival', and the mascot character 'Mei' Has been dismissed and the new mascot character 'Jun' has been announced.

◆ Started offering 'V-Sido x SORRY', an apology service using humanoid robots | Asratec Co., Ltd.
Asratec Co., Ltd. has started offering 'V-Sido x SORRY', an apology service using humanoid robots, as a joint operation with the job change support site 'e-carrier'.

An apology pattern can be assigned to a humanoid robot according to changes in the external atmosphere, and the robot can be apologized in various cases. It is said that it is possible to realize 'extreme apologies' that are difficult for humans, such as dogeza, sleeping, handstand, and continuous apology.

◆ Heavenly Naked Mutan Garden
The 4th edition of the reader-participation RPG 'PBW (Play by Web)' operated by Lexi, 'Tenryumiya Tirnogia' has become 'Tennaked Mutan Garden'. In the information section of the official website, 'Due to the rebellion of Leicester Herzog (K behind), Tenryu-gu was hijacked and the title was changed in a hurry. Thank you for your patronage for a long time. Please note that may happen. From today, please enjoy the new PBW Tennaked Mutan Garden. ', So something bad may happen during play ....

◆ Dramatically increase the reach rate by changing the readers of high school girls, anime characters, etc. !!! OKWave Ondoku β version released on April 1 !!
OKWave will be posted with past Q & A and future Q & A based on the user's opinions such as young people's aliteracy and users' opinions such as 'Since the characters are small on smartphones, scrolling will not end if there are 4000 characters'. On April 1, 2015, we started the service 'OKWave Ondoku β version' that reads out all Q & A by voice.

◆ Started 'Transcendental Penance System' that incorporates waterfalls, air chairs, and frog food into work
In order to accelerate the growth of businesses and organizations, ZIGEXN Co., Ltd. announced the start of a 'penance system' that incorporates penances such as waterfalls, air chairs, and frogs and other getemono foods into their work.

The specific schedule is as follows. The director himself is working hard on the waterfall, and the road to becoming an ascetic is likely to be steep.

◆ akippa Co., Ltd. changed its name to CocoPPa Co., Ltd. !?
Akippa Co., Ltd., which operates the parking lot service 'akippa', has decided to change the company name to CocoPPa Co., Ltd. because the name is similar to the app 'CocoPPa' that customizes the home screen of smartphones cutely.

The service has been upgraded due to the company name change. It is said that the parking lot can be dressed up cutely.

It seems that the parking lot dress-up technology utilizes the resources of CocoPPa.

◆ Moved office to the sky above Sanda. e-learning procedures.
e-Learning Proceeds has relocated its office over Mita, Tokyo. In addition, Proceeds cites three reasons for relocating the office: 'connecting to the Internet', 'excellent in earthquake resistance', and 'we are cloud-based'. When visiting the office, call the rope from the sky. It seems that you can get it.

◆ Popular | ShortNote
The posting site 'ShortNote', which is more than a tweet and less than a blog, has a function to send a 'heart' to a post, but as of April 1, it is possible to send a 'pigeon' instead of a heart. The bark changes according to the number of pigeons sent.

◆ Notice of official character design change | Lancers
The mascot characters of 'Lancers' and 'Cloud', one of the largest crowdsourcing companies in Japan, will be replaced for one day only.

It is said that the cloud character, Riac, has taken over the clothes from Lancers.

◆ The world's first delivery service for cats, 'Neko Raku'
Rakuten Books has launched the world's first delivery service for cats, 'Neko Raku'. Orders are supported in cat language, and the attractive service is packaging that is easy to open even for cats and delivery by cardboard, which is ideal for cat-shaped houses.

It seems that multiple cats have already experienced 'cat music' as a monitor, and I'm not sure what it is, but it seems to be a perfect service for cats. In addition, 'Use is limited to cats', so if you want to apply as a monitor, you can tweet with a photo and a hashtag of '# cat music'.

◆ Kyoto University Microcomputer Club
When you access the official page of the Kyoto University Microcomputer Club, it is designed to remind you of the Internet long ago. Those who get the drill number are strictly prohibited from stepping on.

When I right-clicked on it, I got angry.

◆ MOMODEBU official website | Diet just by reading emails. Personal training email
The pink bear 'Postpet' that carries emails has launched 'Momodeb', a service that allows you to lose weight just by reading emails.

As a result of somehow feeling like that, '99% of people read emails and are disappointed!'

The process of losing weight is not half-hearted, with 'coming emails,' 'reading emails,' and 'thinning.' There is also an application button, but unfortunately the server was busy and I could not connect.

◆ Let's make news. San Digi x Okayama Advertising Hot Spring
Although it is April Fool's Day, Sanyo Shimbun digital has released a whole (?) Movie with that preparedness, saying 'It's April 1st, but I can't lie.' In the movie, a 17-year-old beautiful girl model, Hinako Sakurai, is taking on a quiz to distinguish between peaches and buttocks.

[Wanted, pink appraiser] Test your sensibility. Is it a peach or XX? (San Digi Video 2nd) --YouTube

The April Fool's Day special site is open until midnight on April 2nd.

◆ 'Simeji', the first in the industry! ?? Developed [LOVE POTION] to support love! ?? | Press release of Baidu Japan, Inc.
A tool 'LOVE POTION' that supports the love of users has been added to Shimeji, a Japanese input keyboard app. You can check what kind of tool LOVE POTION is finished from the following movie.

Simeji Developed 'LOVE POTION' function to convey love! ?? on Vimeo

LOVE POTION will support users who are timid to love by using aphrodisiacs. In fact, it is possible to spout an aphrodisiac from a smartphone.

◆ Special vehicle section 2 maintenance staff training course started
It has been revealed that the 'Special Vehicle Division 2 Maintenance Staff Training Course' will be offered, which allows you to acquire the maintenance skills of special vehicle (patrol labor) and become a maintenance staff member of the Special Vehicle Division 2. This is a short period of about one month with the cooperation of the 'Kyoto Prefectural Automobile Maintenance Promotion Association,' which is a training facility for two types of auto mechanics, with the aim of training 'preliminary maintenance personnel' to be temporarily convened in the event of an emergency. This is a course for acquiring special vehicle maintenance skills. It seems that it is possible to maintain the 98 type AV Ingram that is active in the special car section 2, so people who say 'I really want to touch the laborer!', 'I want to maintain my laborer with my own hands!', 'My Alphonse!' Participate. It looks good.

In addition, a message has also been sent from Mr. Shiba, the leader of the special vehicle section 2 maintenance group.

◆ 'Sentama-SENTAMA-game screen is released in advance! The residents of the castle town are enthusiastically raising the azuki bar!
The Sengoku simulation RPG ' Sentama -SENTAMA- ' is collaborating with Imuraya Confectionery's Azuki Bar, and the game screen is being invaded by the Azuki Bar.

◆ Universe of Apiros HP
Apiros, which sells the Japanese brand 'Crystal Armor' of tempered glass LCD protective film, started selling the tempered glass LCD protective film 'Universe' for LCD TVs up to 70 inches in space from April 1st.

Universe is not only the largest in the universe, but also has the highest level of protection in the universe. The price is 1 million yen excluding tax.

◆ Is the voice actor idol visiting your otaku? !! Moe Moe cockroach extermination service started!
'Top Meister ', a portal site that gathers top-class professional craftsmen and vendors in each industry, is carrying out anthropomorphic pest campaign ' Top Moe Star ', and among them, Itsuki Kurobane who anthropomorphized the popular cockroach. Has made a live-action film and started a cockroach extermination service.

◆ Conquer the total lunar eclipse! ?? Dr. Black Star projects an unprecedented lunar surface
AstroArts , an astronomical news site, has a projection mapping project in which 'Dr. Black Star ' is projected on the moon, which is known to those who know it on the red full moon on April 4, and KAGUYA, Municipal Astronomical Science Museum. I told you that Studio Astroashi is planning.

The image of Dr. Black Star projected on the moon during total eclipse is as follows. It seems that Dr. Black Star's brave figure can be seen from anywhere from the west coast of the United States to Hawaii, East Asia including Japan, Australia, and other areas where a total lunar eclipse can be seen.

◆ I reviewed the 'contents' of the industry's first 'Salmon -Naked Ver.-'! (((; ゜ д ゜)))
An adult product-only native who says 'I only do H things! I'm not interested in other things!' Finally released the 1/1 scale 'Salmon -Naked Ver.-' as the first in the 'Naked Series'. It was revealed that it will be released in April 2016.

'It's not just naked that's amazing! We've succeeded in completely reproducing the' contents '! So, the contents are faithfully reproduced.

◆ Notice regarding merger with Senshukai Co., Ltd. | Japan Professional Baseball Players Association Official Homepage
It has been revealed that the Japan Professional Baseball Players Association, a general incorporated association, will merge with Senshukai, a major mail-order company for women.

Regarding this merger, it has been revealed that troubles such as confusing 'Players Association' and 'Senshukai' have frequently occurred in business telephone exchanges, etc., in order to avoid trouble for many years. Also seems to have promoted the merger.

◆ The world's first! New release of 'Nagata Lens' that can be used as a white eye!
New Japan Pro-Wrestling will release the world's first 'Nagata Lens' that can be used as a white eye.

You can check the state of the Nagata lens new product launch from the following movie.

2015.4.1 Yuji Nagata PRESS CONFERENCE. --YouTube

The Nagata lens is a contact lens inspired by the Nagata farming method known as the Spartan farming method, and the center of the lens is drawn with 'Za !!'.

The features of Nagata lenses are 'Nagata Rock' that prevents slippage, 'Nagata Sweat' that contains Nagata's sweat, which is said to have anti-aging effects, as a moisturizing ingredient, and 'Nagata White' that anyone can wear just by wearing it. Three of 'eye'.

Dr. Nagata developed the Nagata lens, explaining the reason for the development, saying, 'I had a desire to back drop against the trend of big black eyes and cuteness.'

◆ 10,000 meals Twice-cooked meat (Ichimanshokuhoikoro) | Chinese food | Cooking recipe collection | Yuuki Foods (YOUKI)
Yuuki Foods has released a new recipe, 'Ichiman Shokuhoikoro'. The required ingredients are '58 pork', '625 cabbage', '5000 peppers', '2,500 green onions', '100 kg of ginger', '17.5 kg of grated garlic', '30 kg of Sichuan doubanjiang', '120 kg of tianmian sauce' and '45 kg of soy sauce'. ..

Looking at the procedure for making it, it is a dish of unprecedented scale, such as heating 625 cabbage balls in a microwave oven of about 4 and a half tatami mats and raising pork.

◆ Keiichi Tanaka, manga artist will be closed by the end of the year !? Exclusive coverage of the truth and successor!
Keiichi Tanaka, a parody cartoonist who imitates the touches of various cartoonists such as Osamu Tezuka, is a cartoonist on the site 'Bukumaru ', which is operated by BookLive and publishes stories related to 'books' such as manga and novels. Is going out of business. In the article, there are plenty of talks about the reason for Tanaka's closure and the future, and the story extends to the problem of successor, and it is a content that can not hide the surprise in the continuation of the rain.

◆ World Tree Labyrinth Comprehensive Blog 'World Tree Labyrinth Series Blog'
Atlas has announced an emergency scoop on the Nintendo 3DS software 'Etrian Mystery Dungeon'. The news is that a paladin mural was discovered on the 99,999th basement floor of the Aslaga ruins.

The mural depicts a female knight who is about to eat bread.

◆ Signboard Girl Collection | LIAR EXIT
LIAR EXIT implements 'Signboard Girl Collection' that has nothing to do with 'Kantai Collection'.

A game that creates a website of 100 million PV a day while nurturing and strengthening the nurse. The screen under development is posted, and you can check what kind of care you have.

◆ Limited release of craft beer 'Balan Ale' that is particular about Japanese ingredients following brown sugar and cherry blossoms | What's New | Original Beer Shop [Sankt Gallen]
The original beer shop 'Sankt Gallen' sells a craft beer 'Balun Ale' that extracts the antibacterial wasabi component kneaded into the balun of the lunch box for a limited time of 24 hours.

In addition, Sankt Gallen sells April Fool's limited beer every year, and although it is a joke that it was extracted from Baran, this 'Baran Ale' can also be purchased. It seems that the wasabi tastes really good, and the price is 2200 yen for 3 bottles. In addition, we are planning to exhibit barrel raw baran beer at Outdoor Day Japan, which will be held from April 4th (Sat) to April 5th (Sun).

◆ Audi News extra 2015.4.1 | Audi installs rice cooker in Audi A8, the finest saloon
Audi announced the 'Audi A8 5.5 ' with a rice cooker mounted on the rear seat console box. It is a flagship saloon unique to Japan that responds to the wishes of many Japanese owners.

It is possible to make detailed cooking and reservations from the touch-type menu panel.

If you inquire about the Audi A8 5.5 from an Audi authorized dealer on April 1, you can get the 'Audi special rice scoop' on a first-come, first-served basis instead of checking the actual vehicle.

◆! !! Scoop special news! !! Ghibli's new work is 'Satin Robe'! !! Produced overseas! !!
Ghibli Communication Square, which covers Ghibli-related news, has posted four Ghibli-related scoop special reports.

The highlight of the scoop is that Ghibli's latest work is the adventure fantasy 'Satin Robe', which will be produced by Ghibli's newly launched 'Sahara Ghibli' in the Sahara Desert. The following image is an image sketch, and Mr. Hiromasa Yonebayashi, who was the director of 'The Borrower Arrietty' and 'When Marnie Was There', has transferred to Sahara Ghibli and is teaching the technique to the local staff.

In addition, scoops such as 'Director Isao Takahata is planning the next work with a 20-year plan!' And 'Ghibli embarks on nursery school management!' It has been revealed.

◆ Girl's Cloud | IDC Frontier's Sweet Cloud
IDC Frontier, which develops IaaS cloud services and data center businesses, has released a new service 'Girl's Cloud'. Girl's Cloud is a cloud service exclusively for women that aims to develop the infrastructure market for women. The campaign is only available on April 1st, and anyone who has caught or climbed the clouds will be able to use Girl's Cloud for free for the rest of their lives.

◆ Love Plan ~ Adult love story ~
On the official page of the romance game 'Love Plan ~ Adult Love Story ~', the places where the handsome guys are lined up are lined up ...

◆ Licking and Rascal
The images that Nameko and Rascal collaborated on their official Twitter are now available. The following is a nameko with Rascal's tail growing from his hips.

This is an image posted by Rascal, with nameko growing from his head.

◆ [April 1st only] Upper Hitsumabushi
The women's fashion online shop

Cross Plus is selling Hitsumabushi for some reason only on April 1st. Hitsumabushi is widely promoted on the top page of online shops.

You can check various information such as raw materials, product number, product description, and how to eat on the product page, but Hitsumabushi, which was sold for 3196 yen, was already sold out because it was popular. Sorry.

◆ When you come to the earth, hands for the time being. --Tokyu Hands
Tokyu Hands has renewed its official website for aliens. Undecipherable characters are lined up.

Commercials for aliens have also been created and can be confirmed from the movie below.

Tokyu Hands CM for aliens --YouTube

◆ Fighting game world champion Daigo Umehara declares retirement! ?? Daigo Umehara challenges an accountant.
Fully automatic cloud accounting software 'freee' collaborated with professional gamer Daigo Umehara. Mr. Umehara seems to quit his professional gamer and challenge an accountant.

Accounting software wear freee has been changed to the Umehara model, and commands can be entered.

◆ Slip into the absolute area! Knee highs, skirts, plump thighs. Absolute area sliding pillow APR-01 -BIBILAB-
BIBI LAB, which sells 'twintail sandwiched pillows', has started selling 'absolute area sliding pillows'. You can squeeze your face in the skirt, or you can slurp in the absolute area to your heart's content.

◆ Metsu: Square Enix & Gadget News
Multiple April Fool's Day stories are also published on 'Metsuo', which distributes news related to Square Enix.

The first is that the 'Shin-Ra Company' that appears in FF7 will voluntarily recall 120,000 target potions because there is a possibility that goblins may have been mixed in the potions of the recovery drug during the manufacturing process.

The other is the news that the relationship between the Moai statue found on the seabed of Sibuyan and 'Omega's kunsho' has emerged, and according to the analysis team, when approaching with 'Omega's kunsho', it is inside the moai. It seems that you can enter.

And finally, the news that the self-driving car under development by Google is left behind on the Metropolitan Expressway Central Circular Route.

◆ Movie 'Solomon's Perjury' Official Site [Part 1 / Case] Released on March 7, 2015 (Sat), [Part 2 / Trial] Released on April 11, 2015 (Sat)
The official website of the movie 'Solomon's Perjury' has been renewed, and the challenging phrase 'Can you see through this lie?' Is displayed.

The official website before the renewal is below. It's up to you to see the big lie.

◆ Sasaki Animation Academy TOP --Sasaki Animation Academy
Former major leaguer Kazuhiro Sasaki was appointed as the director of Yoyogi Animation Academy, and the name was changed to 'Sasaki Animation Academy'. With the appointment of the new director, baseball-related departments such as 'High School Koshien Course,' 'Stadium Acoustic Course,' and 'Baseball Manager Course' have been established.

◆ 2015 summer TV animation list image
Uzura Info has released a list of anime list images in the summer of 2015, and you can see the broadcast lineup in which the author's wishes are mixed. For example, in the case of the original manga, 'Kino's Journey' and 'Oda Shina' are sequels to the anime broadcasts in the past, such as 'Koushiro 2030', 'Burning Pen', 'Gunka no Baltzar', and 'Erased Town'. Ambition, 'Sakura Trick,' 'Accel World,' 'Our Home's Fox Deity,' 'WHITE ALBUM,' 'Monthly Girl Nozaki-kun,' etc. are listed. And recently, 'Zoids Build Fighters' with the familiar word 'Build Fighters' and the fictional anime 'Exodus!' That appeared in the anime SHIROBAKO will be aired.

◆ TV anime 'Non Non Biyori' official website
On the official website of the anime 'Non Non Biyori', it is reported that the special effects hero 'Great Man' that was aired in the animation has been made into a movie, and the top of the official website has changed to Great Man specifications.

◆ Announced today 'Adobe Photoshop REAL'
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Photoshop's birth, Adobe announced 'Adobe Photoshop REAL' with the concept of 'next-generation offline tools' that can be carried in a bag.

The contents are 'Real Lasso Tool', 'Real Dropper Tool', 'Real Creative Cloud', 'Real Spot Repair Tool', 'Real Zoom Tool', 'Real Eraser Tool', and 'Real Layer x 2'.

In addition, you may be able to understand how it was born by reading Daily Portal Z.

@nifty: Daily Portal Z: 'TV-like face squirrel' adopted in Photoshop

When I wrote something like that, something arrived from Adobe by courier. No way ...

When I opened it, it was the actual 'Adobe Photoshop REAL'!

Inside was a Photoshop icon on a realistic scale.

I tried using it immediately. Normally, you have to enlarge the image on the Photoshop side, but if you use the 'Real Zoom Tool', you don't have to take such trouble. However, the 'Real Eraser Tool' did not work because of a problem.

I asked a horse nearby to see if a new version of such a talented Photoshop would come out, but unfortunately it doesn't.

◆ Movie thief (also known as camera man)
The camera man appointed as the PR character for the movie Tweet Day campaign has been headhunted by Twitter and will be hired mid-career by the company.

However, when I tried to shoot confidential information on Twitter at the entrance ceremony, it was secured by a Patramp man who was secretly watching, and mid-career recruitment was canceled.

◆ Unity Web Player | Poop Buster
A completely new game 'Unko Buster' from the smartphone game 'Koryu no Fushi' has arrived. The browser version and Android version are available, and you need to install Unity Web Player to play the browser version. The rule of the game is to compete for the score within 30 seconds by simply clicking and erasing a large number of falling objects.

◆ OUT of JAZZ | A web magazine that makes you feel close to JAZZ
Japan's only jazz-specialized WEB magazine 'OUT of JAZZ' has been reborn as a comprehensive information WEB magazine 'OUT of NOISE' of noise music. Even noise-related articles are well made.

◆ Live-action movie 'selector infected WIXOSS' teaser video
TAKARATOMY's first anime-linked beautiful girl card game 'WIXOSS' will be made into a live-action movie. The teaser movie has been released on YouTube, and it is clear that it will be live-action with shocking quality.

Live-action movie 'selector infected WIXOSS' teaser video --YouTube

The main character looks like this.

The appearance of three people, Ruuko, Yuzuki, and Ichii.

I think 'Tama is a little thick' ...

It was an uncle.



Yuzuki and Hanayo

Akira Lucky

~ Piruruku ~


For some reason, each Rurigu is a mysterious performance by an uncle, such as Uris.

Tama is more powerful than when the anime opened.

It seems that the content will be full of action scenes, so expectations are rising for its quality.

◆ Ikumen Training Groupware Cybozu Office 192
Cybozu, Inc. has released 'Cybozu Office 192.1', a groupware that trains working fathers into Ikumen (men who actively raise children).

When I'm in the office even though I haven't registered my schedule after 18:00, my child's voice and photos keep telling me 'Don't you go home yet?' There are plenty of functions that can make you a good kid, such as the 'wife approval function' that requires approval from Cybozu, and the 'dout function' that determines from Cybozu's big data whether the registered schedule is actually a drinking party rather than overtime.

◆ 'Card Fight !! Vanguard' Official Portal Site
A collaboration project with 'Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-' was announced on the official website of 'Card Fight !! Vanguard'.

From 'Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-', 'Mikazuki Munechika', one of the five swords in the world, is introduced as 'Today's card'.

◆ Extreme Selfie Stick | Hamee Strapya Main Store (April Fool's Day)
Hamee Strapya Main Store has released the ultimate selfie stick 'Extreme Selfie Stick' that enables you to take selfies with a large number of smartphones at once.

There are four types of lineup: 'KANNON' for 2 people, 'GANESHA' for 4 people, 'ASHURA' for 6 people, and 'SENJU-KANNON' for 20 people. You can shoot in three shooting modes, 'YUIGA-DOKUSON mode', 'SHOGYO-MUJO mode', and 'RINNE-TENSHO mode'.

◆ Temple tail | Zen question and answer site for engineers who are not satisfied at all
On the Q & A site 'teratail' specializing in programming, we have started a new service 'Temple tail' for troubled engineers. At the top of the site is a meaningful word, 'Hello Paradise Pure Land.'

The Q & A site teratail continues to work for engineers who are worried every day due to various factors such as approaching delivery dates, bugs of unknown cause, unrelenting specification changes, server alerts that break midnight meditation, etc. It seems that engineers have realized that what they need is not a technical solution, but a meditation, that is, a 'zen question and answer'.

It's a site where you can get a glimpse of the deep darkness of engineers, but if you say, 'It's not the case when you're laughing. You're just looking for help!', You can easily register from each SNS account, so it's a relief.

◆ 'Walking the Earth' Shimatabi Released | Overseas Travel Guidebook-Walking the Earth ¥ Editorial Department / Interview & Diary
'Walking the Earth' has decided to release the five-finger socks 'Shimatabi' after the guidebook 'Island Trip Series' that covers attractive islands in Japan.

In addition, the cover design of how to walk the earth has also been partially changed.

The left is the old design and the right is the new design. You can see that the logo under 'Bali' has changed to a drone.

◆ Woopie Game for free, easy and browser games
When you access Woopie Game, the game of virtual currency character a coin will start on April 1st only. Please note that if you turn off this window, you will not be able to play again.

The game is a side-scrolling game that moves with the arrow keys on the keyboard and jumps with the space key. Avoid or step on the approaching enemies on the way, collect coins and aim for the destination.

When you die, the score will be displayed. It is said that 16 types of endings are prepared when the window is closed, so if you want to play again, you can tweet on Twitter. Will there be a strong man who sees all the endings?

◆ Donut shop in the government office
It has been revealed that video and music software maker Pony Canyon will challenge the food and beverage industry from 2015. Pony Canyon seems to have succeeded in developing 'Pony Canyon Donuts' by fusing the analog feeling cultivated in the 'doughnut board' released in 1949 with long-standing intuition, and it is 7 on the 1st floor of the Pony Canyon headquarters. It seems that they will sell donuts that can enjoy one flavor.

◆ ULTRA-ACT Ultraman Real Size (Full-scale) Ver. | Premium Bandai | Bandai Official Online Shopping Site
Ultraman's real size movable figure is now on sale on the official Bandai online shopping site. The height is 40m and it will be delivered directly to your home.

The price is 78 million yen. You can see how big the size is from the image of the child sitting on the foot.

As it is a movable figure, you can pose it freely. If you use a crane ...

You can attach a Specium ray to make it 'juwa'.

In the early reservation campaign, 'M78 Nebula Tour 78 nights 10000 days' will win 5 people by lottery.

◆ A vocational school for home guards will open this spring. An unmotivated teacher is waiting for you!
A vocational school for home guards has opened. Professional home guards will do their utmost to support the feeling of 'I don't want to work'.

The voices of graduates are posted for some reason even though the course has just started.

The entrance fee is now discounted to 1 million yen, which is half the price.

◆ Magica ★ Magica
When you access the site, a sexy older sister appears. Click to find out what it is.

◆ Giftia | Sales start | SAI
It has been announced that the high-performance android 'Giftia' that appears in the TV anime ' Plastic Memories' will be on sale. In addition, the life of Giftia is 81,1920 hours, and it seems that SAI's terminal service department will come to collect Giftia when the operation deadline approaches.

◆ Caricature Official Website
Caricature Official Website announced on April 1, 2081 (Tuesday) that 'SG (Super Grade) Boobs Rubbing Fir SPACE CUP' will be held in space.

Shirogane Spirits installed on the moon! At an event where you can see Masaki's G-cup boobs sign, when you rub your boobs, the first 200 people will receive a 'sensitive boobs badge'. Since it is held at the space station on the moon, you need to wear a space suit.

◆ Star Trek -USS Kyushu- [Star Trek series comprehensive site]
The Star Trek series comprehensive site 'Star Trek -USS Kyushu' has announced that the villain of the new movie has been found.

The true identity is 'Samurai'. It has a different taste from the villains of the past.

◆ Nissen and Nissan
Catalog mail order ' Nissen ' and automobile manufacturer ' Nissan ' are updating the site by exchanging the names of both companies. As a result, the logo of Nissen changed to 'nissan'.

In addition, Nissan has changed from the logo to 'NISSEN'.

◆ Crane Game Toreba
A special page has appeared in 'Crane Game Toreba', and theatrical release of the science fiction blockbuster 'TOREBA' of love and hope has been announced.

◆ Godzilla | BANDAI NAMCO Games Official Website
The official website of the game 'Godzilla GODZILLA' for PlayStation 3 is building Mechagodzilla under construction. It is said that the construction is being carried out using a part of the BANDAI NAMCO Future Research Institute, and a polite apology message from the Black Hole Third Planet was displayed.

◆ Ragusaiken Newly opened at 0:00 on April 1st! In commemoration of the opening of the store, the recommended ramen 'Saramen' is served for 401 yen!
Sarah from the gaiden episode 'Traces of Heroes' featuring characters from the original comic 'RAGNAROK INTO THE ABYSS' from Ragnarok Online has opened a ramen shop 'Ragusaiken' and opened a special ramen 'Saramen'. It became clear that it will be sold for 401 yen. In addition, it seems that the 'call-in' in Prontera will guide you to the 'Ragusaiken' in Amatsu.

In addition, 'Saramen' from Ragusaiken will be on sale in the real world from April 1st with a limited 100 meals, and only for the first purchase, you can get hot ramen within 5 minutes. You can also have an extreme delivery.

In addition, how to make 'Sara noodles' is also released in the following movie.

How to make 'Sara noodles' from Ragusaiken --YouTube

◆ SNS for posting illustrations and novels for people who like moai
As a sister site of the BL-specialized SNS 'pictBLand' exclusively for Fujoshi, the illustration SNS 'pictMoai' exclusively for Moai has opened.

Recommended works to post are 'Moai and Moai coupling work (transvestites etc. are also possible)' '・ Other idol characters are peeking through the Moai coupling from behind, etc. The main illustrations and stories are Moai's works' Kemo and Robo, Moai works dealing with non-human and inorganic substances such as anthropomorphic works. How much demand is there ...

◆ Welcome to Silicon House: The industry's smallest chip resistors are in stock!
'Silicon House', an electronic parts specialty store in Nipponbashi, Osaka, has received incredible size chip resistors. It's a level where you don't know where it is anymore.

◆ Kimella Official Web Site
When you open the official website of the TV anime 'Charlotte ' scheduled to be broadcast from July 2015, the page of the band 'KIMELLA' will be displayed for some reason.

In fact, Mr. Jun Maeda, who writes the script for Charlotte, and Mr. Nakagawa, who is a close friend, have reunited the band they used to form. On the official page, you can listen to the songs recorded in the album 'Kimella' scheduled to be released on May 1, 2015.

◆ Peace of mind when meeting! Free trial of serious love and marriage --Yahoo! Partner
Yahoo! Partners are able to search for male animals other than hominids only on April 1st, saying, 'Encounters that transcend types are here. A new era of coupling will begin.'

◆ Yahoo! Auctions Museum-Yahoo! Auctions!
Yahoo auction! However, Yahoo! Auctions exhibits products that were once popular! Announced the construction of the museum. The construction of the museum is April Fool's Day, but items that were popular in the past can be seen on the page.

◆ First issue of JINGUY, a non-human BL Web magazine
Many people mistakenly thought that 'JINGUY', a collection of non-human BLs, was the real thing, so the word '* April Fool' was added to the image on the top page.

You can actually read the novels and manga on the website.

◆ Tamayura graduation photo
'Tamayura Graduation Photo-' Part 1 Bud-Kizashi-The first issue of 'Muya' commemorating the start of screening on April 4.

As a special feature, we are pursuing whether there is a character called 'Momoneko-sama' that appeared in the play.

◆ April Fool's Day 2015 | Bakauke Special Site | Kuriyama Rice Cake Co., Ltd.
'Bakauke', which celebrated its 25th anniversary since its release, has been renamed to 'wwwwww' because it wants to be a rice cracker that is loved even in the age of the Internet.

◆ Challenge to a new game! ECO GAME SHOW | Heartful Online RPG Emil Chronicle Online
The online game 'Emil Chronicle Online' is sponsored by the self-proclaimed Game of the Year Tiny, and is an exhibition event 'ECO GAME SHOW' of Acronia games including computer games based on the Acronia world. Implemented.

Lie games are lined up in the new game information.

For example, 'Really scary verification' is a horror game in which a number of fushigi phenomena encountered by the verifier attack the player. The release date is April 1, 20015 and the price is 42G.

◆ CAPCOM: The world's first fruit-type 'onomatopoeia' playback machine 'BUDOU' starts accepting orders on April 1, 2015!
We have started accepting orders for the fruit-shaped onomatopoeia reproduction machine 'BUDOU' from CAPCOM.

You can enjoy 'onomatopoeia' from the headphones by holding it in your hand and imagining the sound and displaying the result, so select the sound you want to hear.

Click here for the movie

◆ CAPCOM: Dog Ace Attorney -The Demise of Ryunosuke Doho-
' Great Reversal Trial -The Beginning of Ryunosuke Naruhodo-' is now 'The Trial of Reversal of Dogs -The Beginning of Ryunosuke Naruhodo- '.

All the characters are doggies. The main character, Ryunosuke Yuhodo, is said to be leaving for the Inu-British Empire as a study abroad dog with the aim of becoming a defense dog.

The latest promotional video is from the following.

Dog Ace Attorney --The Beginning of Ryunosuke Ehodo --- YouTube

◆ A 'ruined' room appears in your own play space! !! | Internet cafe Manga cafe Self-play space
An abandoned room appears in the 'self-play space' of an internet cafe. 'It is also recommended for those who dare to be lonely and for groups who want to have a haha.'

Under the supervision of Mr. Se Rotten, who is familiar with the ruins produced, the devastated environment has been realistically reproduced.

Please note that due to the characteristics of the room, you may not be able to escape.

◆ Rockman Unity Utchi's blog: 'Spring Roll-chan Festival'
'Spring Roll-chan Festival' was held at Rockman Unity only on April 1st. If you purchase related products and collect points, you will receive Roll-chan related products.

The target products are clear files, roll spring rolls, smartphone covers, and ceramic titanium straps.

◆ Really? Is the movie of Chlorella Club completed?
In the 'Chlorella Club Blog' of Sun Chlorella Co., Ltd., which manufactures health foods, it is revealed that the movie 'chlorella and chlorella and chlorella' is underway as a project for the 3rd anniversary of chlorella club.

The movie trailer is below.

Movie trailer: chlorella, club and chlorella-YouTube

◆ Mobile Housing Magic Mirror --- | Designer's Renovation Rental R-STORE
At R-STORE , where you can search for designer renovation properties in Tokyo, a trailer house that you long for has appeared.

The room is very bright and blue.

There is no bathtub, but there is a shower room.

Since it uses a magic mirror, you cannot see the inside from the outside.

You can check the interior of the Magic Mirror from the following movie.

Exploring High Rock Buildings FILE No.003 Mobile Dwelling --Magic Mirror ---- YouTube

◆ 'Champion Arm' April 1st
A fictitious robot arm 'Champion Arm' that can win the puzzle fast-solving event has been completed.

A numeric keypad dedicated to Kakuro can be installed!

Instantly calculate the optimum and fastest movement, and instantly transfer to each muscle fiber!

◆ Is the super-emergency scoop 'Gundam' discovered? ?? We will deliver the press conference from noon today! !! | GUNDAM.INFO | Official Gundam Information Portal Site
A scoop has been announced that the battle scene in the 'Mobile Suit Gundam' play was done by Mr. 'RX-78-2 Gundam'.

The state of the press conference is published on YouTube.

[Breaking News] Suspicious Gundam Emergency Press Conference-YouTube

He says, 'I have no intention of deceiving you.'

◆ Ganso Nagahamaya Hakata's vitality for tomorrow: Hakata Daisho-Fukuoka Ramen Blog
In 'Hakata Sho-Fukuoka Ramen Blog', I went to Ganso Nagahamaya ...

I ordered 'Replacement Gras (100 yen)' and 'Replacement Cavi (100 yen)' for ramen. 'Replacement gras' is an abbreviation for 'replacement foie gras' and 'replacement caviar' is an abbreviation for 'replacement caviar'.

Enjoy ramen with plenty of seafood with caviar and dawn. 'Hakata is a world-famous caviar producing area in front of spicy cod roe, so you can eat it cheaply and deliciously.'

◆ Book 'Jonathan Ive' that understands iPhone design Official Hiroshima dialect video appeared Nikkei Trendy Net
The official Hiroshima dialect video of 'Jonathan Ive', a book that shows the design of iPhpne by genius designer Jonathan Ive, who has created iPhones, iPads, and the new Apple Watch, is now available.

Click here for the Hiroshima dialect dubbed movie

◆ Kemco Shooting Portal
Kemco's adventure portal site has released a 'shooting portal site'. The shooting games 'Sin and Evil God' and 'DMLC!' Are under development.

◆ 'I became an engineer after being caught by a cute girl, but it wasn't so sweet.' Official website-TOP
Voice actors Yoko Hikasa and Aya Suzaki have been cursing in IT industry terms as colleagues, such as 'This is a thrilling fucking code' and 'Isn't it cool if you lick it like this and insert it?' Leverages, which develops job change services for engineers, will give you

The movie can be viewed from the following.

Delivery started in April 2015! 'I was caught by a cute girl and became an engineer, but it wasn't that sweet. 』--YouTube

There is also a manga in which the newly recorded voices of Mr. Hikasa and Mr. Susaki say the lines.

◆ April Fool's Day last minute project! Nippon Ichi Software Past Title Voting Campaign
Nippon Ichi Software, a game software company that produces Disgaea, is conducting a voting campaign. Among the titles released by Nippon Ichi Software, a popularity vote is held and the title with the most votes is distributed on PS Archives. There was no fraud in the vote

In addition, we interviewed Mr. Sohei Shinkawa, the president of Nippon Ichi Software, and talked about the inside story of the software decided to be distributed and the history of the company.

◆ Welcome to BOOK ☆ WALKER!
The e-book store BOOK ☆ WALKER site has a 90s-style design.

◆ Cthulhu Watch
Miracle Positive , an online game business, sells Cthulhu watches.

The usage image is like this.

The 'DX Cthulhu Watch' made of brass and copper has the following design.

◆ Your photo becomes noodles! Introducing 'NOODLE' | Photoback Official Blog
Photoback has released 'NOODLE', which turns the photos you take into noodles. There are three flavors: salt, soy sauce, and tonkotsu. The noodles are made from 100% domestic wheat.

Easy-to-carry cup noodle size. Achieve a matte finish with our specially thick flat noodles.

In addition, we are distributing coupons as an apology for April Fool's Day.

◆ Star Flyer (SFJ)-[Recruiting multi-talented talents that can be clearly black and white! ]
The airline Star Flyer is looking for multi-talented personnel who can be candidates for the next president.

The application qualifications / recruitment conditions for the next president candidate (regular employees, some) are 'those who hold all of the following qualifications' and are familiar with not only aircraft qualifications but also coffee, hunting, and the actual situation in Fukuoka. You are required to do it.

Gangan Online announces the launch of a new web magazine, 'Gag King'.

I was able to actually read the manga 'Gag King' that includes 'Haregu Extra Edition'. There are 42 pages in total.

◆ For rent and real estate, the window for finding a room Rental building
The rental building has announced that the renovation of a large-scale share house has been completed. It is a recommended property that spent a construction period of 5 years.

Rent is negotiable, built in 1346 (Jowa 2 years).

Appearance and floor plan.

The security of the recommended point appeals that it is overwhelmingly confident.

◆ Free call / email app LINE
When you open the talk screen, cherry blossom petals will fall from the upper right corner. Similar to the snow production implemented on Christmas Eve last year, this time it can be viewed only on iOS devices.

◆ Why don't you stay at the most popular Grand Budapest Hotel in the Republic of Zubrovka? | Tripadvisor Gallery
On TripAdvisor, a travel word-of-mouth site, the word-of-mouth page of the fictional hotel 'Grand Budapest Hotel' that appeared in the movie has been released.

'Perfect location in the heart of Zubrovka. Here you can enjoy the pleasures of your trip and feel at home. Enjoy a meal at the Zero Mustafa table during your stay, but at a price. 'It's a little expensive, and a reservation must be made one month in advance.' From a favorable evaluation, 'I have stayed at this hotel four times so far, but the magnificent brilliance of the past has disappeared.' I have to say, after the Zubrovka War, after the hotel was taken over from Mush Gustav H to Zero Mustafa, 'there are various comments.

◆ Manga Warehouse (Official HP): For expensive purchases and treasure discovery! Recycle shop 'Manga Warehouse'!
Started purchasing rare creatures at 'Manga Warehouse'. In addition, all the purchased creatures will be returned naturally.

The purchase price is 50 to 150 billion yen for the blue dragon and 100 to 300 billion yen for the white dragon.

The official characters, Sea Otters No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3, will be made into live-action movies, comics, animations, games, and dramas.

We have also decided to hold a black history product contest.

For some reason, I am also trying a new diet called the fighting diet.

◆ Steampunk WEB planning
The site of the new game 'Steampunk ~ What a beautiful onsen ~', which features successive characters from the game 'Steampunk Series ' developed by Liar-soft, opened on April 1, 1909, and Web novels and events The visual is being released. You can get the Twitter icon and Graphig from 'Download'.

◆ Nyaagle
Team Santa has released Nyaagle, a search engine for cats. When you access the URL, the message 'This content is for cats used by cats. It has nothing to do with real cats or groups' is displayed, so click the x in the upper right.

KDDI's cloud platform service has announced plans to expand into space. Considering the travel plans to space that are currently underway around the world, he thought that it was the mission of his career to connect travelers and migrants with the earth, and announced the plans. It will open in Mars region in 2033 and in Saturn region in 2046.

Currently, KDDI COSMOS CLOUD CREW [commonly known as KC3] members are opening Reigon under strict supervision, such as 5,000 squats, survival training in the desert, zero gravity training in the water, and watching DVDs of ○ Sora ○ brother for 24 hours. It seems that they are training every day. The service application will be accepted from April 1, 2018, and the first 10 companies to apply will also be provided with a 'site tour option' free of charge (up to 2 people per company). The usage fee (planned) is 80 million yen per month for Value server including closed network connection fee, and 2.7 billion yen per month for Premium.

◆ Love Live! School Idol Festival-Sukufesu
lovelive! In the School Idol app, alpaca appears on the home screen where the character should originally be. They talk about 'It's a nice day today' and 'Spring is a comfortable season'.

◆ Toshiba Microcontroller Toshiba Microcontroller | Facebook
Released the industry's first seeded microcomputer from Toshiba Microcomputer. It is an environmentally friendly microcomputer that blooms when a used microcomputer is buried in the soil.

◆ SPECIAL | Hanasaki Work Spring
A Flash game is available on the Saga Planets PC game 'Hanasaki Work Spring!' Site. When you click on a place where a girl seems to be hiding ...

Appeared a little. If you find all the girls who are hiding, you will get a wallpaper of a beautiful woman as a free gift.

◆ Ameba Pigg | You can play for free! Let's enjoy with a character that looks just like you!
'Ameba Pigg' has been renamed to 'Ameba Pixie' and the pigg will be displayed as a fairy.

◆ You, to use Vivaldi
Normally, the site is 'Kimi, I used Opera', but it has changed to the recommended page of the browser Vivaldi newly launched by Opera CEO.

◆ fortissimo Yuri // Curazy Psycho Les
PC game makers of ' La'cryma (Lacrima) ' is, ' fortissimo (fortissimo) announced a' character appears new lily game 'fortissimo lily // Curazy Psycho Les (fortissimo Lily Crazy Psycho Lesbian)' of. The wallpaper and Twitter icon are actually downloadable.

◆ 'More, hey, that's right.' Cute cat-shaped mobile phone (NE22KO) is on sale today! Y! Mobile
Ymobile releases 'Futeneko-type mobile phone NE22KO'. It weighs 22 Actinidia polygama, and has irresistible functions for cat lovers, such as 'tail antenna', 'navel microphone & speaker', 'stroking the chin may make it rugged', and 'the nose is a little damp'. Lots of things. Now it comes with 'Katsuobushi Mobile Battery' and the online store price is 220,000 yen.

◆ Released this summer DARK BEGINS
A special trial version of 'DARK BEGINS' scheduled to be released this summer is available for download at 3DCG Bishoujo Game Maker 'ILLUSION'. Click the 'Download' button to start downloading.

After unzipping the downloaded file, click 'DARK_BEGINS.exe' in the folder.

Click 'Play!' When the software starts.

Click 'Start Game'.

Enemies coming towards you when the game starts ...

Use the keyboard to defeat the grasshopper and proceed.

◆ Tofu Font
The font 'Tofu Font' created to reproduce Tofu in major browsers and OS environments has been released. With TofuFont, you can easily reproduce the Tofu state of any web page content. In addition, on the PC screen including the Web browser, all the abnormal character display looks like a square box among the 'garbled characters' that are displayed as the artist intended and become difficult to read (alternative characters are The name of the phenomenon (displayed) is 'Tofu'.

If you don't use TofuFont, it will look like this.

◆ Pure gold (24 gold) GOLDEN Pepper will be released!
Pure gold GOLDEN Pepper will start accepting reservations from April 1st (Wednesday). The price is 1.98 billion yen, which is a reference price calculated at a gold retail price of 5000 yen / g.

The top page of Facebook 's Pepper is also all golden.

The cover photo looks like this.

◆ MINI Japan Latest Information April 1, 2015
The world's first pixel-body MINI was born. Sold at MINI regular dealers nationwide for today only.

Expressing a retro feeling with an 8-bit model. The transform function gives you the freedom you want.

◆ King Jim uses Twitter: '[Breaking news] Tepra Watch, born today.'
Introducing the ultra-small wearable device 'Tepra Watch' that can be worn anytime, anywhere.

◆ Nendoroid Loincloth Special Site --GOOD SMILE COMPANY
A forbidden outfit that boosts the morale of all Nendoroids has finally arrived in 'Nendoroid Where'.

The lineup includes the most popular loincloths, 'Rokushaku loincloth' and 'Echichu loincloth'. Designed to fit all men's Nendoroids, the Nendoroid Loincloth Precious Gold Coordination will also be on sale exclusively at the online shop.

The back view looks like this. The two loincloths are made separately.

The photo below shows the actual change of clothes. 'Mysterious White Coordination' became 'Nendoroid Aichi Sendo'

'Nendoroid Toshiki Kai' is now in 'Matador Red Coordination' specifications.

It looks like this when I attach 'Nendoroid Loincloth Precious Gold Coordination' to Gilgamesh.

◆ NEET Co., Ltd. | NEET Co., Ltd.
At the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of NEET Co., Ltd., it was announced that all directors will resign on April 1.

The reason for resigning is that everyone indicated their intention to resign at the general meeting of shareholders and obtained the approval of all shareholders.

◆ Nogame Musashi Takezou NOGAME uses Twitter: 'The Third Girl Squadron has been decided to be animated. Musashino Animation, directed by Kinoshita.'
It seems that it was decided to animate the 'Third Girl Squadron' that was produced in the animation ' SHIROBAKO ', and Mr. Takeshi Nogami who drew the original manga ... Mr. Musashi Nogami is the key visual image of Aria Is tweeting.

◆ Adult page
Karino Takatsu's website, 'Urona Page,' is now a page for thinking about parenting for fathers.

The newly written manga is also open to the public.

◆ weblio forged document
The world's most unreliable dictionary 'weblio forged document powered by Kyoko Shimbun' opened on April 1st.

The meaning of rear charge on the site is a dangerous state with a large amount of luggage loaded at the rear of the truck. Rear overload.

Choberig is an abbreviation for 'super berry goo'. A hand that surpasses all of Goo Choki Par in rock-paper-scissors. However, he loses to Choberiba. (Synonymous) Batch goo.

◆ Handsome Sengoku
Cyberd's maiden game 'Ikemen Sengoku' series new work ' Ikemen Fresh Fish 9 (Sengyoku) Love over the Ocean ' has been announced.

There are a total of 9 fresh fish such as tai, tuna, bonito, and amberjack. It is a game in which you are asked 'Do you want to be a fresh fish woman?' And make a seine net in love with fresh fish with round eyes.

◆ Real adjustment
'Adjustment ', a schedule adjustment tool used for drinking parties, has released 'Real Adjustment'. Whether it's a fight arbitration, an out-of-court meeting, or an unfamiliar office you visit, Real Coordinator will help you.

◆ Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more
When you access Amazon in the United States, the site design has changed to the old one. Click the page to return to the normal design.

◆ Tsurumiku
A certain late-night program- like story is prepared because 'a matter that seriously considered the influence of the Osaka Metropolis Plan on this brand'. Click the image to proceed.

According to the Osaka Metropolis Plan, Tsurumi Ward in Osaka City will be reorganized into Higashi Ward, and the significance of the existence of the 'Tsurumiku' brand will be lost.

That's why 'Tsurumiku' decided to move to Tsurumi Ward in Yokohama City. If you want to know more about moving, click to read and you may find out something.

◆ Internet Multifeed Co., Ltd.
Internet Multifeed Co., Ltd. has started offering the world's first spatiotemporal communication interconnection service 'JPNAP Future Service'. It will be possible to connect different times.

◆ HISHawaii Shinjuku 3-chome OPEN Event | Event Information | HIS Hawaii --A place where you can feel the Hawaiian breeze. (HIS Hawaii specialty store)
H.I.S. has expanded its store network from a global scale to a space scale, and has begun construction of a space branch toward the opening in 2020. The 'stratosphere tour' was well received at the 2015 Hatsuyume Fair, so it was decided to build a space branch. In addition, the aptitude test (written) for branch managers and staff of the Space Branch will be conducted today.

◆ Homoge! ~ My anal is also full of development ~
Adult game brand 'Clock Up' has announced a simulation game 'Homoge!' In which the main character who works for a game company on the verge of bankruptcy works with staff who have both habits and habits. Scheduled to be released on October 31, 114514, the media is an amazing floppy disk 889464 disc set, the supported OS is 'Windows 893', and the price is 364,364 yen excluding tax.

◆ GEKIURA was introduced in Indonesian media: Handling information: Information behind the scenes
On the website 'Geki Ura Information' with the motto 'Pursuit of Curiosity', it was announced that it was 'introduced in the Indonesian media'.

In the media, it was introduced that 'vnO, which has momentum in Indonesia, has finally entered Japan! The driving force is a Japanese ninja !?'

You can see the truth by reading vertically.

◆ Movie 'Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Fire'
The top of the movie site of Detective Conan has changed from 'Detective Conan's sunflower' to 'Detective Conan's false sunflower', and a quiz is given.

◆ Marmalade Official Website
Mihono Morikawa of the PC game 'Koi Iro Marriage' transforms into 'Magical ★ Mihonon' and Akiyoshi Nekoko transforms into 'Magical ★ Nekon' and fights for Nao Rabbit .... 'Shoujo Magical ☆ Mihonon' will be aired on TV in 3015.

◆ Mirihime Taisen [Gameplay] --Yahoo! Mobage for games
In Yahoo! Mobage's 'Mirihime Taisen', the maid 'Lily', who should have been a supporter, participated as Mirihime.

Although it is an unarmored unit, it boasts high evasion power, and it is also possible to sortie on the battlefield in addition to formation.

Manga is also available on Twitter.

◆ Girl's Cloud | IDC Frontier's Sweet Cloud
IDC Frontier, which provides IT infrastructure services, has started offering 'Girl's Cloud,' a cloud service exclusively for women.

For those who have grabbed or got on the clouds, we are holding a campaign to offer Girl's Cloud for free for the rest of our lives only today.

As a feature, if you register an account, matching with male users of another service will be performed, and there is a unique service such as telepathy authentication.

◆ Hoshirai Hihokan Official Site
The 'Nitroplus Chiral' site has become the official site of the 'Hentai Museum', an utopia for adults. The Flash game 'Breakout' is available, so if you are over 18 years old, please open the forbidden door at your own risk.

◆ Mysterious Somera-chan animated
Animator Itsuki Imazaki announced on Twitter that ' Mysterious Somera-chan ' has been animated.

You can see the preview movie from the following.

'April Sakuhi Special News' --YouTube

◆ Lie character club
'Lie Chara Club' has officially opened in the Ugo Chara Club of the original character 'Ugo Chara' created by Sky (id: Sukai). 'Lie character animation', 'Lie character ranger', 'Lie character control', etc. are prepared as contents. The lie character is a trio of 'Usomaru', 'Usorin', and 'Usobon'.

◆ Deneb-chan's pedometer -Deneb-Pai-
PC game maker One-up has released the smartphone app 'Deneb-chan's Pedometer -Deneb Pappi-' for ' Babylon in the Starry Sky'. It seems that you can download it from Aqq Store and GoogIe Play.

The operation screen of the app looks like the following, and it seems that you can work hard to shape up with Deneb. On the page, you can see how the app is actually running.

◆ Granblue Fantasy
A female character debuts as an idol in the game 'Granblue Fantasy'.

You can watch the PV of the song 'Kimi to Boku no Mirai' on Nico Nico Douga.

◆ The maiden's way of approaching the moon 1.1
Game maker Navel is releasing videos of 'Moon-nearing Maiden's Manners 1.1' on YouTube. A total of 8 videos will be posted by the end of April Fool's Day.

You can see the first video from the following.

'The maiden's way of approaching the moon 1.1 00: 00' --YouTube

◆ Yamayoshi Seika Co., Ltd. (Wasa Beef) uses Twitter.
Yamayoshi Seika Co., Ltd. will release 'All-out Wasa Beef'. By removing wasabi, beef, and potatoes, the bag weighs only about 7.5 grams, which is as light as air.

◆ New feature 'Sakura Comment' in Songrium Extension --Songrium
The music viewing support service 'Songrium' has added a 'Sakura comment' function that makes the screen gorgeous by displaying a compliment, that is, a comment of 'Sakura' on the video of Nico Nico Douga.

This is the video without 'Sakura comment'.

When 'Sakura comment' is added, it looks like it's really exciting.

◆ Master of Epic | for Smartphone
A new smartphone version of the online game 'Master of Epic' developed by Hudson and operated by Willoo Entertainment.

◆ Animate Moon Store | Animate for anime!
The Animate Moon store opened its grand opening, saying, 'Next to the achievement of opening stores in 47 prefectures, we will open stores in space !!'

Part-time staff are urgently recruited, and the work content includes not only customer service sales but also lunar surveys. Examples of treatment are 'transportation expenses (up to 20,000 yen)', 'chance to raise salary every 6 months! (* According to company regulations)', 'staff discount system', 'employee promotion system', 'monthly recreation facility' '. Also, those who can operate the space shuttle will be given preferential treatment at the time of application.

The grand opening was on April 1, 2015, but the store is still under construction, and the access and map are as follows.

◆ Beerable Mug by Ichiban Shibori | Kirin Beer
Kirin Brewery develops the world's first futuristic beer mug device.

The beer management system not only manages the temperature of beer and the life log of beer, but also has alerts to prevent hangovers.

In addition, the re-bubble function regenerates the freshly put bubbles.

◆ Yuru-chara Bomb! !! Town BBS Tokyo 23 wards bulletin board
An official mascot was born on the bulletin board in the 23 wards of Tokyo of 'Machi BBS', which is an electronic bulletin board for regional information. We are looking for a name.

In addition, the date and time written nationwide is displayed as 2015/03/32, not limited to the bulletin board in the 23 wards of Tokyo.

◆ Takara Tomy (@takaratomytoys) | Twitter
TAKARATOMY is showing off 24 stories on Twitter by the end of April Fool's Day. I picked up some excellent ones.

◆ Venus Blood -Love-
'This time of VB is' !! love 'is tried of hero,' the fact that, consciousness is the hero of the low system deliver the 'love' to the SD unit our game 'VenusBlood- love -' is Nine tail has been released from It was.

There is a musical because it says 'I'll show you what it is' ...

There is also a game with pride.

Survival games and ...

There is also gourmet food.

The trial version of the game can actually be downloaded.

◆ Eirei Collection ~ Eikore ~ --Online Game
The service of 'Kantai Collection', which is a Fate character like 'Kantai Collection', has started.

◆ Pine Ame's [Pine Co., Ltd.] (Official) (@pain_ame) | Twitter
The fact is revealed of the impact that it was in fact 'Paisoame' rather than Pain'ame, but what is written on the bag of individual packaging ...... such as 'Pain'ame'?

I returned to normal mode without waiting for April Fool's Day to end, but the icons and headers seemed to look like this.

◆ Collected, ◯◯ generation! New campaign, start ?! | NTT DoCoMo
NTT DoCoMo has released a page with a mysterious code.

You can solve the mystery by typing '##' in the text box at the end of the cipher and pressing the 'Convert' button.

◆ Neat-chan @ Neat Thinking Team
NEET Co., Ltd. 'Neat Thinking Team' public relations and NEET persona 'Nito-chan' will be animated.

The original draft of the animation has been released.

◆ Fate with your smartphone! Fate / Grand Order official website
Fate / Grand Order Official Support Manga ' Fate / Gudaguda Order ' Sakura Saber and Nobu won the turn and appeared on the top page.

◆ Successfully captured 800 animals!
800 Slowpokes have escaped from the Kagawa Prefectural Slowpoke Research Center, and a top secret project that has been bred and researched on an uninhabited island for 52 years has come to light.

The discovery of Slowpoke is reported everywhere on Twitter.

It seems that it was also found at Maruyama Zoo.

◆ PURAMAI WARS official site |
In the adult game 'Puramai Wars', the heroine, Saiko Zenta, has big breasts. Also, if you click anywhere in the image, the voice will also be played.

◆ elgooG
Google has released '', and all the characters, logos, and icons are displayed as if they were reflected in the mirror.

The search results are also this street.

'Google is always looking forward, but sometimes it's important to look back. Let's change our perspective with' '', and Google's official Twitter account also announces the '' service. ..

◆ Fuseta @ Fuseji Tweet Fuseta uses Twitter: '[Breaking news] (・? ・) Jan! Fuseta's dog Fuseta will be a LINE stamp!'
It seems that the dog 'Fuseta ' of the service 'fusetter' that allows you to tweet a part of the tweet is delivered as a LINE stamp.

◆ 'Little princess's serenity (contor dance)' official website
Release of Feng's romance adventure game ' Little princess's serenade' 19999999999 To commemorate the 8000th anniversary, the fighting game ' Little princess's serenade' is scheduled to be released.

The actual play screen looks like this. The release date is scheduled for October 25, 2013, and the price is 8800 yen excluding tax.

◆ Chojin Neiger
'April Fool's Day doesn't exist. Like it?'

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