Site summary 2012 version piggybacking on April Fool's Day

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Various companies, groups, and individuals on the net will do their best to release the material prepared in advance for this day from 0:00 to 24:00 on April 1st for a limited time of 24 hours, what is a lie? The annual April Fool 's Day, which is a day full of chaos and I don't know what's true, is here again!

So, I tried to summarize the sites that are piggybacking on April Fool's Day. It updates in real time 24 hours a day, so if you update the article from time to time, you should be able to add a new April Fool's site. Also, every time I update to some extent, I will tweet on Twitter's GIGAZINE official account.

In addition, when you discover that 'I'm doing April Fool's Day here too!' On a site that is not posted, or if you want to make a self-recommended contact saying 'I'm also doing April Fool 's Day!' Please send it. Even if I go to see the site, I can not judge because 'Which is the story of April Fool's Day ...?' Or 'I do not know because I do not know the state of the original site although something may have changed ... There are many cases every year, so as much as possible, the detailed explanation that 'This is April Fool's Day!', The points to see, this is interesting! Because it is very easy to post if you can write it together with the URL / address contact.

The summary list is from the following!

◆ Cloud Core VPS 2 ○ 12 April Fool's Day Unno Core Birth
The seriousness of KDDI Web Communications, which is extremely similar to 'Microsoft Taiwan Silverlight'.

◆ Commercial use OK & free photos and free materials have been collected! Comprehensive material site | Sozaing
Sozaing, a material site for creators, has become a material site for potter's wheel in 'WEB industry potter's wheel too much Warota: Hamster breaking news '.

◆ Movie 'Killing Shot' Official Site
Bruce Willis produced a hair restorer to commemorate the release of the movie 'Killing Shot' in Japan, saying 'Get hair roots that will never die !!', and when you click on Bruce, something happens, 'Go Click the 'Reservation here' button and it will be great.

◆ Interesting corporation kayak
Breaking news from kayak employees headquartered in Kamakura 'The Great Buddha has stood!', 'Dice have evolved into 100 faces!' Related to the kayak salary system 'Dice salary!' Regarding the kayak management philosophy that comes out first, 41 barrages such as 'The management philosophy has changed'.

◆ Pigeon Network-Distributing advertisements with warmth- | ngi group
Ngi group Co., Ltd., which provides mobile ad network services, has started an advertisement distribution service using homing pigeons, saying, 'Warmer advertisements that reach people's hearts.'

◆ Japan Hot Pants Association
PAKUTASO Free Stock Photos Inspire Japan Twintail Association.

◆ MAKYU 01 | au
'MAKYU 01', a new spring model product from au, finally appears as a 'major league ball training smartphone', and the designer of the new product is Mr. Ittetsu Hoshi, who is known for developing the major league ball training cast.

◆ So-net / Sonnet Entertainment | Facebook
It seems that Momo eats Toro as a medium Toro. It will be updated at 10 am, followed by 12 am, maybe.

◆ TYPE-MOON Official Web Site
'Koha ACE', which says 'Three Koha Big Bangs will become history,' is being broadcast on the TM-based all-space network from April 1st every year.

◆ KLab Roppongi Official Site --KLab
The popular social game 'Koi te Kyaba Miss' was opened at a real store, and the president and all officers were in charge of customer service as a cast.

◆ Theater Anime Tank Man
The new work produced by ufotable, which is not ufotable, is 'Tank Man' with Iskandar and Waver as the main characters. In addition, as April Fool's plan goods, those who ordered 'Rider camp food menu' at Fate / Zero Cafe (Tokushima, Tokyo) from April 3 to 8, those who purchased goods at Fate / Zero shop of ufotable CINEMA In addition, this advance ticket will be presented in a limited quantity.

◆ Pants full online RPG 'Emil Chronicle Online' management Yugen company ECO
GungHo's Heartful Online RPG 'Emil Chronicle Online' management team has become independent and has appeared as a pants full online RPG in 8bit.

2012/04/01 0:20
I immediately introduced Red Bull. Uhyo.

◆ Engan Bus x Kobe Shimbun Isn't it a free ticket for a girl who doesn't moe?
Kobe Shimbun's 'Immediate Moenai Musume' participates in the 'Moekko Free Ticket' on the coastal bus.

◆ Reliable underground empire flower extract combination 'Ragnarok Online' | Ragnarok Online
Under the slogan 'Minagiru Power', the supplement 'Ryoku' containing 100% underground empire flower extract, which continues to cause many miracles, has finally exceeded the cumulative sales of 10,000,000 units.

◆ Moe Watch
Following PC Watch, Digital Camera Watch, etc., Impress Watch launches 'Moe Watch', a medium specializing in Moe news, as a new news site

◆ Emergency live broadcast! NCN Nico Nico News ~ Miracle Announcement ~ --Nico Nico Live Broadcast
Many important news from Nico Nico Douga, Nico Nico TV's voice becomes Nobuyo Oyama, etc.

◆ Google Japanese Input-Morse version
Evolved so that you can input Japanese with Morse code using the space key. There is also a movie .

◆ Google Maps-Map Search
A strange menu called 'Start Adventure' has been added to the search screen of Google Maps, and when you click it, the map becomes an 8-bit version. You can also see the street view.

◆ am iPad3 Next-generation tablet, reservation acceptance start! !!
Aomori's regional SNS Ames, the new amiPad3 (Amipad 3) has appeared, the overwhelmingly beautiful SURUME display, and the new 'Siru' are installed, so its usage is too excellent.

◆ Window company
'Window Company ', which is not 'Window Forest', has been revived, and we are interviewing CEO Palmer about the name of Windows 8.

◆ Notice of release of 'ComiPo! 98'
'ComiPo!' For PC-9800 series will be released from around January 19, 2038

◆ bot that you can enjoy romance with your favorite girl [bot Hi-Chew]
The limited liability company Team Santa released 'The world's first! Twitter bot that can be in love!', The setting of that Morinaga Hi-Chew's new development, like a general gal game, copy the content you want to answer and reply, the corresponding reply Will be returned.

◆ Delhi Poland Z: @nifty
Daily Portal Z becomes 'Delhi Poland Z' which handles information on Delhi and Poland in India. In addition, we have 17 stories.

◆ Largest solar system! Lunar survival game field completed Hyper Hogaku
Airsoft's review site 'Hyper Douraku' will build one of the largest survival game fields in the solar system on the moon, and will take a free space shuttle bus from the airport. A vast field area equivalent to 200,000 Tokyo Domes, gravity is 1/6 of the earth, three-dimensional battle development by jumping threats, barricades using Apollo landers, and mobile battles with lunar rover are also possible, 1 It is said that the daily usage is 50 million yen per person, and it is a local gathering / dissolution.

◆ Let's put together Twitter --Togetter
Togatter's social game is here! Its name is 'Masterpiece! Dorimatome'

◆ The order I saw. Past log 201204
'If this tweet is RT more than 5,000 times, I will publish my company name that I kept secret in the site operation for 12 years. Well, I think that it is absolutely impossible to think normally (laugh)' So, if something goes wrong and it exceeds 5000, we will announce it in the e-mail newsletter, and if the number of Facebook subscriptions exceeds 1500, we will announce it on the site, so I hope for explosive spread.

◆ Ah, the scent of rubber is irresistible ... Various pictures of original rubber art: Mule Q
Raba Q has transformed into a rubber information website 'Raba Q' and publishes articles for rubber product lovers.

◆ Gumsafe | enjoy Gumroad safety.
'Gumsafe', which provides a fraudulent download countermeasure service by concealing the URL of the URL sales service 'Gumroad', has a function that 'files cannot be downloaded even if payment is completed' as a countermeasure against the software fraudulent distribution problem, which is a big problem. Newly developed.

◆ New release of Chansey Nikuman! --Chance It
Limited quantity of meat buns of the character 'Chancey' type of 'Chance It', a profitable life support site for points, sweepstakes, shopping, questionnaires, pocket money, etc., will be sold at convenience stores, bookstores, and station shops nationwide.

◆ A portable all-in-one terminal. The new product Macintosh Classic has arrived at Giz! (Gallery & video available): Gizmodo Japan
A machine equipped with a 512 x 342 pixel 9-inch black-and-white CRT

◆ PT3 Table of Contents
Announcement of 'PT3' release from Earthsoft. Scheduled to be released in June 2012. It's kind of serious, but for the time being, it's a piggyback ride.

◆ Super Dimensional Robo Daiyusha
'Card Fight! Vanguard' is a new series from today ... What a 'Super Dimensional Robo Daiyusha'. The character introduction page and robot introduction page have also been completed.

◆ Muscle Collection ~ Lost Eternal of Chaos ~ ―― Provider service 'GMO Tokutoku BB'
It is to respect various popular social games (card battle type) using muscles and complete a muscle picture book for the world, and it is somewhat various because 'BB grows faster than other companies'. And covered with that story.

◆ Vitro Plus Chiral Official Website Bitro + CHiRAL
Boys love game brand 'Nitro + Chiral' is dominated by Albitro who appears in 'Togainu no Chi' and becomes 'Vitro Plus Chiral'. The content is also Albitro-like specifications.

◆ Android 48 | Facebook
Virtual idol group 'Android 48' produced by web applause April 1, 2012 April Fool's debut spectacularly. As the first application, we released an application that the idols will tell you the remaining battery level in real time, 'When the battery is low, the idols' costumes will gradually come off' 'If the battery is low I see, the idols are getting lighter, but since they are professionals, they don't change their poses. '' However, some idols start crying or get angry. '

◆ Alien Baltan (baltan_wagahai) uses Twitter
Alien Baltan raised a cure piece (V) o \ o (V)

◆ April 1 (Sun) 9:00 am to 8:00 pm The first Prime Minister's smart election where everyone changes Japan online --Yahoo! JAPAN
Hold smart elections where you can run and vote online

◆ IREP has been renewed in anticipation of globalization! -Communicate with foreigners with a nose hook-
The company logo has been renewed, but this is ...

◆ Anime 'THE IDOLM @ STER' (THE IDOLM @ STER) official website
765 On the official website of the popular series movie 'Theatrical Version Inexhaustible Kisaragi' that brings together professional idols

◆ Top Page | Ai Sakuraba | We have started to adopt 2D. | Sakura Internet
Sakura Internet begins to hire 2D, the first employee is Ai Sakuraba

◆ TV anime 'Yuruyuri' special site
On the official website of 'Transfer Student Goodbye Yui Funami' directed by Ramuko Saikyogoku

◆ Movic Spring Pants Festival ♪
The first 'Pankore' with strawberry pants, briefs, trunks, etc.

◆ goo boyfriend
Enjoy a conversation with 5 boyfriends

◆ Niconico Channel ……… Did you think it was? It was 'Blue Exorcist'!
The facial parts of the 'Blue Exorcist' characters have moved to the center ...

◆ Pachipro Training Center Admission Information
Irem has opened a Pachipro training center, and its admission information is open to the public.

◆ Arica homepage
The page changes to a page where you don't understand why you just pasted the image 'Shonen Arica'

◆ --For movies, has ended its Japanese service and has been reborn as a Chinese service from April 1st.

◆ Darius Burst Another Chronicle Official Site
By saying 'Unagi Fossil', a flagship that looks very similar to an eel appears.

◆ Rosetta Stone for English and English conversation releases 'Shovel'.
Rosetta Stone, which sells language software, has succeeded in developing a magical shovel that can speak foreign languages just by picking it up.

◆ I'm a blacksmith at Tilconail, do you have any questions?
The official website of the online game 'Mabinogi' is now on a 2ch-style bulletin board. It seems that it is updated in real time, and it seems that writing is increasing little by little.

◆ Delivering Internet Nyan Neta that you are interested in and want to talk to people --Nekorabo
Opened 'Nekorabo', a cat information site that deals with topics of cats that are a little worrisome

◆ [Breaking news] Since the mascot character got married, the blog name will be changed to 'Chinese bride explosion diary' | Chinese bride explosion diary
'Midori, who was active as a mascot character in the Chinese explosion diary, is now married to an older Japanese. In the future, she will change her blog name to the Chinese bride explosion diary.' That is.

◆ Beer taste beverage [Monthly parking lot] Limited sale | Original craft beer shop [Sankt Gallen]
'Sankt Gallen will release a non-alcoholic beer [Monthly Parking Lot], which is tied up with the largest' Monthly Group ', a pioneer in the Japanese parking lot industry, from Sunday, April 1, 2012.' By doing so, we announced our entry into the non-alcoholic market. Although it is a story, 'This product is a joke product commemorating April 1st, but it is on sale in real time on April 1st, 2012 [24 hours only]. You can really buy it. It is a non-alcoholic beer brewed for the first time in 18 years, and there is no next brewing plan! It is a rare product that you may never drink again. '

◆ Dokidoki Poppun Myujikku
Although it is usually a character like this, it transforms like a gal game & otome game

◆ NEW Hub Plus
''NEW Hub Plus' is a communication game where you can get along with one of the three types of hubs and experience reptile life such as dates and seasonal events. The in-game time changes in conjunction with Okinawa time. Since it is equipped with RTC (Ryukyu Time Clock), you can enjoy communication with the hub in real time. The length, color, personality, etc. of the hub will change depending on how the game progresses, so it depends on the player. You can play it, 'so there is really a trial version. Actually, it should have been the Okinawa B-class portal 'DEEokinawa', but this is what happened.

◆ Kyoko Shimbun enters the voice news distribution business
The fictional newspaper company, which usually distributes only fictional news, has entered the voice news distribution business this time. When I took a closer look, it was the real news, contrary to usual.

◆ Tsurugaoka Hachimanko debuts! !! Complete! Mono Siri Android ~ ♪ ◆ Tsurugaoka Hachimanko debuts! !! Complete! Mono Siri Android ~ ♪
'Koebu' completes an unprecedented mysterious android and develops something that works with Twitter accounts.

◆ [NS] Wii UV announced at E3!
Introducing the latest game console that allows you to tan healthy while at home by attaching an ultraviolet (UV) irradiation device to the controller

◆ 'Kagra -Akatsuki no Shonen-' official website
Originally, it was supposed to be a girl character's 'Come to catch it with your life', but it became a boy character's main 'Kagra -Akatsuki no Shonen-', and it became a fanatic phrase 'Poke with your life.' .. It seems to be a story of hot friendship and battle woven by boys with nice pectoralis major.

◆ Zi Production 48 Official Website --Zipper Soft
'Production Rhapsody' where you can meet the idols of (^ ω ^) who do it with zip in the game etc.

◆ I went to a Gurunavi wedding with a uniform!
'By introducing uniforms to the entire business division, of course, men will also change clothes!', So men wear wedding dresses, 'Therefore, in order to get closer to the feelings of the bride preparing for the wedding, first of all I have no choice but to become a bride! With that in mind, I decided to introduce a wedding dress uniform. ' Gurunavi Wedding was smashed.

◆ Wantedly: Social Recruiting | Wantedly
The service name has been changed because it has changed from being a social recruiting tool that 'finds colleagues to work with' to a tool that 'chooses a person who will serve vampires forever'.

◆ Gorimon days | Construction started today! 'Sun Tower' construction project
'The place is' Umekita ', a redevelopment area north of Osaka Station. It seems that the aim is to create a monument at the northern end and create a flow of people from Osaka Station. I see, 'that's twice the size of the Tower of the Sun. As expected, I usually just watch the streets of Osaka, which is strangely persuasive.

2012/04/01 3:14
Someone! Come early!

◆ IWN48 first single release! !! | IWN48 Official Site
Real ninja planning of Ninja Tools ' Ninin released their first single' is

◆ nentmiru
A mysterious site that says, 'No one refuses, does not do unfortunate things in private, does not deteriorate. If such convenient flat girls are active as anime actresses ...'.

◆ Dragon Quest World Conquest Completion Notice | Dragon Quest Paradise (Dorapara) DQ10, Check here for the latest information on Terry's Wonderland 3D! | SQUARE ENIX
A collaboration project with Google Maps that the world has already been conquered by the Dragon King

◆ Event Information | C-labo -Card Lab- Official Homepage
Trading card game specialty store 'Card Lab' started handling UNO single cards like Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading cards sold separately. UNO, where anyone can get the same card, is sold at a high price, and draw 2 and Wild draw 4 are naturally high.

◆ Petit Compuchi
A computer that embodies ubiquitous presence everywhere, with a size of 5 mm in length and width. Equipped with Shakyo technology, a high-definition display that allows you to read small characters written on rice grains.

◆ Chiharu Sasano / Chiharoom
Chiharu Sasano, a manga artist, shows 'The story that Chiharu Sasano's dissolution was reported'.

◆ Amuzon: Mail order --Fashion, from Maike to food [Free delivery]
Alicesoft has an flavor, and although you can't shop, individual product pages are created exactly.

◆ Voting for 'Navel's Prince-sama Majineb 2001%' is being held !! Navel
Popular voting project for male characters appearing in Navel's work, voting period is until 23:00 on April 1st

◆ 'Hyakka Ryouran' official website
If you click to remove all the ink, you will get a reward ...?

◆ Vana TV
About FF11's new job 'Gymnastics' There is a YouTube movie for more than 8 minutes, and it is tremendously spectacular, so I recommend it.

◆ Teri! Ranking
It should be the official Paperman website, but now it's the daily ranking site of Tericia. From 1st to 5th place, each content can be seen in the FLASH movie.

◆ Voltac Market-The largest general store in Dimento, the online shopping site of Voltac Store | Wizardry Online
Online shop flavor I've seen somewhere

◆ Mahou Mahou Co., Ltd. Employment information
The magmaguma of the e-mail magazine changes to a 'magical foolishness' that looks like a runaway tribe. 'Energetic office scenery, night dew death!'

◆ Panyanet Ueta | Spimas Mix Shopping | Sukatto Golf Panya
Will actually introduce the product with a video

◆ Mobi ★ Love | Mobius Online
Mobius Online, a team-based action game, becomes a forbidden school story 'Mobi ★ Love' with teachers

◆ My daughter who doesn't sprout (official site)
A press conference movie appeared because the Kobe Shimbun's Are said, 'Emergency apology conference will be held in Kobe city before dawn on April 1, probably to put an end to a series of suspicions and complaints.'

◆ The long-awaited recipe book from that 'conching' is finally here! | Concerto Gate Forte
Sudden live-action, and recipe book appeared

◆ [mixi] Notice from the operator
As 'April Fool's Day Limited Function' Really? 'Release Notice', we have started to provide a function that allows you to easily post a comment 'Really?' By clicking 'Really?' For a limited time of 24 hours.

◆ La Tale World Tour = Tokimeki Fantasy La Tale
'Rate Angya' traveling around the world is expanding into the world

◆ Taito Co., Ltd. | Official Page | April 1 April Fool's Day
'The official Taito site was invaded by Space Invaders!', So it was ridiculous that the location of every site was invaded.

◆ Job hunting support site born from the voices of seniors who respond to job hunting dissatisfaction | Company Navi / Job Hunting
Anyone can freely get a job offer from any company by entering the name and company name.

◆ Meipuriti
Maid cafe 'Meipuriti' is preparing for renewal to Gachimuchi Muscle Maid cafe 'Meiproten'

◆ Opened in Hiroshima! Curry shop 'Coscare Hall' with cosplayers
Originally a cosplay event site, but at a cosplay curry shop where Mr. Layer will serve customers in one word

◆ Shueisha 'Weekly Shonen Jump' official website
It was discovered that it was occupied by One Piece Usopp.

◆ Haruhi SS Summary Site + α 'Suzumiya Haruhi' 'Lucky Star' 'Higurashi When They Cry' SS Summary
It seems that the server fee and domain fee are in the red every year

◆ [Breaking News] Aqqle announces 'iMat', an 'innovative display mat'. From $ 1999. | Gusset Touch!
The gadget news blog 'Gadget Touch!' Has become the Gase news blog 'Gusset Touch!', And the false news about iMat of Aqqle is posted.

◆ Sumahon !!
It seems that the new work of the Xperia series is 'Xperia AIBO', and users must learn dog language.

'Daily Lives of High School Boys' and 'You guys are bad no matter how I think I'm not popular !!' are made into Hollywood live-action movies

◆ Super Sonico Official Website
NSPO reports the news that 'Super Sonico will take off !?'

◆ Accel World [Accel World]
Accel World official website changed to a pixel art game style, character introduction etc. like that

◆ Urgent !? pixiv on the run ⇒
The pixiv logo is hiding somewhere while escaping the site

◆ The world's first! We have succeeded in cultivating the server! / Lollipop! Rental Server
Full of movies that show the growth of the server and incomprehensible commentary.

◆ Eushully & Anastasia direct control
In the 'I don't have the page you're looking for' that you often see.

◆ April Fool's EXT
Osaka's web production company Ekusuto, something like an older sister with a broken domain.

◆ Worked at Good Smile Company, a figure maker 'Mikatan Blog -Go 10 squares from Matsudo Station-'
'Lie! I'm the 9th generation !?'

◆ Basic free online game Le Ciel Blue official website
'Futsushii!' To you, so the character looks like a glass mask

◆ Cure Peace / Yayoi Kise (snoopybot) uses Twitter
Snoopy BOT becomes a cure piece. Thanks to that, a tragic event such as 'I was asked to increase the number of followers, but suddenly it was removed by 1160 people ... it's my fault ...' is underway.

◆ Daily report: 'K-ON!' And 'Transformers' are a miracle collaboration! 'Henkei!' Series started! !! Others-Super Prejudice Super Deformation
K-ON! And Transformers collaboration, Gita transforms into a robot

◆ @nifty: 777 @nifty: Pachinko / Pachislot strategy points & community
Normally, it will move to the top page immediately, but today it is a mysterious magazine.

◆ Rapi ★ Plus --VOCALOID3 i-style Project
Vocaloid3 i-style project is developing software called 'Rapi ★ Plus'.

◆ Metsuo --Intermezzo Square Enix & Digital News
'Shin-Ra Company employee cafeteria' opens in Marunouchi, Tokyo! In addition, a blackboard eraser function has been added to PS Vita , the iPhone 5 is equipped with a 'motivation switch' that increases performance by 10 times, and Hatsune Miku's intention to run for the next House of Representatives election and shocking news are lined up. Masu

◆ STASSE-Stasse's marriage activity starting today! ---
The otome game 'Starry ☆ Sky' is supposed to be changed to a marriage hunting site.

◆ Tombstone ranking to ask end users | web R25
The information magazine 'R65' that stimulates seniors is launched, so R25 responds to the aging society.

◆ 'VALHOMENT' for finding a room
There is a network of 1000 stores throughout Midgard, handling rental information throughout Midgard from Shinsekiren to Aritos.

◆ CHINTAI News: Rental property site 'CHINTAI'
'[Share house changes!] What is the reality of the' 1R 100-person share house 'that has become popular in recent years? So, I posted a strange report article.

◆ Limited to April 1st! !! Special coupons that you can't usually handle-Great deals! Usoreee
Only rare products such as 128,000 yen, which is 99.9% off for state-of-the-art women's androids

◆ [Special news] Shisa will debut the stemmer idol unit 'STM48'! : Notice from Seesaa
As the name suggests, the idol unit 'STM48 (reading: Sue Theme forty Eight)' that specializes in undercover marketing has appeared, the blog design can be changed, and there is also a blog that serves as the center.

◆ 5.21 Annular solar eclipse canceled The reason is 'dangerous if not seen safely'
Mook 'Eclipse Guide Annular Solar Eclipse 2012 ' is useful for preparing for the annular solar eclipse.

◆ TOP --Next Generation MMORPG 'TERA' Members Site --Hangame
'TERA' new character race change ticket will be sold, so it will be randomly changed to 'Adult Erine probability 1%', 'Apoli probability 5%', and 'Baraka Deluxe probability 94%'.

◆ Make Siri's voice a voice actor! Interlink Siri voice package developed for Silicon Valley internship
There is a wide range of versions, from orthodox versions such as the tsundere version and maid version to historical drama versions, conductor versions, otaku versions, and BL versions. It is true that we are conducting an internship.

◆ I think that enjoying the event will also give you a sense of relaxation! --Dragon Nest --Hangame
A scoop coverage of videos that became a hot topic all over the world and a design contest with pants templates.

◆ 'Blue Exorcist' official website
'We hereby declare that only cool boys and cute girls will appear in this movie!', The official website that was completely hijacked by the 'cool cute declaration'.

◆ ELSWORD-Hangame
A spin-off project called 'EL Heart', a real love talk action, has appeared.

◆ Innovative combined shopping cart is now available! Its name is 'neccart'
Innovative shopping cart 'neccart' has appeared in cyber wholesale, and its security system , cart system , and delivery analysis system are explained in a movie.

◆ Pixel Cut ・ Slash
It's supposed to be the image loader PixelCat for Mac, but I developed a joke version and released it for only one day. This year, it's not PixelCat but PixelCut, which 'cuts' the opened image.

◆ 'Bakusute' official website
When the idol training cafe ' AKIHABARA backstage pass ' becomes a game or animation, it may be like this ...

◆ Minna --Creative community site for your own lyrics, poems (poems), novels (novel), etc.
'Everyone's .jp is in danger of survival !? --Everyone's .jp has melted out due to the cheerful spring. Please prevent it with your own power!', So it melts from the top.

◆ Music-Nico Nico Channel
Tatsuya Kawagoe, a cook known by the nickname of 'Chef Kawagoe,' performed a promotional video for his first debut music CD 'Rice Story' and 'School of Curry Rice'. There is also a movie that explains the dance choreography of the song. The CD debut is not a lie.

Animation of SOUND VOLTEX started. The person is introduced.

◆ iBenza --The evolved toilet seat begins.
A toilet seat that supports touch operation and has a display is introduced. It's unclear if voice control is possible, but does that mean that it can be operated by 'Siri' in another sense? In addition, from the icon displayed at the top, you can see that it is battery-powered and has innovative contents that also support WiFi and 3G communication.

◆ Easy point site with high return rate --Point Monkey (
It seems that Monhana has left home and will not come back.

◆ [Increasing money] Grow ☆ Takeshi Real Figure --Forecast / Questionnaire Site--
Normally, the site has a mechanism that you can get dozens to thousands of points (money, chips) by answering questionnaires or searching, but on the campaign page called '[Money increase] Raise ☆ Takeshi Real Figure', earned money Is '120,000,000 money' and the earned chips are '-30,000 chips', which are orders of magnitude higher. Click 'See details' ...

You will see a page that tells you that it was April Fool's Day.

◆ IE insurance to put in 'Still more' | Design Oil Life | Chiba Prefecture homepage production DESIGN Oil
Introducing insurance for web production companies that 'compensates for various damages of production companies due to IE-compatible projects'

◆ Since the Hirakata material has run out, from today it will be 'Hirahata Tsushin' that only carries DonDokoDon Hirahata's material --Hirahata Tsushin --Hirahata Keiji Information Site -
It seems that the site that specializes in local information in Hirakata City will be changed to a site that specializes in DonDokoDon Hirahata's story. In short, both are 'Hiratsu', so their nicknames haven't changed.

◆ Core Tech Sports April 1 Special Issue
Make the top page look like a sports newspaper

◆ Enoshima Games Co., Ltd. (former: Shift) --Shift Inc. --Game & Web service development
The game company Shift, which develops 'GOD EATER' and others, changed its name to 'Enoshima Games', lamenting the shadow of Fujisawa City, where the head office is located. 'We declare that all employees will be surfers,' and commented, 'We will create BIG WAVE in the flat game industry!'

◆ Poisson Rouge
An online service that allows you to enjoy gal games on any platform, from Windows Me to 8 and from iPhone to Android smartphones, is now available for free.

◆ Ganso Nagahamaya New Store-Gansonagahamaya Shinten-Hakata Daisho-Fukuoka Ramen Blog
A report article about visiting a Nagahama ramen shop in the remote mountains is posted.

◆ 〓 Cat memo 〓
'〓 Cat memo 〓' becomes '〓 Dog memo 〓'. * It seems that the scroll bar of the site was turned off from 0:00 to 1:00 so that the screen could not be moved down. I had a mechanism to scroll down the screen by pressing [↓] on the keyboard.

◆ Bald-wari is realized by changing its shape: High-AGE-wari |
An article was published that 'Soft Punk Mopile held a press conference on the 31st and announced that it would introduce a high-AGE discount system for salaried workers over 40 years old.'

◆ Is it a new iPhone? !! Unprecedented smartphone, 2 series released: decent
New smartphones based on eringi, pineapple, radish, etc. are posted.

◆ Joined AppBank Inc.-Digital Magazine
Shuji Shinohara, who runs 'Digital Magazine', joined AppBank. The announcement was made on April 1st, 'It's not April Fool's Day. It's Majineta. I'll continue my freelance activities, so I look forward to working with you in the future.'

◆ Gadget shot
Mac tablet 'MacBook touch' equipped with OS X Lion is announced to be released, and 'Boot Camp' will be released for iOS and Android will be available on iPhone.

◆ Free games / online games Hangame-Notice
'In the world of Majimon, there is a mischief incident by a graffiti criminal!', So some of the images in the app are 'scribbles of the management staff without a sense of art'.

◆ Small and medium-sized enterprises are fans on Facebook like large enterprises = Like! How to win?
Developed 10,000 'Like' batch acquisition and Facebook search window top display technology

◆ PlayStation®Vita | PlayStation®Official Site
Announced a number of new national games such as 'Minna no Kabaddi 6' and 'Minna no SUMO 6'.

◆ Home-Airsoft Encyclopedia
The image looks like a gun other than an air gun, such as a water gun or a grease gun. Click 'April 1, 2012' for details.

◆ Crayon Shin-chan Space DE Acho! ?? Bakarate of friendship! !! BANDAI NAMCO Games Official Website
Masao is jacking the site instead of Shin-chan.

◆ Mushrooms
'KINOKO SOFT' was newly launched from mushrooms, and the main cast was Mitsuru Midorikawa, Ryotaro Okiayu and others, and it was decided to make 'my mushrooms'.

◆ Kamui Yassen's presidency Daisuke Kitagawa CD debut --Kitakita video (゜ ∀ ゜)
A music clip produced by Daisuke Kitagawa of the theater company 'Kamui Yassen', which is active in a small theater in Tokyo, along with the debut of 'CD' is now available on a Nico Nico Douga-like site. The comment function is actually available.

◆ TAICO CLUB | Information from Tyco Club.
The Tyco Club wants to go to other Fertivals to play! So, we decided to finish the activity with 'TAICO CLUB '12' to be held in June 2012.

◆ Phantom thief April All 'Regain the stolen blue dragon flame (dragon flare)!'
A Facebook- linked project to find jewels stolen by the phantom thief April All. One of the people who chose the correct answer will be given a real jewel by lottery.

◆ Miki Watanabe's serious clock for Android --Android app on Google Play
The android app 'Seriously Clock for Android' has been renamed to 'Mikiwa Tanabe's Serious Clock for Android' and has started updating today.

◆ 3D compatible browser is finally here!
You can make your WEB browser 3D just by installing the '3D trick browser' on your own PC and wearing special 3D glasses.

◆ Sapporo Clock Tower relocated and disappointed to return to famous places [April Fool's Day] | Hokkaido PucchiNet
In order to improve the image of the Sapporo Clock Tower, a plan to relocate the Sapporo Clock Tower has been raised.

◆ Touch Detective Masaru Cultivation Kit --Beeworks | SUCCESS
'Touch Detective Masaru Cultivation Kit' is born on 'Nameko Paradise ★ Nameko Official Website'. The delivery start date is Masaru Anniversary.

◆ Domino's Pizza, a home-delivery pizza, has opened a 'site where you can order just by looking at the screen'! !!
Domino's Pizza seems to have created the ultimate convenient pizza ordering site.

◆ Prince (laughs) series special site
The TOP of the special site of the drama CD that collects the princes of the fairy tale called the prince (laughs) series is not a prince but a feminine princess.

◆ April Fool's Day special project !! A special video that can only be seen today is being released !! Movie 'Investigator X' special feature × @nifty movie full-scale movie Jack!
Donnie Yen becomes JOJO and activates the stand to play Oraora.

◆ Breaking News: [Critical News !!] 'Breaking News' will be made into a game! The trial version is available for a limited time today!
2ch summary blog 'Ana breaking news' is a side-scrolling barrage? Shooting game 'Ana fast! 』Trial version is now available.

◆ Decoo | Average age 2.2 years old! Decoo New Age Development Division Recruitment Information
In order to constantly produce new content, it is necessary to have a 'young sensibility' that is ahead of the times, so Decoo seems to be focusing on recruiting human resources, mainly 0 to 6 years old.

◆ Street
Hatsune Miku is now available on Street, which updates fashion photos.

◆ Next-generation entertainment April Fool's Day to entertain you-Hangame
It seems that the most advanced handheld game machine in the world will be released from that Hangame.

◆ Lump of Sugar Official Web Site
This year, Gaku ★ To the King!

◆ Cafe Mai: lish Web
'Cafe Mai: lish' becomes 'Ancient Maid Cafe Mailish' ... It comes with a note saying '[DANGER!] Be careful of flying fire!' Please refrain from visiting the store with clothes made of flammable materials (straw and paper) as it is dangerous.

◆ Let's assemble full-scale parts to make a real MINI
For those ultimate MINI fans who can't be satisfied just by riding, the magazine 'Weekly MINI' with full-scale parts is on sale.

◆ Shining Web
The official website of the Shining Office of 'Uta no Prince-sama' has opened.

◆ (3) Kawagoe bot (shuzo_matsuoka) uses Twitter.
Shuzo Matsuoka bot changed to Kawagoe bot.

◆ Berg Hamburg Berg 2013 We have started hiring new graduates! --Berg Hamburg Berg Co., Ltd.
Berghamburg Berg's main business is 'human chair rental business'. We are involved in various other businesses.

◆ [Rakuten Ichiba] Planning / Events> April Fool's Day Planning: Click here for tropical flights Rakuten Ichiba Branch
You will receive burdock tea made by roasting the world's longest burdock with authentic Sakurajima lava by Hato Takkyubin.

◆ Q & A site 'I gave it up' that can be completed in 1 minute
This is a collaboration project page of 'Oketa' x Lawson, a Q & A site that can be solved in 1 minute.

◆ OCN 2012 Spring New Famous Place TOKYO Fukai Tree Entrance
As the number of floors goes up, so does Fukai LV.

◆ Panda insurance | Pet insurance 'PS insurance'
The world's first panda insurance is now available for home animal insurance.

◆ YUKI'S Kitchen | DIV! Video | DIV!
Yuki Satsuka, a popular young director, appears as a cook for a limited time. There seems to be a gift of chasing olive oil

◆ Monthly reading girl first issue | reading girl
The app 'Reading Girl Shiori-chan' that reads the selected book is finally launched as a monthly comic magazine in response to everyone's expectations.

◆ 'Naked Butler' official website is now 'Onigiri-ya Marda Kitchen'
The butlers hold the rice balls.

◆ MELA│Gourd Eros Lovers Organization 《Today is April Fool's Day !! [MELONBOOKS] Melonbooks Ho-Mupe-ji》
The homepage of Melon Books, a douujin shop, is on the 'Gourd Eros Lovers Organization'. It seems that he is pursuing an insatiable quest for eroticism.

◆ HYKE -The Animation-
An April Fool's Day story is being developed at the imported board game shop 'Drossel Myers Blog' that the new board game 'HYKE' based on haiku is animated.

◆ Skygate | Future LCC! Skygate finally succeeds in hatching an airplane --- Search and book overseas flights and cheap flights
On April 1, 2012, Skygate, an overseas low-cost airline ticket and overseas tour sales site, succeeded in artificial insemination and artificial insemination of airplanes for the first time in the world. 'We decided that it was indispensable to train our own airplanes in order to further reduce costs and increase the number of airplanes provided to our customers. Airplanes No. 1 and No. 2 have hatched, 'so the cute' Boeing 787 'and' Airbus A340 'about 10 cm in length were born.

◆ Aki Saito, I'm going to change from spring! / The strongest point site GetMoney!
You can vote for Aki Saito from tomorrow from Moe, graphic novel, young lady, and leopard.

◆ Shinobi Crowdsourcing 'writing'
A limited edition project where you can get '201204010000ap' for Shinobi crowdsourcing where you can post articles and get points is now available.

◆ Bistro Animeshi
The Thai government has acquired a site called Bistro Animeshi that reproduces and eats anime dishes, and the main language is Thai.

◆ The 1st FINAL FANTASY Petit Producer Letter (2012/04/01)
'Today, you are a producer. Introducing the first' FFXIV Petit Producer Letter 'to send you a message from the producers of FINAL FANTASY XIV! FF14 is also difficult to understand, but April Fool's Day.

◆ Rapid site for VPS. 14 years of VPS sales for business!
'Significant price increase for all services' on the rapid site of the rental server.

◆ Rackhub for joint development! Development platform for engineers who live lean and smart
Rackhub, a hosting for developers whose logo was originally similar to a cushion (it seems to be an image of a server rack), started selling cushions from today, and the logo is also a real cushion.

◆ Spiritual API << mixi Developer Center
'In the near future, as the frequency of earth waves rises, the entire world will be reborn as a higher-order entity, and humankind will be released from the physical world and will be transformed into the spiritual world. Use this API. By doing so, you can reborn your user profile in advance as you are, corresponding to such a spiritual world, or you can 'like' the protection of higher beings. ' The developer center of mixi is inclined to the spiritual direction.

◆ 'Military Board Tsunemi Problem & Good Less Recovery Organization' Revised 'Stealth Marketing Honpo'
A site that summarizes excerpts from '2channel' military board beginner threads has become the main office of Stema, and all 'stealth' around the world are on sale.

◆ CrowdWorks-Crowdsourcing service for engineers and creators
The engineer and designer crowdsourcing site 'Cloudworks' started crowdsourcing 'Crowdsourcing' of 'False' from April 1st.

'Let's release the system of the next-generation fighting game by OLL.Net P-ras MULTI (tentative name in the dark) made by S company at once!'

◆ 3rd generation Hiroburo
The popular article of the old Hiroburo is reproduced only on April 1st in the '3rd generation Hiroburo' created after the famous site 'Hiroburo' was closed.

◆ Suparu Tan Chu × Chu
Bishoujo game maker 'Unison Shift' has released a game that you can actually play, and it is really downloadable and can be started.

◆ Human Resources V2 | Record follower removes
'Mayuko Watanabe, the older sister of the Human Resources Department, decided to take her husband or Takahashi, her boss, to confirm her feelings. Mayuko Watanabe, 37 years old. Type O. A younger sister who is in charge of the human resources department at a certain company. After getting married, I'm still passing each other because I'm a double-income couple. I'm trying to tell my husband about everything next Friday in order to realize that I'm being drawn by my boss Takahashi at work and to confirm my heart. So, it changed to 'Married woman'.

◆ Miracle Train
The station on the Oedo line should have been anthropomorphized, but the new characters 'Shigenobu Waseda' and 'Sugamoshinden' have been released as anthropomorphic projects for the 'Toden-Arakawa line' station. I am older than the character.

◆ Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea-
Big news continues, such as the birth of Muska Post by Hayao Miyazaki, who is worried about young people leaving letters, Ghibli goods stores expanding into outlet stores, and Ghibli hitting the light novel industry.

◆ Argyle becomes the world's first company specializing in cherry blossom viewing. Steer the global blue tarpaulins ocean strategy. | Argyle Co., Ltd.
It started as a company specializing in 'supporting the use of Twitter by companies', but since the social media market is rapidly becoming a red ocean, it has become a 'specialized cherry blossom viewing place'. There is a special tool for cherry blossom viewing.

◆ Dal Riser Official Website | Local hero in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture!
There is a local hero 'Dar Riser' in Shirakawa City with a Dharma motif, but today it has been hijacked by the enemy character Dice (a character with a dice motif).

◆ Role Playing The Survival
A special site that looks like an experiment recruitment page for the TV anime 'BLOOD-C'. When you register your e-mail address, you will actually receive an e-mail, you will receive the address of the 'disappearing people' urban legend site, the site actually exists, and there is a time when the announcement of 'The Survival' will end. A girl wearing a sailor outfit called 'Mysterious Girl' whose urban legends overlap. Considering the timing, there may be some causal relationship between the two. '

◆ Bing
Search service Bing adds new features such as mirror search and underwater search

◆ R18 social game site 'Eroge TOWN' | Doujinshi Doujinshi Doujin software download shop | DLsite, a game download sales site, opens an 18-ban social game site

◆ Niko ☆ Udon # convert nicovideo to udon online
The original site name 'Niko ☆ Saundo' has been changed to 'Niko ☆ Sa' Udon '', and it is now on the Udon site. The word word has been replaced by udon noodles, and the site is flooded with udon noodles.

◆ It's like the official website of the hard-to-name anime 'Crawling! Nyaruko-san'
A bright love (craft) comedy work, but a terrifying atmosphere

◆ Secret of Mana Official Website
There are also decisions to make a movie and interviews with the director.

'GRANDIA' has been made into a long-awaited theatrical animation, and if you join the Adventurer's Association now, you will win an advance ticket with 'Fina's pants' as a privilege by lottery.

◆ Exclusive scoop! The production of the movie trilogy starring Yoko Hikasa has been decided! : Yoko Hikasa News for April 1st | Hikasa Yoko .info Voice Actor Yoko Hikasa Fan Site
After the break in 'K-ON!', Yoko Hikasa has made a leap forward with numerous anime appearances and the outbreak of her own story 'Hepero (・ ω [)'. Beyond that, it was decided to star in a live-action movie trilogy ...

◆ @EAA !! --FPS information and video site: [MW3] Breaking news: CoD: MW3 NES version will be released! Screenshot leaked
The latest work of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a Famicom version, but due to capacity issues, it does not become katakana and remains in hiragana

◆ Web Phantom Brave | Web Phantom Brave
Introducing a new preview called a joint project with Nippon Ichi Software.

◆ Limited release today! Training App [Hashilog 2] | Osaka Marathon 2012 Support Site
Equipped with a full range of functions that support running to Mars and support 3D-compatible popping moe characters

◆ Toy Story mail order banana flavor
Transformed into a Kamen Rider Fourze website instead of Toy Story.

◆ [STINGER] Red Bull to develop new drink for Malaysia next year >> F1 NEWS | News || STINGER / Sending F1 news from a unique perspective
Red Bull's new drink is 'Red Bull Cucumber', the color of the can is green

◆ Free online fantasy RPG 'Grand FANTASIA' -GRAND FANTASIA-
Click to activate the trap, but then there's more.

◆ Enthusiasm in the world! The long-awaited fantasy giant 'Mystic Stone' -Mystic Stone-
I thought it was an MMORPG 'Mystic Stone', but it was a cat fantasy 'Necotic Stone' around Nyanko.

◆ Golden Alegria | A new era of free browser games begins here! !!
A mysterious campaign is underway, saying 'Aim! 10,000 tweets in a day! Achievement will activate the golden Alegria special project!'

◆ Japan Twisted Fried Association, which promotes eating habits centered on twisted fried food
Doujin software production circle RebRank changed clothes to the Japan Twist Fried Association, which promotes twisted fried food. You can draw the gacha of the card game 'Hi-NERIAGE WAR' which is too delicious, but if you draw too much, the calories will be serious.

◆ Mikudano !!!
VOCALOID information site 'Hatsune Miku Miku' is now 'Mikudayo'.

◆ Moew Stats Open Commemorative Video-YouTube
Moew Stats opens as a sister site on the data analysis site MeowStats ...?

◆ Jaki ☆ Kisu!
A fictitious otome game promotion site. All the capture characters are Second Life avatars, and they actually exist. The shooting location of the event screen also exists in Second Life, so the point is that you can meet if you want to meet, and you can go if you want to go.

◆ Star Trek -USS Kyushu- [Star Trek General Site]
The familiar mobile game 'Star Trek Land' has started in the CM of Totto Reland ♪, and the total number of character cards will be 1701.

◆ GlobalSign for SSL server certificate (formerly Japan GeoTrust Co., Ltd.)
Mark, who had been said to be similar to a certain anime mascot, is finally pressing for a contract to become a magical girl.

◆ Web Koihime Musou | Web Koihime Musou | Official Website
Web Koihime Musou's official website, where the warlords who appear in Sangokushi are supposed to be beautiful girls, is occupied by Diaochan and Himiko, and it is terrible that it is 'full of onoko'.

◆ Ryusei ☆ Donukluk Resmi web sites i | Dice Creative Inc.
At the otome game site called Ryusei Halation, there is a character who speaks Turkish, so the site is also in Turkish, and the picture at the top of the site changes to a graffiti style.

◆ Hato Bus | April Fool's Day Announcement!
Hato Bus starts to build the world's best tower. There is a special observatory bath 780 meters above the ground, an observatory 700 meters above the ground, and there is no elevator due to lack of budget, and the idea is to go up by stairs or a car slope.

◆ Si-Nis-Kanto | TOP
The second Sinishikant is in the 'Maki Total Attack Game'. 'I'll tell you who is the true ruler of the barbarian ward.'

◆ 'Web-based potter's wheel girls'
'Why Web industry people are turning the air potter's wheel in interviews, Web industry people AVG approaching the truth', Air released on April 1st.

◆ Tenkagomen Samurai Girls
The top suddenly looks like the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls. The layout is almost the same as the official one.

◆ Animal Voice Series 01 Mimi Usano
EXIT TUNES is the first in the world to convert the rabbit's voice to VOCALOID, and there is a demo voice.

◆ World's smallest tablet PC --Japanese --Lenovo Blogs
'Today, Lenovo announced the world's smallest tablet PC. Please note that the heat of the CPU may cause crowding fever after taking it.'

◆ Renamed Red Bull Sugar Free to Red Bull Sato Free
In Japan, the name was changed to 'Sato (sugar) free' because it may be difficult to understand the meaning of 'sugar free' and pronounce it.

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