Collaboration foods that appeared in animation content expo such as "sprout party" and "forbidden coalesced jelly"

Join a row of goods sold, participate in the stage event, run around the event venue and get hungry. In the food court of Anime Content Expo 2012, 17 kinds of original menus which imagined various works appeared. From ramen and fried rice to a wide range of desserts such as jelly and Daifuku.

ANIME CONTENTS EXPO 2012 | Anime Content Expo 2012

I purchased items that were available at this time.

Already "Stealth's Gate" "Juicy from the first number!" Was sold out. In addition to this "Kuubebe drink" of "Magical girl Madoka ☆ Magica" has been sold out.

First of all it will be a problem if you are going to raise it from ramen. "Is this a zombie?", "Tomonori's vs. Megalo Ramen"(600 yen).

There are 4 sheets of attachment stickers

It is Tonkotsu ramen which came out also in the work

Instrument was made with special handle

From 'Ringu Pengudrum' to 'Survival strategy Takoyaki Sukiyan"(400 yen)

Takoyaki is 6 inch in size.

Octopus, seasoning is rather dense.

"Strike Witches Theatrical Version" to "Summer miso soup reform"(400 yen)

The main character Yoshika Miyafu is a good cook, but Yotsuka's accompanying Hattori Summer is not so good at cooking, the ingredients are huge.

Carrots, radishes, lotus roots, green onions are included.

From "Hidamari Sketch" to "Frozen fried rice"(700 yen)

Lightly fried rice with cherry shrimp with plum flavor

From "Aquarion Evol" to "Forbidden coalesced jelly"(350 yen)

Three color jelly fulfills forbidden coalescence

Since it is a jelly, if it mixes firmly and dirty for complete coalescence ... ...

To my surprise ... ....

From "idol master" to "Takatsuki Yoyoi's bean sprout party"(300 yen)

Yayoi 's house is poor so it is a thorough bean sprout dish not containing any meat etc.

From "Dohin × I SS" to "Coffee jelly cooked in butterfly butterfly"(400 yen)

It is extraordinary to eat it as a twin felt feeling thought that it is a coffee that the butterflies brewed.

From "Hakuoki" to "Porridge with specially made Daikon Oroshi"(500 yen)

A radish and a rice cake are on the rice porridge

As a food cord is thinness of exceptional taste, it is really porridge. There is no compromise, but I wanted a garnish with a strong taste or something.

Doctor pepper with original coaster(250 yen)

Speaking of "Steins Gate" is a doctor pepper. There is nothing unusual in itself, but the original Makise Red Lisu coaster comes with it.

"ACE Official Curry"(700 yen)

A little dry curry with richness. Because I sell "Black ★ Rock Curry" to the ACE while I am opening a shop, it may be interesting to try eating curry and compare it.

From "Fate / Zero" to "Okonomiyaki favorite rider"(700 yen)

Product that imaged "Okonomiyaki · Jongjyu" that appears only in the riders' lines in the original. There is a satisfactory eating response, and if it is a rider it seems to eat whole.

From 'fake story' to 'Goodwill"(400 yen). I had black sesame and chocolate, but purchased only black sesame without noticing. I can not regret it.

The contents are small French toast. Black sesame sauce is on.

Perhaps it was good to have more milk.

"Strike Witches Theatrical Version" to "Let's eat together! Carl Slant specialty potato fly"(400 yen)

I have a strong taste and I want beer.

"Humanity has declinedFrom "Secret chicken sandwich"(600 yen)

It is a chicken sand which has a considerable eating response, but I wanted the package to be replaced if possible.

From "I am waiting in that summer" to "Ichika's sandwich"(600 yen)

It reproduces the Nozawa vegetable sand which the heroine 's Ichika made in the work.

And, as I was being told in the work, I surprised it. It is also quite compatible with tuna.

"Listen to what Papa says!" From "Hanamura confectionery strawberry Daifuku"(350 yen). Hanamura confectionery went by Yuta of the hero as a splendid byte. The men were making heartbreaks of strawberry Daifuku, but as a setting it is said that "animals are making", animals are drawn in the package.

On the side are three sisters of little birds.

Strawberry Daifuku in medium size

I can feel plenty of the sweetness and sourness of strawberries with a little bit of strawberries.

The food court was made quite wide and it seemed to be able to shop easily at the opening, but in fact it was also waiting for up to 120 minutes ... ....

All menus look like this. As expected it is hard for everyone to take over, so please be careful.

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