Site summary 2013 version piggybacking on April Fool's Day

By mera

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Once a year, various companies, organizations, and individuals publish the material that they have prepared for this day on the Internet for a limited time of 24 hours from 0:00 to 24:00 on April 1, and what is the lie? April Fool's Day has begun again this year, a chaotic day when you don't know what's really going on!

That's why GIGAZINE takes advantage of April Fool's Day and keeps updating and summarizing various sites in real time 24 hours a day. So, if you update the article from time to time, sites that should not have been there will be added to the end of the article one after another. Also, every time I update to some extent, I will tweet on Twitter's GIGAZINE official account.

In addition, when you discover that 'I'm doing April Fool's Day here too!' On a site that is not posted, or if you want to make a self-recommended contact saying 'I'm also doing April Fool 's Day!' It's OK if you send it. Even if I go to see the site, I can not judge it because 'Which is the story of April Fool's Day ...?' Or 'It seems that something has changed from before, but I do not know the state of the original site, so what is the difference? There are many cases of 'I don't know ...' every year, so as much as possible, a detailed explanation of 'This is April Fool's Day!', Points to see, and here are interesting! Because it will be very easy to post if you write it together with the URL / address contact, so please cooperate! (Pekorin)

So, the summary list that is forced to walk the tightrope every time because the update will be in time by the end of April Fool's Day is from the following!

◆ When will you go to 2D? Right now!
Web applause service and web applause Co., Ltd., which operates 'Illustration + Tweet SNS' 'Spival', have started a service that enables migration to two dimensions, and young people who say 'lovers do not come out of the screen' There is even a free Android app that seems to solve your worries. The qualifications are 'people who own an Android device', 'healthy people over 16 years old', and 'people whose loved ones never come out of the screen'.

◆ Kodansha e-book: Densho info │ Kodansha
With Apple's full-scale entry into the Japanese e-book service following Amazon, the e-book market will change significantly, so a completely new e-book terminal so that Kodansha's works can be read anytime, anywhere in the water. 'IKA' is an organic housing type e-book reader that uses squid that has been successfully developed and has evolved through reverse and ecological imitation.

Aim for Japanese sweets like iroha. Japanese sweets are newer. −kurataya−
'Kuradaya', a Japanese sweets shop that has been in Nakanobu for 55 years, has started selling Japanese sweets inspired by the female version of TENGA 'iroha'.

◆ Momo and Blue Gachamuku are a real trade! ??

So-net official Facebook page

UQ WiMAX official Facebook page

◆ Muscle Talk | If you are a provider, GMO Tokutoku BB
Released 'Muscle Talk', a free messenger muscle app that allows you to connect with 'tough men' of Internet connection provider GMO Tokutoku BB. There is also a nightmare game called 'Muscle POP!' At the bottom of the page.

◆ New sense communication 'SiLKY' by goo
Since it is a complete tin can phone, calls and stamps are completely free, and up to 30 people can make simultaneous calls.

◆ Homo messing around
When you start it now, Homoo, who loves BL, graduates from Fujoshi and begins to mutter 'BL, I don't like it anymore'.

Homoo messing around for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store

┌ (┌ ^ o ^) ┐ Homo messing around --Google Play Android app

◆ Q & A site OKWave that answers questions and questions about Jalan
The CM character 'Nyaran (master)' of the monthly magazine 'Jalan' begins to teach 'Deshi (disciple)' the secret of travel. 'Ask a question!', 'Answer!', 'Thank you!' And 'OKWave' are all in Jalan.

◆ A Certain Scientific Railgun Data Center
Sakura Internet has renewed the data center opened in Ishikari City, Hokkaido with the cooperation of the ability of 'To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S', and the data center 'To' that utilizes the ability of the ability as a facility. Reborn as 'A Certain Scientific Railgun Data Center', the PR character 'Sakura Haai' became the director of the data center.

◆ Roote --Easy search for transfer information, timetables, and operation information
When you access the top page, a mysterious dialog appears, and there is a strange link in the lower right, and there is a terrifying movie. When you search the route, the ingredients of chilled Chinese are gathered.

◆ Back to the Future Part4
'Back to the Future Part 4' on Geneon Universal's official Facebook page.

◆ Simeji NEXT
By using the weak current generated by the fibrous mycelial tissue inside Shimeji, the performance of the Japanese input application 'Simeji' for Android is directly ported to 'Simeji', achieving high predictive conversion accuracy and input efficiency of 'Simeji'. By using shimeji spores, the space around shimeji can be used as a display area and used for input and output of conversion words, allowing you to enjoy the elasticity of shimeji when converting to Japanese.

◆ 'April Lab' & 'April Adoption' that do not waste lies | KAYAC, an interesting corporation
With the concept of 'do not waste everyone's lies', this year's kayak April Fool's Day will not waste everyone's lies, because each individual and company will not waste the sweat they shed to think about lies, and the dreams and hopes they put into lies. Support, this year we are going to realize it seriously without lying. It is said that the kayak will actually make the lie announced by each company / organization as an April Fool's Day project and realize it on the same day. In addition, 'April adoption', which allows career fraud only on April 1, has started.

◆ amidroid 7 Revolutionary next-generation smartphone! !!
Aomori's regional SNS Ames announces 'amidroid 7' equipped with a beautiful 7-inch squid display and a battery that can be stored for a long time. Peace of mind in pelagic fisheries With up to 32GB of storage and additional options for mobile data, IKA Play makes your favorite squid app portable anywhere. When you go to the bottom of the page, it feels infinitely cool.

◆ g-oops Co., Ltd. starts pre-registration of the first content 'Roppongi Quest' | g-oops Co., Ltd.
Gloops Co., Ltd., which develops and operates social games, established g-oops Co., Ltd., six months after the acquisition of Nexon, and launched 'Roppongi Quest' as the first content in April today. Pre-registration starts from the 1st.

2013/04/01 0:35
In just 30 minutes, the April Fool's Day story was overwhelmed and it was great.

◆ zzzPhoneBed
With the idea that 'I don't need a mobile life. Toward an era in which future smartphones will not work,' au (KDDI) has introduced a smartphone that realizes the best sleep.

Functional ants that can sleep together with 2D

Semi-double size as long as you have a truck, but you can carry it anywhere anytime

◆ Hatena Space
Hatena Space Supports Space 'Let's log in to Hatena Space and speak in space language!'

◆ Notice of the end of Mery release | Haijin Boys Online
The free text editor 'Mery' has been released today, and it has become 'Hitsuji-san Editor' in order to pursue fun that is commensurate with the development cost. Abolished the text file editing function, equipped with a function to take care of sheep instead, supports hairing function by regular expression, feeding function by macro, ranch switching by tab, etc., brushing by introducing a plug-in Is also possible.

◆ ARCADIA × SUBARU LIBIRD | Super fast deformation gyrosetter | SQUARE ENIX
Super-fast transformation gyrosetter x SUBARU, the main character Liverd is decided to be a real car by collaboration of dreams

◆ Modern style is now available at the murderous window company!
' [Thorough verification] Is it possible to create an operation virus without knowing' C Sharp '? ' And ' A reprinted map app that reprints' Pachinko Gundam Station 'has appeared .'

◆ G points for point exchange | You can exchange points accumulated through online shopping for miles and electronic money.
'G points', which allow you to exchange the accumulated points for Amazon gift certificates, etc., now support 41 types of exchange, which is strange from around the 21st.

◆ Hirotada Ototake's official Twitter account
Probably not possible except him. The number of RTs is also odd.

◆ Dull riser official website
The local hero 'Dar Riser' in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, whose motif is Daruma, is really Dharma.

◆ 'My girlfriend is too deredere' official website
The official website of the TV anime 'My girlfriend and my childhood friend is too shambles' is now on the official website of the gal game that appeared in the work.

◆ Toru Hashimoto's official Twitter account
'Thank you to all my followers for working with me on my psychiatric annoyance Twitter. I will end Twitter today.'

◆ Google Maps-Map Search
Google Maps becomes a treasure map. 'Let's look for landmarks on a 2D hand-drawn map,' 'Let's find hidden treasure chests,' and 'Watch out for pirates!'

The Street View team discovered a treasure map of the pirate William Kidd. A 'treasure hunt' layer has appeared on Google Maps to help everyone search for treasure.

Explore Treasure Mode with Google Maps-YouTube

◆ Tokyo Panya | Sukatto Golf Panya
It's supposed to be an online golf game, but for some reason it's on a tourist information site.

◆ Hitsumabushi crushing !? Hitsumabushi function is now available in the 'Topic Nau' app! --Yahoo! JAPAN
The page of Yahoo's app 'Topic Nau' has been changed to the one with the 'Hitsumabushi' function and 'Hitsumabushi' of the app. Yahoo! According to a person inside, 'This is a new function added in January this year, based on the opinion that the' Hitsumabushi 'function is too easy to miss the' Hitsumabushi ', then make it a' Hitsumabushi 'function. We came up with the solution to provide it. Please experience the 'Hitsumabushi' information that is actually displayed in the app. ' What a mess.

◆ Black beer using the world's finest coffee 'Black Ivory' made by elephant droppings [Yeah, this black] Limited release | Original craft beer shop [Sankt Gallen]
One-day limited real sale of beer like the joke of Sankt Gallen, which manufactures local beer in Kanagawa Prefecture

◆ Eliminate emotions and improve work efficiency Introducing Pepabo and face whitening system!
'By painting the face white with paint, barium, rice cakes, etc., we wipe out worthless events such as unity among students, hot friendships, drinking nuances that only compliment each other, and cheap romance. , We will realize an environment where all employees can concentrate on their work without being distracted by emotions. ' You can get it.

◆ Granzella News Network, Inc. (abbreviated as GNN)
A game company created by former Irem staff has turned into a CNN-like news site. Really updating.

◆||| Vocal Nyanko Lloyd Manne Min Introduction Page |||
Omnivore vocalist + creator Rekka Katakiri's official website releases Vocaloid-style sound source 'Manne Min'

◆ Next-generation arbiter support service 'Byte koi Robo ♥ Kyou-chan' | Full of job information for part-time jobs! An
Job information site 'an' announces next-generation arbiter support service that allows you to experience love while experiencing a part-time job, 5 types of hairstyles, eyeglass options, and knee socks in pants can be set in millimeters, etc. So it's flying in a completely different direction.

◆ The back of the leaflet

'Chiyu 12 years old' became 'the back of the leaflet', and 'That's why this is my free book. Wow.'

For example, like this

Or like this, I'm 12 years old

◆ 'Bombs were set up at the Niconico headquarters' Bomb demons announced the crime with a video | Niconico News
I set up a bomb at your favorite Nico Nico headquarters. If there is a strange person who wants to prevent the explosion of the Nico Nico headquarters, please try to solve the riddle that will be released from now on. (The mysterious code is displayed on the screen.) Then, please do your best at best. ' In addition to this, Nico Nico is scheduled to be updated 24 hours a day today, and last year I mistakenly published the material in the April Fool's Day summary article, so the people in Nico Nico are in the editorial department in the middle of the night. It's a good memory now that I called to and made a fuss, Uhufu.

◆ Magical Girl Warrior Cosette Tan --Valkyria Chronicles on the Battlefield --Hangame
'Battlefield Valkyria DUEL' in Hangame is like Sailor Moon. 'The boss looks like Sailor Moon during the game,' he said.

◆ Alicesoft official website
'Please do not enter because it is a holiday today', so even if you are over 18 years old, you can not browse.

If you manage to find the URL and go inside, you can see the site that is in complete good night mode.

◆ (* Be careful as it makes a sound) 'Hero * Senki' character page
'Because the characters were packed tightly, it seems that the humidity had accumulated and it was a hotbed for fungi, ' so it was covered with something I had seen somewhere. Some are clickable and some are not the ones you often see.

◆ Two major spin-offs of Taimanin Asagi | Special fake site
Because it's a big spin-off of the Taimanin series 2, you can see characters that you've seen somewhere, but that's because of your concern.

◆ March will be extended --Hatena Blog Development Blog
'While I was busy at the end of the year, I received many requests that' Don't end March ', so I decided to extend March on the Hatena Blog. I can write an article on March 32 today. '

◆ Lie Character Club: The guy who wrote the truth is banished! !!
The Flipnote Club, which uses copyright-free characters born from moving notepads, has been hijacked into the 'Lie Character Club'.

◆ Prope Co., Ltd. official website
'Recruitment gacha is an epoch-making hiring method that guarantees treatment in three points,' job type, '' annual income, 'and' selection, 'according to the content of the hiring method.' If you go to the bottom of the page, you can turn the gacha properly.

◆ Gachimuchi! Muki Cure! Start training this spring! !!
Everything feels like that. There is even a wallpaper so you can keep in touch with them for a long time.

◆ mixi offers “like!” For 47 prefectures for a limited time of 24 hours «mixi, Inc.
'Like!' Corresponding to 47 prefectures is now available for 24 hours only. In fact, the like button is randomly dialectized (?), And the menu display of 'mixi' will be supported in 47 prefectures.

◆ Mule Q
It was reborn as 'Lover Q, a news site for two people in love'.

◆ 'Theatrical version Magical Flowers Only one flower in the world' official website
The official website of the TV anime 'Servant x Service' scheduled to start broadcasting in July 2013 is now on the official website of the movie version of 'Magical Flowers'. The movie was made properly, and I made A-1 Pictures. It looks like it and the quality is too high.

◆ Silent Hill Prefecture Official Homepage Welcome to the sealed city
The official website of the movie 'Silent Hill: Liberation 3D' should be on the official website of Silent Hill Prefecture.

It is being hijacked by ' You guys are bad no matter how I think I'm not popular! ', Which has also been decided to be animated. Depending on your choice, you can move to 'New sensation WEB magazine for people who are not popular' Gangan MOTENINE 'launch !!!!!!!!!!!'.

◆ Movie 'Jackie Cogan' Official Site
The leading actor has changed from Brad Pitt to Jackie Chan.

◆ TYPE-MOON Official Web Site --Satsuki Back Alley [Heroine Zodiac Edition]
A visual novel based on the back alley alliance that can actually be played is being released by saying 'For all heroines who do not have a turn ...!'

◆ OVERDRIVE official site
High-priced items and representative bamboo chastity are sold on the official online shopping site (sold out). There is also a pre-sale of Aine bath posters, 'Why I became an angel'.

◆ Seriously! -ZipperSoft-
'The image thread summary site' zip de yaruo (^ ω ^) 'has become a game production (individual) circle' Zippersoft 'from April 1, 2013.' There are some, and the game itself, which is about 2GB, is being distributed for free (with patches), and you can really buy a vocal album.

◆ Shakado's Pure Love Road
The game of the popular character 'Shakado Penal Department' from the TV anime 'Seriously fall in love with me !!' is finally here! With that said, PC games for all ages can now be downloaded for free from 'Minato Soft'. What happened, the new character CV is Kana Hanazawa.

◆ Nendoroid Sakura Mikudayo
On the Good Smile Company's Mikatan blog, I went to see the cherry blossoms with 'Spring in full bloom!' Nendoroid Sakura Mikudayo '! With that said, the momentum is likely to be released as a new product as it is.

◆ Android 7.0 is 'Mitarashi Dango'? Key Lime Pie's next is leaked │ Android breaking news
'We got it from a trusted source that Google will use' Mitarashi Dango 'in the name of the next Android version of'Key Lime Pie'(this source previously provided information on key lime pie). It is said that'Mitarashi Dango'was confirmed on Google's Android developer system April. Although it has disappeared now, this is the code name of the next version because it is alphabetical order and sweets, which is the rule of the name so far. It's very likely that we haven't officially announced Key Lime Pie, after all, but maybe this version will be announced sooner than we imagined. Key Lime Pie It is said that the code name starting with 'L', which is next to 'L', was not confirmed. '

◆ A site where the wonders of life are harassing | web R25
Recruit's 'R25' has been renamed to 'web R2525 [Web Earl Nico Nico]', and Nico Nico TV will be transferred as a new mascot character.

◆ April All Preparatory School opened, Yu Shiodome who is serious only on April 1st. Let's stop lying that hurt people! So when are you going to do it?・ ・ Now!
I don't understand the site of ITOL Co., Ltd.

◆ Finally appeared! Domino's Pizza Cans Canned freshly baked pizza. It's delicious as soon as you open it! | Domino's Pizza for home delivery pizza
'This is the first product that has been developed over such a long period of time. It took about 20 years to complete it as soon as it was opened! A perfect canned pizza that looks like freshly baked pizza.' Canned pizza is newly released from Domino's Pizza, and 'Domino's Retort Pizza' will be released soon, so it may be a little nice to read to the end.

◆ The maiden's way of approaching the moon A splendid day of Mr. Kinen
There is a YouTube movie scheduled to be updated multiple times on the Navel official website other than 0 o'clock.

◆ Daily report: Pikachu transforms! ?? 'Pokemon x Transformers' collaboration series has started! Others-Super Prejudice Super Deformation
The collaboration series of 'Pokemon' and 'Transformers' has started, and Pikachu has become a character that transforms from the mouse that appeared in Beast Wars. In addition, Amazon has started 'Amazon Optimus Prime' instead of 'Amazon Prime'.

◆ -forcebook- For movies,
If you read it without skipping the beginning, it looks like Star Wars, but the Japanese subtitles are 'A series of Jedi falling into the dark side of the net. Master Yoda heavyly said that one day Luke Skywalker's blog was on fire. After seeing, I decided to hire an IT consultant from Corsant to improve the formation ability of the Jedi and others, and decided to launch a new SNS service ... Forcebook. '

◆ Sanuki Udon Udon noodles | Give everyone a delicious surprise.
By saying 'The topic of the giant squid, finally tempura', he said that he developed the 'whole AGTT (freshly fried) manufacturing method' using a special tempura pot of 18 meters in size, price of 87,000 yen, 25 m and a crane car of 80 m. .. Great visual impact.

◆ 4/1 Elementary school girls will appear in the Moekko Free Ticket! | Engan Bus Co., Ltd.
'Thank you for always using the coastal bus. This time, the new character' Shirahama Hibari 'of the wide area tour ticket' Superb view area Moekko free ticket 'will join the group,' and finally elementary school A 7-year-old girl was appointed as a second-year student. 'This term, we will add elementary school students from Sukumizu as a character that surpasses junior high school students from Sukumizu, and we will continue to make a leap forward. Thank you for your patronage. '

◆ New year start! A total of 48 types with the addition of local flavors from 47 prefectures nationwide! ARB48 (April Red Bull 48) is here!
'We will announce a total of 48 bottles of local Red Bull made from local specialties of each of the 47 prefectures and Austrian-born original Red Bull energy drinks as a new product lineup' ARB48 '.' All types are posted with a word reminiscent of that.

◆ My daughter who is not good enough (official site)
I stopped being a 'daughter who can't sprout' and became a 'daughter who can't sprout'. Everything is wrong.

◆ New music streaming service 'i to Tunes' | dwango mobile
A music streaming distribution service by tin can telephone from Dwango has appeared, and there is an application button at the bottom.

◆ Bing
The background image of Microsoft's search site 'Bing' always has various beautiful landscapes, and it would be nice to use it as wallpaper, but today is the Moai statue on Easter Island. It will move if you look at it for a while. Also, the trivia that appears when you click the mouse is unclear.

◆ Metsuo --Intermezzo Square Enix & Gadget News
In normal times, we introduce news of games centered on Square Enix and news of gadget products, but for some reason, ' Measures to increase the number of parties to set up save points at Shibuya Station in Tokyo ' ' Russian Meteorite, Shinra Company' Is it a new life discovery?

◆ Movic Portal TOP-Comprehensive entertainment company for anime game characters
It seems that the anime goods Movic has been hijacked by the glasses organization. Released 'Mega-Pai Mouse Pad', 'Glasses Dakimakura Cover', 'Invisibility Glasses', 'BLCD Secrets After Time ...'.

◆ The largest ONE PIECE official goods shop in history ONE PIECE Straw Hat Store
ONE PIECE's 'Straw Hat Store' becomes 'Kamabakka Store'.

◆ Enoshima Games Co., Ltd. (former: Shift) -When to ride the waves? Right now! ~
A game development company famous for Xi [sai] and GOD EATER became Enoshima Games, and the official website became a ridiculous design like the Aiseikai Hospital, which was a hot topic in the past.

◆ Movie Information-Yahoo! Movies
If you look at the upper left of the site, there is popcorn, so click

Popcorn piles up more and more, and if you leave it as it is, you can go further

◆ Ragnarok Online Cinderella Girls
It feels like the official is really doing it, and the quality is not strange even if it is a story.

◆ Town BBS
All boards rushed to 3/32.

◆ 'My server shop has such a sickness, but I can't want to shuffle.'
The server shop that has been operating for 11 years is serious, it can actually be played, and it makes me cry in a different sense.

It looks like this and talks properly

◆ PlayStation Official Site
The top page is like a newspaper, and although there is a special feature on game software rankings that cats choose!

◆ [MelonBooks] Gourd High School for Adults-A prep school with a solid track record for gentlemen-
The official website of Melon Books says, 'Physical strength that can withstand the waves of people, the sense of smell that sniffs out the books you want, the hearing that distinguishes the guidance, and a solid track record in training warriors.' ..

◆ I found the will of Steve Jobs! ?? | INTERLINK
When you click the button at the bottom of the page, 'Mr. Jobs's will hidden in the iPad, an intern found during application development?'

◆ TV anime 'Senyu.' Official website
The original paid WEB manga is being released for free only today ... It's really being released for free only today with a lie pretending to be a lie.

◆ Hirakata wasn't read as 'Hirakata', and my body and soul were devastated, so I'm already 'Maikata Tsushin'-Hirakata Tsushin
That's why it became 'Maikata Tsushin', and 'What is it,' Boshihiko-kun 'who was so unpleasant in the Hiratsu era was turned into' Maikata 'by the craftsmanship and misunderstood. It seems that my broken heart has recovered by saying, 'It has become beautiful.' It was good.

◆ Lucent Heart | Lucent Heart
By saying 'Lucent pigeon', it has become an online RPG where you can meet the fateful pigeon. It is a game to become a tsugai, raise chicks and restore peace to the world. Good luck.

◆ make booth
When I access it, an old Windows-like error message comes out, and when I click it, it becomes even more difficult.

◆ Honeycomb vintage OFFICIAL PAGE
'Clover Heart's 2 1/2 Dear my precious' page has been added to 'Honeycomb vintage'.

For some reason, the upper left of the search results is always a bug.

◆ Otokonoko Clock | Core Tech Co., Ltd.
Shibuya's WEB production company Core Tech has released 'Otokonoko Clock', a collection of cute boys. It changes every minute properly.

◆ It's like the official site of the hard-to-name anime 'Wife is Nyarlathotep'
'Something like the official site of the hard-to-name anime' Crawling! Nyaruko-san W '' The official site has changed to something different.

◆ Chin Tiger Yuru-chara
Follow the day of the live-action version of the official CHINTAI character.

◆ Fantasy Earth Zero Official Website-Large-scale war MMORPG that you can play for free
Fantasy Earth Zero becomes a board game. The making movie is also ant.

◆ Pimp Plus | TOP
Released the first game app for Shisa by saying 'He and your heartful game app' Himoplus ''.

◆ @nifty: Daily Portal Z: Daily Portal Z will be renamed ・ New site name recruitment
If you post on Twitter with the hashtag '#Daily Portal Z New Site Name', the staff will change it from time to time manually, and there are plenty of other April Fool's Day stories.

◆ Moewizu Amission Z
To 'Moewizu Amission Z' that the artist's Aprils site has seen somewhere.

◆ Movie 'I'm not serious yet' official site released on June 15, 2013!
Starring from Shinichi Tsutsumi to Yoshikazu Ebisu. And Yoshikazu Ebisu's serious clock start, the Android application has been forcibly updated from today, and all the photos are taken for today.

◆ Hamidase BL Hayashi Official Website
A major announcement from Komi Komi Studio, a boy's love specialty sales site, something reminiscent of some famous game has appeared, and you can order what you actually have with the product.

◆ Breaking news of my own game @âge [April Fool's Day 2013]
Aju's April stupid page, full of dangerous homage stories for anime and games, with extremely dangerous content in every sense.

◆ Google Nose BETA
'Google NoseBETA leverages new and traditional technologies to provide the sharpest olfactory experience.' 'Street Sense cars breathe and index hundreds of miles of atmosphere.' 'Android Ambient Odor.' Detection collects odors with the world's most sensitive mobile operating system. ' This is a site that appears when you search for 'April Fool's Day' on Google.

The official website of 'Uta no Prince-sama' has become something like 'PRIQLO JAPAN'.

◆ Summary of Marriage Spots with Fateful Encounters | PinQA
Normally, it was supposed to be a 'outing magazine that summarizes spot information' service, but as a place to meet people destined to be punched out of the heart, we will support married women from April 1st! Marriage activity spot summary site. 'Summary of spots where you can meet beast-type boys who are likely to be eaten by a man even with Moffmoff' 'Summary of spots where you can meet (maybe) handsome Utchi' 'Summary of libraries where you want to have a delusional date with a handsome literary master' 'Can you work 24 hours in a suit?' There is a building summary where you can meet men who fight, and a ramen shop where you can meet ramen that is too cool.

◆ Pres Release !!: False Press Release Maker (pdf)
You can create a 'it-like' press release just by entering a word, and it's a PDF file, so it's like that.

◆ 'When will you have a wedding? Now!' --GourNavi Wedding
A new service that looks like a Gurunavi wedding and is too impatient and too urgent.

◆ Key Official Home Page
Little Busters! / Kud Wafter's piano arrangement sheet music sales announcement, it seems that you can enjoy it on the iPad, and the release on April 26 is serious, but the site design and phrases are a certain famous company no matter where you look.

◆ Yakiniku EX-ONE Official Website
The official website of the PC game brand 'EX-ONE' has become a site like a yakiniku chain store, and it recommends various things as you like.

◆ minori official web site
'Tenryo Milk X Summer Sky Perseus | Collaboration CM [Theatrical release ver.] Released!' In collaboration with Tenryo Village 'Tenryo Milk', which has a reputation for 'big breasts', 'My favorite boy I can't stand even if I hear that my senior with big breasts is crazy about it. ' There is really a YouTube movie, and various wallpapers can be downloaded.

◆ April Fool's Day Special Sale Illusion Glass
From ILLUSION, the world's first adult wearable computer 'Illusion Glass' and the dedicated software 'Premium Play Glass' will be released worldwide at the same time, and there are endless possibilities in every sense.

◆ Twink ★ Flight
As a Unison Shift April Fool's Day project, you can really download and play it.

◆ Ahei Co., Ltd.-Jitome Converter 'Next Fuji'
Two-dimensional jito-eye conversion software, just by hovering the mouse over the image, it becomes a jito-eye, and even a function that makes the character complain with the jito-eye remains. Not good in every sense.

◆ All the thousand faces gather here. 'Hundun -Thousand Confusion Wars-'
It runs on the simulation RPG, Nitro 3DREAMSTATION, released on Wednesday, August 20, 1890, and everything is mixed and messed up, but it seems likely.

◆ Google Japanese input patter version
On the top page of Google, there is a link that says 'New! Input Japanese as you want. Try it now'. Click it to start the guidance for new Japanese input.

You can actually operate it, but if you click 'How to use', you will find that it is an input method that seems to be dizzy without exception, and you can really experience it.

It is said that a bad guy has been mixed in the Niconico channel, and a metamorphosis mask appears for the sake of punishment.

When 6 bad guys are found, ecstasy will be activated and you will move to the metamorphosis Kamen Bromaga. If you can't find it, you can also use 'Forced Ecstasy'.

◆ Established April 1st, Inc.! Looking for employees!
'CLAMP', a group of manga artists who have released manga works such as 'Magic Knight Rayearth' and 'Cardcaptor Sakura', has established ' April 1st Co., Ltd.' where their characters work, and is looking for employees. Click 'President's Message' or 'Application Guidelines' to get today's limited wallpaper.

Nya? Nya! !! Nyan Nya? The Windows 8 app review site 'MADO-APP!' Has become a cat review site 'Mado Nyapu!', And the site is almost in cat language!

◆ Fate / Zero Cafe
Assassins have occupied the cafe because of 'Assassin's counterattack'

Looking at the graffiti corner, it is decided to make the movie version. The leading role is Assassin, and all the staff are Assassin. As expected it is a big family.

[April Fool's Day] Assassin's Counterattack-YouTube

◆ It's April Fool's Day, and I'm surprised to check in in a country full of rear
Introducing a Facebook app for PCs and smartphones that makes it easy to check in to celebrity countries, fashionable cities, and mysterious areas that everyone wants to visit at least once. You can tag your friends and check in with them, and you can also add comments, so you can create a realistic feeling. This person seems to be in Rome.

◆ Gizmodo Japan
There is something I have never seen in the header part of Gizmodo, so when I click it ...

It became full screen display, and the news list was displayed in the upper right.

He said that he started a site that fully supports Google Glass.

◆ Taito Co., Ltd. | Official Page | Taito Station Big Store | Game Center
A new arcade store, 'Much Big Store,' has opened, and it is unclear how many game consoles there are in the 16-story basement and 128-story building that says 'it's too big to fit in the camera,' and there are too many crew members. It's about pulling. The nearest station is Higashi-Shinjuku station, but now it's Taito station because we got the naming rights.

The installed 'Darius Burst Another Chronicle 48' has a total length of 32 m and a screen ratio of 384: 9, which allows 48 people to play at the same time. Can the player sitting on the far left see the enemy on the far right?

The speedy music game 'GROOVE COASTER' has finally become the fastest music game in the world. ...... How do you play?

In addition, a new song 'Kaidan' Car Navi '' will be distributed on April 1st. The storyteller is COSIO .

GROOVE COASTER ZERO Kaidan 'Car Navi' [Spooky Story: 'Car GPS'] --YouTube

◆ Gorimon days | Revolutionary Japanese food culture! Whale farming begins
The Asahi Shimbun, which is published only once a year, reports 'Practical use of whale farming' in a flash report. According to this, whales of the type 'Osaka Beni Whale ' that lived from the South Sea to Osaka Bay and were found to be able to live in fresh water will be raised in rivers that flow through Osaka, such as the Yodo River and Dotonbori River. The rivers in Osaka seem to be suitable for aquaculture because whales are easy to migrate.

◆ Megami Engage! Official Website-Welcome! A boy has finally been summoned to the man's garden! ??
Boys can also be summoned in 'Mega Miengage! ', Where the heroines of the beautiful girl game are gathered and fought.

◆ Shocker with Cybozu Office on | Cybozu, Inc.
The problem with the secret society Shocker is that the bosses and combatants who have built a relationship of trust are overthrown by Kamen Rider and the members are replaced. Therefore, in order to regain teamwork and achieve the ambition of world domination, we decided to introduce Cybozu groupware.

Thanks to Cybozu's groupware, an atmosphere has been created to make up for the shortages and deficiencies of each other, and now the entire Japanese branch has established a system to achieve ambitions as a team, said Shocker Fighter A. At this rate, it seems that Shocker's world domination will be achieved.

◆ [Job offer] Monthly salary of 1.2 million yen! Recruitment of successors to the legendary craftsman 'Fundoshi Tightening Master'! --JAPAN FUNDOSHI ASSOCIATION
The Japan Fundoshi Association is currently looking for a successor to the legendary craftsman 'Fundoshi Tightening Master' who has only three people in Japan for a monthly salary of 1.2 million yen. A loincloth tightener is a craftsman who does not know how to tighten a loincloth, or when it is troublesome to tighten a loincloth by himself, he tightens the loincloth at an unstoppable speed.

◆ [Interview feature] 'Selling online advertising company' of online advertising consulting, head office relocated to Hawaii-every morning jp
Every morning, jp interviews a 'selling online advertising company' that has moved its headquarters to Hawaii.

This is the head office after the move

President Koichi Kato responding to an interview with industry terminology

Mr. Kametani, the general manager of the consulting division, was a sea turtle.

◆ Ugo Chara Diary
There are usually three cute Ugo characters, but today I was hijacked by a 'Lie character' and became a 'Lie character diary'.

The lie characters say, 'If you collect 800 lies, you will be satisfied.'

◆ English lessons for pets | RareJob for online English conversation
'We have succeeded in developing the world's first English conversation lesson for dogs and cats in collaboration with a rare job instructor in the Department of Biology and a team developing RareJob teaching materials day and night.' A minute plan (1111 yen per month) and a daily 25-minute plan for cats (2222 yen per month) are now available. You will learn simple English words such as 'one' and 'near' in about a month.

◆ Recommended! Recommended plan 'Let's meet together! Job hunting marriage activity Katsukatsu tour 2013 spring' --Venture Republic Travel
Venture Republic Inc., which operates the travel information site, has launched a new site, Venture Republic Travel , and has started accepting reservations for the new tour plan ' Let's meet together! Job Hunting Katsukatsu Tour 2013 Spring'. The job hunting and marriage hunting tour is a tour that goes around 6 places in Tokyo, Kusatsu, Kyoto, Okinawa, Shanghai, and Brazil in 2 days and 1 night while doing a job interview that also serves as a job hunting, and the price starts from 1980 yen.

◆ Baby app review site: Baby up
The app review site that's 'baby only less than 1-year-old', 'Baaaa Oh department Wuu Wu!' And 'to this application author, Pick-up is also good.' 'Licking, taken up to leave is the is, hate, 'and the voices from the baby have been asked.

◆ Sweepstakes ・ 'Pochicam' where you can win gifts on the monitor
Since Pochicome is mistaken for 'Pochicome', I decided to really make rice 'Pochicome' and give it to the user as a gift. The gift campaign itself is really going on, and the winners will receive 1kg of rice. In addition, OAuth authentication of Facebook application will occur at the link destination.

◆ Ikebukuro Horror News
According to the Ikebukuro Horror News , Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro will change the theater name to Theater S Ikebukuro. There are also sports newspaper-like articles on the four horror movies released this year, ' Sea Tremmers,' ' Possession ,' 'The Most Dreadful Two, ' and ' Silent Hill: Liberation 3D.'

◆ Commemorating the release of the movie 'Footage' Cafe 24 o'clock that should never be visited
A hanging cafe with menus such as 'Blood Kentucky', 'Kukuru Pancake' and 'Ethan Cork'. It's a cafe you shouldn't go to and hopefully you don't want to go to.

◆ Notice of refraining from April Fool's Day |
The content creation company Decoo apologized for the inappropriate part of the recruitment guide for the New Age Development Division on April 1, 2012. At the end, he concluded, 'Even if you hate Deku, don't hate me as a shaven.'

◆ Beagle
A search engine that can be called the dog version of Google has appeared.

Since it is content for dogs, it seems that only dog images are displayed even if you search for images.

The street view on the Beagle map is monochrome because the dog is looking at it.

Beagle Play doesn't seem to have changed much, but all the recommended movies for a new life are dog-related movies.

◆ Movie Information-Pia Movie Life
It seems that billionaire media mogul Lionel Shabander , one of the characters in 'Gambit ' that will be released nationwide from May 17, has bought the movie-specialized word-of-mouth site ' Pia Movie Life'. When I visited the site, a naked Shabander stood up.

The image of Shabander disappears soon, but it seems that the influence of the acquisition by Shabander is appearing everywhere on the Pia movie life site, and the movie ranking is all about Monet games.

◆ Dream in dream
The site that publishes the horror-like exploratory adventure game 'Dream in dream' set in the dream and the real world looks quite nostalgic ... Originally here, ' CloveR Steps '.

◆ Pharmacist National Examination Preparation β-Pharmacist Prince-
'Pharmacist National Examination ', which distributes the contents of pharmacist national examination preparation for pharmacists on websites, Twitter, smartphone apps, etc., is a new application 'Pharmacist National Examination Preparation ' that allows you to study while in love with a handsome pharmacist. Developed ' β-Pharmacist Prince-'.

◆ ROCK / POP / CUTE Harajuku character design brand 'HYPER CORE'
The mad energy drink 'HYPER CORE' is now available, and there are two flavors: sweet and sour and bittersweet unrequited love flavor, and 'I hate him'.

◆ 20130401 ・ ・ ・ Announcing the shock! !! | Cheap men's fashion mail order | Rocksteady 《Official》
Men's fashion mail order shop ' Rocksteady ' announces the retirement of its exclusive model ' Yuki' on the site.

◆ [Game * Spark new project] He finally starts to move ... Emergency teaser video released! --Game * Spark
Notice of animation of 'Spa-kun'.

Click here for the movie.

Game * Spark New Project --Emergency Teaser Video Released! --YouTube

◆ Haruhi SS Summary Site + α 'Suzumiya Haruhi' 'Lucky Star' 'Higurashi When They Cry' SS Summary
Anonymous post 2 channel news bulletin (VIP) Haruhi SS summary site + α that summarizes SS threads such as ' Suzumiya Haruhi ', ' Lucky Star ', ' Higurashi When They Cry' on the board is on the site The results of the 85th Watanabe High School Baseball Tournament have been posted.

The result of the match is as follows. The ' SOS team ' lost by 9 points in the final round, hitting 11 consecutive home runs to reverse, and defeated 'Uegahara' 11-9.

◆ BOT Participation Auction Peniek
In the parody of the penny auction, the auction that BOT can never win because it participates in the bidding is 'Pennyek'. I don't think it's a parody ...

◆ 'Walking the Earth', Hip-Hop Released | Overseas Travel Guidebook-Walking the Earth Editorial Department, Coverage & Diary
'Walking the Earth' editorial department suddenly releases hip-hop

In addition, the wearable computer 'Foot Dog' was developed, probably against Google Glass.

Special contract meteorite insurance, new overseas travel meteorite insurance d-off with a stake of 10 yen and compensation of 40 billion yen! There is also [Doff].

◆ Developed perspective goggles! Revolutionary survival game Hyper Hogaku
In addition to being compatible with the other side of the wall and optical camouflage, goggles that allow you to see through everything, such as the character and life of the other party. I want it now.

◆ 'Cyber Wholesale' = Affiliate, Dropshipping, Cash Purchasing! If you want to earn money from 'merchandise sales', first register as a store ♪ =
When 'Cyber Wholesale' accesses the site, music is played and the characters with flickering eyes are scrolled, and it has changed to a vintage site.

◆ Jiho Mummy! Legend of flying foxes and unidentified creature 'S temple' [Nara]: 100 rare spots in Japan

It seems that there is a mummy of flying foxes in Nara prefecture, but by all means the head is human ...

TV anime 'Yuyushiki' official website
The official website of the anime 'Yuyushiki', which started broadcasting on TV in April 2013, has been collaborated with the anime 'Kiniro Mosaic' scheduled to be broadcast on TV in July 2013.

TV anime 'Kiniro Mosaic' official website
The official website of 'Kiniro Mosaic' is also a collaboration specification with 'Yuyushiki'.

◆ Ambition Corporation
Beautiful girl myroid upbringing dress-up mischief game 'Moe Can Change!' Is live-action

Here is the video ...
'Moe Can Change!' Is a live-action video! ?? --YouTube

◆ Seventh Dragon 2020-II Official Website
The official website with the Okinawan mood, which should have been a game in which dragons and human beings compete for survival on the stage of Tokyo, which has become a different world, but the stage has suddenly changed to Okinawa.

A proper Okinawa version of the commercial is also available.
Seventh Dragon 2020-II | TVCM Okinawa Edition --YouTube

◆ Smile Rent-A-Car has finally succeeded in developing a time machine!
Far from being the first in the industry, the world's first 'time machine' rental car service has started, and the price per travel is 398 million yen including tax.

◆ Legendary Okayama City
Is Okayama City renamed to 'Momotaro City' even though it is not April Fool's Day? Okayama City was struck by the story, but the demon possessed by the mayor did something wrong and changed the site of the 'Legendary Okayama City' project to 'Momotaro City'.

◆ Release of film that will never be attached --Smartphone convenience store '24ME.NET'
'A film that never sticks' even though you should protect your smartphone. In addition to iPhones, there are also PCs, and the price starts from 9800 yen.

◆ An alarm clock with a stroke. Kanon
'Kanon', who has been active as an alarm clock app, retired because it is hard to get up every day due to low blood pressure.

Instead, an alarm clock was introduced. Car chain . It has functions such as 'I'll wake you up every day, Takeshi', 'Let's talk when you're not waking up, Takeshi', and 'Mom, I'll take care of you'.

◆ MMO Battle Shooting 'Cosmic Break!'
Animations are available on the school map implementation and special pages. Click 'Enroll in special school' ...

Click on the statue of a woman in the middle of the fountain to start the original animation.

◆ Fruit Kingdom Okayama Prefecture announces a new variety, the name is 'white peach grape'
A fruit made by crossing white peach and grapes, which are the two major fruits of Okayama prefecture, was announced.

◆ Theatrical version 'STEINS; GATE' official website
Top secret talk between Fairis and Moe Iku is delivered exclusively for April Fool's Day

◆ 'Theatrical Version Gintama Complete Edition: Everything Shop Forever' Official Website July 6, 2013 Released nationwide!
A group of three all-rounders who release Kamehameha. In the case of Gintama, it's scary that it doesn't feel like 'April Fool's Day' because it's not strange to do this in the main story.

◆ 07th
The new work of Ryukishi07, known as 'Higurashi When They Cry', is 'Game 2-Welcome to my Rokukenjima-'. What a hell ...

◆ Hair dressing / dressing search / information | Beauty Navi
The beauty salon search site 'Beauty Navi' has become 'Sister Beauty Navi'.

There is even an exclusive model.

[MINEGISHI] Automatically recognize your apology on SNS and convert profile icon to shaved image | iPhone app Heisei App Gakuen
Developed 'MINEGISHI', an apology support app that allows you to respond with a shaved head when you have to apologize for inappropriate remarks or actions on SNS.

If you use 'MINEGISHI', thumbnails such as remarks containing an apology message will be automatically converted to shaved heads, so you can apologize in good faith.

◆ Moon If you don't expect it, you will get 1 million yen as a gift.
'Menstruation day prediction site Moon' will give you 1 million yen if the prediction is wrong.

◆ ★ pop'n music Sunny Park ★
The legendary item of Pop'n Shopping No. 1 is back, and 5 types of body pillows are on sale for Nya Yen including tax and 03:02 Yen including tax.

◆ 2013 Spring TV Anime List Image Quail Info
A list of TV anime in the spring of 2013 filled with delusions and aspirations. ' Idolmaster Cinderella Girls ,' ' back to Kill Me Baby has ' ' Mobile Suit Gundam flash Hathaway ,' ' teacher Why continue Buchikomi the penis to the middle school girls? (Renamed later: want intelligent, slowing reasoning girl and Saddle teacher) ', ' month I wonder how likely it is to realize such things as 'Princess (produced by ufotable)'.

◆ Hulu-Easy to watch popular movies and TV shows
The thumbnail image of the American drama distributed on the video distribution site 'Hulu' has been illustrated by 'Secret Society Eagle Talon' and the title of the work has also been changed. In the image below, 'Prison Break' becomes 'DATSUGOKU!'.

'LOST' changed to 'roast'.

'BONES-Bones talk-' has changed to 'Bose talks!'

'HEROES' is now 'Heroes!'

'ER emergency room' changed to 'OPE'.

'The Walking Dead' has changed to 'ZOMBIE!'.

◆ There is one Bodhisattva in this
What happened to the secret society Eagle Talon was that Ryogo Narita drew the most moe scale school in the history of Eagle Talon ☆ Love Comedy Light Novel 'There is one Bodhisattva in this!' Maybe the purple-skinned girl sitting at the president's feet is Bodhisattva.

◆ Ameba Pigg | You can play for free! Let's enjoy with a character that looks just like you!
Since it is 'Ameba Pig', people are pigs.

'Pig Life' has become 'Pig Rice', and rice grows in the garden without permission.

◆ Voice actor Kaori Fukuhara and Emiri Kato got married, and Yui Kano and Chiaki Takahashi also got married.
A two-shot photo is posted with the tweet 'I have a report to everyone today. Actually, I am getting married ♪ ヽ (´ ▽ `) /'

On the other hand, Emiri Kato said, ' Actually, you can really use Keal. '

Emiri Kato's best friend, Yui Kano, married Suzuki and became Yui Suzuki . After that, I dented knowing that the lie about April Fool's Day would not be a reality this year.

Chiaki Takahashi also married a general woman .

◆ e AMUSEMENT | jubeat saucer
KONAMI's 'jubeat saucer' site has been jacked by the familiar composer duo VENUS in the BEMANI series.

There is VENUS in the background of the site, two people appear randomly, and the original song ranking is also monopolized.

◆ ISO Research Institute featuring Osaka Pro Wrestling | Osaka Pro Wrestling Quality Manual | HOME
It seems that Osaka Pro Wrestling has acquired the standard international standard 'ISO9001' in the manufacturing industry and construction industry, and the quality manual has been released.

In the 'plan to make fans excited' described in the quality manual, a concrete plan is clearly stated as 'I'm a fool who makes a plan !!!!

◆ Optimize your Fuji forehead. FBO Consulting Service | Gaprise Co., Ltd.
It optimizes the Fuji forehead by forcibly planting hair or peeling off the hair on both sides.

◆ Love of LOVE!
It seems that the main heroine of the 18-ban beautiful girl game 'Love of LOVE!' Has been changed from the love emperor 'Ichinose Lucina' to the first emperor of the Inca Empire 'Manco Capac'. You can listen to the sample voice of Manco Capac on the page that informs you of the change of the main character.

◆ Kunoichi Tools | Homepage Access Analysis Shop Fujoshi [April Fool's Day Planning]
'Kunoichi Tools', a tool for fujoshi, is now available.

It seems that many functions are installed on the coupling-only homepage, such as the initial installation of the 'Homo!' Button.

◆ Problem-solving media for IT girls --Heartmark IT-- @ IT
ITMedia, which operates a news site '@IT' for IT engineers, has established a media 'Heartmark IT' for IT girls, and will deliver topics that IT girls are interested in. It seems.

◆ KLab launches puzzle card battle 'PUZZLE & ABEGONS'! | News Release | KLab Co., Ltd.
A new type of puzzle card battle game 'PUZZLE & ABEGONS' featuring successive politicians will be released on April 1st only.

For some reason, KLab's director, Kohei Amaha, is also participating, and the details such as making cards and comments for politicians are elaborate.

◆ The definitive edition of all books is now available! | E-book-BOOK ☆ WALKER
E-book-BOOK ☆ WALKER sells all work packs that combine all 19983 works into one, and discounts to 9,999,999 yen instead of the list price of 10,921,452 yen for all 4 million pages.

◆ Twitter Blog: In response to your expectations, 'Premium Service' and 'One Character Addition Service' will start.
In the free version, hiragana disappears, and in the paid version of 500 yen per month, it is as usual. And for advertisers, you can tweet up to 141 characters by adding one more character.

◆ Gooogle --Anal Stick
'The Gooogle Anal Stick, with its beautiful design, long-lasting battery, high-power motor, and uninterrupted mobile data communication, is safe for long-term development as well as commuting.' , A tool that supports development in a different sense has appeared. 'Kerchan has unearthed numerous development tools and continued to do serious damage to the home, but the Gooogle Anal Stick has been sublimated into a design that doesn't need to be hidden with an unprecedentedly beautiful design. The specs are tremendous, and we have achieved more than 50 hours of development and 9000 hours of standby time, making it possible for clients all over the world to develop via 3G lines. In addition, it is equipped with 'Gooogle Anal Stick Now' as a tremendous function, 'It brings the stimulus you are looking for just when you need it. During busy hours in the morning, it performs powerfully as an alarm to wake you up and is crowded. The vibration sound is automatically muted on the train. ”“ The latest version also notifies you of anal stick usage at nearby events and parks, and nearby Play spots and shooting points that are popular with anal stickers at your travel destination. It's now done, 'so it's really exciting.

◆ The unit of suspension is decided as 'Togashi' ── International Committee for Weights and Measures --bogusnews
The International Committee for Weights and Measures unanimously approved the adoption of 'Togashi' as the unit of 'suspension period' in magazine articles, etc. at the regular general meeting held on the 1st of local time in Paris. Yes, that name is derived from Mr. Yoshihiro Togashi.

◆ On the contrary, a great rental server
Disk capacity 2MB, operating rate 30%, 35-year lump sum payment, internal exposure, reinforcement with gum tape, beast smell, petrification when exposed to sunlight, etc. There is a novel plan that hits the server hosting industry in every sense. Appearance, we are doing our best to counter the trend of the world.

◆ North Korea reveals one of the largest military secrets: Far East blog
At first, when you read it, it seems that you are referring to international issues, but it is a really readable content that gradually reveals the terrifying reality. GJ.

◆ Nobuo Ikeda blog: About the dissolution of the Free Press Association of Japan --Livedoor Blog
The quality was so serious that an additional note was written at the end.

◆ New logo Top secret press conference --- MSN's new era logo announced!
'MSN Japan announced that it will change the beloved butterfly logo to a dragon fly,' so for some reason that logo is different.

It seems like this

◆ Evil Watch
'We need a statement as the first step in conquering the Earth. How to spread our statement. I thought that hijacking the media was the fastest way to do it. That's why I aimed at Impress Watch Headline.' That's why there are a lot of villainous American comics that I've seen somewhere.

◆ RuneFactory Harlems
'Ranch / Adventure / Love This time there are 365 brides !!' 'Under the endless blue sky, cultivate a field on the vast land (in multiple ways) and sow seeds!' Introducing the romance system, 'You can't go out with just one person! If you pay attention to the date schedule, you can have as many legs as you want.' Let's go buy Nitori! 'A baby will be born 20 days after pregnancy. Baby cots are also sold at Nitori!'

◆ Windows Azure
Japan Macrosoft Co., Ltd. has evolved the cloud application platform 'Wonders Azure' to the next generation and added many new functions only on April 1, so there are many unknown functions.

'Wonders Azure Imoto Desktop Services is a voice recognition version of the conventional remote desktop service' 'Wonders Azure Mysterious Cloud Media' and so on.

◆ J's GOAL | Photo News | [Breaking News] J League women's mascots form a new unit 'NMJ18'!
In addition, there is ' Notice: About the name change of J League match scheduler' Schedule-kun '' .

◆ [vaa] Press Release VS1310 World's First Glass Plane Announcement
Announced the world's first design of an aircraft glass plane with a glass bottom. People with a fear of heights are confirmed fainting. It is properly mentioned in the blog of the founder Richard Branson, and there is a large explanatory image.

'Starting Web cataloging' & 'Starting early admission pass', especially the irony of the latter is bitter.

◆ AF paperback
A really likely paperback label. The editorial department blog describes the circumstances that led to this project, and the new publication information is also excellent.

The announcement of the drama CD is like that.

◆ Easy adjustment of cuteness of illustrations with new features of Fireworks CS10 | Designer's illustration notes
Equipped with 'Cuteness / Contrast' function

Such a thing. Even more terrifying, there is also the 'Shoei conversion of images' only for the Japanese version, which is a terrifying result.

◆ Cat Work
'ChatWork' becomes 'CatWork'. Change logo and theme carla ・ Change group icon to cat specification ・ Change message input box background to cat specification ・ Change emoticon, pin image, icon image to cat specification ・ Change chat notification sound to cat specification It is really a complete cat specification, and you can use it until 9 am tomorrow morning when you log in.

◆ Latest information on 'SonicoShock Infinity' | FPS (First Person Super Sonico Game) sent by Nitroplus
Super Sonico with FPS that I've seen somewhere. There is a movie.

◆ Nico ☆ Sound # convert nicovideo to mp3 online
There is something like a Wikipedia donation at the top of the site, and if you read it carefully, you will discover that you are not asking for money, and when you click 'Please help me' ...

◆ 'Homoo Club' is newly established in Yome Collection! Camoo? | Yome Collection
It is really possible to marry 'Homo' (5 free cards) of the popular app 'Homo messing around' on April 1st only. After April 2nd, you will not be able to download new items from the bride list, but if they remain in your bride list, you will be able to play as they are. What a mess.

◆ Jumping out the sky of Harezora --Everyone's cute RPG 'Harezora Monogatari': Online game portal site 'Vector Game' that you can play for free
The online game 'Haruka Monogatari' provided by the game portal site 'Vector Game' has become something familiar to you somewhere. Next-generation game consoles are also ants.

◆ Pounding Memory Clock ~ Under the Legendary Memory ~ --Akihabara Ark PC
Experience play is possible, and you can reach the amazing 1-day limited sale when you go to the end.

◆ Twitter / BO_oyasumi: Succeeded in shooting 'Dakimakura with built-in music player', which is rumored to be under top secret development! Company ...
'Successful shooting of the rumored' Dakimakura with built-in music player 'that is under secret development! Take a close-up shot of the production P in the in-house break room! I checked USB3.0 and earphone jack! The capacity is unknown. '

◆ School corporation Miyaji Gakuen
Card fight! The official website of Vanguard is now the official website of Miyaji Gakuen, which appears in the anime.

◆ Electronic rental book Ranta! | Rental of electronic books and comics such as manga and novels at a great price!
The logo mark on the upper left is the electronic panda Panda !, and if you look closely at the information column, it says '■ Electronic panda Panda! Panda rental started! (4 / 1UP)', click on it ...

◆ Dragon Ball Z Jack | Free Video GyaO!
If you click on Majin Buu's quote, 'Be funny,' all the characters in the thumbnail image will be funny.

◆ Daily NEXON | MapleStory Arad Senki Mabinogi
You can jump to each site by actually clicking.

◆ Development of 'Nagoya Morning Vending Machine'! ?? Notice-With Furusato Nagoya. | Pokka Sapporo
In connection with the 'Morning Culture' of the founding place of Nagoya, if you purchase a beverage between 6 am and 10 am, toast and boiled eggs will be included with the beverage.

◆ Barcode FootBaller --Barcode FootBaller -
A movie in which TENGA's products talk and a little erotic talk is played by playing 'pull out' with a soccer dribble.

◆ TKG Shop Card Lab
The card lab of the TCG shop has been renewed as the T 'K' G shop, and there are recipes for egg-shaped rice and mysterious battle videos.

◆ TV anime 'Tamako Market' official website
The official website of Kyoto Animation 'Tamako Market' was hijacked by the huge Della and became 'Dera's Bar'.

◆ God (provisional) -Kamisama parentheses- | easy-peasy
The nature is being reversed because it is 'God (provisional) heaven and earth upheaval edition'. The hard-line Yankee character is a Sawayaka honor student character, the masculine character is a Dojikko character, and the super Negaku character is a Chara man.

◆ Si-Nis-Kanto
Started baseball fist in BL adventure game 'Si-Nis-Kanto'. Super dangerous.

◆ Tokimeki Elysium
The NPC in the game is the target of the otome game, and if you proceed to the end, it seems that you will reach a forced end with a character called 'Gimmel' who is becoming a story character among players.

◆ Twitter / taiko_team: Taiko people announced today on April 1st DOKODON FIGH ...
'Click here for the key visuals of Taiko no Tatsujin DOKODON FIGHTERS announced today on April 1st! As you can see, it's the work of Ishii-kun of that taiko team! That's why 'Taiko no Tatsujin', the character game of Taiko no Tatsujin, has arrived.

◆ Web Koihime † Dream | Web Koihime † Musou
It became 'Web skin color † dream', and the limit maiden warlord who is indispensable for mosaic appears only today.

◆ Web Night Carnival! | Web Knight Carnival! | April Carnival!
A new landlord and a mufufu princess knight are newly introduced in the game, and new information about the princess knight such as animation information and ink course information is released.

◆ Great Merchant | Puzzle
The official website itself is a puzzle for one day only, and if you clear it, you may get limited benefits.

◆ Neko Neko Soft Official Home Page
Scheduled to be released on April 1, 2001, with 108 younger sisters.

◆ Chewable Soft Official Site
The new title is 'Noblesse of Rouge', and 'The main character this time is a man's daughter! Polish your girlfriend elegantly and aim for the top of the young lady's association!' The release date is July 24, 1802, and there is another title.

It seems that it is finally possible to summon the heroine to reality, sing, dance, and touch it in front of you with ultra-high performance real 3D technology.

◆ Notice from Yahoo! JAPAN
A basic agreement was reached on a business alliance aimed at expanding and improving the welfare benefits of Yahoo! JAPAN employees and expanding the expansion of animals into the metropolitan area. Shower by elephant ・ Cow cooperates with high quality milk supply ・ Mouse that makes you happy just by stroking ・ Chicken supports each employee to promote the intake of fresh eggs, and so on. At the end, it became a zoo and was in a free-range state.

By saying 'New race !!', a new race 'Vianga' has appeared in 'Final Fantasy XIV New Eorzea'. In FF14, while there are many requests to release the Viera tribe that appeared in FF12, the producer has indicated that he wants to release a race like the Banga tribe, so it seems that this story was born.

◆ Recruiting pharmacist girls! (Days of dispensing pharmacist Maki)
'It's a simple job to awaken the' Pharmacist Energy 'that sleeps in you and fight pathogens,' so we are looking for the next girl on the pharmacist net.

◆ Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea-
Animation of 'Little House on the Prairie' at the World Masterpiece Theater ・ Nausicaa type mask is designated as a school for PM2.5 measures ・ Do not increase the number of students for toilet meals! Ghibli cooperates to start the campaign!・ Ghibli Publishing Department publishes “Ghibli Character's Art Book” ・ Ghibli fan judgment app is very popular ・ New sport “Extreme Jibling” is born.

◆ A new frame 'Eiei' has arrived! | Don't forget me !!!
Added 'iei' to Don't forget me !!!, a service that pastes absentees' photos into group photos in cooperation with Facebook.

◆ Girls und Panzer romance ADV 'Panzer lied'
Since tanks are the main characters, it's great to introduce characters.

◆ Haikyu Fighter II --Fierce Fight !! April Fool's Day !!-
It is now possible to move from the official 'Haikyu !!' serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump to a fictitious game sales promotion site called 'Haikyu Fighter 2'.

◆ Hanikuro-You will surely find the perfect fashion for you! ---
The official content of honeybee's maiden 'Starry ☆ Sky' has been transformed into a UNIQLO-style page 'Hanikuro'. Full of detailed material such as each special feature, character standing picture, customer's voice, store search.

◆ Google Analytics Official Website-Web Analytics and Reporting Functions-Google Analytics
Looking at the real-time access analysis, there is a mysterious display that 41 people are accessing from the International Space Station.

◆ Notice of new serialization | Devils 6th Day
According to the official blog of the author of 'Kuroshitsuji', the new series 'Kuroshushu' will be published in the May 1889 issue of G Fantasy.

The official website of the TV anime 'Hyperdimension Neptunia' is now the official website of HYPER DIMENSION GAME MACHINE Super, Next, Former, and Amazing Game Machine.

◆ Anime 'High School DxD NEW' Official Site
'We are the protagonists in the milk season!'

◆ Shueisha 'Weekly Shonen Jump' official website
After waiting for a while, the logo part is taken to the assassination classroom killing teacher and occupied by different characters.

◆ Lovexive | SMILE
Even parakeets have an estrous cycle, right? So, the digest movie is ...

◆ Team.NTR top page
'I'm tired of sleeping a woman. Now men are opening the gate to a new world.' BL 'Doki! Cuckold war full of men' is seen.

◆ Master of Epic | April Fool's Day 2013
It feels like a gdgd fairy somewhere.

◆ Gogoole play
Wizardry Online is now on Google Play. There are also various apps such as 'Futari Mokyu App Sleeping Trap', 'Sea Elf', and 'Arahui Today's Fortune'.

◆ Major renewal decision for 'Trickster' HD version! | Trickster
The online game of pixel art has been renewed to HD image quality, making it look like a live-action film. Or rather, a live-action film.

◆ Heartful Metal RPG | Heavy Metal Tiny feat.eb! G-shine
The setting that the mascot character, the management team, and the person in charge of Famitsu Connect woke up to heavy metal. There is ASCII art in the HTML source on the page. In addition, a patch will be distributed at midnight, and part of the in-game BGM will be heavy metal. In addition, the standing picture of the mascot character in the game is also made into heavy metal, and a dedicated NPC is placed in a specific MAP.

◆ TV anime 'Mushibugyō' official website
Kushibugyo (comb), Kushibugyo (skewer), Ushibugyo, Meshibugyo, Ishibugyo, Sushibugyo, Hoshibugyo, Nashibugyo, Asibugyo, Nabebugyo, and so on.

◆ Yui Sakakibara Official Website 'LOVE x TRAX'
The official page of voice actor and singer Yui Sakakibara has announced the release of a fictitious death metal-style new album for only one day today.

◆ Miracle Train
For some reason, the station on the Oedo Line should have been anthropomorphized, but it has been transformed into a basketball one, and a spokon-style illustration has been released, and a newly drawn comic has also been released.

◆ The world's first! Autonomous driving is possible by wearing it on your head --MapFan neurons are now available!
As a new product of the MapFan series, we have developed the world's first human-mounted navigation device called 'MapFan Neuron'. By wearing it on the head and connecting it to a smartphone, navigation information is transferred directly to the brain, allowing the driver to drive without looking at the navigation. Practical use.

◆ Pairy-Fully automated chat replies to lovers. The world's first flirting agency service is released from Pairy!
Wine coin flirting agency service is now available from the couple app 'Pairy'.

◆ Awakening Adventurer's Square-Dragon Quest X Player Only Site
A large amount of metal kings are usually shown on live cameras that show the inside of the game in various places, and when you go to the site in the game, there is a signboard that shows a lot of metal kings, and it is a smiley sight that everyone is taking a commemorative photo there.

◆ The meeting for the new series 'Neko Mahou Enbu Hen' has ended. The cats have finally rebelled! 【spoiler alert】
An extra edition written by Hiro Mashima of FAIRY TAIL is posted. What a mess.

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