The site summary 2016 version which has been piggybacked on April Fool's Day



The serious sites are always on April 1st, and they detonate the stuff that they have put in with all their energy, and it is unclear what the truth is, what lies and what is where and what the stuff is from The day when it comes to becoming familiar, it is Japan April Fool 's Day! This year has also begun!

◆ GIGAZINE official account notified whenever an April Fools article is updated
So, GIGAZINE editorial department takes advantage of April Fool's Day to take charge of various sites from 0 o'clock to 24 o'clock on April 1st, literally a real time update on the net for 24 hours, and this article, in this article I will continue to summarize. Articles are being added to the end of the article, and they become unbelievable in length over time. 'If you update the page and can't keep track of whether there are any additions!', We will post update notifications at any time on GIGAZINE's Twitter official account , Facebook official account , Google + official account , so follow It is useful to keep

◆ How to write about April Fool's Story
It should be noted, 'also out and doing the story of the April Fool's Day!' Or when you discovered that that 'here also'll be doing April Fool's Day!' At the site of the unpublished in the article contact of the self-appointed because mail for tipster neta It is OK if you submit from the form . In that case, even if you go to the site, it can not be judged as 'which is the material of April Fools ...?', And editorial staff may turn down and give up the article, or 'something is unusually different' It seems that I do not know the state of the original site, but I don't know what changed the way ... I was troubled ... 'because when there are a lot of cases that can not be made into articles or delayed, there are many cases. There is always a point where 'This is the point to see! ' 'This site is different from before like this, and it is an April Fool neta! ' Explanation, commentary, point to see · Point that should be held here If you write along with the URL and address, it will be easier for GIGAZINE editors and readers to understand, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but please cooperate. Please!

◆ So it is a summary list from here
How many sites can be posted by April 24 at the end of April Fool's Day, and is it physically possible for readers to visit all sites? From the list below, let's start the battle of the limit just in case we can cover the site of April Fool's Day. The contents vary from official collaborations to individual informal ones, and there are also cases where the real thing is announced in a lie.

◆ Make the 21st Century a Smile! Lawson's 'Mixed Kung Dream Mix' and 'A Dream Gutter'

In the 21st century of confusion, now that what we lack is a 'dream' and a 'smile', Lawson pays attention to the food 'Takaage' supported by 98% of the Japanese, and three types of kamaagekun combine Developed a mixed flavor of 'Karagekun Kyun dream'.

However, it is not enough just to pick it up! In that ...

In order to spread the smile when eating karaagekun through SNS, we will also release “Dreamer's Drib” for smile-only Selfie machine.

The following movie will give you a good idea of what “Karagekun Dream Mix” and “Dream Gutter are”.

【April Fools】 Make the 21st Century a Smile! Lawson's 'Mixed Taste of Kung Amu' and 'Ghost of Dreams'-YouTube

◆ DeNA Travel
The comprehensive online travel service 'DeNA Travel' will be transformed into 'DeNA Trouble' and offer more thrilling and exciting tours.

DeNA Travel characters transformed into '

De-Nana ' to go out on a tour, 'The country ranking that I would never want to go again' is delivered by e-mail magazine every day, and kindergarten children deal with telephone reservations etc. It is a travel service.

◆ Utsutsui slot
The creator of the ' Copy Slot ' and ' Chocolate Haiku Slot ', in which anyone can make a catch copy in 3 seconds, has released the 'Uso Tsui Slot' in which the lie is completed in 4.1 seconds as the final part of the slot content trilogy. You

On the page of the slot, since the three types of text 'when', 'where' and 'what did' come and go like a slot machine, they will be replaced by clicking on the text to stop the slot.

Then, 'on the 1st of April last year (Tuesday)' 'followers who graduated from Shonan University,' 'Kyupi Co., Ltd. received a job offer', 'during a diet', 'followers who run 100m in 8.6 seconds When I want to lie on Twitter, such as 'I ate a dobei for 10 years', 'when I was named No. 1 at a draft conference', 'with a follower who flies a drone to Saturn', and 'I became a governor of Kanagawa Prefecture' You can instantly make a lie and mumble.

◆ Transcend
Transcend, a PC memory and peripheral maker in Taiwan, has launched a new product called 'Tlandcell' that uses all of the technology cultivated as a memory maker. Includes a high-definition camera lens capable of recording full HD movies, USB 3.1 Type-A, Type-C connector, Lightning terminal, large-capacity 512GB SSD and 8TB HDD, and a 32GB microSD card. It is a high-performance school bag that also has a GPS-Wifi function. Also, with the launch of a new product, the company name will be changed to 'Tlandcell Japan Co., Ltd.'.

◆ GMO Tokutoku BB SIM paste that can be attached.
GMO has released BB's SIM that can be attached.

The following movie demonstrates how much you can paste it.

SIM PV [GMO Tokutoku BB] that can be pasted * Earphone recommended-YouTube

◆ Station battle game 'Ambition of the station chief-April fools ...'
Station SpA Oto for web has released the station battle game 'Ambition of the station chief-April idiot ...' The national route map is regarded as a 'power map', and the station battle is held to aim at victory of the belonging army (self-army).

◆ Mister Donut develops the world's first 'talking donut'
In order to solve the problem of decrease in communication volume due to the increase of households living alone and the spread of digital tools such as smartphones, research was made that donuts could be partners and communication tools for conversation, and as a result, 'talking donuts' were completed. . There are three types: Old fashion type, French Crawler type, Pont de Ring type, and the price is 10,20,000 yen each including tax.

It seems that many years of research has come to fruition, such as “talking donuts,” such as donut selection with emphasis on visual elements, hands-on training to speak with researchers, and verbal memory using bone conduction mechanisms.

◆ The case where the robot 'Payper-kun' made by Kodansha works hard in the diagonally upward direction
Kodansha announces Human Type Multi-legged Robot 'Paper' that can 'automatically read books' and 'communication such as conversation'. In Paper, “I called out to be a passerby, and in the middle forced to attract customers” “In the case of a couple of customers, we will provide knowledge on the order of wines ordered while women are in the bathroom, etc. There are also functions such as support, and instructors for radio exercises.

◆ Neko Paraibu ☆ | NEKO WORKs
The ADV game ' Cat Para ' being distributed on Steam appears as an idle game compatible with VR.

A trial version of the 360 degree video that can be enjoyed with VR is available on YouTube.

[360 degrees video] [4K] cat parie ☆ ☆ throb ☆ heart ☆ flavor-YouTube

◆ 【Scoop】 Selling online advertising company Sexy! ? Photo collection released! | Net Advertising Company, Inc.

It looks like this is a sexy and extremely unnatural photo collection.

◆ We started research on meridian secret holes. Net shop ★ Soken
After the consumption behavior analysis in the net shop, the net shop research institute concludes that it is necessary to understand the human body structure and the key points, and has started researching 'meridian secret holes' appearing in the fist of the Hokuto.

◆ light speed LTE latest model 芋 and WiFi | If overseas WiFi rental [Wild WiFi]
GLOBAL DATA announces a new router equipped with the world's first grilled skewer function.

'Q: What will change if you become jealous?' 'A: I really relax!'

◆ Rice husk love debuts as a singer! ? | Couples
On the 15th anniversary of the couple's site, which publishes dating and hotel information for couples, “Kakihara Ren” has made a singer debut. In addition, it seems to carry out present planning of rice husk love character clear file really.

The PV of the 1st single 'Let's go at a couples hotel!' Can be seen from the following.

Let's go at the Couples Hotel! Rice Husband Love by Couples-YouTube

◆ Circuit breaker! ? Blitz announcement from QUICK!
Items that put the ' circuit breaker system ' into practical use appear, which forcibly halts temporary trading when the market price abnormally heats up in the stock market and the price fluctuates in a short period of time or more.

It's a dream-like device that calms up an excited feeling in an instant. It can be carried to the company as it can be carried and carried. According to the person who actually used it, it seems that weight doesn't bother me so much, and the relationship in the office becomes perfect or she can do it.

◆ Private gym of NYAZAP [Nyazap] completely left
Relieve the worries that cats can not follow their diets as they think 'I can't chase rats as I think', 'the ideal cat food is not enough', 'funny character, can I continue to worry ...', and the body and confidence of the cat's best life It is with beautiful cat training that can get

You can see from the following video how a cat actually experiences NYAZAP, 'Cat on the Result'.

NYAZAP [Nyazap] completely neglected private gym-YouTube

◆ Volvo 13 EPISODE 1 Sleep on my chest
'Volvo Car Japan has recently asked Duke Togo (known as Gorgo 13) to become Volvo's Chief Safety Officer to provide further security for Volvo.' Is published on YouTube.

You can see the movie from the following.

[Volvo asks special request to Golgo 13]-YouTube

◆ 'PC Janai Watch' launched
Launched 'PC Janai Watch', an ambiguous new medium of 'PC-like but PC Janai, but a little PC' stance that Impress has prepared for the 100 million total PC era. You can read articles such as 'Wireless LAN Mixed Wire Busters' that dramatically improves wireless LAN radio waves throughout Japan, and the highly reliable business NAS 'NAS-0831' of house cultivation.

◆ april2016 | Rainbow Rascal official site
With the 40th anniversary of the broadcast of the 'Ai-guma Rascal' in 2017, a full-scale resident-type fully automatic washing machine will be released as a memorial. It seems that Rascal will hand wash carefully with old-fashioned soap and washboard.

In addition, since Rascal will go to sleep mode when clothes drying is over, let's import it by yourself.

◆ Carpography discount campaign
The adult game brand 'Kigaki' has launched the 'Kigaku-gaku Discount Campaign', which allows you to receive special benefits when purchasing a caricature product on April 1st, with a discount plan for students of mobile carriers. If you show your student ID card at the store, or if you are not a student and wear desperately dressed in old school clothes, you can participate in a lottery where you can get a nostalgic game.

◆ I started tank rental at Amazon! Smile car rental
Smile car rental starts tank rental at Amazon. It is not the Amazon of the net service person but the genuine Amazon person.

'2016 is my year! Anacondas who are thinking so much, Tricomonas you also want to release justice with daily stress, if you rent a tank at Amazon, the feeling is infinite! Let's get back on those days! 'It is recommended to the following people.

All is self-responsible.

◆ New feature 'Tarako-kun navigator' has been added to Nico Nico Encyclopedia! : Nico Nico Encyclopedia Bromaga-Bromaga
New feature 'Tarako-kun Navigator' (authorized by himself) appears in Nico Nico Encyclopedia.

It is a character that displays recommended articles when clicked and navigates information about the article being viewed.

◆ Spako yaki soba sauce
From the web comic “Spako yakisoba hen” where professional students play an active role, “spaghetti flavor” spako yakisoba sauce has appeared.

It has a tomato-like napolitan (spaghetti) flavor.

◆ Fukubis
Of socks, socks, stockings manufacturer Fukusuke and, of candy manufacturers Ginbisu launched a co-branded 'Fukubisu' is, of collaboration products and 'put it asparagus biscuit', 'biscuits socks to eat' has born. In addition, Fukusuke and Ginbisu each also Twitter account has been transformed into a Fukubisu specification.

◆ 2016.4.1 | Dark Co., Ltd. | All applicants recruited
In order to commemorate the first anniversary of its founding, Yakumi Co., Ltd. launched “Large service! Recruit all employees”.

If you join a company for the time being, you will receive an original business card with blood bleeding for SNS.

◆ [pixiv] Thank you for your work
Looking at the works posted on pixiv, there is a 'Thank you very much-a button' that can be appreciated when you can not express your emotions with ratings and bookmarks alone. From the following pages, you will be able to see works with lots of gratitude and the pages will be updated every hour.

◆ Audi April Fools 2016
As a new optional feature on the new Audi A4, the 'Matrix Emoticon LED Headlight' has been introduced to let you know the driver's condition by emoticon.

It feels like this when the driver feels good ...

When your health condition is not good, it changes to 'Dul mode'.

◆ Painter-only plaster 'Mediban' released! Medivan Paint (Medibang Paint)
MediBang, a developer of illustration / manga production tool 'Mediban Paint' for Windows / Mac / iOS / Android, develops 'Mediban', a bandage exclusively for painters.

'Scissors, pendulum, blisters, cushion pads that gently wrap your heart', 'waterproofing that is expected to wash your hands frequently with the use of art materials', 'reduces camera shake to some extent by wrapping', etc. The bandage of the design considered, and it is possible to specify the color and the illustration of the bandage as a characteristic of Medivan.

The making image which is making the only one according to the shape of each user's finger, and actually making Medivan is also released.

◆ At-vitamin starts as tits-based web cartoon medium 'at bita one'

The editor-in-chief of at-vitamin was changed to Vitawan's @vitaone_ with 4/1 and started as a tits-based web cartoon medium 'AttaVitaone'.

A trial version of 'Cafechan and Bed in Time', an erotic game of 'Cafechan and Breaktime' is also released.

TYPE-MOON official site can be understood more by manga! It is filled with characters of Fate / Grand Order- like touch.

If you look closely at the information on the page, you will receive a notice that the information on the release of Firegarryo's Firegarryo 20XX lower release date has been postponed. * The correction is underway because the illustrations are all naked. Apology for the guest (such as the guest's too long steel earth setting dripping video) '' Congratulations on 2016 new year Eh? Is it already finished a quarter of this year? '' Notice of Nasu mushroom Daxo 3 closed 'etc. The contents also change to all specifications.

The official site of the smartphone game '

Fate / Grand Order ' is also April Fools.

◆ Capcom Sound Team Sound Effect Production Scene
With the fact that the Capcom Sound Team produces various sound effects every day, the scene of the sound effect production on Capcom's “Foley Stage” is published on the YouTube 360 degree video with plenty of presence.

[360 ° video] Capcom Sound Team Sound Effect Production-YouTube

◆ Yahoo auction!-Japan's largest online auction site
Yahoo! However, in order to limit the bidding of super rare goods, we carry out a nervous breakdown game where the bidding right is obtained. You can retry up to 5 times, but you may get a hint if you stare at the screen after flipping a card.

If you succeed in nervous breakdown, you can bid for unusual products such as 'The legendary Yahoo auction'.

◆ [VR] We will introduce a 'virtual return' that can reduce commuting time to all employees | Infinite Loop Technology Blog
Infinite Loop announced that it will introduce 'Virtual Return', which had been introduced in trials so far, in earnest in April.

You can see the mechanism of virtual return from the following movie.

[VR] 'Newsword to be worried about' What is virtual return (16/04/01)-YouTube

Mr. Sato who is an employee who wears a VR headset when working hours are over. In the case of a virtual return home, it is extremely stress-free because the commuting time can be shortened without having to actually go home.

Mr. Sato's room is faithfully reproduced in the terminal.

Furthermore, a pretty girl is waiting for Mr. Sato's return in the room and can spend it together after returning home.

I go to bed with my virtual futon at night. It is an excellent system that you can go to work simply by removing the VR headset if an emergency situation occurs at work.

◆ Google Japanese Input Physical Flick Version-Google
Announced 'Google Japanese input physical flick version' that Google Japanese input combines the good points of smartphone flick input and PC keyboard. It is a terminal that can be connected to a smartphone or PC using Bluetooth, and it is possible to realize stable character input by physically touching the key and inputting.

There is also an emoticon version of the keyboard.

Furthermore, the 'flick sensor' that can transform anything arranged in a grid into a physical flick keyboard also appears. Calculators, chessboards, melon pans, Japanese-style shoji screens, street tiles in the city, and even Kyoto's towns with grids of buildings can be used as physical flick keyboards.

◆ [mixi] Good! Is good! became
The specification of the home 'Iin!' Button has been changed to the 'Iinha!' Button.

You can enjoy the 'Iinya!' Cry as often as you push the button.

◆ Your pet is also excited 'Pet Bull' new appearance!
Red Bull releases 'Pet Bull', which lets wings close to familiar pets. Includes vitamin Bu11, inosisitol, prote dog, L-antogynein, bullfighting essence, etc. The lineup includes Pet Bull Energy for dogs, Pet Bull Sugarfree for dogs ...

Pet Bull Energy for Goldfish, Pet Bull Sugarfree for Goldfish, and Pet Bull for Reptiles also appear.

◆ Summons board, advance to home use is decided! | Summons board
'Battle is not the only Summons. A strategy RPG of' Superior 'that relives the character's life is the ultimate RPG here', and it has been equipped with 'dramatic mode', etc., which is a power-up where engagement couples are born with summons and monsters. You are

◆ The smartphone game 'Trickster-Want to be a Summoner-' becomes a live-action movie

Movie trailers can be viewed from the following:

Trickster-Want to be a Fortune-Trailer-YouTube

◆ Notice of Nijiyome-chan change of person in charge-Nijolyome
Provides a PC · smartphones adult online game Nijiyome is, a portrait person in charge of the image character 'Nijiyome-chan' from Kiyose red-eye's Okawa Bukubu change in's.

◆ Shonen Jump +
Yu-Gi-Oh's Kaiba Corporation has made Shueisha a consolidated subsidiary, and Seto Kaiba has taken Shonen Jump + as a handpiece and changed the serialized manga to Yu-Gi-Oh card specifications.

The smartphone app is also full of Yu-Gi-Oh!

In addition, Kaiba Corporation plans to conduct a hiring test to recruit general executive candidates related to the development, sales, sales and planning of the next-generation Duel disc.

In the official Twitter of Shonen Jump + Kaiba Seto is rampant.

◆ Love Live! School Idol Festival

The shanshan sound that sounds when you play live changes to the alpaca scream. The following movie will show you how it sounds with an indescribable cry every time you make a judgment such as PERFECT, GOOD, or BAD.

April Fool's Day Love Live! School Idol Festival-YouTube

◆ Will THK broadcast in April 2199? TV Anime 'Frokyo Gurashi!' Official Site
Adult adventure game 'of nitroplus KoMiyako NECRO [Tokyo Necro] ' is, ' school Gurashi! Appeared as' ish TV anime 'KoMiyako Gurashi!', It has become a broadcast schedule in April 2199.

◆ DOS / V Paradise | Dospara official mail order site
Dospara official mail order site is renewed in retro design.

In addition, full-scale RPG 'Shanghai quest' to invite to interesting useful treasure is being released.

In addition, when I checked the source, the word 'Happy April Fool's Day' was written in ASCII art.

◆ TV anime 'SHOW BY ROCK !!'
The theater version 'Magical Girl Plasmajika' of the TV anime 'SHOW BY ROCK !!' is decided on the 69.69.

You can get 'Cyan-chan's Ribbon' as a pre-sales bonus.

◆ ASUS ZenU.FO? (USO 401 AF)

As it says 'to wear and get to the' go 'era, ASUS has released the flying object' ASUS ZenU.FO 'that floats on the head.

◆ Sprite next work ・ Four rhythm of the other side of the cat-UMYAI-announcement-TV animation decision!
Sprite, which is producing content for 'Far rhythm of the Aoi', announces the new game 'Four rhythm of the Cat' -UMYAI-. The mascot evil spirit is the leading role.

Asus announced that it became possible to charge an electric car using ZenFone Max which becomes a mobile battery substitute.

It looks like this is actually charging.

It seems to charge with ZenFone Max as follows.

◆ TV anime 'WORKING !!!' official site
The TV anime 'WORKING !!!' official site randomly displays a new anime featuring characters from the original author, Takatsu Karino. 'Wangan Nan Li A-The End of Long Life' and ...

'WORKING of the DEAD' where zombies appear

A variety of parody works have been decided to be animated, such as the anime “Blade ★ Wa-n-Ging” of fantasy.

In addition, Mr. Takatsu Carino's official site 'Uronna page' has been transformed into

a sheep meat support site ' Matton page '.

◆ Bridal planning site delivered by Arc System Works Axy for wedding!
The website of Arc System Works, which develops games, has been transformed into 'Aksy', which offers bridal plans.

◆ Godzilla vs. Evangelion Special Site
The movie 'Shin Godzilla' official site has become a 'Godzilla vs. Evangelion' special site, and a red illustration of Eva's first machine and Godzilla fighting has appeared.

◆ Notice of personnel change for executives | TAKARATOMY

Takara Tomy resolves the rejuvenation of executives in order to develop products that reflect children's feelings. The organizational chart changes as follows.

◆ The window company (Yashiro)
Window companies are getting smaller and smaller as a result of scaling down.

Also, as a news dated April 1st, a project for global standardization of 'Sapphire Stone' has been announced.

◆ \ Before the Summit! / [Congratulations] 4/1 Hanamaru Udon Giant Ise Shrimp Store Opening !!
In front of the Ise-Shima Summit , Hanamaru Udon opens a new store “Gigantic Ise Shrimp” in Ise-Shima, the summit venue. It is a store where huge Ise prawns “hospit” the leaders of each country.

A high-tension movie introducing the Hanamaru Udon Giant Ise Shrimp shop can be viewed from the following.

Hanamaru Udon April Fool's Day 2016-YouTube

Seven billion people are waiting for his return. Odyssey (not certified) produces a parody poster of 'Odyssey'. Sean K Odyssey or '7 billion people are waiting for Holaccio's return' ...

Trump Odyssey is a catch phrase that '7 billion people hope for his defeat.'

Funashi-Odyssey, '7 billion people are waiting for his pear juice.'

'Obillion people are waiting for her curse.' As you scroll through the pages, you will find April Fool's Day content.

◆ The King of Fighters
What will marry Kusanagi and Yagamisu of the game The King of Fighters?

The following image is also posted, unofficial material.

◆ Detective Conan official application-free cartoon · frame stamp etc
The 'Detective Conan Official App' for iOS and Android is filled with black people .

Black people also appear on individual pages such as news and movie information.

◆ 【MIKU EXPO】 “MIKU EXPO 2039 Galaxy Tour” will be held! Touring the 7 Solar System Planets ☆-Hatsune Miku Official Blog
Hatsune Miku official blog announces the first space live tour 'MIKU EXPO 2039 Galaxy Tour'. From 2039 onwards, we are visiting the 7 planets of the solar system (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune).

Some official goods have already been announced, such as Galaxy suits.

◆ 【1 day limited】 牌 additional information | Modern Mahjong All Stars Touden official site
On April 1st, the game 'Bonobono' and 'Simachae Uncle' are participating in the game app 'Farden Den Mahjong All Stars' for iOS and Android.

Akagi and BONOBONO bet on the sign of Take Shobo and play mahjong.

You can fight with BONOBONO, Shimaris and Raccoons with mahjong.

◆ 【Breaking news】 DMM introduces “Zimbabwe Dollar Settlement” following Bitcoin!
In Zimbabwe, the stagnation of agriculture and economic sanctions led to a shortage of foreign currency, resulting in hyperinflation, and the exchange rate for a period also reached 1 US $ = 3.5 Kyoto Zimbabwe Dollars. As a result, the Zimbabwe dollar has been abolished in June 2015 and is now sold as a souvenir for foreign tourists, but DMM introduced the Zimbabwe dollar settlement among them.

In addition, exchange rate is 35,000,000,000,000 (3.5 kyo) Zimbabwe dollars per DMM point 1000pt (approximately 1000 yen equivalent).

◆ 'KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm' official site
It has become the 'KING OF PRINCESS' specification that the Prism Star transforms into a princess how the ' New Year Support! April Screening ' of the KING OF PRISM theatrical version is held.

◆ TV anime 'Are you a rabbit?' Official site
The official site 'Are you ordering a rabbit?' Appears on the night of the night and is the official site of the Great Thief Kaito Lapin who makes the city of a wood structure a fuss.

It was in the form of chasing the footsteps of Lapin by solving the problem, saying, 'Don't sell hard at daytime! Treasures will be brilliant at night!

◆ Traditional performing arts 'Boy Izabu Buim' Kyararyu Honpo official formula
The official site of the BL game brand 'Nitroplus Chiral' has become 'Kuraryu Honpo official home page' and has been popular among traditional people as a traditional performing arts since the Nara period. We sell premium products such as window and fruit electric appliances, Ukiyo-e large-sized blinds and postcards.

◆ Starry * KNiGHTs
Starry ☆ Sky official site is being released as a story 'Starry * KNiGHTs' official site which saves the world.

It is scheduled to be staged at the national star association group theaters from April 1st.

◆ TV anime 'Osomatsu-san' official site
'Osomatsu-san' who has reached the final anime series has already returned, but I have returned to my childhood 'Osomatsu-kun'.

The illustration and sentences of the character introduction are also 'Osomatsu-kun' specifications.

In addition, the game app for smartphones '

Osomatsu-san's Navel Wars-Neat's Offensive- ' has all the characters on the start screen become Hinosuke Hinosawa, and the game title is 'Hinosuke Hinosuke Hinokawa-san's Haunting Wars-Offensive of Heirloom-' It has changed to

◆ Your hair loss will be a ring. HAIR RING-HAIR RING-| Mesocare Plus | April Fool's Day

Mesocare Plus, which handles scalp and good scalp care shampoos and lotions, has launched a service to create rings with hair loss.

You can check the craftsmanship of hair loss as a ring from the following movie.

HAIR RING (hair ring) ~ your hair loss will be a ring ~ [April fools 2016]-YouTube

◆ The youngest gravure model ever !? 10 months beauty 'Super Sonico' debut decision ♪
Super Sonico became a 10-month-old baby and debuted as the youngest gravure model ever. On the official site, wallpapers for PCs and smartphones are distributed.

◆ Special edition: Our magazine gets 3D goggles by Nintendo! The launch title is also ... ...-The VR part of the coffin-The coffin of the window
A number of companies have entered the VR market, but the windows have found that Nintendo has acquired the latest 3D goggle devices.

This is its 3D goggle device 'Virtual Boy'

What a display and processor is an integrated stand-alone device.

◆ Successful development of world's first ghost capture device | Sony
The 'Proton Pack' that appeared in the movie 'Ghostbusters' has finally been put to practical use by Sony technology.

The back is like this. We cope with high-speed video photography of 960 frames a second, and record movement of subject exactly. The built-in 4K ultra-short focus projector can project captured objects in real time. It is also compatible with NFC, and it is also possible to connect to LCD TV Bravia or Xperia smartphone to view, transfer and share captured objects.

The structure is as follows. The Proton Pack was developed by Gillian Holtzman, an expert in military technology, and a Sony engineer.

You can check the details of the product from the following movie.

Proton Pack-The World's First Ghost Capture Device-YouTube

◆ Arthur appeared in new good friend characters! | Onigiri
MMO action RPG 'of cyber step Oniki ' becomes 'Kaniki', fairy is infested countries and lords and King of Britain (Britain), 'Arthur crab dragon' appeared as a new character. On the introductory page, you can listen to Arthur's voice while watching the figure of Arthur moving slimy scissors and see the introduction of the knights of the round table. On the special page, the Cyberstep logo is also transformed into 'cyberkaniep'.

◆ Eye site ver. Business | SUBARU
Aiming for a society without accidents, 'business specifications' have appeared on Subaru's safety technology eye site.

If business specification eye site enables 'technological technology that does not collide in meetings', 'technics to follow bosses', 'technologies that do not show up in advanced courses', 'technologies that e-mails do not jump out', 'technologies that will cause sleepy Of.

◆ Kuroko's Basketball Anime Official Site
The anime 'Kuroko's Basketball' official site is for the 'Theatrical Edition Chick Basketball' specification of the story that Kiseki's generation has come back to be a chick.

◆ Eyebrow nails.
It is possible that you can get 3D images of Yoshida-kun, etc. by entering the keywords that are sent as friends to the smartphone game “ Brave Frontier ” and the LINE official account of the secret association 爪 s nail group.

◆ Stage 'Kuroko's Basketball' THE ENCOUNTER Official Site
The top page of the stage 'The Kuroko's Basketball THE ENCOUNTER' official site is the 'Black Outfit Basketball' full of hosts dressed in a suit.

◆ This is a virtual SEX of the future! 'Illusion VR'
Illusion, which develops a real-time 3D girl game, will release the 'Illusion VR' which provides direct pleasure by providing a special suit with a built-in tactile sensor that wraps the 360 degree space and the whole body by the head mounted display on April 1st. did.

In such a feeling, it has become a set sale in the all-in-one such as the main body 'VRPC', 'hole', 'dedicated HMD', 'simulated tits' and 'whole body tactile sense determination device'.

◆ Manga One
In the comic app 'manga one', Hiromi Noro, who has a slightly thicker body appearing in the manga 'Whistle!', Decides on a new series of the sequel manga 'Smothle' aiming at a wrestler.

◆ Don't give up now (official site) | Dear fans 【April Fools】
The production committee is now apologizing for the fuss over the suspicion of resale of the bark that was supposed to be discarded five years ago.

Do you resell the expired taste? Impossible Daughter 5th Anniversary April 1, 2016 #April Fools-YouTube

The apology is as follows.

◆ Anime 'Showa Genroku Rakushin Chu'
The final show will be broadcast from April 26th at 27:27 'Showa Genshu Rakugoshinchu' is collaborating with the anime 'I'm Sakamoto?' Which will start broadcasting from April. A school love comedy 'Kikubi' says that when you open a site in the Showa Genraku Rakugo mind, a cool high school student, Kikuhio, sits at the teaching desk in a school run and black glasses and wears a ruler like a fan An illustration of 'It is old?' Has appeared. “I am Kikubi が?” Drew a delicate love pattern with the high school student who sent rakugo pickled days at the Rakugo Research Group, the love face and work of Kikuhiko, and also Madonna Miyokichi, the first school in the school With the work.

◆ DCP-J0401-USO | Inkjet Printers / MFPs | Brother
Brother announces 48 color printer 'DCP-J0401-USO'.

In this way, various cartridges are used, such as 'Jonbori', 'Celadoni' and 'Red'.

The body is a compact design 17.2 cm high × 100.0 cm wide × 34.1 cm deep.

◆ It is Sakamoto, is it? Official website | TBS TV
On the official site of the TV anime 'I'm Sakamoto?', Illustrations of 'Showa Motosa Sakamoto Shinzoku' have been published, where Sakamoto will transform into a stylish family and sit on a cushion in a kimono and start rakugo.

◆ 【4/1% special coupon 0% OFF】 Pink bear meat momo meat 【Free shipping on flying leg】 【Translation in outlet】
The post pet website has a 'pink bear meat' sales site that is scary of the word 'in translation.'

It's 100% natural, naturally produced with no additives and no coloring, and it seems to be characterized by its elasticity.

Recipes were also published on the website.

◆ 【Owned! ? 】 Take no Sato / The forbidden games of a pig and a raccoon dog-YouTube
Published the continuation of the TVCM of 'Take no Sato' broadcasted by Meiji in 1985.

[Into store! ? 】 Take no Sato / The forbidden games of a pig and a raccoon dog-YouTube

Pigs and raccoons digging bamboo shoots with bamboo and bamboo.

When we are pulling each other oversized bamboo shoots that Tanuki dug ...

The contents were completely removed from the skin of the bamboo shoots. The forbidden play of the pig and the raccoon to be developed after this is the contents of the storehouse also unavoidable.

'This chocolate-only village' and 'cookies-only village' do not want to be commercialized.

◆ \ Coca-Cola Carbonated Battery New Release! / Power generation with carbon dioxide that shrews! ...-Coca-Cola | Facebook
Coca-Cola will release a new energy 'carbonated battery' that can generate electricity by carbonation.

◆ Uta no ☆ Prince-sama ♪ Theatrical company Shining Replay! | Uta no Prince ☆ ♪
Theatrical company Shining ” consisting mainly of the 11 idols of the Shining Office performed from December 2013 to February 2014 All the “masquerade mirage” “invincible shinobi way” “JOKER TRAP” Decided to play three works. It will be a stage where young actors take over the role as the second generation, and become a stage that has gained power over dimensions.

◆ \ I · · · · · Wasabi new appearance! /
It is said that we have put domestic wasabi, which has been grated to the spirit, in carefully selected natural water in Japan.

◆ Future Mail
PC Phase, which provides video mail service 'Vmail', has developed a service 'Future Mail' which can communicate with people after 5 years, 10 years and 100 years beyond time and space.

Select the number of years you are interested in and press 'Send Future Mail', and the mailer will start up, so if you send as it is, a message will be returned from the residents of the future. In addition, future e-mail will be displayed normally on iPhone standard mailer, Gmail application, Yahoo! Only mail application, WEB mailer, Thunderbird, Mac standard mailer.

◆ Nendoroid
Good Smile Company has released “Nendoron”, in which Junk-sized Hatsune Miku flies into the sky to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Nendoroid.

Tanaka-kun is running on the page of Gungan ONLINE, and all characters except Tanaka- kun are in a state of 'all other than Tanaka-kun' being in a daunting pose, putting one hand on the cheek and putting an elbow on the desk. .

◆ We will not compromise on AI soon! ? AI crush with her | FAworks
The project information site FAworks for free engineers has been developed to provide excitement for those who want to comfort themselves, who are afraid of human girls, and want to rehearse conversations with girls before joining the party. AI she '

There are various types of girls on the website, and when you press the “talk to this girl” button, a message box will pop up, so you can talk to AI there.

◆ April 1 Chiba, Teganuma completely new amusement facility opening? Darius Aquamusement Karin
In 2016, which marks the 30th anniversary of the shooting game 'Darias', a game center 'Darias Aquamusement or Wrinkle', which can meet huge battleships appearing in the game, will open. We offer a variety of dishes using fresh fish shellfish that appear in the Darius series, such as 'Bercer's Cafe', underwater live performances by the sound team 'ZUNTATA' , and 'Karinawa Fish Land' where large battleships can be fished.

The huge movie of Darius's battleships swimming in the facility from the following movie.

[4/1] Darius Aquamusement Kawori · panoramic video-YouTube

◆ Theatrical version “The third puzzle of magic Creamy ☆ Kagarin” | Key Official HomePage
From the TV anime 'Rewrite', 'The 3rd Magic of Magic-Creamy ☆ Kagarin' will be released in theaters in summer 2016.

◆ TV anime 'Noragami ARAGOTO' official site
The top page of the TV anime 'Noragami ARAGOTO' official site changes to the illustration and title of '○○ Gami' every time it reloads. 'Yatogami' 'Megami' 'Hanikami' and ...

'Gummi' 'Kamigami' 'Nozokimi' 'Mae Kagami' which cut the animation scene.

Furthermore, things such as 'Origami', 'Uragami', 'Amagami', 'Sagami', 'Namimi' and 'Matagami' have appeared that have nothing to do with Noragami.

◆ Alley Star light stage
'To Aru Majutsu no Index' appears as a rhythm game and can be shared with Twitter to get the limited idol 'Mikoto'. The site Suzuka Yuriko is 'idle, Yameran no' I muttered in the dark face.

Digimon Adventure tri.
'Skamon ... Etemon ... The biggest battle in history starts now !!!', Sukamon Adventure tri.

◆ TV animation 'GATE (gate) Self Defense Force his land in this way, thus fighting' official site
A spin-off project 'Magical Girl Love Warriors-Rolyy-Another world summons-' has been launched to commemorate the first character popular vote.

You can see the movie from the following.

Character popular vote first place commemorative spin out planning start! ? 'Magical Girl Love Warrior Lory-Another world summoning-'-YouTube

◆ 'Two stars, come!' TV program start decision! Nico Nico live broadcast also! ?
Variety program 'Two stars, Odease!' Is started by Naoki Hanae, who plays the protagonist Enmadou Rokuro, and Megumi Hina, who plays the part of Akano. If you are looking for a partner (family, friends, etc.) (two stars) to appear in the one-to-one show, you can get a round trip to Hatano & cursive introductory set & one year's worth of bows. First broadcast in smiling live broadcast on May 6, the scheduled broadcast has become a.

◆ Venus Eleven bird!
Beautiful Girl Soccer Training Game Venus Eleven Bibbly! When the app was installed and launched, an image similar to 'Go! Pure Bibit!' Was displayed on the left side of the screen. Click on ......

The announcement page of the movie 'Go! Pure Bibit!-Suspicious High Laugh and Mysterious Tsukomi Kaijin-' was displayed for 'Contract with me and become the legendary warrior Pure Bibito!'.

◆ 1 file 50G! Free large file transfer GigaFile (Giga file) flights
The large-capacity file transfer service 'Giga file service' has been renamed to 'Giga file service (Ben)' and replaced with file transfer to start the service transfer service. By flushing the water without passing through the sewage, the toilet is always kept shiny, and it is possible to upload DAIBEN with high-capacity storage with peace of mind.

Uploaded flights are automatically saved as a 'dock album' on the cloud, and you can download raw flights if you unzip and expand them from a dedicated page. In addition, flights one week after uploading are said to be donated to the NGO group 'World Express Service Organization'.

◆ The ambition of the warehouse ban All country · edition
The latest version of the puzzle game ' Sokoban ' that has been under development since 1982, 'Ambition of Sokoban All Country, Edition' has appeared.

As a sample, the puzzle of 'Owari / Mikawa' face is released.

◆ Cotton High-spec Movie version
The website of Wagamama High Spec Movie version 'Watanauki High Spec' is released. Pure love beyond time and space is unfolded.

In addition, admission visitor privilege is 'delicious Dakimakura cover strictly protected by the mysterious light of April 1st performance love'.

◆ TV animation 'SERVAMP' July, 2016 TV animation start
The official site of the anime 'SERVAMP' is the 'Surbum Gakuen' specification.

There is also a chart to get along with the students of the school.

◆ Mammoth Burger | Mos Burger Official Site
'Mammoth burger' using 100% mammoth meat comes from Mos Burger. This is the 'oldest and latest burger' that captures mammoth accidentally found during soil surveys and smokes mammoth meat with bones with premium cherry chips made from 300-year-old cherry trees, priced at 1129 Circle. On the official site you can see the mammoth burger's secret story.

◆ Anime 'Bungo Stray Dogs' official site
Bungo Stray Dogs is also a refreshing school story specification.

It becomes a totally different story by saying 'the fragile heart and the heart. A delicate mind is mixed, irreplaceable everyday. One page of youth with the name of a literary writer now opens the door-' You are

◆ The Legend of Heroes The Trail of the Sky the 3rd Evolution
The site for PS Vita's game software 'Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Evolution', which will be released in July 2016, has been renewed and has become a nostalgic site design. If you take a step back and declare a Twitter account with a squeeze, you can really get a not-for-sales store poster.

◆ TV anime 'Space Patrol Luluco' & 'Kiznaiver'
Space Patrol Luluco's pattern is not a regular one, but changed to the pattern of the TV anime ' Kiznaiver '.

On the other hand, the characters of Kiznaiver were designed as Space Patrol Luluco.

◆ ConoHa-The most female friendly rental server (VPS)
A member of 'Hakuouki' takes office as a new cheering team instead of Mikumo, who is the leader of VPS service 'ConoHa'. While opening the control panel of ConoHa, you can enjoy the spout of high-concentration carbonated mist that is good for your skin and the handsome voice of the Hakuouki character, and the site also sells inauguration memory goods for a limited time.

◆ Wake Up, Girls! Comprehensive official site | WUG! Portal
The story “Wake Up, Girls!”, Where seven girls aim for an idol in Sendai, is “16 years old on the official site. Announced to release 'Garakei'.

The color variations are as follows.

◆ Doki! Cool heaven handsome ☆ paradise! Final Fantasy XIV: Official Blog
The official blog shows that there has been a project in the past called 'Let's introduce a high sensitivity system' to get along well with your favorite characters in Final Fantasy XIV.

A proposal is given many times up to ver 3.0 with the mechanism that a special quest occurs in connection with the group to which the character belongs, and it develops in love ... if the favorability of a specific character is raised. It seems that a review has been carried out.

The play screen sample of the 'Ascension Knights Quest' is as follows. It seems that events such as practicing dance dance with Princess Adelfel and Shari Bell can help you in a pinch.

◆ JR bundle Japan Station name change
Omori Station in JR East becomes 'Tokumori Station' due to the change in food circumstances accompanying the recent increase in the number of passengers.

Aomori Station is changed to 'Namimori Station,' with the station name changed.

According to the station name, the forest is said to be too close to the surrounding area, so the name will be changed to 'Tie Station' ...... JR East unofficial material.

◆ 4/1 limited release !! Animation feature of Naisho | d anime store
dThe anime store is to release 'Kiken anime that opens the forbidden door' on April 1st.

For example, if you click on the theme 'Sexy dynamite with a body, a body, a body, a body with a tear' ...

The screen is lined with a number of animations in which the body appears selfishly.

When you click on the theme 'Cute girl ... not wearing !!!' ...

I did not wear it.

◆ Anigema-Smartphone Appli Game
We released the app market 'Damage Gema' where only Anoma, the comprehensive market for Android such as adult games, apps, and books, is a fucking game. To see the damn gem, open the URL of Anigema and click 'I am over 18'.

Click the banner 'Gummer' at the top of the page.

At ゲ Gema, you earn money and go around the ガ チ ャ 'Apri-chan shipping factory' or ...

A light novel as long as the game is being sold as a light novel 'A very healthy game that kills a bad app that's a good app that doesn't make a mess. What's more, today's limited 100% off sale has become a mess.

◆ TV anime 'NEW GAME!' Official site
The official page of the TV anime 'NEW GAME!', Which started broadcasting in July 2016, has been transformed into 'Go for it !?' in the game.

The outline is as follows. Since the original work name is 'NEW GAME!', It seems that it may seem as if it is 'an animation of such a name originally?'

It is prepared completely to the character introduction.

The original site design looks like this.

◆ .earth Island Project | INTER LINK
Interlink Co., Ltd., which operates '. Moe' and '. Osaka ', arranges 36 artificial islands in the North Pacific to create '. Earth', and promotes to appeal to space that there is a 'planetary domain' on the earth It was started. The cost of producing 36 artificial islands, 59 yen and 4,000 trillion yen, was procured through crowdfunding.

The FAQ is asking questions from aliens. A 16-year-old female Martian applied for '.mars' as the URL of Mars.

◆ TV anime 'Re: different world life starting from scratch' official site
The official page of the TV anime 'Re: Different World Life Starting from Zero' broadcast on April 2016 is transformed into 'Re: Cat Cafe Life Starting from Zero'. The catch phrase 'What a helpless boy got is a cat cafe that gives healing with cats.'

The outline is as follows. It is a simple cat cafe mania-like animation in which you are taken to a different world while playing with cats in a cat cafe and trying to open a cat cafe in order to protect cats in another world.

Introducing the character is covered with cats.

In addition, the original page of 'Re: different world life starting from zero' is such a feeling that the cat element is less.

◆ PantSbra VR
May-Be Soft has released a product 'PantSbra VR' that will revolutionize the current VR industry. PantSbra VR lets you experience the frosty gaze from 360 degrees omnidirectional and the real play as if you are touching underwear just by wearing pants and a bra.

The PantSbra VR, which includes a Panbra headset, charging cable, game software, instruction manual, and audio earphones, is scheduled to be released in October 2216. The price is ¥ 19,980.

◆ Fusion of new tradition and 3D printer that Kabuku gives! Released 'MakerGo' | Kabuku Co., Ltd.
Kabuku Co., Ltd. announced the next-generation 3D printer 'MakerGo' embedded with Go AI.

According to the

product page , MakerGo is a 3D printer that can judge the situation, think about appropriate means, and output meteorites and play games. You can see how MakerGo hits Go from the following movie:

world's first! Go AI equipped 3D printer 'MakerGo'-YouTube

AI is much more intelligent than human beings, but loses when it runs out of material.

◆ Breed Kaga items of 'New Century GPX Cyber Formula' appear one after another! | ACOS Online Shop
The ACOS Online Shop , which sells cosplay costumes, sells breed kaga-related goods appearing in the anime “The New Century GPX Cyber Formula ” to such an extent that it still sells.

A set of five premium tickets for the Japan Grand Prix, which Breed Kaga aspires, is half a million yen in tax, but it is already sold out.

Breed Kaga's dedicated wig, 410,000 yen tax

Breed Kaga's favorite car Aoysters Jaguar Z7 comes in real size. The price is 41 trillion yen excluding tax.

A hoodie inspired by Sugo Asurada to which Kazami Hayato belongs. It looks like you can really buy it

here , and you can make a pre-order from here , the price is 11,000 yen excluding tax.


accept reservations for Parker based on Aoi ZIP Formula to which Breed Kaga belongs.

In addition, the earring that Breed Kaga has put on the ear is also

sold . This is a reprint of what was released in 1992.

◆ The witch home delivery has begun | INTERIOREZ of Nordic goods and imported goods
At Intelliores, an online shop that deals with Scandinavian sundries and imported sundries, a witch home delivery service has started.

It looks like the witch who looks like I've seen in a Ghibli movie like this, will deliver the product on a Nordic wind, so on the official page, “Kiki delivery will be at your disposal” It is a new service delivered by the witch, sometimes from the window, sometimes from the garden, and delivers important products in the wind. '

◆ 【Breaking news】 Introduction of hackador license system 【Aiming Gold】 | Hackadoll (Hackadoll) Official Management Blog
Hiroki Hirose, DeNA's pretty girl specialist and engineer, said, 'Hakkador not only analyzes the tastes of the person and delivers the news they want but also identifies the tastes they are not aware of. This is a dangerous technology, which exposes 'potential nerd attributes' that the user himself is not aware of to the day. In other words, it is possible to push people who were supposed to spend their lives in a delicate manner as 'flappy geeks' or 'hidden geeks' to 'in a state of irreparable'. 'They warn the danger of hackadors.'

Therefore, it seems that it is decided to introduce a 'licensing system' that hackador wants to use it with the correct knowledge. It is very easy to take the Hackadol License Examination, and it is possible to take it from 'Okka Talk' at the Hacka Game Center.

In addition, there are three questions in all in the license test, so it is said that practical exams are included, so it looks good for hackador fans to try.

◆ TV anime school battle city asterisk
TV anime 'Academic City Asterisk' was supposed to start broadcasting the second phase from April 2016, but when the official site is accessed zombies are attacking ...

The zombie extermination game named ' ASTERISK OF THE DEAD ' has started.

◆ The ultimate Indian curry Shuzan Yoga Curry | Magic Wands of Feng Shui and Natural Stone Accessories
' Magic Wands ' specializing in Feng Shui and natural stone accessors is challenging for the ultimate Indian curry making. The yoga power that I got from the yoga class that I went to make curry is shown a lot.

In addition, the ultimate Indian curry 'Shuzan yoga curry' that is created is sold at a discount price of 888 yen, but it will be regrettable if you click 'Add to basket'.

◆ Shiatism Grand Blue Fantasy
The mobile game 'Grand Blue Fantasy', which is known for the commercial of the tagline 'Grab What?', Has been reborn as the sound game 'Seatrism Gran Blue Fantasy'. Animation of Gran Blue Fantasy starts when you open the URL of Shiat Rhythm Gran Blue Fantasy .

When you watch the animation to the end, 'Siartism Grand Blue Fantasy' starts, so click 'PLAY'.

Four things, Zita, Lilua, Marie, and Villa, will debut as idols, and will fight against demons by making full use of the music wave 'Rizpo'.

At first click on the 'Bie-kun draw song' tutorial to play.

Then the sound game starts. The operation method is only to click the screen at the timing when the trigger that flows from the screen falls. In addition, if it is PC, it works with Chrome or Safari, and it is possible to play Shiatrism Grand Blue Fantasy from the application itself.

◆ Seriously! Renaissance
An adventure game in which the main character spends every day with six boys in a school where eggs of the magic artist (Artista) gather, in the adventure game “Maje Kn's Renaissance”, a new magic art limited on April 1st The house is decided to participate.

It was 'Arista of flower arrangement with a hand that brings out beauty', Shoya Ayazaki (CV: Shoya Ayazaki). You can also listen to voice samples properly. Seriously!

◆ Potato Chips Consomme W (Waros) Punch New Release www | Calbee Co., Ltd.
Calbee, Inc. has released a new product 'Consomme W (Walros) Punch'.

'Consomme W (Walros) Punch' uses a W-shaped potato developed by the company.

In addition, it is said that the developer 'Waligatomarango', which is the component of the world's most funny wali radish, which he has collected and went to dangerous areas.

The workers were produced with 863 people laughing for 10 days.

When people who couldn't speak at the drinking party eat 'Consomme W (Walros) Punch', it seems to have become bright enough to shout a gag at the drinking party.

◆ Nippon peep Taro | Kansai Television Broadcasting Kantele
For Kansai TV Broadcasting , it has been decided that the Japanese old-fashioned feature film 'Nippon's Nozomitaro' will be broadcast in the prime time.

You can see in a single shot the following movie to see what kind of animation 'Nozomi Kitaro' will be.

【Nozomimi Taro】 Nostalgic only new anime hero! Visit the Golden Time! ? -YouTube

◆ 'Wolf Girl and Black Prince' official site
The official site of the movie 'Wolf Girl and Black Prince' released on May 28, 2016 (Saturday) has been changed to the opposite title of 'Wolf Boy and Black Princess'.

◆ Gorondia official site
The official site of the air hockey ball-style action game 'Gorondia' has been transformed into a maiden game site, with flicks of characters flicking and hitting the enemy.

Golondia is a kore before becoming a maiden game. Where are the cute animals?

Gorondia's official Twitter account is introducing Golondia's game content into the Miku game's Tokimeki love story. Still images by designers will also be published on Twitter.

◆ Contribute to the elucidation of the mystery of the universe! An experimental analysis system to support GOIKA research by 'Super Squid Cande'
SNS ' @ ami'z ', where Aomori lovers gather, has announced an experimental analysis system that supports GOIKA research by 'Super Squid Tuna Cande'.

◆ Hiraki Kata Tsushin-Hirakata City Chatting Story
The regional information site 'Arikata Tsushin' specialized in Hirakata City, Osaka has changed its name to 'Hirakita Tsushin' due to circumstances without a play. In the future, it is not distributing information specific to Hirakata, but distributing information specific to 'Hirakikata' such as 'Aqua's Hirakata' information taught by fishermen.

◆ Lovely idol Sakura official page
Animation of ' Lovely Idol Sakura ' is decided as a spin-off work of the TV anime ' Ternary Three Leaves ', and it is possible to audition the 1st single 'ZOKKON ☆ Cherry Blossom' of Sakura Usuda who is the main character on the official site. The spin-off original 'Ternary-Tachibana' is broadcasting from April 2016.

◆ Home | Dullyzer Official Site
Local hero 'Dullyiser' of Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima announces the end of the activity about April Fool. The character of the page reporting the end of the activity is misaligned, and the request for the appearance on the upper right of the screen is 'In appearance', the staff is typographical on 'Stack', and the link is typographical for 'Linta' It has been transformed into

Dullyser is also announcing the end of activity on the official Twitter account.

◆ There is a risk of misidentification again in the Kobe Anime Street logo.
Kobe Anime Street, which promotes the creation of a new otaku culture, announced a new logo on March 29, but suspicions appeared in the announced logo.

This is a logo mark that was announced, but from the descendants of the Egyptian Egyptian pharaoh, the wealthy Arka family owner Nannako Alka, 'Because it looks like a pyramid because it resembles a decoration of our ancestors, we head to Kobe Tourists are coming out one after another, 'he said. Discussions were held by both Kobe Anime Street and Alka, and a reconciliation was achieved by constructing and “splitting” pyramids within Kobe Anime Street.

◆ GMO Gamepot Inc.
A banner 'Commit as a result' is displayed on 'GMO Gamepot', a Japanese online game company.

Click to play the following movie.

Game Pot 'The Fairy of the Devil' Hen-YouTube

◆ Smartphone 'Moni-tan' specializing in masking investigation is scheduled to be released this summer! Advance reservation start! !
The monitor portal site ' Fan Kuru ' of the mask investigation / mystery shop has announced the smartphone 'Monitan phone' specialized in the mask investigation.

You can check the following movie to see what kind of product Moni-Fan is equipped with artificial intelligence and supports all kinds of services of 'Fan-Ku'.

Moni Tan Phone CM 2016/04/01-YouTube

◆ WWF Launches “Ryung” Conservation Project | Rare Wildlife Conservation | WWF Japan
WWF, one of the world's largest conservation organizations for the natural environment, has launched a project to protect the dragon, which has been considered a legendary creature.

Ryuji Tsutsui, Executive Director of WWF Japan, says, “The dragon has various animal elements. The head is a camel, the horn is a deer, the claw is a hawk, the palm is a tiger, the long neck is a snake, and the scale is a fish. Knowing and understanding will also lead to a deep understanding of the wild creatures living in various environments.I hope that many people will support our efforts by all means And comment. The dragon protection project itself is April Fools' Day, but the picture of the dragon held by Dr. Tsutsui is hand-painted by the Secretary General.

◆ [No extra] strange chicken swarm in Shibuya
Extras are announced in the online MMORPG ' Archiage '. The extra content is that the chicken has filled Shibuya but ...

Suddenly many chickens can pour from the top of the screen.

Looking at the bottom of the screen, the fallen chicken has piled up like a mountain.

When I had piled up to some extent, I was asked the question, 'How many eggs came out?'

◆ I hit every month! Present Campaign-Chance It
The discount life support site ' Chance It ', which delivers fun information such as points, sweepstakes, shopping, questionnaires, and pocket money, steals 'This month's present' which is presented to users monthly at the timing of April Fool's Day. It's closed.

If you secure the offender, you can get a special present, but if you catch it, you will be able to apply for a genuine present this month.

◆ Kamark official site-KAMARQ
Kamark, which is raising funds for the table ' SOUND TABLE ' playing on Makuake, a crowdfunding site, has posted an apology of the information leak on its official site.

According to an apology, the latest product's confidential information leaked. Some information is available on YouTube for movies. Ken Komachi, Kamark's representative, was surprised enough to fall from his chair and injure his wrist when he knew the leak.

◆ TV anime 'Drunken Beloberus Ultimate Hangover' official site
The official site of the TV anime 'Sacred Battle Cerberus Dragon Fatalite', which will start broadcasting on TV Tokyo etc. from April 4, 2016, has been changed to 'Drunken Bello Bello's Ultimate Hangover'. As a result of carrying out a drinking party regardless of the enemy and ally, Gilru, Palpa, Nambuko, and the evil dragon, the official site will be closed for a day.

◆ Ketchup!-A smartphone accessory shop where everyone will be crazy
In “Ketchup!” That handles smartphone accessories that everyone in their 10's and 20's is crazy about, all models in the site have been transformed into men's men all day long

In normal times, a photo of a female model like this holding an accessory is used.

During April Fool's Day, it is as follows.

◆ Important notice on our '0 SIM by So-net' | So-net Mobile Services
' So-net ' announced that '0 SIM by So-net', which could be used for free up to 500 MB a month, has newly introduced a fully paid plan for various reasons. Furthermore, along with the charge, the content has been changed so that users can pay back the amount of communication charge that they used for free so far. Of course, this is April Fool's Neta, and '0 SIM by So-net' will be available for free to less than 500MB a month, but it is a content that can be cool and cool.

◆ BFB 2016 Soccer Training Game × Tenichiro Genichiro
The soccer game app for smartphones 'BFB 2016-Football training game (BFB)' is equipped with a new function 'The live performance of Tenryu Genichiro' that the familiar Tenryu Genichiro will live on in a chattering voice.

You can check how the Tenryu Genichiro is actually live from the following movie.

BFB 2016 x 'Tenryu Genichiro' | The world's first! The first installation of Mr. Wrestling in the soccer game!-YouTube

Also, on the campaign page, there is a button that allows you to hear the sound of Genichiro Tenryu, which is also recommended.

◆ Luck logic
TCG 'Lucken Logic' official site is hijacked by Olga Blakechild who is one of the characters, and each menu of the site also becomes Olga specification.

For example, 'INTRODUCTION' is 'Welcome to my paradise'.

I want to see the product information, 'If I want, I'd like to get the second popular booster pack' Believe & Betray 'now on sale!'

The rule is 'Follow my logic if you don't know!'

The movie is 'Please see my male figure!' ... but it is a bit sad that 'Your video has not been registered.'

◆ “Hello, I'll pay you interest!”
In addition to performers of Abe Sadao, Ryota, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Takeuchi Yuko, and Matsuda Ryuhei, the movie 'Toen, interest has been buzzing with the fact that figure skater Hanyu Yuzuru appears for the first time in a movie! '. The main character played by Satoshi Abe, Tanabeya Tozaburo, launched a new party for the election candidate. In order to save the poor Yoshioka inn, it might be the ideal leader that Japan seeks to strike and strike a private property.

◆ 2 o'clock in the morning's house
It is the site of the TV anime 'Girls aim for the wilderness' as the latest work of 'Rokuhara' brand 'Asamori san's house 24 o'clock' official site ... that all heroines are assassins. It is this game that made the heroes who challenge to make an erotic game.

◆ 【Breaking news】 Chino City, Nagano Prefecture, will be renamed as “hut city”! Japan's first 'City name naming rights', SuMiKa made a successful bid! | Sumika Magazine | SuMiKa
House-built matching service SuMiKa has made a successful bid for naming rights of the city name of 'Konno City', and the name change to 'City City' is decided. Launched a new specialty product 'Takenoko's hut' and 'Mushroom's hut' to commemorate the hut city change.

◆ Girlfriend (Onpu) official site
On April 1, the limited form 'Challenge from the chairman' has started with the sound game 'Girlfriend (Omp)' where the characters of the social game ' Girlfriend (provisional) ' for smartphones sing and dance.

When you start the app, the director is told, 'I will see a song every day!'

You can now play the fun version of Akira Otsuka, who is the director's voice on 'Fun Tokimeki'.

Also, when the app is launched on April 1, 'SR Takegami Sojiro (CV: Akio Otsuka)' and so on ...

You can get the costume of the director's face.

◆ 'Tera Formars' movie
On the official site of the movie 'Tera Formars', which will be released on April 29, 2016 (Fri), a poster collaborating with the movie 'Batman vs. Birth of Superman Justice' has been released.

By the way, the poster for '

Batman vs. Birth of Superman Justice ' looks like this.

◆ Takeuchi Takeshi Takeshi appointed director film · channel RIKI opening office | Channel NECO special site
It was announced that CS movie channel 'Movie Channel NECO' operated by Nikkei Co., Ltd. will be renamed 'Movie Channel RIKI' on April 1, 2016.

A greeting movie from Ms. Takeuchi, who became the director of the organization, has been uploaded on YouTube. In addition, the Takeuchi Force Organization Director starts the broadcast of his first crown program 'Takeuchi Force, I started' for the first time in my life, and '24 Hours Takeuchi Force !!!' which broadcasts appearances for 24 hours of my own appearances It is decided.

Takeuchi power takes office as organizing director! Opened today! 'Movies and Channels RIKI'-YouTube

◆ Wizardry Online-Takashi's Mystery (Who?)
Invincible royal road RPG ' Wizardry Online-Wow, do not forget to die- ' is in invincible royal road shooter.

Operation is keyboard + mouse. It is quite difficult.

◆ We release '3D my face designer' who can perform cosmetic surgery easily at home
Megasoft, which sells PC software such as 3D My Home Designer, Interior Designer, 3D Office Designer, has released '3D My Face Designer'. 3D My Face Designer is an iPS cell-compatible 3D printer that easily generates live face parts such as the nose and ears, and allows cosmetic surgery at home.

You do not need surgery and just put 3D parts on the face. Shaun Icho, who used 3D My Face Designer, is also this Doya face.

◆ Anime 'Nuite together! '
The broadcast decision of the 2206 spring anime 'Nui to be with me!' Has been announced. 'Our Honmaru is always-' Nuinui ', and it is enjoyable that' Nuiguru Tsukumo ', the soul of the stuffed toy inadvertently dwelling, can go to the center and go training with the aim of a god.

The official site has also been launched along with the announcement.

◆ Kanes Elmeroy ・ Arch bolt
' Fate / Zero ' of the characters of Keinesu-Erumeroi arch bolt sword dancing , fleet collection - ship this - - Idol Master SideM - Fate / Grand Order that you have emergency participated in was found. Here's a tweet of a user who encountered Kiesnes Elmeroy Archbolt, which seems to be everywhere. 'Oh 考 え 刀 こ と 魔? ...?' And so on, do not think about details.

◆ Burn! ! Professional baseball (common name: burning professional)
The professional baseball game 'Bringo !! Professional Baseball (common name: Burning Professional)' released in 1987 was released on VR.

Play movie is released by playing with exclusive bat and VR goggles.

Burn! ! Professional baseball VR-YouTube

◆ Idol Master Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage (Dereste) | BANDAI Namco Entertainment Official Site
In 'Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage' for sound games for smartphones, an extra commute 'Today of a certain clerk' has appeared in April 1st and so on ...

What a clerk, Mr. Hiro, sings and dances.

◆ Mie University Faculty of Engineering Department of Information Engineering | We have developed a high-performance chalk that strongly supports research promotion!
At Mie University, Faculty of Engineering and Information Engineering, we have announced the latest research promotion support chalk 'Shinchoke'.

This thin chalk is a versatile choke that can be used in a variety of applications, such as scheduling in a laboratory, coding and debugging, cleaning of a laboratory, and scribbling for a break. It is an article that is packed with the research results of the information engineering department that it is equipped with an intelligent unit 'Sinchoke Lambda' that combines various sensors originally developed by the information engineering department and an ultra-compact high-performance CPU.

◆ Latest devices for busy moms | OM2 CHANNEL
Yumemi Co., Ltd. has released the latest diaper type wearable device 'OM2 (diams) channel'.

The OM2 channel is the latest device equipped with a lens for power button projection, an IC chip, and a motion sensor. With the OM2 channel, it will be possible to collect information while raising a child.

The commercialization of the OM2 channel can be confirmed from the following movie.

OM2 CHANNEL (diams channel)-YouTube

◆ ISLAND | Frontwing
The very popular work ' Berlin is the bell ' serialized on Akita Shoten's free comic site ' Champion Tap! ' Is released on Thursday, April 28 from the front wing, which worked on ' Grisia Fruit / Labyrinth / Paradise ' Jack is the official site of the beautiful girl novel game ' ISLAND '.

This is the official site of ISLAND before being jacked. In addition, collaboration 4 top manga drawn by Nerro Melon, author of “Berlin is the bell” is a Champion tap! Will be posted on The first part will be published on April 7 (Thu) and the second part will be released on April 21 (Thu).

◆ Cooking Fighter Yo | Official Site | Japan's No. 1 Software
Japan's No. 1 software that develops game software for PS4, etc., has been renewed for the first time in 18 years with the official site of 'Cooking Cooker Cooking Fighter', which must be called the company's starting point, to coincide with April 1st of April Fool's Day You are truly.

A unique genre 'Cooking Action' peck that shakes Tenchi! ! ! ! That's why the introductory part that tells the game contents that are too hot to be picked up is written.

Furthermore, in commemoration of the renewal, “The lie lie review battle ☆ campaign” is being carried out, and even if the unplayed cooking fighter has a good soul, if you kill the lie review, you can get 8 million hao worth of meat by lottery You The application method is as

simple as adding a hashtag ' # Hao lie review ' on Twitter to mutter the impression of cooking fighters so anyone can apply easily.

◆ I Tower ~ Over Legend Endless Tower ~ Official Special Page-DMM Online Game
In the tower construction RPG 'I Tower', the campaign is running a full-scale assimilated figure of the bucket wheel Exker Beta, a large construction machine with a total length of 220 m, a height of 96 m and a total weight of 12340 tons. It is said that one person will be drawn by drawing, but a vast land is necessary to set up a figure.

◆ 1 million Nobunaga's ambitions | Notice from operation
The ambition of Nobunaga in the online game reports that Oda Nobunaga has become the first prime minister of Sengoku Daimyo.

A special movie is also available.

Oda new cabinet establishment! Ambition of Nobunaga of One Million People-YouTube

◆ Basic free online game 'RED STONE'
In the basic free MMORPG 'RED STONE', the participation of the new character 'Senioriki' has been announced. As for 'a long-time seeker who keeps chasing the enemy,' he fights with overwhelming destructive power and legal power to destroy evil.

◆ The atelier series latest work 'Gusutochan atelier'
The official Twtter account of the GUEST brand of Koei Tecmo Holdings is tweeting a newspaper that announces the release of the 'Gusto-chan's Atelier', the latest work in the Atelier series.

◆ Stories, the development of the text Lloyd [Kyoyo Fumi (Kakuyo Fumi)] are announced.
A service that enables reading and posting of unprecedented new forms of reading combining text and illustration, ' Stories ' has announced the development of a text-roid 'Ryoyo Humi' that creates novels fully automatically.

'Affiliates with world-renowned literary awards such as the Noble Literature Award, World Library Literature Award, etc., and analyzes the writing styles of works of the now-to-date and nominated artists and works so far, and creates a database. With the cooperation of Kobitch and Ichiro, we succeeded in contacting with about 1000 civilizations of extraterrestrial planets, received local masterpieces and famous works, and recorded them in the database, thus meeting all kinds of conditions. The sentence is made, and it is now possible to create a cosmic hit work. ' Headgear reads the world view of the work from the user's brain waves when installed, and then AI will write the work with full automatic.

◆ The world's hardest beer, 'punch tea IPA' is released. The punishment game 'that tea' saves the hop shortage in the beer industry !? | What's New | Former Mother Beer Store 【Sankt Garen】
We sell beer 'punch tea IPA' that St. Gallen who brews and sells local beer may be the most bitter in the world. Unlike normal hops, it is said that it uses tea called 丁.

Penalty tea IPA is low-malt beer with an alcohol content of 6%. In addition, St. Gallen produces beer like a lie actually on April 1 and sells it for a limited period of 24 hours. In addition, sales will end when the limited number of 3000 is sold out after April 1st. It becomes sale from tax-included 1680 yen with two.

◆ The Unification Chronicle
The social game 'Tenkai Unification Chronicle', a local x beautiful illustration, has changed its service name to 'University Unification Clinic' in cooperation with Katsushi Takasu, President of Takasu Clinic as an adviser.

In addition, new squadron 'Katsuya Takasu' has appeared in commemoration of the service name change.

◆ Movie 'Sorry Girl' Official Site
Otori Photo Studio, which appears in movies, is a mysterious photo studio that rejuvenates in an instant when it takes a commemorative photo. At the same time, a 20-year-old photo of Yoichi Nuka, who plays the storekeeper, is released.

◆ Shun Nyan City
Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, has changed its name to 'Shu Nyan City' on April 1, 2016.

According to this, Mr. Kenichiro Kimura, the mayor of Shu Nyan held a press conference. The facts of the mayor's impact will be clear.

Shunan City is the city of Shu Nyan. -YouTube

In addition, a promotional video of Shu Nyan City is also available.

Shu Nyan City PV-YouTube

◆ Immediate recruitment Recruitment of unofficial newspaper section workers!
We are looking for an unofficial newspaper section worker in ' Circus, ' a girl game brand.

If you enter a code name in the text box below, you can receive instructions.

◆ Seriously announced! The Hall of Fame Don Quijote
Discount store Don Quijote has launched a promotion for alien tourists.

According to a survey by Don Quijote, it is expected that the number of visitors from space will increase from now on and the space sales will reach 410 trillion yen by 2XXX.

Promotion to aliens uses the following space communication equipment.

You can check the use of space communication equipment from the following movie.

Don Quijote Space Communication-YouTube

In addition, we plan to open 'Don Quijote Space Station' in 2XXX.

◆ Star Trek-USS Kyushu-[Star Trek Series General Site]
A comprehensive fan site 'USS Kyushu' of 'Star Trek' announces a special event that gathers all 50 kinds of stamps over the facilities of JA x A, space hall and science hall as the Star Trek 50th anniversary special event. did.

Only No. 46 is being released out of a total of 50 types of stamps. The event will be held from April 1st, 2016 to April 1st, 2017. In addition, it is true that the movie 'Star Trek' will be broadcast on NHK BS Premium from 18:50 on April 2.

◆ City information of the dead | Find the future that can survive. [HOME'S / Homes]
The 'town information' provided by ' HOME'S ' of real estate, rental and housing information is transformed into 'town information of the dead'. We are sending out area information to survive from zombies.

Town Information Of The Dead allows you to search for cities that are easy to survive, and on the individual pages of each area you will find 'Elimination probability' and other information as well as 'Ease of survival'. .

◆ The world's mystery excavation book 'separate volume bu ...' first issue! | Natural tonkotsu ramen Ichiran
The natural tonkotsu ramen specialty store 'ichiran' has published the 'Separate book' of the mystery excavated book.

According to the separate volume, it is said that a 'tasting concentration counter' was drawn on a mural found in the province of Qamadale in Egypt. In addition, it is clearly stored that the person in the mural has a rose.

In addition, it seems that the mystery of the one orchid link is abundantly published in a separate book, such as the one ranch which seems to be the oldest in Japan is excavated from the bottom of the Nakagawa flowing through Nakasu in Fukuoka.

◆ Splatoon (Splatoon)
Splatoon's official Twitter account announces the launch of the 'Ikas stand' which reasonably realizes the function of the mobile competition booth 'Ikas' used in the Splatoon Koshien. Ikas stand is small, but one player can play Splatoon simultaneously at one player, and it is possible to play eight players if you buy two. In addition, about release date and price, we would like to wait for the follow-up.

◆ We are operating as usual today. Coast Bus Co., Ltd.
'Coastal bus' which operates regular long-distance bus, is recruiting one applicant by saying that it will transfer 'Rae's child wrapping bus' of Rina specification of the school swimsuit + sailor appearance. .

◆ 'The day of surprise' special plan !! | Bikkuriman official homepage
Lotte Co., Ltd. has decided to manufacture 'Big Reman' with an extra-large-sized Bikkuriman seal of 13.4m per side on April 1 which is the 'Burk Reman's Day' enacted in 2015.

According to the developers, when they were thinking about how they would be delighted by surprise fans from all over the world, they started development because they thought, 'Oh, I just want to get bigger.'

In addition, it seems that the campaign which 'big Rehman dedicated giant rubber band' or 'Angel and the Devil big file' wins on the first arrival will be carried out.

MINI Japan announced the 'THE NEW MINI CONVERTIBLE UK WEATHER Package', a car that allows you to experience the weather in various parts of the UK in real time.

Equipped with the in-car weather control system 'MINI-WEATHER-CONNECTED' linked with the API data of weather information, it reproduces the weather in the UK, where the MINI is born, in the cabin in real time.

The price of the vehicle body of 'THE NEW MINI CONVERTIBLE UK WEATHER package' is 32 yen including tax.

◆ Puzzle! A site operated by Nicoli of Sudoku []
There are bugs on '', which is about 140 questions every month, with 4 questions or more for puzzles and sudoku daily. As it is, all the puzzles published on will be eaten, and the management side is asking the user to cooperate.

To help manage the bug and help the operation, (PDF file) Download and print the

'Paz Glasses' kit and use it to kill the bug.

◆ TV anime 'Maze-Mayoiga-'
Squid girl is lost in the official page of TV anime 'Mazei-Mayoiga-' scheduled to start broadcasting on April 1, 2016 by WOWWOW Prime and others.

◆ Movie 'spirited doctor and erased memories' official site
The official site of the movie 'The psychic doctor and the erased memory' starring Adrian Brody has been transformed into the eagle nose sale page supervised by the psychic doctor. The catch copy is 'Here you are also Brody's captivating cocoon nose!'.

◆ Chain Chronicle ~ A New Continental Land ~ AR Japan Islands
We have released the 'Chain Chronicle-A New Continental Land-AR Japan Archipelago' which can be played on the real stage with the AR function implemented on the smartphone game 'Chain Chronicle'.

The AR function is implemented, and characters appear in the real world.

Brewery seems to appear in the bar.

In addition, special goods such as the revolutionary contact lens “Chencro Contact” that projects the augmented real world into view will also be sold.

◆ Shinra Company, Extraordinary accounting for loss of ¥ 700 billion Umbrella takes over acquisition of medical business
It has been revealed that the

Shinra Company, which is undergoing business restructuring due to improper accounting, will record an extraordinary loss of ¥ 700 billion as restructuring charges. In addition, the medical business, which the company had focused on as a new business area, has already been decided to sell, and it is said that pharmaceutical company leading umbrella company is considering acquisition.

◆ Strengthen health management to realize 'maximize life opportunities'! Launched a system to maximize opportunities for hair styling, lung activity and cleanliness
Jigen Co., Ltd. aims to “maximize life opportunities” which is the corporate philosophy, and an in-house system to maximize three new health opportunities (“hair setting opportunities”, “pulmonary opportunities”, “clean opportunities”) have started. As a measure for maximizing hairdressing opportunities, a dedicated hairdresser is assigned to each employee, checking the condition of the hair, and providing thorough support for the ideal styling. In order to maximize lung life opportunities, we will blow each other out to cool off when it gets hot for training to increase lung capacity. And in order to maximize the opportunity for cleanliness, we have made it clear that part of the office space will be made into an aseptic room (class 1000) as a trial.

◆ Born from customer voice! Mono Cleaner 2! MonotaRO Co., Ltd.
Monotoro, an e-commerce site for business owners, has succeeded in contacting Ummo, introduced the latest technology called Ummo Technology, and announced 'Mono Cleaner 2', an evolution of mono cleaners.

You can understand what kind of product Mono Cleaner 2 is by looking at the following movie.

[MonotaRO Handling Products? ] Mono Cleaner 2! -YouTube

For the Mono Cleaner 2, Djangarian's tax is ¥ 14,800, and Golden is ¥ 25,000. In addition, users who actually used the product 'shrimp grizzly, but could not suck the daughter-in-law,' 'we were able to breathe in the rain clouds', 'the do not care as a function' is divided opinion.

◆ Born from customer voice! Mono Cleaner 2! MonotaRO Co., Ltd.
Monotoro, an e-commerce site for business owners, has succeeded in contacting Ummo, introduced the latest technology called Ummo Technology, and announced 'Mono Cleaner 2', an evolution of mono cleaners.

You can understand what kind of product Mono Cleaner 2 is by looking at the following movie.

[MonotaRO Handling Products? ] Mono Cleaner 2! -YouTube

For the Mono Cleaner 2, Djangarian's tax is ¥ 14,800, and Golden is ¥ 25,000. In addition, users who actually used the product 'shrimp grizzly, but could not suck the daughter-in-law,' 'we were able to breathe in the rain clouds', 'the do not care as a function' is divided opinion.

◆ Nissan Yakisoba USO
On the official page of Nisshin Yakisoba UFO , there is a flash that 'the flying object developed by NISSAN and NISSIN has landed on NISSEN'.

The details can be understood at a glance by looking at the following extraordinary news.

Flying objects made by NISSAN and NISSIN crash landing on NISSEN-YouTube

◆ Tenchi useless! Qin Emperor 4th Term Official Site
The live-action of 'Tenchi Muyo! Ryoohuki' was announced on November 28, 2015. The space history is scheduled to be released in 2016.

◆ CAPCOM: Cytus Ω [Cytus Omega] Official Site
Capcom's arcade sound game “ Cytus Ω ( Cytus Omega )” is often turned into “Cytus Ω (Cytus Omochi)”. If you look closely, the illustrations are rice rice and rice cake that reminds you of rice cakes and rice cakes with rice cakes, and they are completely transformed into cypress rice cakes.

◆ DODA (Duda) (@ DODA_tenshoku) | Twitter
The job change site DODA will support not only humans but also animals. In the official Twitter account, a photograph of Rokusaburo-kun, who successfully transferred from a cat to a sheep, is posted.

In addition, DODA's official Facebook account has also been uploaded a picture of Coco-chan, who also changed jobs from cats to sheep.

DODA decided to support not only human change but also animal change. Here is Coco (2 years old) who was transferred to a sheep from a cat. # Cat # Sheep # April Fools

Posted by DODA on March 31, 2016

◆ Iki Yanagida Notice of change of registration name | Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Official Site
Sanuki Yanagida, a member of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, has announced that it will change its registered name to “Gita 40-40” (read “Gita” or “Gita Forty Forty”) from April 1. In addition, Gita 40-40 players 'Even now, fans, teammates and coaches also call me' Gita ', and I thought it would be fine if it was a registered name. There is no sense of incongruity about changing the registered name on my own. I have put 40-40, which is the target for this term, but it's long and OK with only Gita. He said he spoke enthusiasm with a serious expression.

◆ A portable capsule that can be carried! Loya of furniture mail order
Loya of the furniture mail order announced the furniture capsule '608 Ap-01' which can be carried on April 1, 2016. This is a dream item that compresses the furniture and stores it in a palm-sized capsule like the poppy capsule that appears in the manga, and it is in a capsule of only 120g, which is a total of 130kg over 6 pieces of furniture It can be stored compressed.

◆ Cross ・ Love ~ Love and cards are serious games! To
In collaboration with the trading card game 'Z / X-Zillions of enemy X-' handled by Broccoli Co., Ltd. and 'WIXOSS-Wicross-' of Takara Tomy Co., Ltd., a love simulation 'Cross × Love' was announced.

You can check the trailers of the Cross × Traversal from the following movie.

Cross x Trouble Opening Movie-YouTube

◆ WEB limited! Bra pie de kanan to commit to big tits
Under the mail order site 'Emefeel' of underwear, 'Para who commits to big breasts' and 'Pi de kana ~ le' have appeared on April 1st.

As soon as I was wearing Pai-de-kan-le, I would say that the bust bust also becomes a huge breast milk. It is a bra like a dream for some layers that just wears up the X cup.

◆ National Ononokisaka Gakuin Website
The official site-like site of Ononokisaka Gakuin, which was the stage of 'Love Live!', Has appeared. A pop-up is displayed when you try to view each content, and it's a device that shows it is an April Fools Day.

It's like one of Love Lovers who created it, but after the site was released, I wondered, 'What's this account ...'

◆ MHF-G official site | 【Breaking news】 Mega individuals, hunting ban
Monster Hunter Frontier G has released the series quest 'Mizuki and Mega Individual Survey!' The quest is limited delivery on April 1st, and seems to be in 'limited quest → event quest'.

Private Exploratory School [MHXRS] Promotion Site
Monster Hunter's smartphone app 'Monster Hunter Explorer' has turned out to be reborn as a girls hunting action 'Private Explorer Academy'.

You can check the PV of the private explorer school from the following movie.

Private explorer school 'promotion movie'-YouTube

It is a shocking picture that high school girls in uniforms are running on the map to hunt monsters.

◆ 【New release】 ★ April 1st April Fool's Day item ★ It is a valid Echizen wholesale forty-one 41 animals.
The Echizen Wakasa fish shop in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, 'Echizen wonder wholesale shop,' sells the energy drink 'Reb Crab' (red club), which contains the active ingredient for 41 hens from April 1. You are Although the sales price is 41 yen including tax, it is already sold out.

◆ 2016/4/1 Silver second new development announcement special site
New development of book-ization & TRPG-ization was decided on ' One-way hero ' of forced side-scrolling RPG that achieved 600,000 downloads worldwide. It is news like lying, but it is true.

◆ Gorilla Times
Golden Times of 2ch summary site has changed the name to 'Gorilla Times'.

All the latest articles uploaded on April 1 were gorilla related.

The official portal site for the trading card game 'Card Fight !! Vanguard' provided by Bushiroad has been transformed into the official fan club page for RUMMY LABYRINTH (Lamyra Villarinth), which will appear in the production. The fan club page announces the release of the first idol booster 'RUMMY LABYRINTH' and the development of the card fight !! virtual reality system ' Gearth '. At the same time, it also introduces how to make Lamilla labyrinth support goods .

A commemorative video of Lamy Labyrinth fan club opening is also on the public on YouTube.

Lamy Labyrinth Fan Club Opening Video-YouTube

◆ TV anime 'Joker Games' official site
Enter the name of the institution that appears in the work, half-width alphanumeric characters, upper-case letters and press 'CLICK' ...

Visuals that look totally different from normal appeared.

◆ Happy Love Official Website
The multiplayer multiplayer war action game 'Happy Wars' has been renamed to 'Happy Love'. With the name change, the game content has also been changed to 'romance simulation'.

The game system is an orthodox thing that chooses the right choice in conversation.

In addition, specially made wallpapers and SNS icons are distributed free of charge.

◆ Hanayamata TV anime official site
The official site of the TV anime 'Hanayamata' is transformed into 'Machiwabita'.

In 2015 April Fools were in the place where the gore should be in the main visual of the official site, so gore alone in 2016 has jacked the page.

The image of the design like the cover of the magazine is also being released for some reason. The magazine's name is 'AneSari' and it is full of various things.

◆ April fools 2016 'The liar is the beginning of a lover' JSN rental server
JSN Rental Server remakes and publishes the Flash game 'Learning is the beginning of a lover' released on April Fool's Day in 2008.

The opening song was cut, so it is published on YouTube instead.

A liar is the beginning of a lover Theme song 'Yuki please'-YouTube

◆ Future card buddy fight
The official page of Bushiroad's trading card game 'Future Card Buddy Fight' is transformed into 'Future Card Buddy Fight Asmodai'. Three new information is released on the same page ...

The first information is that the new program 'Future Card Buddy Fight Asmodai' will start broadcasting on the All-Devil Net. All cast casts are Mr. Asmodai's, and it will be broadcast starting on April 1 (Fri) on TV Super Aichi, TV Super East Surprising Nation & All Magic Network.

The second is the appearance of the first '

I-sama Festival ' of the Asmodai Diabolical Booster. All well-known characters and long-awaited new characters are also presented with a pack of Masamo that has become an asmodi.

The third is the release of Buddy Fight Change the Buddy, a new game in which the figures of humans and buddy have changed. It is said that it will be GAENDO 4DM dedicated software.

◆ Omega version of 'voice notification function' that Sakuraba love announces server creation and start completion has been started | Sakura cloud news
The Ω (Omega) version of the voice notification function that Sakura Internet's two-dimensional employee ・ love of Sakuraba will notify at the time of server creation and start-up is released on April 1st.

◆ 5pb. Games
The official site of '5pb.Games', which is working on 'STEINS; GATE' series, etc. seems to be hacked by somebody.

You will see something like Crow's ASCII art.

This is that Crow who appeared in the latest work 'ANONYMOUS; CODE (Anonymous Code)' of the 'STEINS; GATE' series production team has jacked the official site of 5pb. Games.

Since the entire site has been hacked, the banner for the impossible game 'STEINS; GATE BALL' will be released in spring of 2051 ....

In the middle of the page, a message from Crow was displayed.

In addition, when the

official site of ANONYMOUS; CODE was confirmed, the super hacker who appeared in STEINS; GATE was reverse jacking.

◆ Chekaranger blog へ To speed limit introduction
A speed limit of 80 km / h has been established on the Fuji Sportsway racing course. Until now it was a course that could deliver up to 300 km / h, but it is said that the battle will be expanded on the same ground from mini cars to super cars, beginners to pro drivers by setting limits.

Groove Coaster 3 Link Fever (Arcade Version) GROOVE COASTER 3 LINK FEVER-Official Site
On the official site of Groove Coaster 3 Link Fever, the operation decision of 'Groove Coaster 4/1' is announced.

The 'linker' of the navigated character has also been redesigned. In addition, to commemorate the 4/1 operation decision, a limited Edy card present campaign is also being implemented.

Of course we are also making an announcement on the official Twitter account.

In addition, an April Fool-only event is held at 'Groove Coaster 2' for smartphone applications.

◆ Tayutama 2 animation decision decided!
Seven years have passed since the animation of 'Tayutama', and the announcement of 'Tayutama 2' animation has finally arrived. Broadcast seems to be from April 2017, so it will be difficult to become a machine or something to see. The original PC game 'Tayutama 2' is scheduled to be released on May 27, 2016.

◆ The red love peripheral art dream Trevor Meiji illusion 譚
The app 'Treva', an online crane game app, will be transformed into a love simulation game for women, 'Rim Koi Neimu Treba-Meiji Gensou 譚 譚'.

A mysterious case in which young young people are captured as 'prize' during the rapidly changing and turbulent Meiji era has emerged. To solve the case full of mystery ... main characters who attend an academy 'Aibaha Gakuen' directly under the government where only people with special abilities gather.

You can check the trailer of “Ai Kogurei Dreams Trevor Meiji Meiji Gensou 譚” from the following movie.

ト レ 恋 『化 紅 紅 ト レ 明治 明治--YouTube

◆ Silver Empire |
The home page sushi 'Golden Sara' has a Star Wars style page entitled 'Gold of Empire TEH EMPIRE OF SILVER'.

A synopsis full of tsukkomi. The secret book of “Akushiku Sushi” has been excavated from the unopened warehouse in the company, and it seems that the first person in silver, who is the first person of the Ella, masters the dark side of the sushi and is obsessed with endless power.

The skilled sushi master looks like it has fallen to the very dark side.

◆ Eye cut! Photo on stage! ! (Photo Cuts!) | BANDAI Namco Entertainment Official Site
Eye cut! Photo on stage! ! The official site of is transformed into a variety of male characters, saying “Photo Cuts! Men's unit appearance!”.

The official Twitter account also publishes live simulation videos by male units.

◆ Japanese Guitar | Littor Music x Shinko Music
Ritto Music familiar with 'Guitar Magazine' and Shinko Music Entertainment known for 'Young Guitar' and 'Gigs' perform collaboration beyond rivals, and the two-man joint launch magazine 'Nihon Guitar' Announced. Hirono Terao, an animator, works on the cover illustration.

◆ Howes Japan announces artificial intelligence loading furniture
US-born housing design / remodeling platform '

Hows Japan ' announces the provision of furniture 'Houzz Smartz' equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), the first of which seems to be an AI equipped cushion. You can see if you look at the following movie.

Hows Smart-YouTube

Somehow, I felt as if the number of people living together was a bit noisy.

◆ rti Giken Update
Rti Giken, who is developing home control devices using speech recognition, has developed technology that integrates games and home appliances, and has released a demo site.

Using the new technology developed by the company, it is possible to turn off the electric switch in the game and turn off the electricity in the real world. The tool used is 'WOLF_RPG_Editor2' and 'Future Home Controller', and it is a technology for April Fools, but it works properly.

◆ Bahamut Crisis Zero
The browser game ' Bahamut Crisis Zero ', which had been collaborating with 'Kakuna X Brave' until March 31st, 'Bhahamut Crisis Zero ', Baku Koya ★ Kusa Na X Brave's main heroine Yuna transfers to lightning That information is flowing.

◆ Interesting article world intense earthquake! It is a topic that Daily Portal Z became viral media! -Buzzley Portal Z: @ nifty
The Daily Portal Z became viral media on April 1, 2016, and the name has been changed to 'Bazley Portal Z'.

Yuji Hayashi, the webmaster of Buzzley Portal Z, talks on Twitter about the reasons for turning to viral media:

The official site 'SYSKEN ONLINE' of Tsuyama Kosen system research department changed the research object from system to idol, and has been reborn as 'idol research department'.

When you open the official site, a logo that you have seen somewhere like 'school mascot festivals' will appear, so click.

Click to play the game.

In addition, it is possible to confirm from the following entry how the idol research department was reborn.

Tsuyama National College of Technology idle research department explosion! ! ? SYSKEN ONLINE

◆ Tsukiusa. Animated decision! Broadcasting started in 20017!
It has become clear that 'Tsukiusa . ', The mascot of 'Tsukiuta.', Will start broadcasting in 20017 after being decided to be animated.

◆ Muscle professional channel 'Muscle Plus'
The CS movie channel 'Movie Plus (M +)' has been reborn as a muscle channel 'Muscle Plus (M +)'.

The program guide is lined with the world's blockbuster muscle movies, the TV muscle drama series, and the timeless muscle masterpieces.

◆ Zenrin Inumo NAVI [dog] | Zenrin Datacom Inc.
'Inumo NAVI [dog]' of 'walkwalk navigation for dogs' created by road surface data collected by 300,000 survey dogs nationwide while fighting for pain in the meat ball has been released.

A very useful app for people living with dogs that calculates the road surface temperature from the building data held by Zenrin and the weather and sunshine hours of the day and detects the best route and time for a walk. In addition, there is also a function that directs a natural encounter by searching for a place where the heterosexual dog and the walk route overlap.

◆ CoD series first music game 'Call of Duty: Specialists (♪)', service start today | EAA !!-FPS News
The first music game 'Call of Duty: Specialists (♪)', the first in the CoD series, will be launched on April 1. It is a rhythm game that taps a button according to the music while watching the dances of the specialists such as the luin and the outrider who appear in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3'.

In addition, the emblem contest of 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3' is held, and the award-winning work is decided ..., an informal material by the blog 'EAA !!' that deals with FPS information.

◆ \ Tempura with Tepra! ? / We have developed 'Tempura' PRO, which allows you to make freshly fried tempura immediately by entering the ingredients you want to eat.
King Jim develops a new product 'Tempura' PRO in which freshly fried tempura is ready just by entering the name of the ingredient that you want to eat. If you enter 'Ebi Ten', freshly fried Ebi Ten will appear from the side of the main body, and anything else such as pumpkin and eggplant can be fried.

◆ Please petition for a bill to approve the marriage with a two-dimensional character
'The second dimension is the next to the next dimension. We are worried about the current situation we can not marry, even though it is the world next to us.' I am petitioning the Cabinet Office for a bill to approve a marriage with a character.

There is a form like this at the bottom of the web page, which allows you to enter and send your name and the name of 'my daughter-in-law', but in reality the names of 'my daughter-in-law' are added up Not be sent as a signature.

◆ 【April 1st】 Good news for magnesium shortage in Japan, World's first 'Magnesium alloy straw' launched that can consume magnesium simply by using it | MACRUU Co., Ltd. MACRW Co., Ltd.
From 'Makuruu,' who is developing products using magnesium alloys, 'Magnesium alloy straws' that can consume magnesium just by using them appear. Magnesium melts into the drink from the inside of the straw, and the strong bitterness (flavor of bitter manure) spreads in the mouth. After using it, it can be put in potted plants and used as a bitter soil fertilizer, and the price is 10,000 yen including tax.

◆ It is equipped with the latest fate sensing technology! 'UNMEI-0401' (April Fools 2016)-YouTube

A girl rushing to school just before being late. The bread that has been added is equipped with the fate sensing technology 'UNMEI-0401'.

In a hurry, the bread suddenly begins to shake.

I was pulled by bread ...


UNMEI-0401 will force you to meet the destiny.

◆ Cat, urgent recruitment! RECRUIT | ibma Corporation
Design company ibma who is busy enough to want to borrow a cat's hand in the busy season, has started recruiting cat employees. As for the application conditions, in addition to 'a cat aiming for a top designer' 'a cat that likes to communicate', 'a cat that does not sleep during work' and 'a cat that is not misled by a cat javelin' seems to be emphasized .

◆ 【release today! ] Q & A of the engineer To the future 'terasoul'
The programming language Q & A community 'terasoul' has evolved.

That is 'R & B terasoul'.

'I don't want to leave the house ...' 'I wonder what she is ...' 'No light for every day ...' 'No voice for another week ...' To save the engineer who shouts 'No feelings ...' 'R & B CLUB set' prepared for

VR glasses and mirror balls, speakers are a set, it will lead to the solution of the above problems at once.

◆ (PDF file) 【A taste and smell strategy research institute emergency release】 Succeeded in developing “Taste only and favorite dislike database”! World peace with taste liking data!
Succeeded in visualizing patterns of food preference for individuals based on the 'taste data' of food collected over 10 years. The flow to identify likes and dislikes is, first, answering favorite food for each of six food groups such as 'rice ball' and 'fruit'.

By analyzing the taste data of sweetness, sourness, umami taste, saltiness, bitterness and astringency of favorite foods, it is possible to identify taste dislikes by synthesizing taste data of 6 kinds of food.

By visualizing taste preference of humanity, it is used by men and women in marriage as judgment criteria for selecting partners, and food manufacturers develop products for overseas using taste preference data by country. That it is possible.

◆ TOPVALU TOPVALU - Hello! You can feel the warm spring breeze when you ride a bicycle this season ~ ♪ ... | Facebook
The top page on the Facebook page showed that top bicycles can run on water.

◆ MBC Development Corporation
MBC Development Co., Ltd., a multi-industry complex company rooted in the Kagoshima region, has entered the 'Mega Parasol' business to reduce ash fall caused by the eruption of Sakurajima. By catching the vibration of Sakurajima, a huge parasol of height 315 (Saigo) m opens in just 30 seconds after the eruption, and catches the ashes in the fine ditch of the surface to protect civil life from the volcanic ashes.

In the MBC development mega parasol business, a blanket ad is published in South Japan Newspaper, a local newspaper in Kagoshima Prefecture. It is the first time for April Fools to appear in the South Nippon Shimbun since its launch in 1942.

◆ Tomytec Inc.
Masterpiece of the early Tomix's 400th anniversary in 2016, 'Kaga Yuuki Daimyo matrix full organization set' is renewed and commercialized. A spectator (commoner) 40 bodies are included for the first time limited.

The organization sequence is as follows. The price is 10,400 yen for the Kaga 藩 Daimyo matrix basic set, 7,200 yen for the Kaga 藩 Daimyo matrix additional set A, and 17,600 yen for the Kaga 藩 Daimyo matrix additional set B.

◆ Seasonal limited campaign: Macadamia nut with shell splitter is released | Australia ・ Macadamia Association
In order to provide macadamia nuts more deliciously in a less oxidized state, the Australia-Macadamia Association launched 'Mcadamia nuts with a sheller'. It is something that you can break the shell of macadamia nut, which is said to be the hardest in the world, by Fumofu's squirrel.

In order to eat macadamia nuts, it is important to take 4 steps: 'Please ask the craftsman to split the shell', 'Wait for about 5 minutes', 'Be careful to receive carefully' and 'I will give up the craftsman'. In addition, it seems that there are individual differences in the workmanship of craftsmen.

◆ 787-A site that delivers crush
The website of the Box Iron Group, which has released a large number of papercrafts for aircraft models, announced on May 1st that a papercraft capable of producing a full-size B787 aircraft with 320,000 A4 copy paper will be released.

At present, all parts of the door are said to have been designed. In addition, about 200 copies of copy paper are necessary for one door.

◆ Hogwarts Magical School Rakugo Study Group (@ikkyo_ochiken) | Twitter
It seems that Hogwarts also had a rakugo study group.

This is originally a Twitter account of Hitotsubashi University Rakugo Kenkyukai. It seems that there are direct trains from National Station 9 and Line 3/4.

◆ Sun TV
SunTV's Twitter official account is to tweet the extension of the baseball broadcast from 2016 ... I wonder if it will be broadcast to the end of the game tonight.

◆ Save the earth with clean energy that generates electricity with full human power. Bicycle manufacturer DOPPELGANGER announces entry into power business
Bicycle maker DOPPELGANGER enters the electricity business in line with the liberalization of electricity retail for home use. It is a clean and healthy energy that generates electricity with the power of human beings by riding a bicycle.

◆ Urgent recruitment! Aitiall Co., Ltd. established in fiscal 2016 'Animal Section'
Itiool Co., Ltd. is recruiting employees for the 'person-made section', which was newly established in FY2016. Those who can refine or recall characters, those who can work in two dimensions, and those who have acquired a second-class personified license are eligible for recruitment.

◆ Free call application SkyPhone (sky phone) public relations room assistant

Press the SkyPhone number '00001222' and you can talk with cats.

◆ The real estate and housing are recruited SUUMO (SUMO)
SUUMO, a real estate / housing information site, has been hijacked by the mischievous group 'Don Sumo family' of Sumo star.

In addition, SUUMO's official Twitter has posted photos where Sumo has grown much larger than skyscrapers.

◆ [Special] Jacuzzi Challenge | World of Warships
In the online battle strategy game 'World of Warships', one Japanese / American / Soviet / German warship is based on the character 'Captain and Goldfish' appearing in the ' bad example ' of the anime format serialized on the official site. A total of four vessels have been deployed to the port. If you select an event ship and participate in the special event 'Jacuzze Challenge', you can get in-game currency and items. The event is held until 23:00 Japan time April 11, so you can play after April Fool's Day.

◆ Artificial turf season 4.1 | Follows followers and records removal
'Human resources were ー' that the movement of followers can be understood on Twitter is renewed as 'artificial grass ー'.

◆ Tohato researcher, discovering 'MSPi (mamespie) cell' which promotes rejuvenation finally! !
In the process of developing new pea snacks, Tohato researchers discovered “MSPi cells” that promote rejuvenation. When the MSPi cells were injected into the “mamespie, good taste” of the pea snack, the researcher who ate the snack rejuvenated to the size of a 3-year-old child, and it was said that the bean was rejuvenated.

Although the MSPi cells are not included, the snack bean snack 'Mamespie ・ good taste' is really released.

◆ How to prevent dental caries and care 8020 | Tutu baby
Tutu Baby is the first company to open a new type of business called 'Nursing Bottle Cafe' in Marunouchi.

The store is dedicated to office workers and has the name 'Tutu Cafe'.

It is a cafe with a new business style that provides healing for the stressful office workers.

All provided drinks are provided in baby bottle of our brand 'Tutu baby'. In addition to being able to bring back the used nipple, it is also possible to bring in my nipple.

◆ Ameba (Ameba) | Blog & Game Let's play with more than 10,000 entertainer blogs and classic Ameba pig ♪
Ameba Pigg performs large-scale renewal as 'Amoeba toy' on April 1 and changes 'Pig' (Avatar) just like oneself into 'Packed toy' packaged.

The game screen is filled with toys in a transparent package as shown below. In addition, if you say 'a toy' in the area, it will be prepared that the figure will change to 'a friend' immediately.

The Ameba blog, when viewed from a smartphone, cute cats peep into the blog from the top of the screen. In addition, Ameba community page has become cat language and meat ball correspondence along with globalization.

◆ An illustration SNS that can be drawn [Chixi (ぃ)]
The logo of the illustration SNS [Chixi (chi ぃ)] that is disliked because it is less known despite being opened two months earlier than the 某 illustration contribution site, leaving the letter leaving the house.

When I checked the website, the letters on the upper left of the screen were missing from the part that should have a logo.

◆ The One | MSI Global | Motherboard-The world leader in motherboard design
To solve the trouble of PC users that 'the old components have to be destroyed every time the platform is updated', MSI announces the next generation modular motherboard 'The One' which is environmentally friendly.

◆ 【Fastest Summary】 Interesting! 2016 April Fools's 'Late' Summary
A fake summary site that brings together the 'a lie' of April Fool's Day comes up.

We have succeeded in developing an adhesive that Cemedain gets to the ground ...

We are looking for one person who disappeared in the song 'When I became a first grader.'

◆ '# a single lie in the photo' created by everyone's tweets | entertaining corporation kayaking
Interesting corporation kayak publishes a post-type site '# Lie in a photo' with a headline of a lie on the image and tweet. If you add a lie to one of your photos and put a hashtag on '#Photos for a lie' to post, anyone can participate, and the subject photos provided on the site You can also use

◆ Spring new anime “Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam” Episode 1

'My name is Kinkedu Kinkedu Now!'

'Which is it? Even though the beam is hit? Why?'

'I have two eyes and the antenna is good, if the media do not like Gundam!'

◆ Super God Naiger Namahage & Panzer
“Namahage & Panzer” is a big hit, as the Namahage gets a tank and goes over the level of a demon to a gold-rod and visits “Warigo Heineger !!” Under screening.

'Namapan is good. Heba.'

◆ Town BBS
In the town BBS, the Shinkansen opening of business rush has happened. Yamate Shinkansen is opened ...

The Hokkaido-Hokuriku Shinkansen has been opened, and it has been two and a half hours between Esashi and Niigata.

◆ TV anime 'Friend Witch' official site
The animation 'Fringing Witch', scheduled to start broadcasting in April 2016, changes the text on the official site to Tsugaru-Den, since Aomori is the stage.

A story of “Kinji Makoto 15 years old.

The introduction is all Tsugaru.

In addition, the character description is also Tsugaru-ben.

◆ [Important Notice] CGWORLD is completely redesigned from 'Computer Graphics' to 'Creator's GOHAN'! ! | News |
CGWORLD, which has provided information on digital content as a movie-based information magazine for 17 years since 1998, has redesigned the magazine with the theme of 'Gohan', the most important in the content industry.

As a commemorative of the renewal, I am told by Shuzo Shioda, President and CEO of Polygon Pictures, who leads the 3DCG scene in Japan, the thoughts that he has put in his lunch.

◆ Pocket Monster
In commemoration of serialization 20th anniversary of Kosaku Anakubo's manga 'Pokemon' serialized in Korokoro Comic, 3DS VC software 'Pokemon Giki Pee' is an unofficial material.

The game start screen looks like below.

According to Pokemon's pictorial book, the pippi that brings out a unique expression is, 'well, it's a hard work, but it's a goofy.

It seems that there is also a scene to fight with the pizzeria that has turned into a muesli.

◆ Renamed Hokkaido Uneasy Magazine? It's too poor to be kicked out of the office! Hokkaido fan magazine

Hokkaido Fan Magazine is expected to open an office outdoors on April 1, 2016, as it has been driven out of its existing office. This is the old office ...

The new office looks like this. It is open.

◆ 2016 summer TV anime list image
Uzura Info publishes TV anime list images of the 2016 summer broadcast start. It is full of parody animation such as 'Love Live! XENOGLASSIA' in which Idol Master and Love Live are combined, 'Kitaro's six-piece Kitaro', and 'Idol Master Cinderella Girls Stress Free Stage' with loose illustrations, There is a lot of stuff in the staff column.

◆ The world's first coterie tower facility is decided to be built at Taiyo Publishing, Akeboo News Agency, Studio YOU Joint and Dai AkaYOU Residence!

The website contains details of the same-person tower facility construction plan.

【Official】 Dai AkaYOU Residence | Co., Ltd. Tower facility by Taiyo Shuppan, Akaboo Co., Ltd., Studio YOU | Joy to coterie activities

The tower looks like this, with a cosplay studio, residence, accommodation and a printing plant. In addition, the place usually used as AkaYOU's office seems to be transformed into a 500sp only venue on Saturdays and Sundays.

The cosplay studio is 801 meters above the ground. It is on the top floor full of openness.

By saying 'Shollajok up an rank', it will provide high-grade time and space for manuscript production before the deadline.

◆ Sheik Corporation
Mr. Seek Fakiel, the crown prince of the Kingdom of Bark, called a model of the manga 'Tokyo Super Seek !!' Ohzora Publishing Co., Ltd. has become 'Sheik Co., Ltd.'

Notice that sheik, a fashion magazine for celebrities “Sheik-Seek-” is announced on April 9th, and the first issue is with a bonus of 12 kg of gold bullion.

◆ Kuso miso technique is animated
Kuso Miso technique is animated and seems to start broadcasting from August 10, 2016.

◆ Qoon [Kun] | Curated media to enrich your life with your dog
The site 'Qoon,' which contains dog and cat content, is said to expand content that touches the attraction of various types of jellyfish from April 1 in order to spread the wonder of jellyfish to the world.

◆ Kawasaki Frontare staff official account
Kawasaki Frontale apologized that this year was not the 20th anniversary of the founding, but an error of the 200th anniversary of the founding.

When you open the LINE talk screen, you can see the pink cherry blossoms falling in the background. In addition, in 'LINE team' of LINE official account, we are distributing wallpaper which matches cherry tree.

◆ Yokohama F. Marinos [official]
The official account of Yokohama F. Marinos announces that the Ryoto signal will be set up in Yokohama and Yokosuka city.

◆ Rugby that official ball has become a lemon! ? -With my hometown Nagoya. Pokka sapporo
It is announced that Pokka Sapporo will launch a professional league of 'lemon rugby', a sport that competes with a huge lemon like a rugby ball. It is standard to toss with a lemon squash after the game using a strong variety 'Dara · Big Lemon' that can withstand intense scrum.

At the time of the kick, it is said that it is the iron pot to play after honoring the 'Buddha trick', which is said to be the origin of the lemon, and putting the hands together.

◆ I picked up a dragon.
It seems that she has a good appetite and lives well.

◆ Transit for Android smartphone app | Jordan
The transfer guidance Android app holds a limited project 'brain train' where you train your head by train.

The stop station name between the departure station and the arrival station is a game that answers by tapping the kanji panel in order.

It is possible to play in the game by designating Kanto, Kansai, Tokai and Shinkansen stations.

◆ 'VOCALOID 4 Library Kadesan', appeared on April 1, 2016! VOCALOID / vocaloid
The VOCALOID 4 library, which was created based on the voice of the cat 'Kade' with voices of healing selected, has been released.

You can see the interview video of Kaede from the following.

world's first! Cat VOCALOID 'VOCALOID 4 Library Kadesan' appearance commemoration Kadesan interview-YouTube

In addition, VOCALOID4 Library Kaede-san has a standard voice “Normal” that makes the most of the femininity of the cat, a voice that allows you to record when you give a scorpion, “Matatabi”, and a staff member from the food box of Kaede There are 4 types of voices such as 'Ikaku,' an intimidating voice that intimidates the other's partner when trying to borrow a crisp, and 'English,' an unexpectedly beautiful voice that sounds like the possibility of a cat library. You

◆ This morning my wife was preparing breakfast
John Turny, a training coach for the Yomiuri Giants, posted an April Fool's breakfast photo on Twitter. When I put the plate of the breakfast prepared by my wife in bed and put it in the range, it smelled a little different from usual, and when I looked closely at it, the fried egg was made of peach and yoghurt, and the fried potato was made of apple. It seems to have been breakfast.

◆ TV animation 'AUGUST GAME THE ANIMATION-The Girls Creating Game Software-' Teaser Site
Game maker August has announced a TV anime 'AUGUST GAME THE ANIMATION' in which a girl works for a girl game company.

You can see the PV being released from the following.

AUGUST GAME THE ANIMATION-The Girls Creating Game Software--YouTube

◆ Muko
The dog Muko, the model of the anime ' Motoko no Moko ', seems to have grown mushrooms because of the overcrowding.

◆ Sakurai love erotic patch
In the adult game 'Koi ga Sakukoro Sakura Doki' website, which was released from Paret, the erotic enhancement patch was released.

It is a design that 'naked patch' etc. where a standing picture + alpha of all the heroine is naked is enclosed.

◆ Takasaki University of Economics +
Takasaki Keizai University's unofficial account 'Takasaki Keizai University +' reported that Takasaki Keizai University revised its curriculum and opened chariot course.

◆ Cat Cat Software Official HomePage
'If you consider the year 20016 seriously, the current glacial period is over, and you have already entered the glacial period,' Cat Software released the 18th Visual Novel 'Ramune 20016' based on the glacial period. The release date is scheduled for April 1, 20016.

◆ For those who are depressed for the new semester and new year. It is recommended three films to get energy when you watch!

Three things are recommended: ' Seven, ' ' Mist, ' and ' Dancer in the Dark. ' You can tell which part is April Fool's Day by actually watching the movie.

◆ Rainy 'Haikyu !!' Spin-off movie! ? 'Hina glass-great challenge-'
The movie production of the spin-off work 'Haikyu !! Hinaglass-Great Challenge-' in which the hinaglass of the mascot character challenges the killing of the 'Assassination Classroom' from the manga 'Haikyu !!' in the series in the weekly Shonen Jump has been decided You

Looking closely at the website of the animation production company MADHOUSE ...

Find the word 'New announcement announcement' on the right of the screen.

The new work is MADHOUSE's completely original movie 'The Story of Neh New Nyoh' and has been released to theaters from April 6, 3016.

◆ Haruoto granola 'Harugra' Goods | Aru Harumon * Gram Official Website
From the NanaWind game ' Spring Tone Alice * Gram ', 'Haru no Oto Granola' with the characters of Spring Tone Alice * Gram drawn in the package of Fruit Granola, 'Harugra' for short. The price is about special price 100 yen in made-to-order production, and if you click 'add to cart' ......?

◆ Drone taxi / DRONE TAXI | Sanwa Kotsu-A taxi company with a focus on Yokohama, Tokyo and Saitama
Sanwa Kotsu has released 'Drone Taxi', which allows you to request a drone transfer anytime from the app.

◆ Blockbuster being released! 'Draemon New Movie-Birth of Japanese Drama' Official Site
When I opened the official site of the movie 'Doraemon New / Nobita's Birth of Japan', rivals appeared in Dora Zombie.

How did Drami-chan turn into a spirit queen, Drazonmi, and was jacking the site. Even the movie title has been changed to 'Doraemon's New Birth of Dorami'.

◆ Magic boy development plan
Changed the Twitter account of Magical Girl Development Plan to 'Magical Boy Development Plan'.

Images like this are also posted.

◆ 'Magical Girl Development Plan' Portal Page
Toranoana announces the 2D fighting game 'Mahokichi-1 Grand Prix' in which the characters in the 'Magic Girl Development Project' fight using magic and martial arts. Unlike anime official Twitter, this is an unofficial project.

◆ WIXOSS-Wicross-| Takara Tomy
WIXOSS has a plan of lying on every part of the website, such as 'collaboration of' Waga beef 'and' Wicos ',' Collaboration of Wicross & Z / X shock ', and' Whicross beginner course '. In addition, there seems to be a situation where the server for the entire Takara Tomy is downed due to too much access to Wicross.

◆ School Girl Strikers 【Skusto】 | SQUARE ENIX
The smartphone app game 'School Girl Strikers' becomes 'School Cats Strikers' on April 1st, and all characters appearing in the app are transformed into cats. If you touch the cat on the home screen, you can return a cute gesture or you can see the stories of cats from 'Story'.

◆ Poicat formula ᕕ (* ΦωΦ) no ᕗ✨
A community 'Poiboy' Twitter account designed for girls is hijacked by a cat and 'Poicat'.

◆ Asahi Beer
'Asahi the Dream cast server' which Asahi beer collaborated with SEGA's dream cast appears, and seems to be able to pour beer easily with a dedicated controller.

◆ 'The Car Collection'-The Car Collection-Official Site
The official site of the 'Nagona Collection' smartphone game is 'SHANAGON QUEST' ...

Released 'Car Nagisa Collection'.

◆ Teelem Clicker
In the smartphone game application 'Teelem Clicker', the main character is female and added as a new heroine and hemp generator.

In addition, a boy's love puzzle game 'Telem Crickaar' has been decided to be delivered as a spin-off of rival youths and protagonists.

【Teelem Clicker】 Spin-off 'Teelem Clicker' delivery decision! -YouTube

◆ 爺 point | Earn points and exchange points for miles and electronic money
'G point' of the point site is from 'grandchild' to '爺 point' which recommends a credit card to grandpa.

◆ Miitomo
A real image appeared on Twitter that Michi Tomoi's amiibo in charge of Miitomo's Twitter official account may be released.

However, due to the fact that the amiibo's quality does not meet Nintendo's standards, it has unfortunately been discontinued.

◆ 'Semi-cured Sac hand devil hand' released

Emerging goods maker 'Kiterukiteru' 'hand' was created as a result of seriously thinking through 'what is the ultimate onahoru'. You can hold hands together and feel calm.

◆ Blobby finally issues a weekly Shonen Manga! ! Hot topic writer! !
Juvenile manga magazine 'Weekly Shonen BLobby' for the rotten girls is launched, and is scheduled to be released on April 1, 3016. The list price is 801 yen including tax.

The serialization lineup covers Yankees, school materials, butlers, all-match battles, love rice, and all kinds of bargains. Furthermore, it is also a good-looking guy to the serializer.

◆ 【2016.4.1 Sales start】 NURO substance transfer device (provisional) | NURO Hikari
Optical Network Internet Service NURO Hikari developed a substance transfer device.

The mechanism is like this ...

It has a safety design that does not distort time, does not disassemble or restructure, and does not digitize consciousness.

◆ Mana evil eradication! Fully automatic mahjong table with manner training function is born! Mahjong watch
A fully automatic mahjong table with built-in manners training function 'AMOS OZUMA' appears for sparrow owners in the country who are worried about bad manners.

World's first fully automatic mahjong table with the manner training function 'AMOS OZUMA'-YouTube

In order to suppress the beating sound, if you make a beating sound of 80 decibels or more, your hand will be forced to collapse.

It has a shocking function that an electric shock flows to your fingertips if you turn up before hitting the upper house.

In addition, 'two-handed fallback support function' that can not completely beat the whistle if you do not touch with both hands to correct one-handed fallout, and 'reach voice support that the reach stick is flung out of the table if you do not pronounce reach well 'Functions', 'Tobacco automatic digesting function' of relief is attached even in Nagacho.

◆ Sakura Crepas Inc.
Sakura Crepas has published a picture of ink filling of the standard 'My Name' of the name writing on Facebook. What I use is actually ink of octopus and squid.

I'm injecting the ink like this.

◆ 【Space Brothers Collaboration】 Notice of the launch of Full-scale 'UFO SC APO Series 1' | Escubism Technology Co., Ltd.
The real size 'UFO SC APO series 1', which reproduces the UFO type ceiling light appearing in the manga 'Space Brothers', will be released.

From the following promotional videos that can feel like I can not say anything. Also, the

production process of UFO SC APO series 1 is open to the public.
UFO SC APO Series 1 Promotion-YouTube

◆ Visual communication tool-AUSO
The service 'AUN', which allows you to comment on web pages and images and share them, has been equipped with an image upload function with multiple copies. At first click on 'Start now'.

Click on the right-hand side of the function page, as 'Nin Shot' is added.

Press 'Processor Start' and indulge in a delusion you want to reminiscing for 5 seconds, ......

Content was regulated at Guess too.

◆ I made new friends for a rabbit
The site of the history love fantasy game 'Meiji Toge Koiir Full Moon' scheduled to be released in summer 2016 is jacked by the new mascot character Noir and you can read the story of Noir's birth in the picture book.

◆ Recruitment information of Mixi Co., Ltd. | Find Job!
Mixi Recruitment has started recruiting three job categories, “Nuko (executive candidate)”, “Next generation office butler / maid” and “Oton”, on the job change site “Find Job!” To solve business issues.

As for 'Web 2.99 (to create together)', the job content of Nuko (executive candidate) is 'Turning when members are trying to decide' 'Simply repel' 'Gully on members' knees 'Such.

'The next generation office butler / maid' seems to have an emphasis on appearance basically in terms of the nature of business.

It can be said that it is 'Odon', but the age and gender are not questioned. If you are an 'odon', please apply for it.

◆ Girls bar special feature 【Welcome to new age】 Gaji Robo | Girls bar in the whole country, girls tavern information, job offer part-time job, coupon
With the fact that 'The robot era has come to girls bars too!', Girls bar walker of girl bar shop information / job information site of the whole country starts selling general purpose peach bear type customer service final weapon 'GAJIROBO'.

It is equipped with seven basic functions, such as 'Affiliation Laughter', 'Aiming', 'Shoulder Tossing', 'Christmas to cast a shift for Christmas', 'Make shift', 'Mui Muhi', and 'Feel nails'.

◆ TV anime Kanpani ☆ Girls official site
TV animation has been decided for the serious fantasy RPG 'Kanpani Girls'.

The movie is also published.

Kanpani ☆ Girls April 1st, 2016 anime broadcast decision! ? -YouTube

◆ Animation 'Kotobe Shinbei' official site
On the anime 'Shibebe Shinbei' official site, with the liberalization of electricity, 'Isobey's beard' provided by ISOBEE ...

Genga Hiraga is publishing the news that he invented the 'Suzu Sicknattell' electrical product.
'Seibe Shibei story' 'The weather in Genga Hiraga'-YouTube

◆ Pocky's secret How to put Pocky Chocolate Secret large public-YouTube

What kind of pocky is made?

Small uncles are putting chocolate on stick biscuits in a fountainy place.

A person who blows chocolate ...

I was also involved in cutting the chocolate that I put too much.

◆ 'Kazuki Tsuzori' live-action version is finally started! Poplar
The children's book 'Koiktsu Zorori' has become a real-life copy, and the Zorori, Ishishi, Noshisi depicted on the cover of 'Koiktsu Zorori Big Kai' has become a real fox and boar. During the live-action filming, 1000 foxes and wild boars from Japan were collected and auditions were held.

◆ Yamaha Motor Sales Co., Ltd.-Yamaha needs 'stress measurement' before starting the engine ... | Facebook
The MT-10, which will be sold in Europe from next month, will be equipped with the 'Stress Measurement System = YISS.' If stress is high, the engine can not be started, or the limiter will limit the maximum speed to about 30 km / h.

◆ Bravely Default Playing Brages | Some April Fool's Day Planning
Fantasy RPG 'Bravely Default' is decided to be animated feature-length movie version with a total production cost of 3 billion yen. The moon's secret will be revealed.

In addition, a series of four-frame manga 'Purein Gaffy Otome' has been launched to reveal the private lives of the four maidens to Sekirara.

◆ Guruguru Beach
It turns out that a new mode 'Guruguru Beach' of 'Gogol with smartphone! Guruguru Eagle' is under development. It seems to activate skills and gimmicks by making full use of the familiar 'round and round' operation.

◆ 'Weekly next spring' April 1st! Uncover the unknown secrets of the 'good-looking men', the back face!
The weekly magazine 'Weekly coming spring' is unveiled, revealing the secrets of the strangers and the back side of the handsome guys who appear in the handsome woman series 'The handsome series' for women. The official Twitter account is tweeting scoops one after another with a hashtag of '#Cam Spring'.

◆ Sanrio
Gudetama was shocked to say 'Sanrio quitting' as a result of being too fast.

My melody seems to have been a twin with Kuromi.

Cinnamon is transformed into a salmon, and the drama 'Shinagawa Monjiro-Tono to Kurofune and the legendary dumpling sword-' is held on April 1, 2047 at the National Road Show.

It seems that rabbit Mel is looking forward to the cinnamon film release.

Pom pom pudding turns into 'pom pom mikan'.

Kiki and Lara who opened the ball box of the star that I got from my mother star became Grandpa Kiki & Grandma Lara.

◆ Toei enters into the casino business! 'TOEI CASINO GOLD (provisional)' construction in the middle of Ginza! Toei [public information]
Announced that Toei will advance into the casino business.

This is the release of the movie 'ONE PIECE FILM GOLD', and Mr. Guild Tesoro, general manager of Grand Tesoro, also has comments on the website.

◆ F6 Official Website
The band 'April's' breaks up and reappears as a six-piece child idol unit 'F6'.

You can see the video of the F6 concert from the following.

F6 concert picture @ generation Ani first gymnasium 2016.04.01-YouTube

◆ Ciba tele, broadcast area expanded to the whole country
Terrestrial broadcaster 'Ciba-Tele', which broadcasts Chiba Prefecture to the main area, expanded its broadcast area nationwide. The number of area households is also increasing rapidly.

◆ AstroArts-Astro Arts
AstroArts site AstroArts, as the latest astronomical news, 'The ALEMA telescope successfully receives radio waves from extraterrestrial intelligent creatures. What's amazing with analysis!'

We have published truly original false news such as 'Stella Shot Set' released with all the astronomical imaging equipment for 'Star application' i Stella '.

◆ Grisaia Series Spin-off movie 'KING OF GRISAIA'
We are also releasing 'KING OF GRISAIA', which has respected ' KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm '. I feel a strong commitment from key visuals to title logos and website designs.

◆ April 1st, set up your local gourmet vending machine machine across the country [Rakuten Travel]
Rakuten Travel Co., Ltd. has set up a “travel machine machine” at Rakuten Futako Tamagawa's headquarters that offers local gourmets in 47 prefectures of Japan for free. Just press “Like” and the food will be provided free of charge, but the site shows the surprise mechanism of the machine.

◆ 【Electrical liberalization】 Start on April 1st Do you want to start? | Melon Books
The general bookstore 'Merlon Books' has started self-generation, and 'Merlon de Denki' offers a great deal of electricity for otaku.

Electricity charges (excluding tax) are reduced by 5% points.

◆ comico (Komiko)-read for free! Vertical reading! Unlimited free reading of popular original manga and novels
The free comic novel app 'comico' is attacked by someone who manages the banner server, and the banner is not reflected properly.

When you look at the home screen of the app, all the banners have been changed to illustrations drawn with colored pencils.

The comico + app also has a home screen banner and ...

The banner image on the 'Today's Update' page has changed to an analog illustration.

◆ Buffalo Real Digital Life [BUFFALO]
Buffalo unveiled the Scouter Station 360, which enables Wi-Fi connections to be visualized using a head-mounted display and to be connected with the user's eyes and hands. It is very useful because you can see if it is connected properly with Wi-Fi.

◆ Tokyo Nurui released 10 times recoil, 10 times scale gas gun !! Hyper fun
Tokyo Nurui released the M4A1 LWS (Large Weapon System), a gas blowback rifle that can experience a 10 times stronger reaction.

With a total length of 7.77 to 8.54 m and a weight of 2.9 tons, it must be handled by three or more people. The ZEK system with a completely new mold, an accurate ballistic with a 6 cm bio BB bullet, and a realistic operation method similar to a real gun, all can experience shooting in different dimension classes.

The actual shooting is as follows. Because the reaction is so strong, the target and the trigger who triggered the moment they hit it and everyone around them blows away.

◆ Rainbow Mayonnaise New Release! !
Kenko Mayonnaise releases 'Rainbow mayonnaise' which has a different dream-like taste. You will be able to enjoy various tastes with one.

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