Overcoat outlet cover that can be easily installed and become a foot light "SnapRays"

Because I woke up at night, I decided to go to the bathroom for a while, I waste the wall to put the lights in the room and search for the switch, or I went to the toilet without turning on the lightYou stick out both hands like a zombieThere should be many people who have slowly walked in the room. Outlet cover that seems to be useful at such time is "SnapRaysAt night, it becomes a foot light that illuminates the feet, but we do not take totally useless space and we can use the outlet as usual.

The SnapRays Guidelight by Snap Power: Illuminate your life by Jeremy Smith - Kickstarter

I can understand what kind of product "SnapRays" is, by seeing the movie in a single shot.

The usual foot light is like this and there are many things directly plugged into the outlet.

Because they are in a low position, children touched ... ...

It is something that is not easy to use, such as hitting objects and breaking them.

Moreover, since one power plug is used, it is hard to use other home appliances.

And when using a built-in power supply unit, it is troublesome to install, and it often becomes impossible to use it as an outlet.

It is SnapRays that draws a line with such a conventional foot light.

Installation can be done easily in tens of seconds, you do not have to worry about wiring around the outlet or replace the battery. The cost is kept to less than 10 cents (about 10 yen) even if it is used for a further year, and the light sensor detects the surrounding brightness and automatically turns the light on and off when in use.

If you set up this SnapRays, the light-emitting diodes light the interior gently even at night ... ....

Outlets can be used as usual.

And since the light is in the cover it is safe for children to touch.

It is more robust.

During the day the lights are off ... ...

When the surroundings become dark it turns on the light automatically.

It is no longer troublesome to put the lights in the hallway all the way when going to the toilet in the evening.

Easiness of installation is obvious at a glance compared to the type that is embedded in the outlet section.

First remove the screw holding the outlet cover ......

Remove the cover ......

Only then install SnapRays instead. It takes about 9 minutes to install the embedded type, while the installation time of SnapRays is 16 seconds.

SnapRays looks something like this and the "Power Extractors" part on the back pulls power from the terminal parts on both sides of the outlet, but the outlets with that terminal are USA, Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala · Honduras · Nicaragua · Costa Rica · Panama · Colombia · Venezuela · Dominican Republic · Bolivia only. Please note that this "Power Extractors" part is patented.

The appearance is completely the same as ordinary outlet cover, size is 2.9 inches (about 7.4 centimeters) wide × 4.9 inches (about 12.4 centimeters) in height. SnapRays has two holes, Duplex type with two holes opened and Decor type with one big hole, so that all outlets can be accommodated, the color is three colors of white almond ivory.

It should be noted that the Decor type fits into the GFCI outlet, but in the case of the GFCI it does not work as there are no necessary terminals internally.

While SnipRays is currently recruiting equity at Kickstarter, you can get one favorite color and type of SnapRays by 12 dollars (about 1200 yen) (9 frames remaining). Even if this frame is buried, you can earn one SnapRays with a capital of $ 15 (about 1500 yen). There are also plans that allow you to get multiple SnapRays at once, and you can get up to 10 SnapRays with a contribution of $ 120 (about 12,000 yen). However, delivery to the outside of the United States will cost $ 20 (about 2000 yen).

The deadline is 22:49 on April 3, 2014.

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