Site summary 2014 version piggybacking on April Fool's Day

By mera

Once a year, various official websites on the net will release the special material that they have prepared for this day on April 1st from 0:00 to 24:00 for a limited time of 24 hours. April Fool 's Day has finally begun with great momentum!

That's why GIGAZINE takes advantage of April Fool's Day and keeps updating and summarizing various sites in real time 24 hours a day. So, if you update the article from time to time, sites that should not have been there will be added to the end of the article one after another, and the article will become longer and longer. Also, every time you update to some extent , notifications of updates will be sent to GIGAZINE's Twitter official account and Facebook official account , so if you follow it, various things will go up.

In addition, if you find 'I'm doing April Fool's Day here too!' On a site that is not posted, or if you want to send a self-recommended message saying 'I'm doing April Fool's Day!' is. Even if I go to the site, I can not judge because 'Which is the story of April Fool's Day ...?' Or 'Something has changed from before, but I do not know the state of the original site, so what is the difference? There are many cases every year that 'I don't understand at all ...', so when you make a comment, be sure to explain 'This is different from before, and it's April Fool's Day!' This is where I find it interesting! If you write the checkpoint together with the URL / address contact, it will be very easy to understand, so it will be easier to post and you can update the article in a nice way, so please cooperate!

So, whether the update will be in time by the end of April Fool's Day, or whether you can see all the sites in the first place, the summary list that is fighting the limit every time is from the following!

◆ Tab browser Sleipnir for MS-DOS --16-bit is the highest sonic command input type tab browser
'Sleipnir for MS-DOS' is now available

◆ Kurataya-More new Japanese sweets-
Kurataya created Japanese sweets that look exactly like the new product 'iroha fit (female vibrator)' released by TENGA.

◆ Space-resident project for free engineers | Leverages Co., Ltd.
Finally, 'Development project resident in space' has appeared

◆ Real treasure hunt [Takarash! ] --Full of treasure hunt event information! | Top page
'We will seriously hold a real treasure hunt in space!', So he actually solved the mystery.

◆ Muscle Collection ~ Muscle Collection ~
As a result of respecting popular browser games in every sense, a bad one is completed

◆ goo 'Extreme attendance'
'We think that extreme skills (business) by extreme employees are necessary, and the portal site goo will start recruiting' extreme employees 'on April 1st,' said the Japan Extreme Attendance Association. I heard that I got confirmation from.

It is possible to come to work like this.

◆ Monex, Inc.
'First in the history of vegetables! Turnip to trade stocks! Monex, Inc., vegetable trader' Turnip-san 'released! Leave the stock to Cub! So, the story produced by the interesting corporation kayak.

◆ Lucent Heart
Lucent Heart's unique lover system includes the new Cupid goddess 'Venus' and the god 'Eros'. What a mess.

◆ Yahoo! JAPAN
Yahoo!'S app 'Topic Nau' , which introduces topics on Twitter with rankings and images, will deliver information on topical naan and curry on the app.

The screen of the app looks like this.

Also, it seems that Yahoo! Wi-Fi will start the 'pager' service from April 1st.

It is also possible to practice pager quick hitting with a pager simulator.

Furthermore, if you open Yahoo! Map on your smartphone browser, you can eat and scatter the cookie map of Japan.

Yahoo! Map

Yahoo! Movies plans to open next-generation movie theaters one after another, such as flying movie theaters and underwater movie theaters, in collaboration with TOHO Cinemas.

Yahoo! Movies and TOHO Cinemas jointly open next-generation movie theaters one after another !? --Yahoo! Movies

◆ The 274th Funabashi Citizens' Film Festival (unofficial)
The 274th Funabashi Citizens' Film Festival was held unofficially, and screenings such as 'Eternal 274', 'Zero Funaviti', and 'Riko 3D' appeared. I made that '', which is strangely high quality.

◆ Let's assemble a smartphone over 10 years! au x De Agostini 'Make a Weekly Smartphone' Launched! | au
The overwhelming volume of all 520 issues, a blockbuster that takes 10 years to complete, the first issue has a home button!

◆ Useful maiden! Official Website | Mobile Factory
The full-voice romance simulation app 'Otsukae Otome!' Is jacked by the Eagle Talon, and the president will challenge the voice actor for the first time.

◆ Eggplant alarm clock. Eggplant
The official website of 'Anime Alarm. Kanon ', an app that strokes and stops my sister who wakes me up every morning, is now on eggplant. It seems that a new costume related to this April Fool's Day will also be delivered.

◆ 'Roote' after Ekispert-Transfer information / commuter pass search
You can enjoy old-fashioned graphic RPGs by providing transfer guidance.

◆ Niconico Channel
The Yankee platform 'Nico Nico Champ Road', which is not a Nico Nico Channel, is born

◆ Cutting Board Encyclopedia Top Page --Chopping Board Encyclopedia
Originally you should have accessed Nico Nico Pedia, but it is a site where you can browse, edit, and comment on articles about all cutting boards operated by Future Search Brazil.

◆ Purification with one touch? New function to 'clean up' Nico Nico video and live broadcasting released | Nico Nico News
Yuta Shiga of Dwango Co., Ltd. is releasing a new function to 'clean up' Nico Nico video and live broadcasting with one touch in an interview format. The comments on the video are supposed to be amazing.

If you look at the video playback page, you can see how to clean the video by pressing 'CLEAN' with 'nicobot' written on the right side.

◆ That mom came down to Nico Nico Seiga! -Nico Nico still image
That mom, whose character drawn in the Shinkenzemi became a hot topic, descended on Nico Nico Seiga. Also posted by Shinichiro Naruse himself.

◆ 050 plus special site 'SLIM Matsuko' -I have become slim and made my debut as a model! ~
Matsuko Deluxe made her model debut as a cover girl 'Slim Matsuko'.

An exclusive interview with Slim Matsuko saying 'Everyone says' It's beautiful! 'And 7Days close contact are released.

◆ Erase button [Delete all data on your smartphone in one shot]-Button to save your pinch ...
As a new widget of Clean Master that deletes cache, task, and history, 'Delete button' that deletes all data on the smartphone at once has appeared. There is also a movie of the usage example where you push it to destroy the evidence when you are about to have an affair. It's a kingsoft, so it's wonderful that it's not very fashionable.

◆ Press Release 2014 | I can't sleep tonight due to thermal runaway and noise! Announcing 'Heavy Metal Server', a radical tongue server | IDC Frontier
IDC Frontier Co., Ltd. will start offering 'Heavy Metal Server', which prevents engineers from sleeping well with heat and noise, from April 1st, ahead of the rest of the world.

◆ Smile Party official recognition! Watch Smile ver that Mac Akasaka is serious about
'The Smile Party intends to develop announcement activities centered on this app and lead to increased support for young people,' so the Smile Party Mac Akasaka Governor's official app 'Mac Akasaka's Serious Watch Smile Edition' is every moment. Is ticking

◆ Sakura Panda transferred to Milan? Parcoara transferred to New York?
Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store's character 'Sakura Panda' and Parco's character 'Parcoara' have been transferred to two major fashion cities, 'Milan' and 'New York', respectively.

◆ nentmiru official website | Extreme exploitation simulator 'Soccer Idol Group Nimitsugou' official website
The extreme exploitation simulator 'Soccer Idol Group Nimitsugou' that adopted the 'demon tribute system' that 'all the items that appear are charged!' Has started exploitation.

◆ Yoshizumi Ishihara declares that the weather forecast will be stopped! ?? SKY PerfecTV April Fool's Day Planning
It seems that he was angry that he had been whispered that the weather forecast did not hit. From now on, I plan to concentrate on the baseball forecast.

◆ Red Bull Wings Avoided
Immersive Red Bull 'Red Bullo Energy Ofuro' and 'Red Bullo Mutouofuro' are now available, allowing you to charge energy from outside your body.

◆ HOME'S (Homes) for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad currently available on iTunes App Store Rental, used & newly built real estate housing information. Full of property images, floor plans, and rent market information. The definitive version of the room search & house search app!
When I installed the HOME'S app, I was completely in close contact with the person in the day.

A state of working.

The next-generation action fantasy '47 ROJIN' developed by 47 old people as a spin-off of '47 RONIN' will be released in the spring of 2015.

◆ Candidate for the 'that' national idol group general election! ?? GKM48mm!
Pest Control Meister, which provides a pest control estimation service, closed each site and was reborn as an ultra-short stature group 'GKM 48 mm' with a total length of 48 mm.

◆ Finally completed! If you eat a bite, it will be a fun voice! Helium Gas Pizza | Domino's Pizza Delivery Pizza
If you eat a bite, it will be a fun voice! New release of 'Helium Gas Pizza'. There is also a movie that shows how it was eaten.

◆ [Sakuraba Ai no Saku Raji! ] Live broadcast on Ustream from 21:00 on 4/1! | Sakura Internet
From 21:00 on April 1st, the Ustream live broadcast program 'Sakuraba Ai no Saku Raji!' By Sakura Internet 2D employee Sakuraba Ai will start. A live preview video will be released from 0:00 to 21:00.

◆ Finally enforced on April 1, 2014 !? Information on 'Bachelor Tax' --GourNavi Wedding
The consumption tax should be increased from April 1, 2014, but the 'single tax' that collects three times the tax from single aristocrats is explained in detail.

◆ DOPPELGANGER® [Doppelganger] The passion for 'chikuwa' that the bicycle brand DOPPELGANGER was particular about. Soft texture with an emphasis on grip comfort Chikuwa grip
'Chikuwa Grip CKW440-BR' is now available as a tool to realize 'temporary riding' that shines in a moment, making the most of the beauty of 'Namamono'. It features a moist texture that makes it sticky, which was not possible with conventional rubber and silicone products.

◆ Armpit sweat mushroom
The project started from the heart of 'I want to stop young people from leaving mushrooms', and an Android app created based on the voice of a male employee saying 'I want to eat mushrooms made from the armpit sweat of female employees'.

◆ Nishinoshima continues to have active volcanic activity In an impossible shape-MapFan
Nishinoshima continues to have active volcanic activity, but the true appearance that it has changed its shape is revealed on the map of MapFan.

◆ [Breaking news] MAPLUS life-size car navigation doll 'Rati' for passenger seats will be released !!
Edia Co., Ltd. has created the world's first life-sized car navigation doll that sits in the passenger seat and guides you with a transcendentally realistic human skin feel and tsundere artificial intelligence (TI).

◆ Don't yearn for an annual income of 10 million yen. The total annual income of the four of us is over 8,000 trillion yen. | Nijiyome (PC site)
A parody of the challenging new graduate recruitment site released by a certain company, which was played by the beautiful girl social game platform 'Nijiyome'.

◆ Petitcon No. 3
Confidential information of Nintendo 3DS version DSiware ' Petitcon 3 (tentative name) ' is revealed ....

◆ STRONG | dmenu | NTT DoCoMo
NTT DoCoMo's network has finally jumped out of the earth to complete the lunar base, and adopted 'MLE' (abbreviation of Moon Light Evolution) communication, which is 384,400 times stronger and faster than LTE.

◆ dtabel 4.1 | NTT DoCoMo
Announcing the most ridiculous 'eating' tablet in NTT DoCoMo history

The specifications are as follows. The built-in memory is 41TB (crushed), the OS is equipped with uSO800, and it supports Whitetooth.

◆ [April Fool's Day] Animachi Con 'Kitchen 20%' service started
Animachi Con in Akihabara, a town con event for otaku, supports the rehabilitation of patients with chuunibyo and ex-patients. For patients with Chunibyo, the participation fee for Animachikon is 100% off, but the applicable conditions are 'Evil King ○ Eye User', 'Dark Hui Im Master', 'Myornil Ha ○ Ma User', and 'Spirit Priestess Mo ○ Summer'. Must be one of the following:

◆ Collect BB bullets from mysterious plants Hyper Hogaku
Vegetable bio BB bullet 'PIMENT HIT' that enables mass cultivation of high-precision BB bullets will be released

Yumemi Co., Ltd. discovered that bacon emits wireless signals and developed a hospitality app using bacon.

◆ Gorimon days | 'Train-type station buildings' are born one after another Kansai Electric Railway companies
It turned out that the electric railway companies in Kansai were building train-shaped buildings before they knew it.

◆ The Moeka project for the coastal bus begins | Coastal Bus Co., Ltd.
The IC card 'Moeka', which is a coastal bus, has begun. One of the local magical girls, 'Magical ☆ Cherry,' runs in the sky today with a magical herring stick in order to protect the Ororon Line in northern Hokkaido and the Sea of Japan.

In addition , the Giant Panda Bus has appeared on the Limited Express Haboro.

◆ New Theatrical Version Magical Girl Madoka Magica (Tentative)
The unofficial announcement site for the new movie version of Puella Magi Madoka Magica (provisional) has opened! If you look closely, the domain is 'rnagica' instead of 'magica'.

◆ Sanuki Udon Hanamaru Udon | Give everyone a delicious surprise.
'Magma Ankake Udon' is now available as a new product from Hanamaru Udon. When you place the cursor on the thumbnail, you can see the magma ankake covering the udon with the bowl. There is also a making movie that is really taken under the magma flowing through an active volcano in Hawaii.

◆ iroha brand official website
Kurataya's Japanese confectionery 'powdered sugar', which looks exactly like 'iroha fit (female vibe)', is now available on the TENGA site. If you compare them, they are exactly the same. There are two types, the yuzu flavor and the ramune flavor, which have an elegant sweetness.

◆ Otome game is on sale from Sanho! | Cheap accessories mail order Sun Jewel
Accessory mail order Sun Jewel releases a maiden game for some reason. You can experience a part of the game in demo play, and you should be able to become a melody in many ways in Yuzuru's character setting.

◆ <Story> Series 'Lie Story -Kaiki April-'
A special site for lying stories has opened to commemorate the release of 'Owarimonogatari (bottom)' and '<Story> Series Heroine Honsenjogahara Hitagi'.

The final story (below) is over 100,000 pages astonishing.

The 'lost trip with Mayoi Hachikuji' that you can't come back to is 89,000 yen.

In addition, a set of Senjogahara stationery that can be carried in a skirt will be on sale.

◆ One million Nobunaga's ambitions
'One Million People's Nobunaga's Ambition' will be renewed soon as a romance game 'One Million Warlords Boyfriend'. Although you can't actually play it, you can get someone from Nobunaga, Kenshin, or Shingen by playing 'One Million People's Nobunaga's Ambition' on April 1st.

◆ Map-Android app on Google Play

When you tap the search field of the Google Maps app, a button that says 'Start the game' will appear, so try tapping it.

Then, Pokemon appeared around Roppongi.

If you tap the Zenigame and then press 'Catch' ...

I caught a Zenigame.

◆ Google Japan Blog: New suggestions from the Google Japanese Input Team
As touch panel-equipped devices became standard, the 'Google Japanese Input Magic Hand Version' was developed, which allows you to touch, slide, and flick by operating the lever. It can be switched to a cat's hand or a grandchild's hand, and it also supports keyboard input via a USB cable connection.

Google Japanese Input Magic Hand Version-YouTube

◆ Web Koihime † Dream | Hantai Collection
From the beginning, a super-strong Chinese-style woman = Kanmusu is raised to obtain a more attractive Han-daughter.

◆ Speaking of April 1st ... April Fool's Day | Tokimeki Fantasy La Tale
A completely new simulation of pudding training 'Pudding Collection-Nunocho Kore-' has arrived. However, the server is full and new appointments are not possible.

◆ Mobius Online begins tuning Paperman!
Paperman collaborated with 'Mobius Online', which ended its service on February 28, 2013.

◆ Next-generation fighting game 'Panya Fight -Overdrive-' | Sukatto Golf Panya
Sukatto Golf Panya has evolved into the next-generation fighting game 'Panya Fight -Overdrive-'.

Although it is not possible to play, there is plenty of power that voices are prepared for each character.

◆ The deliciousness legendary class! Chocolate cookie with sticker Odorokiman official website
Uta no Prince-sama ♪ I should have accessed the official website, but now I'm on the official website of the chocolate cookie with a sticker, 'Hidden Camera Odorokiman'.

'Very popular idols are participating in Odorokiman one after another ☆'

◆ New features 'Dancing Songrium' and 'Rust-free Songle' are on sale for a limited time!
AIST has released 'Dancing Songrium', in which the constellations of sounds move according to the sound, and 'Rust-free Songle,' in which the chorus section cannot be played automatically, as new functions for a limited time of Songrium and Songle.

◆ Love communication 'Pochakomi' special
The love communication 'Pochakomi', which manages the weight by falling in love with the gravure idol 'Super Pochaco' who has just debuted, was released on November 29, 2106.

◆ [Notice] Congratulations! 'Groove Coaster (household version)' will be released! |
Taito's first home video game console 'Groove Coaster (home version)' will be released!

If there is space for 4 cars, you can play against up to 4 players at home. The price is 999,800 yen (excluding tax).

◆ Let's meet the world we haven't seen yet 'PS Travel Station' | PlayStation® Official Site
Full of travel and tour information! When it comes to travel, 'PS Travel Station' means that there are many unique travel plans such as 'Exhilarating Seattle Tour with Supernatural Power (Conduit) Delsin'.

The 'Military Paradise Tour' operates sub-light speed navigation to Vecta City for 1 million Vecta dollars per person.

The schedule is as follows, and you can spend a week experiencing two civilizations on one planet.

◆ [Theatrical release! ?? ] Edelweiss of Thought-Valkyria Chronicles on the Battlefield-Hangame
A special site that anthropomorphizes the tank Edelweiss of ' Valkyria Chronicles on the Battlefield' has opened.

◆ Rice terrorist girlfriend 'Apri-chan' | Visual Arts Market for Android
'I'm a little hungry at night, but I can't eat because I'm getting fat ... It's an Android-only (hungry) alarm clock app to send to you.'

◆ Ishupan Kyogi Tu Jampan ♪ Official Website
When you access 'Heterogeneous Martial Arts in Japan', you will be redirected to 'Ishupan Kyogi Tu Jampan ♪'. You can see the recipe of awesome jam bread.

◆ Fergus on Mabitter
The official website of the online game 'Mabinogi' has changed to Fergus' Twitter style. Tweets are updated in real time.

When I tried to follow it, it exceeded the limit of Mabitter's assumption.

◆ Vagoo! News
'Card Fight !! Vanguard' opens 'Vagoo! News' which looks just like Yahoo! News.

◆ Town BBS
Machi BBS has all the writing dates written today on March 32nd.

◆ Official website of the movie 'Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Great Fire Edition / Legendary Final Edition'
Rurouni Kenshin collaborated with Kumamon. Contrary to the words, 'The most crazy enemy appears.', I don't feel any tension.

◆ 'Angel of Slaughter Jibril' Anime Official Website
The anime 'No Game No Life' is on the official website of 'Angel of Slaughter Jibril'. You can also try reading the novel and see the PV.

◆ TV anime 'KILL la KILL' official site
On the official page of Kill la Kill, we announced 'Konjac, a life fiber' that not only functions as a food by incorporating life fiber, but also has applications such as voice calls and a touch panel interface.

◆ Shonen Jump is reborn! Jump to fashionable shounen manga magazine. 'Weekly Shonen Jump Teen' official website
The official website of Shonen Jump is the official website of the fashionable manga magazine 'Weekly Shonen Jump Teen' with special features such as 'Drop sweets boys! Spring hospitality dessert book' and 'Transform into a spring popular face with fashionable eyebrows taught by both of them!' Change to.

◆ 'SPECIUM; BOYS' official website --The 5th science adventure series has started!
'SPECIUM; BOYS' is announced as the 5th science adventure series. Below the title is a small English word, 'April Fool's Day, but it's up to you to believe or not ...'.

◆ Bing
An opera bird appears on the top page of Microsoft's search service Bing. Hover over the square button on the screen to see the lie trivia, and click the link to watch a video that looks like it.

◆ Imamoe Shimbun | April Fool's Day | False display without moe
An apology press conference was held because it was found that he had been misrepresented as a ' moe-no-musume' in illustrations, manga, goods, etc., while writing 'not-so-moe-no-musume ' for three years.

Press conference of not-so-moe daughter April 1, 2014 'Immediately not-moe disguise' --YouTube

◆ Ameba Pigg | You can play for free! Let's enjoy with a character that looks just like you!
Ameba Pigg is an Ameba Robo specification with a robotized character.

◆ [MelonBooks] New business started [Gourd Farm -Melon Farm-] since 2014.4.1
Doujin shop 'Melon Books' has started a melon farm that produces and sells Yubari melons and melons as a new business. Farm experience tour is also ant.

◆ The largest ONE PIECE official goods shop in history ONE PIECE Straw Hat Store
The official ONE PIECE goods shop, which is hijacked by someone every year, has been hijacked by Usopp this year.

◆ [ELLE] Latest information on fashion, beauty, and overseas celebrities | ELLE ONLINE
The fashion magazine 'ELLE' has cat specifications everywhere from the logo mark to the special feature.

◆ Monthly Girls' Romance | SQUARE ENIX
When you access Gangan Online, you will be transformed into the girl's manga magazine 'Monthly Girls' Romance' that appears in 'Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun'.

◆ Movic Portal TOP-Comprehensive entertainment company for anime game characters
The website of Movic, which plans, produces, and sells character products, was jacked by Prince Shotoku.

Goods such as Prince Shotoku's 'Prince Shotoku's Huh' and Karakore on the 12th floor of the crown are on sale.

◆ Interlink Co., Ltd. for universal cell activation, potential development, brain wave activity, and psychic development.
Released a versatile cell activation app that makes your legs feel better, cleaner, mushy, and smarter just by rubbing the tablet app.

Mail-order sales of all-purpose app 'Kurukuru Tile' started --YouTube

◆ Rakuten Blog-Let's enjoy blogging easily for free from your computer or mobile
Rakuten's 'Rakuten Blog', which has been translated into English, has finally been translated into English.

◆ About the unit determination of hand rough | Rascal the Raccoon official website
Rascal the Raccoon official website announced that the unit of hand washing is 'Rascal'. It is used in the style of '5 Rascal, please open your hands', and 1 Rascal is based on 'time to scrub and dissolve sugar cubes'.

◆ Magmag! -E-mail magazine (e-mail magazine) 30,000 magazines !!
April Fool's Day 2014 version of 'Magmag!', Which has been planning April Fool's Day since 1998.

◆ TV animation 'World Conquest Zvezda Plot' official website
We are looking for part-time fighters, operators, and cooks as the third member of the secret society Zvezda. Employment insurance and social insurance are available, and shifts are self-reported.

◆ Lie Character Club: A lie that will start again this year!
The Ugo Chara Club continues to open the 'Lie Chara Club' last year. The diary is filled with lies.

◆ ELSWORD-Hangame
In April 4014, it was decided to make the Elsword character a light novel.

You can also try reading only a few pages.

When you open the top page, a 3-minute countdown will begin in languages around the world, such as English, French, and Hindu.

◆ Project D ~ The Truth About 3D Printers ~
'The truth of 3D printer' used on is now available in manga

What a plaster craftsman from a 3D printer ... If you read it to the end, it also serves as a job offer.

◆ 'Movie Doraemon New Gian's Great Demon Peco and Gian Expedition' Official Website
Finally, Gian wins the leading role.

◆ TV anime 'Ping Pong' official website
'Oss! Ora, Obaba !!!', so the ping-pong became a dragon ball specification.

You can see the movie of Dragon Ball x Ping Pong from the following.

Oss! Ora, Obaba !!! (TV anime 'Ping Pong' CM) --YouTube

◆ Han's strongest fashion Bible! First issue of Panda Knuckle!
The strongest fashion Bible 'Panda Knuckle' of the charismatic panda 'Ichiro Panda' from Ueno Zoo is launched.

Carefully selected photos of Mr. Panda, who has a royal road style, are also released.

◆ Cybozu's Japanese sweets manufacturing cloud service 'Chestnut kintone'
Cybozu releases 'Kuri kintone' which is not the time for Kuri Kinton.

◆ Interesting corporation kayak | Eatable site
As an 'edible site', clicking on it will move the chopsticks and reduce the amount of rice.

There are several types of links on the bottom of the lunch box, and the following is a notice of the adoption of April, which is OK for career fraud.

◆ Limited to Nagoya! Pokka Sapporo, headquartered in Nagoya, has developed a new variety of lemon (miso flavor)! | Pokka Sapporo
Pokka Sapporo, familiar with 'Pokka Lemon 100', has developed a new type of lemon with 'slightly red miso flavor'.

◆ Katsu Curry Portal Site Operated by Rakuten: Infoseek Katsu Curry
Rakuten opens the cutlet curry portal site 'Infoseek cutlet curry'. Is curry a drink? There is also a video that verifies.

◆ Today's Nyanko
The summary site of the gravure self-portrait shooting club has been terminated with the guidance of various great people, and it has changed to a cat summary site without portrait rights.

◆ The world's first integrated e-book reader | Kodansha
Kodansha will release the world's first integrated e-book reader, 'Kebo arm,' based on the concept of 'intelligence in hair! New uses!'

◆ Daily Portal Z: @nifty

Daily Portal Z is also full of April Fool's lie articles.

' Everyone still doesn't know that if you plant bananas in the soil as they are, the leaves will come out and grow. '

'The power adapter becomes Cairo '

At the end of the lie article, there is a description that 'This article is a lie article made for the April Fool's Day project.'

It's true because there was no mention of 'It's a lie article' in the article 'I started a cave coworking space ' like a story. Real lie articles and lie such real articles are messed up.

◆ Window company (Yashiro)
Impress Watch Co., Ltd. has updated the website 'Mado Yashiro', which forges various things centered on online software. In addition to the Internet connection environment, a sense of humor and a generous heart are required to use it.

Macrosoft changes XP wallpaper 'meadow' to 'burnt field' after extended support-Window company (Yashiro)

'Hot hot hot key' that supplements the heating function that is being lost from the PC by repeatedly hitting the hot key --Window company (Yashiro)

◆ Magical Girl Mobage Nextral-Mobage
Magical Girl Mobami chan is whether the animation channel distribution determined as the animation 'magical girl Moba Mi next Lal' to protect the world with ramen power? !!

◆ Sylvester Stallone starring 'Heartbroken Chocolatier' April Fool's Day 2014 Special Feature
'Heartbroken Chocolatier' is made into a movie with gorgeous performers such as Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, and Jackie Chan.

◆ TV anime 'Is the Order a Rabbit?' Official website
When you access the official website of the TV anime 'Is the Order a Rabbit?', The character has changed to a real rabbit.

Looking at the character page, this is the street.

◆ The world's first! Translation of Chunibyo language [light and darkness]
The world's first Chunibyo language translation app for adolescents to speak 'Chuunibyo language' and send it to parents in need.

◆ LaBit Soft Official Web Site
The eroge site 'LaBit.soft' uploads information on eroge with Rabbit as the heroine.

◆ Dragon's Prophet [DRAGON'S PROPHET]
Announcing that a super-union Dragon Robo can be created in the medieval graphic online game 'Dragon's Prophet'

◆ A new style online channel is finally open! 'ECO TV' | Heartful Online RPG Emil Chronicle Online
Heartful Online RPG Emil Chronicle Online characters will open 'ECO TV' on April 1st only. You can actually watch the broadcast on Nico Nico Douga by clicking the program you want to watch.

◆ Takasago Electric Industry Co., Ltd. | Product Information | TAKASAGO Public Relations Section!
Takasago Denki Sangyo Co., Ltd., which develops and manufactures pachislot machines, will release three androids.

When you visit the official site of Rekka Katakiri, you will see a parody of that game, 'Legend of the Super Great Meowth-Meowth of the Manager'.

Hero Nyank and Princess Zelnya.

It will be sold for 285 million yen.

◆ Divine Grimoire-Completely detailed magic book battle! Fantasy RPG ~: VectorGame
The official website of the browser game 'Divine Grimoire' is like

◆ Basic free online game 'RED STONE'
RS romance adventure 'RED Infinity' will be released on April 1, 5000. You can also listen to the voices of the characters on the site.

When you log in to GREE, the text display suddenly changes to Kansai dialect.

Of course, it's April Fool's Day, but maybe there are many Kansai dialect users ...

◆ Rental server Just-Size.Networks --Free initial setup fee campaign!
Perhaps because he worked too hard last year, he said on the top page, 'I did my best last year, so forgive me this year.'

◆ Deep Sea Mystery [Oarfish Curry] | All Products | | Local Curry House
Ryugunotsukai curry is on sale from the local retort curry specialty store 'Local Curry House'. 'It's a waste to just launch it on the beach ...' That's why the precious seafood curry, which is made by boiling oarfish over 4 meters in length for three days and three nights, is completed.

It is said that there is a whole oarfish in it.

◆ Otomate Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store
Otomate, a brand of romance games for women, has opened the Otomate department store Ikebukuro main store.

On the food floor on the B1 floor of Otomate department store, handsome men were fighting over food tasting.

◆ Metsu: Square Enix & Gadget News
According to Metsuo, April Fool's Day is mixed in the article updated today. For example, the following article is a lie news for April Fool's Day.

Shin-Ra Company to build casino 'Gold Saucer' in Odaiba Aiming to open in FY19

Softbank aims to be No. 1 in ease of grasping Shoplifting measures hurry

'Yakuso' raised to 10 gold due to consumption tax hike Adventurer screams, church

◆ --- Rejet, a game content production company for women
Rejet's site is now jacked by a cute light blue bear.

'Bear' is also being recruited on the recruitment page.

There is a greeting from the representative director 'Kuma D'.

◆ [Breaking news] Successful two-dimensional materialization! ?? --YouTube

La'cryma is breaking news that it has finally succeeded in materializing two dimensions.

It looks like a part of the body is materialized by magic on a two-dimensional character.

◆ The 3D era is over. Next-generation JavaScript library 'jFour' that realizes 4D (4D) CG
The official page of the JavaScript library 'jThree' that publishes the MMD model on the web with 3DCG and allows viewers to move the angle is 'The 3D era is over. Next-generation JavaScript library that realized 4D (4D) CG' , Reborn as jFour.

However, because the PC I am using does not meet the supported specifications, the message 'Your PC is an older generation machine that does not have the specifications to display 4DCG, so please bear with 3DCG.' Is displayed.

◆ TM Channel-Niko Niko Channel: Variety
This year's TYPE-MOON is scheduled to be broadcast live on the TM channel of Nico Nico Live Broadcasting. The part that has already been broadcast is also being released on Nico Nico Douga.

◆ Summary of featured articles for one week?
The gadget news site 'Sumahon !!' is running big scoops in rapid succession. President Masanori Son acquired 'Wai! Mobile' announced last week, and 'I! Mobile' will be released.

SQNY officially announces the world's first 'Venn diagram' style camera 'QP10'.

Ama2on announces the smartwatch 'Tsundle Fire' that warns of 'reading books' that have been purchased but not read by e-books.

The legendary warrior Pretty Cure has obtained a hidden treasure 'Magical Lovely Pad ' on Amazon, which is said to have been obtained by overcoming a fierce test on an isolated island in the sea, and has posted a detailed review.

◆ Bunny cafe
'Ufotable' has opened a coffee shop 'Kissing Bunny Cafe', which is headed by both rituals of 'The Garden of Sinners'.

The menu of the decapitation bunny cafe includes a special salad of decapitation bunny (800 yen), a handmade bento plate of Azaka and Shizune (1000 yen), and a mysterious dish called Chapter ∞ (1200 yen).

In addition, ufotable will present a limited postcard to those who ate at ufotable Cafe (Tokyo / Tokushima) / DINING from April 1st to 8th, 2014 as an April Fool's limited event. Is it okay to assume that this is not April Fool's Day?

◆ [Special Hou] maimai has been hijacked | maimai development team blog
On the site of the rhythm action game 'maimai', it was revealed that maimai was attacked by a mysterious group and became stuck for a while.

And it turned out that the 'mysterious group' was THE WORLD of THREE KINGDOMS, also known as 'Srikin'.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that Happy-chan has taken over one song.

◆ Thin site of thin books 'Thin'
The official website of the virtual net idol Chiyu, 12 years old, has suddenly been reborn as a thin website specializing in books. The site has a large number of impressions of more than 50 douujinshi books that the manager likes.

◆ Sound Horizon
Sound Horizon, a music unit by sound creator Revo, is looking for a ghostwriter to create music on behalf of Revo to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its major debut.

By the way, Revo stands out with long hair and sunglasses. People who want to be a ghostwriter should wear glasses.

◆ Smartphones incorporating the new universal cell 'IKA cell' are now on sale! !!
@Ami'z, an SNS with the theme of Aomori, reports on the release of amidroid 8, an 8-inch squid display smartphone equipped with the new universal cell 'IKA cell'.

At the bottom of the page, there is a comment from Dr. Chihuahua, who discovered the IKA cells, and a 'BUY NOW' button that allows you to purchase amidroid 8 immediately.

◆ The world's first mascot character! Chin Tiger sets Guinness record !!: Rental property site 'CHINTAI'
The mascot character 'Chin Tiger' of the rental property site 'CHINTAI' challenges the Guinness record breaking for the first time in the history of Yuru-chara.

With both hands on the torso, you lie down to the line 5 meters away, touch the line and compete for the time to return to the starting point.

In the competition 'How many sticky notes can be attached to the body in 5 minutes', the Guinness record of 'Great! Genius Terebi-kun' (NHK E-Tele) is rewritten.

At the presentation ceremony to set the Guinness record, we got a wonderful 'Guinness beer'.

◆ CLIP ☆ CRAFT April Fool's Day
It seems that the 'newspaper' has arrived at the CLIP ☆ CRAFT site that handles beautiful girl games.


'What! What is this!'

In addition, it seems that the site will be updated in a timely manner and the contents of the Horror News will be revealed.

◆ Celebration 8th Anniversary --OVERDRIVE
To celebrate the 8th anniversary of its founding on April 1, PC game brand OVERDRIVE has released a file full of 'slightly strange images'. Imagine a fluffy image and you'll be crazy.

◆ From Card Lab, an FPS game that shop clerks can experience is now available!
Card Game Shop Card Lab has released an online customer service FPS 'DUEL SPACE'.

Players will make full use of handler bellers and barcode readers to handle customer service.

◆ High tension tofuri
From the flea market service 'Tofuri' that specializes in figures and cameras, the flea market service 'High Tension Tofuri' that handles only high-tension products has been released.

In addition, it seems that most of the products handled by High Tenshotofuri have been deleted under the guidance of a person from the police station.

◆ Aitior Co., Ltd. has been renamed to Aitei Oru, so it's hard to die at night! We are looking for highly acclaimed members now. Representative Director and President Yusuke Kashima
Itior Co., Ltd., which provides IT-related system solutions and media businesses, seems to have been enthusiastic about changing its name to 'Aitei Oru'.

The greeting of the President and CEO, who jumped from the banner of 'Tyman Superior !!', is also very difficult to read.

He said, 'I don't need business phones anymore!' With sunglasses, regents, finger cots and textures.

◆ D064 Affiliaters Market
Affiliate service provider 'Cyber Wholesale' is looking for stamp affiliates for one day only. The top page is designed to remind you of the famous instant messenger.

◆ A man who earns 100 million per second ~ Tsubasa Yozawa invades ~ [RPG starting from a kiss] Angel Master official page
Tsubasa Yozawa is on the official page of the free-to-play beauty card game RPG 'Angel Master'. According to Tsubasa Yozawa, who earns 100 million per second, 'two-dimensional is a utopia that never betrays.'

It's supposed to be amazing from one end of the page to the other.

◆ Socialy | GK Team Santa

Web production company Team Santa has released 'Sociany' , a dream SNS that makes everyone happy.

While various SNSs are overflowing, the problem of 'SNS tiredness' occurs.

However, Socialy solves all the problems of existing SNS.

With Sociany, all posts are done by ghostwriters, so you don't have to worry about getting tired of searching for material.

Anyone can make friends by applying. 'There is no reason for my friends to be 0.'

The 'read' function has been abolished, so you don't have to worry about being scared of reading. The ghostwriter will automatically reply to you.

At Sociany, all your friends will give you 100% 'like!'

In SNS games, it is a system where everyone can be ranked first equally. He said he wouldn't feel frustrated because he couldn't get the first place.

◆ Anyway, a great app-do puzzles, train your muscles, read the news and make more friends. Nothing You Can't Do App Information | iPhone / Android App -Appliv
Appliv, an app review site, has released a super-high-performance app for 1 million yen.

The released app has more than 1500 functions, and you can do almost anything such as ToDo, romance games, shopping, muscle training, and encounters.

When I tried to buy the app from the purchase page immediately, I was dismissed as saying, 'I'm very sorry. It's a lie about apps with 1500 functions.'

◆ Ike's homepage
Anime International Company (AIC) has changed its route from animation production to a cult group. The original story is Tibetan Mastiff, a large dog disguised as a lion.

◆ The official language of the company has been changed to 'Hebrew' and the company name has been changed to 'Hebrew' | Gaprise Co., Ltd. for maximizing ROI in web marketing
Gaprise Co., Ltd. has set the official language of the company as Hebrew from April 1, 2014, and changed the company name to 'Hebrew' in order to strengthen the relationship with Israel.

In addition, all customer correspondence is also in Hebrew, but it is okay if you remember the following Hebrew.

◆ Spring BAN Festival! --KanColle Widget
'KanColle Widget ' that helps KanColle life a little was involved in the bread-like 'Spring BAN Festival'.

It seems that 69 types of retweet contents are prepared.

◆ Cafe ★ Akashius Boarding School [Acasius Boarding School]
The strict dormitory theme cafe 'Akashius Boarding School' has been reopened as an RPG maid cafe 'Akashius'.

The theme of Akashius is the RPG ' Hainal Hunter ' that I've heard somewhere, and for those who like alcohol, ' Drunken Contest Quest ', which is also somewhere. An event with a name you've heard is being held.

◆ Ultech perfect reproduction Neruko, a woman who makes you squid at all Product information
Forbidden original goods will be on sale from the doujin circle 'Megamisofuto'. It's an onaho that can be eaten, so 'let's eat and hide it when parents are about to get caught.'

You can see the secret story of the birth of this new product from the following movie.

Birth secret story-Neruko, a woman who absolutely makes the director squid --- YouTube

◆ Hawk's Claw Sangokushi-Android app on Google Play
The app 'Hawk's Claw Romance of the Three Kingdoms' is limited to April Fool's Day, and a campaign is underway to reduce the price of 'Sakichi' used on the battle screen by 8%. ※It's true

Click here for the iOS version app. The campaign period is from 18:00 on March 31st to 11:00 on April 2nd .

◆ 'Auntie' 30 seconds | [BFB] Barcode Footballer --YouTube

The soccer game app 'Barcode Footballer' for smartphones is releasing a CM movie featuring Chiyoko Asami, a talent familiar to the aunt of the TV program 'Gaki no Tsukaiya Arahende !!'.

This is Mr. Asami who looks exactly like himself reproduced in 3D. It's unclear if Asami really likes soccer.

◆ Movie 'Goal of the Dead' official site 5.3 released
'Z Japan Official Goods' are on sale on the official page of the movie 'Goal of the Dead', which realizes a unique collaboration of zombies and soccer.

There are three goods on sale: 'Z Japan Uniform Replica Unisex', 'Z Japan Number Towel 42', and 'Ball of the Dead'.

However, be aware that if you try to purchase these, you will be infected.

◆ Next Geki Ura Information Representative Public Offering: Handling Information: Geki Ura Information
It is said that it is looking for human resources to represent the next term in the back-door information that provides information on front and back and 'helps crime prevention, defense and vulnerable people'.

Contents of open call for participants, etc.

Exceptional conditions are presented.

The truth can be understood by reading this part carefully.

◆ Farm plan realization project | ArcheAge
On the official page of MMORPG / ArcheAge, the farm plan realization project has started. In this project, a limited number of one person will transform a familiar home into a home farm that the re-farm masters have longed for.

◆ Ayer's room
The online game 'BOUNDRA' has decided to make the idol character Ayer who appears in the game a mascot.

Here are the mascotized red and yellow aears. I can't say that I'm wearing Zentai.

◆ Sozaingo wwwwww of Yakiu material
The free material site 'Sozaing' has opened 'Sozaingo', which is a phrase often used in 2ch thread 'Anything Jitsujo J (Nan J)', and has started to provide baseball-related materials.

It was also possible to actually download the photos from the page.

◆ Horse Couples
Couples who provide love hotels and date information have been transformed into 'horse couples' and will guide you on how horses can enter the hotel 'as a horse'.

◆ Delat Hagel NEO
The official page of the local production for local consumption type original hero 'Chojin Neiger' from Akita is the promotion page of 'Derat Hagel NEO', a perfect herbicide with a namahage mark that will die with chitin until the end of the seventh generation. Of course, the image character is Chojin Neiger, which seems to free you from the hassle of mowing, and even eliminate joint stiffness and shoulder pain.

◆ April 1st, April Fool's Day limited project. Succeeded in developing an ice cream maker!
The social shopping site '' is running a campaign on April 1st where you can get coupons by making original ice cream.

Click 'Make ice cream right away!' At the top of the site.

First, choose two flavors of the base.

Then choose a topping ...

Finally, click 'Make ice cream' ...

You can get a coupon code. If you share the ice coupon you made with your friends on SNS, you can make ice cream again.

◆ Really amazing app-Android app on Google Play
Nullsoft, which develops apps for smartphones, has released an app titled 'Really Amazing App'. 'Really amazing app' is too amazing, so you have to clear various prepared steps to know the identity of the app.

After actually installing and checking the app, step 1 started. It seems that 1000 users need to register the app within a week to clear step 1. The really awesome app looked like a game that was too awesome from step 1.

◆ Movie 'Seikun!'
Sei, who works as a game commentator, game producer, and event staff, has decided to make a movie.

◆ naisen Extension telephone revolution. I don't need a business phone or main device anymore.
The line of 'I'm particularly good anywhere', which is famous on the Internet, was actually a commercial for a business phone .... Aimi Sekiguchi, who was actually interviewed at that time, appeared. By the way, Mr. Sekiguchi is currently a talent.

◆ Wanted aliens! !! -Why don't you work in Dream Vision? ~ | Ladies fashion mail order dream prospect
Ladies fashion mail order 'Dream Vision' is urgently recruiting alien staff. He wants to respond to the wave of globalization by actively hiring aliens.

You can check the message from the HR staff in the following movie.

Alien Complete Edition-YouTube

◆ Developed a cabbage-type home control gadget that allows dialogue --rti Giken Update
Rti Giken, which develops home control gadgets and future home controllers by voice recognition, has developed a cabbage-type interactive home control gadget. By interacting with cabbage full of green instead of the conventional inorganic home control gadget, it will be possible to operate home appliances throughout the house.

The gadget is equipped with a Kisekae function, and if you buy vegetables and fruits at the supermarket, you can use it as it is by replacing it with cabbage.

It is the first electronic gadget to use edible materials, so it is useful even in an emergency.

◆ Exo Network
GNEX Ltd. releases new service Exo Network. The story is that you can use a secure internet connection with a communication speed of 1 Gbps for free.

◆ CLUB Honey Bunny 4.1 Grand Open
The movie 'One Third' grand-opened Club Honey Bunny to commemorate the release of the movie.

The hostess is unique like this.

◆ Finally completed! Selling ad distribution platform │ Ureru Ad NENRIKI
'Selling Internet Advertising Company', an online advertising consulting company, has announced a new advertising distribution platform 'UreruAd NENRIKI'. UreruAd NENRIKI is a new service that delivers advertisements in people's dreams.

UreruAd NENRIKI is the industry's first attempt to 'target from the subconscious mind of the brain including not only the behavior history but also the unconscious area', and sends advertisements directly to the brain with psychokinesis while consumers are sleeping.

◆ Tangerine Official Web Site | Top Page
At Tangerine, the first bonus Yandere goods for 'Sick Manahi Sister Ha Muhi' have been released, and we are looking for sick friends, saying 'Spring is sick! Yandere ★ Let's debut!'. In addition, since it is a site of an 18-ban game maker, you should not see it under the age of 18.

◆ Japan Fundoshi Association (JAPAN FUNDOSHI ASSOCIATION) --Japan Fundoshi Association (JAPAN FUNDOSHI ASSOCIATION)
The Japan Loincloth Association is looking for a person who will play the leading role in Hollywood movies with one loincloth. According to the site, Steven Spielberg is the director, Miranda Kerr is the heroine, Denzel Washington is the president who recommended the loincloth, and so on. He is looking for someone to give him. No experience is required, and the only qualification to apply is to have a loincloth.

◆ Mesocare Plus Free gift campaign for parents and children
Mesocare +, which develops and sells scalp care shampoo for the scalp and beauty essence lotion for the scalp, carries out a 'parent-child free campaign' in which the first 100 people win the scalp care shampoo under the slogan 'Let's go against fate' It's inside.

In addition, 'Mou Konga-san', which stimulates hair roots in the rhythm of conga, was also on sale, but unfortunately it is no longer sold.

◆ Cat has joined the Color Me Shop | EC Useful Information? Online Shop Opening Shopping Cart Service [Color Me Shop]
A cat named 'Omochi-san' has joined the online shop 'Color Me Shop' operated by GMO Pepabo Co., Ltd. as a new employee. The state of the new employee training of the rice cake is delivered on the official page.

At 10:30, Mr. Mochi came to work.

Documents are being prepared at 12:00.

After that, lunch at 13:00, practice of exchanging business cards at 15:00, desk work at 17:00, and leaving the office at 19:00 will be released.

◆ Gather! I love eggplants! Eggplant specialty site [Eggplant special course]
The information site 'Nurse Senka' for nurses and nursing students has opened a special page 'Eggplant Senka'.

On the page full of eggplant information, it is clear that eggplant is effective for 'hemorrhoids' ....

◆ Namikibashi High School (Namikibashi Hi-School)
A member of 'Namikibashi High School', a girls unit with a name like a prep school, has passed the University of Tokyo.

Students from the University of Tokyo from Namikibashi members ... --YouTube

◆ [April Fool's Day 2014] A big hit with SNS for children! !! --In-house SNS nanotyBP Staff blog
The in-house SNS 'nanoty BP' has started the service of 'Children's SNS' for children. It is always accessible from places that children love, such as kindergartens, nurseries, schools, playsets and sandboxes.

According to the child, who is a user, even if he is absent from school for a long time, he can be relieved because he can connect with his classmates through children's SNS. It seems that human relations have recently been attracting attention as an important issue in children's society as well.

◆ Top | Urgent recruitment web design Nya
PS Insurance, which handles pet insurance, is looking for a 'web designer' who is not a web designer. As a result of considering usability to the utmost, we have come to a novel result that it is better to ask a cat to design the site.

◆ Kumapon animation decision! ? Become a hero and save the world!
There is also a special page that reports the decision to animate the original character Kumapon of the coupon site 'Kumapon'. The anime 'KUMAPONS' will be broadcast on the Internet anime channel and BSS Kumapon Broadcasting.

It seems that the next notice of KUMAPONS has already been completed.

KUMAPONS -Next Notice Episode 1 --- YouTube

KUMAPONS -Next Notice Episode 2--YouTube

KUMAPONS -Next Notice Episode 3--YouTube

◆ Audi News extra 2014.4.1 | Audi enters the sushi business
Audi Japan, which provides its own full-time 4WD system 'quattro', has newly entered the sushi business and will introduce a new menu 'quattro'.

Audi-ness is inherited everywhere.

◆ Astonishment !! The Okinawan fairy 'Bunagaya' actually existed !! Is it finally successful? ?? | Challenge the mysteries and wonders of Dee Okinawa
Okinawa B-class portal 'DEEokinawa' has launched SUPER MYSTERY MAGAZINE 'D' to challenge the mysteries and wonders of Okinawa, and has posted a capture report of the Okinawan fairy 'Bunagaya' (also called Kijimuna). I will.

Looking for a difficult Bunagaya. Some members die unemployed on the way ...

What is the identity of the finally captured Bunagaya ...! ??

◆ Lashinbang started buying vegetables
The douujin shop 'Lashinbang', which sells and purchases douujinshi and anime goods, has started a vegetable and fruit purchase service.

Vegetables under reinforced purchase include carrots (390G), shiitake mushrooms (150G), and cucumbers (350G).

We purchase rare species such as plumber mushrooms (40.24 million G), none (2741 G), and potatoes (16,855 G) at a fairly high price.

◆ Brand Fashion News: Red Wing boots for Attack On Titan are made
Brand Fashion News reports that boots exclusively for the giant giants that appear in Attack on Titan were made by American boot maker RED WING.

◆ Mule Q
This year, the news site 'Raba Q', which conveys interesting news from around the world, has been transformed into the finest purely domestic beef information magazine 'Raba beef'.

◆ From the latest MINI to the old classic Mini! Introducing a limited edition car that transforms with the touch of a button --Autoblog Japan version
Autoblog Japan version of the car information site announced that a limited edition car that transforms from the latest MINI to the old classic Mini from BMW with the touch of a button will appear.

According to A. Prilfour, chief designer of BMW Germany, 'There are two points to note. One is that the driver is discharged out of the car for safe deformation. Be careful of deformation in rainy weather. I want it. The other is the date of this release. '

◆ Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeros / Cardboard Box 1/6 Scale Recycled Paper 100% Action Statue / Game / Gecco --Figure Mail Order: Mamegyorai Main Store
The product page of 'Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeros / Cardboard Box 1/6 Scale Recycled Paper 100% Action Statue', which is a figure of the familiar cardboard box in the Metal Gear series, has appeared in the figure mail order 'Mamegyorai Main Store'. .. Kodawari point is 'material', and as a result of pursuing realism and presence, 'the same material as the real thing is used'.

◆ [Impact] You can peep into the life of a beautiful employee for 24 hours and have a date! Added functions for men that are not like gourmet apps on April 1st | App Gakuen
In order for the gourmet information app 'Telemog' to acquire male users, we have added a new function that seems to have nothing to do with the gourmet app, which allows you to peep into the lives of beautiful employees 24 hours a day and date.

With the new function, you can peep into the life of a beautiful employee living alone for 24 hours. You can also peep into the life of a rare and beautiful female employee by turning a special gacha for 3000 yen each time.

If you get closer to female employees, you can use two-shot conversations for 1000 yen per minute, and depending on the conversation, you can actually date female employees.

◆ Today is April Fool's Day. Maybe Hanashima Fugetsu
Sanin organization 'beauties of nature' that has held the dōjinshi convention in rural areas is now that would be renamed to 'Fugetsu flower island' from which is often too mistaken for the advantage of the fact.

◆ The next-generation manufacturing idol unit 'Fab Girls' who can go to meet makes their electric shock debut! !! | 2014 | News | Loftwork Inc.
Loftwork Inc., which operates a cafe 'Fab Cafe' that can use 3D printers, will produce a next-generation manufacturing idol unit 'Fab Girls' that you can go to meet.

This is a promotion movie of 'Fab Girls', an idol unit that can freely operate laser cutters, 3D printers, and espresso machines.

Fab Girls Debut! --YouTube

◆ ROCK / POP / CUTE Harajuku character design brand 'HYPER CORE'
The site of Harajuku's POP & ROCK brand 'HYPER CORE' has been hijacked by the fake zombie movie 'Boys Be Zombies' in which the staff appears.

The usual site was like this.

◆ Girl? Friend (provisional) | Core Tech Co., Ltd.
At the web production company 'Core Tech', you can enjoy the browser game 'Girl? Friend (provisional)' where you can enjoy school life with a girl (?).

The screen during play looks like this.

◆ Q & A site for conscious babies: TECH BABY
Taking advantage of April Fool's Day, we have also opened a Q & A site 'TECH BABY' for conscious babies. On the site, various babies post sensational questions such as 'Peek-a-boo is boring' and 'I can't stop pacifying', and senior babies give 'adult' answers to these questions. I'm posting.

◆ 'Gizmodo' enters 'Ikeda Mode': Gizmodo Japan
Hayato Ikeda, a professional blogger, has been appointed as the new editor-in-chief of Gizmodo, the name has been changed to Ikeda mode, and Ikeda is lined up on the wallpaper.

The source on the top page of Gizmodo Japan also depicts Ikeda's ASCII art as if to celebrate the appointment of the new editor-in-chief.

◆ New function from Pecoli! coming soon! ?? 'PecoPlus'-Community connected by Pecoli homemade food by Ameba-
The food posting site 'Pekori' will soon release the hardware 'Peco Plus' that enables posting that appeals to all five senses.

When Peco Plus is attached to a smartphone, a 'scent record' button will appear, and it will be possible to record the scent of food.

Peco Plus also has a temperature sensor. By putting a load on the smartphone, the temperature of the food is reproduced.

With the newly developed sensor, it is possible to decompose the taste elements on a molecular basis and even record the taste.

The exterior is made of thinned wood, which is environmentally friendly. The specifications are such that one sense is not enough for the five senses.

◆ Mr. iD 2014 Support Project! Result announcement! The selection committee also groaned! This year's Mr. iDs are these candidates! | [Kodansha] Project Amaterasu
'Let's talk about tomorrow's idols.' Was announced as a candidate for the boys category 'Mr. iD' of the female idol audition 'Miss iD', but if you look closely at the photos, it's not the boys. ……?

◆ Latest Information --Notice --Dragon Nest Members Site --Hangame
The management team of the popular game 'Dragon Nest' in the free online game site 'Hangame' is suing the development company.

In a situation that will be reported in news programs.

The management team of the popular game 'Dragon Nest' sues the development company-YouTube

◆ Kyobashi TV will be renamed Hirakata TV from April 1st.
The program 'Kyobashi TV' that conveys the charm of Osaka and Kyobashi has been renamed to 'Hirakata TV' on April 1, 2014. The reason for the name change is that the program distributor, Mr. Ikeda, was not loved by Kyobashi too much.

The channel name of USTREAM that was being delivered has also been changed to 'Hirakata TV at 9 o'clock on Tuesday!'.

◆ Eipoli Ruzu Theater
The techno pop band Aprils formed the Hiroshima star local character 'Eipoli Ruzu'. Somehow, it's 'Nashii' ...

You can check the CM of the mixer juice pusher in this movie.

Ei Poly Ruzu TVCM / Poly Bucket So Start, Eco Edition Full Version --YouTube

The official page 'SYSKEN ONLINE' of the Tsuyama National College of Technology System Research Department has MARQUEE tags embedded throughout the site as April Fool's Day, and every element of the page moves from side to side.

◆ iPhone | More than 40,000 wallpapers for all iPhone models (^^)
'IPhone', which distributes wallpapers for iPhone, has started distributing wallpapers for iPhone 6, which have not been announced yet, let alone released.

No details have been announced for the iPhone 6, but the wallpapers are pretty high quality.

◆ You will be a pharmacist from today
The site 'Pharmacist Club' that supports pharmacists nationwide has released a free app that anyone can become a pharmacist right away.

iOS version and Android version have been released, and it seems that you can enjoy the mood of a pharmacist in the game.

In addition, content for those who are really aiming to become pharmacists and those who are already pharmacists is also available.

◆ Does the person who controls 'Mt. Everest' control the game? -[Urgent feature] Gironian approaches the truth of the athlete theory-| STANDS! By ALL SPORTS community
Sports life magazine 'STANDS!' Advocates the theory of 'Girolian-athlete' who loves Ramen Jiro, and eats Jiro's ramen while challenging 'Mount Everest', which is not Chomoramma. Experience report.

◆ Fishing Tower University succeeds in total synthesis of iRUT cells | Fishing Tower University
The pseudo-cell 'iRUT cell' created by Tsurito University by exposing the nucleus of α-tussedil T cell, which is a type of immune cell, to an electromagnetic wave of a specific frequency and then acting an artificial protein mixed with hyaluronic acid etc. We have succeeded in total synthesis. As expected, in addition to the medical school, the fishing tower university, which has a fishing research faculty, a social media academic faculty, a near-future sports faculty, and a military faculty, is different.

◆ Official website of the Embassy of Kitsnesia in Japan
For some reason, the top page of Kyubi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. is the official website of the 'Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Kitnesia in Japan'.

The chairman of the Nine-tailed Country Rescue Conference is a Moe character.

◆ Hotto Motto New Makunouchi Bento: That's right SE
Mr. Inazuma Johnny devised a new Makunouchi bento and actually made it.

I made the new Makunouchi lunch 'rice (390 yen)'

As the name suggests, the new Makunouchi bento 'rice' is a new style of Makunouchi bento that contains only white rice. The side dishes are pickled plums and the pickles that are attached to the lunch box.

Mr. Inazuma Johnny ate his new Makunouchi lunch 'rice' while saying 'rice ume!'.

◆ Ganso Nagahamaya To those who visit Fukuoka: Hakata Daisho-Fukuoka Ramen Blog
Inazuma Johnny @ Ramen Rider, who eats ramen in Fukuoka, teaches the ordering style of 'Ganso Nagahama Ramen' to tourists who come to Fukuoka to eat ramen.

Choose the hardness of the noodles, the amount of fat, and the green onions. I see, i see.

In addition, the amount of vegetables ... can you choose? Mashimashi ……?

'I grew up eating this kind of ramen for a long time.' This is Nagahama ramen ...!

◆ Jacket buying app iPhone | Searching for a jacket buying feeling app with the icon
Search for the app you want with the icon that does not buy jackets The 'buy jacket app iPhone' displays a 5% consumption tax maintenance coupon. I definitely want it ...

◆ Kalmia 8 TOP
On the official website of the otome game brand Karmia8, it has been decided that 'Magic Samurai! Kanako Saemon' will be made as a sequel to 'Bird cage mariage', and a short story that includes April Fool Neta by Miori Ayuha, who is in charge of the scenario. Can be enjoyed. In addition, it seems that the sequel to the bird cage mariage is really scheduled to be released on April 25, 2014.

◆ My Nomadic Life 'Sachiko Fukumoto Official Website (´_ ゝ `)?
Actress Sachiko Judy Fukumoto is making a shocking announcement on her official website saying 'AKB has been selected as the next center.'

If you click '18 years old or older?' ...

The official website has a psychedelic design ... In addition, since it comes with comical music, you need to be careful when playing it in a quiet place.

By the way, the usual page of Mr. Fukumoto looks like this.

If you click 'Under 18 years old?', You can see a different side of Mr. Fukumoto. There were various reasons why AKB was ...

◆ I have never seen such a millionaire! The man who made the sea at home 'Usuda House' [Fukushima]: 100 rare spots in Japan
'100 Views of Japan's Rare Spots,' which introduces rare sights in Japan, covers Usuda's proud mansion, 'Usuda House,' which built a huge aquarium for diving at home.

Mr. Usuda, the founder of 'Usuda Kogyo' in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, has a capital of 20.3 billion yen, and is the owner of a company with 3045 employees. thing. Mr. Usuda created a huge diving pool at home because he was so absorbed in diving, which is one of his hobbies.

This looks normal at first glance in the diving pool, but when you dive ...

There are coral reefs and fish are swimming, and the actual sea is reproduced so far. The diving pool has a depth of 10 meters and a water volume of 5,000 tons, and the wall thickness is 1 meter.

I was swimming to Manta Ray in the diving pool.

◆ ● April 1, 2014 April Fool's article
Mohri's Home Page is full of April Fool's Day related to Studio Ghibli. What is posted is 'Mr. Hayao Miyazaki challenges to obtain a pilot license! Aiming to fly the zero battle!' 'Mr. Yoshiharu Sato and Mr. Hayao Miyazaki of former Ghibli participate in the animation' KanColle '?' 'Ghibli Funashi will appear in the new work 'Memories of Marnie' !? '

Images that look like that are mixed in in the article, which confuses the user.

If there is, I definitely want it, but this is also April Fool's Day.

◆ I love you! Blastoise (We Love! Blastoise)
'Hi-Hi-Whoopee' is usually a blog that collects music information from all over the world and has many followers, but for some reason, only today is ' Daisuki! Kamex (We Love!'), Which is full of 'Kamex' that appears in Pokemon. Blastoise) '

Twitter is also full of love for Kamex.

◆ Shimanto Resident Production
The project 'Shimanto Resident Production (Four Pro)' that disseminates the value of 40,000 to the world is being site-jacked. Jacked 'Mikkun, Mitsuo Shinoda' is a very famous person in the local area. I'm wondering who he is.

◆ Service Information --VPS of Kyoto University Microcomputer Club
The Kyoto University Microcomputer Club has started offering the 'KMC VPS Service'. The 4GB plan is available for 2000 yen per month, and the Unlimited plan allows you to use the VPS service that allows unlimited use of memory and HDD. The security of the server room is perfect, and security guards equipped with metal bats are stationed, and the amulets of Horinji Dendengu are enshrined, so it is safe and secure.

◆ Hatena Deceived Star
Hatena Bookmark is a service that matches people who want to lie and people who want to be deceived comfortably.

The explanation is given in the article 'April Fool's Special Theme' Lies ' ' on Hatena Blog, but the lies posted during the period are posted on the 'Hatena Deceived Star' page, and the usual 'Hatena Star' You can attach a different 'Tricked Star'.

◆ Wantedly Make 'working' interesting
Wantedly Co., Ltd., which provides apps and tools to make 'working' interesting and enrich your work, has announced that it will enter the publishing business.

Wantedly Co., Ltd. launched 'Weekly Wantedly' as the first publishing business, and serialized 10 mangas that startups will change the world through gathering friends, centering on the companies listed on (Be careful because the image below is a link to a PDF file).

◆ The safest car-Born from breaking sleep, safety that deceives God! ~ --YouTube

'Sleep Breaking', which is effective for drowsiness when tired, has developed the ultimate safety car 'Sleeping Car'. Surrounded by the ghosts of the gorigori men who are sickening ...

If you feel tired, call Okan.

Dangerous goods are spring-loaded

It was 'Pico Pico Hammer' that worked for drowsiness.

◆ GNN | Granzella News Network
Game company Granzella re-enters the news business, which it withdrew in 2013. The news site 'Granzella News Network (GNN)' has been launched.

This is the news site GNN.

For some reason, the news is all about 'dinosaurs' ...

◆ The back face of the beautiful producer of crazy wedding is really crazy and chaos | crazy wedding
On the official website of crazy wedding for custom-made weddings, the back face of the beautiful producer is exposed naked.

A beautiful producer pulls a tire and goes to work.

The beautiful producer is an air chair.

The beauty producer is solid.

A beautiful producer squeezes an apple with her bare hands.

Beautiful producers are rough people. It is said that we are looking for men with physical strength.

◆ Town Nokoto @ 2014/4/1 Special --- You can search for event information from all over the country! You can find it! Local event information, 'Town Nokoto'.

The light-up event at 'Aokigahara Jukai' at the foot of Mt. Fuji is too scary ...

A standard name such as 'ISO ', which is a general term for international standards, is attached.

◆ Buddy Complex Anime Official Website
Gachapin and Mook appear on the official page of the anime 'Buddy Complex'.

The two (?) Will board the Variancer and even couple.

Gachapin Challenge 'Variancer'-YouTube

Gachapin and Mook come to board the Variancer in the Gachapin Challenge.

Gachapin is versatile and can be used by Variancers.

As the shooting progresses, the 1st Airborne Brigade of the Zogirian Army appears and attacks Luxon on which Gachapin is riding.

Mook rushes to the pinch of Gachapin on a Bradion.

And the two are coupling. The two Enfatia waveforms are perfect!

With the success of the two, we will safely repel the Zogilia army.

At the end of the movie, there will be a special OP with Gachapin and Mook appearing everywhere.

◆ Dyueru Mate
The four-frame manga 'Dueru Mate', which is a story about everyday life with a trading card game, is showing a movement to be animated. The story is that school students facing a crisis of consolidation become idols to protect the school.

◆ JPNAP Galaxy Service | Internet Multifeed Co., Ltd.
Internet Multifeed Co., Ltd., which provides Internet interconnection services, has newly launched the interplanetary communication interconnection service 'JPNAP Galaxy Service'. In the future, the Canis Major area, Canis Minor area, Orion area and other areas will be expanded.

◆ About the end of service ――About the handling of information ――Idol information sharing site ―― “idol scheduler”
Announced that the 'Idol Scheduler' of the idol information sharing site will stop the service.

You can see the truth of the matter by clicking 'Look at the details'.

◆ There seems to be a lot of Bravely that I don't know about in the world ... w
April Fool's Day of the Nintendo 3DS game 'Bravely Default' also appeared on Twitter.

◆ Lucky Star's Pain Bicycle is now available!
Is the production cost several hundred yen at ''? Lucky Star Bicycle is released.

◆ The representative of F Code Co., Ltd. will be replaced by the license bancho.
The license bancho has been appointed as the representative, and the work of the bancho is published every hour.

At 11 o'clock, 'secret technique, speed of light submission !!'

Next is 'secret technique, speed of light design !!' Contrary to its appearance, you can worship the brave figure of the licensed bancho who masters the PC every few hours.

◆ Shimekiri-chan (bidaisei50_bot) uses Twitter
50 words that drop a college student BOT says, 'Get up! I can't make it in time for tomorrow's comment! Drink this and get well!', So Sylvia Mel Kiplings is abbreviated as 'Shimekiri-chan'. ..

◆ I started to rent an airplane! | Expedia
Expedia, which offers great deals on hotels and overseas travel tours, has launched a new 'airplane rental' service. When you enter the departure / arrival location, round-trip date and time, and the number of passengers ...

Recommended planes that match your wishes will be displayed.

Then, you can check the time you can save and the contents of the concierge service, and when you click 'Request a quote' with excitement ...

◆ 'Paranormal Activity / The Mark of Curse' That big celebrity was cursed !? Special video -YouTube

A mark like a tooth profile appears on the hero's arm ...

The curse begins inside the body.

The words 'The mark will appear at the age of 18' will be displayed.

Then, '18 years old' suddenly changed to '58 years old'.

Tooth profile on the arm.

What is the back view in the mirror ...?

◆ [April Fool's Day] Introducing the much talked about Times Car fully autonomous driving car! ?? | Car Sharing Times Car Plus
Announced the introduction of a fully autonomous vehicle equipped with AI that Times Car Plus of car sharing automatically recognizes signals and signs and handles conversations. In addition, if you click 'The whole picture will be revealed on the next page!', You will also have the opportunity to get details of fully autonomous vehicles and a one-day rental of fully autonomous vehicles by lottery.

◆ I'll remove the eye mask! | Rental server Hetemuru
At the rental server Hetemuru, with a shout 'I'll remove the eye mask!' ...

A lot of mysterious development of removing the eye mask of the server.

If you think something, it seems that you are celebrating the server's second birthday.

The invited IT journalists can't keep up, but they're waiting ...

A chaotic situation where all employees treat the server as if it were a human being, such as preparing a surprise movie so that it will not be exposed to the server.

I'm wondering, 'Can you hear the voice of the server?', But there is also a button that you can click to hear the voice. What will happen to journalists at this party ...

◆ The official website of the anime 'Chaika: The Coffin Princess'
Announcing the decision to make a live-action film on the official website of the anime 'Chaika: The Coffin Princess'. By saying 'Aim, Hollywood', even the icon of the Twitter account is live-action.

◆ DeNA Co., Ltd. [DeNA]
Former athletics and marathon runner Toshihiko Seko, who belongs to the DeNA Running Club, has returned to active duty for the future of the men's marathon.

You can see the state of the press conference from the following movie.

DeNA Running Club Toshihiko Seko / Return to Active Press Conference Movie --YouTube

◆ Wikipedia: Removed Pranks and Nonsense / April Fool's Day 2014-Wikipedia
There are various April Fool's Day stories on Wikipedia.

' Waratte Iitomo broadcast on April 1, 2014! ' Was broadcast to the TV station because the moderator Tamori ended the program as usual on March 31, 2014, saying 'Would you like to see it again?' A program that was broadcast in a hurry due to a flood of requests from viewers. Experts have analyzed this phenomenon as the beginning of Tamoros.

' Tokyo ' is the area east of Kyoto in the 23 wards of Kyoto, where the capital of the book is located.

Published in 2D and 3D worldwide simultaneous screenings than April 1, 2017 are scheduled, of the American comic book, 'Fantastic Four,' the original and the movie ' New Fantastic Four '

◆ [Rakuten Ichiba] The finest olive oil Quinta do Bispado Reserva 500ml [Music for tomorrow] [Luxury prize in the review! 10 times the points! ] [Easy gift _ packaging] [Easy gift _ Noshi]: Sanwa shopping
Sanwa Shopping, which sells high-quality olive oil overseas, has succeeded in developing 'Magic Olive Oil' that enables a virtual experience just by drinking.

The manufacturing method you are interested in is also open to the public.

There are many experience flavors such as adventure, travel, celebrity, etc., and examples of good and bad combinations when combining the two types are also posted.

◆ Twitter / glico_PR: Pocky was a handicraft of a craftsman!
Glico's public relations Twitter has dropped material for the second time in a row.

◆ Today, a new taste is released from Putchin Pudding!

◆ Super Robot Wars Official Website [SRW]
When you access the official website of Super Robot Wars, an emergency notification video suddenly appears.

3rd Super Robot War Z Jigoku Hen Emergency Notice Video --YouTube

The content is, after all, Hello Kitty is robotizing and participating in the Super Robot Wars.

◆ 2014 April Fool's Day [Mail Order Monotaro]
Monotaro, which handles tools and parts required at the sites of manufacturing, construction, and automobile maintenance, mass-produces the mascot character Monotaro Samurai.

I clicked to buy it, but it was too sticky to fit in the basket.

◆ MUV-LUV ALTERNATIVE INTEGRAL WORKS of the dead [April Fools 2014]
'INTEGRAL WORKS' published in 2009 as a collection of setting materials for the youth romance adventure game ' MUVLUV ' series is described as 'crazy' due to the number of pages that doubt sanity and the dense content that the character and skin color component are almost zero even though it is eroge. However, the complete collection of materials 'INTEGRAL WORKS of the dead' that inherits that philosophy will be released. The skin color ratio has also improved significantly, giving the paper, which tends to be hard, a color like Indian summer.

◆ CAP'STONE | Nyapukon Myound Chimu Official WEB

The official WEB of Capcom Sound Team has succeeded in developing the cat language, and it seems that the page can be converted to the cat language. Click 'Tan ★ Tan' to see a Capcom game movie that supports cat dubbing.

[CAP'S TONE] Capcom games now support cat language! ?? --YouTube

Nyan Nyao! (Damn!)

Nyao (my name is Dante)

Meow! Nyan Nya (full of treasures!)

◆ It's April from today! Due to the turn of the year, we have decided to incorporate a new project into our main brand 'Tabekko Animal' ☆ Please see the following materials for details! #April Fool's Day #ginbis #Ginbis | Posted images by Ginbis Co., Ltd.
Alpaca joins the 'Tabekko Animal'.

In addition, a QR code is printed on the back of the biscuit, allowing you to jump to the explanation page for each animal.

◆ 3D Bishoujo game exclusive hardware 'VIRTUAL GIRL' & exclusive software 'Super Real Girlfriend' Limited sale only on April 1st!
With the joint development of ILLUSION x PG Production, the world's first experience-based adult game machine 'Virtual Girl' and exclusive software 'Real Girl VR' will be released! There is also a movie that shows how you are actually tinkering.

◆ Finally completed ♡ I played with '1/1 Real Scale Bath Collection Girl Swimsuit Ver.'! | Worked at Good Smile Company, a figure maker 'Kahotan Blog'
'1/1 Real Scale Bath Collection Girl Swimsuit Ver.' Is now available. It is said that it is made of Styrofoam, but it reproduces a realistic texture.

It is said that each hair is movable, so when you actually try it in the bath ...

It moves quite violently.

◆ Hamham-soft 2014 latest work!
The characters are over 80 years old, and the conversation success rate is up to 8% of the threat.

Conversations that have been communicated with great effort are swept away, and conversation time is the longest in ADV history. As a result of sublimating the erotic to the maximum, I realized that it was the most exciting to have tea together ....

◆ Conveyor belt sushi restaurant Sushibuku Japan opening commemoration-e-book is eBookJapan
eBook Japan has opened 'Kaiten Sushi Restaurant Sushi Book Japan' where tablets with manga flow along with sushi. The general's recommendation is 'I personally recommend the Kohada, Maison Ikkoku, Akakai, Hamachi, and Kosaku Shima series.'

◆ Discover the principle of erasing and initializing introverted memories | Overseas Travel Guidebook-How to Walk the Earth Editorial Department / Interview & Diary
An article about April Fool's Day in the editorial department, coverage and diary of the overseas travel book 'Walking the Earth'. The following describes the outbreak of travel humans by 'discovering the principle of erasing and initializing introverted memories.'

In addition, the article 'Today's Elephant Tax ' mentions the self-portrait car tax, elephant tax, special elephant tax, etc. that will be introduced from April 1st.

◆ 'Momoiro Monster' official website
'Momoiro Monster' that can catch the characters of the online beautiful girl mahjong game 'Pink War Pairon'

With 'Catch', you can catch a total of 168 girls (Momomomon) from the Game Boy style ...

You can hear the cry from the picture book of the girl you got.

◆ Toei Official Site
Toei official site that was site-jacked by the secret society Shocker.

◆ G-Tune Official Original Character 'Magical Girl Qun-chan' Official Web | G-Tune-High-end Game PC Brand-
G-Tune official original character 'G-Tune-chan' web page is now on the official website of 'Magical Girl Qun-chan'.

Magical girl Qun has little knowledge about PC, but with the support of PC fairy (?) G, she transforms into a magical girl and struggles to collect Qun.

◆ Toshiba Microcontroller Toshiba Microcontroller | Facebook
Toshiba Microcomputer announces 'the world's largest microcomputer' that can also be used as a cushion on Facebook.

◆ Nichirei Foods-Timeline photo
A state of the press conference of 'Itame-kun' who was appointed as 'Director Fried Rice Executive Officer' of Nichirei Foods. '1. From now on, all salaries to employees will be provided by' Authentic fried rice '! '2. One microwave oven is installed on each person's desk!'

If you think about it, Itame-kun, who is also a 'Purin Fairy'.

◆ Pantsu no Ojisama
The official website of 'Prince of Uniforms' has been renewed as 'Pants' Ojisama'.

We have also decided to release a 'dakimakura with pants' that can be worn with matching pants. In addition to this, ties with pants and trousers will be released. In addition, since Ojisama delivers each 'dakimakura with pants' directly, it takes about half a year to a year to get it.

◆ We have become a manly cram school. Kaoru !! Sokenjuku --Net Shop Soken
The online shop Soken was born as 'Kai !! Sokenjuku', which boasted 'Japan, this is an online shop!' With the momentum of 'Kai !! Otokojuku'.

◆ ♂ Boys! !! ~ Handsome humiliation ☆ Paradise ~ --Nitoropurasu Kiraru
Nitroplus Chiral played a boys love game of unfortunate boys who said, 'If you walk down the road, you will fall down, you will take off your clothes in the beat of falling, and ... something like that in front of the public !?' Released on April 1, 2014.

◆ I pre!
The character of the BL game ' I Puri! ' Has been transformed into a girl character of the Yuri game 'I Puri!'.

◆ I'm crazy!
The character of ' I Puri x Cross! ' Is the muscular macho men who say 'I Muki!'.

◆ Kingdom Newspaper-Dimento Weekly Janaru-│ Wizardry Online
Wizardry Online has a news site specification like a fictitious newspaper that publishes articles such as 'A bill that' you can kill a blacksmith is not guilty 'is passed' and 'Mr. Azusa Y predicts a change in the entrance of the world'.

◆ Si-Nis-Kanto -Shinishi Kant- | Gakuen Sinishi Kant
The BL game ' Si-Nis-Kanto ' has become a school thing and has been made into a comic.

If you read to the end, you can get a limited distribution Twitter icon as a small gift.

◆ TV anime 'Noragami' official website
The Noragami official website was the official page of 'Noragami' with lots of cute cat pictures because it was 'the cat, unemployed, unemployed, self-proclaimed' cat ''.

◆ TV anime 'BROTHERS CONFLICT' official website
BROTHERS CONFLICT, which develops TV animation, has become a fighting game for some reason.

◆ TV anime 'Hamatra' official website
When you access the official website of the TV anime 'Hamatra', the voice actors are displayed in cosplay as characters.

◆ April Fool's Day --GUINNESS --THE PUB-[Guinness Official Page]
Professor Yoshimine Suzuki, director of the Edo Cultural Studies Center, Faculty of Letters, Nishi-Kokubunji University, announced that Guinness appears in a book published in 1791 (Kansei 3rd year).

◆ Hachibits Fanatics / WARNING
The retro game-style joke image site 'Hachibits Fanatics' produces real retro games.

The way to play the game named ' Sasuke VS Terminator ' and the play screen look like the following.

The game is compatible with Windows XP or later and can be downloaded and played with DirectX required.

In addition, the actual play video is also released.

Sasuke vs Terminator Stage 1 (8-bits fanatics) --YouTube

◆ Opened the commercial facility 'T Point Park' next to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. New T card becomes common currency | T point Nyuso
The commercial facility 'T Point Park', where clothing, food and shelter can be completed with just T Point, opens next to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Wearable type T cards such as pants type, nail type, sunglasses type, and ring type are also available.

◆ [Announced 4/1! ] 'Puyo Puyo !! Quest Arcade' has reached 24 trillion users! ?? | 'Puyo Puyo !! Quest Arcade' Official Website | SEGA
On April 1st, special quests and new cards and contents were announced to commemorate the number of users of 'Puyo Puyo !! Quest Arcade' reaching 24 trillion. First of all, 'Super limited time quest' Face up! Fire Tomato 'will be held!'

Introducing cards such as 'Sosou' and 'Sonken', which are collaborations between THE WORLD of THREE KINGDOMS and maimai.

Furthermore, it has been decided to implement a new function 'Card Soko' in My Data Service.

'SG Hikaru' following the main character's another character 'MG' is implemented. 'I was reborn because of the anger and sadness that I couldn't buy the limited edition (figure?) I wanted,' the story behind the birth is written in Japanese.

◆ Looking for a challenger! [Language designation] Complete your girlfriend! by CodeIQ Management Office Girlfriend (CodeIQ) │ CodeIQ
'Girlfriend (Code IQ)' that girls confess by solving programming problems is open to the public.

Each girl has a different field of expertise, and which girl's heart is shot depends on your program knowledge!

◆ 'President Akihabara' OFFICIAL SITE
Blu-ray & DVD of the movie featuring Akihabara, who is a subordinate of detective Kenzo Yabe of the TV drama 'Trick', will be released.

The price is 100 million yen per set.

A message of congratulations has also arrived.

◆ The 'latest' device is unveiled ... 'ME ☆ GA ☆ NE' is born! | E-book store-BOOK ☆ WALKER
Introducing the new device 'ME ☆ GA ☆ NE' that allows you to see the fairy of glasses when you wear it.

When reading a book, the fairy will magnify and make it easier to see, whisper in your ear, and talk to you.

There are as many as 7 types of eyeglass fairies in all, and they are on sale for 1000 bookpo.

◆ IRroid -Fusion service of subculture and corporate information-
Financial information vendor QUICK Corp. has newly developed 'IRroid', in which idle characters transmit corporate information. The teaser site was opened on April 1, and this service is scheduled to start in July.

◆ Coast by Opera — Introducing Cats by Opera Your cat deserves a ...
Opera plans to introduce 'Cats by Opera', a browser dedicated to cats for cats. Huib Kleinhout, head of the Coast by Opera team, said, 'The net is full of cat-related things, but the cats themselves couldn't experience them. Cats by Opera is a cat's paws. I tried to make it the perfect browser for cats with a tuned interface by optimizing it for slides and touches. '

Introducing Cats by Opera. Your cat deserves a browser. --YouTube

◆ WOWOW succeeds in removing space debris with the latest air cannon BS viewing is comfortable even after 100 years | W style
It is said that WOWOW's research on removing unnecessary artificial objects 'space debris' in orbit around the earth is in the final stage toward practical use. This is to prevent satellite broadcasting obstruction due to space debris, and WOWOW says that this technology will allow the current comfortable TV viewing to continue even after 100 years.

◆ Bushiroad New Japan Evangelion Development Success?
Bushiroad Co., Ltd. seems to have succeeded in developing the new Japanese Evangelion. Defeating the apostles one after another.

◆ Madosoft
18 Forbidden Bishoujo Game Maker Madosoft's game 'Yakimochi Stream' has changed to 'Yakinik Stream'. The fire lid of the struggle to become the pinnacle of the yakiniku world, 'Yakiniku,' which is said to be available in all of the world, will be cut off.

A movie called 'Yakiniku Stream', which seems to be a parody of the final trailer of Kill la Kill, has also been released.

Yakiniku Stream-YouTube

◆ Neko Neko Soft Official Home Page
In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of 'Cat Flexible (Cat Cat Soft)' in the first year of the Genji era, a website that looks back on the history so far is open to the public.

It seems that the debut work 'Howato' in 1864 (the first year of the Genji era) was originally a Moe Game with the title 'I like it ☆ Onii-chan' ~ In the life of isolation ~, but it was decided that it was about 100 years earlier. It has become an orthodox classical school. It was well received by big friends in the first year of the Genji era and people who had no trouble.

In 1864 (Keio 4th year), 'Silver Meriken ver. Mode installed' was made so that it would not be seen by the government forces, and it was secretly planned to be exported to Meriken and Egeres.

1869 (Meiji 2) 'Mizuiro' is a lineup of people who are all inclined from the heroine to other characters. It's irresistible if my sister says, 'Wake up my brother, and I'll wake up in the morning,' but if you tap Zangiri's head, you can't play if you hear the sound of civilization.

◆ Tetra Style
Tetra Style is now available as a romance game. Distribution of the app is scheduled to start in mid-April.

The voice of the long-awaited anthropomorphic fan is a real cat.

◆ GMO Gamepot Co., Ltd.
Appearance of fear and despair, 'Spirit Shasinder'.

The ' Ghost Shacinder ' app features over 200 types of super beautiful psychic photos. You can combine psychic photos to create the scariest photo. If you right-click on the page below and look at the source, you may find something unexpected.

◆ Rune Factory Online Come on, Zekes Empire
'Rune Factory Online' has released 'Animal Crossing: New Leaf', which has a world view that looks like a live-action film.

Real life events such as field work and fishing ...

Special events are also held. In addition, although there is no new work because it is not related to the official, those who absolutely want to play are recommended to play 'Lord of Magna'.

◆ Nifrin is moving! [@Nifty]
@nifty has released a browser game that will help you move Nifty by clicking like Cookie Clicker.

◆ Movable Type Sun --Solar power generation compatible, ultra-small appliance server
Movable Type has developed a Movable Type pre-installed ultra-compact appliance server that operates in the sun beyond the cloud.

The development scenery is also open to the public.

You can see how CTO Daiji Hirata talks about Movable Type Sun below.

Movable Type Sun-YouTube

◆ Gyazo --Gyazo Future
The image instant sharing service ' Gyazo ' has finally been able to share future images. Now that you have access to the images you're about to upload, you'll know the future and embed images in your future blog.

◆ Lose Official Website
At first glance, the Lose official website that operates 'Monobeno' is the same, but ...

In the information scrolled down, you can find product information that meets the niche demand of 'Rook Kaku Dakimakura'.

◆ Sega April Fool's Day 2014 'MEGAne Drive' --Togetter Summary
SEGA Co., Ltd. is summarizing the 'Next Generation Wearable Hard' MEGAne Drive '' that was planned by April Fool's Day.

◆ [Puzzle & Pharmacist] Urgent sale decision in spring 2014! !!
In 'Pharmacist Maki's Dispensing Days,' 'Puzzle & Pharmacist' was released as the final battle to confront the terrifying threat of pollinosis.

Screenshots on the browser ... If you think about it, you can really play it.

◆ Security Warrior Mamoru-kun! --BIGLOBE security
'Your security hole is too loose', the dark hero who defeats the virus 'Security Warrior Mamoru-kun' is hit by the virus, and on the official page, 'My security hole is too loose' and loses confidence , Declares to return to a regular office worker.

◆ G-WIG where you can earn more points just by wearing a wig and living your daily life
The mysterious and mysterious power that cannot be solved by modern science is incorporated, and the smart wig 'G-WIG' that accumulates points if you keep early hours, photosynthesis, help people, smile, and joy while wearing it is released. It is unknown what the accumulated points can be used for.

◆ KABA.-chan's apt boyfriend recruitment! IREP will help you seriously!
'I'm sorry. This year's April Fool's Day won't lie like usual !!', so IREP's marketing power will limit KABA.'S apt boyfriend to 72 hours from 00:00 on April 1 (Tuesday). We are looking for a big recruitment.

◆ Sora Nova Novelization decision! : Free online game portal site 'Vector Game'
It has been decided that the browser game 'Sora Nova' will be a light novel that contains 'a piece of courage and just one misunderstanding, the adventure of love that begins there.' The memorable volume will be released on April 1, 2999 for 590 rupi.

◆ Human Resources V2 | Record follower removes
'Human Resources', which records information about followers coming and going on Twitter every day, is a 'hostage' version taken by the directors of the human resources department.

◆ e AMUSEMENT | jubeat saucer
The new song 'Mow Mow VENUS' of 'VENUS meats is amazing' is on the site jack on the jubeat saucer website. In addition, there is a notice of price change of 'Friend', but this is really implemented.

◆ Movie 'Shadow Hunter' 4.19 ROADSHOW
On the roads in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Akihabara, the most powerful rune character, 'Angel Power,' has been witnessed. A lot of tweets were tweeted along with the photos on Twitter, and a press release arrived saying that there was a bit of a fuss about 'Our road is being hunted by someone!'.

◆ ZipperSoft 2014 New Project 'Radio Noise' Coming Soon Forever ... -ZipperSoft April Fool-
When you access the image summary site 'Zip Yaruo (^ ω ^)', you will be redirected to a site that looks like an announcement of a game that is raining. It says 'Coming Soon Forever ...' and the release is forever ahead.

◆ News craftsman's morning is early --Gunosy Tech Blog
The news app Gunosy tells the morning of a news recommendation craftsman who manually sorts news in the style of ' the morning of the netoge abandoned person is early'.

◆ 'Shibushi City Shibushi Town Shibushi Shibushi City Hall Shibushi Branch Side Soba Soba Ale' Released | What's New | Original Craft Beer Shop [Sankt Gallen]
On April 1, 2014 (Tuesday), Sankt Garen will release a new product, 'Shibushi City Shibushi Town Shibushi Shibushi City Hall Shibushi Branch Side Soba Soba Ale' Yale) ”has been released. Rare sake made with soba was actually sold for 2,200 yen, but all were sold out.

◆ Handsome reservation --OZmall
'OZmall ', which supports the love and beauty of Tokyo girls, has introduced a 'good-looking guy reservation system' that allows you to make reservations while looking at good-looking photos and hobbies. When I actually make a reservation ...?

The online game 'RF ONLINE Z' has undergone a large-scale specification change and has been turned into a science fiction romance adventure game for a cute site design.

◆ Alteil.Net
Announced that the online card game 'Alteil Net' is developing 'St. Lavato Gakuen-5 seconds before falling in forbidden love' that combines the world view of Alteil.Net and otome games. Click 'Click here for more deals' at the bottom of the screen to see the whole picture.

◆ Live programming broadcast
The IT / development community 'Programming Live Broadcasting' should hold IT study sessions on a regular basis, but it has been reborn as a half-life Sanuki udon restaurant.

◆ April Fool's Day is a waste of technology: Nantoka in the third year. 'Spring Stupid Manufacturing Festival' (1/5) --MONOist
MONOist holds 'Spring Stupid Manufacturing Festival'. In 2012, I made 'The Thing of Object X', and in 2013, I made Object X with a chocolate 3D printer ...

2014 was a paperweight object X. In addition, we make full use of technology to make various things.

Clicking '!! ??' on the ' Psychic Hearts ' website will take you to the page of the school romance game where the NPC became the heroine.

◆ Notice of change of subsidiary trade name (Yojigen Securities Co., Ltd.) ≪ Information | News | Jigen Co., Ltd.
Jigen Co., Ltd. changed its subsidiary trade name to Yojigen Securities Co., Ltd.

In addition, Jigen Co., Ltd. introduced an overtime search laser because 'the person who works overtime is for you!' In particular, venture companies have the image of having a lot of overtime, but the state-of-the-art overtime search laser recognizes and identifies the physical information of registered employees and forcibly suppresses overtime. Dispel various negative images surrounding venture companies.

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