Bluetooth speaker "Pelty" operating with candle fire instead of battery

There is no need to plug the power plug into an outlet or insert a battery, the fire that lighted up in the candle is powered Bluetooth speaker is "Pelty"Can be used as a candle holder instead of an interior.

Pelty | Play your fire

I can understand what kind of speaker Pelty is by one shot if I see the following movie.

Pelty - Play your fire - ENG - YouTube

This is Pelty, and the feeling I saw was just a fashionable interior.

Pelty's power source is a candle-lit fire.

Pelty works by converting the heat generated by the candle fire into electric energy.

Converting thermal energy to electric energy is used for PeltyPeltier elementThermoelectric element. Because there are holes in several places in the main body, fresh air comes in and it is said that thermal energy can be efficiently converted into electric energy.

Pelty's speaker powered by fire is on the top of the main unit.

Pelty is handmade one by one ... ...

All the glass parts surrounding the main body and the ceramic parts used for the main body are made in Italy.

When using it, light a candle ... ...

Put the cover ...

Just pairing with Pelty with Bluetooth on smartphone on.

After that, if you play music, Pelty turns into a speaker.

Actually Pelty is operating with candlelight as follows.

Pelty DB test - YouTube

Pelty Adele - YouTube

Pelty is currently recruiting investment at Indiegogo. If you want one black or white Pelty with a contribution of $ 269 (about 28,000 yen) and you want a body color (Orange, Green, Pink, Blue, Purple, Red) other than white and black, you can get 310 dollars It is possible to get with the investment of 32,000 yen). You can get 16 candles for Pelty (4 kinds of Jasmine, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Honey) for $ 49 (about 5000 yen) and add $ 35 (about 3,600 yen) for delivery outside Europe Investment is required.

The deadline for Pelty's contribution is local time on August 16, 2014.

Pelty - The Bluetooth Speaker Powered BY FIRE | Indiegogo

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