Power generation using candle fire, "tPOD 1" can also charge smartphone

Many generators are bulky and bulky, many of them get in the way when taking it to camping or hiking, but it is awkward for candlelight to say. So, while maintaining the convenient size for carrying, it made it possible to generate power firmly using a candle of fire and to charge a smartphone "TPOD 1"is.

TPOD 1 - thermoelectric Power On Demand by Richard Harmon - Kickstarter

TPOD 1 is a device that can generate and charge without batteries or power.

The fuel is candlelight. If you put candles in tPOD1 ......

You can attach a light like this. One candle generates approximately one quarter watt of electricity.

Connect the supplied light with tPOD1 with USB.

TellurexWhen you connect the company's battery pack with tPOD 1 via USB, you can charge it ... ...

You can charge the mobile phone by connecting it with the smartphone.

It was even bigger and more powerful for tPOD1TPOD 5There is also. I am using a burner and generate electric power of about 5 watts.

The movie of tPOD 1 is from the following.

TPOD1.wmv - YouTube

TPOD 1 made it possible to generate electricity using candle's fire heat.

The prototype looks something like this.

It has changed to a more user-friendly design, convenient to carry, by development.

The following was completed tPOD1.

The view from the top is here. You can see that there is a USB port at the bottom.

Until now there was only a blurred light at one candle.

However, if you use tPOD1, you can see the top of the desk clearly with a candle.

Books can be read without problems.

Because it is small and easy to carry, it is ideal for outdoor camping and hiking.

You can also charge your smartphone by plugging the cable into the USB port of tPOD1.

It is possible to light the LED light for about 4 hours with 1 candle.

Even when a power outage occurs, I can light up my hand, so I cook ... ...

It is also possible to read picture books to children who are becoming uneasy.

A candleThere are things made from plants and honeycomb nests, and it is easy for the earth.

With tPOD 1 you can lower the production cost of products in developing countries. AlsoRotary InternationalVolunteers like people like us can also help when going to places without electricity.

TPOD1 is currentlyKickstarterAt the moment we are collecting funds for commercialization. The deadline is June 22, the target amount is 85 thousand dollars (about 6.7 million yen). People who want tPOD 1 can earn one tPOD 1 when commercializing by investing $ 79 (about 6300 yen).

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