"Felfil Evo." You can collect the garbage collected after output by the 3D printer and melt it back to the filament.

Filament of 3D printerWhen purchasing at AmazonAlthough it may take about 10,000 yen per kg, it is cheapPLAYaABS resin, Or it melts and solidifies filaments that have failed to form and become dust, making it possible to make homemade filaments "Felfil Evo."is. Not only is it extremely excellent in terms of cost, it is a revolutionary product that reduces garbage and is environmentally friendly.

Felfil Evo. A filament extruder for 3D printers made for you by Collettivo Cocomeri - Kickstarter

You can check what kind of product Felfil Evo. Is from the following movie.

Filaments used when outputting objects with 3D printers are very expensive.

However, it is possible to get at 4 euros (about 530 yen) per kg if plastics and resin are not shaped as filaments.

In addition, if it is a garbage that fails or becomes unnecessary ones outputted by a 3D printer, the cost is 0 yen.

Felfil Evo. Is a pretty nice item if you are a 3D printer user who can play filaments from plastic, resin, or garbage objects. Because it reduces garbage, it is friendly to your wallet and the environment.

This is Felfil Evo. Body.

The first version of Felfil Evo. Is open source, and anyone can create it by downloading the way of making it from the website. It was downloaded and used by thousands of users, so the product version was created this time.

Easy to use. First turn on the switch.

As it is displayed on the display "What are you going to push today?"

Throw the material from the hole in the top.

Set the kind of material such as PLA and ABS.

If you press the start button, the filament will be extruded without permission.

The filament can be selected from 1.75 mm, 2.85 mm, 3.00 mm.

ArduinoWe are using temperature to adjust temperature, it is also possible to have other functions by programming.

The case is made of aluminum, easy to set up.

The size of Felfil Evo. Is about 350 mm × 180 mm × 110 mm.

It weighs 5 kg, the AC input is 110/220 V, the power consumption is 150 W maximum, the temperature rises to 300 degrees, and you can output 250 g of filament per hour.

Felfil Evo. Is a cloud-funding platformKickstarterCurrently we are seeking investment for commercialization and we have already succeeded in collecting over $ 32,000 (about 3.9 million yen) at the target price of 30,000 dollars (about 3.6 million yen). Although Felfil Evo currently has only one color variation, if the total amount of investment reaches 40 thousand dollars (about 4.8 million yen), the color of the body side is white, red, black, transparent, transparent green It will be able to choose from transparent blue.

If you purchase the material yourself and make Felfil Evo. With DIY, it will cost about 432 euro (about 57 thousand yen), but if you are from Kickstarter you will have 230 euro (about 30 thousand yen) investment and only the main parts You can get one basic kit. Since these parts are handmade, it seems that it is very expensive if you buy it normally. Also, you can get a full set of Felfil Evo. With everything up to the case and board at 390 euros (about 50,000 yen). Shipment corresponds to the whole world, and the shipping fee when you contribute from Japan is 65 euros (about 8600 yen). The time of shipment is scheduled around May 2016.

The deadline is 6:56 in the morning of November 15 (Sunday) 2015 in Japan time.

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