"WayCap" to make capsules of home espresso machine "Nespresso" refill & reuse by yourself

Espresso machine · coffee maker provided by Nestle "NespressoIf you use, you will be able to drink authentic coffee at home, but some people would have been dissatisfied with being able to use only the coffee beans that were in their own capsules. So I decided to use Nespresso with coffee beans I purchased "WayCap". It is a useful item that you can drink coffee using Nespresso at the same cost as making drip coffee and you can reduce the amount of garbage as you can reuse the capsules many times.

Nespresso Compatible Capsules, Refillable Capsules - WayCap

How to use WayCap is easy to understand by seeing the following movie.

If you try to drink coffee at Nespres espresso machine "Nespresso" you need a special capsule. It is "WayCap" that makes it possible to use Nespresso with coffee beans you purchased yourself.

Of course you can choose your favorite coffee beans freely, as well as using a special capsule per cup of coffeeAbout 75 ~ 86 yenIt costs, but when you raise coffee beans yourself, around 750 g972 yenIn other words, if you use 5.5 g of powder for one capsule, you can drink coffee for about 7 yen per cup, so it is attractive in terms of cost.

Usage is as follows. The capsule is made of steel, and a special dispenser is attached.

Capsule the dispenser ......

When you put the coffee powder, fill the small capsule with coffee powder without spilling powder.

Push the tight coffee powder ... ...

Close the cap.

After that, if you set WayCap to Nespresso, coffee will be completed in about 30 seconds.

A lot of garbage will come out when using a special capsule, but since WayCap can be reused with steel, the capsule will not be garbage.

After using the coffee beans leave the cap open and throw it away OK. I gave it to plants in movies.

It seems to be gentle to the earth.

Since it is possible to put the capsule inside the dispenser, it can be stored as refreshing.

It is convenient to carry.

This is the actual capsule. It is made of stainless steel and the chicken logo is drawn on the surface.

The set contents look like this.

In the cap, there are a number of holes with "ku" shaped holes, water enters from the capsule's hips, and the coffee goes out of this hole.

We have created a number of prototypes, and after 2 years of development, the above mechanism was completed.

WayCap is 100% made in Italy.

Of course, all the materials satisfy the criterion "No problem to use for food".

Not only can you make your favorite coffee, it is an item that is friendly to the wallet and the environment.

WayCap is now seeking to commercialize while investing in Kickstarter, a cloud-funding platform. It is a popular item collecting more than 38,800 euros (about 4.8 million yen) at the time of article creation where the target amount is 20,000 euros (about 2.5 million yen). In order to get one capsule & dispenser of WayCap, it is necessary to invest 30 euros (about 3700 yen) or more, the shipping schedule is July 2016.

The deadline is 19:29 on May 9, 2016 in Japan time.

WayCap - Refillable Coffee Capsule for Nespresso® Machines. By WayCap - Kickstarter

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