A thermomag that keeps drinks at an optimum temperature for a long time, made over 15 years with the intention of drinking delicious coffee "Temperfect mugs"

In the cold winter, I poured a freshly brewed coffee "Drink a hot drink" into the mug, I drank a bite and it was not too hot to drink, so I left it for a while. When I thought that I could drink soon, I took the cup in my hand and a cold feeling came through my skin and I thought "No!!", And when I took the coffee, I did not have any side of the time when I was hot again There are a lot of people who have experienced coffee in the cup .... In such a case it is helpful to keep a warm drink for a long time at the proper temperature Thermo mug cup "Temperfect mugs"is.

Joeveo drinkware | Temperfect mugs

Dean Verhoeven who had developed this Temperfect mugs was frustrated by not being able to enjoy it with proper temperature because of too much hot or cold coffee.

He has the idea of ​​"locking the heat of too hot a temperature of coffee in the wall of the mug, and using that heat to keep the coffee long in a proper temperature condition", and the part called "Temperfect" Embedding it in a standard mug is inspiring to keep drinks at an appropriate temperature.

The "Temperfect" part inside this mug is absorbing heat until the temperature of the drink that is too hot is at the optimum temperature, and it will make it suitable temperature immediately.

And since it gets suitable temperature it will radiate heat to keep the drink comfortably drinkable.

Since starting to create this ideal mug, Verhoeven seems to have repeated the loop of studying materials for 15 years, making prototypes, testing and improving.

He learned all the process of making vacuum insulation material from stainless steel and finally completed the prototype, and at this thermo mug it is possible to enjoy coffee and tea at proper temperature for hours.

This is the prototype Temperfect mugs. The weight is 16 ounces (about 454 grams), with a lid that can be opened and closed with one finger. The edges of the thermo mug are made to be gentle to the lips like those made of pottery, the interior is made of stainless steel so you can wash your hands, and the fragrance and taste will not remain in the container. Since there are Temperfect parts inside the main body, cleaning with a dishwasher can not be done, but it is possible to wash other parts with a dishwasher, as it can easily be disjointed.

This is a ceramic mug and regularVacuum insulation mugA graph showing the temperature change with time of a drink that was poured into. Since the horizontal axis represents time (1 hour by 1 hour) and the vertical axis shows temperature (K), Mr. Ka 180 degrees is 82.2 degrees C, Mr. Ka 150 is Mr. Ser. 65.6 degrees, Mr. Ka 120 is Mr. Mr. 48.9 degrees, Mr. Ka 90 32.2 degrees, Ka 60 indicates cetacean 15.6 degrees. The yellow "Ahhh ... zone" shows the temperature range in which drinks can be deliciously drunk, and in vacuum insulation mugs and ceramic mugs, it takes time to enter the optimum temperature zone, or it immediately becomes below the optimal temperature .

With a prototype that was produced in 1997, it seems like this was a proper temperature immediately after pouring a hot drink, and kept it at a temperature that allowed the drink to be deliciously drunk for about an hour and a half as it was.

Furthermore, in the prototype of Temperfect mugs, which was produced in 2007, it is now possible to keep drinks at a suitable temperature for a longer period of time, according to the graph it is possible to keep drinks at a temperature that can be deliciously drunk for about 3 hours.

Temperfect mugs has pink and blue colors besides orange.

Another "Black oxide" mug finished in sepia black ......

A mug with titania (titanium dioxide) coating was also ant.

There is also a "Black oxide" mug with sculpture carved by an artist called Dustin Walker.

This Temperfect mugs is currentlyDuring the recruitment of funds at KickstarterAnd, because Verhoeven alone can not make Temperfect mugs more, it seems necessary to fund the contract with a special factory. You can get one orange of Temperfect mugs with a capital of 40 dollars (about 4100 yen), and another $ 50 (about 5100 yen) equity contribution pink or blue Temperfect mugs, 160 dollars (about 16,000 yen ) Invested in "Black oxide" Mug, a titania-coated mug with a contribution of 280 dollars (about 29,000 yen), "Black oxide" mug engraved with $ 400 (41 thousand yen) It is possible to get each. A separate 36 dollars (about 3700 yen) is required for delivery outside the United States.

The target amount of the project was $ 23,500 (about 2.41 million yen), but now about 35,000 dollars (about 3.6 million yen) have already gathered, and Temperfect mugs has been decided to be commercialized. The deadline for investing in this project is until 2:00 am on Thursday, January 2, 2014 in Japan time.

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