Altered: Nozzle will be able to save 98% of normal time if attached to a faucet

The amount of water used in the faucet can be reduced by 98% compared with the conventional "Altered: Nozzle"is. It is an excellent approach to water shortage which is an issue worldwide although it is an item that can be attached to existing faucet in only 30 seconds and it actually saves us $ 255 a year (about 23,000 yen) It also connects.

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Altered: You can tell what kind of faucet is Nozzle by watching the following movie.

Speaking of water saving methods so far, it was "to reduce the amount of water flowing through the faucet". The solution derived from this point is Altered: Nozzle, and we have succeeded in drastically reducing the amount of water flowing through the faucet by misting and discharging water from the faucet. Altered: Nozzle is easy to switch between mist mode and shower mode anytime, and in mist mode it is possible to save 98% compared to a standard faucet in the USA.

Altered: Nozzle is the item that all the water coming out of the faucet becomes misty.

Actually washing hands ......

Washing vegetables ......

It can be used just like a normal faucet, like washing dishes. By releasing water in the form of mist, the surface area of ​​water dramatically increases compared with normal time, and as a result, water can be used more efficiently.

When actually comparing the usage of water, it is clear that you can save 98% compared to a normal faucet using Altered: Nozzle when washing hands, washing vegetables and washing dishes.

Also, the possibility of water saving leads to the reduction of the energy required for sterilizing and disinfecting water and carrying it to each household. In addition, if Altered: Nozzle is used, it will lead to savings of 203 euros (about 23,000 yen) per household in Europe and 255 dollars a year (about 23,000 yen) in the United States due to its water saving effect about.

However, if Altered: Nozzle can only drain water in mist form, the attached faucet becomes very inconvenient. For example, even the rest of the dishes stuck to the dish may not be able to flow using the faucet.

So, if you twist Altered: Nozzle quickly ... ...

It is designed to change the amount of water coming out of the faucet. Altered: Nozzle can use mist mode and shower mode according to usage.

For example, drink a glass of water ...

If you want to put water in the pot, you can use this shower mode. This shower mode can save water as much as 75% compared to a normal faucet.

Just twisting it is OK, so it's also very easy to use

Altered: How to install Nozzle is very easy, unscrew the tip of an existing faucet ... ...

Put the exclusive parts inside.

Then attach the tip parts to the faucet ......

Finally, install parts to switch between mist mode and shower mode and complete.

Replacement work takes only 30 seconds.

Altered: Nozzle is available with inner diameter of 20.88 mm · 18.20 mm · 15.00 mm so that it can be attached to various types of faucets. However, since Altered: Nozzle is an item fixed in a screw winding manner at the tip of a faucet, it can not be mounted on a type that the tip of the faucet can not be removed by pulling the kulk.

Some faucets choose expensive faucets for design reasons because they are not so easily replaceable once installed. Altered: Nozzle is also designed with strong commitment from the idea that even if the water-saving function is excellent, it may not be used if the design is bad.

The state that the annual usable amount of water per person is less than 1,700 tons and the inconvenience in daily life is called "water stress", this water stress is a problem facing more than 1 billion people worldwide. And this water stress population is estimated to increase to an estimated 3 billion by 2020. Altered: Nozzle was developed to solve this problem.

Such "Altered: Nozzle" is now looking for investment at Kickstarter of the cloud funding site. The target fund of the project was 250 thousand Swedish kronor (about 3 million yen), but funds exceeding 1 million Swedish krona (about 12 million yen), which is four times that already, are gathered and it is nearly sure to commercialize. It is possible to get one Altered: Nozzle by investing in 324 Swedish Krona (approx. 4000 yen), and the delivery time is scheduled for December 2016. For delivery to Japan, a separate Swedish krona (approx. 700 yen) is required separately.

The deadline for investing in Altered: Nozzle is 17:59 on October 6, 2016.

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