When you make coffee perfect handmade from where you pick up beans at a coffee plantation 8000 kilometers away, it becomes like this

Coffee loved by people around the world is a luxury item that you can enjoy at an affordable price. It is clear that if you do such a coffee from the harvesting work of coffee fruit to drip in practice by hand, you need more effort than you can imagine.

You can visit Mexico's coffee plantation which is 5000 miles (about 8000 kilometers) far from the United States and you can check the whole process of coffee by hand from the first in the following movie.

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There are many coffee lovers that morning starts with coffee.

Coffee loved by people all over the world is drunk by 800 billion cups a year.

56% of Americans drink coffee ......

A huge market of 40 billion dollars (about 4 trillion yen) annually is formed in the United States alone.

In the United States alone there are fifty-five thousand coffee shops ... ...

Instant coffee is also easily obtained, so coffee is a luxury item that you can easily drink anytime anywhere.

It is a common coffee in such daily life, but Andy · George said he will try to brew coffee from the beginning to find out how much labor is needed to start from harvesting coffee beans.

Coffee beans can be grown only in tropical regions called "coffee belts".

In addition, the coffee bean of the mountains where the difference in temperature is big is smelled better than coffee beans, so it is said that there are many mountainous areas of good quality coffee.

I will go to Mexican coffee origin Oaxaca, relatively accessible from America, to procure beans.

I will take an airplane for 6 hours and then run the car over 8 hours in Mexico's slender and winding mountain path.

In the morning, departing by car and arriving at the small village Guadalupe it was completely dusked.

The next morning, George enters the mountain coffee plantation.

According to those working at coffee plantations, it will take four years for fruit to mature as coffee beans can be harvested.

"Every fruit looks red, but we need to pick out and pick only the fruits that are completely ripe red."

"This is OK, this is no good, this is no good ..."

George is sorting out red fruits as they are taught.

After breaking ripe fruit, raw coffee beans appeared from inside.

A few people picked fruit of coffee and said that the remaining person carries it to the place where the beans are washed.

Actually put it in the basket and take it out.

Because coffee plantations are in the mountains, it is hard work to come back and forth on steep slopes.

George, who brings the picked coffee to the washroom away from the farm.


Put the fruit in a big bottle ...

I stir.

Mr. George who scooped the fruit of coffee which was ripe and floated in water.

Actually it is useless, so you can throw it away.

The fruit of the coffee sunk to the bottom of the jar was put in a dedicated machine ......

Remove fruit and leave only coffee beans.

The task of removing garbage and coffee is a heavy work because it is not electrified.

George is helping with work.

I am borrowing a hat, although I can not stand strong sunlight, but the size does not match.

Coffee beans from which fruits have been removed.

Before roasting, it is white.

George, who left the washing place to take out the coffee beans, went to the next work site.

Drying coffee beans.

It is sun dried on side by side.

Here as well, bad beans are removed.

That's why George, who got a good coffee bean.

I will return to America with coffee beans.

Removing the impurities on the coffee beans ......

Finally the completion of coffee beans.

A roasting process is essential for brewing coffee.

When roasting with a dedicated roaster, a dark brown coffee bean has been made while giving a good fragrance.

The depth of coffee beans changes depending on their length.

However, it is possible to smash coffee beans in a frying pan even without a dedicated roaster.

George who starts cooking coffee beans just as I learned.

Place the frying pan on a low heat and carefully stir it.

The color gradually changed.

Wait for a minimum of fire.

It is a signal that a coffee bean called "snap" sounds when a beep sounds.

Stop the fire at this point ... ...

Take out the coffee beans.

Shake and cool the beans to the left and right.

George asked experts how to extract coffee.

The way to make coffee taught is how drip with socks.

Put roasted coffee in socks ......

Crush it finely with a hammer.

Completion of coarse ground coffee beans.

Pour hot water into socks ......

I will drip.

At the end, squeeze out and finish the handmade coffee.

George, who drinks the brewed coffee.

The impression is "not bad ... ...."

George is thinking about expressing the taste, apparently it is not tasty.

Mr. George who experienced the whole process manually, such as going to Mexico about 8000 kilometers away, picking fruit of coffee, removing beans, roasting work, etc. Coffee that can drink delicious coffee anytime anywhere at any time It seems that I realized the wonder of the distribution system.

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