"Impress Coffee Brewer" which allows you to easily coffee without using filters or machines in just 3 minutes

If you want to drink a delicious coffee, you have to use a coffee maker or follow a polite procedure, but you can put coffee beans and hot water in a cup without using a coffee filter or machine and wait for 3 minutes You can make delicious coffee in 'Impress". It can be carried with a tumbler type, it can be made in coffee as well as coffee because it is a press type.

Impress Coffee Brewer by Gamila Company: Aly & Beth Khalifa - Kickstarter

A movie that explains how to use Impress etc. is from the following.

Impress can make about 370 ml of coffee at a timeFrench pressCoffee maker

I made it.Gamil DesignDesigners.

All the designers of Gamil Design are coffee freaks.

I wanted to make delicious coffee easily, so that I could make coffee with "No filter, no machine, no complicated process" Impress.

It was said that three years have been spent on production.

I tried experiments and experimented and found a tumbler that can make delicious coffee ......

That was the design of this Impress that we arrived.

Actually coffee · geek JOEY to have coffee made using Impress.

First, we grind coffee beans into Impress.

Pour hot water ...

Wait 3 minutes.

I will press inner cup after 3 minutes.

Then, the coffee powder sinks under the cup, leaving only the supernatant liquid.

With this, OK, you can drink coffee at any time. Close the lid tightly when carrying it.

Impress is designed with two cups nested.

The outer cup looks something like this.

The inner cup is attached with a fine filter, and once it is pressed, coffee is not extracted any more even when the coffee powder has settled to the bottom.

When you put hot water and complete it easily in three minutes, you can carry it anywhere afterwards.

That's why good coffee can be drunk anytime anywhere.

When washing, take out the inner cup ... ...

Put out the powder of coffee that had accumulated at the bottom.

Then you can easily drink the next coffee just by washing it.

If you put milk and sugar after pressing it is ok. I am also planning to make black tea and plan to increase color variations from now.

Impress is currently recruiting investment for commercialization. You can get one Impress with a contribution of about 3600 yen, and a separate shipping fee of $ 30 (about 2400 yen) is required for shipping to Japan. It is also possible to add a sticker or bean bag for coffee beans 340 g if it increases.

The deadline is 5 AM on Sunday, November 4, Japan time.

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