A movie that I experimented to see what happens when I actually shoot an armored case protecting the iPhone from bullets

Among the numerous iPhone cases, it is exceptionally specialProtect iPhone with extremely thick aluminum plate "1 inch armored case". In the GIGAZINE editorial department we banged themselves with something like bar or the like but the product was designed safely just as it was designed "assuming direct hit of 50 caliber (12.7 mm) bullets", safely keeping the iPhone safe.

However, a person appeared that overseas this propaganda complaint was true or tried to actually shoot with 50 caliber bullets.

Bulletproof iPhone case vs 50 cal bullet! Tech Assassin - RatedRR - YouTube

Richard Ryan will do the challenge this time. I've shot through various things like iPad, iPhone, Galaxy S III etc. with 50 caliber bullets, but this time it is1 inch armored case for iPhone 4 / 4SDo you really want to test "Will it bear the direct hits of 50 bombs"?

Set an iPhone with a 1 inch armored case on a remote table. It is on the back side to shoot, the liquid crystal is facing away from the bullets coming.

Barrett M82Hold on, I shoot. By the way, as a kind of gun, it is classified as "military objective sniper rifle", and it has been used in the Gulf War etc.

Bullets heading to the iPhone case

The moment of momentum

Scrap metal fragments ...

IPhone case got blown away

I definitely batted live ammunition, what was the result?

I made scissors etc. on the wooden top board where I put the iPhone case

The iPhone case was pretty blown away. Ryan says "I have good news and bad news ..."

The 1 inch armored case was able to prevent direct hit of 50 bullet bullets.

There was a bulletproof mark, but I did not make it penetrate.


There is a crack on the screen, making it impossible to start up.

Armor was definitely a fine one.

However, it is unclear whether the liquid crystal surface bumped against the ground with the momentum that blew away, or whether the energy of the bombardment was transmitted from the case to the liquid crystal surface, either, it is regrettable that "iPhone was not safe".

By the way,Gun Professionals October 2012 issueBut, it shows the situation of challenging this case with 12.7 mm military armor pierced bullet.

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