Twitter abolished "Fu bow", Heart mark's transition to "Like"

The Twitter favorite registration function (Fu bow) is expected to be changed to "Like" like FacebookReportedAlthough it was there, at last the favorite function of the star icon was abolished, and instead the heart icon "Good" appeared.

Heart appeared on Twitter | Twitter Blogs

Twitter and video posting serviceVine, The star icon of the favorite function has been changed to heart icon from November 3, 2015. Along with changing the icon, the function name has also changed from "favorite" to "nice". By using the heart icon, it seems that we decided to adopt the heart mark which is widely used all over the world regardless of language, culture, etc., in addition to being easy to understand even with users who just started Twitter. In addition, as a result of the investigation, it is said that many people prefer heart marks to star marks.

According to Twitter, the heart icon seems to have features that are easier to express a wider range of emotions than star icons such as "cute" "hug", "done", etc. besides the meaning of "Like!" By changing Twitter and Vine's favorite registration mark to a heart icon, the live distribution servicePeriscopeIncluding Twitter's service It is assumed that all three favorite functions are unified into heart marks.

The "Like" feature of the heart icon will be reflected sequentially from the Twitter official website and embedded tweets on the page, and it is said that an update of the application implementing the feature will be performed soon.

In addition, Chrome extension function which restores the heart icon to the star icon at once by users who miss the star icon "Fu bow" has appeared.

Fav Forever - Chrome Web Store

To use Fav Forever, click "Add to CHROME" on the install page of Chrome Web Store.

Click "Add Extension".

Installation is completed when 'Fav Forever is added to Chrome' is displayed.

When you open Twitter on Chrome, the heart icon "Like" is displayed ... ...

If you move the mouse cursor over the heart icon, you can display "Favorite (Favorite)" and the star icon as before.

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