"Data Compression Proxy" extension function that expands Chrome by compression transferring data

For Android and iOS version of ChromeSPDYBy transferring all HTTP traffic to Google's server by protocol, you can reduce data usage by up to 50% and speed up web browsingData compression and bandwidth management function"Is provided. The Chrome extension that realizes high-speed browsing so that this bandwidth management function can be used also on Chrome on PC is "Data Compression Proxy"is.

Chrome Web Store - Data Compression Proxy

Click "Free" to install.

Click "Add".

Then a green mark appears in the upper right of the screen, and you can switch the function on (green) or off (red) manually by clicking on the icon. Encrypted with SSL or TLSHTTPSSince traffic can not be transferred, errors may occur depending on the website, but it also has a function to turn off the function automatically and resume transfer after 30 seconds.

In the case of YouTube, Nico Nico video, etc., loading of movies may fail if Data Compression Proxy is turned on. To avoid the situation that "automatic movie loading fails every 30 seconds ..." by the automatic on / off function, you should turn it off manually when you browse a video site.

From Chrome, "Chrome: // net-internals / # bandwidth", You can display the bandwidth in real time. By looking at the value of "Savings (KB)" obtained by subtracting the actually received data amount of "Received (KB)" from the original transfer amount described in "Original (KB)", the amount of data saved You can check. "Savings (%)" shows the ratio of the amount of data saved.

When opening and closing Data Compression Proxy on the top page of GIGAZINE and comparing it, reading speed became faster so you can understand by reading. Although it is not an official extension function of Google, installation and the on / off operation of the function are easy, so there is no loss even if you put it once.

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