"Lazy Load Plugin for jQuery" which does not load images until actually scrolling

Easy to use AJAX, moreoverJavaScript library "jQuery" which can add various effectsIt is developed as a plug-in that can further expand the function of, and you can prevent the image from being read until you actually scroll down the page with the browser. In other words, it is possible to realize a server-friendly mechanism by suppressing the transfer amount and load. Especially when you are stuck pasting a large amount of large-capacity images on a single page in many cases, the effect is tremendous.

Demo page that you can experience details and actual effects from the following.
Below is a demo page. Images will not be loaded until you scroll down. ON / OFF is also possible.

Lazy Load Enabled

Plug-ins can be downloaded from the following site.

Lazy Load Plugin for jQuery

It seems that Safari does not work well, but seems to work smoothly with other browsers.

In addition, there are other useful plugins in jQuery as follows. Feeling good.

Unoh Labs: Easy Ajax Library "jQuery" and useful plugins

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