Firefox 9 is up to 45% faster than Firefox 8, up to 10 times faster than Firefox 3.6

"Firefox 9"Feature feature of TI (Type Inference), which is a research project that has been studied for over a year, has been introduced, which makes it possible to expect a considerable speedup on sites that use JavaScript, Up to 45% faster than Firefox 8, up to 10 times faster than Firefox 3.6.

Besides, I do not decode until downloaded images are actually displayed, so it seems that there will be significant improvement in performance, such as speeding up the page loading and reducing memory usage.

We will introduce the main new features of Firefox 9 Mozilla Developer Street (modest)

Summary of fixes related to backward compatibility of Firefox 9 Mozilla Developer Street (modest)

Firefox Beta JavaScript has been accelerated by type inference Mozilla Developer Street (modest)

The release schedule is December 13, or December 20, and the following improvements and new functions are supposed to be reflected.

◆ Type inference Speeding up with JavaScript engine

"Type inference" introduced in this speeding up is as follows.

Type inference introduced in the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine is a function that combines program code analysis and variable type monitoring at runtime to obtain JavaScript program type information. The resulting type information is used during JIT compilation to generate more efficient code. In Firefox 9, the JagerMonkey JIT compiler improved the inferred type information. In Firefox 9, default compile mode using type inference is accelerated by 30% or more in key benchmarks such as Kraken and V8, and it is expected that the web site with heavy JavaScript processing will be greatly accelerated.

The graph of the speed-up result is like this.

Improvement of HTML5 video file playback UI
A movie of vertical and horizontal sizes smaller than the window size was played at the upper left of the white background window, but this seems to be played at the center of the gray background window as shown in the image below.

◆ Integrated "Eclipse Orion" as a developer tool for Web developers
A JavaScript-based editor developed in the Eclipse project "Eclipse Orion"Is integrated with Firefox's developer tool" Scratch Pad ", and it also supports emphasis display etc.

◆ Support for Android tablet
In the tablet version, the tool bar is not displayed on the right, the star button and the menu button are displayed in the upper right, the tab bar is not displayed in the vertical screen display, and the tab switching button is displayed in the upper left.

Furthermore, when displaying landscape, tab bar is displayed on the left, you can also hide by swiping the boundary with this tab bar.

◆ It becomes possible to develop a web application that accesses the terminal's camera and takes pictures
It is not a function that will be convenient for users immediately, but mainly for web application developers, but what is ""Using tags such as" It will be possible to take pictures. " It seems that it will be possible to develop a web application that takes pictures and then processes it and uploads it.

The speed has gradually been steadily increased and people who have not updated from the old version all the time and who sent off this "Firefox 8" will also be worthy of consideration in the next December "Firefox 9" .

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