"BUDAPEST DEFENDERS" game that protects the town as a citizen of Budapest

I got up in 1956Hungarian upheavalIt is a game that reproduced the conflict between Budapest citizens and Soviet troops. The aim is to protect the town as players become Budapest citizens. The game makes a tower and repels a monsterFlash Element TDSo the rule is simple.

Access is from the following.
Budapest Defenders

title. Started from "PLAY GAME".

Two levels are NOVICE and EXPERT.

This is NOVICE. An enemy will appear from the place where the rightmost arrow is written and will aim for the building where the Hungarian flag on the left is raised.

There are 4 kinds of soldiers that can be placed + 1 type of barricade.

When it is EXPERT, the building to protect should be in the center, enemies will appear from the left and right.

The enemy is all 30 waves, and the durability gradually increases.

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