The battery consumption problem of the Google Chrome background tab has been greatly improved

The Google Chrome 57 released in March 2017 solves the problem that tabs open in the background were wasting a lot of battery power.

Chromium Blog: Reducing power consumption for background tabs

With Chrome, "browning speed" and "power consumption" are important performance criteria, and improvements have been added to extend battery life. Since Chrome uses tabs open in the background to power one-third of the total, solving the power problem of the background tab can be an effective means to improve battery ownership , Improvements are actually added in Chrome 57.

Traditional background tab behavior was once per second, but in Chrome 57, if the application has a relatively high CPU usage rate in the background, by further delaying the operation timing of the background tab , Chromium Blog reveals that the throttling policy has been changed to keep the CPU load to 1% per core. However, tabs that are desirable to maintain real-time connections like WebSocket or WebRTC, such as when playing music in the background, are excluded.

The Chromium Blog revealed that this change has succeeded in reducing the busy background tab by 25%.

In order to further reduce Chrome's power consumption, Google said that it is ideal for service providers to actively use the new APIs provided by Google, and by cooperating with content providers, It seems that we plan to make improvements over the long term to bring it closer to power browsers.

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