Firefox eliminates Flash step by step, announced to disable it by default in 2017

Regarding Adobe's correspondence with Flash, GoogleDisabling Chrome within 2016, AppleDisabling in Safari 10There is a continuation of "de-flashing" in web browsers, including expressing invalidation by Microsoft in the next version of Edge. Firefox also plans to invalidate Flash within 2017 and announced that it will update Flash from step by step from Firefox 48.

Reducing Adobe Flash Usage in Firefox | Future Releases

Since Flash has many vulnerabilities and further demands machine power of PC for animation display and increases battery consumption, in major browsers such as Chrome and Edge, it is a policy to use HTML 5 instead of Flash I have decided.

Firefox, which has replaced many plugins with Web APIs, has succeeded in greatly reducing the crash rate of plugins in the past year and a half. In this background, it seems that YouTube and Facebook have greatly contributed to the introduction of the HTML5 video element.

In addition to having vulnerabilities, Firefox will gradually eliminate Flash that causes browser crashes by degrading the performance of the PC, it is not essential for Firefox 48 to be a user browsing experience first I decided to block it only for Flash. This type of Flash block is expected to realize faster page display, response, improvement of battery possession and security enhancement.

Furthermore, in the latter half of 2016, we are planning to extend the list of Flash that we block to check the visibility of content and advertisements. Then, somewhere in 2017, we are going to invalidate Flash in the default state and change it to the setting that the user needs to do click action to activate Flash.

In addition, while gradually invalidating Flash, we support various plug-ins such as Flash by the extended support called Extended Support Release until the beginning of 2018 in applications where large numbers of users such as schools, universities and companies are supposed Then it is.

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