Google Chrome faster by 15% in one year and power consumption has dramatically decreased

Richard Liu

Google's browser "Chrome" is the browser that reduces the notebook battery's battery mostMicrosoft's surveyWe found out at Google's official blog that the latest version of Chrome 53 dramatically reduces battery consumption compared to a year ago and speeds up.

Chrome: Faster and more battery-friendly

Google Chrome has version "53.0.2785.89"Released on September 1, 2016. In the latest version, there were changes such as blocking Flash running in the background and using HTML 5. According to Google's official blog, the latest version has improved operating speed, which seems to be 15% faster on both the desktop version and the Android version compared to one year ago.

In addition, Chrome is actively engaged in efforts to reduce battery consumption, and as in the following movie, Vimeo's video is played on Windows version Chorme 46 and Chrome 53 released in October 2015Surface BookTo verify that which battery can last longer.

Chrome 53: Battery Life Improvements - YouTube

Started playing Vimeo's video for 2 hours.

The Surface Book that was playing on Chrome 46 is 8 hours and 27 minutes and the battery is empty.

Chrome 53 breaks the playback time by 9 hours.

The Surface Book finally played on Chrome 53 consumes all the battery in 10 hours 39 minutes. The Chrome 53 was able to last longer 2 hours and 12 minutes from the Chrome 46 battery.

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