Is "Firefox Quantum" a really good web browser?

Mozilla, which develops a web browser Firefox, says "It is the biggest update in the past 13 years history"Firefox Quantum"Was finally released. In fact, 75% of Firefox's code has been rewritten for Firefox Quantum, a total of 500,000 lines of code have been completed and it has been reborn as a completely new browser but this is a really good web browser, It is related news mediaWebdesigner DepotIt explains.

Is Firefox Quantum Really Any Good? | Webdesigner Depot

◆ Page display speed
All existing web browsers are improving rendering speed, and in most cases it is possible to display web pages quickly. Firefox Quantum, which appeared newly, also said that "Firefox 52, which appeared about a year ago, is finished in a browser that is about twice as fast as the browser", but Webdesigner Depot says "quite modest" about this I will. Webdesigner Depot is a writerPaddy McDonnellSays "It is considerably faster than other browsers, it is considerably faster than Chrome" in the bodily sensation, "Firefox Quantum seems to have cached every webpage in advance" and expresses that explosive page indication It is.

The following movies compare the beta version of Firefox Quantum and Chrome page display speed. It is a movie released by Mozilla who developed Firefox Quantum, but as far as this movie is concerned, I do not think that "Firefox Quantum is dramatically faster than Chrome".

Firefox Quantum (Beta) vs Chrome - YouTube

McDonnell-san said that this result is "pretty modest". McDonnell actually using the official version of Firefox Quantum for several days actually seems to feel that the official version is considerably faster than the beta version. However, it says that there is a possibility that Firefox Quantum is browsing only sites that can display pages with explosive speed.

◆ Improve efficiency
Software that requires sophisticated processing effectively uses multicore processors by allocating different instructions to the core of the CPU, which is the heart of the machine, in order to speed up processing. The development for that is complicated, because if two cores are doing related work, it is possible to easily overwrite the update contents of another core. If this happens, a bug occurs on the system. This complexity is often solved by allocating completely different tasks for each core, such as assigning a CSS engine to a single core, but in that case it is said that you can use multicore efficiently That is a lot of trouble. Instead, the behavior stabilizes so far Firefox has assigned tasks to multicore in this way.

However, the Firefox Quantum employs a more efficient task assignment method of utilizing multiple cores for a single task.

One of the techniques used for that is "Stylo", a new CSS rendering engine. In Stylo, all processing of CSS style is parallelized by CPU core. By using a technique called work steal, tasks are allocated so that work between cores is efficiently divided, and all cores are busy, which is expected to cause a significant speedup.

According to Mozilla Firefox Quantum seems to be 30% less memory intensive than Chrome, but you can use Gmail, YouTube, Reddit, Mashable, the Verge, Digg, Chartbeat, ESPN, A test to open nine sites called Google Docs on a separate, But Firefox Quantum has 40% less memory used than Chrome and 3 times faster process.

You Should Really Try The New Version Of Firefox - Digg

More remarkable is that "Firefox Quantum is faster as the number of multicore numbers increases." In order to make Firefox Quantum work efficiently Mozilla studied how people use web browsers. Based on the research results, Mozilla employs a technique of letting Firefox Quantum perform task prioritization. For example, when button exchange is cachedGarbage collectionIt takes precedence over.

The most obvious advantage of task prioritization is the movement between tabs. Firefox Quantum requires less memory than Chrome, even if you open multiple tabs. Firefox Quantum is designed to handle active tabs over any other tabs, giving them the maximum resources. This makes it possible to open multiple tabs faster and never freeze.

◆ Photon
The UI of Firefox Quantum is slightly different from previous versions. Mozilla uses Google's "Material design"As a unique design system like"Photon"UI design of Firefox Quantum is based on this.

Mozilla said that Photon is aiming to be "adaptable, quick, conscious, friendly, easy to support, quirky". In fact, Firefox Quantum has been designed with more attention to detail than Firefox so far, for example, if you move the mouse over an inactive tab, the line will be displayed as animation ThanUser ExperienceIt is evolving into a design that is conscious of.

Welcome | Photon Design System

◆ Summary
It is no doubt that Firefox Quantum will gain some market share. Although it is less than one-third of Chrome's share next year, it will grow to occupy 15% of web browser share. McDonnell seemed to be using Firefox Quantum at first from the curiosity and thought that "I will go back to Chrome in a couple of days", but eventually I will not use Chrome and Firefox Quantum will use the default browser and It seems that it has become.

Surely at Firefox QuantumSome add-ons are not availableHowever, thinking on a reasonable basis "Firefox Quantum is the best browser that is currently available". Also, it is a resource intelligently designed intelligently designed browser, browsing with Firefox Quantum is a more enjoyable experience, so it is ant to install and use people you care about.

The official version of the explosive evolved browser "Firefox Quantum" finally appeared - GIGAZINE

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