We will support Firefox and Edge for Web's future "WebAssembly" to supplement JavaScript


Four companies developing leading web browsers such as Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, and Apple agreed to develop as a standard format "WebAssembly"is. So far JavaScript was indispensable to realize dynamic applications on a web browser, but WebAssembly complements JavaScript and can compile languages ​​efficiently even with poor machine power, binary for web browsers It is formatted. In the web browserChrome implements WebAssemblyAlthough it was doing, it was revealed that it will support Firefox and Edge anew.

V8 JavaScript Engine: WebAssembly Browser Preview

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Following Google Chrome, "WebAssembly", which was supposed to be supported by Mozilla's Firefox and Microsoft's Edge, has so far been a test version of Firefox's developerNightlyImplemented in Microsoft's EdgedemonstrationIt was at the stage when measures were implemented for implementation, but finally it was implemented in these browsers and we finally got through to the stage where developers etc can actually confirm the operation.

Firefox is predicting the implementation of WebAssembly in Firefox 52 released in March of 2017 but Microsoft says it will "support Edge in the coming months".

Multiple Emscripten (compiler to convert from C / C ++ language to JavaScript) Benchmark, native languagethroughputAs a standard, the graph comparing asm.js and WebAssembly how much time it takes to execute is as follows. In any benchmark WebAssembly has a shorter execution time than asm.js, and some benchmarks are faster than native languages.

Asm.js is a subset of the JavaScript language specification for running JavaScript developed by Mozilla faster. The reason for the birth is the same as WebAssembly "to make dynamic applications work more quickly", but because it was developed by Mozilla, it was decided to replace the WebAssembly jointly developed by major Web browser vendors It was.

In addition, if you want to check how fast the execution speed of WebAssembly is, please follow the following article if it is OK.

Since Chrome finally implemented "WebAssembly" which complements JavaScript to speed up the web, I tried running speed - GIGAZINE

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