'Opera developer' and Opera refute to Microsoft with the most battery-friendly browser

In May of 2016, a browser for developers who experimentally implement new functions of Web browser · Opera "Opera developer"New power saving mode was added. Opera developer got a lot of attention as a web browser that makes overwhelming battery possession possible, but since Microsoft posted a blog post saying "Edge has better battery possession", Opera is also "Opera Developer is able to save batteries. "

Why we challenge Microsoft's battery test

The appearance of Opera developer's power-saving mode is also the first browser in Chrome and Internet Explorer to display power-saving mode in the major browsers, which means "50% more battery saving than Chrome" It became a big topic together.

Opera saves energy saving mode that can save 50% battery from Chrome - GIGAZINE

In the test by Opera, it seems that we compare the operation time of PC with Opera developer, Google Chrome, normal version Opera with power saving mode turned on in 64 bit Windows 10. As a result of the verification, it became clear that Opera developer with power saving mode turned on will have longer operation time of PC for about 1 hour than others. Setting Opera developer to power saving mode reduces background tab behavior, optimizes JavaScript timers, and reduces CPU usage. Moreover, it seems that it saves battery in various ways, such as automatically stopping unused plug-in, decreasing the frame rate to 30 fps, and so on.

Opera compares Opera's normal version with Chrome to prove the power of Opera developer's power-saving mode, never comparing with Microsoft's Edge. This is because "Edge can only be used on Windows 10", Opera says.

But later, when Microsoft's official said, "Which Web browser consumes the most battery when using it on a Windows 10 notebook PC?" Is investigating, and Edge is the best battery possessed on a Windows 10-equipped notebook PC I gave the conclusion that.

Microsoft test found that Chrome is the browser that will most reduce laptop batteries - GIGAZINE

Based on this result, Opera considers "the test result of Microsoft is a bug" and decides to conduct a verification test of PC's operation time including Edge. However, since Microsoft did not reveal the detailed configuration environment at the time of the test, Opera seems to have investigated the operating time of the PC under the same condition as when first investigating Opera developer's power saving mode. The PC used at the time of the test is 14 inch Lenovo Yoga 500, RAM is 4 GB, HDD is 500 GB and Windows 10 is installed.

The result is the graph below. The longest operation of PC is 3 hours 55 minutes by Opera developer using power saving mode. On the other hand, Microsoft's Edge was 3 hours and 12 minutes. The version of each browser used for verification was Opera Developer version 39.0.2248.0, Microsoft Edge version 25.10586.0.0, Chrome version 51.0.2704.103.

Opera says, "Although it is impossible to completely reproduce the way the actual user browses in the test, you can make the test result more reliable, for example, when browsing generally you can watch the movie You can reproduce it by watching the news and opening various websites, etc. Also, by using a special algorithm you can scroll the website as if the actual user is browsing In our comparative test between Edge and Opera, we do these things to increase reliability, "says the test results are closer to the results of actual browser use.

In addition, Opera says "If Microsoft really wants to prove that its browser's performance is better than others, he should reveal the test method so that others can reproduce."

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