Google claimed that 'Chrome is faster than all browsers' so I compared it with Safari and Firefox

In March 2022, a stable version of '

Google Chrome 99 ' was released. Regarding this Google Chrome 99, Google said that 'the performance of the macOS version has improved significantly and it is faster than any browser', so I actually compared the performance with various browsers for macOS. ..

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According to Google, the build optimization method ' ThinLTO ' is enabled in Google Chrome 99, which is 7% faster than Safari, which is the standard browser for macOS and iOS. He also claimed that graphics processing was 15% faster than Safari, and that it was 43% faster in 17 months after the release of Google Chrome for the M1 chip. In addition, Apple's benchmark application ' Speedometer 2.0 ' that can measure the response performance of web browsers has achieved a higher score (300 points) than all existing browsers.

The above benchmark score is the result when running Google Chrome version 99.0.4812.0 on the M1 Max-equipped MacBook Pro that appeared in 2021. I was wondering what the result would be on another machine, so I ran Speedometer 2.0 on the iMac with M1 that appeared in 2021 and compared the performance of Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

First of all, the score of Google Chrome is 167 points. The version is 99.0.4844.51, which is newer than when tested by Google.

Safari scored 183 points, 16 points higher than Google Chrome. The Safari used for Google's test was version 15.2 (17612., but since we used version 15.3 (17612. for this test, it is possible that the update made Safari faster. ..

Firefox scored 185, the highest of the three browsers. The version used for testing is 97.0.2.

'Benchmarking is just one of many ways to measure browser performance. Most importantly, it works fast and efficiently in everyday use,' Google said. I'm showing you.

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