A benchmark that seems to be Apple's M2 Max chip has appeared, improving performance by up to 22% compared to M1 Max

In June 2020, Apple announced plans to migrate from Intel processors to proprietary processors on Macs, launching `` M1 '' in November 2020, and `` M1 Pro '' , which will be the upper model of M1 in October 2021. 'M1 Max' , in March 2022 we announced the top model ' M1 Ultra ' for two M1 Max. In June 2022, Apple announced the next-generation model of the M1 series, the M2 . It is rumored that 'M2 Max' will soon appear as a high-end model of this M2 series, and the benchmark score of a terminal that seems to be a Mac equipped with this M2 Max has been found on Geekbench Browser .

Benchmark test of Apple's M2 Max chip surfaces on the web

Benchmarks claim to show Apple M2 Max chip performance

On November 30, 2022, a new Mac benchmark score was discovered on Geekbench Browser. In this benchmark, the Mac named 'Mac14,6' has a CPU named 'Apple M2 Max', the base frequency of the CPU is '3.54GHz', the number of cores is '12', and the single core score is ' 1853', and the multicore score is written as '13855'.

Mac14,6 - Geekbench Browser

M1 Max is an SoC with a 10-core CPU with an operating frequency of 3.2 GHz, with a single core score of '1746' and a multi-core score of '12154'. Therefore, M2 Max has a single-core score of '6%' and a multi-core score of '14%' from M1 Max. On the other hand, Apple-related media 9to5Mac says that the expected performance improvement was not seen.

However, the M2 announced by Apple in June 2022 only improved the single-core score by ``11%'' and the multi-core score by ``19%'' compared to the M1. 9to5Mac points out that the M2 adopted the new 5nm architecture and focused on improving power efficiency rather than improving performance.

Following this, in December 2022, another benchmark score of a terminal that seems to be a Mac equipped with another M2 Max was found on Geekbench Browser. The benchmark result of the newly discovered one has the terminal name 'Mac14,6', the installed CPU is 'Apple M2 Max', and the number of cores is the same as '12'. However, the base frequency of M2 Max has changed slightly to '3.68 GHz', the single core score is '2027', the multi-core score is '14888', and the benchmark score is also slightly improved.

Mac14,6 - Geekbench Browser

The benchmark score of the new M2 Max, which was discovered in December 2022, is '16%' better in single-core score and '22%' better in multi-core score than M1 Max.

Apple is rumored to release multiple new Macs in 2023. The new Macs Apple is preparing are the 14-inch MacBook Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro, of which the high-end MacBook Pro and entry-level Mac Studio will be equipped with the M2 Max. So 9to5Mac expects.

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