Report that Apple's M3 Ultra-equipped Mac Studio will be a monster machine with 32 core CPU & maximum 80 core GPU

In June 2022, Apple announced the '

M2 ' silicon for Mac, and in June 2023, it announced the ' M2 Ultra ', the top model of the M2 series. Apple is expected to announce the next generation model of this M2 chip ' M3 ' soon, but Mac Studio equipped with 'M3 Ultra', which is the top model of this M3, has a CPU with 32 cores, It is reported that the GPU will be a monster spec with up to 80 cores.

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Apple's M3 Ultra Mac Studio could have a 32-core CPU and up to 80 GPU cores - The Verge

Mark Garman, who is familiar with Apple-related leak information, reported that Apple is testing the M3 Ultra, which has significantly increased the number of CPU and GPU cores. The M2 Ultra had a CPU of 24 cores and a GPU of up to 76 cores, but the M3 Ultra had a CPU of 32 cores and a GPU of up to 80 cores. The GPU seems to have a basic configuration of 64 cores and a top-end version of 80 cores.

The Ultra chip, the top model of Apple's M series of chips for Mac, reported that the GPU upgrade this time will be modest, as the M1 Ultra had a maximum of 64 GPU cores and the M2 Ultra had a maximum of 76 cores. It is

However, overseas media The Verge said, ``The Mac Studio with M2 Ultra is already good enough, and the MacBook Pro with M2 Max is too high performance, so the Mac Pro (with M2 Ultra) that appeared in 2023. are struggling to find that position .'

Garman also said that the iMac with M3 will appear in October 2023, but he also said that Macs with M3 Pro and M3 Max will not appear until 2024. And the M3 Ultra is expected to appear 'in the second half of 2024 at the earliest'.

Apple reports that it will release iMac with M3 in the second half of 2023-GIGAZINE

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