Report that Apple is testing a high-end Mac with unannounced 'M2 Ultra', is it a monster machine equipped with a chip with 24 core CPU and 60 core GPU and up to 192 GB memory

On June 1, 2023, Mr. Mark Garman of Bloomberg, who is familiar with Apple-related information, announced two desktop models for the developer event 'Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)' held by Apple on June 5, 2023. We reported that we are testing high-end Macs for

WWDC 2023: Apple Preps New Macs With M2 Ultra, M2 Max Processors - Bloomberg

Apple preps first Desktop Mac with M2 Max and Ultra chips

New Desktop Macs With M2 Ultra and M2 Max Chips Could See WWDC Debut - MacRumors

According to Garman, Apple is testing two new Mac models internally called 'Mac 14,13' and 'Mac 14,14' and the chips that will be installed in them.

One of the new Mac models will feature the M2 Max chip announced in January 2023, and one will have the unannounced M2 Ultra chip, Garman said. I'm here.

One of the Macs under test featured an M2 Max with 8 high-performance cores, 4 efficiency cores and 30 graphics cores, the components for the most demanding tasks. , which is the same specification as the chip in the MacBook Pro with M2 Max. The memory is 96GB, and the OS will be macOS 13.4, which was just announced in May 2023.

And the second machine will be the unannounced M2 Ultra, the successor to the M1 Ultra announced in March 2022. The chip is equipped with 8 high performance cores and 8 efficiency cores, bringing the total number of CPUs to 24, double that of the M2 Max.

Also, it is said that there are 60 graphic cores, which is also double, but there is information that the M2 Ultra may be equipped with 76 graphic cores, which is double the maximum of 38 cores of the M2 Max. I have. Three configurations of memory have been tested: 64GB, 128GB and 192GB.

It is unknown at the time of writing the article which model the new chip will be specifically incorporated into. Previously, it was said that 'the Mac Pro with revamped Apple silicon may be equipped with the M2 Ultra', but the Mac Pro under development by Apple is internally referred to as '14,8'. The majority of people believe that the new chip will be installed in the Mac Studio. There are also reports that Apple is working on a new iMac with the M3 chip.

Garman said of the new Mac, ``This new machine is part of an effort to refresh the Mac series and attract consumers in the midst of a downturn in the computer industry. And it will continue to be the key to appealing Apple to professional users such as graphic designers, etc. Coincidentally, Apple hosts WWDC, an annual event where developers working on such machines gather together. It's coming in a few days,' he said.

Bloomberg reached out to Apple, but a company representative declined to comment.

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