The interpreter "Ignition" and the compiler "TurboFan" are enabled by default on the JavaScript execution engine "V8" with Google Chrome

ByAditya Srinivasan

The latest version of Google's JavaScript execution engineV8 5.9"The interpreter which has been developed for three and a half years until now"Ignition"Compiler"TurboFan"Is enabled by default. Traditionally, a combination of Full-Codegen and Crankshaft has been used, but due to this change Google Chrome is expected to improve overall performance.

V8 JavaScript Engine: Launching Ignition and TurboFan

The Google Java execution engine "V8" has been used for Google Chrome. Crankshaft appeared as a new JavaScript engine of those days in 2010, and this time update was the most improved performance among Chrome updates since 2008.

Chromium Blog: A New Crankshaft for V8

However, as it has become impossible to respond to the optimization of new JavaScript language functions and their functions, the project of the new compiler "TurboFan" will start from the second half of 2013.

In addition, we started developing the interpreter "Ignition" with the goal of reducing the memory consumption of mobile terminals. By using byte code of Ignition to change to a design that can generate machine code directly optimized by TurboFan, the whole architecture is greatly benefited.

A graph showing how much performance improves on the official blog of the V8 JavaScript engine is posted. When using Nexus 5X, Improvement is seen in Instagram by nearly 30%.

This is when using the Linux version, the improvement width is small compared with the mobile version.

Comparison of various benchmark scores of V8 version 5.8 and version 5.9. It is a graph when the value of version 5.8 is set to 1, and in version 5.9, the numerical value is better in both cases.

Chrome M59 says that desktop and high-end mobile devices will reduce memory consumption by 5% to 10%, but with the V8 team these improvements are just the beginning and as we further break the path of further optimization doing.

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