"HTTP vs HTTPS Test" that you can experience how fast you can connect between "HTTPS (SPDY)" and "HTTP"


While browsing with PCs and smartphones, some people say Google services and Twitter / Facebook timeline can be displayed as crispy, but on other sites it seems to be slow to read Hmm. This is not due to mind, because the actual communication speed is high at some sites actually. It depends on whether it is connected by HTTP or connected by HTTPS (SPDY), but on the site called "HTTP vs HTTPS Test", you can feel it clearly.


When you access the site, the communication speed is measured. In this case the reading time was 1.638 seconds.

Next, click on the "HTTP" link at the top right of the site.

Although it was connection with HTTPS (SPDY) in the past, it is now measuring the communication speed by connecting with HTTP. This is visible and the speed is falling ... ...

The result is 9.190 seconds. Compared to HTTPS, the reading time is 461%, which is more than four times longer. Again, click "HTTPS (SPDY)" in the upper right.

Then 1.588 seconds, 83% faster than HTTP.

Looking at this way, the reason for speeding up seems to be "It's because it is" https ", but in fact it is"Because I am using the SPDY protocol"is. SPDY (SPeeDY: Speedy) is one of the network protocols developed by Google.

SPDY - SPDY - Google Developers

What kind of protocol it is, IIJ's commentary is well organized. In short, it is a protocol for speeding up the display of the Web, and the user can use it without making any special setting. Rather, it should already be benefiting from the various services here and there.

Standardization of SPDY and HTTP / 2.0 to realize high-speed Web display | Latest technologies and initiatives | IIJ

SPDY (Speedy Reading) is a new protocol developed by Google to speed up the display of the Web. Although it is said that it is new, it is not a new technology that is expected to become popular in the future, it has already been put to practical use and many people use it on a daily basis.
Those who currently use Chrome, Firefox, Opera's browsers are using this protocol without actually noticing that they are accessing Google services and twitter.

Currently, browsers supporting SPDY are Chrome (10 or later) · Firefox (13 by default SPDY 2 valid / 15 or later SPDY 3/27 or later SPDY 3.1) · Opera (12.10 or later) · Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 8.1 Only) · Android browser (3.0 or later) · Safari (8 or later). Internet Explorer alone is not compatible with Windows 7, so it's a bit strict, but all the major things are included.

For iOS,It is possible to use SPDY by Safari and UIWebView at OS levelSo, if the site and communication correspond to SPDY, the speed of exercise will be further improved.

You can see what kind of site supports SPDY on "SPDYCheck.org". According to frequently used services, Google · Twitter · Facebook · WordPress etc. supports it.

SPDYCheck: Testing Websites for SPDY Support

If you are using Google Chrome, you can quickly check if your site supports SPDY by including an extension called SPDY Indicator.

SPDY indicator - Chrome Web Store

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