23 ways to make feedback really truly meaningful

ByAshley Webb

I will return an evaluation on how people are watching them for behaviors and remarks of a personfeedbackIs important for people and companies to grow, but at the age of 22 startup companies that make basketball shoes "AND1Phin Barnes, who worked as the tenth employee of the company, said he had seen all feedback with AND 1 until he launched his own company afterwards. So, based on experience, what should be noted when a person in a position standing above a person gives critical feedback, and what kind of thinking should the feedback receiving side beFirst Round ReviewI am summarizing it.

23 Tools to Make Your Feedback Meaningful

◆ Knowledge of the sender of feedback: Make a strong foundation

01: I remember my role


The purpose of feedback is to help the conversing partner. Senders of feedback often forget that "recipients need to understand the significance of feedback (they are taking the time to make the recipients better), but they are not so" . To provide feedback to colleagues, subordinates and eventually the company as a whole, you should reveal the motivation and feelings behind the feedback.

02: I am buying the talent of the opponent and showing that I trust

ByChris-Håvard Berge

"The fact that you got this job is that you jumped over a high hurd.I decided to hire by looking at the background that you have and of course you are smart, competent and hard worker I know that I am here to bring out your potential potential and I think it is an honor. "

As mentioned above, the word "I believe that there is a factor to give results to the partner" is very useful for employers and employees to start their work with a good relationship. Employers and managers have expectations for new employees, but even if they are friendly, they may feel intimidating. For employees, reminding me of my talent, and that my boss believes it is more helpful than anything else. Such a voice call makes a trust relationship early, and any feedback will be received as guidance to guide your success.

03: Maintain transparency


This does not mean to tell everything to the person in front of me. It is a story of making an environment where employees feel secure and supported.

I often see advice that "negative advice should be sandwiched between good ideas and encouraging at the same time", but from Barnes's experience, feedback should tell the truth directly And that. Where you feel that you are "unsatisfactory" is the place where you feel that your partner is "unsatisfactory", you should objectively look at your opponents and talk about the problems and challenges they face.

Therefore, to recommend to the employees Barnes recommends to the management "I am grateful for your candid candid opinions and hard work." In order to properly communicate negative advice, we need to convey that we are supporting employees, not supporting ideas and outcomes.

04: How are they receiving opinions?

ByBen Smith

If you frankly comment on the faults of your colleagues, they will feel that you are criticizing themselves as a person, not as a job. Even if you do not intend them, they feel like they are said to be incompetent. In order to point out faults so that they do not grasp badly, it is necessary to think about what we are not good at.

In many cases, people do not accurately receive what they expressed. And once it is received in the wrong wind, things will turn to bad direction, like feedback that incompetent feeling. When an employee or a colleague started to work too little, by its appearance, it indicates that human relations are getting worse off irreparably.

05: Pay attention to words

ByChris Blakeley

You need to be careful with your words to produce good feedback. The founding members of the company are often in very close relationships, and sometimes we speak frankly words. For example, if it were a founding member of AND1, I was saying "I do not like this design" toward the face, "This is the worst", but if Barnes knows nothing If I had received those words, I would say I would have been beaten.

When speaking words as founder, please think again the words that you are trying to convey and see if your words resonate excessively to your opponent or not being received in personal criticism. If there is a possibility, think about your position once again and tell them in a way that they can do their best.

06: Best idea will win


By showing the idea that "the best idea will win", it is shown that people's opinions have a weight of equality. Barnes has seen a number of wonderful ideas from young members of organizations that seriously receive their hard work, which can be a strong motivation, especially for young members.

07: Request for participation


The only way to maintain the idea of ​​"the best idea will win" is to show people their ideas. It is important that your boss thinks that your idea is worthwhile, you know that you are requesting to "participate" and that you feel comfortable to express. When you show respect, people come to think that it is part of the process of doing good work, not being hampered by criticism or when ideas are not accepted.

◆ Fix wrong motive power

08: Responsible for everything

ByAndreas Fusser

Transferring feedback is a delicate problem, and in some cases it easily breaks human relations, but many business owners forget about the anxiety factor of direct feedback transmission like the one mentioned above I have gone.

Management is the side who has power in the office and is 100% responsible for "everything", not "for some things". As we can decide how often, when, and what to talk about and communicate with the other person, if we feel that human relationships are not going well, the thing that management ought to think first of all is " Is not it? "" What is missing? "" What is wrong? "

09: Take damage due to conflict


When Mr. Barnes was in the position of a manager, I had to solve my colleague and his subordinate's controversy, and I was complaining about it with various people. However, a friend says, "Do you really want to restore that relationship? If you repair it, do you benefit the company or you?" The truth is that you really want to repair the relationship you are fighting for, He thought about reconsidering whether collecting the situation is important to me.

The answer to this question is not necessarily what you want, sometimes objectioning the answers that have come up. Sometimes change is necessary and sometimes there is a need to come up with a way to maintain peace until a change occurs. However, when you answer that I do not want to solve the problem, I must accept it even if it is difficult. If someone had to tell the armistice, management should take action first.

10: Do something like that there is nothing on yourself

ByMarsmettt tallahassee

I do not point out only things that are not going well when the restoration of problems that occurred in relationships is not going well, "I feel like I have not raised your motivation as usual" or "I need you I feel that I do not support it by the method ", please try to show the problem on the grounds of my actions. "To be a good manager is important to me, I am glad that you have helped me." "I tell you that you have talent and let us tell you frankly that our relationship is going well."

Even if it says to expose your weakness like expressing your opinion or being scared of reporting to your boss, such as "It is scary to overlook your opinion" OK. Imagine what they feel.

11: I become a safety net

ByBob B. Brown

Even if a person feels relieved even if he / she commits a risk, it raises productivity most, it demonstrates creative. Of course, if you do not have a good relationship, the employees will not tell their boss that they are "afraid" in the first place. Let me convince them that "no matter what you do, it does not change that your boss or management buys talent and quality and hires you." And then, "I know that you can do enough work, but we need to go beyond the limit".

Many people in the workplace think that their job position is not safe or think that there are people who can work more. Especially for environments not yet organized like startups. That is why it is important to give feedback by giving priority to the competence of the other party and the other.

12: Do not let employees take responsibility

ByMeathead Movers

When I received negative feedback, I tried to make an excuse that "I worked hard even though" the cat was died "," I broke up with her "," It was a day off ", but" As 100% responsibility for all matters, I do not let them make any excuses and as management, "This is my responsibility. To move forward I say your job well Please let me know if you can tell me what you can do to do. " Let them estimate if they will make an excuse without your guidance. And if employees are really trying to make an effort, let's show the direction.

13: Attention to the pendulum


Criticism when an employee feels uneasy or becoming a nervous can sometimes push it away from the direction to guide like a pendulum. A critically acknowledged employee suddenly worked with Bari Bari, sacrificing all the time and becoming a momentum of burning out, but this is merely putting emphasis on misplacement. Furthermore, if your boss says "Please concentrate more", you may focus on that one point and neglect other things. As a result, energy is poured into work that can not be expected.

◆ Strengthen feedback

14: Schedule feedback

ByMatt Biddulph

Building a relationship of trust, just listening to the story of the other person does not work for the manager. It is necessary to prepare a schedule to check and follow the progress of employees. For example, if someone is trying to improve on the new role or how they were stylized, I will prepare a small victory for their destination. By doing so, we can guide employees to the right direction.

15: Let employees control themselves

ByPublic Affairs

The best coach gives 100% control to the opponent. For example, let's say that a woman leaves content marketing leaders to acquire 700,000 page views in a quarter. If the leader is a person who can not control things yourself, as the end of the quarter approaches, her pressure grows and confidence is lost. The manager's job to do is to decide "actions to be done by the company that produce the results needed by the company". Feedback for that is not a result, it must be for behavior.

Suppose you have an employee who does not prepare anything for the meeting and does not contribute at all. I tell them they do not end saying "nothing useful" and tell them how I can improve things. Looking through the materials sent in advance, taking notes, coming on time on a meeting, and preparing three questions and three suggestions for each meeting, and so on.

If you think that someone is unable to demonstrate your ability, you have to think like this. "OK, how can they change their behavior, will I be able to change the impression I have?"

16: Understand each standing position in the whole work

ByTim Caynes

"How people contribute" and "Why it is important" need to be understood by people working in the office, but it is surprisingly overlooked even by a wonderful company . People who work slowly say "work is late" and there are people who do not care if there are people who care. But how is that person's schedule like accounting personnelProcurementIf you understand what you are involved in the work of the person in charge, the view of that person's thing should change from "work" to "team".

17: Draw something to be achieved

ByVancity Allie. Com

People who are in the position to manage people must clearly draw what they must accomplish, as people motivate more towards realization when the possibilities become visible.

Some people do not have trust relationships, some types manage their own details, such as looking at all drafts, but employees are likely to lose confidence and pace of work.

The goal of management is to ensure that you do not have to be yourself from the process, and to put the work done by employees on the market as is. If employees are aware of the whole project and know what to do next, you should take the best course to do professional jobs.

◆ Receive correct feedback

18: Do not keep secret

BySteven Depolo

Receiving feedback is not just listening, but also to prioritize things and to inform others about their emotions. Therefore, please be afraid when you are scared. In many cases, the other person is surprised and said, "I am scared, you are wonderful and I just want to help you to do a better job," and if "If you are afraid, you are a fucking guy" If there is such a person saying that, it should reconsider the situation. In any case, you can see if the relationship is working well. Let's be honest.

19: Position to do something


As it is management's job to judge and solve what is the problem, the employee asks the question "why only one way, not the other way?", Better feedback You can also ask for. You do not need to know all things, please use something you do not know. Suggesting "Do you do another way?", You may be accepted as "Let's do it then." You can make your feedback experience better by showing that you want growth.

20: Learning from your boss


As the management strives to understand that "what really is running the team?", The employee talks with only two people "What is the thing moving the manager?" It is necessary to understand when doing. What are they doing, what is their role in that? How can I give them a big impact on my current job? You should be able to gain trust and freedom with this idea.

21: I have a margin for work

ByCseh Ioan

Ego is the biggest obstacle to turning feedback into productive behavior. In order not to embrace the ego, remember the following idea.

· Please be aware that there is no choice but to do your best with the information you have. Even though I think that what I know now is not enough, I have to do something with it. The important thing is to gradually acquire the necessary knowledge so as not to repeat the same mistake.

· All of your teammates are working hard to improve the company and think their opinions are the best. I am part of a bigger effort. Do not worry if your idea loses to other ideas. There should be more ideas.

· Please do not try to make it perfect before receiving feedback. Let your executives know if your direction is right by capturing your idea as a sketch. That person will be faster and better at work.

22: Understand that there are people who criticize

ByLuigi frappi

No matter how much you keep yourself, there are people who mess up everything. Please think that such a person is in any project. If the cause of their behavior is ego, when they become part of the project they will stop hanging you. Perhaps you may see them messing up their own projects. After that you will learn ideas behind criticism and valuable points of criticism.

23: It is important to build relationships

Many people do not want to spare time discussing one-on-one and exchanging feedback. Building a true connection between people and people in a rapidly growing culture may not be certainly productive, but Phin Barnes denies the way to ignore others I will. It is not necessary to correctly carry out all actions to move forward, but as long as there are executives practicing what you wrote above, employees are honest with management, and candidates are frank with your teammates You should be able to achieve your work quickly, easily, and effectively.

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