A must-see for the workplace, six points to get used to the new workplace


Three months have passed since the new social worker entered the company, but some people may not quite get to work in the workplace. Recommended for those new graduates and those who just joined mid-career, there are six points to get used to the new workplace.

While I am not used to work I am overly concerned about human relationships in the company and it is too much for me to work, but beyond a little shoulder, pay attention to the following things It may be a little easier to go to the office everyday.

The six points for becoming a new workplace are as follows.Six Ways to Fit in When You're the Office Rookie - DivineCaroline

1: behave like yourself without being covered

byVivian Chen

Some people may remember parents and teachers "act like yourself" when they were young, but these sorts of preaching are unexpectedly correct.

For example, if you try to play the "person who is quiet and calm, extremely friendly, always wearing the biggest smile", as it is supposed to be seen frequently from people in the workplace, it is a good idea to continue for the first few days It is not something that can be sustained at all. And if rags comes out in a few days and the original one oozes out, people in the workplace may feel "deceived".

It is easier for people who acted themselves without thinking excessively if they like "people who are always smart and always laughing", and it is easy for them to adapt to their aptitude by doing so, so Your work will also work.

2: Listen to "their own stories" from people at work

byBryan Person

When first entering a new office, it is the first decision to memorize the name and title of the person in the same office. If you are a big company, you may be pretty confused if you have the opportunity to meet everyone in sync on the same day. It is more convenient to use later, even if you take memos obediently rather than forcedly memorizing with shoulder elbows because it is public.

When talking for the first time with a colleague, if you try to listen to the other party before talking about yourself, such as "Can you tell me about ○ ○, how did you enter this company? It makes it much easier to understand that person. Also, people who are not good at memorizing names and titles should associate themselves with their own episodes so that they will be much easier to remember than just matching their face and name.

3: Confirm corporate style based on observation

byPhillie Casablanca

Please do not assume in your own way about corporate culture and observe the inside of the company.

There are few jobs in the process of entering, and there may be many occasions where taking a break is a job. However, once you have set up the task of "checking the company's culture", let's judge the site where the work is being done with your own eye anyway without going into and out of the office irregularly.

Please check the company's situation, such as how long the employee's departure time is, and whether there is space to take the phone calling with the name. Also, it is important to try to go to the company with appropriate clothing by referring to colleagues' clothes.

4: I try to go out from the office


As soon as I go to the office, it's a good idea to ask someone who seems to be detailed with lunch spots in the neighborhood, a coffee shop, or just a good store to go for a drink at the end of the work.

It is a very good thing to accompany me with the company people based on the information you learned so much, but be careful not to invite too much superiors, such as the president, who are too overwhelmed Let's see. Also, since relationships with colleagues are deepening over time through work, do not invite them to eat to get along with themselves so much and try to do a moderate number of times.

5: Make friends within the company

You may encounter scenes of talking about gossip such as bad things of your boss or colleague when you work at a company, but avoid such a story. Even if the gossip is such a tone that it can be heard as a joke due to familiarity, let's not forget that you are going to work to the last and do it well.

To understand the nature of the office It is a quick way to ask questions about work priorities and processes. A good indicator at hand is a way of writing when writing a sentence of an email. Some people do not forget the greetings at the beginning and words of gratitude, while another person has individuality depending on the person, such as suddenly writing requests only without greeting. Please steal the senior 's text which is a good example and brush up your writing.

It is also important to check the mailing list not only within the department but also with other departments, in a way that fits the seniors.

6: Wait for the occasion of active care without being impatient


I know the desire to be recognized as a single servant as soon as possible, but many people in the same workplace at least work longer than their own, that is worthy of respect and interest only by that There is also a fact.

If you do not know the climate of the workplace, people in the workplace who do not tackle new ideas are frustrating, and if they are strong people with extrusion, they may be consuming existing employees, but please do not hesitate to stop there .

As you get the trust of your colleagues as you do your work, you will be able to tell me how to swing yourself at work, so keep your ideas and ambitions in my heart for a while First, it is first choice to overtake the work in front of you who became the reason why you were hired.

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