Flappy Bird copy games appearing one after another although they were deleted from Google Play and the App Store

Although I was collecting more than 5000 reviews a day, developers disappeared from the App Store and Google Play at the end of the comment "I can not bear it any more"Flappy BirdThere was a mobile game named "Flappy Bird's multiplayer game," which appeared one after another, and in overheated places on Google Play and the App StoreRegistration of the copy game is refusedThe situation occurred. However, next time Flapy Bird's copy games appear on the browser one by one, and even those who analyze copy games came out.

Flappy Math Saga!

Flappy Bird Typing Tutor by Mr Speaker


Apple and Google are fighting 'Flappy Bird' clones | The Verge

According to Ken Carpenter who developed the game "Flappy Dragon" and applied for Google Play and the App Store, he said that the application was rejected because "the name of the application is using the name of a prominent application" . Carpenter changed the name of the game afterwards to "Derpy Dragon" and he seems to have been allowed to register somehow.

When I tried searching for "Flappy" on Google Play, a game with a name very similar to Flappy Bird such as "Flappy Pig" and "Flappy Fish" was displayed, and what kind of criteria Google Play created by Carpenter I was not sure if I refused to apply such applications.

Flappy Bird and Flappy Bird appeared one after another as Flappy Bird's copy games appeared on the browser as it became difficult to publish a copy game with a name similar to Flappy Bird as an application. One of them is "Flap MMOThere is something called "game nature" which is not quite the same as normal Flappy Bird, but at that time other players playing the game are remodeled to specifications displayed on the screen. You can see what kind of game FlapMMO is from the following article.

"FlapMMO" who can play Flappy Bird with a large number of users - GIGAZINE

Although it is such a surprising FlapMMO that a lot of other players are displayed on the screen, there is a person who gets deeply into the game nature and finally gets data of 419,000 plays which other users challenged to analyze . For example, the graph below shows the number of times FlapMMO played every minute, you can see that it is played more than 1,500 times per minute, and in many cases it is played more than 2000 times per minute.

The graph below shows how many times a user jumped a bird, the vertical axis shows the number of times played and the horizontal axis shows the number of jumps. Looking at the graph, it turns out that among the 419,000 play, more than 200 thousand players are only able to jump five or six times, and it seems that many players are playing games over the first or the second clay pipe . Increasing the number of jumps means that you have cleared many clay pipes, and you can see that few players have jumped 100 or more times on the graph.

FlapMMO alone is not enough and other copy games appear on the Internet. One is "Flappy Math Saga!It is a game called "Flappy Bird multiplied by mathematics" game.

Flappy Math Saga!

You can check how you are actually playing "Flappy Math Saga!" From the movie below.

I actually played "Flappy Math Saga!" - YouTube

Pressing one of the keyboards will start the game.

As we advance the game, clay pipe appears. However, in normal Flappy Bird, there are two spaces between only one clay pipe, and numerals are displayed in the space. Numbers in the space are answers to mathematical expressions such as "8 × 5" and "3 × 8" displayed under the clay pipe, and it is a rule to select the correct answer and proceed.

The hit judgment is sweeter than the usual Flappy Bird and the height of the jump is set lower, but it is difficult to play while solving the formula with the head.

The game is over with the ninth one.

on the other hand"Flappy Bird Typing Tutor"Game called Flappy Bird multiplied typing, the difficulty level is considerably higher than the original.

Flappy Bird Typing Tutor by Mr Speaker

Actually you can see "Flappy Bird Typing Tutor" playing from the following movie.

I played with "Flappy Bird Typing Tutor" - YouTube

Entering the first letter of the English word displayed at the top of the screen starts the game.

The Flappy Bird Typing Tutor, which multiplied Flipy Bird and typing, is a game system that jumps each time you enter a word in the English word displayed at the top of the screen.

Flipy Bird Typing Tutor has to be more difficult than the original while typing while checking the letters of English words, and also must be careful of the clay pipe.

Game over on the fourth clay pipe.

Whether the popularity of copy game of Flappy Bird which has shifted the main battlefield from the Google Play or the App Store to the browser continues as it is, or whether it ends with a transient thing, attention is gathered in the future development.

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