How was secondary usage of animation connected to live business?

There used to be a place to advertise program sponsors' products as it was once said that TV animation is "30-minute commercial". Even now, there are such animations, but as the work which sells animation itself as content is becoming the main, the policy of secondary usage of animation is changing with the change of the times. Anime event being held in London "HYPER JAPANAdviser ·Yoshiro KataokaTalked about how secondary usage is changing in the animation · business forum · 2014.

There was a preface saying if Kataoka-san will tell you what the animation industry is seeing, if it is helpful to people who are thinking about engaging in the animation industry, a story was held.

In 1963, TV anime started its history from "Astro Boy" broadcasted on Fuji TV. Atom was provided by one company in Meiji Seika, followed by "Eitman" was the provision of Marumiya Food. In this era it was an era when animation was not broadcast unless there was a sponsor. For example, in modern times, "One Piece" takes about 50 to 70 million yen per month to broadcast, so 30 seconds sponsors pays CM for about 10 million yen per month for that purpose. It is said that it takes about 120 million yen per year in one company, and for that purpose, it is in the form of commercializing the character and submitting advertising expenses from that sales. This "selling out advertising expenses from selling" is a mechanism that supported television animation for a long time, and representative players include "Doraemon" "One Piece" "Pocket Monster". Currently, such forms are decreasing and the number of production committee systems is increasing, but the form that broadcasting can not be done without secondary usage has been in existence for a long time. However, in this form, there was also an emotional aspect that it is possible to have a commodity or character's attention by picking up what was made by secondary usage.

When Mr. Kataoka who worked for an agency goes to sell the program to the sponsor's base, it seems that it was torn down in most cases. After buying a toy at Christmas, there was a case that "Charged goods evil novel" that the program ended in March and children also got tired of the product. However, from a child's point of view, Mr. Kataoka pointed out that character products will remember for a long time even if they decide to throw them away, and may have a positive influence on emotions.

The first use among secondary usage was Astro 's tin toy.

And it is Ultraman's soft vinyl (Soft Vinyl) doll that can not be removed in the history of secondary use. Atom could not stand independent, but this Ultraman could be independent. Also, it was an explosive hit as the soft vinyl material matched the softness of Ultraman that you see in the video. This is a product around 1966, unfortunately the bullmark manufacturer was collapsed. It is said that the picture out here is from a manufacturer different from bullmark.

Next, Mazinger Z's super alloy will appear in 1972. Ultraman was a soft sovi, while super alloys are characterized by heavy and heavy. Poppy'sKatsushi MurakamiMade by Mr. Mr.Die-castThere were also gimmicks with arms flying using the parts and it made a big hit. Mr. Kataoka seemed to go looking for Nakano to take the real thing at the seminar, but he seems to have given up because he did 380,000 yen.

It was Gundam that appeared in 1976. Although it is "Gundam's plastic model", the Gundam itself is not selling so much, Zaku etc. are representative. It seems that it was due to receiving detailed details like actual weapons by Kunio Ogawara rather than just a robot-like Gundam of just tricolor color.

In 1982, Valkyrie's transformative toy of 'Super Space-time Fortress Macross' designed by Kawamori Shoji. Kataoka says, "A toy beyond this has not come out yet." Although he seems to have purchased it early, he decided to give up bringing, as he could not return it if he made a batroid form as a fighter form to take it to the seminar. The material was plastcast, and what I was making wasTakatoku TaisuSo, even after "macros" followed by the "Super Spacetime Century Ogus" etc, I got a toy of a variable robot but did not hit but went bankrupt.

The next hit was Saint Seiya 's cross. Pictures are recent items, the things at that time were not fine detail so far. As tinplate to sofabi, super alloys, plastic cast and materials change, a big hit is born, so it may be because new materials do not come out because the next material may not come out Mr. Kataoka. In addition, I also showed the view that the time when the toy hit hit was over and it might have entered a level flight.

So far we have talked about men's toys (boyfriend) and when we look at girls' eyes, the first hit works are "1976"Candy / CandyIt comes to be a hug figure that came out with. Unfortunately the work is in a sealed state due to a problem between the two authors and those who write the story and those who draw the picture, Mr. Kataoka said that there is no character toy beyond this hug doll . The flow of making these boy's and female toys by animation will be maturing as a market almost in the vicinity of Saint Seiya in the 1980's.

The newly emerging market to replace is the OVA market which begins with "Daros" in 1983. Daros was released on videotape, after that, various TV animations were sold as rental video cell videos, but it was not enough to establish a new market. Among them, the 1995 "Neon Genesis Evangelion" was the fruit of the market that Daros broke open. Eva was initially released at VHS and sold record-wise, followed by LD and further DVDs sold record-wise. At that time, Mr. Kataoka heard stories from a pioneer staff who sold LD players that "This is the reason why the life of hardware has been three to four years long."

"Production Committee System" can be cited as one established by Eva. This is not a mechanism for advertising agencies to sponsor sponsors and gather necessary money and pay the usage fee for broadcasting rights to animation production companies through television stations, but they are to cover the production cost with the money of companies that contributed. King record Toshinori Otsuki producer took the production committee system in "BLUE SEED" before Eva and produced a reasonable return, Eva was able to make a big return. Also, the sales to overseas is also good, until then it is "I'm happy if I sell for 2,000 dollars per episode", but in the case of Eva one episode has been sold at a different amount than before, and the production committee system But it was proved to be able to get rid of it.

When looking at the time series, there is a "touch" involving Mr. Kataoka between Daros and Eva. Touch's theme song is the song most sung in karaoke in the past ten years, but at that time, even though the theme song was a melody made by a composer and a lyricist put a lyric on "melody a" was a matter of course I heard that "touch" was a place of lyrics. At that time, Kang Chin Hwa sang as a songwriter and tried to be a novelist, but he was able to make lyrics, and at the same time, he also added songs to Hiroaki Serizawa, As a result of having him acknowledge that it is made, it seems that the longest class hit song was born among Anison. Just as the times overlap with the spread of communication karaoke, Anison got a stage called karaoke, making a "era of Anison". Also in the animation business, packaged business becomes mainstream from three-dimensional model, becoming "the era of soft".

From here, talks will lead to live business. When "Saint Seiya" was put into a stage (musicalized) in 1991, customers who appointed SMAP just before debut were almost buried with SMAP fans, but some animation fans came. The comic market at the time was one color of Saint Seiya and the BL things were lined up side by side, and it had been received by so-called girls, but there was a person who came to see it even if paying a ticket fee when making it a musical I heard he was happy.

This is not the first time for musicals of animation and cartoon works, Takarazuka Revue Company has "Rose of Versailles", classic musicals "Small Princess Sailor" and "Touch" also existed. However, Takarazuka is for their fans, masterpiece musicals are for families, and for the character fans, the animation industry took the initiative and made the work by Saint Seiya for the first time. Following the success of this work, it became clear that character fans came to see, and "Sailor Moon" "Hime chan 's ribbon" "Little Red Riding Hood Chacha" "Light Blue Age" etc was set in the stage. And then, Hiroi Hiroyuki who came to see Hime-chan's ribbons and the like himself will make "Sakura Taisen Kayo Show". Although the flow of such musicalization may not have been able to be done without doing Seiya, "Mr. Kataoka would have been somebody sooner or later."

The flow of the musical break broke in 2003 "Prince of Tennis" (Tenimu). To be precise, I broke at the Himeji Gakuen edition which was held in the summer of 2005. Tenimu has reached the completion form both as a business model and as a performance content, and with the advent of Tenimu, the musical market is no longer "frontier", and it has become established as one market.

Another event, an indicator of this flow, took place in 2003. That is "Gundam concert". From the form of listening to the customer CD at "Anison's era", the era was when the customers went to live concerts. Also, Kataoka-san is another work that will be an indicator also for "K-ON!" That came out after this. "K-ON!" Is a work which is doing music by department activity, songs and music flow abundantly. There are other works that can not distinguish between Anison singer and voice actor, but in the meaning of a hit work, "K-on!" Will be large.

Currently, there are many events for enjoying Japanese animation around the world, and the customers continue to rise sharply. Kataka says that concerts and live will continue as a form of secondary usage that supports the animation industry from now on. He also served as an advisor to "HYPER JAPAN" to be held in London, and he told me enthusiasm that he would like to continue these events of the festival style more and more.

·Question-and-answer session
What do you keep in mind while advertising?

In the live event you can meet people, characters and works. As fans of various works come in, sometimes I encounter works that I have never touched before becoming fans and it is effective as a place for promotion. In recent years in the Takotsubo type society, the reach of one work is narrow, and there are many one cool things, making it difficult to be transmitted to the generations as a whole. As much as the power of the mass media weakened, it can be said that the number of the melting pots increased. In order to cross it, it is important to capture the season of society, but not only to capture the season but also to monozukuri that also has universality. Also, if there is something with innovative creative work like Eva it will be a big hit. Do not give up, "It is impossible to create a huge hit in this era". If I use the net and live event well, I will not say "swing away", but I think I can do something like going to first base.

I think that collaboration between video creator and animation will come out from now on, but is there any way to make animation unique to live events?

The biggest selling of live events is interactive. Production of contents is also important, but how images are used. It is important to produce by thinking about how you can have the feeling of being in the place if you are used and how you feel it. In the past, Tenimu did not prohibit waiting to enter / wait for entry. I would like to ban it if it is an ordinary producer, but I thought that there was a place of communication too, so I did not ban it. It is my opinion that it is not only in the theater. However, it seems to be banned now.

There are various kinds of events,B to B·B to C·C to CWhich way should you head?

Speaking of the biggest event in Japan is Comiket. At first, nerds gathered at a completely C to C, it was the site of Comiket that the word "geek" was born. But now B also comes in. As a flow of nature, I think that B will come into things that started from C to C and I will try to become B to C. Japan Expo did a Japan Expo USA in the US last year, but it was a great failure. Originally it was an event that French volunteers were doing but now a company gets quite a lot and it has been a great success as an event and it has not only C to C but also the fragrance of B to B and B to C , I also decided to do events in the United States. As a result, the result was a level that can not be said that many people came even after 3 days of matching. There is no way for a French company to go to the United States and say "C people, get together", because the event is something that fun among friends. I will not deny it because there are parts that can not be done if there is no B person as an event, but I will fail if I do not keep an eye on where the feelings of users and fans are. Various events are coming out, but I think that it is my job here to make shapes that can return money to creators from here.

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