Report on "The beautiful girls 'front line - the prayer to" Kawaii "in the mold -" which the freelance writer Hirota Keisuke spirited the real way to enjoy the girls' plastic model

The largest domestic modeling event "twice a year"Wonder FestivalOne such popular category is "Bishoujo figure" when it is categorized largely into categories such as appearing in "Life-sized figure of 198 million yen including taxThere are also some.

However, recently attention has gained attention not to the beautiful girl "figure" but to the beautiful girl "plastic model". Bishoujo Plastic model is older than figures and history is outdated, but once the popularity has gotten shady, a maker who develops a beautiful girls model model has come out again recently. About that background, Free Writer'sKeisuke HirotaMr.The 56th All Japan Model Hobby ShowThe stage event held at "Bishojo Plastic Model Forefront - Prayer for "Kawaii" in the mold ~"I spoke hotly.

The speaker is Koji Igarashi of animation researcher, Keisuke Hirota of writer, Hiroki Takaku of Max Factory.

The first theme of the event is "About the situation surrounding girls plamo". "Lynn Minmei" of the minimum factory series appeared on the slide as a representation of the girls' plumo. Practically, it seems to be a finished product figure, but it is actually a 1/20 plastic model. It assembles the color-finished parts with glue, and it is in the form of placing a decal on the eyes.

Max Factory is working on a challenge to make girls a plastic model in the series called minimum factory. Attempts to make girls and people a plastic model include not only Max Factory but also Bandai and Kotobukiya, which can be said as one trend from 2015 to 2016. Wonder why the female character's plastic model is prevalent, this time it will historically mark the current situation.

A plastic model of an animated character named "Lunrun of flowers" which was released in 1979, a seal was affixed to the eyes, and in addition, a spare seal was bundled for when it was playing and peeling off . Mr. Hirota said that "There was an answer about (about Hitomi) about 40 years ago," and in 1979 what was said to be the prototype of the current flow was out in the world. However, the older girls' plastic model including "Flower child Rune Lun" is a type that is completed when a limb part is combined with a click. The first girl in the world that Mr. Hirota thinks is a 1/25 Cosmo & Kasha which was released in the spring of 1981 as a plastic model of "Legend Majestic Ideon".

In June of the same year, Bandai released "Plastic model" 1/20 Seira Mas "of" Mobile Suit Gundam ". Mr. Hirota said, "Seira was made with everything conscious of the shape of the pedestal and the size of the package, and the interpretation is that the history of the beautiful girls plastic model began around here."

Mr. Hirota cited as a milestone-like existence of a beautiful girls plastic model was "1/12 high school lamb chan" of "Urusei Yatsura" released from Bandai in 1982. For this model model, "pants" was stamped on the fuselage for the first time in the history of the beautiful girls model. Another part of the skirt and pants reproduction has decided the direction of the figure as a whole as well as the girls' plastic model. Strictly speaking, it seems that pants will appear in the Plastic Model series of "Mobile Suit Gundam" released before this, but the one with the full pants stamped on 1/12 scale is "High School Lam chan" It seems to be the first time.

After "Cosmo & Kasha" of "legend gigantic idea", Tamiya model "1/24 Campus Friends Set", Bandai's "Minkey Momo" etc. appear in 1983, but in 1984 it became a beautiful girls model alone Sales become difficult, as enclosed as "bonus". According to Mr. Hirota, the history of the beautiful girls' plastic model is actually two to three years from "legendary giant idea" to "minkey moomo", and it seems that the situation was not established as a business after that.

Next is the theme "Where was the girl's plastic model lost?"

The slide appeared in 1985 released "Gundam Mark II Lady" and released in 1986 "Second Generation Saki Asami". "Second generation Aki Asamiya" is a figure made of soft vinyl, although not a plastic model, skirt and pants are made of cloth. "Gundam Mark II Lady" is a product released as a garage kit sense plastic model, Mr. Hirota said that "Gundam Mark II Lady" can not be felt "love for a beautiful girl". Mr. Hirota's "I can not feel the love for a beautiful girl" is a composition that can be taken as a throw-in which includes a rough-groomed upper arm part like a carrot and radish and a thigh part, after deciding his favorite pose, It leads to the reason I felt.

"1985 is the year that" Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam "was broadcast.The" Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam "is a work that became a turning point in a certain sense for the girls' plastic model, from animated cartoon" Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam " There is a feeling that the plastic model of the character itself has become minor.In 1983, many manufacturers sold the character's plastic model, but in 1985 only Mr. Bandai and Nitto science teaching material It was a feeling that the neighborhood was the glacial age of the plastic model industry, "Mr. Hirota said. The plastic model market started shrinking since 1985.

It was around this time that Max Factory was founded. Since its founding in 1987, MAX Watanabe, who is representative of the company for several years since its establishment, was rolling out products of robots and monster objects, but in September 1990 "Kimagure Orange ☆ Lord" "1/6 Madoka Ayukawa released "as the company's first beautiful girl figure. "1/6 Madoka Ayukawa Madoka" had colored sofas and it was structured to assemble it oneself. As a finished product figure, painted "1/4 Ayanami Rei" was released in 1996. This product seems to have sold quite a bit, he said that he also bought animation researcher Igarashi. At this time, it is said that softwood was the center, with the tendency to make a beautiful girl figure with the same technology which was not making PVC (polyvinyl chloride) like modern, but also making so-called previous monster.

Mr. Hirota said, "In the first half of the 2000s from 1990, a lot of painted finished products such as" Gashapon HG series (Bandai) "and" Soul of Chogokin (Bandai) "appeared. Like the "Gashapon HG series", it seems that it was becoming "an era when it was time to bother to make something with a plastic model" due to the high completeness and cheaper ones that came up. Takaku says, "If you try to make the" Gashapon HG series "in the present era, it will be more than five times the price of those days because of the high labor costs and material costs." From this era it is ridiculously cheap to buy a high quality finished product figure, and the popularity of the plastic model was disappointing.

However, if it was said that the girls 'beautiful girls' model was completely gone, it was not so. Mr. Hirota introduced "Sailor Mercury" which was released at the time of broadcasting "Sailor Moon S" as "Beauty Selection Series" in 1994. Although this product looks like a plastic model, soft materials are used for the skin-colored parts of limbs, and the face has been painted. The costume was to decorate the sticker with a sticker, not a user who likes a girl figure, but a product that aimed at the child. As the flow of the time, it seems that there was a thing to deliberately release finished goods sold cheaply, like a plastic model.

Mr. Hirota introduced next, the limited model "Aerith · Gainsborough" of "Final Fantasy VII" released in 1996. The product did not adopt the movable mechanism that Bandai cultivated over many years, but instructed the user to pose. Shown on the left side of the slide is a selection model series "Sakuraji Sakura" of "Sakura Taisen" released from Sega. This product is soft plastic and is not a perfect plastic model. It was said that the existence of a slightly different color was already due to the already painted finished product of the same character being released. In this era, it seems that it was an era in which products using soft plastic are surviving "leisurely" while taking the form of a plastic model.

A beautiful girl figure that will move will emerge as it enters the 2000s. The slide showed on the slide of Max Factory's "figma super hero Haruhi" which appeared in 2008. This is the first version of Max Factory's 1/12 movable figure, which means that the base is different from the current figma series, or it is an old school modeling. It was in the first half of the 2000s that such a movable and finished product figures were sold from each manufacturer at about 2000 to 3000 yen, and according to the advent of inexpensive finished product figures, we did not bother to make a beautiful girls plastic model It seems that the trend that it is good also came out to the industry.

However, when entering the 2010s, manufacturers will come out to give beautiful girls a model round one turn. About this reason Takaku says, "Plastic models are what they are trending at the time, what we all know about building plastic parts and playing and placing the popular 'Lam-chan' as a plastic model If it is the flow of the past, I think that it is the current flow to make "pretty girl figures" which everyone knows about as fashionable as a plastic model. "

"PLAMAX MF - 01 minimum factory Nene" was introduced as a beautiful girl 's plastic model that will flow in the current age. This product is one of the minimum factory series which came out also at the beginning, is a plastic model which completes by gluing color-coded parts and pasting the decal on your eyes. It is like a plastic model because it is assembled using an adhesive, but it is said that it is not much different from a PVC figure as a manufacturing method.

"PLAMAX KC - 01 destroyer x ship dragon island style" released in 2015. According to Mr. Takaku, "I want to attach figures to 1/350 warships, but if you add figures of finished goods, the price will be extremely high, if you do, I will add a plastic model" and it seems to have been made. From this time on, Max Factory has come to understand that it is possible to make a plastic model to replace the figure, it has become a trend to make a beautiful girls plastic model by taking advantage of the company's pretty girl figures. Although it is smaller than a figure, it contains the developer's wishes that you want the same satisfaction as you buy a figure.

It is different from the old plastic model, but the fact that the product which inherited the concept of the plastic model is appearing is the state of the beautiful girls model. About this, Mr. Hirota says, "In the series of minimum factory, there are clothing parts, breast parts, butt parts too. To assemble these parts and reproduce your favorite character is the entertainment of the plastic model There is a pleasure that makes it completely different from making it while realizing this.This is the pleasures of the plastic model and this pleasure is neither in movies nor literature. It is fun that only the plastic model has to reproduce the breasts and the buttocks with the hands of the hands "and the spirit of how to enjoy the plastic model.

Mr. Hirota's sad story behind this is that when recent modellers buy a beautiful girls model model, they feel that they are "embarrassing" "embarrassing". However, Mr. Hirota pointed out that "embarrassment" and "embarrassment" are blinded by Modeler. "It was a splendid plastic model that divided the emotion of cute or erotic into industrial, whether it is a tank or an airplane, because it is a plastic model, so it must be divided in engineering sense, The part to be divided engineering is also the place where developers are tremendously devised, so when you buy it you want to throw away the thought of being "ashamed" and make it embarrassing after buying it. The pleasure of assembling and completing is assembled only with the plastic model.I am sorry for poor fitting of Nipper in Min Mei so slowly put the Nipper slowly so that it does not hurt.What such experiences are now I would like people of modeler to do it too. "

A person who wants to know more about the history of such a beautiful girls model model is recommended by Mr. Hirota 's book "How we carved a girl' s pants in a plastic mold". It is a book that shows how Mr. Hirota was caught in the world of this "beautiful girls model model" while holding "Asian girls catalog of plastic models" aspect.

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