Amazon is planning on-house TV program distribution service produced by the company

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Amazon can watch various video contents from the latest movie to drama · animation from PC · smart phone · tablet etcAmazon Instant VideoWe are offering the service that we are further strengthening this service and planning to deliver live TV program online.

Amazon denies reports it's planning live internet TV service (update) | The Verge

The Wall Street JournalAccording to the report, Amazon is planning to offer a larger scale service than the online streaming service "Amazon Instant Video". The service is to deliver the original live TV program on the Internet, and the project seems to be in the early stages, but it became apparent that Amazon also contacted three major media companies to create content It is.

If Amazon is to deliver the original television program on online streaming service, it is clear that it will become a new competitor, such as existing TV and cable television. Also, it was not clear whether the TV program that Amazon is trying to create would be integrated with "Amazon Instant Video" or would be provided as a separate service.

However, Amazon has revealed that it will continue to create original program while continuing "Amazon Instant Video" service and furthermore, "We do not plan licensing of television channels and paid broadcasting services at the present time." doing.

ByRobert Nelson

Also, in 2013 AmazonRokuOr like an Apple TVSet top boxI was rumored to sell it, but since it has not been released yet, "Is online release of TV program distribution services planned by Amazon to be released with this set top box? "The Verge guesses.

It is clear that Amazon is creating original TV content, but there are still multiple pieces of information about it.Business SpectatorPointed out that Amazon is gathering feedback from customers to develop original TV content of cloud source. Actually in order to gather feedback from users,Publish multiple pilot TV programs for freeAnd Roy Price, director of Amazon Studios, commented, "We are planning to create TV programs from a highly reactive genre with these pilot versions." Furthermore, it was created ahead of the original content that will be created from now on, "The AfterThe trailer of "I am publishing it.

If these rumors are true, Amazon will become the first company in the United States to offer original online TV program distribution services online. However, SonyLaunch cloud-based television serviceWe propose plans at CES, and Apple has planned such services for a long time, andrumorIt is being done,Intel's TV business acquired by VerizonIt seems that the future where the original television program will be delivered via the Internet is coming soon.

ByAnders Adermark

Even if there is no original content, streaming services such as Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc. have shown tremendous growth in the United States, and these revenues have increased by 2.7 billion dollars (about 270 billion yen) in a year. This accounts for one-third of the total streaming service revenue in 2013,BloombergI am revealing it.

The online TV program distribution service has been hindered by the strong connection between content providers and TV stations and cable television, but will eventually be the original television program being delivered even on the net .

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